Kampuchea: From Pond to Fountains

2011 ,    » 6 Comments

Kampuchea: From Pond to FountainsKampuchea: From Pond to Fountains is a documentary about more than 10 NGOs in Cambodia.

All of them work to preserve the hope of the country: the children.

It shows the awareness of a humanitarian emergency and the challenge have engaged Khmer and international organizations.

The abolition of child labor, access to education and improvement of health care. From rubbish stations to orphanages, from pond to fountains...

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  1. Girish Agarwal

    The people of the world have to change in improving the lives of the less fortunate. The fortunate people have to become less greedy. They have to stop hoarding their wealth. We need good administrators and not somebody with his own agenda. The world has to change or else nobody can stop its destruction.

  2. John Krisfalusci

    whats ngo ?

  3. PavolvsBitch

    NGO's are, for the most part, unnaccountable 'soft kill' missions beating the drum of urbanisation, dependancy, vaccination, depopulation. They have always worked undercover of 'charity' to penetrate defenses, report intelligence and deliver propaganda, drugs and dangerous compliance.

  4. PavolvsBitch

    the rabid elites of the world have to simply back off and quit enforcing their lowly limited insane ideas of life upon the rest of us and we can all help ourselves, thank you, oh enslaved one.

  5. norlavine

    @Girish Agarwal
    Couldn't agree more. You summed it up in a nutshell xx

  6. Jack1952

    As opposed to the "hard kill" of subsistence agriculture, disease, starvation, depopulation by the Kymer and dependence on overflowing dumps for sustenance. Let the children live in the streets and stay away from the homes, schools and medical facilities provided by the NGOs to protect them from propaganda, drugs(?), and the dangerous compliance that comes with a full belly, good health and an education.

    You live in a very strange world of mistrust and paranoia.

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