Jesus of Siberia

Jesus of Siberia More than two decades ago, a 29-year-old patrol officer and talented painter named Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop publicly declared himself reborn as Vissarion.

Since then he’s fostered a "unified religion" that is a vast amalgam of Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, pagan, and other spiritual beliefs.

Just about everything Vissarion has ever said or thought has been recorded in the never-ending Last Testament, which currently spans ten volumes and thousands of pages.

More than 5,000 followers around the world consider him a messiah of sorts, known as "the Teacher." They also believe that the universe has two origins (one spawned nature, the other the human soul) and in something called the "outer-space mind" (aliens, basically), and that the end of the word is nigh.

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  1. B

    VICE is conservative? Bill Maher is their executive producer! Your gonna tell me he's funding "conservative journalists?"

  2. FlightlessPigeon

    Did anyone else hear Green Day when they read this title?

  3. duudly

    first hand empirical proof on how religions form, grow and later consume nations based on (i) a convienient idea (ii) unfalsifiable claims, where the combination of those lead to producing more 'faith'.

  4. Josef Walkure

    I like the kids style. He went somewhere to cover a story that few would have done. And though lame at some points, he was not overly critical. The Polish guy was great--good idea adding him in.Type your comment here.

  5. Donna Scott M

    If that man is Jesus then I shouldn't have to read subtitles when he speaks.

    1. citalotus8

      right on, i mean obviously the original christ also spoke in english?! lmao

  6. Richard Seeger

    Now akward that I am watching this, on their holiday, August 18th...

  7. Raskolnikov94

    Wow, Vice. You send a "writer" to interview a man who has made extraordinary claims and the "writer," who seems not to be informed at all of relevant subject matters, struggles and fails to formulate intelligent, probing revealing questions. He is utterly bereft of intellectual acuity. Next time, send someone a notch or two above a sophomoric, wanna-be "writer."

  8. supercalev

    At least this Jesus is more real.Interesting how this divine being has to use a mic and a pa system.He could a least do a magic trick and make it more interesting.What a bunch of bullshit hahaha!

  9. Itolduso

    Vissarion- another wacked out religious zealot. Reminds me of stephan gaskin of the farm in summertown TN. He absconded with a few million that the members had to sign over in order to join.

  10. Taras Moskvichov

    I speak russian, and i have to say the subtitles are wrong. ANd more than that, they seem to be unneccesary provocative. For example when that woman speaks about men being "masters". Master in russian means nothing more than a craftsman, someone who is repairing or building stuff.

    1. Mirabilia Hominum

      Well, let's keep it in perspective, that this half-wit journo works for VICE, which is a semi-pornographic (Terry Richardson's style) hipster zine covering topics such as Bukkake, Drugs and Rock' Roll, basically thriving on whatever controversial stuff they can get hold of. If the material they pin down is not weird enough to engage its attention deficit disordered readership, they would twist it up at will – no problem. When it comes to politics, VICE is said to be a crypto conservative publication (in American sense) with editorials to the effect "I love being white and I think it's something to be very proud of. We need to close the borders now and let everyone assimilate to a Western, white, English-speaking way of life." (Shall we continue our discussion of Russian sexism now?) Which does not prevent them to claim they are altogether beyond politics (which is kind of stupid a claim). VICE is also a line of clothing. This is the kind of publication we are dealing with here. I am sure this film contains all they could possibly scrape on that trip in the filed of weirdness. Imagine this wanker comes back from his Siberian trip and reports to his boss he does not really have a story to tell. With all the effort they put to it, it still does not play as weird at all.

  11. PavolvsBitch

    UN approved 'interfaith' transition to Luciferian worship.

  12. RickRayFSM

    I think the Russians should have stuck with atheism. At least they'd be living in a world of reality.

    1. PavolvsBitch

      If you mean the Russians, they were Christian before the Bolshevick 'revolution' was hammered into their skulls. Atheism is a religion, too, btw.

    2. RickRayFSM

      Atheism is to religion like bald is to a hair color! Get a life!
      Atheism is the belief that no god(s) exist !
      Is this your first time on the internet? You definitely need some "edumercation" as the hillbilly rednecks would say!

    3. Evan Jones

      Wrong. Atheism is NON Belief in religion. Not religious.

    4. RickRayFSM

      Disbelief in or the denial of god(s) or their existence.
      The doctrine that there is no god or gods.
      Atheism is NOT , non belief in religion. Look it up dummy!

