The Jews: A People's History
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The Jews: A People's History

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The Jews: A People's HistoryThis five-part documentary explores 4,000 years of Jewish history, starting with the origins of the Jewish people in the Middle East right through to present day Judaism.

The series researches the roots of the Jewish people, seeking clues about Judaism at the archaeological excavation sites, the centers of culture and in the written evidence of the Jewish Diaspora.

The purpose of the documentary is to give the public deeper insight, beyond the Holocaust and Israeli politics, into the Jewish people, Nina Koshofer, director of the documentary, said. We wanted to enlighten people on the historical development of Jews and their faith. We chose people with whom the public could identify.

Koshofer has focused most of her attention on known personalities. We also want to show the diversity of the Jewish people the rich and the poor, the famous and unknowns... We also wanted to try and answer the question that perhaps never really can be answered who is Jewish and what is Jewish... Koshofer added.

Koshofer is aiming to show that the answers to many questions are as varied as the number of Jews who live in the world today. One cannot portray Jews as one idea or ideal. Episodes included: Exodus, Diaspora, Stigma, The Star of David, Zion.

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  1. Anyone in search of the origins of many centuries-old conspiracy theories surrounding the Jewish people is well advised to read chapter 5 of Barbara W. Tuchman's extraordinary book "A Distant Mirror", which addresses the holocaust of public executions, lynchings, burnings and property thefts brought down on entire Jewish communities across Europe as scapegoats for The Great Plague.

    The chapter also describes the exceptionally harsh proscriptions under which their presence was tolerated, how, through exorbitant levels of taxation, the rulers of the time quietly enriched themselves at their expense (the origins of a reputation for lending rapaciousness), and how volatile popular movements founded in deep ignorance and superstition (for example, the flagellants) left European Jews in fear for their lives at almost every turn.

    What emerges is a picture of a people hounded by malicious stereotyping, subject to humiliating dress codes, and who could -at more or less a moment's notice- find themselves in the hands of a raging and bloodthirsty mob.

  2. Mysticism and a secret codex are fine for those who are in on it. Why won't Jews just admit a couple of facts to prevent antisemitism of religious nature from the two religions who you seemingly allow to add on stories to your books of Moses.

    1. 5 Books of Moses are fictional stories.

    2. The God of Abraham was a jealous God like its people. Jews wanted one God to call their own and all discussions, rituals, laws were designed for making a religion into a race and that Abraham's God was never meant to be considered the one and only creator of Universe and all mankind. He was created my man to be the one and only creator of the Jews. Which is why thou shall not Kill is specific to Jew on Jew and why a few pages later tells his people to go into the Land of Canaan and kill all except those willing to serve as slaves. Unless this is understood correctly, others will assume that Jews don't consider Non Jews as having value but merely a flock to be sheared, eaten and used as Burnt offerings.

    3. If there were a person from the line of David who could perform miracles of those attributed to "JESUS the CHRIST" and followed by 12 other Jews so devoted to truth and enlightenment that the story or narrative would be proudly acknowledged and recorded as they occurred by the Jews themselves in Aramaic and the oldest richest Christian Church would be where his people lived. 3 And not in the land of the enemy who tried to erase the Jews and their written history from existence, instead you allow a lie of biblical proportions to be written, sold and so much worse about the SUN and the 12 astrological constellations tuned into the Son of Abraham's GOD who came to earth to rape a virgin so he could be born, so he could die, so he could be born again and sit next to himself in Heaven.

    By letting this insane story not be refuted at every opportunity it leads to Jews by race don't have value as Jew's of Religion do and non Jews drop in value even more. And the fact that Jesus was a pacifist, when Rome found one thing about you they admired and surprised by was your ability to fight a much larger force and inflict so much damage because of fanatical mono theism and sense of community . Why don't the Jews explain that collaborator Josephus and house Flavian and a few others in Greece and Egypt upon thinking they had erased Jews and their written history completely and with no shame attempted the long con of those that fabricated Abraham and Moses and GOD's WORD.

    The Story where the Jews are responsible for planning GOD's execution. And deny his "rightful" claim of a God made flesh and living and dyeing and living again. Do you see that might create a little antisemitism before meeting a Jew of flesh for themselves. The Christians who value love and forgiveness as taught by JESUS and then proceeded torture and murder anyone who didn't convert and these are the peaceful offspring of the Old Testament. I don't have much knowledge of the Torah but now in the USA it is presented as Christians of the dark ages longing for the days of old when men were respected and obeyed without question.

    The very fact that you don't out a large portion of humans as Pagan Sun Worshipers by telling the truth breeds distrust from the non Jewish secular community. Does your long con require their long con to exist. Educate truthfully or stop being and/or playing the victims for profit and power. I am even willing to pretend God created man but only to the extant that man created Religion not from any word of God is a planned perversion to attempt control and manipulation of fellow men and must be eliminated for the one true race. The Human Race

  3. Jews: A People's History: 1. Thrown out of every country they have inhabited 2. Continue to manipulate the gentiles into giving up their freedoms. 3. Actively seek to undermine Christian values by projecting violence, sex, and drug abuse as fashionable activities. 4. Control the most powerful organized crime families in Israel and the United States 5. Run the sex slave trade that is bringing in countless Eastern European women 6. Promote massive immigration into Christian nations from incompatible countries. 7. Engage in genocide on innocent Palestinian men, woman, and children. There's more, but it's up to you to find out.

  4. The holocaust is THE biggest hoax on mankind to ever exist. Read Victor Thorn's book - "The Holohoax" then tell me what you think of the Jewish people. Let us not even mention Israel who oppresses the Palestinians worse than they SAY they were oppressed. The Jews have been thrown out of at least 70 countries in recorded history. You do the research - There is not excuse for getting a one sided story such as this.

  5. You say clearly, and I don't disagree with your point, but there are many that take the Bible as being historical fact. For example Judaean history is pretty much Bible studies. There are many people that believe that David's Judaean "empire" was an empire, whereas it was no more than an extremely small village, some would even call it a hamlet. The term empire is merely self aggrandisement, but many people take it to be fact. This is not to say that only the Judaeans are guilty of this, its a common recurrence in ancient sources. (Getting the absolute truth out of Cassius Dio, Suetonius or Livy is equally akin to kicking water uphill). There are many more historical inaccuracies within the Bible which can only really lead to its rejection as a reliable historical source. As far as the mystical point of the thing, the Old Testament contains so many abhorrent notions, truly appalling treatments of humanity and a complete lack of interest equality (the Old Testament says slavery is cool, ownership of females is the norm and the original ideas on slaying the infidel). So although it may be of its time I'd rather people took their moral guidance nowadays from more honourable stories like "Little Red Riding Hood" or "The Three Little Pigs", there is little argument with them and there is a much less scope for the terrible **** that some people call interpretation. Which simply means they can do what they want and then orchestrate some kind of support from religious texts.

    1. Andrew, if you want to discuss whether or not the Bible should be considered an historical fact (I personally believe it shouldn't), why are you talking about David's Judaean "empire"? It is clear that this empire came way after the Bible was written and the Jewish nation entered Israel. There is in fact no mention of David's empire in the Bible, rather in the book of the Prophets, which came much later.

      Although one can argue the bible may be ok with certain types of slavery and perhaps even a degrading view on women, you can't really blame anyone because those were the social norms during the time it was written. The Jews are not "guilty" of any types of crime or deceit, it's just that you are ignorant.

      You should also know that it is not the Jewish norm to accept the bible as fact-- although some extreme Jewish factions do-- but rather a parable to teach us lessons in morality and ethics.

      I suggest you do some research before you offend anyone...

