Julian Assange In Conversation With John Pilger

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Julian Assange In Conversation With John PilgerAn extended interview with Julian Assange recorded during filming of John Pilger's latest film The War You Don't See.

The attacks on WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, are a response to an information revolution that threatens old power orders, in politics and journalism.

The incitement to murder trumpeted by public figures in the United States, together with attempts by the Obama administration to corrupt the law and send Assange to a hell hole prison for the rest of his life, are the reactions of a rapacious system exposed as never before.

The US Justice Department has established a secret grand jury just across the river from Washington in the eastern district of the state of Virginia. The object is to indict Julian Assange under a discredited espionage act used to arrest peace activists during the first world war, or one of the war on terror conspiracy statutes that have degraded American justice.

Judicial experts describe the jury as a deliberate set up, pointing out that this corner of Virginia is home to the employees and families of the Pentagon, CIA, Department of Homeland Security and other pillars of American power.

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  1. Excellent documentary that I could play over and over again. There's so much to learn from this quiet conversation - too bad most people - especially 'experts' on talk shows - don't have conversations this way.

    Now my gripe: Assange has this irritating habit of smacking his lips when he speaks. I'm okay with John's hmm's and find it to be an inviting way of engaging in a conversation while not disrupting the train of thought of the speaker. But the smacks? NO NO NO!

    1. Aaaarrrrggghhh.... I hadnt noticed the smacking by Assange until I read your comment lol

    2. The sad thing is when you hear it, you can't unhear it. Haha

    3. Or just dont be so bothered with it. The man he is, is so much bigger than that tiny little annoyance to some. I REALLY dont give a hooten hell if hes playing a flute while talking...i love this guy too much!

  2. so long as their are people like these who can put themselves in the shoes of victims we will always have those who fight for good in the world through peaceful means - we should support their effot in fighting the powerful oppressor as they do.

  3. I think everyone need a John Pilger "Hmm..." button to use when listening to people.

  4. Don't like either of these two. I prefer the BBC Doco, exposing Assange for what he is. A Narcisisstic *****. But I still like him a tiny bit more than Pilger. I'm not saying he hasn't done some good, but still, he has done just as much damage, and appears to me as a spoiled immature brat. But hey, Just my opinion.

    1. Ridiculous statement to make. What damage has Assange done exactly. There is no blood on his hands. A spokes person for the white house has admitted that there was absolutely no personnel injured/killed due to the Manning Leak. Not a one. What Assange has accomplished is revolutionary, the like we have never see before. Literally, putting the war in Afghanistan in high resolution for the world to see. Not to mention, he has made it safe for good people to expose corruption on any scale. William Bowman, all in all, your simply too thick to even comprehend the enormity of Assange's efforts.

    2. Hi Alan. "THICK!" you say? I am most certainly not. And if that's your assumption, then that tells me more about you actually. I, unlike many, do not follow any one cause, govt, people/race, religion etc.So that gives me a totally unbiased viewpoint on issues. Sure, initially I thought the Wikileaks release of the Heli Gunship massacre video, was great. And still do. And cheers to Manning for risking all for his strong beliefs. (He's got far more balls than most supposed more masculine males) Im no Pentagon fan. "AT ALL". But Assange's actions since, have left me wondering about him. The man himself. Its as if Wikileaks has been turned in to a personality cult. As for the Swedish charges? I have no idea. I dont and wont give opinions about what I know not enough about. BUT... After watching the BBC "Expose", it was very eye-opening indeed. A Question; Have you seen it? I will arange for you to see it if you havent already. I make my mind up, base my opinions, on what I actually see and experience, and gain extra knowledge by reading, watching many news and documentary channels and sites, and then through much thought.= and pondering, and talking, writing. So, Thick!! Says more about you than me I believe. Still if you do reply, respectfully, I am happy to set up a link for you to view it. So the ball is in your court. I enjoy intelligent debates, respecting others views etc, and hope we can have mutual respect for each other. Look forward to your response. Bye, W.B. ChCh NewZealand.

    3. William. First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my insult. That is a sincere apologies and you are indeed correct, I only expose my own stupidity and vulgarity by insulting you.Also, to answer your question, I can certainly respect you, as I have inkling we have certain similarities and interests. Such as this Assange/Wikileaks,campaign and their motives.

      I also scour the web, watching, reading and researching. All in all, my motivation is truth.
      and no,I haven't see this BBC Documentary and I would appreciated if you could include the link in your reply, if you reply of course.

      However, I can tell you this. I've watched hours of first person footage of Assange. I've also listened to a considerable amount of his radio interviews and Dictaphone recording from Assange and Journalists. I know he has sacrifice much and more on his pursuit for justice and I urge you to research some of his success. They are truly noble and makes him worthy of true respect. Now I don't mean to strengthen your argument for this "cult" of Assange's followers. In any case I am indeed a massive fan of Assange and Wkileaks, however to label me, a member of a cult is degrading at best, dehumanization at worst.

      I'm also European, from Ireland to be specific. Assange first came to my attention long before the Manning leaks. Assange was able to topple massively corrupt banking operations in Iceland and Switzerland. He did this by the help of whistle blowers. All whistleblowers have remained anonymous and safe today. So impressed were the people of Iceland, They let Assange write up the Freedom of Information Act,2010 which enables the people of Iceland complete transparency and anti censorship in the media.
      I'm not going to list all of Assange's work, it's all on the web. I believe it's very possible you have your mind made up on Assange and I'm not going to convince you otherwise and vice versa. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. I wish you luck.

    4. I dont understand what has happened Alan. I posted my response, with the link and the name of the doco, and all was fine. I waited for approval, then it was up. An hour or so later, I edited it, just to say thanks to the moderaters for allowing me to post the link, (As is it crucial to this topic) THEN after I thanked them, my whole post has vanished??? I dont get it. Can someone please explain? Im baffled.

    5. your post contained a link so when you edited it went back to moderation. nothing personal

    6. Thanks for clearing that up. You had me worried. Thanks for the quick answer too.

    7. Ridiculous statement to make. What damage has Assange done exactly. There is no blood on his hands. A spokes person for the white house has admitted that there was absolutely no personnel injured/killed due to the Manning Leak. Not a one. What Assange has accomplished is revolutionary, the like we have never see before. Literally, putting the war in Afghanistan in high resolution for the world to see. Not to mention, he has made it safe for good people to expose corruption on any scale. William Bowman, all in all, your simply too thick to even comprehend the enormity of Assange's efforts.

    8. By the way Alan, I forgot to take you to task over your comment, Quote, "Not to mention, he has made it safe for good people to expose corruption on any scale" Are you serious Alan?? Or are YOU actually the thing you initially called me!! Ask Ed Snowden, if he is/or has been safe doing what you claim has been now made "Safe" I really respect these guys, Manning, Snowden, etc. But... Where do they flee to?? (Excluding Manning) Extremley Questionalble Autocratic nations, where freedom of the press is "Muted", But Assange, still made a claim, that AlJazeera, (I agree) and RTD Russia Today, are the only true free and honest global media institutions. Of course he left out the BBC, as they have been critical of him. Funny huh? Personal feelings maybe? what do you think? Or DO you think? Love to hear back. What you think. All replies welcome, good or bad. Cheers Alan, W.B.

  5. "The goal is Justice. The method is transparency."

    Pilger does a great job of allowing the story to be told... Assange does a great job of telling it.

    No frills, no thrills - straight dialogue on issues that are at the center of our modern world, personal and global.

  6. The corruption in the American political machine, is no longer a strictly American issue. The effects of corruption are felt throughout the world. We the citizen's of America, must take responsibility for not keeping our "dog" on a leash.

    We had freedom and did not respect the responsibilities that go along with it. Greed and large ego's led many to leave the prize unprotected as we were lured into a chase of the almighty dollar.

    The last honorable president our nation has known was John F. Kennedy. He tried to warn us in a speech given a few days before he was murdered. He spoke of a "conspiracy" within our borders and the power of its member's.

    But the people of this country have become so arrogant and desensitized by the American Media that they cannot use logic and common sense to form an original opinion any more.

    The whole world would be laughing if it weren't so pitiful and our army didn't have so many arms manufacturers happy to keep us in weapons.

    You see we are the school yard bullies. Always ready to fight and dumb enough to be easily manipulated by the Media lies.

    So many things wrong in this country I could sit here pissing and moaning for quite some time. But what it all leads back to is one single issue. Who is really running the U.S. and controlling her government and her Army? We really need to understand the importance of this question because they are not stopping with America. They want it all!

