Israel's Secret Weapon

Israel's Secret Weapon

2003, Conspiracy  -   166 Comments
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Which country in the Middle East has undeclared Nuclear weapons? Which country in the Middle East has undeclared biological and chemical capabilities? Which country in the Middle East has no outside inspections? Which country jailed its nuclear whistleblower for 18 years? Vanunu told the world that Israel had developed between one hundred and two hundred atomic bombs and had gone on to develop neutron bombs and thermonuclear weapons. Enough to destroy the entire Middle East and nobody has done anything about it since. It's thought plutonium is made in Dimona; nuclear weapons are assembled at Yodefat and stored at Zachariah and Eilabun. Three nuclear submarines are based in Haifa and Israel's biological and chemical warfare laboratories are at Nes Ziona.

Israel never comments on such reports. But evidence continues to emerge. In 1992 an Israeli cargo plane crashed in Amsterdam killing forty-three people. The Israelis claimed it was carrying flowers and perfume. It took six years and a Dutch parliamentary enquiry before they admitted it was carrying DMMP, a key component for sarin nerve gas. The DMMP was bound for The Israeli Institute of Biological Research at Nes Ziona, one of Israel's most secret defence sites. It is subject to no international inspection and reporting of its activities in Israel is prevented by strict military censorship.

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  1. This is why israel are the most underhanded nation on the planet very clever getting other nations to fight their battles to do their bidding so they dont lose any of their top people its just every other nations sons and daughters who must die to protect these vile people i dont mean btw the common israelians but the elite their nauseating

    1. Nothing wrong in this , Jews are the people who are so less in quantity compare to other Christians and Muslims, these are those people who wondered here and there for so long to have a place they can call permanent home, and now when they have then they have full right to protect it at any cost , don't forget ,they are surrounded by hostile countries, if isreal don't threat them and don't have the power ,then these middle Eastern countries will eat them, and isreal knows as they are so less in population then it would be a foolish game to fight these hostile countries man to man in battle, that's why Jews using their high class diplomacy,and their high class technology.... I compeletly understand the position of them , and I am with them

  2. No one dare criticize Israel for fear of being labeled anti Semitic. its not surprising Palestinians & neighboring arab nations are unhappy, Israel is the only country created for a religion (well originally they were asked to share Palestine, then they eventually took over it while the west allowed this to happen). the creation of the state by the UK & UN in 1948 caused all this. there was no need to do it. perhaps they just wanted rid of the millions of displaced Jews after WW2. the UK, US like many other countries priory to WW2 would not accept the many refugees fleeing Germany at the time & after the war again, did not want them. I feel sorry for all concerned.

    1. im with vicky, above.

  3. Last place on the planet I’d want to go

  4. Just found out about it. I thought Israel was a nice place.., was thinking to go there on vacations, to see dead sea, some ancient ruins.
    Not going there anymore.
    Sorry for that guy...

  5. And this is why no one really f...s with Israel.

  6. Isreal has gone mad with power in the absence of accountability.

    1. That what happens when you are constantly attacked from all sides

  7. This is why Jesus told the parable of the tenants who killed the Landlord's son when he came for his harvest, and ended that parable with these words to Israel in Matthew 21:43, “Therefore I tell you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people producing its fruits.” And it's why he said in Matthew 8:11-12, after seeing the faith of a Gentile centurion and the unbelief of Israel, “Many [Gentiles] will come from east and west and recline at table with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven, 12 while the sons of the kingdom will be thrown into the outer darkness. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

    Israel has broken covenant with her God and is living today in disobedience and unbelief in his Son and her Messiah. That is why Paul says in Romans 11:28, “As regards the gospel [the good news of the Messiah] they are enemies of God.”

  8. When is America going to get sick of the usury. See Netanyahu's speech at Finks bar 1990

  9. When I see all the Natzis. Muslim terorists and just ignorant people comments in here. I thank god that Israel have nuclear weapon. Never again mother fu**ers. There will be no more Holocaust. No more the weak Jew.
    Next time, if we go down, we will take the all f***ing world down. See you in hell.

    1. I totally agree with Eran ..never again. If you mess with Israel you mess with the world. This is how it should be.
      I think that Jews should be strong and proud but also honest, open and democratic. Proudly warn the world that a Jew will never be a victim again... but here is the sad truth..our state is victimizing it's own good people. Why? What are we afraid of? Let not the name of Israel be linked to the abuse of our own people. Let our fight be against the outsiders that threaten us and not in tearing our own democracy to shreds through such obvious deceit. This behavior gives our enemies fuel.

    2. dumbass. they are creating their own holocaust. like a bunch of chimps. this aging plant is killing the people that work there and when it finally melts down everyone is going to notice that something is not what it seems.

    3. I'm with you Eran...Kol Hakavod....I would love to break some Nazi skulls with you!

    4. Enough of the biblical quotes, a book written by men full of inconsistencies and fairy tales. The general message of love in the New Testament is excellent, but the rest is filled with fear, guilt and shame. Enough already!

    5. Great rant Eran. Totally support your stand.

    6. That was pleasant.

    7. Man up and Declare it , and follow the guidelines as a responsible member
      let Iran also have a nuclear weapon . why so much fuss (even south korea does not cry on North nuclear capability).

      and stop demonizing Nazis ww2 is power game all the nation fighting for their world order
      japan only industrialized in east fought for influence in south east asia and pacific , Europe tussle between NORDS and ANGLO SAXONs. ...........when Germany beat the shit out of British and french ,they called for daddy USA.

      churchill got chills with the rising economic power of Germany, ww2 was bound to happen ,due to treaty of Versailles.........for you British are hero they carved you a nation. As per asian history British led famines killed millions destroyed economies , British and French did huge crimes and taxation against their colonies and Germans had colonies....but their war crimes dwarfs against so good ,allied nation )

      the bomb allies dropped on German factories would have killed more slave jews, poles , europeans than Germans itself.
      even allied carpet bombed the German cities. can you imagine the loss of civilians life?
      USA only first world nation to use nuclear weapons on civilians.
      (usa had developed nuclear weapon with help of mostly european engineers and scientist but for delivery sent a bomber , old school)

      still they cry for the v2 rockets that hit london....hats off to german engineers for the inertial navigation....NORDS NATION are STILL GREAT.

  10. Time to make Israel a parking lot. Money grabbing cowards will sell their own mother for a buck.

    1. Not on my watch dumkopf.

    2. Why do you and your like hate the Jews so much. What have they ever done to you. They are no worse or better than any other nation on earth. The smell of jealousy and hypocrisy is so evident that t is almost impossible to understand or for that matter believe

  11. The reporter Olenka Frenkiel was forced out to leave BBC.
    people keep researching.

  12. If you're wondering why a borderline Facist government seems to be in continuous charge of Israel i'm afraid the answer is American Evangelical Christians.

    There are a considerable number of them who believe that by funding the constant struggle in Jerusalem, that they will eventually get the Dome of the rock knocked down and replaced by the rebuilt Temple of Solomon.

    They do this because they believe it will start Armageddon and get them all raptured up to heaven...any day now. (it's been any day now since about 500AD.)

  13. The Israeli government are criminals, they oppress the palestinian people. They are very dangerous for the world.

  14. when will people see that Israel really needs to go? .R@!

  15. May I gently suggest that commenters familiarize themselves with at minimum:
    1916 secret Sykes/Picot Treaty.
    Balfour Declaration circa 1921.
    San Remo Treaty.
    League of Nations granting British Palestinian Mandate.

    1. Then of course the HOLOCAUST (don't you dare deny it!) in which more than 6 million Jews were killed (when I was in school in colonial Singapore, the figure touted then was 4 million).

    2. 6 million good Germans (or better still human beings). Don't play into the hands of the Nazi by labelling them "Jews".

  16. Whats worse is that you actively brain wash your own children into this religious excrement. You actually feed your kids brains an unhealthy diet of fictional crap. There is not one culture on this planet that has a religious system where they have not murdered, sacrificed, killed, raped, pillaged in the name of some god or other. And here we are today with the same boring mentality. I am sorry but not one of you religious types has an argument. Pure fiction! May god strike me down this instant if I am a lying toad full of rubbish....

    1. My condolences to your family.

  17. The Israeli goal is to murder all the Christians on earth. They hate us. If they cannot do that they will destroy the entire world with their nuclear weapons that have been supplied by the United States of America. If you speak of this plan you are anti semetic, well so be it.

    1. Oh great, more hate coming.
      Yes, what you are speaking of is anti-Jewish. You ARE anti-Jewish (I don't like the inaccurate term anti-Semitic). But hey, if you're a Christian, God will pull you right up and send those evil-doers to hell. Oh, guess that's the same if you're a Muslim (if God is willing). Paranoid!
      The Israeli-Palestinian problem is a geopolitical conflict (war) in which a massively armed Israel (funded by the U.S.) is (presumably) trying to annex the West Bank and Gaza Strip through ethnic cleansing, bombing massacres, control of infrastructure and movement, and other means. The Palestinians have almost nothing to defend themselves with. They have resorted to suicide bombing (call it terrorism if you're willing to call Israeli bombing of apartment buildings terrorism as well) as a desperate measure to strike back (doesn't justify it but it is within understanding).
      These are the facts and you ought to stick to those facts and ask the right questions. The right questions deal with the nation-state and military force, not religious groups.
      Demonizing Jewish people offers nothing but a frog's fart to the discussion, but your mind is probably so sickened by now by anti-people hate that you're beyond dialogue.

