The Jihadist Next Door

The Jihadist Next Door

2016, Religion  -   15 Comments
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Radical Islamist organizations are sprouting up all over the world; perhaps even in your own backyard. The author of this film attempted to infiltrate one such extremist group in Britain. Over the course of two years, he gained unfettered access to their inner workings, and even rubbed shoulders with one of the most notorious ISIS militants on the international stage. The new documentary The Jihadist Next Door is the chronicle of this investigation.

When we're first introduced to Abu Rumaysah, he could pass for any working-class family man. Then he invites us into his storage unit where he keeps flags and other memorabilia representative of the Islamic State. A young father of four who operates a children's party supply business, Rumaysah has been radicalized for over a decade, and is a strong advocate for the implementation of strict Sharia law in the United Kingdom. He threatens escalating waves of violence if the British government continues in their attempts to oppress and persecute members of his movement. Rumaysah will soon be known across the globe by a different name - Siddhartha Dhar - after he participates in the taped execution of suspected spies against ISIS.

The film shows us the growing tensions and physical altercations that result when Kurdish activists butt heads with radical Islamic recruiters on a busy public street. We're given insights into the philosophy of these radicalized figures, and we learn of their motivations for fighting against a democratic system that they feel unfairly marginalized and stigmatized by. One interview subject responds to the horrendous Paris attacks as an example of "the chickens coming home to roost."

The underground movement we witness brewing in the UK is just a single stitch in the fabric of a worldwide tapestry of homegrown terrorism. The Jihadist Next Door provides a platform from which a few of these terrorist sympathizers can plead their case, which is a dynamic that creates great conflict within the filmmaker himself. But with ISIS-inspired attacks on the rise in various regions around the world, it would be irresponsible of us to avoid a deeper understanding of the dark forces we face.

Directed by: Jamie Roberts

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3 years ago

Wow what a propaganda. So now UK accepting sponsering paid ISIS members to degrade other nations like Pakistan and also defaming Islam. Death to these people and death to their bosses who are sponsering them.
pakistan zindabad

3 years ago

lol Muslims leaving mosque and telling hes a liar. he openly promoting isis yet govt. not letting them leave or arrest? clear example of propaganda againest Islam. When muslims left mosque and asked not to buy whats hes selling why then author creating major issue and creating islamaphobia.

4 years ago

Jihad is good voor All men kind .

5 years ago

Just propaganda. There is no terrorism. Just state run events. Hoaxes like woolwich. False flags like wto.

6 years ago

i got an idea, the next time these terrorists stick their asses up in the air to pray they're free to stick their sharia law and everything about them you know where

manuel George
6 years ago

Send them home. If you have a problem with democracy go to pakistan.

Michel Polnicky
7 years ago

The media shouldn't give him any coverage at all
He wants to leave the UK give him back his passport and escort him to the plane then confiscate is passport, who are they to judge us by waht authority do they do it ''allah'' well f**k him and is flying horse, I live in Canada and if I would see a m*ron like that on a street corner well...he would be eating out of a staw for a heck of a long time I guarante it, these m*rons immigrate to a Country and don't have the respect to obide by the laws and culture as they are immigrants they should embrace the opprtunity's given to them the f**king guy is on welfare, if this guy violates his parole cutt him off period. stop talking and tyake action if you want to defeat them, further more it should be mandatory that they pass a test on the history of the Country they want to migrate to and if they don't pass the*t out of luck go back to your sandpit and try again in a hundred years.
I think that it is well overdue to make changes on immigration laws and civil laws that would stop them to recruite on the streets if it was me that would a mandatory sentence of ten years hard labor no free ride on the tax payers money, just look at how they treat people from the west in there jails years without a trial and for minor offenses at that.
NO NO and NO !

David Tomesek
7 years ago

These radicals are 100% the problems we face around the globe. He is purportedly a sufferer of chronic fatigue syndrome and lives off of the government checks they (the UK) stupidly send to him. In the entire show, nowhere do they show this "business" of being a "childrens party supplier"? So where is the business located? And furthermore, he doesn't seem very tired to me. His friends describe him in the film as a "Machine" and that he just keeps going and going and never stops. I have personally know friends with this disease and "This Guy" obviously doesnt have CFS. I'd like to know who his doctor is!

Another point is the fact that their ISIS flag disappeared from existence after being stopped for Terrorist activities in the park? They claim to be so staunch in their beliefs but hide their real symbol of allegiance. They know who they truly are and manipulate all they come in contact, and lie through their teeth, which by the way is mandated in the Koran. All of them need to be eliminated. The governments around the world need to start making these people disappear just like their flag did. I hope they are able to view these comments, because I believe that there are great numbers here in America that will be waiting for the opportunity to solve this problem once and for all.

You fools in the UK invited these idiots into your country and now are being overwhelmed by it. We in the USA are fighting our own government (O'Bama and Hillary and the Democratic Party as well as many fool Republicans) who are willing to sacrifice the security of the people in our country for the sake of a few votes to stay in power. I urge all in the USA to take a good look at this film and understand who you are voting for and the stance they have on brining in more and more of these radicals. When you bring in un-vetted people you are without a doubt bring these types with them.

It may only be a small percentage but only one of them can do grave damage to many. We now have entire settlements in many areas around the USA and cities, like Dearborn, MI that are havens of radicals waiting for a date to arrive to make their move against us. If your not yet armed, you need to get armed for the sake of your own safety, the safety of your family, friends and your country. That day will come and you will need to be ready. They have now been here a very long time and are prepared, and will continue to train.

There are more than 22 compounds around the country (that we know of) that they have built over the last several years by legally using our laws against us. They are not stupid people and they are very determined. They come here, they live off our benefit programs, our educational systems, and medical systems while they plan and train for the day they are to attack us. You may think that I am paranoid, but all you have to do is look around and pay attention to what is going on in our country. Its not hard to see. It is time for the American citizens to wake up and get ready for the war they are planning against us!

7 years ago

Amazing that UK allows this jihadi preaching on the streets of London. The lot ought to be excised like a boil and sent to a Muslim country or better taken into an alley and sent to paradise.

7 years ago

This is shameful. People like this are an embarrassment.

Norm DePlume
7 years ago

He ain't going anywhere he can't pick up his JSA. Looks like he's stuck in Walthamstow.

7 years ago

Everyone of these Muslim cross dressers are collecting British Welfare Payments

7 years ago

Quite obvious that bigger part of this people does't work. All they do is Tha BuLL...
Totaly unnecesary. Move them back to desert, they can continue not working and twisting their mouths there.

7 years ago

The book is vile, just like many other books from Jerusalem and Ganges. The problem is - readers of this specific book are so much brain washed they their brain dies of malnutrition. An India Hindu converted to ultra-terrorists mind set, just by reading this book.