    5. John

      Atheism is simply the absence of belief that any deities exist. Atheism is contrasted with theism, which is the belief that at least one deity exists. -- Wikipedia (and, of course, common sense)

      Doctrine (from Latin: doctrina) is a codification of beliefs. The Greek analogy is the etymology of catechism. Doctrine specifically connotes a corpus of religious or government dogma as it is promulgated by a church or government. -- Wikipedia

      Many people don't believe in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy either. Does that mean they hold an anti-Santa Claus 'doctrine', or an anti-tooth fairy 'doctrine'? Please. There are about 30,000,000 atheists in the US, and another 22,000,000 who say they just don't concern themselves with religion one way or another. Neither of these groups are people who hold 'doctrines'.

      Religionists desperately try to pretend that atheism is somehow a "religion' itself. But it is a ridiculous assertion. Is non-belief in Santa Claus a religion? Is non-belief in the tooth fairy a religion? Claiming that non-belief in something is a religion or 'doctrine' is the meaningless and juvenile equivalent of saying, "Nana na na nah nah."

    6. David Foster

      "Religionists desperately try to pretend that atheism is somehow a "religion' itself."

      Atheism only becomes a religion at the point where you dedicate your life to actually being an atheist.. as in the case of Richard Dawkins, Friedrich Nietzsche, and probably three-quarters of the regular posters on this site.

    7. citalotus8

      Right I got it only creationists are allowed to have their fun? Atheists only joy is picking apart your story man geesh

  13. urban deadite

    and man created god is in his own image.

  14. Mirabilia Hominum

    "They took my passport".. Really? Isn't more like he gave it to them? Wanker. As for the rest of the coverage, it's pretty much the CNN treatment: anything that is not mainstream and anyone who is not worshiping prefab politicians swallowing multibillion dollar campaign propaganda, has to be interpreted into a pathology. Does not need to be VICE to tell me about this free-will community. Could just as well be FOX.

    1. Paul MacLeod

      Huh!? What Free-Will community? Were we watching the same video?

    2. Mirabilia Hominum

      It does not appear that these persons have been forced to live in this community. Perhaps, there is some "recruiting" (as via youtube and websites), but technically it cannot be much different from any other "reputable" techniques (vis-à-vis commercial products with advertising that promises some sort of happiness to customers, or political abstractions that are presented as solutions for whatever social or personal problems). Therefor, I refer to it as a free association. This polish dude, as well as this dumb American journo who is about to piss in his pants laughing at his own stupid jokes, is free to visit the community, stay there, and leave. Unless there is some evidence to the contrary – it's not in the film.

    3. Paul MacLeod

      Thanks Mirabilia, for elaborating on that and I do appreciate your constructive feedback, its all to easy to ad hominem, attack another, over what they say or do and what i said could have been taken the wrong way.
      I think I understand your point and from my perspective it boils down to what I understand as being the manufacturing of constent, irrespective of whether that person(s) actually needed it or not, they will WANT it. But where's Free Will in that?
      What I do disagree with you on is the apparent superiority of Man over Women. What's so outdate with this sort of sexist thinking? Well from my point of view everything!Everything is wrong with that question!
      How do you define the apparent superiority of Man over Women and in what context?
      Why stop there!? You can take it one step further and away from the Battle of the Sexes to the Battle with each other and everything else, What makes Human beings superior over the other life forms that inhabit this planet and how do you/we define this apparent superiority individually and collectively?
      My conclusion is that there's not much evidence that validates Humanity's superiority over other life on this planet, ironically its us Humans that have made this observation about our own species. A complete biased observation and one that I think is designed to make ourselves feel better as we put our species at the top and ultimately to make it easier to exploit everything that isn't Human and then again to exploit what is Human as well.
      I've digressed enough and will leave you with this thought,
      Remove all insect life from this planet and the plants die!
      Take away the plants and vegitation, everything dies! Take away the water and most, if not all complex life on this planet dies! Remove Humans from the planet and life goes on as it always has done.
      Where's the superiority now?

    4. Mirabilia Hominum

      "What I do disagree with you on is the apparent superiority of Man over Women." I am not arguing for superiority of one over another. I am saying I do not hear "blatant sexism" in the words of that woman interviewed in the film. In my ears, what she is saying sounds more like a functionalist perspective on planning and organization of small communities (if not a truism considering that individuals of different sexes are socialized differently all over the world): boys are prepared to do hard physical jobs while girls - to do something else, perhaps some work around the house and whatnot which requires more accuracy and taste than muscles and sweat*. Not that I personally subscribe to this functionalist view. I presume, anyone who is in a disagreement with these rules is free to go (or not to come to stay in the first place) and live somewhere else by other rules. Let us not forget that there is also the state of Russia with its legal institutions to which each individual in that religious community can appeal for protection. Aside from being a devotee to a certain religious doctrine (vision and a way of life in terms of this vision), he/she is and above all a citizen. There is nothing in this documentary that points to or even alludes to violations of someone's civil rights and individual freedoms. Not a single victim of sexism to showcase - a person who actually suffers from it. Men are happy to do their crappy jobs, women - theirs. Even this third sex American journo is free to do whatever he does - his pseudo-journalism.