    2. I'm Israeli and that's not my goal. Nor is it the country's.

    3. The single biggest killers of Christians in all of history have been other Christians.

  18. First, I had never heard of Vanunu either. That's just crazy. If I had I would have been championing him as I belatedly will now.
    It's my own fault. I tend to ignore Israel although it is by anyone's reckoning one of the world's top potential flashpoints for global nuclear war, in all probability the hottest. Maybe that's why I ignore it. But I will try to reverse that in the future. It is clearly that the media avoids hard topics concerning Israel, that is clear.
    Offhand, I would think that though there are plenty of boorish and arrogant politicians in Israel, it is ultimately the U.S. that is using Israel, not the other way around. The fact that Kennedy distanced himself from Israel and demanded inspections (add that one to the already long assassination motives list) and the switch to nuclear ambiguity under Johnson suggests to me that Israel is being used as another strategic bastion to carry out America's New World Order. A lot of people are quite upset about Israel's apparent manipulation of the U.S., but wouldn't that be convenient to the U.S. if were indeed seen that way?
    It must be exceedingly easy to control a paranoid post-holocaust Jewish state surrounded by enemies who are or were at one time avowed to its destruction. It really is a narrow strip of land living on a precipice- not that it excuses Israel of its war crimes (which it commits with impunity due to U.S. protection). I can't imagine living in a place of such incredibly high tension.
    The myth of a Jewish global conspiracy survives since Roman times. It is even found in old wive's tales in lands that have nothing to do with Judaism. It is a myth and international Jewish support for Israel does not explain the privileged status it has.
    This is not about antisemitism (an odd expression considering that the Arabs are Semites as well, and many Jews appear not to be Semite at all). This is about geopolitical power, and obviously it is the U.S. that possesses the bulk of it in the world. I simply bring up this last matter because it seems to be the trump card that every side likes to wave.

  19. Why is the subject of Israel so hush hush? Why is it that all who speak out against Israeli policies are branded anti-semitic? Israel is a burden on the US. We need to take care of our own interests first.. and Israel second.

    1. Israel is a threat to world peace and the United States is its best friend. We should demand that Israel repay every penny plus interest to America. Stop supporting Israel NOW!

    2. I agree with you 100 percent!

    3. Israel deserves nothing from the US, they are a terrorist state and it is high time to stop the flow of billions of US dollars for their weapons of mass destruction!

    4. Agreed too. But should add that the U.S. supports Israel as it is a terrorist state too. By far the biggest terrorist state in the world.

  20. The Jews came from Abraham's promised Child,"Issac" while the palestians came from Abraham's do it yourself tatics.

  21. As I read these commits it's plain to see why people don't understand the middle east saga, yes it goes on and on, but one day it will come to a head. If people understood Genesis and the Abrahamic covenant given to Abraham the answer would be clear. Abraham muddied the waters when he got Hagar pregnant because he and Sarai wouldn't wait on God for the promise child, "Issac" and now we have a mess in the middle east that only God will solve, and He will do it in His time. The palestinians will find out who owns that land then.

    1. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. The Israeli occupation of Palestine is a crime against humanity and all who live on occupied land should leave NOW!

    2. Leviticus 25:23 (NIV, 1984) made clear: “the land is mine (God speaking) and you are but aliens and my tenants.” Only God owns it. Jews are not Israel anyway, they were only a fraction of Israel. The majority of Israelites (known as Israel or Ephraim) went into exile; "Israel is swallowed up: now shall they be among the Gentiles as a vessel wherein is no pleasure. (Hosea 8:8). They were swallowed up and assimilated into Gentile nations. Even Israeli historians know that. Many of the leaders of the present land are not of Judah either, but mixture i.e. part Edomites). The Edomites were swallowed in Judah (Jews) just prior to the coming of Christ. That is why King Herod was described in the New Testament as part Jew, part Edomite . From the Jewish Virtual Library, " The Edomites were later forcibly converted into Judaism by John Hyrcanus, and then became an active part of the Jewish people. Famous Edomites include Herod, who built the Second Temple." That ought to change everyone's thinking.

  22. Russia, China, Japan, France, UK, India, Pakistan each have warheads. Pakistan has 100, and you're worried about Israel?

    1. Israel has repeatedly shown itself to be a criminal and irrational regime. Don't believe me? Google Samson Strategy. They believe if they don't get everything they want through their horrendous tactics then they have the right to destroy the rest of the world with their nukes. No Islamist has ever suggested such a horrible action.

  23. To the beckham: No matter how much land the Arabs have there is no excuse for stealing an inch. Imagine if I decided my wealthy neighbor had too much land so I pitch a tent on his lawn.
    As far as Democratic, that lie no longer holds up. Just ask what country in the world gives citizen rights to people who have zero connection to the land while telling a man whose last 50 generations lived on a farm, that he somehow is a non citizen. Now thats Democracy. I am anti Israeli not anti Semitic. It is finally time for good Jews to separate themselves from Zionists. The Orthodox Jews refuse to fight for the state of Israel, ask them why. Read about the "guardians of the city".

    1. The Arabs stole it from them when Israel had even more land then Israel holds today if you knew ancient history and could find books that are not wrote by anti-Semitic groups. Orthodox Jews are the same wackos that told Rome to hang Jesus because he interfered with their backwards ass teachings and right to rule, they were nothing with him alive.

      The U.N. did not just willy nilly pick a land for them, they knew where they lived before the Arab invasions and that is the land they gave them back. There were plenty of Jews living in the land BEFORE the world war living peacefully with the Arabs. The Arabs got a hell of a lot more in the deal as most belonged to Turkey before the war. We all know how most Arabs feel about Turkey these days.

      When the Arabs took the land from the Jews they slaughtered them and took the rest for slaves, at least Israel has given them land to live on, Unlike their own Arab brothers. Jordan was meant for all the Arabs who were occupying Israel to live in, never mind Iraq. The ones who stayed in Israel were terrorist not farmers. The terrorist fight still today and always loose. A lot of Arabs who have proven to be peaceful do live in Israel. Go study real history.

      Bellow is census data for the amount of Arabs living in Jerusalem for those years, carefully kept by Turkey, Britain and Israel for the city records. Quite telling!! The rest were Jews and Christians bud.

      1844 -- 33%

      1896 -- 19%

      1910 -- 13%

      1922 -- 22%

      1931 -- 22%

      1948 -- 24%

      1967 -- 21%

      1972 -- 23%

      1992 -- 25%

  24. The Anti-Semtic rants in this video and here disgust me. Israel is a very small nation surrounded by a huge Arab coalition that has attacked them several times for simply existing when the Arabs have more land than they will ever think about using. The Israeli Jews are democratic and do not go around attacking and threatening nations like the Arabs have. Israel only has ever acted in defense, sometimes when they knew they were going to be attacked they struck first for survival. They have had Nukes a very long time and never once used them even when they took heavy loses in 73. It is this nuclear deterrent that keeps them safe from all the whack job nations around them. If they were such an evil people they would have attacked Iran a long time ago. They have only attacked Gaza and Hezbollah after heavy rocket attacks for months. Israel gave Gaza and the west bank for peace, what have the Arabs done besides constantly attack Israel? NOTHING BUT CRY AND WHINE when Israel beats down the terrorist that attacked them first. God bless Israel and the American people that support her, the rest can go FUK off!!

    1. Self defense? Displacing and entire nation while secretly disguising their ethnic cleansing campaign of Palestinians as retribution for Nazi crimes entirely unrelated to them. We know clearly who is the victim here. And btw.. Im no fan of Islam or Judaism. All religions disgust me.. all it does is give a false sense of entitlement to the ``chosen`` deluded people.

    2. The UN gave the Arabs who were occupying Israel Jordan and Iraq at the same time. It was the Arabs that stole the land from the Jews, the UN simply gave some of the land back to the Jews because they knew where their land was. How many times have all the Arab nations around Israel attacked Israel? Israel is tiny compared to what the Arabs have. It was the Arabs who denied every treaty. Israel wants to live in peace but not while being bombed by mortars and rockets. If the west bank wall did not exist then there would be suicide attacks as well. We see how well the Arabs treat their own brothers so your statements ignorant.

    3. You couldn't possibly be more wrong. It is Israel who commits crimes daily. They are the occupiers not the owners.

  25. Interesting and factual film. But since this was filmed....On December 4, 2012, 174 nations voted at United Nations for Israel to open their nuclear program and allow UN's inspections and join/sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Only 6 nations voted NO > Israel, U.S., Canada, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palav. There were 6 nations who abstained.

    Wish there was a documentary about Benjamin Freedman and his brave speech in 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Wash. D.C. Also a doc. about author of 26 books, Antony Sutton...who should have won a Pulitzer Prize as well as the well known respected former journalist/author George Seldes, who wrote, "Tell the Truth and Run" and Seldes "IN FACT" newsletters. Two INDEPENDENT journalists who never compromised the truth and told "BOTH" sides of a story.