  6. Interesting fact, there is absolutely no evidence for the exodus of the Jews other than the Bible. As far as Egyptian records show, and they were pretty good at keeping records, it didn't happen and you'd think it would be pretty big news there supposedly having been Egyptian Royalty washed away in some paddling accident. There is not even anything to say that there were large numbers of Jewish slaves in Egypt, so there's a fairly good chance it didn't happen at all and is just a story. Obviously we can't say that for definite, it happened a long time ago and it would be a lie for anyone to say anything about that period with certainty, but it's a distinct possibility. As for the Bible being the oldest written record on the planet it's far from it, the Akkadians, Sumerians, Hittites and the civilisation centred around Ugarit (modern Lattakia in Syria) precede it by a fairly long way and we have surviving documents from them all. Read the Babylonian "Epic of Gilgamesh" and you'll find that the story of Moses and the Ark is a straight rip, you'll also find that Cain and Able is a Mesopotamian story too, along with pretty much the entirety of the Old Testament. Its such a shame that God in his infinite wisdom has to trot out the same tales over and over again, gets kind of boring. The only difference between the old myths and the Old Testament is that the "Good Book" has a great deal more smiting, fiery deaths and good old divine petulance in it.

    Oh and as for the guy that said "If you're not Jewish then shut the hell up" you sir clearly have no respect for the notion of jovial discourse and are clearly, and I mean this as no reference to your heritage or religion, a cunt. I'm half Polish and know pretty much nothing about Polish history so to claim that all Jews know more about Jewish history than any gentile is facile and lends more to the people arguing against you than with you.

    1. clearly, it's just a story with all kinds of esoteric implications. (I think Egypt translates into something like Illusion.. and then there is the number 40.
      Like most teachings in Torah, it makes no sense without the oral instruction that is supposed accompany it. People who take these things literally are missing the mystical point of the thing.

    2. Southerns don’t really mention losing the Civil War, nor did they know anything about their slaves’ religion besides force converting them to Christianity.

  7. "New rule: Not Jewish? Then you're not allowed to comment."
    Who made you boss?
    Anyways, most people give a subjective perspective. I'd much rather read about how detailed or HISTORICALLY accurate the Documentary really is. I mean, Docs are meant for educational purposes; you know for those of us who like to read books but out of laziness or boredom would rather watch it than read it. So it would be great practice to give an OBJECTIVE perspective FIRST and then your opinion. That way no one gets upset.

  8. Jesus, every time something related to Jews comes along all the crazy pseudo-intellectuals come out of their roach holes. From now on, only Jews are allowed to comment on Jewish-related material. If you're not Jewish then shut the hell up. What ever you have to say, you know less about it than a Jewish person does. Sound unfair? Like it discriminates against non-Jews who have an opinion? Then you know what it's probably like to be Jewish except they have been discriminated against for almost 2,000 years and no one has put a bullet into the back of your family's head, either. New rule: Not Jewish? Then you're not allowed to comment.

    1. funny that you start your racist drivvel with (& i quote) JESUS!
      hilarious....cheers for that one.

  9. Nothing is as funny as someone quoting the bible or torah or koran or some other scraps of paper as if it came from someplace other than the mind of another human being . Ok believe what you will but don't hurt anyone .

  10. Winston Smith: I am agnostic first of all. Second I have read read book in accordance with the major religions of the world. I am a historian my degree title and I have read the books from a historical point of view. I am agnostic because I understand the attitudes of the dueteronmic editors, the bias of the scribes (elite and educated at the time), I am aware of the transferring of scrolls and decoding into Amermaic and Greek from Hebrew, and the time period and the events during this time. That does not change my arguement, the Bible is a primary source. It lets those who read it for historical knowledge understand what the people of the world back in ancient times were during and thinking. It is one of the earliest forms of writing we have that was not destroyed by those who concoquered and destroyed early forms of writing based on the fact that the writings did not fit their personal beliefs.

    JEW is a religion in POSTMODERN ERA, Western Civilization. In the post modern era you can convert to judaism. But in the times of Alexander the Great, the beliefs and "Jew-ness" of those people originating in Judea are what seperated Jews from the Greeks. It does have something to do with their religion, but more so the fact that they were from JUDEA and found it necessary to hold close to their homeland.

    1. You don't sound so educated to me, why don't you just leave the Jews alone? They have survived thousands of years without you.

  11. Colin Smeja- Read the first testament (Torah) JEW is a RACE!!!!!!! Uggghhhh ignorance makes me angry!!!! Read Nehemiah, that alone will tell you being Jewish is more than believing in YHWEH alone, but being from STRONG SOLID blood lines, that is why he hated Samaritans so much!!!!!!

    1. jew is a religion.

    2. isn't it also tied to geography (and so nationalism) because of their having come come from Judea in ancient times?

    3. could i not convert to judaism?

      would i not then be a jew?

      i think if we are focusing on nationality or geography we would use either the term Semitic or Hebrew.

    4. The Jews are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the 3 patriarchs of the Torah. In that sense, being Jewish means belonging to a particular bloodline. At the time of the exile of the Jews by the Romans, the Jewish people comprised of 12 tribes, all of whom traced their ancestry back to the patriarchs. The Jews practice Judaism, which is effectively the religion of the Jews. One can also convert to Judaism, though it is not actively encouraged. A strong commitment needs to be proven first by the would-be convert, before a rabbi would allow it.

    5. But when the Rabbi allows it, then they are jewish.

    6. You tell people to read the bible to get informed and yet you claim to hate ignorance? That a contradiction in terms. The bible was written by people who thought the world was flat, believed in witches, slavery, stoning people for homosexuality and adultery, etc..all in the name of a man-made vengeful god.
      Actually the word 'race' -the way you're using it, is outdated and has been shown to not even exist. The superficial differences we see in what have traditionally been known as "the different races" are the result of thousands of generations in different environments. Nothing more. DNA has proven that we humans are all one very closely related family... -in fact, no two people are more than 50th cousins apart and most are closer.
      Published in Human Genetics in December 2000, a study showed that about 70 percent of Jewish paternal ancestries and about 82 percent of Palestinian Arabs share the same chromosomal pool.

  12. That's a poor retort. If you know history that is against what I have said I am all ears, or eyes, but otherwise thanks for the useless post. And in those historical votes note the vote concept and the actual numbers there. Not all members of congress agree remember. Hence my true statements. History isn't written by just one person.

  13. First off. Being a Jew is not a race. Religious faith does not determine race.

    Secondly, to state that the US Congress hates Palestinians is false. Because if a decision is made by a large group from large backgrounds over a large continent from a large diversity of cultures leads to any decision, they tend to be non-bias. This is coming from a poor white American who gets no benefits as (and I know it sounds bad, but there are no white scholarships) a black man, an indian, a gay man, a female, etc. (should I have said African American? Native American? Homosexual? All this PC **** is starting to kill the whole concept of the few freedoms we actually had.) The whole idea of our country is great, the few failures, just as all culture have, do not supercede the idea that is in motion and has worked and continues to work. Mass decision is the only way to a true decision.

    Thirdly, to the ***** to say that they have descended from a political movement. That is just bull****. The Arab/Muslim world (which are not one in the same which any 2 mins on any website, book, talk, lecture, etc will show) Extremist are the people you are attempting an failing at referring to. Take some time to educate yourself on the people that surround you and the religions you speak against and for. It's not as if by any chance Christians ever attempted to convert Muslims. Oh wait, what happened in the Crusades? **** my bad for bringing that up.

    I know Jews, Muslims, Christians, Atheists, non-secular's, and a **** ton of other people from a ton of backgrounds. The problem is everyone is trying to "god" damn hard to push their beliefs on others. If everyone would just STFU in the world and listen to each other we would go decades if not centuries farther as a world today than we are now. Plagues have spread because of religion (and I don't mean religion is a plague for without any religion there would be no origin of society). However I do mean that because of religion there are wars, famine, std's and more that continue to harm this world and it's populace.