      * from my facebook: "I need a strong boy or two in LA to help me get my furniture out of the truck and into my new place.. any volunteers? I can barter with cupcakes, crystals, Reiki and tarot cards : ) help me move, have your fortune told."

  15. Pysmythe

    "When Jesus pulled the mic close..."
    !? New idea for a song!

  16. Xmen442002

    If this man is saying he is the son of God or a prophet of God, then he is lying. If he is just relaying the message of God to others in a way that they understand, then therte is no harm to him teaching them.
    I did not see anywhere matereial possesions being confiscated, but the passport issue...... that was very strange!

  17. indieisin

    Worshipping another man is degrading, we should be focused on saving our planet which has sustained life for billions of years yet is being abused every day. Yeah, these people are a little nutty but with all the go-green tech and natural living they at least get some thing right, as opposed to the rest of us who don't give a ****. I don't blame these people, to be honest, that sad state of their country and the rest of the world makes this seem like a viable alternative. The only real issue I see is their blatant sexism, but then again that outdated thinking is a lot more prevalent in Russia/Ukraine.

    1. Mirabilia Hominum

      what's so blatant about sexism that claims men are better at heavy-weight lifting and other tough physical tasks as in construction? anywhere in the world you look it turns to be the case. what's so outdated about this thinking?

    2. urban deadite

      I agree men are generally stronger yes!! but that does not mean women are incapable of 'construction' as History shows us.

      Why is it outdated way of thinking?

      Who do you think worked at all the Heavy machinery plants and tank etc factories in ww2? a hell of a lot of women from England to Russia to China, in Russia alone mostly women produced over 50,000 T-34 tanks millions and millions of rockets and bullets and shells, thousands of Aircraft, worked the fields for food etc etc.

      Not being as strong certainly did not stop them.

      what about the thousands and thousands of Warrior Queens in history or Soldiers? they are not as rare as you might think and from all over the place from England to Vietnam some examples are Soviet Women snipers in WW2 were some of the best in the World and they were trained by women too well over 10k of them,there was Female Soviet Fighter squadrons the germans called 'night witches' and the like who did very well, Trung sisters of Vietnam, Queen Ethelfleada of mercia, Boudicca, Sarmation Horse archer women etc etc etc .

      Being not as strong did not stop them conquering as much as anyone else.

    3. PavolvsBitch

      yes, the elite psychopaths can be very proud of turning womb-man into killers. This is their notion of 'equality'.

    4. Mirabilia Hominum

      I am not saying women are incapable of lifting heavy weights when they absolutely need to. I am simply pointing to the universal fact that men are much better at that, if they are available (not fighting battles as during the ww2 leaving all other heavy duties at the home front to women and children )... Just check the world records in sports that involve physical strength and look around yourself – even in places where sexism is not tolerated in any form (USA? Western Europe? Where?). It's not specifically Russian/Ukrainian phenomena: some tasks are more suitable for male physiology, others (where perhaps accuracy is required, instead) - for that of women. I do not hear in this video someone arguing for inferiority of women. I hear one person who happens to be a woman talking about separation of labor in accordance with the most general types. On this basis you somehow derive her _blatant_ sexism and extrapolate it as a characteristic of the entire community and, swiftly, of the entire Russian culture. It's a historic fact that Russian and Ukrainian women gained full political rights long before American and western European women were equated in their rights with men. Which means your assertions are mistaken and confusing to others.

    5. TruSeattleite

      I very rarely comment on posts but I had to on this one. I must admit when I was reading through these comments I was originally not in agreement with you in regards to that line of thought being outdated but you made some great points to back up your argument. Kudos to you. You have made me change my mind and that is not an easy thing to do.

  18. Guest

    I am starting to wonder what is happening to Vice. It seem like as long as you go somewhere foreign, bring a video camera and shoot a story, they'll buy it.
    In a way it reminds me of Lonely Planet travel books. They used to be for backpackers who wanted to dig deep in foreign countries, but now for the love of money...they'll give you info on luxury 4 star hotels.

  19. frabhunt

    It says in the bible that in the times near the end many people will proclaim they are Jesus and people will flock to see them, but not to be deceived by these false prophets.