    Sick and tired of the double standard on WHO has WMD and fighting senseless wars based on lies! Disgusted at the five major MSMedia Cartels continued deceit and hypocrisy.

  26. Start time to dropping bombs on Israel...They are a true enemy. Remember the USS Liberty and 9/11. These zionist a--holes were behind those and so much more.These worthless fux control the us govt through AIPAC,who is really in charge? Fuk Israel

  27. When the people in the USA that are helping this traitor start their arguments with lies,it shot their credability to bits.They claim this guy has spent the longest time in solitary than any other person. There are plenty of people that have spent longer times than this bum...Charles Bronson in England spent 30 years. NOBODY LIKES A RAT!!!! This guy betrayed a secret trust. We should not glorify people like this in front of our children.It teaches them it is okay to betray your country and your friends. I personally think the guy should have gotten the electric chair.I know everyone will say Isreal does not have the death penalty. I believe in cases like these the crook should be put on a Navy ship,taken beyond 12 miles,electrocuted ,and buried at sea.

    1. hold on a minute! "Traitors" a bit strong. If he sold all of israels secrets and safety for his own personal gain i might agree with you. but he told (supposedly) the truth about disgusting weapons that frankly nobody should have. in a attempt i feel to clean his conscience of what he knew. you lack humanity in your comment! and anyway israel are the real arseholes of the middle east.
      and finally, charles bronson was not in SOLITARY for 30 years, he was in prison for 30 years.

  28. google removed the video
    it doesnt play anymore

  29. i like the faces on some of the religious fanatics. is that face, where someone is just synthesizing sentences without having any idea, or any logical or subjective connection to it.

    cant see the point of this documentary. tends to be the debunking of a conspiracy without in depth presentation of any evidence or history. and too much use of the "antisemitic" word

  30. David Bruce Powers, in the last 100 years, atheism managed to kill over 100 million people. You ask how? Communism You ask Why? communists leaders like Stalin and Lenin knew that by mass murdering, they wouldn't be punished in the after life for it, so they went about killing mass amounts to help civilization. clearly atheism gives a person the knowledge that they are only punished by the government and justice system.
    BTW: i also don't believe in religion, but your comment(s) are just st*pid.

    1. Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and numerous other enlightened individuals have not only decimated that argument, but gave rebuttals that threw most of the murdered citizens of history right on the back of religion. Do more research, because you're wrong.

    2. how the hell has cold war propaganda still stuck with you?!
      you are a fool!
      how you associate communism automatically with atheism is nothing short of utterly r*tarded.
      and finally your assumption that being communist and (certainly to you) atheist instantly means you have no conscience or a sense of morality by association is just as mental.
      please think about what you're saying for humanities sake

    3. Aww that's cute when you try to talk like you're a big boy like you have a clue. Now go potty it's time for you to go nye nye, beddy bye time for harry boi. Go poddy so you don't wet the bed again.

    4. the reason to all this is GOD. if you read history you'll learn that he's the cause of the countless and biggest killings that ever existed.

  31. what country is clearly responsible and had the most to gain from 911? Israel.

    1. iv never thought about that...hmm thats actually a really interesting thought

    2. It is not interesting it is ludicrous. Absurd, which country would have the most to LOSE.would be a more appropriate question to ask when talking of Israel and 9-11-2001.Why would they risk the only sane country left by there side. If it were not for America the rest of the world would simply watch the countries governed by religious fanatics kill the Israelis and steal their land. Why again did Israel attack it's only powerful friend again? Possible but I would take that bet and I would even give you odds.

  32. This poor guy should be given a medal for blowing the whistle on Israel. I am not anti-semitic, only anti religion. any religion. However, the Israelis learned well from the Nazis who tried to exterminate them. They treat the Palestinians the same as the Nazis and other Europeans treated them. Making them live in ghettos with limited oppurtunities, bulldozing their homes and generally declaring a pogrom on the Arabs. What happened to the so called golden rule that bible thumpers supposedly believe in? All religion is a giant thorn in the side of any thinking person. More people have been killed in the name of one god or another than all other causes combined. If all industrialized nations would quit selling arms to the muslims and the jews, they would be back to what they were doing 2000 years ago: throwing rocks at each other.t

    1. David Bruce Powers,
      -(Quote) "What happened to the so called golden rule" you say?

      Have a look on the video "Israel next war" posted by as wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/israel/view.
      It is a public documentary produced by "Frontline".
      You'll see the root of modern terrorism.

      However, that documentary may not have been funded by the "APEC" US/Jewish Lobby who in turn is funded through US citizen's taxes or "Made in America" weapons which includes phosphorous bombs that replaced the great success in Vietman of Dow Chemical:> Napalm.

      As I said earlier in this "Israel’s Secret Weapon" comment section, the massacres began much before Israel was reconized as country at the UN (1948). Before Israel became a country, it was the first time the world was faced with what later became terrorism.
      -Groups of individuals who bomb civil areas and get armed illegally to massacre civilian populations.

      In 1 and maybe more than 1 sole circumstances, only Israel do not recognize the massacre the done over there while were many thrird parties came to that fact after serious inquiries.
      The fact is that most if not all Israel founders (Fathers) are known and recognized terrorists. Then, came 1945...

      More over, it is a known fact the APEC subsidize foreign jewish settlers from all over the world to offer lands that the Israeli government seize from arab natives over there under the "Israeli psychotic principle" that "THEIR god" once gave them the land they're seizing from those arab natives.
      And APEC funds directed to these criminal NAZI operations are taken from the american citizens taxes.

      The bare fact is that in now days, the most important financial/economic activity in the USA is to kill, abuse, murder and run "Protection Rackettering" in a worldwide basis.

      No need to wonder why the USA after 1945 offered safe heaven to german war criminals (Operation PaperClip) who later structured the CIA. Later co-workers with Buch Sr. who's father's...
      Beside, it's been generations since the USA do not respect most of international laws as seen in Abhu Grahib.
      The list of criminal acts all around the world is much too long to be noted here.


  33. Anyone who makes any negitive statements about jews are always called anti semetic. Thats a favorite word used by them.If people would just open thier eyes and understand where the true New world Order is stemming from it would blow them away. Why is Jeruselum allowed these weapons? Why are they allowed to produce these weapons and yet the united nations turns a blind eye from it. When do they stop using the genicide of ww2 as an excuse to do what they do in the name of protecting the state of Isreal? Are they not part of the United Nations and subject to the Rules and Laws of the council?
    They claim that by having a deterent like nucular weapons prevent an all out attack on them from outside forces they have a right to cercumvent the United Nations and build up a nucular arsanal behind closed doors.Ok I can maybe understand that a little bit, but biological and chemical weapons ?!!
    It's odd that they claim that they are a democratic state, yet anyone that speaks out about what they are doing is subjected to the same harsh treatment as one would be given in a dictatorship state.So any country in proxcimity of Isreal cannot have weapons of mass destruction because of Iserals fear that these countries might use them against them, but then how do these countries protect themselves against Isreal? What deterents do they have or should have to keep the balance of power at bay?Do they depend on the United Nations to prevent an attack from Isreal? Did the United Nations prevent the USA from attacking Iraq? The world is heading to complete and total destruction and we are powerless to stop it.

    1. WE are not powerless to stop mit but it would take millions and millions not thousands.In a country like America with over 350 million people 100 thousand people is a drop in the bucket.I belive many in the military and police would stand with the millions but thousands is not a majority.The world needs to do it by the millions but America would be the best place to start.I gave you a thumbs up I just don't belive we as people can not change things the ellite are small we are now over 7 billion.They are so far out numberd it would be impossible for them to win if we put the differences like race and religion aside and stand togeather.We eather do that or the evil people win.Islam if interpeted right and the way it was for the first few hundred years belived that people of all faiths deserved respect and they could worship GOD in a church our a synagogue because he was everywere.And many muslems follow the koran like it was meant to be.I'm not a follower of the Koran but have studyed it on the net and in books.The books were not wrote by muslems but historians.

    2. How do you stop 7 billion people watching television?
      It takes a nation of millions to hold us back...

    3. turn off the power, permanently.

    4. iran well use the bomb. it's what they belive, they belive they can get their savior, the 12th imom to end the world, by using nucular weapon's. listen to what there saying isreal has the bomb but have never used it, that's why they can have it,if iran gets the bomb they will use it. anyone who attacks isreal they have the right to protect themself.they get rockets coming down from gaza everyday would you like someone to rocket your town. yes you sound anti semetic or you dont know the fact's. by learning the truth you can start thinking for your self or you can go on being st*pid and keep doing someone's
      dirty work like your doing.