    It is logically the most important political issue our country and its people should ponder Forget the republican, democrat, he said, she said, bulls*it. If you have to pop a ritalin to stay with me on this, go ahead.

    To understand who really runs our country and its puppet politicians all you have to know is who is in control of the dollar, literally. Who owns and manufactures the dollar? That would be the Federal Reserve. They picked that name for their group because it sounds like a government agency. But we all know it is not a government agency, right? As a matter of fact they can print as many dollars as they want when they want and loan it to whomever they want without permission from anyone. Of course the president of the U.S. could ask them, (the Fed.) to tell him who they loan dollars to or how many dollars they have printed at any given time. But they have never answered such questions in the past and I don't imagine they will now. Congress has never had any luck with getting those questions answered either.

    But there is one thing they will always be happy to tell you. What they have decided the prime lending rate will be. They set the prime lending rate. They decide. They control when they dollar will be strong and when it will be weak. One might then surmise that the Fed.also controls the illusion of economic freedom known as the stock market.
    Every U.S. bank sets its own Prime Rate. However, the Prime Rate
    is invariably tied to America's cardinal, benchmark interest rate:
    the Federal Funds Target Rate (also known as The Fed Funds Target
    Rate.) The Fed Funds Target Rate is set by a committee within the
    Federal Reserve system called The Federal Open Market Committee
    The FOMC usually meets every six weeks, and it is at these meetings
    that the FOMC votes on whether or not to make changes to the Federal
    Funds Target Rate. When the Fed Funds Target Rate changes, it is
    almost a certainty that the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate will
    also change. If the FOMC votes to make no changes to The Fed Funds
    Target Rate, then it is almost a certainty that the WSJ Prime Rate
    will also remain unchanged. Since the second quarter of 1994, a
    rule of thumb for the U.S. Prime Rate has been:
    U.S. Prime Rate = (The Fed
    Funds Target Rate + 3)

    September 18, 2013: The FOMC
    has voted
    to keep the target range

    for the fed funds rate at 0% - 0.25%. Therefore, the U.S.

    Prime Rate will continue at 3.25%. The
    next FOMC meeting

    and decision on short-term rates will be on October 30TH,
    2013.So who are the Federal Reserve?
    Do your own homework.

    1. I always viewed the Fed as a wing of the Illuminati. Or at least one of their tools. I think it is a mistake to view the Federal Reserve as the major single origin of all that is bad.

  7. thank god for those men who are sincere and stand against mans [governments] inhumanity to man,long live the truth and bless you julian assange,you are truly heroic

  8. I wonder if he mentions Bradley Manning...the man who took all the actual risk and gave him the files that made him famous...the man who he subsequently left to rot in solitary confinement.
    Assange is an ass...

    1. The 6 year old daughter of my ex has gotten into Iron man and spiderman in a big way lately. She told me a few days ago her favourite super hero is Iron man and asked me who mine was. I told her Bradley Manning. I'm hoping I've sown a seed worth tending.

    2. a_no_n: While Manning may be rotting in solitary confinement, Assange is rotting in a Portuguese embassy, and he isn't even an American citizen. It would seem that neither individual is fairing very well. You know the situation is bad when Edward Snowdon chooses Russia as his final destination for trying to wake up the American people. Perhaps your description of Assange needs to be re-evaluated!

    3. This Comment is being edited due to an error I mentioned in above post being corrected, therefore this post is redundant. It can be deleted, withdrawn, left unedited as it was before, or edited as it is now. Im not fussed. Thanks MODs for good MODDing etc.

    4. @William Bowman. You are correct regarding Assange's current location, my mistake, pardon the brain lapse. With that said, you seem to have quite a strong dislike for Assange; tell me, do you know him personally? Perhaps the media spin (FOX news) has created a personal bias for you towards him.
      For the record, Assange did go and deal with the situation in Sweden, and shortly after he was cleared and departed, they changed their tune from obvious American influence. Furthermore, (correct me if I am wrong) but Edward Snowden did not come back to the U.S to 'deal' with his situation, yet you expect Assange to act differently. (explain this contradiction, yes/no?) Perhaps Snowden hasn't returned to the U.S since he is no longer protected by the supreme court ruling regarding Daniel Ellsberg (1970's) and the 7,000 pentagon papers he exposed regarding an illegal war in Vietnam. - conscientious objector status. In other words, Snowden would never get his day in court since the infliction of the patriot acts 1 & 2 on the American people, and his own parents even know it.
      Since Assange and Snowden are both hiding, perhaps they are far more aware of the ramifications us 'arm chair critics' are not. (like being locked up forever without formal charges or legal representation - by the way, how is Bradley Manning doing?)Then again, if we all seen all the information that Assange and Snowden have, maybe they are both just better informed than most everyone else, and the risks that go with putting your head on a chopping block to make a moral stand! Any questions?
      P.S: You wish to question my actual knowledge, now lets see if you can dance!

    5. Thanks for getting back to me, and if I created any offence to you in any way, I apologise. You are correct, I do have a dislike for Assange. And, I have just recently responded to Alan F Gillane also. I dont hide the fact that Im not terrlbly knowledgable on the entire issue. In fact, Id be quite sure you know more about the whole thing than me. But its not so much Wikileaks and its actions I dislike, its Julian Assange. And as I said in my reply to Alan, Its something I cant quite put my finger on. But I do believe he is a narcissist, and self absorbed. Whether or not he was when he began Wikileaks, I dont know. Also, I acknowledge the good he has done, and for the record, I dont watch FOX, I dont get it here in NZ. But the BBC Panarama doco influenced me, even though I disliked him already, that doco gave me cause to believe my instincts were correct. C'mon, of course I dont know him personally. How many on this comment page do, do you think? And has the Sweden thing really been settled?? Are you sure? If so, why is he still hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy? I thought Sweden were still seeking his extradition. But Im no expert, I just do not like Assange, and its a bit tough in this forum where I am in a tiny minority. But I will put my case, as best I can, with what I do know. He went to Sweden and was cleared and departed you say? When did this happen. He hasnt left that embassy to my knowledge. And Snowden, of course he hasnt been back to the US. He did himself no favours by burning almost every bridge on the planet. I can only but defend my dislike of Assange, and referr you to the BBC Panarama doco I posted for Alan to see. Its only 29mins, so its not really in depth, but it is revealing. To me anyway. And I will rely on the BBC rather than FOX for any opinions I may or may not harbour towards a govt, a nation, or any individual. Nice to hear from you, sorry about my rather rude intro to my 1st reply to you, but in my defence, I did do quite a few replies that day. I just felt some balance was needed. I hope we can chat OK with no hard feelings. Watch that doco, if you find the link, and have a spare half hour. Have a good day, bye W.B.

    6. @William Bowman: Hey William, don't sweat it man, no offense taken. I Just wanted to see what kind of individual I was dealing with; and yes, sometimes my own diplomacy is nothing to be desired. (we are all a work in progress)
      I do understand the impact of a 'gut feeling', and sometimes they are hard to resist.(to ignore one's instincts is foolish at the best of times) I just have a healthy respect for those who are willing to stand against great odds, for great ideals.(something for us all to strive for)
      Happy to hear opinions from a New Zealander. (my best friend was born there) I am a born and bred Canadian who would love to check out the beauty of your country. (looks absolutely majestic in Lord of the rings)
      Note: I have seen someone worse on the dance floor - me! (my comment was just an expression - Canadian AAA)
      For the record, (as far as I know) Assange was charged while he was still in Sweden, and turned himself in. Once they checked his story and found the charges were not credible, they dropped them, and he left. It was only later after coercion from the American government that they re-instated them, and placed him on a special red flag list used for actual terrorists (they want him, and are using the Swedes to get to him) His unwillingness to go back is prudent to say the least. The fact he had to hide in a foreign embassy speaks volumes.
      I will see if I can hunt down the documentary you are referring to, and get back to you after I watch it. Either way, Assange is no one's fool, and perhaps that is why he comes across as he does. (confidence comes with a price)
      I am more than happy to chat with you regarding any documentary( no topic is taboo) and if I have nothing to offer, you will hear those first words of wisdom from me. (I don't know)
      Oh yes, I am glad to here you stay away from FOX; (bad doodoo) the BBC is a far better choice. Note: I have learned to question all of them on some level, (CBC included) but find the two of them still have some level of respectability unlike many of their counterparts. Good to hear from you, and keep the comments coming. (we all have something to offer, and to learn from one another) Take care, and best wishes William!
      P.S: I corrected my error, thanks for the heads up!

