Israel's Secret Weapon

Israel's Secret Weapon

2003, Conspiracy  -   168 Comments
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Which country in the Middle East has undeclared Nuclear weapons? Which country in the Middle East has undeclared biological and chemical capabilities? Which country in the Middle East has no outside inspections? Which country jailed its nuclear whistleblower for 18 years? Vanunu told the world that Israel had developed between one hundred and two hundred atomic bombs and had gone on to develop neutron bombs and thermonuclear weapons. Enough to destroy the entire Middle East and nobody has done anything about it since. It's thought plutonium is made in Dimona; nuclear weapons are assembled at Yodefat and stored at Zachariah and Eilabun. Three nuclear submarines are based in Haifa and Israel's biological and chemical warfare laboratories are at Nes Ziona.

Israel never comments on such reports. But evidence continues to emerge. In 1992 an Israeli cargo plane crashed in Amsterdam killing forty-three people. The Israelis claimed it was carrying flowers and perfume. It took six years and a Dutch parliamentary enquiry before they admitted it was carrying DMMP, a key component for sarin nerve gas. The DMMP was bound for The Israeli Institute of Biological Research at Nes Ziona, one of Israel's most secret defence sites. It is subject to no international inspection and reporting of its activities in Israel is prevented by strict military censorship.

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Mark Ford
2 years ago

This is why israel are the most underhanded nation on the planet very clever getting other nations to fight their battles to do their bidding so they dont lose any of their top people its just every other nations sons and daughters who must die to protect these vile people i dont mean btw the common israelians but the elite their nauseating

The Elz
3 years ago

No one dare criticize Israel for fear of being labeled anti Semitic. its not surprising Palestinians & neighboring arab nations are unhappy, Israel is the only country created for a religion (well originally they were asked to share Palestine, then they eventually took over it while the west allowed this to happen). the creation of the state by the UK & UN in 1948 caused all this. there was no need to do it. perhaps they just wanted rid of the millions of displaced Jews after WW2. the UK, US like many other countries priory to WW2 would not accept the many refugees fleeing Germany at the time & after the war again, did not want them. I feel sorry for all concerned.

3 years ago

Last place on the planet I’d want to go

3 years ago

Just found out about it. I thought Israel was a nice place.., was thinking to go there on vacations, to see dead sea, some ancient ruins.
Not going there anymore.
Sorry for that guy...

Bill Farley
3 years ago

And this is why no one really f...s with Israel.

suzanne petersen
4 years ago

Isreal has gone mad with power in the absence of accountability.

5 years ago

This is why Jesus told the parable of the tenants who killed the Landlord's son when he came for his harvest, and ended that parable with these words to Israel in Matthew 21:43, “Therefore I tell you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people producing its fruits.” And it's why he said in Matthew 8:11-12, after seeing the faith of a Gentile centurion and the unbelief of Israel, “Many [Gentiles] will come from east and west and recline at table with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven, 12 while the sons of the kingdom will be thrown into the outer darkness. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

Israel has broken covenant with her God and is living today in disobedience and unbelief in his Son and her Messiah. That is why Paul says in Romans 11:28, “As regards the gospel [the good news of the Messiah] they are enemies of God.”

stan wasserman
5 years ago

When is America going to get sick of the usury. See Netanyahu's speech at Finks bar 1990

6 years ago

When I see all the Natzis. Muslim terorists and just ignorant people comments in here. I thank god that Israel have nuclear weapon. Never again mother fu**ers. There will be no more Holocaust. No more the weak Jew.
Next time, if we go down, we will take the all f***ing world down. See you in hell.

7 years ago

Time to make Israel a parking lot. Money grabbing cowards will sell their own mother for a buck.

7 years ago

The reporter Olenka Frenkiel was forced out to leave BBC.
people keep researching.

8 years ago

If you're wondering why a borderline Facist government seems to be in continuous charge of Israel i'm afraid the answer is American Evangelical Christians.

There are a considerable number of them who believe that by funding the constant struggle in Jerusalem, that they will eventually get the Dome of the rock knocked down and replaced by the rebuilt Temple of Solomon.

They do this because they believe it will start Armageddon and get them all raptured up to heaven...any day now. (it's been any day now since about 500AD.)

8 years ago

The Israeli government are criminals, they oppress the palestinian people. They are very dangerous for the world.

8 years ago

when will people see that Israel really needs to go? .R@!

9 years ago

May I gently suggest that commenters familiarize themselves with at minimum:
1916 secret Sykes/Picot Treaty.
Balfour Declaration circa 1921.
San Remo Treaty.
League of Nations granting British Palestinian Mandate.