  34. Look Moshe Oren,
    I think by now Pierre has delivered enough devastating punches and he articulated his historical points extremely well that I don’t think you should try to lecture him on history.
    Having said that when you mention that Israel never starts wars there is this little known/remembered event called Deir Yassin, 3:30 a.m. April 9th 1948 the birth of what we now call terrorism (I believe Pierre mentioned that already) I guess it doesn’t hurt to repeat what some people don’t hear the first time, if you detect slight sarcasm it is because I am pissed right off.
    You never start wars but refresh my memory: on which political platform did Sharon won his election? Wasn’t it because he promised that he will exterminate Hamas? Which was democratically elected! So who is next?
    Prior to the WW2 population of Poland was 36 million people after the war the population dropped to 30 million, generally most people agree that 6 million Jews died during that war so my question is: What nationality did the Jews belonged to during the war since the Israel state wasn’t established (I am putting that loosely) till May 15th 1948?
    Most of them were Polish because after Hitler’s rise to power Jews were systematically discouraged from remaining in Germany, most other countries refused to accept such an injection of refugees into their societies except Poland.
    How come in all those years not even one official recognition was given to The Polish government and Polish people?
    During the war my mother run a safe house for Jews fleeing Poland on their way to Hungry and then Curacao and other safe locations. The punishment for harbouring Jews during the war was the extermination of the entire town (pop. 35,000) not even one note, letter, post card or recognition was given to my mother and when she went to Israel in early 50’ to search for her couple friends, the people that she met in Israel people that she knew from Poland didn’t speak Polish any longer, I hope that you will at least try to understand my point.
    Gratitude and humility is not a word that exists in you dictionary.
    You talk about Arab media continually spreading the propaganda against Israel and that your media would never do, perhaps because you go about it in a different way: your rabbi gives you 7 points on how you should spread your gospel, that‘s how you do it. What bothers me sometimes is that you guys have this attitude of treating every body as if we were 3rd graders.
    Look, if you need more land can I suggest something? Have you ever been to Montana?


    1. Thank Staszekgobi, but you reminded that I forgot the most important vector in the whole case...
      -From where does the new Israeli citizens come from exactly?
      Talking 'bout the so-called "Colons" who builded their housings on "Seized" palestinian lands because, according to their "Holy Book" their god gave them this land?

      Well... I also have a documentary on my puter in which some jewish natives (Born in Jerusalem) were not only mourning their arab friend but as well protesting his killing.
      And here, I'm talking about real jews, having those long side-burns and of a pure jewish confession!
      Ok, many american jews are so differents, no comparison!
      But a typical Hashemite (Sort of) protesting the abusal and murder of an arab, out in the open? I was simply stunned!

      Bwarff! Was loosing myseft here...
      Most "Colons" come from the Ex-Russian provinces.
      They were not educated in the same social values as the jews of the middle-east we know. After the centuries they lived through in the Russians provinces, they sure did aquired the Russian society way of living and social values. Pretty usefull to any terrorist.

      Above all, it is the american citizens who subsidize Israel through the heavy Jewish lobby in the USA to support this ethnic cleansing.
      That takes a whole lot of USA tax payers aside the need to keep their economy afloat. Does anyone knowns how much % of subsidee does

      If anybody looks at the humankind history, stealing and taking over of what others have been working for always been of a prime concern. If one thinks of which neighbor Israelites can abuse, which one would that be? The weakest for sure...
      Lack of self-estime...


  35. IThe Israelis only defend themselves it's no secret that we have nuclear arms.
    You know how many wars has passed since the establishment of Israel??
    And even once we did not started the war ..
    All Israel wants is to live in peace what do we can not

    A little history about the Jewish people did not Nillach far ...
    World War II - 1941 to 1943 over 6 million Jews were brutally murdered in gas chambers
    And extermination camps ..

    1947 - War of Independence of Israel that the Arabs in Israel started a war against the division of the Occupied Territories

    1956 - Egypt would send terrorists into Israel to target civilians in Israel started the war to defend itself ..

    1967 - Six Day War the Arab armies gathered for war against Israel and the countries fighting against Israel were ... 1. Egypt 2. Lebanon 3. Syria 4. Jordan 5. Iraq 6. Saudi Arabia

    1969 - War of Attrition, the Egyptians tried to bring Israel out of Sinai and wear down the Israeli home front

    1973 - Yom Kippur War, Syria and Egypt attacked Israel together

    Holiest day in synagogues all

    1982 - Israel and Syria and fought with terrorist extremists Mflstin fired from Lebanese territory and massacring civilians, innocent children ..

    2006 - Second Lebanon War

    Israel began the war against the Hezbollah terror organization
    Kidnapped Israeli soldiers
    And fired rockets from Lebanon on Israel and its citizens of my town

    Can not happen again You can say what you want about Israel.
    But one thing I can tell you is clear ..
    . IDF is the most moral army in the world since forever and who will tell you otherwise ..
    All we want is peace

    We brought peace be upon you

    1. You obviously jumped (Omited) the most important part of your summary. What happened a few decades before WWII and up back to WWI. When that land was legally recognized as a UK colony.
      Too bad but it is factually the history. This did happened.

      I'm talking 'bout those days where the "Terrorism" tactics were not yet existing. You may recall if you still bare a nanogram of intellectual integretity. Balfour must have thought: "S'cuse me, I didn't know what I was doing"!
      But a biased mind sure doesn't need to mention it, as you did.
      There ain't a thou's ways to mislead peoples of good will!
      The jewish nation within that land resorted to terrorism quite a few years before the trash Hitler got into power.

      I seen documentaries (Live footages) of the massacres these jewish extremists inflicted on the native nations over there.
      And not only one documentary as I also seen a group of isaeli teenages go on a trip, visiting the ex-concentration camps being coaxed into hatrid (Toward Arabs above all) by their teachers/supervisors up to a point where a few of these teens simply wanted to leave and go back home.
      The camera man was an ex-israeli army that translated the whole.
      By the way, in such "Generalised" hatrids social psychosis that impeach you, not all individuals are affected as it was the case of that individual.

      I find your last phrase extremely disgusting : "We brought peace be upon you". The ultimate sarcam from a psychotic murderer.
      If there's a God, if your God do exist, he sure doesn't want to be by the side of such sicko'es.
      Beasts, that don't even qualify as a human being.

      I learned only one good thing from the jewish and it is that some sub-human species such as the once NAZI, can become in a little less than a generation, the ones who lived through that ordeal of the (40-45)'s concentration camps.

      When israeli army knock on the door of a Palestinian house to announce that the acting government judged that the land on which this family has lived on for centuries his within the territory the jewish god gave to his nation, and then bulldoze the house and all of these palestinian family goods; -To any human being baring a drop of morality, that is a NAZI behavior!
      -I wonder where did the jewish nation learned to behave as totally disgusting psychotic murderes beasts?

      To reply to your comment: -"We have nuclear arms".
      So? How mucb of a population you have over there?
      I'd rather if you'd give the figure in % of total human beings on planet earth, if you don't mind...
      Better yet, leave aside the other countries aside Russia, China & India... In the case of the USA, no one can rely on them since their God is "Business". They can shift from one day to another as they did in WWII when the USA Gov. decided to sease and block the USA banks investments in Germany.
      That is only a matter of greeds.

      All things must pass. Hitler did.
      It ain't within the nature of human beings to tolerate such disgusting behaviors as the one seen by the allies in Germany as well as the one observed in Palestine.

      Anyone who speaks as you did, do not deserve any respect.
      That makes you a trash and I do not wish any peace to such trashes!


    2. First we'll talk with you about the Palestinians ..
      What Flstin?
      This land was controlled by Britain and then Jordan occupied the area ..
      And nobody agreed that Jordan would rule over the territory even Arab countries ..

      1947 UN decision to divide the territory between Israel and the Palestinians
      (Legal division area must be agreement between the two sides)

      Israel agreed ..
      Arabs started a war ..
      And lost ..

      You wanted the whole history so there you go ..
      1917 Turkey dominated most of the Middle East ..
      After the First World War France and Britain ruled the Middle East
      And decided to build a new Middle East ..

      Lord Balfour, British Foreign Secretary gave the Jews a state and said that recognize the right of the Jewish people in Israel
      1942 League of Nations gave the organization legally binding decision
      Britain received a mandate over the region to help establish a Jewish state ..
      And approved by the UN ..
      Israel has accepted international legal recognition! .

      Eventually Israel wants to exist
      And recognizes the right of Palestinians to their own state!
      But the Palestinians and other Arab countries do not want to agree with the right of Jews to their own state in Israel ..

      And you talk to me about terrorism??
      Are you serious?
      After all wars past and admin of murders of innocent children
      Take a look at Arab television all day and they shift against the Israelis!
      Which does not happen in any Jewish Station ..

      Not to mention the Arab schools
      Create suicide bombers explode on innocent civilians

      I recently had an attack in Itamar (town in Israel)
      A terrorist entered the apartment and killed three children and two young parents in their sleep
      Use a knife

      3 months old baby ..
      11 year old boy
      2 parents Tzairm

      What a baby of 3 months did?
      What guilt?
      What little boys do?
      Who behaves like this habitat Arabs

      We might destroy their homes ...
      But the Palestinians (not only)
      Killer of children in their sleep ..!

      Who are these animals here?

      How many are we in Israel?
      What our percentage in the world?
      We are not like you any Jew is an entire world for us ..

      However ..

      And we never forget what they did to the Jewish people during the Holocaust
      It is still seared on the skin and will stay forever!!

