Jungle Trip

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Jungle TripLost in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, there is a vine that is said to talk to humans, giving an understanding to the secrets of life. The custodians of this plant are the medicine men, or shamans. The divine does not give up its secrets easily.

It appears the botany of the plant is only half the story. To know it fully, you must experience its effects. Ever since he discovered the talking plants, studying human sciences at University, he has experienced with the hallucinogenic flora.

British plants are one thing, but in the Amazon they use Banisteriopsis caapi, or Ayahuasca, for their therapy and it's a strong medicine. The bitter Ayahuasca brew first makes its drinker violently sick, but it's in the fierce and often terrifying hallucinations that follow that the healing is said to lie.

But Ayahuasca doesn't work on its own, rather it acts as a key to unlock the psychotropic qualities of another plant, and it's this plant that Piers is after.

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  1. Rip

    2017 JFK Sealed files devuldged.

  2. Kijiji
  3. Kijiji

    depicts a bunch of morons getting high.

  4. oldsalt
  5. oldsalt

    kijiji = obvious psychedelics virgin

  6. Jeremy
  7. Jeremy

    Very educational and inspirational.

    I can't believe Piers had it in him to withstand a 30 day Ayahuasca trip! I'm sure that he is no longer the methodical scientist (control freak) that he was at the beginning of the film, but I hope he actually killed his ego while he was out there. Witch is vastly more beneficial than putting your initials on a plant that you didn't discover, that was lame and hypocritical of the films main focus.

  8. jordan
  9. jordan

    wtf, i want to talk to plants.
    also, this guy is a goondick.

  10. for shamans with cctv ideas
  11. for shamans with cctv ideas

    have trip with Lego

  12. Carl Hendershot
  13. Carl Hendershot

    Interesting but left me hanging. LOL unlike them in the slap stinging needle on my cock seen. You know they lied at the end about the plant being destroyed. No one wanted to get busted for that one. Unless your a pharmaceutical company who is knee deep in corruption. Worth a watch but i could not watch the after math on channel 4 lol.

  14. Henry
  15. Henry

    OMG that dude with the eyes is so creepy.

  16. nhk
  17. nhk

    I'm definitely taking this trip sometime during my lifetime.

  18. Curious
  19. Curious

    Some things that we experience are meant for only ourselves to experience. No other person can truly understand even through our best description. We all feel alone when it comes to certain experiences which is why we are all so connected.

  20. Elderkin
  21. Elderkin

    THis doc was'nt done very well IMO. I would like to have the plants described so I would know scientifically what reaction the plant consumed would be to the body and mind. And perhaps a little description on how the trip made him feel and in what ways does he feel different now? I wish he would have let us know how each drug compared to the other and how they compare to drugs we normally use in Canada (pot, lsd, salvia, alchohol ect)... I just found this doc was'nt able to feed my thirst for knowledge..

  22. Petar Vitanovich
  23. Petar Vitanovich

    The plants active ingredient is nn-DMT, It is not orally active unless taken with an MAOi. DMT is the same chemical that is released by the body in the pineal gland, and is thought to be the other half of dreaming, the other part being controlled by melatonin. It begins to mess with the brains seratonin recoptors, and others we may not know yet. It brings vivid hallucinations in a very typical psychedilic way, but it gets way, like WAY more mystical than even LSD or 4-Phosphurloxy-DMT(Shrooms). Not to mention the duration of Ayahuasca is around 24hrs for your first time taking it. But at the 15-20hr mark it becomes alot less intense and is known as the reflecting period since the drug still keeps you up but the "trip" is technically done. I recomend every experienced tripper try it out. Its not that hard to find all the ingredients online. Caapi Vine and Psychotria viridis are the two you need. BUT I WARN YOU, THIS S*** IS NOT FOR FUN, ONLY FOR TE EXPERIENCED USER. Its a deep deep DEEP trip down the rabbit hole.

  24. Brandon Schultz
  25. Brandon Schultz

    Nice work explaining this, Peter.

    Out of the tens of thousands of species of plant in the jungle, how in the hell these two plants were combined is an incredible mystery. Caapi vine is active alone, but not pleasurable and wouldn't tend to popularity itself.

    Combined with P. viridia, however, you've got a wild psychedelic.

    The one thing I have to disagree with, Peter, is your remark on duration. The duration for oral DMT + MAOI is more like 2-4 hours or even shorter. Smoked nn-DMT has a duration of about ninety seconds.

    Remember, MAOI's can be combined with any tryptamine to potentiate it, but this is tricky and potentially quite dangerous. People, do not mess with this unless you know what you are doing.

    I have homebrewed ayahuasca and pharmahuasca for personal use, & I've also got a great amount of experience with most psychedelics, dissociates and hallucinogens, including smoked nn-DMT. No single dose of ayahuasca will last in full psychedelia for 24 or even 12 hours - that is the domain of synth chems. Aya is a 2-3 hour deal.

    Your mileage may vary.

  26. dancingarrow
  27. dancingarrow

    I don't think I would try it without a psych-analyst or psychiatrist attending. I wonder what the brain would look like via PET scan while on it. I bet it would show an increase in circulation and activity of the pineal glad.

  28. Andrew Johns
  29. Andrew Johns

    David does not like Piers. But he calls it like it is, Piers seems like a puss, a willing puss but rather closed minded for someone wanting to have a profound experience. He likes the idea of profound life changing experiences, but lacks a sort of gusto. I think he lacks an understanding of the sacredness of the cultures he encounters and is full of "ego". Kinda disrespectful. This is what David is picking up on.

  30. Andrew Johns
  31. Andrew Johns

    You're very ignorant. The power of psychotropic plants IS truly amazing, and can literally shake and redefine your worldview. They provide very real insights and revelations that speak to the FACT that there is much more to the world, the universe, and life than meets the eye. Take some LSD, DMT, or salvia and start to peel back the layers. Psychotropic substances have influenced many great people, and minds throughout history. These individuals have likely even had an effect in your life. If you want to get stupid, you can ask me to name them. The list is extensive.

  32. Andrew Johns
  33. Andrew Johns

    I want to punch Piers. What an egotistical ****tucker. He Cant let go the idea of putting his name on a plant that has already been named, and used probably since antiquity. "This will make me very proud". It should make him sick of himself and ashamed! Where does he get off?

  34. Andrew Johns
  35. Andrew Johns


  36. pssst .....
  37. pssst .....

    Going into the jungle to do drugs is "spiritual" while doing drugs at home is "criminal". If you want to trip, go ahead, but trying to make it out to be some magical mystical mumbo jumbo should be left to cult leaders and uncivilized jungle dwellers. It is chemistry.

  38. stiltskin
  39. stiltskin

    A person who cannot see the poetry in using pretty words like 'magical and 'mystical' as metaphors for describing the dazzling incomprehensibility of consciousness, probably needs to do more psychedelics

  40. cyberfrank
  41. cyberfrank

    it s honest, but, it lacks substance, as other commenters, I feel it would have been better to describe what he felt compared to other drugs.

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