9 years ago

Whats worse is that you actively brain wash your own children into this religious excrement. You actually feed your kids brains an unhealthy diet of fictional crap. There is not one culture on this planet that has a religious system where they have not murdered, sacrificed, killed, raped, pillaged in the name of some god or other. And here we are today with the same boring mentality. I am sorry but not one of you religious types has an argument. Pure fiction! May god strike me down this instant if I am a lying toad full of rubbish....

Richard Neva
9 years ago

The Israeli goal is to murder all the Christians on earth. They hate us. If they cannot do that they will destroy the entire world with their nuclear weapons that have been supplied by the United States of America. If you speak of this plan you are anti semetic, well so be it.

9 years ago

First, I had never heard of Vanunu either. That's just crazy. If I had I would have been championing him as I belatedly will now.
It's my own fault. I tend to ignore Israel although it is by anyone's reckoning one of the world's top potential flashpoints for global nuclear war, in all probability the hottest. Maybe that's why I ignore it. But I will try to reverse that in the future. It is clearly that the media avoids hard topics concerning Israel, that is clear.
Offhand, I would think that though there are plenty of boorish and arrogant politicians in Israel, it is ultimately the U.S. that is using Israel, not the other way around. The fact that Kennedy distanced himself from Israel and demanded inspections (add that one to the already long assassination motives list) and the switch to nuclear ambiguity under Johnson suggests to me that Israel is being used as another strategic bastion to carry out America's New World Order. A lot of people are quite upset about Israel's apparent manipulation of the U.S., but wouldn't that be convenient to the U.S. if were indeed seen that way?
It must be exceedingly easy to control a paranoid post-holocaust Jewish state surrounded by enemies who are or were at one time avowed to its destruction. It really is a narrow strip of land living on a precipice- not that it excuses Israel of its war crimes (which it commits with impunity due to U.S. protection). I can't imagine living in a place of such incredibly high tension.
The myth of a Jewish global conspiracy survives since Roman times. It is even found in old wive's tales in lands that have nothing to do with Judaism. It is a myth and international Jewish support for Israel does not explain the privileged status it has.
This is not about antisemitism (an odd expression considering that the Arabs are Semites as well, and many Jews appear not to be Semite at all). This is about geopolitical power, and obviously it is the U.S. that possesses the bulk of it in the world. I simply bring up this last matter because it seems to be the trump card that every side likes to wave.

10 years ago

Why is the subject of Israel so hush hush? Why is it that all who speak out against Israeli policies are branded anti-semitic? Israel is a burden on the US. We need to take care of our own interests first.. and Israel second.

10 years ago

The Jews came from Abraham's promised Child,"Issac" while the palestians came from Abraham's do it yourself tatics.

10 years ago

As I read these commits it's plain to see why people don't understand the middle east saga, yes it goes on and on, but one day it will come to a head. If people understood Genesis and the Abrahamic covenant given to Abraham the answer would be clear. Abraham muddied the waters when he got Hagar pregnant because he and Sarai wouldn't wait on God for the promise child, "Issac" and now we have a mess in the middle east that only God will solve, and He will do it in His time. The palestinians will find out who owns that land then.

10 years ago

Russia, China, Japan, France, UK, India, Pakistan each have warheads. Pakistan has 100, and you're worried about Israel?

True Christian
10 years ago

To the beckham: No matter how much land the Arabs have there is no excuse for stealing an inch. Imagine if I decided my wealthy neighbor had too much land so I pitch a tent on his lawn.
As far as Democratic, that lie no longer holds up. Just ask what country in the world gives citizen rights to people who have zero connection to the land while telling a man whose last 50 generations lived on a farm, that he somehow is a non citizen. Now thats Democracy. I am anti Israeli not anti Semitic. It is finally time for good Jews to separate themselves from Zionists. The Orthodox Jews refuse to fight for the state of Israel, ask them why. Read about the "guardians of the city".

jbeckham360 .
10 years ago

The Anti-Semtic rants in this video and here disgust me. Israel is a very small nation surrounded by a huge Arab coalition that has attacked them several times for simply existing when the Arabs have more land than they will ever think about using. The Israeli Jews are democratic and do not go around attacking and threatening nations like the Arabs have. Israel only has ever acted in defense, sometimes when they knew they were going to be attacked they struck first for survival. They have had Nukes a very long time and never once used them even when they took heavy loses in 73. It is this nuclear deterrent that keeps them safe from all the whack job nations around them. If they were such an evil people they would have attacked Iran a long time ago. They have only attacked Gaza and Hezbollah after heavy rocket attacks for months. Israel gave Gaza and the west bank for peace, what have the Arabs done besides constantly attack Israel? NOTHING BUT CRY AND WHINE when Israel beats down the terrorist that attacked them first. God bless Israel and the American people that support her, the rest can go FUK off!!