    If you guys would just read the damn Bible, read ALL of the different accounts of your savior and not just what is given to you. Read the Koran, read the Torah, read all of the books or at least give an effort to understand each other you would realize you all want the same, think the same, have the same saviors, etc. 90% of all religions have the same damn stories and beliefs. But because one guy came from one side of the track and someone on the other (IRA anyone?) you feel it is needed to bash the other. Grow the **** up.

  14. Hey, teacher! Leave those Jews alone......

  15. link is jews today

  16. Judaism is a religion not a race.... modern Jews are converts...

    The real "Jews of the bible" mostly converted to Islam and are the modern day Arabs!

    1. you dont know history well do you

  17. Israeli apartheid

  18. Interesting that the root of antisemitism can be found in the catholic church who began demonizing Jews almost 2,000 years ago in order to legitimize their new religion. From this widespread injustice, the effects of which are still seen today, people believe they hate Jews for all kinds of different reasons but are unaware they have been manipulated by a faith which claims to have the love of G-d, worships a Jew as their savior yet hates the people from which he came.

    1. Amen to that, Josephus. Liked your book by the way...

  19. The dot to...

    Queen of SHEBA:

    Who in the world at any time in the documentary the editor forgot to mention the Exodus of the Arc of Covent from Jerusalem to Ethiopia?

    Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

  20. To Arnold!!!!!! I don't believe what I have just read,you sir re a TRUE CHRISTIAN in the very best meaning of that word. You are what are religions are supposed to be about!! I feel so priveleged to have read your words.I was born Jewish and am an American living in Israel these past 17 years,so I think I must tell you ,this is nearly a secular country ,only a tiny proportion are religious and smaller still are the number who dress in that odd but fascinating style of Eastern European antiquity.Many many blessings to you sir.

  21. This was a very interesting program on Jewish history and their tenacity to survive despite being welcomed one minute and then despised the next.

    Raised as Anglican Methodist I had a very unusual experience as a teenager when I ran into some Jewish people and thought very negatively of them. There was absolutely no basis for this feeling as they were the first Jewish people I had ever met. I should have felt nothing or indifferent.

    I realized immediately that either my Christian upbringing, the news or both had planted in my conscious some unfounded bigotry towards a people I knew nothing about.

    I then decided to learn more about these people and their religion so that I could be better informed as to where my negative feelings came from. Surprisingly my negative feelings primarily came from World War II events.

    Some how after watching hours of World War II footage and the expulsion of the Jews from every segment of society in Europe and Russian had planted the unfounded idea that these were unworthy people.

    Now I simply think of Jewish people as another religious denomination with an extreme resilience to having negative things happen to them. I mean how can you not watch this series and come away with a profound respect for the Jewish people to persevere and prosper when it seems that everyone is against them.

    That said the Jewish people seem to invite at times by the unique way they dress and act. It is natural for human beings to fear what they do not understand and fear what is different. Because Jewish excel both at being a little over the top religiously, do not conform in dress codes in their host countries, and have so many traditional rules that they must follow, they are an easy target when human populations get stressed.

    What was missing throughout this serious was a correlation to climate and the effect it might have had on their good times and bad times.

    for instance in 1200AD there was a dramatically cooler northern climate that may have started in 1100AD and lasted as long as two years. By 1200AD the Mayan civilization in Central America was destroyed by drought.

    Droughts in Central America are caused by abnormally cold northern climates. So what stresses were the European populations under between 1100AD and 1300AD that would have created stresses for the Jewish people.

    The black Plague of 1349AD is now attributed to this dramatic drop in temperature that had stressed the human population with lack of food due to failing crops causing hunger and malnutrition.

    This series just pulls facts out of the air with regards to the Jewish people without any relevance to other climatic events that may have been going on.

    My suggestion to make this series more relevant and useful with regards to historical information is include climate information and other societal information that may be needed to explain the ups and downs of the Jewish people throughout history.

    One aspect of this show that I liked is the duel calender dating method.

    I would really like to see the abolition of the current year system we are using for one that goes much father back in time.

    I do not like having a year based on the death of the individual called Jesus. This date is only relevant to Christians (of which I am one) and I would prefer a year based on the beginning of the Egyptian civilization or the first civilization founded by man.

    In this way all calender dates are more relevant.

    Back to the Jewish people though.

    A good program explaining more about them and their unique way of life. A resilient people worthy of everyone's respect.

    An interesting local at people, their religious beliefs, and how easily people will place each other into groups and then use this grouping against them for no other reason that they can. Humans really come across as a very emotional and immature species.

    For instance if there are white people and black people, prejudice is against the black people.

    If it is just white people then it is their religion divides them.

    And if it is all white people, with the same religion then it is language that divides them.

    And if it is all white people, with the same religion, and the same language, then it comes down to where you live.

    And if it is all white people, with the same religion, the same language, and the same living location, now it comes down to what you are wearing and what you do.

    Humans are never happy even when they have homogenous group with like characteristics.

    They will subdivide themselves into groups until there is just one person left.

    With regards to the Israeli people and the Palestinian people and their ongoing conflict, the universe has one simple rule in play that both the Israeli people and the Palestinian people should know about.

    If you are an Israeli when you die you become a Palestinian. When a Palestinian dies they become an Israeli. In this way the universe maintains a perfect balance of spirits getting exposure to both sides of the argument. So the the Israeli people and the Palestinian people are in fact only fighting their own ancestors who have now been raised on the other side.

    So it is beneficial to both the Israeli people and the Palestinian people to simply become friends and realize that they are one and the same people.

    In all honesty the universe could care less if you are Christian, Jewish, Hindu or what ever. The universe only cares about general spiritual learning. So in order to accomplish this balanced learning a spirit will always be born in the group it was once hostile against. In this way the spirit gets to see the other side of the argument in its development to adult hood.

    Just another way to look at life.

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada

  22. The media is full of dirty tricks, Anti-semitism in its true current form comes from Eastern Europe where rich magnets or landlords forced peasants to pay high taxes, unfortunately for the jews they where the ones forced to collect the taxes upon threat of death..the peasants hated the messenger, and thus the pogroms of old times. The holocaust was one big pogrom. Its human nature to hate what is different.

    Every culture has something good to offer, the jews are not better or worse than any other just equal.

    If the palestinians where given Israel tommorow anti-semitism would be exactly the same.

    The European Isrealite movement back to Isreal was out of having no where else to go and having to go home after nearly being wiped off the face of the earth. The few that survived they had no choice, no where else to go.

    some of them walked bare foot and died on the way. There has been no higher birth rate than that first arrival of european jews back to Isreal.

    Though very much alike christians and muslims, jews generally dont seek converts, we are very few in numbers, Though there are many Muslims and much Muslim lands, there is only one tiny jewish state, tiny. Its no big "land Grab"

    It is a ridiculous game Palestinians should not be crowded into these small areas, why doesnt isael buy some Land off a neighbouring country and give them the option of having there own country. We go on and on and act surprised when violence happens, its too crowded, give the palestinians there own state, there wont be a chaNCE OF PEACE TILL IT happens. The land of Isreal has been occupied by many regimes, cultures, and peoples throughout history. There was always a substantial jewish population though even when european jews arrived.

    1. "Palestinians" and "Jews" have been living in this land for hundreds if not thousands of years. If they can not live in harmony than neither deserves the land. The Israeli government and the Jewish people are not one in the same entity, but there are few things more antisemitic than the brutal policy that the Zionist lobby endorsed and enforces in the Jewish state of Israeli, look up Mordecai Vanunu, An exceedingly brave man.

      That the Jewish people have been one of the most maligned and mistreated peoples is undebatable. That the horrors visited upon them where and are varied, cruel and unusual is both true and painful to contemplate. That they have been persecuted for merely being born is a long sad note in the history of man.