    3. Moshe Oren, I only wanted to get to know what type of individual you are. Now, I know for a fact!Your assertion: -"Lord Balfour gave the Jews a state" is totally false.Balfour's "Letter" (1917) was rather was a simple letter from the British Foreign Secretary to Baron Walter Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland.A letter and not a Gov. Decree voted in the UK Parliament.Talks and communications kept on going between Balfour staff and the Zionists. Up to a point where later on, some UK weirdo's offered the Zionists the land in the UK Uganda Protectorate, East Africa!Because, Balfour understood that the Zionists were simply in search of a "Mother Land".-This, just to mention "Who had the jobs" in those days. Anyhow...With the help the Brits gotten from its numerous colonies all over the world (1917), the Brits moved into a new era and they had this behavior to respect "Their Peoples" in offering a deeper power in their political autonomy.The later official Balfour declaration of 1926 which in this case became a UK official parliament through the incorporated in the Statute of Westminster of December 1931, by which the British parliament renounced any legislative authority over dominion affairs, except as specifically provided in law, explain this in detail.This time around, a UK voted parliament decree.Something that cannot be compared to the earlier (1917) Balfour LETTER which by the way stated: (Quote) -"it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country".Something unacceptable to the Zionists since their goal was to take over the whole Palestine. Nothing less.And that is when (Before 1948), Ben Gourion created armed his "Irgun" and "Haganah" gangsters.We now know that many Israeli leaders and politicians were part of these subversive and criminal organizations before 1948.That is the one of the reason why the Brits ran away!Later bombed (Among other criminal activities) the "King David Hotel" in Jerusalem on 22nd of July, 1946.-Now Moshe Oren tell me, is 1946 before or after 1948? Huh?Everyone on planet earth knows that after a war such as WWI, the simple citizens (Paysans) do not have weapons or warfare.But the Irgun & the Haganah got underground military weapons, warfare and explosives.That was the birth of "TERRORISM" in human history.Would you now like a short history on the middle-east "EARLY" terrorism? The "Deir Yassin" massacre of palestinians for instance?Tell me only why: -Why lining men, women and children up against the walls and shot them?The ruthlessness of the attack on Deir Yassin shocked Jewish and world opinion alike, drove fear and panic into the Arab population, and led to the flight of unarmed civilians from their homes all over the country.”

      That, all that was before 1948 when the hegemony begun.Still, the jews that abuse their own arab blood brothers are still trying to mislead peoples as you do.The problem with fanatics/extremists like zionists like you is that you don't listen, view the "Live tape, movies" there are on the Internet except when it is a shock as this movie "Israel’s Secret Weapon" is. I say this because; you know what disgusted me the most in most of the WWII movies?-The look of this NAZI officer as he looked at a jewish old lady (Some ~80 Y/O) as the NAZI was forcing his hand-whip onto the face of that old woman. How low an homosapien can stoop?I have the same feeling toward the new NAZI, the jews that steal and abuse the peoples of Palestine, YOU!It becomes obvious that the NAZI were not as bad as you guys can be. Building prison walls surrounding community in order to cause prejudice to other so that they become exacerbated up to a point where the youngsters throw rocks to your sub-human beasts.Again, I'll tell you that if your god exists indeed, he would be so disgusted by you guys that he'd never come back in your slaughter s***ty country.He could zap me death but I'd rather not live in your s***ty hole.By the way, I an't of any arab, oriental or jewish descent.Just simple pure occidendental descent.I just took a good look, take good time to study the whole case.Pierre.

    4. Thank to the "Editor"...
      The topic needed to be assessed and clarified.

    5. You have really been brainwashed by Israels propaganda.. Of course Israel wants peace they are a colony of invaders, invaders dont want their victims to fight back. When a group of people moves in to a country by force and then the people who were there first fight back, that is called defense, all of those wars which you listed in which Israel was attacked were Muslims defending themselves from American and Zionist imperialism.
      What you said makes no sense at all, its like saying that Nazis were defending themselves innocently when French or Russian resisters fought back after being conquered... or that native peoples in north america were aggressive and war like for wanting to defend themselves, of course they are violent they are being conquered by foreign invaders!
      Israel has no right to exist, it was destroyed 2000 years ago, ok Jewish people deserve some compensation from WW2 they should get a piece of Germany, y'know, the people who actually did the crime? Instead Israel was created as an American colony so that they could have strategic bases for invading the oil fields of the middle east, be close to the Suez, not to mention use Jerusalem to get support from Christian morons to treat Muslims like shit.

  36. Israel is the only entity that can get away with slaughtering innocent people on a humanitarian-aid flotilla. Only Israel can get away with blowing up a KNOWN UN post. Only Israel can get away with running over an American activist, Rachel Corrie, with a caterpillar construction machine. So unfortunately, this film doesn't surprise me. If even the White House- Israel's strongest ally- is unwilling to confront Israel's "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and our own GOVERNMENT is unwilling to talk about it- what can be done?

    1. Google search on Youtube "We Con the World" --- I laughed until I was blue in the face! That was a terrorist flotilla, and we all know it! Don't try to say it wasn't.

    2. With all that terrorizing aid on board

  37. Israel acts like is a spoilt brat throwing a tantrum at the mall, and the US is like the pathetic parent. Both deserve a fkn hiding.

  38. It makes me wonder, Did Israel learned with US, or US learned with Israel? What came first the chicken or the Egg? F***ing Nazi's ridding behind the "Freedom"

  39. Obviously the US has turned a blind eye to Israel's nukes. That's because much of the current government believes it would be too much work to do something about it. Also, many (mainly republicans) believe those nukes are aimed at Enemies of the US (another reason to do nothing). The irony is that if the US first acknowledged the nukes, then put pressure on Israel to remove them, they would have fewer international enemies (and so would Israel), relieving much of the reason they exist in the first place.

    1. JK? SA sells a whole lot of oil to the USA, don't they? It ain't a matter of "Friendship". Though, in the case of Israel, there's are all those USA based weird religions (Rather much more "Sectes" who has this belief that Israel is the only land where Jesus could accept to come back on planet earth. That is aside the Israeli lobby who presently owns the USA congress.
      Plus those USA based pseudo religions (Rather "Sectes") who push their beliefs that their Jesus will decide to come back on earth only when the Israeli nation will own all their land "Their" God gave them, as written within their "Bible".
      1)A doc about the creationists exist on this website.
      2)In the APEC documentary (Jewish Lobby), there's sort of a "Pentecotist" very well know priest (Rather a Mauron Priest) in the Texas extremists surroundings that calls for hatrid of all persons who do not submit to their aberrations.
      As bad as any sain person could ever dream the NAZI were!
      Take note here: The USA haversted and gave safe heaven to many NAZI specialists after the WWII. Known fact, "Paperclip" code...

      "Their" Bible written by individuals enjoying some "Spiritual" enlightment and wisdom through powerfull drugs as the psychedelic mushroms. As expressed by St-John in the apocalypse.
      In other non-holy scriptures (Papyrus), the wide use of psychedelic drugs in those days are related.
      Telling us that it served a lot to understand and decribe the reasons why human beings were on planet earth.
      In those days, there was not "DEA"...
      I'm talking 'bout a few century BC...

      So... Just think of this...
      We're now stucked with these weirdoe's!

      At one time, they manifest their presence by locking in Jews in concentration camps, and a few generations later, those same locked-up learned their lesson so well that they do the same to others...

      Here, in one paragraph, you have both the definition and description of the term "Humankind".


  40. The UN should have gone into this rouge state a long time ago to clean up the mess that it created. No good will ever come from it, there will always be trouble there. Give them an inch & they take a mile.

    1. many times have the good old arab states tried to destroy Israel, and what is in the Hamas charter even now? What of the nukes of enemies of the US--N. Korea and Iran...the UN consists of some 20 arab nations and one Israel...UN worthless.

    2. There are no nukes in Iran.

    3. Please, someone give Postroad his pill! It just gotto be another one of these psychotic crisis.
      Next thing we'll know, his crisis will become that bad that he'll attack an sain normal human being who refuse to torture human beings.

      Shitty sickness that just ought to spread in the slum where he lives. Defecate and than eats his own.


  41. hmmm.. I think the nukes are not real. the illuxon that they exist maybe the true secret weapon.

    1. your either blind or stupid because they are there

  42. Watch "Don't tread on me" and see what is stirring amongst the true "people of America." Not everyone supports the B/S that our federal government is responsible for. Now we are finding was to cut them off and let the people speak for themselves. The power will be ours once again; we have but to take it back...

  43. And be true to yourselves... May peace be on you.

  44. @ Hannah. Before writing something in here i thought a lot of times about being monitored and captured like poor Vanunue. Is there a way come out of this kind of mentality not to speak the truth? Off course not as we have so many distractions and manipulations around us. Monday to Friday I have a job to take care of so I can pay my mortgage, buy new furniture, Art work and plenty of food. I need to fuel my car (doesn't matter where the fuel is coming from) to get to my job and to my recreation. Weekends I 'd like to go with my girl friend to some bar or to watch a new fiction at theaters as you should have something sparkling to say to your friends at work or get a title of a FREAK.