none ofyourbusiness
10 years ago

Interesting and factual film. But since this was filmed....On December 4, 2012, 174 nations voted at United Nations for Israel to open their nuclear program and allow UN's inspections and join/sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Only 6 nations voted NO > Israel, U.S., Canada, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palav. There were 6 nations who abstained.

Wish there was a documentary about Benjamin Freedman and his brave speech in 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Wash. D.C. Also a doc. about author of 26 books, Antony Sutton...who should have won a Pulitzer Prize as well as the well known respected former journalist/author George Seldes, who wrote, "Tell the Truth and Run" and Seldes "IN FACT" newsletters. Two INDEPENDENT journalists who never compromised the truth and told "BOTH" sides of a story.

Sick and tired of the double standard on WHO has WMD and fighting senseless wars based on lies! Disgusted at the five major MSMedia Cartels continued deceit and hypocrisy.

10 years ago

Start time to dropping bombs on Israel...They are a true enemy. Remember the USS Liberty and 9/11. These zionist a--holes were behind those and so much more.These worthless fux control the us govt through AIPAC,who is really in charge? Fuk Israel

11 years ago

When the people in the USA that are helping this traitor start their arguments with lies,it shot their credability to bits.They claim this guy has spent the longest time in solitary than any other person. There are plenty of people that have spent longer times than this bum...Charles Bronson in England spent 30 years. NOBODY LIKES A RAT!!!! This guy betrayed a secret trust. We should not glorify people like this in front of our children.It teaches them it is okay to betray your country and your friends. I personally think the guy should have gotten the electric chair.I know everyone will say Isreal does not have the death penalty. I believe in cases like these the crook should be put on a Navy ship,taken beyond 12 miles,electrocuted ,and buried at sea.

11 years ago

google removed the video
it doesnt play anymore

11 years ago

i like the faces on some of the religious fanatics. is that face, where someone is just synthesizing sentences without having any idea, or any logical or subjective connection to it.

cant see the point of this documentary. tends to be the debunking of a conspiracy without in depth presentation of any evidence or history. and too much use of the "antisemitic" word

11 years ago

David Bruce Powers, in the last 100 years, atheism managed to kill over 100 million people. You ask how? Communism You ask Why? communists leaders like Stalin and Lenin knew that by mass murdering, they wouldn't be punished in the after life for it, so they went about killing mass amounts to help civilization. clearly atheism gives a person the knowledge that they are only punished by the government and justice system.
BTW: i also don't believe in religion, but your comment(s) are just st*pid.

11 years ago

what country is clearly responsible and had the most to gain from 911? Israel.

11 years ago

This poor guy should be given a medal for blowing the whistle on Israel. I am not anti-semitic, only anti religion. any religion. However, the Israelis learned well from the Nazis who tried to exterminate them. They treat the Palestinians the same as the Nazis and other Europeans treated them. Making them live in ghettos with limited oppurtunities, bulldozing their homes and generally declaring a pogrom on the Arabs. What happened to the so called golden rule that bible thumpers supposedly believe in? All religion is a giant thorn in the side of any thinking person. More people have been killed in the name of one god or another than all other causes combined. If all industrialized nations would quit selling arms to the muslims and the jews, they would be back to what they were doing 2000 years ago: throwing rocks at each other.t

12 years ago

Anyone who makes any negitive statements about jews are always called anti semetic. Thats a favorite word used by them.If people would just open thier eyes and understand where the true New world Order is stemming from it would blow them away. Why is Jeruselum allowed these weapons? Why are they allowed to produce these weapons and yet the united nations turns a blind eye from it. When do they stop using the genicide of ww2 as an excuse to do what they do in the name of protecting the state of Isreal? Are they not part of the United Nations and subject to the Rules and Laws of the council?
They claim that by having a deterent like nucular weapons prevent an all out attack on them from outside forces they have a right to cercumvent the United Nations and build up a nucular arsanal behind closed doors.Ok I can maybe understand that a little bit, but biological and chemical weapons ?!!
It's odd that they claim that they are a democratic state, yet anyone that speaks out about what they are doing is subjected to the same harsh treatment as one would be given in a dictatorship state.So any country in proxcimity of Isreal cannot have weapons of mass destruction because of Iserals fear that these countries might use them against them, but then how do these countries protect themselves against Isreal? What deterents do they have or should have to keep the balance of power at bay?Do they depend on the United Nations to prevent an attack from Isreal? Did the United Nations prevent the USA from attacking Iraq? The world is heading to complete and total destruction and we are powerless to stop it.