      What repulses most secular humanist Jews and gentiles (Myself included) is that members of said race would bestow a similar fate on those that they believe intruders on their "holly lands".

      No man or idea has any true claim to land. Can one claim the oceans? or the air we breathe? we are all children of the earth, and good sibling don't kill each other because their respective invisible friends don't agree on semantics. That crazy f--kery was something we should have gotten rid off along with slavery and medical leeches.

    2. The Arab/Muslim world are the direct ideological desendents of the Third Reich. The time and effort expended justifying the demonization of Jews for the purpose of killing ever more Jews, with of course the restatement about how demonic this tiny DallasFortWorth Metro area is, but to w/o hesitation discount, utterly and completely Israel's life and death struggle with 300 million arabs and their 21 nations, with the incontriverible evidence of the blood ibels promoted throughout the arab world, many via State sanctioned methods certainly give me sufficient confidernce in my assumption that these posters here and elsewhere never tire of victimizing the Jews with as many variants as one can concoct, AntiSemitism is a worn out, tired shield? Hmmm tell that the hundreds attacked in the US yearly, and the thousands across the world. I wish for an ultimate struggle to decide your fates.

      " is that members of said race would bestow a similar fate on those that they believe intruders on their "holly lands".

      Wickedly evil...see you around

    3. @Usurped,

      (Quote): "Desendents of the Third Reich"...

      You mean as a "Race"...
      Since race is that important to you, all human beings are from a "Race". What's your's?

      Why are you that mad about "tiny DallasFortWorth Metro area" since most if not all the USA congress is under the spell of APAC and funds the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians through the weaponising of Isreal and the settlement?

      It is those USA citizens that make your war crimes possible over there.

      Reading your comment, it's easy to realise that whatever you say, you don't deserve a drop of benefice of doubt.
      You are a dangerous extremist in need to bloodshed.

      And no, the AntiSemitism hasn't disapeared yet as much as all other racisms for that matter.
      Proof is that you are a dangerous racist.

      Confirmed by real Jews who made protestations in front of some Israeli Gov. building in the USA, stating that Israel would be given back to Israelis as "Their God" would be back in this world.
      As written Torah. But those were no Jews from the communist Russia who'd be looking for subsidized free meal in Palestine.

      Same as the protestation in Israel of the native Jews of Israel (Been in Israel for generations).
      When I saw some sort of "Hachmite with typical long hair sides), talking on against the Palestian expulsions and housing demolitions, I was stunned! Nothing else but stunned!

      Guys like you only use the Jewish ordeal to suck what they never owned.
      If you really have a faith, a trust in God, why don't respect your own rules and faith?

      You appeared to have learned a lot from the WWII holocaust.
      It is now obvious that it became your rule of conduct.
      And if any God including your's is as just you can hope for, you're the first to be banned by him.

      No God keep an extremist by his side.


    4. And maybe its all bull**** and we are all just one people. People gotta leave each other alone. Wait till the US aircraft carrier Enterprise is 'sunk by iran' in a few months. Then the ***** gonna hit the fan and ww3 will start. All because of bull**** and mistrust of arabs and jews and whatnot.

  23. SEE THE GREEDY LAND-GRAB IN "OCCUPIED" land the building of homes jews plan to never leave. the last white land theft, just like Austrailia, and THE AMERICAS. WE WONDER WHY THEY ARE HATED?

  24. My last comment was edited out ,maybe this will be too. It is filthy comments like this and people who write them that keep zionism alive in our justly paranoid brains. All of you people go and pick on someone your own size!!!I have read this section since the beginning and I am a member of the only jiont Arab-Kewish party here but these comments have really brought home to me ,our fight is just beginning and we can never trust our security to anyone. Thank you for opening my eyes. You all serve the "Zionist Cause" very very well.

  25. The best thing that ever happened to advance the Zionist Jews was Hitler. It is not Jews that need to be feared. It is Zionist Jews that are scary.

  26. what a story but seems like this doc is made for jews to make them see how suffered they were in the past and thats the reason why as a whole community they must be always and always on their guards..somehow encouraging isolation..
    though i havent finished watching all chapters yet and read the comments yet all these sufferings dont give them the right to occupy palestine...
    hami?..sorry for my english..

  27. re: DNA from original jews

    why would there not be? one would think an excavation in jerusalem sampled from bones dated in the proper region would yield a nice cluster of genetic markers.

    outliers, from incursion/occupation, within an adequate sample population could be readily excluded.

    i don't see why such a study could not be readily made, or hasn't already been made?

  28. opps i should say hebrew people

  29. david
    unlike islam or christianity judaism is the religion of ''selected people''jews ..and the story of jews began with abraham not mosses...

  30. why did the story begin from moses but not abraham?this doc is incomplete..

  31. Jack, drop the first "h" in Tanah. Don't know if this will help you in your research, but it is the correct spelling.

  32. @ Lynn

    I just read that you promised yourself that you wouldn't post any more comments here. If you find out any more about the game "Tahnah Ruach", I hope you will reconsider. I was telling my sister about it and she couldn't believe it. Apparently she had always thought our mother made the game up.

  33. Thank you ,Mr.Chase,well said and very much appreciated.I was raised with this" We must not forget in order to remember not to do it to others" In America this was a much easier ideal to hold on to and here I drill it into my children everyday.In case you missed it let me clarify,I am a member of the left and the only joint Arab-Jewish party here,I have recently been fortunate enough to become the mother-in=law of a Muslim son-in-law. I have had 2 of my 6 children sit in military prison as objectors and another who spent 3 years on the Gaza border,the occupation is WRONG but unless someone can guarantee our security if we give back more land I don't see any peace in sight.I work for peace not fight against war and I do it with dialogue and respect one person at a time.I promised myself not to answer any more comments here but yours was honest and compelling. Please accept my happiest seasons greeting and a healthy New Year.

    1. May whatever deity you believe in bless you. I can honestly say although i do not think we would see eye to eye on particularly everything i can respect and esteem your work as a diplomatic moderator, i would very much like to know the name of your group as an example of the truly thankless and endlessly sensitive work that some people are trying to do to not let this escalate any further and to try to bring a resolution that would begin a lasting peace.

      I would also extend my sympathies and condolences for your losses. We all loose as long as we focus on our differences and forget our similarities.

  34. Lynn, you come across, to me anyway, as the "Mother" down the street, who is raising her children and doing her dang best to be an honorable person. You write with the pride of a people. Along with that pride, must come the knowledge that your people have had to do what was necessary to survive throughout history. You, me, many others would lower the bar of morals and principle if this is where you found yourself, surviving. We all would do what it took I'm sure. Whatever it took. Jews have been placed in the position of do or die many, many, many times. Most often as the convenient scapegoat, such as being blamed for Russia's civil unrest and then being ostracized accordingly. This time, it was not the Jews fault. But there have been times when it was their fault.

    I must go back to the evil in men's eyes, it's money. Not so pure and simple. If Jews had morphed into, let's say, master potters or architects, whatever, instead of masters of money, we would not be having this discussion. They intentionally chose this avenue, and indeed mastered the premise and the plot. Hence, you have people who are perceived to hold the reins of man-made manipulation and are perceived to be using this control for too much of their own survival, at the cost of the non-Jew population. When you talk about money, logic, empathy, much rational thought can easily fly out the window.

    Try to not let negative remarks and comments rile you too much. This is difficult I know. I myself have a facet of myself that is historically beaten down by the righteous. But I go on, it's my life now, it doesn't belong to history just yet. It's a rough time, but aren't they all?