    1. Mirabilia Hominum

      He did not say he is Jesus. The tricky journalist attributed this name to him.

  20. Continuous Brown

    It looks a whole lot better than most of the west.

    1. Guest

      What looks better? Where in the west? West of what country?

    2. Continuous Brown

      All of it.

  21. AntiTheist666

    Jesux of Siberia

    I saw this some time ago on british tv, I won’t be watching again, nothing new here, same old BS, nothing to see here, move along.

    The Crucified One

    Edit. Sorry I should have given a fairer review of this doc. If you like really gullible people spouting nonsense, it's great.

  22. Pysmythe

    He needs to be pummeled with fish.
    (a la Monty Python)

    1. dewflirt

      Funny how they all got on inventing their own religion while he mumbled on a hillside, the similarities are uncanny ;)

    2. Earthwinger

      For a really authentic religious pummeling, you should include some loaves. I bet you could have an eye out with a nice crispy baguette. :)

    3. Pysmythe

      Or my mother-in-law, for example... Lol, I mean her garlic-breads! She always overcooks them, and you could really nail someone to a cross with those things!

    4. AntiTheist666


      Did he say “Blessed are the Cheese makers”? Time for a baton charge?

      The Crucified One

  23. leonardobdas

    What is sad are not these funny guys to me: it is the cornerstore philospher or pastor, or the person that uses pendulums to make decisions and fasts for 2 weeks on dirt water. It is all of these combined that create the fact we live in a world seemingly close to a reality where there won't be many people left to have a descent conversation with.

    Decent conversation: ideas, situational comedy, stories with meaning. It seems like it is harder and harder to get that, specially without much feedback. Most people seem to have no problem laughing, but it is hard for them to share it. I wonder if the digital age is contributing for massive social awkwardness, daftness and a creating a bunch of god fearing parrots.

    heard an interesting argument the other day: how a funny ha-ha moment is a simulation of the ah-ha moment (a moment we have a bright thought) and that we get pleasure from the "mindcum" as the comic said. If that is true, it is not that we are getting more dumb these days, but now not even able to have a laugh at it.... now,that is the end my friend, the end.

  24. dewflirt

    My Messiah Checklist

    Long hair
    Blue eyes
    Knowing smile
    White dress
    Brewers Dictionary of New Age Phrase and Fable

    Yep, looks like I've got it all!
    Oh, wait a minute......... No sandals :(

  25. Mathew Scannell

    why cant people ever do this kind of s*** without the whole son of god thing?!

    1. MegaEasternman

      Then they would be labeled as communists,imprisoned and executed by USA government.

  26. Guest

    There was the multiplicatiion of loaves and fish, now it's the multiplication of Jesus.
    He is said to come back one day, many seem to take that actively.

  27. leonardobdas

    There is a couple of these in Brazil, only bigger in scale. One is "Inri Jesus" and the other one is a psychic healer type called John of God. both hilarious.

  28. dmxi

    this documentary shouldn't be listed under religion,mental health would be more fitting!

    1. bringmeredwine

      I thought I'd have a look at this doc too, before I attempt to make any sort of intelligible comment about the 2010 doc by George. Smirk.

  29. GodmanEnki

    proof read! "they're"

  30. GodmanEnki

    There's another "Jesus" running around down in Mexico. HE "thinks" HE is Jesus TOO! "I am Jesus-Man." Right, and I'm Janis Joplin! Some people just "believe as their told." Without-question! Now, kids, open your mouths and say Duhhhhh............

  31. Guest

    "Do not try to be superior to the people around you, that intention leads to death".
    A phrase that brings to mind the fact that he seem to act superior to the people around him and that he will eventually die like the rest of us.

    BUT...what i think he means is "Always try to be superior to yourself endlessly and fully, " and in doing so, you will influence others to do the same.
    Sure is a beautiful setting.

    Some of my questions would have been:
    How does the community should react to the negative opinion of life here by one of it's member, child or adult?
    And if someone wants to leave, is it facilitated or does the group try to persuade the person to stay.
    Why do you not live among the group where your influence could be manifested or tested regularly?


  32. Quantumshell

    The Maitreya has arrived . . . Now we can have our one world religion along with our one world bank, one world government... of course its going to be utopia... is it not ?

  33. fhade

    Jesus was a dark skinned middle eastern not a white man! and definitively not an american hippie.

    1. John

      Jesus was a figment of the white greek man's imagination who made up the story in the Markian text, therefore, Jesus was WHITE!!!

    2. bogdanvladimir

      this is jesus of suburbia