12 years ago

Look Moshe Oren,
I think by now Pierre has delivered enough devastating punches and he articulated his historical points extremely well that I don’t think you should try to lecture him on history.
Having said that when you mention that Israel never starts wars there is this little known/remembered event called Deir Yassin, 3:30 a.m. April 9th 1948 the birth of what we now call terrorism (I believe Pierre mentioned that already) I guess it doesn’t hurt to repeat what some people don’t hear the first time, if you detect slight sarcasm it is because I am pissed right off.
You never start wars but refresh my memory: on which political platform did Sharon won his election? Wasn’t it because he promised that he will exterminate Hamas? Which was democratically elected! So who is next?
Prior to the WW2 population of Poland was 36 million people after the war the population dropped to 30 million, generally most people agree that 6 million Jews died during that war so my question is: What nationality did the Jews belonged to during the war since the Israel state wasn’t established (I am putting that loosely) till May 15th 1948?
Most of them were Polish because after Hitler’s rise to power Jews were systematically discouraged from remaining in Germany, most other countries refused to accept such an injection of refugees into their societies except Poland.
How come in all those years not even one official recognition was given to The Polish government and Polish people?
During the war my mother run a safe house for Jews fleeing Poland on their way to Hungry and then Curacao and other safe locations. The punishment for harbouring Jews during the war was the extermination of the entire town (pop. 35,000) not even one note, letter, post card or recognition was given to my mother and when she went to Israel in early 50’ to search for her couple friends, the people that she met in Israel people that she knew from Poland didn’t speak Polish any longer, I hope that you will at least try to understand my point.
Gratitude and humility is not a word that exists in you dictionary.
You talk about Arab media continually spreading the propaganda against Israel and that your media would never do, perhaps because you go about it in a different way: your rabbi gives you 7 points on how you should spread your gospel, that‘s how you do it. What bothers me sometimes is that you guys have this attitude of treating every body as if we were 3rd graders.
Look, if you need more land can I suggest something? Have you ever been to Montana?


12 years ago

IThe Israelis only defend themselves it's no secret that we have nuclear arms.
You know how many wars has passed since the establishment of Israel??
And even once we did not started the war ..
All Israel wants is to live in peace what do we can not

A little history about the Jewish people did not Nillach far ...
World War II - 1941 to 1943 over 6 million Jews were brutally murdered in gas chambers
And extermination camps ..

1947 - War of Independence of Israel that the Arabs in Israel started a war against the division of the Occupied Territories

1956 - Egypt would send terrorists into Israel to target civilians in Israel started the war to defend itself ..

1967 - Six Day War the Arab armies gathered for war against Israel and the countries fighting against Israel were ... 1. Egypt 2. Lebanon 3. Syria 4. Jordan 5. Iraq 6. Saudi Arabia

1969 - War of Attrition, the Egyptians tried to bring Israel out of Sinai and wear down the Israeli home front

1973 - Yom Kippur War, Syria and Egypt attacked Israel together

Holiest day in synagogues all

1982 - Israel and Syria and fought with terrorist extremists Mflstin fired from Lebanese territory and massacring civilians, innocent children ..

2006 - Second Lebanon War

Israel began the war against the Hezbollah terror organization
Kidnapped Israeli soldiers
And fired rockets from Lebanon on Israel and its citizens of my town

Can not happen again You can say what you want about Israel.
But one thing I can tell you is clear ..
. IDF is the most moral army in the world since forever and who will tell you otherwise ..
All we want is peace

We brought peace be upon you

12 years ago

Israel is the only entity that can get away with slaughtering innocent people on a humanitarian-aid flotilla. Only Israel can get away with blowing up a KNOWN UN post. Only Israel can get away with running over an American activist, Rachel Corrie, with a caterpillar construction machine. So unfortunately, this film doesn't surprise me. If even the White House- Israel's strongest ally- is unwilling to confront Israel's "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and our own GOVERNMENT is unwilling to talk about it- what can be done?

12 years ago

Israel acts like is a spoilt brat throwing a tantrum at the mall, and the US is like the pathetic parent. Both deserve a fkn hiding.