  35. I am so very sorry for you THINK,since with all due respect THINK is exactly the opposite of what you have done. I have watched these comments grow since the day the doc was put up and all I can say is the world is exactly the same as it was before the war started. Is it any wonder Jews will no longer bend and allow themselves the luxury of letting others provide their security. It is all this anti-semetic rhetoric spouted here that has caused us to go from The People Of The Book to a warring nation of self defense experts.I have been kind,patient and tolerant viewing all of these comments but yours THINK is the last straw,what an outrageous,utterly horrid thing to say and if you had watched the video you would know the historical reasoning why Jews were thrown out time after time. No longer ,it is we who will be doing our own throwing out from our own country!!!It is because of attitudes like yours we have been forced to become and stay who we are.I will no longer hide and cower out of shame for what I was born into.I am ashamed I have not worked hard enough so my children weren't born into a world where the hatred you sprout still runs virulently. No need to comment I won't dignify you again.

    1. anti-semitic is your weak defense shield for any criticism thrown your way. If you don't want the younger generation to resent you stop throwing that word around. Can I have anti-beverlyism when someone criticizes me?? "Attitudes" like your, with your isreali apartheid theme is what turns young people against you. You have never "hid out of shame", that just contradicts your statement claiming entitlement and desire for 'retribution' you picked up from Jewish rewritten history.

  36. All people are taught a Jewish perspective on Jewish history in that Jews are a totally innocent, generous, benevolent, persecuted minority that was harshly treated by uneducated, irrational non-Jews. No other group has been thrown out of societies they entered as much as Jews and you have to ask yourself why throughout time, place and different races that would happen. The answer is Jews exploit larger non-Jewish populations. Although it's probably exaggerated the story of Joseph in the Bible is a great example of the Jewish game.

  37. It's telling that their is much discussion about DNA, origins and whatnot. This, to me, indicates somewhere along the line there was deception involved in establishing Jewish origins. Otherwise the issue would be moot. Where does this perception come from? Why does it exist? Answer these questions and you may be closer to the heart of the issue.

    There are scant accumulations of peoples that have a definitive and indisputable origin. Frankly, when it comes to Caucasian races....who knows. But it's the perceived 'deception' from many Jews of note that is the problem. Why not be more forthcoming, accurate and honest?

    This film, when viewed by those of us who may be somewhat better informed, comes across as more propaganda than fact. This has elicited these varied responses. And it should have been anticipated. It's still a good doc, just not all-encompassing, as it should be considering the title.

  38. @ Jo

    All humans have genetic markers that link us together. For some it may go back a generation, others 5 generations or maybe
    500 generations. You do not need 4000 year old DNA to test. The link is in there inside of each of us and can show us how far back 2 people are related. That would include you and I. Our DNA will tell a geneticist how many generations back we have a common ancestor. There is no way to identify Jews by their DNA. I, personally, may have a genetic marker that links me to a modern Jew. This does not identify me as a Jew. However, if you take a sampling of Jews and find genetic markers in their DNA linking them in the past, an assumption can be made that their similarities are more than just religious ones. A history of being social outcasts would only encourage this link to a similar past going back many generations . Watch "Journey of Man; A Genetic Odyssey" on this site. It will explain things much better than I can.

  39. 'Jews', an if you happen to Jewish, you are gonna have to accept that you will be judged by your governments actions. Along with the actions and influences of Israel's power elite, Mossad and the proliferation of Zionists into positions of power. And the banking fiasco's most public face was a man named Lloyd Blankfein, so you know who's wearing that sign now.

    The U. S. Government is, not so slowly anymore, becoming rife with dual-citizens of Israeli/American "loyalties." (In that order, I assure you.) Where's this all going? If history is any indicator, not to a good place.

    Having said all this, I of course am fully aware that not all Israelites, or "Jews" from anywhere else, are "Bill Kristol's" or "Henry Kissinger's". Anymore than all Americans are George Bush (either of them) or Dick Cheney. But to much of the planet, it comes with the territory.

    "When the elephants fight, the grass gets trampled."

  40. This isn't really the right place to discuss the Kurds. However I agree, the Kurds are another oppressed and impoverished people who are all but ignored by the entire world. The mainstream media should do a lot more.

    Ive never seen or even heard of a documentary about the Kurds. Does anyone know of a film about Kurdish history? I'd be interested to see anything.

    It isn't fair to call people hypocrites. The Israeli occupation is very visible and increasingly high profile. For that reason there are more opportunities to support Palestine and these should not be ignored. Raising awareness and discussing the issues is surely the right thing to do when the chance arrises.

    I don't think anyone highlights Palestinian suffering at the expense of the Kurds or of anyone else facing oppression. It is just that the situation in Gaza is more high profile and people respond to what they see.

    The world is full of oppressed minorities most of whom get no attention at all. Again, the main stream media could do a great deal more.

  41. why isnt there any talk about other ethnic groups in middle east and around the world which is suffering more. let us talk about the kurds , the worlds biggest group without their own nation and are being killed and have their language forbidden in syria, turkey and iran. with no rights at all. where are all these people who love justice and fight for human right?

    Why is it always easy to haunt down on israel, to complain, to go there and demonstrate, why does no one do it for the kurds as an exemple?

    what about the berbers or amazigh in north africa which are being ruled by arabs and forbidden to speak their language. how come no one talks about them or demonstrate for them?

    every singel person are hypocrites

  42. I liked this documentary. it shows jewish history in a very good way and interesting one.

  43. Point taken about the film being historical not political. However history of Jews and Palistinians is intrinsically linked in both genetics and culture. In the modern era the relationship between them has become a huge issue and it is historically significant. But again, point taken.

    Nonetheless in spite of media distortion (which surely on the whole favours Israel) there is very real suffering in Gaza. It is not fair to blame Hamas and Iran whithout acknowledging the actions of Israel. In anycase Hamas are not so different to the Stern Gang or those who ran the Warsaw ghetto. Hamas are less capable if anything.

    There is a lot of propaganda on both sides and some issues (water rights or US military aid for example) never really get mentioned at all. The conflict is multifaceted and both sides have legitimate concerns. However the balance of economic and military power is massively in favour of Israel. Standards for ordinary Palastinians are third world by comparison. Gaza is a repressed and devastated society by any modern standard. It didn't have to be this way.

    Anyway I didn't mean to get so carried away.

    I thought the documentary was quite good in that it provides a nice general overview of Jewish history. For those who already know the subject there isn't enough here but it is done well enough to be worth a watch. For those with a new interest in such things the film is to be recommended.I enjoyed it.

  44. @ Jo
    To say all Jews are genetically the same is a stretch. However, just as in the macro sense all humans have the same genetic origins, in the micro sense nearly all Jews trace their genetic origins to the Jews of the Bible. Outside genetic influences over the centuries have given each Jewish community its own unique identity. Each community different but tracing their roots to core groups who originally left Judea. Those Jews who have no genetic links to Biblical Jews are newer converts. Most people tend to marry into their own faith, especially in the past. This is what connects most people to their past and discourages ethnic diversity but doesn't render it impossible. Change over 2000 years is inevitable blending sameness with newness.

  45. First let me just say ,everyone has a bit of mensch in them!!!! I know this is a can of worms and totally off topic but since no one seems to be moderating here I will go ahead. I live here,I was born a Jew, I am an way too outspoken member of the left,and the mother-in-law of a Muslim son-in-law.The conditions in Palestine or rather Gaza to be more specific are not at all what the media would leave you to believe. There is no humanitariann crisis but the 900 or so tunnels allow for a very very lucrative business for Hamas and Iran,and they propagansize people living in apalling conditions while they drive around in FLEETS of Mercedes and enjoy all the things they religiously don't allow their own people to enjoy. There is propaganda on both sides and the biggest part of my job is to sift thru it all and help get the real truth out. A hurculean task to say the least.I realize because I have included Jew here as a disclosure my words will probably not be believed. Sorry for that but in the name of truth and a practicing Nicherin Buddhist I am obligated to try. Thank you for allowing me to try,As a reminder this was a historical doc and not a political one.

