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Jimi Hendrix: Live at Woodstock

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In 1999, when Experience Hendrix (the family company that now controls Jimi's legacy) released the DVD entitled 'Jimi Hendrix Live at Woodstock,' they claimed that the contents of that DVD was all that remained of one of the most important musical historical documents of all time.

Woodstock was a cultural moment, and Jimi Hendrix played the most important role of that moment. EH claimed that the unused footage was thrown out. I said at the time that it was untrue, as that wasn't the type of thing that anyone would have thrown out.

Happily, about that I was correct, because in the 2-DVD set entitled 'JImi Hendrix Live at Woodstock,' all of the remaining unused footage has now been released, and incorporated into the pre-existing footage.

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  1. Aj

    he is on acid ....last part is amazing...! legend!

  2. Aj
  3. Aj

    this is the site i wos lookinf for...!

  4. Ossie
  5. Ossie

    Amazing performance!!! First time im listening to hendrix and all i got to say is amazing.

  6. Eff
  7. Eff

    Who'da thought? The Second Coming of Christ Would play a Fender Strat Upside-down And make it Heavenly electrifying!!!


  8. Randy
  9. Randy

    Jimi was one of those rare guitarists that can take an instrument that, really, a hundred people in 200 can learn to play...

    But man... his talent was just... it was beyond the mechanics... he was IN the playing!

    You know what I mean? It was like, you could hear one note, and know it was Jimi playing...

    Santana is the same way. Their own unique style!

    And Jimi never liked his own voice, but I think he was a GREAT vocalist.

    I'm just sayin'...

  10. jsnmagar
  11. jsnmagar


  12. lauri
  13. lauri

    this is supercool...!!!

  14. Knud Sandbæk Nielsen
  15. Knud Sandbæk Nielsen

    Finally I know what went on between the tracks released om "Woodstock", the double album (1971).

    I see the footage that show a second guitarist and two percussionists I never heard on the record.

    Things that sounded like magic have obvious and different reasons than the things I magined, back then.

    You see, I thought every last detail was on purpose, music sweet music slipping through fingers of a divinity with six cobra heads and the wholy trinity in front, facing all eventualities...

    Because back then, that's what it sounded like! My heart was crying with every slip of his thumb, not over the war, just overall and in general.

    And his voice and his guitar combined were the choir of my deepest soul chapel, breaking all barriers of reason and crying out love in alle its pain and promise.

    Nice movie.

  16. Doug Erhard
  17. Doug Erhard

    everything Eric Clapton did, Jimi did left-handed............and black...........................and better.

    Apologies to Ann Richards.

  18. Maxime Ramaekers
  19. Maxime Ramaekers

    Bugger! It won't play :(. I've seen a video of his gig in Monterey, and that was AWESOME, but I bet this one is even better, I'm downloading it from another site, but it takes hours ...

    He. Is. A. Legend.

    He is just amazing. No words to discribe him and his magnificent talent.

  20. Drew
  21. Drew

    Nobody can play music while on acid, at least not the kind of acid we did in the 60s, wayyy tooo intense to play anything..

  22. Drew
  23. Drew

    Jimi wasnt on acid at Woodstock, I guess you have never dropped acid otherwise you would know what you can and cannot do while trippin and one thing ya cant do is play guitar like that while flyin. Jimi was the master of the electric and may he rest in peace, he took me to places while i was trippin as we used to lie down on the floor close our eyes while trippin and play Jimi loudly those were the days my friend we thought they,d never end...

  24. fender24
  25. fender24

    The only guitarist i know of who could match jimi's talent at the time is Duane Allman And Albert King. Ive never been a huge fan of Jimi really but what people does today jimi did without effects!, awsome.

    my favorite guitarist's: Michael Schenker (Scorpions, UFO) Neil Young, Joe Bonamassa, Nick McCabe (the verve), Chris Schafer (Lights Out Asia)


  26. Kateye70
  27. Kateye70

    I forgot how amazing he was...and how young...*sigh*

  28. James Robert Edwards
  29. James Robert Edwards

    Best axe man ever, no more to say

  30. James Robert Edwards
  31. James Robert Edwards

    Got ya, the acid was top in the 70's, too. At least for me

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