John Pilger: Real Journalism

John Pilger: Real Journalism

2012, Media  -   30 Comments
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John Richard Pilger is an Australian journalist based in London. Since his early years as a war correspondent in Vietnam, Pilger has been a strong critic of American, Australian and British foreign policy, which he considers to be driven by an imperialist agenda.

Pilger has also criticized his native country's treatment of indigenous Australians and the practices of the mainstream media.

In the British print media, he has had a long association with the Daily Mirror, and writes a fortnightly column for the New Statesman magazine.

Pilger has twice won Britain's Journalist of the Year Award, and his documentaries, screened internationally, have gained awards in Britain and worldwide, and the journalist has received several honorary doctorates.

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Cindy-Lou Dale
7 months ago

John Pilger is one of the last great journalist. Sadly today the trade is all about Insta-likes, favours, promotion, advertisers, and money.

John Pilger
1 year ago

Thank you all for your great comment and support so far. You all are great and I appreciate your efforts. follow me more on our email group chat to get all the latest updates. and we would be honored to have great people like you in the email chat group. thanks

5 years ago

Greetings to Mr Pilger
you have my admiration for your works to the fullest extend

6 years ago

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Peter Johnson
6 years ago

I am cool with it

Peter Johnson
6 years ago

I think it is time that the world record the people who no we have problems and now we have made weapons that will have the last word enjoy time left

6 years ago

I love You John Pilger. You are brave man and bestowed wisdom and a real journalist.

7 years ago

this great selfless man deserves a Nobel Prize more deservedly than Obama or De Klerk

7 years ago

This documentary should be shown as part of our childrens education system, so they understand where the real evil stems from & not the lies we have been fed for way too long from the corporate mainstream presstitute medi.

8 years ago

John Pilger is a rare gem...he is not one to be intimidated, threatened, bought or manipulated. His work is always truthful, he says it as he sees it. If more journalists were more like him, we would have been in a much better place. Make no mistake..most journalists share Pilger's opinion (if not all), they'll share it with friends and family but hide it from the public. Unfortunately a lot of them are bought these days. This is why laws are made and changed without the public knowing a thing, that's why most people would know what's Taylor's Swift latest song is but very very few would know what's the last treaty Tony Abbott signed with EU was about...and that's how governments like it.

Letem Dangle
8 years ago

Journalism was built on lies. People who present the truth get fired.

Milanka J Sullivan
9 years ago

You knockers of this Documentary `REAL JOURNALISM` are NOT listening.

Arthur Seaton
10 years ago

I'm a big, big fan of Pilger but this documentary is poorly edited together, cutting off after important statements and is very biased. I switched off when he talked about 'objectivity' because there's none of that in the editing. This is a poor representation of his incredible contribution to journalism.

Rachid Talal
10 years ago

How come that the left wing seems to be and to sound as if it was sincere , genuine , honest and true nowadays , especially after its historic and idelogical defeat ,while this same left was a real intolerant fascist monster under the Soviet Union ?

How come that almost only powerless people and powerless movements , groups ...seem to be genuine ...true ...honest...

We know indeed that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts ...absolutely.

It's all power and politics nowadays , folks , unfortunately enough .

Rachid Talal
10 years ago

John Pilger is a real ray of light in this tunnel darkness of today's journalism .He sounds a bit gay and naive sometimes though ,even though he might be a hetero and a pragmatist .....

Rachid Talal
10 years ago

Hi, folks:

I did not watch the video yet ,but there is 1 thing i can already tell you, guys ,as follows : Al Jazeera was/is seiously discredited during and after the US orchestrated ( A fact ) so-called Arab spring : Al Jazeera served / serves the bias political and other interests or agenda of Qatar ( and those of SA and the other oil rich gulf states against Iran ..)where its HQ are situated .

Qatar and the rest of the oil rich gulf states are remote US states in fact , serving the interests of the US ...

No wonder that the biggest US military base in the gulf region is in Qatar ,No wonder that the US fifth fleet is situated in ...Bahrain , the latter that continues to oppress its majority shiaa population , enjoying the indulgence of the US in that regard...

Al Jazeera is no longer a credible source , but a bias full of lies ,deceit ,manipulations and brainwash propaganda machine -factory , unfortunately enough .

I will take a look at the above mentioned video anyway , just for the sake of curiosity .

Take care and do use use your God given critical mind by the way .

10 years ago

John Pilger goes to areas that angels fear to tread.
He is an incredible journalist.
Reporting from the field, not reading the news from a teleprompter
in an air condition studio.

James Buffalo
10 years ago

Who made you King? It is so very enlightening to be able to experience truth. Not sure what planet thingainthingagain is coming from. It always scares me when one keeps taking the low, worn road.

10 years ago

It is not a journalist's job to report the "truth". It is a journalist's job to report the facts.

Sean Finn
10 years ago

One of the docos in the editor's picks section, Julian Assange in conversation with John Pilger, is brilliant. You can tell they both respect one another quite alot

Wayne Siemund
10 years ago

He would never make it in the corporate news organizations of the US. Telling the truth is secondary to supporting an empire.

10 years ago

I remember him now its all coming back to me. I was in Nam and the segment that this doc covered brought back the whole dynamics the feeling of that period in my life.

10 years ago

I like this man very much, he reeks wisdom.