  46. Ok I was speaking very generally for speeds sake. I know that "Jews" did not actually exist in Sumerian times, however the origins of Jewish myths and culture is evident in the Sumerian record. Indeed there is a lot of crossover between all cultures from the region going way back.

    A bit unfair of me to only mention God, banking and H bombs, clearly Jewish people did not concieve such things entirely on their own. They have also contributed far more besides from words like "shmuck" and "glitch" to bagels and Woody Allen films.

    I am aware of the fine detail but was merely using the most obvious references to point out that Jewish ways have rubbed off and influenced world history and culture from ancient times up to the present day. It is a great legacy.

    I was really just paving the way for my comments regarding Palestine as the documentary did not focus on the issue properly. The Palestinians get a very rough deal and their plight never gets the attention it fully deserves.

    The Israeli nation, of all the worlds people, should really know better. Conditions in Palestine are an absolute disgrace.

    However there is no sense of shame or regret let alone any realistic proposals to put things right. Why not?

    A stiff necked people? The Big Guy sometimes thought so...

  47. Yes,this is exactly as it occured in documented history and as explained within this documentary itself.

  48. The conversion rate to Judaism over the last two thousand years has been very low. Genetics has shown that Jews all over Europe and the Middle East are closer to each other than to their immediate neighbours.

    Throughout medieval Europe the lending of money as an economic enterprise was considered usurious and evil. However, many businesses found it necessary to borrow money to sustain themselves. The only place to get this money was from Jewish lenders who would charge interest for their services. This angered many Christians because they felt forced to accept the terms set by the lenders; that is, at interest rates that no matter how reasonable were still considered usury and therefore evil. I'm sure many borrowers supported Jewish persecution so they wouldn't have to pay back their debts. Their depiction of the Jew as a money grubbing, corrupt individual would validate this persecution. When economics systems changed and banking became accepted, it was only natural that those who had always done the lending would continue to do so and be successful under lawful banking enterprises. This would only contribute to the negative Jewish image as success often breeds jealousy and hatred.

  49. TooGoy....
    To be sure, "The H-Bomb" and "Banking System" would not be choices I would use to have "made the Western world what is today." And I am surprised to learn that Jewish history extended back as far back as you state, "a fascinating history reaching back as far as the Sumerians and further."

    No, "Jewish" history does not go back that far. "Hebrew" history goes back that far. As hard as people try and convince others, oh and they do, it does not change the fact that the overwhelming majority of people that today claim to be "Jewish" are a concoction of middle eastern races, combined with Germanic races. For the most part, most are Caucasian. Eastern European in origin.

    There is a historical reason Jews are good at banking, finance in general. It has literally been bred into them. The facts behind this are indisputable. And it is this 'ability' that has caused them trouble for centuries. Money just pisses people off. And if you happen to have been the most adept in all of history, bar none, at accumulating and managing money, then you're bound to make plenty of timeless enemies. And just as with most anything else within a particular area of expertise, you're gonna have those that use it for all the wrong reasons- societally speaking. With money being the most volatile man-made creation on earth, currently, the ramifications of it's misuse or even perceived misuse, as it affects the rest of humanity, are being witnessed as I type. I personally think this is the major and basic discord with Jews over times of history. Money and it's misuse. Still is today.

  50. By the way I am not an anti semite just because I sympathise with Palestine, so please don't say it.

    It might also amuse you to know that my real name is David.

  51. The Jews are an ancient people with a fascinating history reaching back as far as the Sumerians and further. Jewish culture and Jewish individuals have contributed considerably to both the ancient and modern world.

    From our shared God to the banking system to those H bombs in the 40's the Jews have more than chipped in and helped to make the Western world what it is today.

    It goes without saying that Jewish people should have their own nation state. However by the same standard Israel should not be expanding at the expense of Palestinian land. It should also be noted that Palestinian terrorism is rather weak when compared to billions of dollars worth of American hardware. Israel could show a little restraint.

    So long as Palestine gets nothing the Peace Process will never end. Does it really have to be this way?

    Still you have to wonder why Jewish people have been picked on by just about everyone for millennia. I'm not saying its fair or right, because it isn't, but why?

    A stiff necked people? I wonder...

  52. @ Jo
    I think Lynn is talking about fundamentalist Muslims. I'm sure she knows fundamentalist Jews who fall into the same category.

  53. @Lynn There are people on all sides who live in the dark ages. After all, someone votes for Shas.

  54. Same old rhetoric. First of all I have never seen myself as any kind of victim,secondly I am a member of the only joint Arab-Jewish party and a well known human rights and peace activist. As for the other,my daughter on October of this year married her very wonderful Muslim boyfriend.I walk both sides of the fence and trust me I learned just how educated Muslims feel about their brothers and sisters who do live in the dark ages and with their fundamentalists growing ever stronger are aiming to go back even further, I won't comment any further,it is once again off topic and of little purpose.

  55. I watched this whole doc on the day it was posted and I knew it would as always bring out the worst in people.It was posted as a history and not a political doc. The comments were as expected full of the same anti-semetic rhetoric that has been going on for thousands of years.If you don't live here in Israel than you only get your information from the media and have no idea at all what it is like here for Jews or Palestinians.we are still here and thriving surrounded by a sea of hostility and stil accomplishing miracles in tec,med,science and the humanities. Most of our neighbors have not climbed out of the middle ages,. It might be a better idea to discuss the terrible plight of women and gays in the countries surrounding Israel and work to their benefit as many many Jews have done and continue to do.There are no racists,just people who have not sat down and talked to the object of their hatreds.Dialogue breeds understanding,understanding erqases hatred. I wish you all a wonderful weekend and open minds and hearts.

  56. Palestine is the place of Palestinian people not for the Jewish people

  57. Uuh Vic, you say the first time the term 'Jews' was used was in the 18th century? Wrong. Just do a search for 'Jew' in Shakespeare's 'The Merchant Of Venice' (end of 16th century). 'Jew' (or 'Jewish') appears 76 times (mind you I'm not suggesting Jews are given a positive portrayal in the play - they certainly are not). And It's not like the Bard would have been the first to use the term. 'Jew' and older variants of the term, go back through the Middle Ages and ultimately to ancient times, stemming from 'Yehuda' (Judaea).

  58. I am not in the least way a religious person.

    Some people just feel the need to be right all the time. Listen to people discuss their favorite sports teams. Insanity is rife among these fanatics.

    Spiritual beliefs should always be a personal state of being. Any religious discussion should be to the benefit of all parties and should never be intimidating or cause anger or strife. Corrupt individuals and organizations use religion to gain power. They will also use economic, racial, or political means to gain the control they so desperately need or want. Take religion out of the equation then they will use other means to gain this power. In the end it is not exterior influences that drive these individuals but an inner need to exert control. Any truly spiritual person understands this and does not feel that obsession to be right all the time. Spirituality should be shared; never forced or coerced like any other belief.

    Theocracies on earth are wrong. If there is a heaven then that is where it belongs; nowhere else.

  59. How can people seriously believe such things? Judaism Christianity & Islam, makes no difference. They are all one improbable and impossible absurdity built upon another. Christians reading ancient Jewish holy books, deluding themselves into believing they understand what they're reading. Religion is tribalism pure and simple. There is no need to postulate a great mind overseeing things. Why would there be? Where did it come from?

    We'd do well to remember that 'our brains are a subsequent result of this process so how can we hope to understand even a small part of it? The best that we can do is not interfere.'

    Unless you're a mystic, -the bible and quran have no place in the modern world as examples of truth, history, or morality. It is not for no reason that such disproportionate nos. of mentally ill people become obsessed with religion.