    7. Thanks for the reply, I wont write too much this time, I think Ive done my dash, and written really more than enough about my opinion. It is still hard to not reply though, for me anyway. That BBC doco, is 29mins long, and is still on youtube, I was gratefully allowed to post the link, in a reply to Alan F Gillane Above, just below a post from a MOD "over the edge", so you can find it there but I dont wanna push my luck and post it again. you need to push "see more" to get to the link. Alternatively you can search YouTube for - BBC.Panorama.2011.WikiLeaks.The.Secret.Story.
      NZ aint what its all cracked up to be, overpriced tourist targeting, not so clean n green, at all. Our rivers are a filthy mess now, due to our massively increased dairy sector... another story anyway. I think Canada would win hands down for beauty, just a shame about all that tar sand stuff, and what that does to your per capita carbon emissions. We have plenty of Hydro power, but our emissions are still too high, and our center right govt pulled out of Kyoto, and are flogging off more state assets. Shut up me!! Ok sorry, I'll leave it there.
      Cheers, Bye, W.B.

    8. Sorry, I just want to add that in no way do I condemn what any of these guys are doing, and I think it would be a great world where whistleblowers had true protection. And as for your last paragraph, I think is quite brilliant. I agree totally. (BTW how did you know I cant dance at all whatsoever? You would never see someone worse on the dancefloor)

    9. Assange gave Manning the ability and the platform to get his leak out. Assange also gave Manning all the opportunity to remain anonymous and safe. Manning however decided to post about the leak on his facebook account which consequently led to his/her immediate arrest...It wasn't Assange's fault Manning got caught. It is the whole point of wikileaks. To make it safe for whistle blowers to expose corruption, by remaining anonymous. GOAL=JUSTICE METHOD=TRANSPARENCY

    10. unless of course there's a girl out there who feels that she was raped...in that case anything goes and transparancy be damned, best to just hide in an embassy amirite?

    11. Thank you "a_no_n", are you a carpenter? you seem to be good at hitting nails on the head. Appreciate (And agree with) your comments. I would like you to read my 1 comment from 3 months ago, and my 3 posts/replies today. I think you will like. And I may need some support, as I addressed Alan F Gillane as did you. but he called me "Thick", and that is something I just have to address. And correct. Cheers a_no_n hope to hear from you. Bye. W.Bowman

    12. two girls actually, from Sweden. Both accused Assange of unlawful sexual conduct. Even though both women have admitted that sex was given with consent but then they changed their minds and sex was no longer given with consent. The Swedish prosecutor had investigated the case and decided to drop it. Suddenly, after the manning leak, another Swedish prosecutor picked up the case. Incredibly convenient that the day Assange published the leak, he'd be accused of Rape. Obvious smear tactics.

    13. so why hide? If it's as cut and dry as you seem to think then why bother hiding?

      Why not take it to court...rape prosecution rates are hideously low anyway. Chances are even if he did do it he would have gotten through court ok, and it would have all been over with, instead he dragged everything out by cowering away..

      It doesn't make much sense to spend months twitching the curtains at an embassy that you've overstayed your welcome at, especially over something you're innocent of.

    14. it's a good question, fortunately there's a good answer. If Assange does go to Sweden, regardless if he is proven innocent or guilty of rape, he will undoubtedly be extradited by the Swedish authorities to the states where he'll immediately face another sentence, which I fear would be extremely more final in its outcome and ultimately lead to the end of Assange before he has fully completed his work,,,
      what would you do, if you were innocent and in his position?
      Finally, Assange has promised that he will appear in court and answer these accusations, as soon as his work is fully completed and he believe it will be completed before the end of 2015

    15. the problem is that your entire point hinges on one word the twentieth in fact...Undoubtedly.

      you've used the wrong word there because it is very doubtable...that s a statement that is made entirely sans evidence. it is pure paranoid speculation and it's sole basis is the one man facing a conviction...that's very convenient.

      I also like the way that Assange seems to be able to decide for himself as and when judicial proceedings should take place...not even the bloody emperors got that right!

  9. I enjoyed this interview...found it informative, and was interested to hear
    Assange's own feelings when viewing footage of the helicopter attack in Iraq. How can anyone see this kind of brutality and not be outraged?

    The fact that information Wikileaks posts is porvided by people within the 'establishments' is proof that good people can still be outraged into action by brutality and corruption. This gives me hope for the future.

    We must have people like Julian Assange and groups like Wikileaks that are motivated and brave enough to stand up to rich and powerful bullies inorder for at least some truth to still be available to 'the quiet majority'. For that to be the case, we, 'the quiet majority', must protect these people and groups, and make our opinions clear to our governments, especially through our votes.

    Otherwise, as history has shown again and again, our governments quickly forget that they are employed to work for us and instead work for their own power and profit, very often to our detriment.

    Near the end of this interview, Pilger states that the US government spent $4.7 billion over the past 5 years on "winning the hearts and minds" of the American people. I wonder how much of that enormous sum was spent on feeding and housing the homeless, employment programs, high quality education, aged care and health facilities available to all ????

    Surely those are the things that would truely benefit and enoble people as well as reduce poverty and crime.....and just maybe, by reducing brutality at home, brutality elsewhere could also be reduced. That would be a constructive start to winning hearts and minds of people worldwide I think.

  10. This is what makes it so hard for most to get a grasp on what the leaders of the world are really about,in my opinion. They are so corrupt and the reason they can't see it is because they see a little deception to be OK as long as it is just business. Most have no ethics. Peace of mind and learning to deal with why you lose it is replaced by pharmaceuticals, and Hollywood.

  11. Assange plays a very safe game, don't expect we'll much hear about the Fed-UN-NATO-911-Israel-pipelines or poppies in afghanistan etc.
    just good 'ol nation/gov't/press bashing.
    same old same old
    -but I guess it's a step in the right directon.

  12. Normal Americans frequently label this man as a terrorist which is extremely scary. I don't think half of America realizes this man in on their side.

    1. That's because they spend their time faithfully watching either Fox News, CNN or MSNBC and believing they are informed.

      Those 3 are essentially the same thing: turd in different bowls.

  13. He only criticizes non factual evidence !

  14. America is very clever at creating believable bad guys.

    1. Assange does not admit 9/11 was an inside job. He criticizes conspiracy theorists.

    2. He "hides" in countries that the US controls, most recently Ecuador.

    3. His photos and videos are all very professionally produced and use film effects. Look at any of his photos on news stories. E.g. his face in front of a black background with dramatic lighting, shadows, and a mysterious facial expression.

    4. US politicians have talked about needing an i-9/11 in order to create stricter Internet regulation. Stricter Internet regulation has also recently happened.

    5. If the US government wants to get someone, they get them. Look at Che Guevara. Look at all the others who were anti-US, many being politicians of third-world countries. Why would they give Assange a high-profile, constant publicity campaign, fully-blown with high-level production video shoots and professionally done themed photos?

    6. Eustace Mullins says that whenever the media makes someone their darling, you know they are a compromised person. I have almost completely ignored Assange until now for this reason. "Osama, Osama, Osama!" then "WMD, WMD, WMD!" and now "Assange, Assange, Assange!".

    Keep your friends close, and your "enemies" on your payroll.

    1. Mr. Gates - you're assuming that because Assange hasn't been "gotten" by the US yet, that he must therefore be a
      "compromised" person. That means that even 1 second before Che Guevara was killed, you would believe that he was actually just an "actor" on the US orchestrated stage, and not a "real" rebel. Likewise, 1 second after he was killed, you would have to reverse yourself and say, "Hmm, he was killed by the CIA/USA, therefore he must have been real after all."

      I somehow can't trust your logic very far . . .

      You say that Assange is not hiding - but "hiding" - in Ecuador, and that it is a country that the US controls. Does it? I seem to recall that recent events, such as the rise to the presidency of Raphael Correa would indicate otherwise (or at least that Ecudaor is rebelling strongly against the US's imperial control). Raphael Correa has withdrawn all Ecuadorian troops from the infamous "School of Assassains" (WHISC) at Fort Benning, for example, and refused to allow the US to keep its military base in Ecuador (during Bush's rein) unless the US allowed Ecuador to have a base in Florida.

      I think you are taking Eustance Mullins's statement a bit too categorically. After all, Mullins himself was mentioned (and not disdainfully) back in the early nineties in THE NEW REPUBLIC in a short article describing the different theories (such as Mullins's) regarding President Bush's "new world order" speech. Does that make Mullins a suspect too? If Mullins had been mentioned more often in popular political/social magazines, would he thus be increasingly suspect the more coverage he received?