    Ask yourself can any of us lead this kind of NORMAL life can come out of this pit made for us by the people in power? Yeah but a person living in a war region doesn't think like us, obviously not as its family and loved ones have been torn to pieces by the missiles. I am a very sane person but when I saw the person affected by Israeli gas attack I imagined how would I feel if any of my loved one dying in front of me like that in a place where I already have no life. Wont I be blowing myself up without thinking who I am, what my religious values are is getting damaged...?

    I ask you if the Jews or Christians or any race in the world 'll be leading this kind of life wont they be blowing themselves up to make others feel their pain...? Islam never provokes and actually forbids to kill innocent human beings. It is our moral responsibility as human beings to spread the word and try to come out of this manipulation otherwise no one 'll be safe on the face of earth if it keeps going on like that.

    1. Israel is the real terrorist state with over 200 nucular weapons and over 60 broken UN resolutions more than the entire Mid East put togeather and more than China and North Korea put togeather.Also America has used over 35 vetos to allow them to continue breaking genive and UN and humaitarian laws.They are not even biblicle Judeans they are AskeNazis that have been expelled from over 100 country.Are we to belive that all 109 countrys were evil our were they kicked out due to the same evil we see today like usery to name 1 of hundreds.They even have influence over American elections that are already corrupt as we have seen in the last 3 elections and in this years.The evangelicle Christians that should not be called christians because they far from try to be Christ like.They take a bible scripture out of context that says those that bless Israel sall be blessed.But they ingnore revelations 2:9 and 3:9.Revelation 2:9 says(I kinow thy works,and thy tribulation,and poverty,(but tho art rich)and I know the blasphemy of them witch say they are Jews,but are not,but are the synagogue of Satan.No weather you are a pewrson that belives GOD inspired this or it was wrote by man it is there for a reason.When you see the word Jew in the Bible you should always remember the Bibles have been changed by man and it should be Judean from the tribe of Judea.I won't get to far into this but,when the Dead Sea Scrolls were found it was many years before the world new because they were edited to mach the corrupted Bible.The Rockefeller Insitute the Vatican and Israel all had them in there turns.The chief editor was a man named James Strugnell.To edite means to change to get ready for publication.Back to revelations 2:9 and 3:9 it is there for exactly what we see today in Israel they are not Judeans and never had ancestors that ever steped foot in Israel.They are AskeNAZIS from a place that was called Kazaria many moderr Jews will say its not true but obviously don't no its been admitted as fact.Read the 13 Tribe or the Synagogue of Satan by James Strugnell.In the bible it said in the end times he would gather all the decendants of biblicle Israel not just the tribe of Judea.The biblicle Israelites don't know how they are even though people try to say its them but with no real evidence.In 1948 Israel was mans doing not GODs our all bible Israels decendants would be there withch no would consist of people from every race on earth and like the bible says be a multatude.This information needs to be looked at by every person that sees it to see I'm not makeing it up,because America and its puppets are biased in favore of the real danger and terrorist country in the world.Americas government nos all this but keep it from the citizens to some how justify there support for modern Israel.Also look at Israels Sampson Option and how it came about and how it threatens the entire world.I don't remember exactly what year but I belive in the early 70s Israel was looseing a war and used the Sampson Option to get America that was not getting involved to send them everthing needed to win a war they were sure to lose.And Israel said after if that ever happens again they will take the world with them.They have nukes aimed at the entire Mid East and at Europe and Russia,well if they attack Russia Russia in turn will send as many nukes to Israel as needed to leave it tottal dust,and launch thousands on America and it's allies withch in turn will cause America and others to do the same.,In the Bible GOD punnished Israel for far less thanb the crimes and evil they no commite.They really are the synagogue of satan.And for those that dfon't belive in GOD they are the most dangerous country in the world due to things like the Sampson Option.If Iran of Pakistan is attacked it will kill millions when they bomb the nucular sites causeing radiation to drift and kill Russians and people in China and other countrys near.Without Israel America would have much better relations with the Mids East,but instead they are fighting wars mostly in Israels interest and they are illegal wars baised on lies.You know how they thanked Britan for steeling land in Palistine that was agreed to in 1920 and happened in 1948.They attacked British soldiers and set traps on the bodys to kill other soldiers that took them down from were they hung.Britan was there to stop fighting between the AshkeNAZI zionists and the Palistinians that had there land stollen.God made earth for all and people have commited genocide takeing others land like America and Canada mudering the Natives witch may have been the biggest genocide ever.But useing GODs name to steel is the worst thing to do in GOD eyes and evangelicle Christians need to stop there support for these criminal Zionists.Like all races there are good and bad and the same goes for modern Jews.Many speek against Israels crimes and don't belive there should be an Israely state.It goes against the Judaism religion.Not all I no GOD would not consider followers of Santan and loves manyJews just like people of every race.GOD forgives according to most religions but these Zionists are past the point were they could repent and mean it it would be out of fear and GOD would no it's not real.Well I wrote for to long but look into everthing I've said and you will see it as fact.Its all on the Net and in book that are available.If you care you will look.GOD bless.

  45. What was Israel set up for a country... in the middle of a hornets nest? Wake up people.. nothing that stupid is done without good reason..figure out the rest my little lambs..

    God sends a little voice sometimes to say ... "what am I doing here","oh,just making nukes to blow up the world" It,s called the 'God failsafe' I believe this man heard it.

  46. And it's all history now... This follows the end game, it's now about being in front of it. How could their be a New One World Order in a world of No World Order? It's not what they have done or what their aiming at, it's what there just about to do right now.

  47. It's good to know that Israel has these weapons, It's a responsible country with accountable leadership. It's enemies... not so much.
    I know a lot of brainwashed morons may disagree with me but b4 typing your moronic response ask yourself " do I feel like being humiliated today?"

    1. ugh ur the moron or you didnt even watch the show or ur a jew. I can tell by the way you talk it's moronic and disgusting and uneducated and totally self-serving. it's good to know they have these weapons? How would u like to be nerve gassed as an innocent civilian?? With a lifetime of god knows what effects on you AND your children. Also Israel is a ROGUE state it is Not a real country it is illegal and it is a total modern day invasion that we happen to be able to talk about here online in real-time. Israel isn't protecting itself from its enemies (aka Everyone in the Mideast) it's preparing for a full takeover with the rest of the unions in the world. WORLD DOMINATION. European UNION. North American UNION. You get the idea. Unless of course ur too inbred to ever get squat.

      P.S. Bless the true believers of all faiths that know what Israel is doing is totally wrong and God be with you all when Lucifer initiates World War 3.

    2. name the one nation that has thus far used atomic bombs, please...friggin wanker name calling asswith the usual world domination bs..always the sign of a very insecure loser

    3. accountable leadership?...not sure if trolling or just stupid.

    4. That why you have a half a million people in the streets demanding bibi step down.

    5. You must be a Zionist our one of there Jewish supporters to say the things you do.

  48. #1 they killed jfk cuz he want to stop them (the zionist movement) from controlling the us gov by putting money into the election and stopping the new world order and if u know the driver is the one that fired and killed jfk that day see the video #2 they started wwI by killing the french leader to get to palestain and to create a global society to rebuild the jewish temple in jerusalem and control the world from there #3 war on religions all religions they using the us like they used britain and the are destroying it staring 9/11 war in iraq afganistan and soon iran so they can be the #1 nation and lead the world. u can look up all these facts

    1. what a f***ing wanker you are...go back to kindergarten

  49. Israel is a terrorist state

    1. no, it's a multi-ethnic country being driven into the ground by a fascist regime...there's a big difference!

    2. You could be right. Were all in the same boat are we in liberal democracies. With capitalism democracy is dimissed as an inconvenience during capitalist crisis. We either go socialist or fascist. I perfer socialism, the rulers are fascists. There really is no middle ground. And socialism has great potential in an advanced capitalist society and then the rest of the world will surely come along. Imagine theres no country... We have to get there soon before it is to late.

    3. I understand bro but take it from an old hippie. Not going to happen. If you want to live a good happy life only try and change yourself if you want change.If you do not like a place do not live there.If you hate your job or your boss ,screw em quit.Capitalism socialism thisism thatism it is all BS.Live a good life be good to your family,follow your dreams and dream BIG.
      If you must be involved in political life have the courage to lie like the rest of them then once you get in TELL THE TRUTH. I dare you.
      Sooner or later the world will have to be cleansed of quite a few human beings. Mother nature has tried every thing from disease floods fires tsumani we thwart every attempt at a natural culling of the population.Disease we try and manage we build stronger buildings etc etc... I can understand it but it must slow down and reverse awhile.
      Do not worry about the government live how you want and simply "don't ask don't tell" If you want to go to another country but they wont let you ,screw them walk acroos in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere.The lines or borders "are imaginary" they aren't even real.
      When I was born I never signed a contract saying thet I wpould allow certain other men tell me what I can and cannot do.Neither did you or anyone else. So live how you want they are not your parents "they just like to believe they are in control of you.They are not.Only if you let them. Peace

  50. LOL

    "Your hatred of a long-suffering nation and its talented people borders on the bizarre and I shudder to think of what would happen if you and your ilk had the power to exterminate the Jewish race."