    What place in this multicultural world places like Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc have? These are modern theocracies. Being a serious part of any religious group necessarily implies having to discriminate against anyone outside the group. This is plainly evident if we look at the 'modern' world around us. You know the one, the one where snuff films (stonings, beheadings) are real and just a click or two away.

    "Without religion, we'd have good people doing good things, and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion."

  60. Ashkenazi Jews originally migrated to Germany and the Slavic countries because of persecution by Christians and Muslims. Most of them were still ethnic Jews or Israelites. Their isolation in northern Europe gave rise to unique Jewish cultures. They are all basically still Jews. DNA has shown that all Jews, whether from Europe, North Africa or the Middle East, are genetically closer to one another than they are to their non-Jewish neighbors. This is due to a very low conversion rate, isolating the Jews from those around them.

    1. Dude if the Jews were TRUE Israelites they would NOT be in Isreal right now. Did God not say that the Israelites would NOT see Israel again until the return of the Messiah? Has he came yet, NO so obviously they can not be Israel. "I hear the blasphemies of those who say they are Jews but are not but are the synagogue of Satan". Another thing most people conveniently forget about another descendant of Abraham, Jacob's twin brother Esau (Edom), he didn't just disappear ya know. He's still here so who is he?

    2. Your argument is based on an article of faith...not facts. You can only believe to know what God said. It is not verifiable and therefore cannot be entered as evidence. I'm not sure what your point is about Esau.

    3. messiah apeared in the 10th century lol fail

  61. Jo,
    That would be hard to say. I would imagine that anyone converting to Judaism would eventually marry into an ethnic Jewish family; either that person or their children. Although, I can't see too many conversions into the Jewish faith during the middle ages, given the social and economic limitations that went along with being Jewish. So, except for new converts, I would think most Jews are also ethnic Jews to some degree. This could only be guesswork until a genetic profile is done.

  62. @Beast
    Chill the f@#$ out man. And you are right, you are being a douche for a reason.

  63. What the hell man one wants to play Guess what you were doing for 40 Comments I am not being a Douche for no reason. Comment here about the Doc don't Tweet your c@#$ here !

  64. In the Bible it states there were 12 tribes of Israel. After Solomon died there was a split; 10 tribes in the north and the tribe of Judah along with the much smaller tribe of Benjamen to the south. The northern tribes were eventually conquered and disappeared becoming the 10 lost tribes. Judah and Benjamen continued on and became known as the Jude-ans - a Roman word - because they lived in the land of Judah. The word Jew is an English variation of this. Therefore a Jew is also an Israelite; being a descendant of Israel. The Jewish faith does allow outside conversion. This convert is technically not a descendant of Israel but is considered to be one by all the other Jews. A person can claim to be a Jew for either ethnic or religious reasons.

    Abraham was from Iraq; migrating to Canaan which is the modern day Palestinian region and Israel. God renamed Abraham's grandson, Jacob, Israel. Due to a famine, Israel's son,Joseph, moved the entire family to Egypt. Moses is believed to be descended from this group who were now calling themselves Israelites.

    I am sure there are many Europeans and Palestinians who have an ancestor in their distant past who converted from Judaism to Christianity or Islam. This Israeli connection has been lost through time.

    This is just my simple understanding of the Jewish situation.

  65. Jo

    Not sure what you mean by original Jews. My main argument was over the fact that people keep calling the Israelites Jews which is incorrect. They were called Israel or Israelites.

  66. jo Said----

    the Palestinians have more “Jewish” ancestry in their little fingers then most people who call themselves “Jewish”.

    I wouldn't say they are Jewish but they are semites ( descended from Seth ) so you could say that being against Arabs is anti-semetic.

  67. it was a very self-serving history

    going on at great length about the various pograms & genocide, but completely evading the problems the current israeli state faces respecting its arab inhabitants

    they should have at least paid lip-service to the problem, the tension that their occupation has brought about within palestinian territory as will as internally within israel.

    that's part of the history too, and not the least important.

  68. Why do they keep calling the Israelites Jews? One minute they are called Israel, next, Israelites and then Jews. Israelites of the Bible are Israelites. Where in the Old Testament are Jews mentioned? The first time the term Jews was used was in the 18th century.

  69. Four hours and somehow there is scant to no explanation of the actual beginnings of 'Jewry.' I did not say "Hebrew." There is a difference. Certainly Abraham, Issac and Jacob were mentioned. But ever so briefly and only in passing, more like 'galloping.' And frankly, I found the entire doc lacking in telling a more accurate, informative story. It came across, to me, as kinda like a "Ken Burns" PBS whitewash of history and historical figures.

    If you're gonna make a four hour documentary and not do a better job of exploring the true origins of Jews, then it is revision. Their early integrations into many cultures, countries and races; and the nefarious reasons for that intentional integration. And finally, what it means. Then and now. It is indeed profound. The depth and consequences of this 'crusade' of their own, are typical of a long history of being rejected for their actions and then reinventing themselves elsewhere. Time after time after time.

  70. @ Lynn

    Ive read extensively about Nicheren Buddhists - I do not want to complain or say anything to upset you. there has been rather a lot of very very bad publicity about them ...and whilst I try to keep an open mind, i remember my findings (when i was on my spiritual path) was not that dissimilar, ie they left me feeling quite empty. can you enlighten me? i would be grateful as i dont like having negative feelings towards Nicheren - but I am afraid I do. I am so sorry for being so blunt and rude to you lynn - but its not a personal thing. Im sorry. sid

  71. My good fortune to have been able to help. I will still see if I can find out more about all of this and post it here.

  72. Hi As you know we can not carry on this conversation here,off topic and too important. If you have contact with any Nicherin Buddhists who exhibit large egos and greed they must not be following the practice corectly and have slandered the law of NMRK greatly and I must apologize. I would urge you to google SGI if you are not familiar with them. I am so very very sorry to hear this.

  73. Thanks Lynn Fux. My mother grew up in Holland but I was born and raised in Canada. My brother and sisters and I played this for hours. I think the corners were joined also and we used checker pieces instead of pebbles. Winters were cold and long here so we played it a lot. I really do appreciate your help.

  74. @ Lynn Fux

    What a (sort of) coincidence Lynn! I did not however see the 'conversion' as difficult at all! - it was a wonderful experience...I really felt then & now as though I was doing the right thing! - I have NO regrets whatsoever and I stayed with Judiasm long after my husband and I parted - our daughter is a non-practising Jew. but, (as usual) my curiosity got the better of me - and I found Buddhism, which is where I have stayed for hmmm 15 or more years now. But! - I must say that I am not a great follower of Nicheren, its a personal thing - I just dont see any loss of ego - in the practices and even less loss of greed! - am I wrong?

  75. Hi Jack,I wondered about it too . Here in Israel it was called Tahnah Ruach roughly translated as Wind station. My husband thought it was of Dutch origin but his father came from Poland and they had a game like it he remembered playing growing up. If I can find out more info . I will post it here.The other game they were playing with the 5 stones is called 5 rocks and kids play it here in Israel ,a bit like our American game of Jacks but w/o the ball.

  76. Does any one know the name of the game being played at minute 1:30 of part 1 of the diaspora. There are 3 different size squares drawn on a slab, each square inset inside of the other. There are lines at the center between the corners joining the inside square to the outside one. The players are placing pebbles on the intersecting points and corners of the squares. My mother taught me this game 50 years ago and we played this game within our family throughout my childhood. I have never seen this game played anywhere else until it appeared in this doc and I haven't played it in over 40 years. I would be quite interested to hear any information or history about this game if possible. My mother used to call it windmill but I wonder if this was a language problem. Would really appreciate any information.