      I can understand a certain healthy sceptism regarding popular heros who get media attention, but what would one have to do or be in order to pass your "acid" test? Would one have to be a dead or imprisioned martyr? Would one have to be constantly disdained, or hunted?

      Personally, I think you go way too far in your interpretation of Eustance Mullins's statement.

  15. I believe in Australia where it is compulsory to vote, that NOT all our democratic choices are available. I believe we should also have a choice box of "NO Confidence" available. That way, we lessen the likely of donkey votes, persons dont just pick a popular party even though they dont believe and the governments, both present and the future will be aware that we are not happy with the way our (the public) representation is being meet.

  16. Great Interview, he is a smart man.

  17. Guest? You are absolutely right! This is about Julian, not the seemly absolute birthright Americans seem to think they have of this Exceptionalism, it is so disturbing. Who actually gives a hoot about them? Not the Southern Hemisphere, in Australia where l am from, and Julian Assange is my fellow country man, he has truly pulled the pants down of what America is really up too. To take an American and charge them for War Crimes? Oh good God No! How would that look people? Justice l say? batvette get your facts straight the children were critically injured, not killed, l find Americans War Maunderers, and the less they have to do with Australia the better and l am a 5th Generation Australian. Julian has just been awarded a very coveted award, so l think the Americans need to re-consider their tactics especially if they wish to stay on side with the Australian people also our Prime Minister, instead of sucking up to Americans just because she spoke in Congress ( Big Deal ) she wants to remember who placed her as Prime Minister. Australians! There are many more Australians on Julian’s side, we who are voters, best she mind who she watches out for. Most Australians in the age range of 19 - 30 don't give a hoot for America in fact have a great deal of Anti- American, unlike We the last of the baby- boomers, it's Generation X and Y especially Generation X, you have to look out for Prime Minister They dislike you and America. you bavette need to go and watch the lecture between Julian Assange and the Slovieian Philosopher Slavoj Zizec, it's very educational, oh l forgot l have spoken in one of your Schools and the first thing l was asked, when did l stop speaking Aboriginal and learn English and no this is God's Truth, do l still kill food with a harpoon, and you ask why l laugh? When you educate yourselves then you can start having an opinion on people like Julian Assange, you might then understand WHY. l find you hideous, there is a perfectly good reason why Julian Assange does what he does, because there is a supply and demand you fool? if the American people were not supplying Wikileaks with the materials from their own country, not wanting to tell the world what their country was up too, they wouldn't be stealing it and passing it on to Wikileaks and there simply wouldn't be a need for a Wikileaks would there huh huh? So in my view it would be You that should be looking to You're Government and start telling them not to be the Braggards and Rogues they are. Frankly the Whole World finds it extremely funny if it wasn't so Tragic. l don't know bavette, 2 Australians now, First Rupert Murdoch, well he did build Fox New Channel, we call Fox Entertainment Channel, the rest of the developed world sits down for the comedy channl we all go to Fox News, well it does only fit your Political System no where else in the World,it's a scream, very funny and now Julian Assange, You were once taken seriously America, not now, hardly. Can you fix it? Of course, get rid of the Tea Party hide your racisim, yes We all see it, close the curtains and re-open
    then when you all decide to grow upand think about your fellow man like most educated countries do. l think its time you also stop talking horse doo doo too, not a war crime, give me a break, that video was the most disturbing thing l have ever seen, you would be surprised what Australians know, so don't give that horses**t, they should have been courtmartialed and you know it, they would have been in a Commonwealth Country. See how Bent you are!
    l think that is the true message of Julian Assange.

    1. I tend to agree with most of what you say. But as a fellow Australian, we are not as innocent as many of us would like to believe. Bush should be up on war crimes, but right beside him should be Howard and Blair.
      The trouble with voting out Julia if you don't like her, is you'll only get someone else in that is just as bad if not worse. I hope Abbott never gets to be PM. If it was up to public opinion, Julia would never have replaced Kev.
      Regardless of right or wrong, public opinion or not, PM's will still do what they want. Menzies sent troops to Vietnam, and lied to the public. Howard did the same more recently. Our SAS do many things we will never know about, our fingers are in many pies too.
      It's hard for the public to enforce wanted morals on their government if they don't know the truth of what's going on. Whistle blowers should be praised, not harassed.

    2. We are still very lucky here my friend, The Australian Government works for us, at least we are not like America where the people work for their Government.In 2008 Bush pushed through a piece of Legislation through Congress, deep inside that Bill was a Full Pardon not only for Him but for his whole Administration, dating back to 2000-2008, they cannot be arrested for anything, even water boarding, that's a felony in America. They can't even be arrested for allowing the CIA to work on the soil of America, which is something that the CIA is definately not allowed to do.Blair is a Traitor to The Commonwealth, however even though l can't stand the ground he walks on Howard actually did Australia a favour without even knowing it, he made us all suffer for 13 years, now the GFC which was caused by New York and London, all over who was going to be the Top Dog of The Financial World, and has caused havic economically in America, UK and many parts of the world, look at Europe. Personally l think they should go back to their own money, but anyway the EU can be boring to talk about. the GFC only lapped up onto the sands of Our Great Continent, why? We are in surplus my friend, we are in Growth, our $ is worth more than the green back, thats not that good because it slows investment down, but not to worry, we have huge orders all over Asia especially China.Because we don't have any of the diseases that other countries have example Rabies, foot and Mouth, Mad Cows, the Demand for our meat is huge and Western Asia's demand for live export is huge, which is also helping our Mates New Zealand. At this present moment in time, we are becoming one of the few wealthiest countries. but never relax my friend, ya never know what's around the corner. The Indonesian President stepped on Our Terra Firma for the first time in History, he must be very worried about this American invasian. l am sue Indonesia and many other small countries to whom we give aid too remember what America did to them some decades ago. l am not Anti American, but l do think its time America started to learn to work in a team enviorment,Kevin Rudd was got rid off for a few reasons, one that was very dangerous and a shock to the Australian people and to China, he told Obama that yes Australia would attack China if they do, so naturally he was outed. Personally l think all Australians should vote for the Greens , l am this time round, the Greens keep these two party's honest, could you imagine Abbott? If we give more power to the Greens, they can block any wild ideas to which ever Party is in. Peace and Blessing to ya Mate.

    3. we don't work that hard for our govt., dude. it does all that s*it on it's own. anything we do just gets in the way. as for you folks in oz, you dance to the same drummer. your market share of ordnance is lower and that makes all the difference. read between the lines.

    4. "batvette get your facts straight the children were critically injured, not killed,"

      It's not clear to me how this is not an exercise in splitting hairs in lieu of debate of substance.

      " l think the Americans need to re-consider their tactics especially if they wish to stay on side with the Australian people "

      I'm confused now.

      "Who actually gives a hoot about them? Not the Southern Hemisphere, in Australia where l am from,"

      Yes, very much so. Oh look there now, isn't that a dingo? Better go check on yer baybee, mate, that dingo looks a bit full in the belly. Aren't stereotypes wonderful?

    5. Until we have to come down there and save your silly asses again. You sound like C. de Gaulle, who, it is said, never forgave the US for liberating Paris!