    You can relax, MJ. See, I'm not like Shimon Peres and a lot of the other Jewish leadership. I don't have an agenda of trying to wipe out Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, etc. All I care about is justice.

    It's clear from the facts that Israel (at least its leaders) has been participating in unjust acts for a while. All I (and a lot of the world) would like is for Israel to clean up its act. Get rid of the bullying leadership. Be a true example of what religion on earth should be about. You are in the "holy land" after all. Why not show the world what it means to be a holy people?

    1. the Muslims in Iran or Syria or Saudi Arabia

    2. What a bogus arguement.

  51. Farren

    It is patently clear that your comments on Israel have no factual basis. They cannot bear the slightest scrutiny. What you're saying are nothing more than unsubstantiated political views, trivializations of a people's stupendous achievements, unwarranted suspicions of a nation's motives, scurrilous rehash of urban legends taken from goodness-knows-where or mere denials or twisting of the truth. Your hatred of a long-suffering nation and its talented people borders on the bizarre and I shudder to think of what would happen if you and your ilk had the power to exterminate the Jewish race.

    This to-and-fro is unproductive and I'm calling it a day. I've better things to do.

  52. Mj,

    The only thing I mis-typed in my last comment was "Larry Goldstein". His name is actually "Larry Silverstein". Owner of the WTC complex during 9/11, he had just become owner a few months prior. He also took out a huge insurance policy, specifically outlining the threat of a terrorist strike. So he profited hugely from 9/11.

    What's in my comment are facts. You may not want to hear them, but they are true. Feel free to look 'em up.

    1. what a jerkoff Jewish guy gets a bunch of Muslims from Saudi Arabia to destroy the twin towers (and kill some Jews) so he can collect insurance. God. What a fujcking jerk you are

  53. Farren,

    What the Youtube video says about Israel is verifiable but I'm sorry to say that your sweeping allegations are not. Where did you get your 'facts' from, bwana? Are they truth, opinions or just contumely? Why do you believe that the state of Israel is wholly evil, even to the extent that it is mathematically impossible?

  54. Mj,

    I just watched this video "Cool Facts About Israel". You must be naive to think this has any real value.

    Points made in the video:

    1. "In 60 short years, Israel has accomplished what many nations haven't been able to in centuries":

    think about this: the US has paid billions of dollars a year to Israel for every year since it was brought into existence. it's easy to build lots of buildings and nice cities when you get free money from an ally who turns a blind eye to anything you do. especially since it's a tiny country. all that money to spend on a small can do a lot.

    2. "The only democracy in the Middle East":

    this is a joke, because if you watch this documentary at the top of the page, you see Israel is more like a dictatorship where only certain people (ethnic Jews) are treated fairly. the rest, and anyone critical of the government, is silenced, tortured, jailed, whatever. it ain't a democracy.

    3. "highest rate of university degrees in the world":

    sure, when you have a tiny country and a small population, and a lot of free funds from your big friend (US) to build nice schools, you can have the highest rate in the world. not a big deal.

    4. "schools like NYU and Harvard have campuses in Israel":

    Israel now has a tight grip on the US. Ram Emanuel, son of a Mossad agent, was just Obama's chief advisor. Elena Kegan, also has ties to Israel...this is just scratching the surface. but basically in the US media and govt, especially in New York, there is huge israeali influence, and a lot of it isn't good. it's to keep US tied to being a puppet of israel. Larry Goldstein, new owner of the WTC when 9/11 happened, was Jewish in on the whole false flag operation, as were so many of the people involved in security and explosives during the staged attack operation

    5. "they set up a temporary eye clinic in Kenya for refugees":

    great, but not really anything noteworthy. many countries have aid programs and donate to things like earthquakes, tsunamis, and natural disasters.

    6. "they are the makers of the DiskOnKey portable keychain":

    never even heard of it. but it's just a small electronic device. many countries and companies more accurately make popular products in the world.

    7. "Reform Jews assist Muslims...":

    this is what Israel needs more of. some small groups may actually be sincere in this, but Israel's leaders and its strong military force despise muslims. and since these guys have such a strangle hold on the people of Israel (see #2, israel really isn't a democracy), then it doesn't mean much overall for the country

    ...more technology things and i stopped watching the video because im bored of this.

    but you can already see that there is something afoul in israel, if not in its people, in its military and leaders most importantly. israelis should overthrow or somehow rise up and show peace and sincere kindness, instead of bulldozing palestinian homes and villages, and doing all other sorts of cruel things.

    1. democracy: all citizens get to vote. Yes: Israel. Think they are not good to their minorities? what of hispanics and blacks in the good old USA? clean up your own nation, please, and then talk about others.

  55. Farren,

    Israel's achievements and contributions to the world suffer from an embarassment of riches. Just google or youtube "Facts about Israel" and you might be agog and agape to learn the truth.

    As for her military actions, please be fair-minded enough to acknowledge her fundamental right to protect her citizens and properties from terrorist attacks and provocative acts by her implacable enemies.

  56. Mj,

    since when has Israel done anything good to help the world? All its hawkish leaders focus on is eliminating all arabs/Palestinians from the land they want to take over. All they care about is themselves. Some of the most selfish and rotten people I've ever seen.

    To find out that Israel is behind a lot the US's inhumane policies and intentions is to see that Israel is a real terrorist nation. Maybe not its general population, but its leaders for sure.

    1. Actually it's the other way around...Evangelical America is enabling and funding most of the Extreme Zionism in Israel.

      Something to do with the endtimes

  57. Israel's nuclear weapons are for defensive and deterrent purposes only. They are the only guarantee against a second holocaust from ever happening to her. Even the US cannot be relied upon to ensure Israel's survival these days. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, et al, prosper and protect her always.

  58. Israel's secret weapon is the fundamentalist Christian right in the US who blindly supports Israel as a cosmic pawn to call God's bluff and turn Revelations into a self-fulfilling prophesy.

  59. Typical! of the the 13th tribe

  60. The same people who own the central banks around the world, the most profitable being the Federal Reserve, also own Israel. It is literally their country and they completely own it!

    Now for the people saying that Israel assasinated Kennedy. That is essentially correct, but it was not only because Kennedy did not want a nuclear Israel... He signed a bill allowing the U.S. Government to print there own money, thereby going around the Federal Reserve. This was their main motive...

    1. JFK Assassination? holy friggin dumb can you be!

  61. watching the comments on israel related docs is really making me sick..
    the "enlightened" men and women who suddenly discover that israel has the ability to defend itself are "realizing" that israel is the real big problem and the world should unite to stop it..
    your behavior is simply childish- "israel has got bombs, israel imprisoned a man- israel bad, Al-kaida and Hamas good"
    i didn't even watch the doc, it's obvious that israel has nuclear capabilities for a long time, you don't need this doc to find it out. israel is bad in keeping secrets. the difference is that we (as apposed to every other nuclear power in history or wanna be nuclear power in the present) never threatened any country with it. it's there for dooms day in case we run out of options to defend our selves. that's why it was supposed to be a secret. but then again i think israelis realize that it's much better out in the open so that any country that threatens us will know that with our back against the wall we will take them down with us.
    there's no comparison between israel and world powers like the US or trigger happy north korea and such, the purpose of acquiring nuclear weapons is very different.

    1. reading YOUR post makes me sick. Imagine if you invited someone into your house and all of a sudden they take over your living room and keeps expanding into other rooms and then make enough bombs to level the whole house and say well you better work with us because were here! and were here to stay! And if you try to kick us out we will destroy all of it. And your like AHHH WTF? YOU DON'T LIVE HERE ISRAEL! GET OUT!!! That's what the mideast thinks of israel in a nutshell.

      You should really watch the document before you talk cause then that makes you an uneducated commenter and jews aren't uneducated right? They are perfect and any hate toward jews are anti-semitic even though 98% of you aren''t even SEMITES lol. Israel shys from all debate for a reason: It has 0 real argument when the chips fall. You have no right to defend yourselves on others land. This isn't the playground where u can just go and carve out and tape off a public/private park because u dont have ur own place to play.

    2. tell your s*** the native American indians and go back to europe and let us alone

    3. The nukes are there to ensure American access to Arab Oil should anyone of them attempt self determination.

  62. ...and yet another curious insight into the wondrous, one might even say 'uncanny', world of global politics.

    warning: lightly sickening

    dear vlatko, wouldn't you agree this doc belongs in the 'politics' or 'investigative journalism' category instead of the easely stigmatized 'conspiracy' category?

  63. This teaches you. What goes around, comes around. Israelis are the New Nazi's and maybe they're turning the Palestinians their way too.. curse the Zionist regime!

  64. typical british nazi-propoganda

    1. Britain worked hand in glove with the zionists to create a client state in the middle east. You know the jews who post here are really belligerent. The people represented here have one hell of an attitude problem. Me I'm out with the Jews in the streets of Israel calling for Bibi to step down. WE have had enough of this belligerence at home and abroad.