  77. Well Siddartha, This is indeed a strange turn of events,I am what is termed a BuJew,that is a practicing Nicherin Buddhist born into the orthodox Jewish faith.There are so very many similiarties between the 2 faiths,although the wording is different and of course Nicherin 's Buddhism is-non -theistic. It is a great doc,nearly to the end now. I was not aware of the first pogrom in Europe when the crusades started,I had thought they came a bit later. Kudos to you for going thru a true conversion,quite a difficult and arduous process. Lynn

  78. I am thouroughly enjoying this documentary - I love the Jewish faith - and (unlike you Imightberiding) I did marry a Jew! - I embraced Judiasm so much so that I converted - it was such a great experience! i got dunked in a swimming pool and given another name - and a certificate. Then we all had lox and bagels! I took it very seriously and attended regular lassons with the rabbi. the good news is that when we had our daughter - she automatically bacame a full Jew - because the Jewish faith is carried through the Mother. My in-Laws (and now ex-husband) were Reform Jews - not Conservative or Hassidic or Orthodox - the 4 groups vary quite a lot - in terms of commitment to the Torah. Bit like Buddhism - but Buddhism is much more diverse.
    thank you sid

  79. Sorry Lynn you are right, i'll get my coat. It makes a good point though, maybe there should be a Shoutbox on this site as I see regular faces here < nudges Vlatko and winks
    I will watch the other 3 hours later as I've been up all night and am just about to fall asleep on my keyboagfyebawhfaiwpohg..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  80. Relating to the doc, it plays like a history channel program would on the subject. After watching the first segment I already knew two things about jewish customs that I hadn't before. 30 segments is a lot though, I don't know if I'll make it through all of them.


    Ah, street-legal dirt bike eh? I have an old Kawasaki KLR250 that I used to bomb around on. It isn't licensed currently due to back taxes and the fact that the turn signals have been knocked off, but man is it a blast to ride. It will hit 80mph no problem and despite being a heavy old brute, it's nimble enough for trails and virtually indestructable.

    I always wear a helmet (no exceptions!), a jacket, and gloves. On longer trips I put on the kevlar. I'd love to take a long trip, out west would be amazing, but my bikes aren't very comfy over those distances. Maybe this spring I'll get something going.

  81. Goodonya mate,Now we both share in digressing!!! Enjoy ,it is a good doc.Lynn

  82. Cheers Lynn! I do feel a bit of a ...... whatever you want to call it for going on like that. This is a profoundly important, albeit long doc I am sure, what with all the history of a people/nation, world politics, & prejudices surrounding a singular topic such as this. I truly am interested but got a wee bit side tracked just for a moment in time. You know I almost married a jewish woman, but I digress again. D@mn! I just can't get focussed. OK back to the doc & then a good night's sleep.

  83. No I must apologize,I did not mean to sound as if I was being judgemental at all. I had no desire to offend anyone and your kind apology is greatly appreciated as is your consideration to all here. Thank you so very much for taking the time to post. Lynn

  84. @Lynn Fux

    You are absolutely correct. I make a point to address the topic at hand in my comments. I do think at times it helps if we better know who we are exchanging ideas with. My apologies to you & any others if this time around you were put off. I assure you there will always be many more thought provoking comments shared in the future on this site. Please stay tuned.

    I for one have still not finished this doc. Quite long but worthwhile so far.

  85. @Dr. Dunkleosteus

    Good job on the twisties. I have owned too many bikes over the years to name right now as I know we are supposed to keep our comments relevant to the documentary. This afternoon I was out on my Honda xr650L. You sir are the owner of two fine steads! I am sure I don't need to remind you but, always rubber side down my friend! Ride aware & safe.


    I knew you would figure out the twisties. Twisties are roads that have character & curves that make owning & riding a motorcycle fun & worthwhile when you can't be on the track. Always ridden with utmost respect for other motorists, caution, due diligence & of course within the speed limit. You were very close with your guess. I usually tell people I live on an island in the Pacific & leave it at that. It conjures up all sorts of misdirected ideas. I feel somewhat safe here at Top Docs & with my brother & sister docophiles so I will tell the truth. I live in Victoria, B.C. Canada on Vancouver Island & have ridden motorcycles most of my life.

    BTW a great vintage read for anyone interested is Ted Simon's "Jupiter's Travels", an epic adventure from the 70's. That book inspired me to make a global journey on a motorcycle back in the mid 80's however a serious accident (car vs. my motorcycle) prevented me from following that dream. I'm not too old yet & in pretty good shape again so who knows?

    Vlatko, please forgive the personal, non-pertinent comments. I will endeavor to stick to the topic in the future.

  86. What is going on here,where are the intelligent comments relating to the videos? This isn't Face Book here.Granted it is altogether wonderful to converse with anyone in so friendly a manner,this isn't really the right place for it. I mean no ill will to anyone here at all.

  87. Oh right yeah twisties .... of course...... twisties. Its obvious now.......... twisties............................ what the hell are twisties?

  88. @Imightberiding

    Twisties is a dead give away, you're a motorcyclist!

    I'm jealous of your climate, it just snowed 2 or 3 inches here in Kentucky, but last week I was out riding as well. Heated grips are a must!

    So what do you ride? Sport bike? Cruiser? Dual sport? Moped?

    I ride a Honda CBR600RR and a CBR929RR myself. I wish I could go out now, but it looks like I'll be parked until the temperature gets above 40.

  89. Lovely comments!!!

  90. does the doc cover the west bank & gaza & current relations with the palestinians too?

    or is it just soft soap?

  91. Cheap servers Karra.

  92. Oops! Sorry, thought I lost my other post. Looks like it made it. Please ignore this.



    Close but you don't get the cigar. :-)

    @Kara Kittle

    I have many times. :-)

    OK, back to the doc for me.

  93. @Ramus

    I'll give you a few hints. I live in a relatively urban environment, not on a farm. Nearby are scenic country roads with world class views of the Pacific Ocean, mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes & coastal rain forests. Last but not the least are the many twisties too! The climate is generally moderate, so this sort of activity can pretty much happen year round.

    Oh yes, almost forgot to add; I am a dude & do not care for house work. Also I am not involved in the dark arts. I trust this gives you a better idea of what "Imightberiding". :-)

    This looks like a long one so I'm back to the doc. Cheers!

  94. Yahudah, your cousins are coming back, I am ONLY ONE from the lost tribes of Ysrael. Prepair and make room in the Mountains of Ysrael. YHWH BLESS OUR PEOPLE.

  95. yeah I ride here, out in the aussie bush: wouldn't wanna ride no place where ya getted stopped at bloody big wall - with M.50's... Hell, that'd feel like living on a turd in a sea of Arabs.

  96. Well I'm from England and have no idea what a twisty is but I'm gonna guess your a Canadian from British Colombia and you ride a horse.

  97. Intresting people.

  98. Why do all youtube videos take forever to load and always lag?
    None of the other sites do that.

  99. @ Imightberiding

    Were you riding on the Road Less Traveled? LOL.

    Happy Hanukkah.

  100. @Ramus

    I'll give you a few hints. I live in an urban environment, not on a farm. Lots of wilderness nearby with fabulous scenic routes along quite country roads with world class views of the Pacific Ocean, mountains, lakes, rivers, & coastal rain forests & last but not least, great twisties too! Oh ya & I'm a dude & hate house work. Also not involved in the dark arts.

  101. What might you be riding? A horse? A Motorbike? A broomstick? ......... I'm just curious :)

  102. So, two Jews walk into a bar......

    Come on people, I couldn't resist. I just got in. I might have been out riding. I saw the new doc & no one has commented yet. I had to be first. :-)

    I shall make some tea to warm up from the wind outside & watch this film. Looks very interesting to me. Thanks Vlatko, for what at least to me looks like it could be a good one. I'm sure the comments will be equally entertaining if not heated as they have been of late.