    6. Oh do let me tell you a story, it might sting a bit, but you’ll get over it. Once upon a time, quite recently really, it started last November, a country, who has only 2 Stars for its credit rating, one had been ripped of them, well quite frankly the rest of the world didn’t think this country could pay it’s debts. So that stuck them on the same level as Kosovo and New Zealand, however We always have the Kiwi’s back and they have Our’s. We are good close Mates. Most of the American Public don’t know about this, its only now it’s starting to slip out, but We have known and observed for ages, and We wondered, What ever are you up too now America? Then of course we realised “The Power Shift” Historically, this is quite normal, its happened for over 5000 years, even further back, America and her people were so focused on Western Asia and Israel screaming like a child to bomb Iran, and the Saudis asking President Obama to bomb Iran and they would say they did it, it’s no wonder Iran is getting a great deal of Sympathy from Non Muslims and Non Jews. Then of course President Obama asked 5 of the Wealthiest countries to come with him to Beijing to virtually tell China off and to pull their heads in , so America’s economy could start to work once again, well 8% Unemployment in such a large country is frightening. Australia was one of the countries asked, we said no, and so did the other 4 and one of them were America’s best mates the UK, fancy that? So President Obama had to do it on his own, why should 5 other countries go to Beijing about another country’s economics woes, when it was all self inflicted, l mean really, what can l say? Now lets do get back to what The American Government has sneakily and underhandedly done, let’s start at the Equator shall we? I love the title; “USA and its Allies. Strongest Power in Asia” yes America, the Power Shift is now in all of Asia, you were too focused on killing over 2 million Iraqi’s and Afghani’s, the Military guarding where the opium is grown in Afghan, it’s all Public Knowledge go look, and desperately trying to keep it a secret of the vein of Lithium that is there in Afghan, oh do you really think that the Continent of Australia is stupid? Now to the Countries, South Korea 685,000 America’s contribution of Troops 30,000. Japan 250,000 America’s contribution of Troops 40,000. Philippines 125,000 America’s Contribution of Troops 1000. They must be a bit wary of you blokes. Australia 85,000 America’s Contribution of Troops? They had to sign a 5 year contract first,Australia has allowed only 250 Troops in and at the end of the contract in 5 years there will be 2,500, and we have stuck you lot up in Darwin, can’t do too much damage there, and you are only allowed here in the dry season 6 months then off you go home, and come back in 6 months. We don’t trust you as far as we could kick you. Hawaii, which is the 50th State, you have 50,000 Troops just sitting there. Thailand 72,000 Troops American’s Contribution 100,000 Troops. South Vietnam 125,000 Troops, America’s contribution 90,000 Troops. Now if you are going to come back and say China is unstable and are fighting for the South China Sea and also the Korean Peninsular, then everyone is going to laugh at you, because we know the Real reason you lot have come down where you are not wanted, The Hyper-Wealth of Fossil-Fuels, Oil and Natural Gas Resources at Spratly Islands will Supply its Claimant Member Nations enough Oil-Petroleum, Natural Gas, enough Fossil-Fuels seen even visually on Satellite Images of the Spratly Islands shows Oil-Resources of Tropical Warm-Hot Spratly Islands is enough to Supply the Oil-Gas Industries for the next 100 years of Comfortable Fossil-Fuel Supplies to China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Brunei. So do you honestly now know why America is really down this way? These countries are all going to have a new partner whether you like it or not!!! I wouldn’t go to War with China, l know in the rule of War if you are at War with a country you owe money too, well the Debt gets wiped, all 15 Trillion of it, what a Cowards act. I also wouldn’t attempt to fight both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere at the same time. The Power shift has moved to another part of the World, deal with it, accept it and adapt to it. Oh just as a footnote, America has commanded that the UK follow with their Fleets.Do you honestly think The Commonwealth Nations down here are going to even raise an eyebrow because the UK is strolling in? Hardly! We will not allow Our Government to attack anyone over your Economy, we are sending millions to help fix Great Britain's Economy, but she is part of the commonwealth, and We will not attack Iran, just because you want the monopoly on Western Asia.

    7. Hmm. I tried to digest most of that. i really did. Originally the bit about - "quite frankly the rest of the world didn’t think this country could pay it’s debts. So that stuck them on the same level as Kosovo and New Zealand". Im assuming you are an Aussie, I am a Kiwi. I cant remember being on the same level as Kosovo? I know Aussie did very well during the GFC, but its in a bit of trouble now, and us Kiwi's are surging ahead. (In my opinion on the back of unsustainable centre right freemarket policies of course, which I dont support). But still, i do have intelligence, but not an education. So its mostly over my head that stuff. I know what I believe I know, but will never claim to know about that which I dont. And there is plenty I know little or nothing about. I do know, that we (NZ) rode out the GFC better than most, on the backs of Aussie. So thanks for that, if that means anything. Sorry about your poor ol' $ too. But your Aus businesses have been quite unfair lately to NZ, so much for CER. And you own all of our banks, and 1 of our 2 main supermarket chains, Countdown (Progressive enterprises) they are about to be forced to undergo a commerce commission investigation over mafia like tactics from squeezing NZ producers. Bring it on, they say. We've nothing to hide! We will see in time.
      Bye, TheWindsoftara, no hard feelings fellow downunderer. (With the University education. haha) GoodOnYa.

    8. As an ex serving member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), your current views on the Aust/US military alliance seems to be limited to what the US war machine propergander wants you to believe.

    9. Since you brought up WWII, here's an interesting fact your government hasn't told you, instead BS'd about. Australian Intelligence told your people that the task force that attacked Pearl Harbor had left it's harbors, DAYS before the attack. A surprise was it, really? No, it was in fact the exact opposite.
      Saved our silly asses? Go do your research on how the US troops fared in Northern New Guinea. See what the surviving Japanese had to say about their 2 enemies' actions there. (not to mention who actually provoked the fight in the first place.)
      Find out Aus actions in Korea, and who got a Presidential Citation at the battle of Kapyong. And you were saving our silly asses?
      Do your research on Vietnam, and the ADF compared to the US. Find out the NVA and VC's opinion of the two, AFTER the battles. (once more, who started that fight?)
      Why is it in more recent times that you are always asking for us to send our SAS?
      Much of what you call 'saving our silly asses' are fights you created, that you got us into. And you think you're saving us?

      The only thing more dangerous then the enemy in front of you, is the Americans behind you.
      A saying your allies have learned the hard way.

  18. Two of my heroes here.

  19. How did Obomba get nominated for a PEACE AWARD?

    1. @K7KTR,

      He got what you ain't got: Money.


    2. hate for Bush did that.

      pity we didn't walk away and allow saddam to demonstrate we were right. within 2 years he'd have begun receiving massive arms shipments from Russia and France and crashed the dollar after a world petroleum futures market opened in Paris, with oil from Iraq, Iran and Venezuela supplying it. As the Saudis are heavily dollar vested this crashes their economy hard too and the Royal Family is overthrown and in the ensuing confusion Saddam walks in and can control the straits of Hormuz at will.
      Not a lot different from how we destroyed the Soviet Union actually. Ronnie Raygun conspired with our Arab allies to fix the price of crude so low it broke the Soviet bank, as oil was virtually their sole source of revenue.
      As for Obama, hope and change, huh?
      google 25 top censored news stories of 1977 and 2010. Zbigniew Brezninski heads Rockefeller's trilateral group. AKA council on foreign relations. AKA who's your daddy?
      Funny thing about Brezninski, he also masterminded the plan to draw the Soviets into Afghanistan, and Reagan was not aligned with the CFR or Trilateral at all and wanted Gerald Ford as his running mate until at the 1980 GOP convention, a VP was assigned to him by the party, a relative unknown named George HW Bush. After winning in a landslide Reagan's cabinet was filled for him by people he didn't even know who happened to be- you got it, members of the tiny "trilateral commission" headed by Brezninski and part of Rockefeller's CFR.
      Then there's that strange koinkydink about Reagan's would be assassin being the son of a close personal friend of George HW Bush's, so close they had dinner the night before Reagan was shot....
      But all that is a conspiracy theory. Or is it?

    3. @batvette and anyone passing by,

      Have a look on that gibberish politic lesson.
      I just happens viewing "Nuremberg Trial".

      The movie with shots of the real trial, that contains also the talks between the prosecuted.
      Exact same delirium as seen here.
      Especially in the case of Herman Goering political rhetoric.
      Confusing everything to drown the fish.

      Totally off topic. The topic in this "Assange" docu is the publication of war crimes proofs that appear to distress Mr. "Bavette" and his gang.

      How hard is it to simply speak one's one mind and state that anybody who reveal USA war crimes will be "Exterminated".

      And for the US soldiers who refused to comit the war crimes, I have pity for them. It ain't easy to be confronted with a gang of beasts & thugs.

      No security issue is part of the hatred spitted out by Bavette about the chopper gunning down civilians with full knowledge of what he was he was doing.
      Better yet, he finish off the peoples who are dyring on the ground.

      Have anybody ever heard if that machine gun operator in that chopper was ever brough to court? The US army has the date & exact time to which it occured. It's right there on tape.

      Who's to talk about "Security" with such beasts?
      Only psychotics who get an erection of such sights.


    4. My comment was toward the fact that personnel in the military can not take it upon themselves to decide it might be a great idea to leak thousands of pages of classified documents, whatever is in them, since there are haters around the world like yourself who would use any opportunity to harm our interests.
      Haters who speak from complete ignorance. The helicopter pilot is not charged with war crimes because firing on a private vehicle evacuating what were thought to be enemy combatants is not a war crime.
      It is regrettable children were killed and those thought to be combatants turned out to be journalists. The journalists share part of the responsibility for this incident by walking around in and amongst armed combatants minutes before- and of course the long zoom lens of the cameraman did look just like an RPG from around the corner, no one disputes this.
      Why are you such a childish troll? You have to spew all this hateful rhetoric about other commenters, and can't stick to commenting on the issues?
      This guy doesn't know anything about the TOPIC anyway. He thinks the wikileaks only had war crimes in them!
      Those documents had the identities of a lot of friendlies working with us in Afghanistan, Releasing them had no justification.