  65. @ Dinamitash... yeah the state of israel should collapse. its not their land. They have become the nazis themselves

  66. Another poster suggested that Israel would be wiped out in a matter of months if America stopped supporting it. What is so wrong with that? Seriously, jews lived in palestine, jordan and lebanon for more than 1000 years before Hitler and one day in 1950 a handful of countries run by jew bankers decide to screw over the palestinians for no good reason.

    Imagine if Israel was forced into America and you were kicked out your manhatan mansion or texas ranch with no compensation and you were treated like an animal in your own country. I'd imagine not only would you hate Israel but all Americans would probably hate Israel too, it is not difficult to see why Palestine dislike Israel, they are basically an occupier

  67. More to be said Israeli - Kennedy assasination
    WHO (questions to yourself) Had the Most to gain
    Cuba MAYBE
    MAFIA possible asset to do the deed
    Russia Not too likely

    ISRAEL = Prime suspect
    had the means the will and the need
    Listen to their ideas on deception
    it becomes much clearer

  68. Israel has less than 10 million people, and the country is surrounded with 350 million Arabs, all hostile towards Israel. Their fears of extinction aren't hard to understand. Their methods are very inappropriate but without nukes, and Americans ensuring no one else in the region gets nuclear weapons, state of Israel would disappear in matter if months. Americans (using UN as a tool) created modern Israel, so they are ensuring it's existence in a very hostile environment. If math is against you, only prier and nukes are left for you.

    1. I see your point !

    2. They are not all hostile to Israel, but your treatment of Palestinians is making it so. Stop your aparthied and stop with the settlements.

  69. mulims marry their own cousins that sucks bitch

    1. Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin you hillbillly and I see nothing wrong with that.

  70. "slaves and victims of the Levites,"

    Only if you let them.

    i also have a problem with religious lawgivers. Go order your kids and wife about and leave me alone.

  71. The Middle East is not the only people that need to worry,
    I predict a major American city will be bombed soon. By the way the US GOV. is moving to Colorado. 97% of Israeli are not Yahudi, descended from Abraham, they are Ashkenazi forced converts to Judaism, slaves and victims of the Levites, our Enemy. 1968, American unarmed listening ship "Liberty" was sunk in the Med. Sea. Guess who?
    "Doctors and Lawyers" trustworthy?? Self righteous indignation will not get you thru this.
    May 1, ’10.
    I visit many sites such as this. they all seem to want to form our opinions rather than invite us to share our opinions. This is conceit and a glimpse into the mind of those who would control us, drive us to war after war for fun and profit. Some thing Noble and stupid allows us be led from disaster to disaster by these people.
    After awhile our humanness is reduced, our psyche is damaged and we respond more and more as they would have us respond.
    Milton Babb for President, or some one like me.

  72. @Dale: I know your feeling, I feel exactly the same after I watched some of these documentaries that opened my eyes about the world. If the rulers and evil tyrants have secret societies, maybe we the people need one too. Who's up to creating a secret society for the people?

    Thanks Vlatko for the site, this place is educating people from all over the world and opening their eyes to the reality of the world.

  73. Sorry for the typo in my prev post... I meant "It HAS baffled me for years too!"

  74. A very important documentary. A story that EVERYONE needs to know.

    @ Yavana - A very good point made there. It had baffled me for years too!

    Thanks Vlatko for every single documentary you've put up. Your website has changed me and my outlook towards Everything

  75. @ Arab Christians Hannah u r such an ignorant brainwashed i*****by writing the following:
    "Dale, you should avoid doing the typical extremist Muslim thing blowing innocent people up won’t stop the corrupt government from doing what they want"
    You need to update yourself by coming out of your terrorist Christian Box. Before the aggrieved wretched, starved Muslims employed the so called tactics; it was and has been employed by Judeo/Christians for Geo/Political gains around the world; The CIA who blew cabana aircraft over Venezuela. It was the Jews who blew the hotels in Jerusalem Palestine killing innocent people. It was the British Christians who massacred untold millions around the world. It was the Spaniards Christians that massacred untold million in new land. It was the Christian Roman Church that massacred 100 million of Unitarian Christians and Jews in Europe.

    It was the Christian Templers that massacred all the inhabitants of Jerusalem. It was the Christian that massacred all the Muslims and Jews from Muslim Spain. It was Israeli that attacked USS Liberty killing Americans; their agenda was to blame Muslims in Egypt. 9/11 7/7, Spain, Bali, Mumbai were all inside job, blamed on Muslims. And yet you lying bitch stereotyping the same worn out unproven chant. Why not, if you believe the lie concoction by Saul of Tarsus that Jesus can save you by calling him son of god and died for your filth, surely you will believe anything that is thrown at you by children of Judas. Well Judas got few coins for selling out his master. How much are you getting for selling out your brethren in humanity?

  76. The problem is not about being white,black,Arab,Asian...,it's about the rulers of the worlds,those people they know what they want while we still supporting their evils schemes.Slavery wouldn't happen if a brother didn't want to betray a brother,but it happen because of corrupted ones.Same as are black,white,Arab,Asian leaders are all corrupted,that's why they do rule us all,and we are the only ones who never learned from the past but always go to vote for those evils doers to rule us.WAKE UP!

  77. The real problem is that,we are the people,we are the world,we need to come together as one again because if you want to ask about the reality of things,you'll see that without us the people nothing can happen,I mean it in this way:if all of us decided not to go to work for a week,no business will make money or profit,even the banks,if we decide not to kill each other anymore,there won't be any war because the elites of the society recruit our sons,brothers,fathers and sisters to go to war and kill humans like ourselves while they seat in their luxury houses in peace watching us kill each others,by the end we kill more of ourselves while they keep on prospering,if all of us put the guns down and decide not to go to the army,there won't be wars.Same as those spirituals leaders that tell others to go blow out themselves and kill innocent people,why they don't blow out themselves first and so the followers can see? but the thing is they don't wanna be guilty,that's why they send us to kill ourselves so we can be guilty of killing each others and diminish on the face of earth while them living in peace.If we all stop doing that,no killings will happen.Please wake up mankind,it's time to come together again,we are the world,we are the builder,we are the society,we are the children,in this way of thinking,we will bring peace upon ourselves if we wanted to.Let's not listen to those evils elites anymore because they depend on us.IT'S TIME.

  78. the people who are responsible for raise of terrorism as a means of fighting are the western and israeli governments.Note something else the west which goes around the world pretending that they are democratic,have been guilty of proping,defending oppressive regimes all over the world.Where the oppressors are whites like the israelis and white south africans America and other white western nations supported them.
    We should not judge all conflicts equally,the palestinians especially the people of Gaza in a desperate position that ends up in encouraging suicide bombings.When you have university graduates willing to use this tactic,please ask yourself questions.
    The citizens of western so called demcratic states should open their eyes and learn what is really happening in conflicts of the world.
    Nelson Mandela & ANC were regarded by many of this so called demoratic states as a terrorist,because they oppossed white dominated apartheidists,if it was the blacks who were oppressing whites this western governments would have oppossed blacks.
    Follow the Nuclear weapons talks,they only make noise when none white controlled nations aquire that technology,they are silent with israelis,but its an issue if Iran will have the technology,they were silent when apartheid southafrica had those weapons,when they realized that southafrica was about to change to majority rule,they encouraged the apartheid minority government to give up those weapons.
    When China,India,Pakistan became nuclear nations they made alot of Noise.Why dont they ask britain france or USA to give up their weaponry?Am not being a racist but this stupid imperial colonial racist mentality has to change.
    This world belongs to all its inhabitants and none is more impontant than the other.
    Citizens of the west open your eyes and ears

  79. It's really sickening how so few people can have such terrifying power and influence in this world.

  80. Dale,You should avoid doing the typical exteemist muslem thing blowing innocent people up wont stop the corrupt government from doing what they want to do.Like I always say if you want to fight truoble then go to troubles house and challenge him to a fight.You want to fight israel go to that place where the weapons are kept and blow it up.You dont have to kill my mom ,dad or aunt up they did you no harm they are not the curropt government they did not ask for your people to be killed the last time I checked there were more christians carrying placards on the streets saying no to so called war on terrorism than there were moslems saying no to siccide bombings

  81. I live in Canada and used to be woefully ignorant of my country's involvement in,how to put this,all things American.Finding out Israel is just as bad is no real shock.As a matter of fact it is increasingly difficult to shock me at all.So sad to say.The thing I'm hating most is the empty feeling inside of me.I feel like arming myself is the only answer,blowing these sick mfers brains out is beginning to sound good to me.God help us all!

    1. I'm from Canada too. Ya you don't get much from the corporate press about the suberfuge our governments create and claim their righteousness at the same time. Wish the left wing has as much moxy but we arre to polite.
      Canada sells lots of weapons to Israel-just read that the other day in the alternet press.

  82. Thankfully he was released in 2004, after spending 18 years in solitary confinement.

    I think that film could have given more information about Israeli weapon capability. After all, that was why Mr. Vanunu was kidnapped and jailed.

    This is especially interesting to me because I live 200 miles from the Israeli border.

    1. Could be worse as far as the nukes go. I live 20 miles from Amerika.
      near Niagara Falls hydroelectic facility which would get nuked first off in a major world war which is where we are heading.