John and Yoko's Year of Peace

John and Yoko's Year of PeaceAmazing that a nearly hour-long film about a Beatle that contains almost no music could still be worthwhile, but that's the case with John & Yoko's Year of Peace.

The year in question is 1969, when the newly married couple staged the notorious "bed-in" at a Toronto hotel to promote their somewhat naive but sincere campaign for world peace; they then moved on to Montreal, where "Give Peace a Chance" was recorded in another hotel room, before returning to Toronto, where Lennon (accompanied by Eric Clapton and others) became the first Beatle to perform in concert without his mates.

There's no film of that event here, but there is a great deal of other Lennon footage, revealing him to be utterly honest, unpretentious, gentle, and approachable.

Ono and others who were there recall the events in interesting interviews conducted around the time of this 2000 documentary, but it's the scenes from '69 that make this an invaluable document. (Excerpt from

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  1. Max

    Amsterdam is a nice city, I've never been to Canada though.

    My Father liked his music. So do I.

  2. Heather
  3. Heather

    Just for the record... John and Yoko's bed-in was held in Montreal, Canada.... NOT Toronto. Just noticed this in the blurb about this doc.


  4. Sleepless in Toronto
  5. Sleepless in Toronto

    Heather maybe you should watch the doc before your correct the facts. You might learn something.

  6. john holme
  7. john holme

    @ Heather: did you even watch the doc. ? Don't go spread the darkness

  8. TK
  9. TK

    Curious that John Lennon should give his life for peace and after watching this man give so much of his himself it boggles the mind how vicious the responses are to Heather. Could there not have been a more gentle and less mob-like way of doing this.

    Anyway, very clearly we can count that over 600,000 US citizens have been killed with weapons since Lennon's assassination. How many since? And, how many times do people, endure psychic assassinations? Watch the doc again people.

  10. Eleanor Rigby
  11. Eleanor Rigby


    (If you want it)

  12. Cameron Mcgee
  13. Cameron Mcgee

    Its sad how easily this can be forgotten...

  14. Gary V
  15. Gary V

    It's such a shame that it's over 40 years & nothings changed.

  16. Christie_M
  17. Christie_M

    I believe they were neither naive nor simple-minded in their movement, communication, and intentions. Complicating what should/CAN be the simplest concepts (i.e. survival, humanity, etc.) is what has brought us to the point at which we are today. They may not have fixed the problems of the world over night or even within 40 years, but we can't say things haven't changed. Small drops make huge ripples that go on in history. This wouldn't be a documentary if they didn't make a difference. I'm proud to be conceptual enough to appreciate what they've done and to follow in their foot steps, and I believe anyone else who is doing the same should be proud as well. <3 Lennon <3 Peace, positive thinking and "naivety"

  18. Georgie Porgie
  19. Georgie Porgie

    the footage collected in this documentary is truly important for one simple reason: it's the crucial point in time when this musical genius gradually lost it.

  20. betsyej.lee
  21. betsyej.lee

    It was a different world,folks!it was the sixties,and people were"t so violent like they are,now.I grew up in the sixties,but missed this film from that era.I think it"s interesting to look back(to this film),and see what I missed from nineteen sixty,it's my time to,yeah!that was the 6o"s,all right!

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