    5. sooo there should be zero accountability for the illegal things/war crimes the government is doing? GOP much?

  20. watch this you will be astounded you will learn , massive respect to Julian for having the balls to speak out

  21. Julian is my hero

  22. insightful

  23. Julian Assange IS MI6/CIA. Come on folks----figure it out.

    1. .. and that's so obvious, why exactly?

    2. @britoven322,

      Who care really? Excepted YOU, of course!
      The only thing that was important to me was what was disclosed in the official documents and move clips of USA psychotic GI Joe's.

      Then again, something for which you don't have any interest.
      Tell me Sir "Brit Oven322" & a half, have you ever been aboard a USA chopper in the last 3-4 years back, tell me...


    3. HARDLY

    4. Bingo. Another conspiracy theory.

  24. Julian Assange IS CIA. Come on people,figure it out.

  25. A sober yet entertaining conversation between two men who actually give a damn about the truth, in all its subtleties. I recommend it.

  26. Surprised there hasn't been more commenting action on this one.

    1. Me, too. When this one first came up, I didn't think it'd take very long at all to get up to one of the more popular...
      For myself, I haven't found the time to watch more than a few minutes of it yet.

    2. I need to watch it again I think. There is a certain freedom we expect when wandering the web and we don't have it. We feel relatively safe and anonymous, not sure where I'm going with that thought. To bed I think- my feet are cold and i need to think it over. Night night Mr P.

  27. Assange and Pilger give me reason for hope,and proud to be Australian. My Government gives me reason for dismay and ashamed to be Australian. If the truth can set us free, these men and those of a similar ilk are liberators, and deserve all the support that can be offered.
    A very informative and inspiring doco.

    1. Hey my hero is wal thornhil hes also an austrailian. Thew hope for the usa is in austrailia in my estimationI'm cherokee indian and irish ie an american mongrel. But with hope. can you help us?

  28. Both Pilger & Assange are Ozzy citizens even though only Assange seen his Ozzy passport/citizenship nullified.
    This ought to be the reason why the talk was so calm.
    Plus the fact that Pilger is far from being the kind of guy who'd blindly kneel to USA glory. Proven lies.
    The sound was so low for some comments, they were almost inaudibles. And there's so litte news about WeakiLeaks lately in the international news, it was a bit frustrating.

    Assange was pretty prudent withing that talk, up to a point where he was holding back Pilger regarding the standard USA army reaction of a 360* machine gun shout-out in certain cases.
    EG: -"When an IED blew up only" Assange underlined as they recalled the notorious murders recrorded aboard a chopper.
    But then, Assange admited that this case is only one among a few hundred thousands ones that came up so widely in all worlwide medias suggesting that the fact there was indendants jounalists as well murdered in that USA army raid.

    Which fits so very well the personnality of the average common USA citizen careless personality through these past some 40 years or so. There's no end to the list.

    When their turn will come in the war crime court, only the hartred endoctrined children may remains as history will teach humankind what was that nation.

    -Organized crime.


  29. I always feel a little disconcerted when it comes to Mr Assange, I love what he does but the man himself worries me. Can't put my finger on it. If it wasn't for the support of his cause by people like John Pilger I'd have doubts about his motives. Maybe its just the way it happens, it all starts out being honourable but eventually becomes more about the person and less about the cause. I think his recent behaviour, trying to block an unauthorised biography etc does nothing to help. that and the fact that he is an odd bod. I guess I might also be influenced by mainstream media (which annoys me) and the rape allegations. Disinformation? I don't know, but in this case I'm prepared to give him a chance although being a woman it makes me uncomfortable. Time will tell.

    1. For me it's the hair thing. Just strikes me the wrong way.

    2. Ha ha, and it is as simple as that. He looks odd so he must be odd - like Michael Jackson :

    3. Well since he keeps morphing, you can't draw a bead on him. Kinda like a man that won't look you in the eye.

    4. Maybe Assange is MJ, ever seen them together?

    5. @fifty4fourty
      - "Assange is MJ, ever seen them together"?
      Nope but maybe as Assange was a child?


    6. @fifty4fourty
      "I'm prepared to give him a chance although being a woman it makes me uncomfortable".
      Beside being a woman, could it be that you are indeed a human being in addition?

      The rape or whatever it could have been, is one thing.
      The war crimes (Murders) that these US armies commited are another different criminal case.

      These 2 cases should be tried in 2 different trials.
      Unless it is considered by a county legal system that either one of those 2 crimes are not a crime.
      Which would surely perfectly fit one case where the rules of law are factually inexistant.

      Thus, comfortable with brutal blood thrirsty murders now? I guess this comes from the education one received and goes through the genes as generations goes by. Brand blind.


    7. Maybe I should be able to separate the two, love the offender yet detest the offence. What I meant by the rape comment was that I think women in general will most likely find it more difficult to do that. That's not to say that men are not also victims of rape, just that it's predominantly a crime against women. I support the cause but I have to reserve judgement of the man. I thought I had made it clear that I view the cases separately. It's a shame that his work is marred by trouble in his personal life. If he was a politician would you risk backing him? Was Strauss-Kahn's behaviour acceptable? Or Mike Tyson? Roman Polanski?

    8. I think if you dig around on Google Search for the backgrounds of the two women who have accused Assange of raping them, you'll find that one of them, Anna Ardin, has an association with a charity that has links to the CIA and a terrorist Luis Posada Carriles who is wanted by Cuba and Venezuela for blowing up a plane in the late 1970s, killing all 78 people on board. Plus the rape allegations appear to be quite spurious and are based on a very, very broad definition of the word "rape" in the Swedish legal system.

      Interesting that you bring up Polanski's name as his victim Samantha Geimer came to a settlement with Polanski some years ago and now wants the case to be dropped. Although Polanski 's original crime cannot be excused, the fact is in the original case his lawyers and Geimer's lawyers agreed the sentence should be some time spent in prison, a psychiatric evaluation and 12 months' community service. This was legal under California law. The judge however chose to ignore the law and decided to throw the book at Polanski as he was concerned for his reputation as a hanging-type judge. This was not legal under the law at the time. One can hardly blame Polanski for fleeing the US under such circumstances.

    9. @Jenny
      I think I said that I have doubts about the man because of the rape allegations and that I reserve judgement. In my mind he should face the charges to preserve his credibility. As for the Anna Ardin thing, Google is not a truth machine. It would probably take me about 10 mins to gather enough 'evidence' to prove that dogs have five legs. At some point you have to use your own judgement and not that of a search engine and that is why I will wait, pay attention to the case should it ever be heard and decide then. In the mean time I will remain suspicious. As for Polanski, Glad you think justice was done. Had it been my daughter ...

    10. as far as i know in regards to them charges - they were unfounded

    11. As far as you know.

    12. @fifty4fourty,

      Yes. Where the stakes concern the USA Gov. truth and facts are of a secondary matter.
      As seen and documented through the last ~ 45 years or so.


    13. I support the cause but until I know better I must continue to have doubts about the man. He's hiding and it does him no good. Any stain on his character will also tarnish his reputation as an honest person which will in turn work against him in his fight with America. To prove his worth he should face his troubles, make an example of himself. He promised security to the whistle blowers and failed in that. He likes the attention and created interest in himself while they took risks, should Manning face trial alone as Assange sits in a country house massaging his ego. He needs to step up.

    14. Hiding?? really ??? he's on national tv , he's gone back to Australia. i don't this constitutes for hiding

    15. i agree with you here misty. Julian is a great man and this is just a perfect example of shooting the messenger.

      people should look up Daniel Ellsberg

    16. "The Pentagon Papers"

    17. Morning Mr Paul :)

    18. Silly predictive text! Wrong word but the message is the same, googly morning and hope your well x

    19. Your hero not mine :)

    20. i've watched that helicopter attack 20 times and I can't be sure there were "war crimes" committed that day. It's a sad, tragic episode but only one of untold thousands that are part and parcel of every war.

      In fact what struck me most in the video was how many times the shooters asked permission to fire. I never realized the soldiers had so many constraints and restrictions on them during an action. They must've asked a dozen different times for authorization and that surprised me.

      Look I hated everything about that war, from the lies that got us into it to the profiteers who made it their business to extend it...the blackwaters of the world...I could spend hours telling you why that war was criminal to begin with and topping the list is the fact that Iraq was so clearly *not* involved in the attacks on Sept 11 and that the weapons inspectors were doing a good job and finding zero WMD.

