Japan's Killer Quake

2011, Nature  -   19 Comments
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Japan's Killer QuakeIn its worst crisis since World War II, Japan faces disaster on an epic scale.

A death toll likely in the tens of thousands, massive destruction of homes and businesses, shortages of water and power, and the specter of nuclear meltdown.

With exclusive footage, NOVA captures the unfolding human drama and offers a clear-headed investigation of what triggered the earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear crisis.

Can science and technology ever prevent devastation in the face of overwhelmingly powerful forces of nature?

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  1. mycial

    We believe that maybe there's a hidden agenda behind this, the agenda is depopulation at it's best. After researching depopulation I have gone down the rabbit hole and can't seems to crawl out. HAARP may have had something to do with it also chemtrails being sprayed 24/7 modern day military weapons. I'm so sorry for the lost but I don't believe that this was just nature.

  2. mkultra1776

    what their not telling you is that radioactive releases of epic proportions flooded the waters of the Pacific where they now float adrift .
    fukushima clean up crew covered up true radiation readings . when the chernobyl disaster happened it affected hundreds of thousands through out europe scandinavia and russia and this is believed to be 10 times worst(at least) .
    clean-up workers were given lead boxes which they were told to use as "shields" to block radiation readings in order to make them appear lower than they really were.

    (NaturalNews) Recent readings taken roughly 19 miles out to sea from the Fukushima nuclear power facility in Japan have revealed radioisotope levels ten times higher than those measured in the Baltic and Black Seas after the massive Chernobyl disaster. Because Fukushima is much closer to water than the Chernobyl plant is, the ongoing fallout there is shaping up to be far worse than Chernobyl, at least as far as the world's oceans are concerned, and time will tell just how devastating this massive disaster will be on the entire world as radiation continues to circulate around the globe.
    the impact on the marine fauna is tremendous .

    not what i expected . pretty useless doc

  3. Justin_Funski

    Funded by David Koch. NOVA used to produce good documentaries, I guess nothing's sacred.

  4. flipwright

    How can you say the focus was on the USA?? Nonsense! The USA hardly got a mention untill the valid statement that the same is likely to happen off the west coast, and posed the question of preparedness!
    Excellent documentary!

  5. Karmiccontrail

    The Vedas explain about Karma and why people are suffering .The whole world needs to learn from these scriptures.
    If someone killed your mother and father do you think they should be rewarded ,would you be please and say that they did not do anything wrong ?
    Sea creatures ,fish ,Dolphins and Whales to name just a few are mothers and fathers as well .

    1. Angi Tennor

      Are you really saying that because the Japanese eat seafood as part of their culture they're being punished via tsunami? Not only is that extremely insulting to the people struck by the disaster it shows a complete lack of respect towards other cultures. Believe what you will, but don't try to force your ideas of "Karma" to the larger community.

  6. Jimmy Light

    what a stupid documentary, how does the focus end up being all about the US rather than the actual disaster itself. ugh

  7. Marzipan.barb

    "Funding by David H. Koch." Goodbye NOVA, Thanks for being there for me when I had no other way of gaining information.

  8. His Forever

    Wow! Truly amazing! I'm quite sure we'll fair much worse than the Japanese when this happens in the Pacific Northwest.

  9. SIDsays

    Heart rendering and a warning to all .....when the earth burps, hiccups, or farts...in the right place at the wrong time....all proactive planning can go to hell in a second....I'm 61 years old and I've never seen anything so humbling as this video....sigh

  10. StillRV

    Good doc. Straight forward factual data. No doom and gloom. This is probably the best way to look at this tragedy, and gain the most knowledge of it.

    1. House Of Pleasure

      That voice and the suspenseful music makes it more sensational than it should be. Saw a BCC Horizon special on the same subject a few weeks back. I liked that one better. It had a narrator not a just a voice over and it wasn’t told chronologically. I also thought it was more informative.

  11. Alester Chan

    This is a channel 4 Documentary. Exact same thing though the narrator is American/. on Channel 4 it was narrated by Mark Strong. and I prefer the Channel 4 vesion much more dramatic because of the accent. Anyway still the same content word by word.. A really good documentary.. 2 thumbs! up!

    1. Heidi Rowe

      oh that explains it, thought I was having deja vu

    2. Bogdan

      Yeah i don't like that american accent either...they have a certain something...

    3. Guest

      Oh, I know, don't they? It's called being an American. (lol)

  12. Guest

    What to say? Scary!

  13. Guest

    Thnx. Very good documentary.

  14. dbsdbsdb

    o yeah, Fukushima us fine and intact. Lame and wrong; reactor housings collapsed for f***'s sake, Nova. Sigh