12 years ago

It makes me wonder, Did Israel learned with US, or US learned with Israel? What came first the chicken or the Egg? F***ing Nazi's ridding behind the "Freedom"

12 years ago

Obviously the US has turned a blind eye to Israel's nukes. That's because much of the current government believes it would be too much work to do something about it. Also, many (mainly republicans) believe those nukes are aimed at Enemies of the US (another reason to do nothing). The irony is that if the US first acknowledged the nukes, then put pressure on Israel to remove them, they would have fewer international enemies (and so would Israel), relieving much of the reason they exist in the first place.

Gary V
12 years ago

The UN should have gone into this rouge state a long time ago to clean up the mess that it created. No good will ever come from it, there will always be trouble there. Give them an inch & they take a mile.

12 years ago

hmmm.. I think the nukes are not real. the illuxon that they exist maybe the true secret weapon.

12 years ago

Watch "Don't tread on me" and see what is stirring amongst the true "people of America." Not everyone supports the B/S that our federal government is responsible for. Now we are finding was to cut them off and let the people speak for themselves. The power will be ours once again; we have but to take it back...

12 years ago

And be true to yourselves... May peace be on you.

12 years ago

@ Hannah. Before writing something in here i thought a lot of times about being monitored and captured like poor Vanunue. Is there a way come out of this kind of mentality not to speak the truth? Off course not as we have so many distractions and manipulations around us. Monday to Friday I have a job to take care of so I can pay my mortgage, buy new furniture, Art work and plenty of food. I need to fuel my car (doesn't matter where the fuel is coming from) to get to my job and to my recreation. Weekends I 'd like to go with my girl friend to some bar or to watch a new fiction at theaters as you should have something sparkling to say to your friends at work or get a title of a FREAK.

Ask yourself can any of us lead this kind of NORMAL life can come out of this pit made for us by the people in power? Yeah but a person living in a war region doesn't think like us, obviously not as its family and loved ones have been torn to pieces by the missiles. I am a very sane person but when I saw the person affected by Israeli gas attack I imagined how would I feel if any of my loved one dying in front of me like that in a place where I already have no life. Wont I be blowing myself up without thinking who I am, what my religious values are is getting damaged...?

I ask you if the Jews or Christians or any race in the world 'll be leading this kind of life wont they be blowing themselves up to make others feel their pain...? Islam never provokes and actually forbids to kill innocent human beings. It is our moral responsibility as human beings to spread the word and try to come out of this manipulation otherwise no one 'll be safe on the face of earth if it keeps going on like that.

12 years ago

What was Israel set up for a country... in the middle of a hornets nest? Wake up people.. nothing that stupid is done without good reason..figure out the rest my little lambs..

God sends a little voice sometimes to say ... "what am I doing here","oh,just making nukes to blow up the world" It,s called the 'God failsafe' I believe this man heard it.

12 years ago

And it's all history now... This follows the end game, it's now about being in front of it. How could their be a New One World Order in a world of No World Order? It's not what they have done or what their aiming at, it's what there just about to do right now.

12 years ago

It's good to know that Israel has these weapons, It's a responsible country with accountable leadership. It's enemies... not so much.
I know a lot of brainwashed morons may disagree with me but b4 typing your moronic response ask yourself " do I feel like being humiliated today?"

12 years ago

#1 they killed jfk cuz he want to stop them (the zionist movement) from controlling the us gov by putting money into the election and stopping the new world order and if u know the driver is the one that fired and killed jfk that day see the video #2 they started wwI by killing the french leader to get to palestain and to create a global society to rebuild the jewish temple in jerusalem and control the world from there #3 war on religions all religions they using the us like they used britain and the are destroying it staring 9/11 war in iraq afganistan and soon iran so they can be the #1 nation and lead the world. u can look up all these facts

12 years ago

Israel is a terrorist state

12 years ago


"Your hatred of a long-suffering nation and its talented people borders on the bizarre and I shudder to think of what would happen if you and your ilk had the power to exterminate the Jewish race."

You can relax, MJ. See, I'm not like Shimon Peres and a lot of the other Jewish leadership. I don't have an agenda of trying to wipe out Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, etc. All I care about is justice.

It's clear from the facts that Israel (at least its leaders) has been participating in unjust acts for a while. All I (and a lot of the world) would like is for Israel to clean up its act. Get rid of the bullying leadership. Be a true example of what religion on earth should be about. You are in the "holy land" after all. Why not show the world what it means to be a holy people?