      Be that as it may, adults should understand that once you go to war, once you set that gigantic machine in motion then tragedies and brutalities will occur. They can be minimized to some degree by a conscientious effort, which I believe we saw in that helicopter video, but they will never be eliminated because that's what war produces: brutality, slaughter, disregard for life. Once you succeed in objectifying an enemy the result is basically "anything goes."

      It's absurd and downright phony, it's childish and totally disingenuous to look back afterwards, point at soldiers and scream "OMG how brutal of you! You should be ashamed."

      The final act in your tragicomedy, essential to prop up your superiority complex, you would prosecute those soldiers for war crimes. My goodness how do you sleep at night?

      If you want to identify the villain(s) in the US-led Iraq war please don't condemn the men and women who were trained beginning Sept 11 2001 to hate "arabs" and "muslims." Normally the most productive trail to the villains is the one strewn with money. In an operation so huge as a war there will be numerous trails of money to follow. It's hard sorting them out but at the very least don't condemn the soldiers for acting like soldiers. Of course if soldiers commit crimes they should be prosecuted; but killing civilians who they thought were enemy combatants - as long as they did everything possible to identify them correctly - isn't a crime.

  30. Wikileaks is great unlike the MSM we need more like them.America likes to keep everthing from the people that pay and elect them.That obviously because they have lots of dirty secrets and don't follow there own laws.The wars are ways to wash tax payers money for the rich or the 1 persent .The military may are killing themsaelfs because they can't stand the evil they see and are orderd to do.Then there are those that have become nub and are now muderers and belong in jail and are going to be placed back in public after commiting tones of mass murder.The military nows they are there based on lies and see there government continue to lie to there citizens.Most probably can't wait till there time is up to get away from the evil there government has them doing.In WW2 all people involved in the war on Germanys side were hung or if you could be usefull America would hire them to buil weapons and other things and let them off scot free well others were hung for less.It was not ok to say you were orderd or scared America and other did not let that be used as an excuse.Realy if you are orderd to do things you no are illegal and immoral you should refuse because if what happened to Gremany ever happened to the allies you would be hung.The citizens and the military need to stop fighting all the weapons are useless without a person to control them.I belive in my heart thats the by far biggesat reasons for the suicides the fact that the soldiers can no longer live seeing and being part of these illegal actions.All for some scum bags to get richer than they already are.History will tell things like they are and I belive on day many people will be arrested for there war crimes Bush and Rumsfeld have avoided going places already for fear of being arrested.Amnesty International is calling for Canada to arrest bush for war crimes when he comes to Canada were I live.I would love Canada to be the country to do it.Obama should be impeached.The American people hate the government and protest about wall street have been going on and are starting around the world now.America goes around telling others how to be when they are way more criminal than the countrys they threaten.They do thing everyday then threaten war on a country they lied about doing something they do and we all no it.This has to stop America needs a government that follows the constitution they way they did long ago and stop supporting Israel and there crimes.If things don't change we will most likely see WW3 and the citizens need to demand change and protest in numbers that make the Nam protest look small in comparison.I hope and pray things change but it takes millions and millions in America and the same in other places to force change.It is much better than murdering innocent people and having America or Israel lead us into WW3.Ron Paul would be a great start for the much needed change he is the only person running that we now will do what he says all the others will be more of the same giving the change Obama used to lie his way into the office of president.I seen shawn pens interview last noight and really like him but he said he would probably vote for Obama thinking he will be different in the secound term.Nothing will change did it during Bushes secound term.An attack on Iran or Pakistan very easly could turn into WW3 so my biggest hope is that people are smart and the election is not riged by the computer ballots and Ron Paul is Americas next president.All the info is out there to see how messed up things are lets change thing finaly get informed if you are not already.Its a full time job just learning about the corruption and keeping up with the daily happenings.

    1. Your reply is as perfect argument for why assange and manning should swing from the highest tree for espionage and treason.
      You want Bush and Rumsfeld arrested for stopping Saddam Hussein's long pursuit of conquest, you think it's Israel that wants WW3, you talk about impeachment of OUR president while criticizing American intervention overseas.
      What YOU want is not relevant toward America's national interests.

    2. "America's" national interest does not exisT (google it :)). If you mean the United States of America, on the other hand, it would be just one of 192 states with their own national interests. This is a web-site that welcomes everyone, people from 192 states of the world - why do you think that the national interest of one single state would be of interest of most of these people?

    3. You showed in the other thread you're here to troll.

      Not feeding today.

    4. Sorry to pop your balloon, but WTC7 is not and never will be a troll, you should listen to WTC7. Might give you some insight.

    5. You are cordially invited to said discussion in thread for "9/11: Explosive Evidence- Experts Speak Out" and witness he appears to have an honest request for a piece of information, i.e; what was Al Qaeda's stated reason for attacking us on 9 /11, even after I led another person to a link about it. I gave WTC7 the same lead to the document not once but twice and even humored him with a brief description with my personal take on it. (I didn't initially furnish the link to avoid moderation delaying comments- it was not a wild goose chase, I furnished exact keywords ensuring he'd see it first hit)
      After all that game playing, rather than acknowledge what their statement consisted of he found it necessary to dismiss the issue with this flame:


      You are a sack full of it. There's nothing in you that would be even remotely intellectually challenging"

      Purely ad hominem with no topical content, would have been moderated in most forums.

      When someone requests I furnish a piece of information already posted, you furnish it, they ask again and you furnish it again, then they ask for your analysis of it and you give it to them and then they don't want to talk about it and then offer the above rude reply....

      What else but trolling would you call that? In any case that reply is out of line no matter WHAT transpired before or what our polarized positions are. Never mind why would he post that then later post on me here? If I have nothing intellectually challenging then why engage me here, but to start trouble?

      Hopefully even if you share his opinion about 9/11 you would have the objectivity to see he was doing just that. I'm sure he he does not exhibit this behavior to people who aren't posting substantiated facts which destroy his entire ideology. People do tend to get upset about that.

      Since this forum is not about discussing users I invite you to join that discussion on substance if you have something constructive to offer, even if only to try and prove me wrong. If you succeed I will thank you for educating me about something I did not know before.

    6. Just to clarify something - I engaged you here because of the following statement you made on this thread:

      "What YOU want is not relevant toward America's national interests."

      It is not my desire to be rude, but your knowledge of political map of the world is truly poor. I wanted to inform you about the fact that "America" is not a state and as such there is no "American" national interest. Should you need more clarification about that specific topic, I will be glad to explain it to you further (e.g. the difference between a continent - or two - and a state). As you stated previously, you should thank me for educating you about something you did not know before :). Cheers me friend, it's always fun to talk to you...

    7. You are arguing over the petty distinction of me calling "America" a (nation) state rather than its formal title of the United States of America. Even though popular culture in this country contains untold examples in song, word, etc.
      Take that up with the people who wrote "God Bless America" and "America the Beautiful" or Ted Turner whose CNN calls the Atlanta Braves "America's Team".
      This "American", not "United States of American" laughs at any suggestion you aren't posting here with all the appearances of a common troll
      This includes making issues out of the most petty of irrelevant matters or badgering people to produce information for their inspection then flaming them and running away when they take the time to do that.

    8. @batvette,

      You cannot be educated.
      Stop taking drugs first.


    9. Ad Hominem. The only avenue for some one losing on points.

      Or see the comments policy of this site.

      Remember, the minute you insult a person in a debate, you lose.

    10. @ Achems, you are a friend and a gentleman, as always :).

    11. He's going to have to be if he engages in the hopeless endeavor of defending your posts in that thread or rationalize why you'd say nothing in me was intellectually challenging to withdraw from any interaction there then later post on me here.
      I'm not interested in discrediting you further- however, especially considering your pseudonym, would be curious why you would not want to refute or accept the stories of those firefighters describing the state of bldg. 7 throughout that day.
      If they cannot be refuted I believe they do dismiss any doubts about what went down with bldg 7. At the very least they should explain to you people why you'll never get the "real investigation" you're demanding. Why look for nanothermite when the obvious answer to why it fell has always been known?

    12. @ batvette, listen, I am getting a bit tired here. I have had so many futile conversations with people like you about the 911 topic (of which we are not going to talk on this thread as it is unrelated). I am a woman of a certain age, not a teenager, and, consequently, not prone to succumb to childish challenges. I like people who can express their views in their own words. If they can't, well, tough, I'm not wasting my time.

    13. I'm confused, why would you be so interested in what my view was of Al Qaeda's fatwa then go on to say you are tired of futile conversations with people like me (who have nothing intellectually challenging to offer)?
      For the record I thought your initial reply was an honest request for the raw information you were interested in knowing about. Safe to say if you knew my opinion was opposed to yours and didn't want to see the fatwa, you were looking for trouble.
      BTW I'm 49 and there are really only two ages of a woman. The age in which your appeal is toward our stomachs, the age in which the appeal is to parts due south, and a short period of (in some cases) madness in between. If there is anything positive in there it is the time in which we can make any sense of what you have to say it is those later years. Pity that is the time when we're far less likely to nod along as if (we feel) you are right because we are enchanted by you.
      All that is irrelevant as we are both faceless pseudonyms discussing issues far wider in scope than our feelings about each other.

    14. @batvette.

      (Quote) : "I'm confused"....

      Not only confuse...
      Obviously neurotic.

      No sure as of now.


    15. @WTC7,

      Based on all Bavette's posts, he is a young turk who has a lot to learn about life. Which...

      Do not justify threats and word callings such as trolls.
      Rather typical shall we say?

      Beside, look at his replies, how & what he writes...
      Neurotic as german who take pleasure out beating a child or a woman.

      I came to wonder if he was the one in that chopper in Iraq who shot the the car loaded with children, leaked through Wikileak.
      Else, the officer who ordered to shoot.

      Who knows, the "Hidden" WMD could have been in this car?
      There GI? They knew what they enroled for?
      As much as the guy who napalm bombed the Viet. teen girl we seen running over a bridge?

      Better be a troll instead of such a sub-human disgrace.
      Neurotic & racist = NAZI.


    16. Remember, the minute you insult a person in a debate, you lose.

    17. @batvette,

      That is what I though when I seen you insulting a few users prior to my post where I began to have serious doubts about your sanity.


    18. @batvette,

      I have the "Vague" feeling that no one on planet earth would have ever known that USA GI take pleasure out of killing youngsters and women as well as torturing human beings if Wikileak, Assange wouldn't have existed.

      More over, Bavette would sure have denied it.
      They sure can hang Manning if it was up to me.
      Since he took part of what he done, he deserve it.


  31. Great interview but what's up with the moaning of the interviewer?

  32. be suspicious of those against him ,what are they hiding and protecting,remember,they do what they do with our money,were going to be resposable weather we like it or not,should we know if were paying for something we dont agree with.

  33. we need more like him,thanks for caring

  34. They'll kill him eventually for what he's revealed already. Dead man walking, I think.

    1. Honestly i thought the same thing i just didn't want to say it, at times He kept whispering thru the film, He probably knows that he could be killed after all he revealed.

    2. He is the knot on a tug of war rope between the ones that want him gone for ever and they ones that need him desperately. Many people of those two clans are from the same "rooftop" swimming hole and there's us cheering from below.

  35. It sounds to me like PGP is being used to scramble the leaks when they are sent from server to server. No wonder good people in the government feel safe enough to keep the world informed. It's impossible to decript a PGP-scrambled message in time to make it relavenet (last I heard it can take years for a super computer to decript just 1 file)
    This is also why independent news sources have become so po0ular and trusted...and why network media has become more of a joke.

  36. Assange has had such good press that some suspect he may well be a dis-informationalist... this video, I believe, dispels that notion!

  37. This guy made me think: The day a political party is comprised of 30-40yrs old educated and travelled young women and men, i will start voting again. I am myself 53 but i think our young should be the one clearing the path to the future. They have more interest knowing that they may still be there when the results roll in. Most politicians are way too old and mainly money oriented.

    1. Well done.

  38. Symbol of Honesty, Great heart and One among the Great men in World History.

  39. A great interview. No wonder the U.S wants this guy extradicted to them. The gentleman infered in a previous blog regarding the Nixon administration is a guy by the name of Daniel Ellsberg. He spent months photocopying 7,000 pages of top secret information from the Rand corporation. In that situation, he was in far more danger because not only was he leaking the information, he was living in the very country he was exposing for corruption. Patriotic type individuals, and those who profit by subjugation may not like those who expose the truth, but in reality, without these people, any hint of true reality would have been removed long ago.

  40. Yes a interesting and important documentary bravo John Pilger and Julian Assange wonderful interview.

  41. When Hillary Clinton recently announced that "We are losing the information war" this is what her and her fellow reptoids were afraid of. And we'll lose our internet freedoms as a result of this kind of thing soon no doubt. Watch it.

  42. Julian is a damn hero, Big Government = Hates People Knowing The Truth. America praises that one guy in the Nixon admin. who released the papers on the Gulf of Tonkin being fake, but now we should hate Julian??? Bullshit, he should get the medal of honor. Vote Ron Paul 2012.

    1. That's the difference between then and now, isn't it? The dumbing-down of the population has worked marvelously well, and quickly, however it has been effected, precisely.

    2. AGREED - some sense on here at last

  43. Wonderful Doc, you can see the sense of sadness he has when talking about war and the apache vid

  44. Julian Assange is the true hero of the internet.

    1. i concur

  45. I had to watch it twice so much information flying at you..And did anyone else notice at times that the guy kept whispering. Definitely a must see Doc.

    1. Pretty brave?

    2. An Hero.

  46. Probably the most important"documentary". But no one pays any attention.

    1. I pay attention...the world used to be simple in my mind. got allowance. spent allowance. went to school. lived with mom and dad.

      Then I learn some more...got overwhelmed and scared when realized that I know nothing of the truth from....oh lets say at least the last 300 years of recorded history.

      I want people to stop allowing the facts to be muddled up with everything else.

      Now I am just angry about being mislead on a daily basis by a media that can't possibly not know that they are creating a false reality.

      Wikileaks, like every other independent agency or individual, who offers a different bent by actually digging into the issues...is crucial. There is no true debate on the News anymore. There is a left/right angle...and Dog help you if you stray too far from the warm center.

    2. oddsr, the problem I have noted across the country, strangely enough, is that a great amount of the populace remain in that childhood black/white, yes/no answers to their world. Why? Just as you said, the world out there is scary, which is why instead of dreams for the future, our politicians sell us on fear for your way of life, or life itself...the politics of fear.

      We are too much of a NASCAR & Wrasslin' Nation (sorry fans). We numb ourselves from the harshness of daily life with gadgets and entertainment. We hardly know the art of conversation any longer. No one just "visits" anymore. Entertainment, outside of themselves is expected. When was the last time you went to someones house, just to talk? It is even more rare that we speak at all. Now people prefer to text each other...we may has well have kept the telegraph system.

      We don't communicate. The internet is double edged. It gives us the most freedom we have left...for now, but, it also allows us to isolate, hide behind our monitors and screennames, so divide and conquer is easily achieved, should a power desire it...and they do, that is part of why we still have the net in it's current state, it is gadgety enough to lure yes/no people into it also, so they remain sated with entertainment. The problem with this is, the net gives us an unparalleled opportunity to unite, and discuss our world, and know that nuance and subtlety are part of every question. Life itself isn't binary. The answers aren't all yes or no. Allowance or no allowance, is it raining, or can we play ball?

      The answers are faceted, as none of us are alike, we cant allow politicians to caricature any group as the "other". Whether or not we agree with said group or groups, we can't do this because for some people, each of us are the "other".

      Please, everyone...look up a documentary...free and online called "The Century of the Self". It is 3 hours, but it will chill you with just how numbed, dumbed, and manipulated our lives and habits have become, all because of one person who discovered how to appeal to our irrational desires, rather than our needs. Please watch it, its not tin hat stuff, its pure history, that is pure evil and frightening.

  47. @ Achems_Razor I'd have to get cable again or maybe i'll just kill myself instead.

  48. Interesting doc. waiting for the internet kill switch to be implemented, woe to the masses if that ever happens.

    1. They already redid the TV's in the U.S. so they can stop them all at any time, so why not the internet? Dangerous and dark times are comming! No communication available as they just round up whomever they want to get rid of most and no one is the wiser of what's happening. Yes, yes, I'm in bad mood. Why do you ask?

  49. Unfortunately, should we have a dozen Julian Assange, attrocities of the nature described will continue as will the efforts to conceal & downplay them. Solace may be found in History, for there is a cycle to such things. The fall of Rome was not from force, it declined ever faster until eventually imploding. So too their present counterpart shall implode, its inevitable. Unfortunately the vacuum is soon filled and the cycle begins anew.

    History also points to us being anihilated by a bloody great meteorite, but thats a different documentary.

    1. I'm voting for Aliens...perhaps holding a meteorite, and flashing a "peace" sign

  50. Ooh, this'll be interesting.