Katie Piper: My Beautiful Face

Katie Piper: My Beautiful Face

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Katie Piper - My Beautiful FaceKatie Piper (born 12th October 1983) is a former model and television presenter from Andover, Hampshire in England.

Piper had hoped to have a full-time career in the media, but in March 2008 in North London, sulfuric acid was thrown at her face by Stefan Sylvestre.

The acid attack, which blinded Piper in one eye, was arranged by Piper's ex-boyfriend, Daniel Lynch. Both Sylvestre and Lynch were arrested and are serving jail time for their crimes.

Piper was treated in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where the surgeons removed all the skin from her face, before rebuilding it with a skin substitute and then a skin graft. The procedure was the first of its kind to be completed in a single operation.

In 2009, Piper chose to give up her anonymity to try and increase awareness about burn victims. The Channel 4 documentary, Katie: My Beautiful Face, was aired on 29 October 2009 as part of the Cutting Edge series, and repeated on Christmas Day 2009.

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  1. susan

    When will these White girls ever lean to keep away from "them."

    1. Payton

      When will people like you ever learn to find GOD. I’ll pray.

  2. Petra I; Hernandez

    I was recently hospitalized with pneumonia in Puerto Rico and had, as a roomie, a young woman, hospitalized for asthma attacks. She also had been thrown acid on her face also by a former boyfriend a while back and her face was absolutely awfully scarred and her mouth to one side of her face. She was very very helpful to me while I was almost inmobile. Unfortunately Puerto Rican women are not yet fully aware of rights and "machismo" takes over in society as well as the courts. This young woman was resigned to her plight. A great deal of help is needed on this island, property of the USA. We females are being abused in all areas.

  3. Infidel Jones

    Very sad. I have seen this acid attack behavior from the middle east and it seems to be another way of demonstrating that Islam treats females like property.

    1. DamakIlef

      very sad too what are you believing of ? the terrorist behaviours you are mentioning , they are purly made by “ fake muslims " Islam disowns them ..so no need to mention Islam and Judge it this way !! it's good too to know the diffrence between the real Islam as a religion and muslims as humans whom could be right or wrong ... ? i know it's been long time since this comment was published but it's necessary to be aware of what we say !

  4. Linda

    I have just come back from holiday where i found myself engrossed in this book could not put it down until i read it . you are a brave young lady. a better person than them two will ever be .
    good luck for your wonderful future you have ahead of you Katie xxx.

  5. Andi Mack

    I'm so impressed with her strength! when she talks about how the relationship progressed, my heart just breaks. No one should ever have to go through that! And then to get attacked again? I just hope she's getting well and is starting to become more comfortable in her new skin. Anyone that sees this or knows how those scars got there will still see her beauty and strength. Good for her for proving that this guy couldn't destroy her!

  6. Gladen5

    Bravo sweetheart, bravo!

  7. Bewade

    What a truly inspirational lady! An extremely awful tragedy to experience but, like the aftergrowth in a forrest that's been burnt, just read about and look at the true "beauty" that now is- Katie Piper.
    I have read many autobiographies/biographies, but Katie Piper's- "Beautiful" is an unbelievably mesmerising account of how an attractive young woman is viciously and spitefully raped then burnt with sulphuric acid, by her deceptive, cruel and manipulative new boyfriend.
    The torture that Katie experienced stripped her of her beauty, her love of life and and her soul. The physical and psychological pain Katie has endured throughout her attack, countless surgeries and treatment and, her long recovery- is unnervingly horrific. Furthermore, to see what Katie looks like today and the person she has become- stunningly beautiful, vivacious, driven, and successful.
    Respect, Admiration and Love to you Katie.
    Belinda- xx

  8. Bory Dorka

    What a sad story. I can't believe how well the attack got documented by the surveillance cam. Those bastards got off easy!! They destroyed a life of a whole family. Sometimes I hate modern times. Back in the middle ages these types of psychopaths would get tortured by other men from the village, given a sulfuric acid bath, and subsequently publicly executed. Katie is awesome.. Nothing but love and respect.

  9. Guillermo Dias

    Heart renching documentary on katies life after the attack I have so much respect for katie and her family I wish her all the best in the future & justice was prevaled.

  10. lamb

    I am that girl 30 years later. The circumstances were different, but the results the same and worse. Katie you have a long road ahead but I can tell you that you will go on a journey that the 99% will never experience! It is only my steadfast belief and knowledge of Jesus as creator that carried me through. May He hold, protect and teach you! And may all you meet assist Him to that end!

  11. montana1976

    tell that man he should wait for his own acid attack anytime , be it in jail or out , he should wait , poetic justice is around the corne. women who got attack by acid should do everything in their power to do the same thing back to them, that way he can serve as exemple to others, if you get rape hire some one to drug him , tied him with his a** up, then with the biggest strap on , f*** the hell out of him too !! stop being the victim and start action . dont worry we will get him girl, money can do a lot ,even in jail !!!

  12. bmblbee

    im sorry but i feel that since this started over him thinking that she was rejecting him sexually, his punishment should have been getting acid poured on his penis, and she should have the option of being the one to do it to him or not. and we would not have ever worry about him and his penis being rejected, and him throwing acid again. WTF???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! who does some thing like this over sex, jack off, get some where else. STUPID............ ASS.........................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rachelnico

    Wow, I don't know how I would live if I was in her shoes. She is brave.

  14. Jack1952

    @ Prix

    Life was very good to Katie until this happened. She didn't see it coming because it was out of the range of her experience. Had she grown up in an environment of violence and abuse she may have handled it better and not been as victimized as she was. Not everyone grows up under the conditions that you did and learns the survival skills that you claim to have acquired at an early age. Her looks were a special gift just like the special gift of being a musician, athlete, or scholar. To lose that gift, or any special gift, through such an act of malice is upsetting and would be to any normal person. For some one to have gone through a violent childhood and not feel pity for someone else who went through abuse, even if under different circumstances, suggests to me that you may have issues that requires professional help.

  15. Taylor Christensen

    "PRIX"(pricK) is a good name for you man...you are one.

  16. Erik

    If someone did something like that to my wife or sister, I would rent all Saw movies, get the guy in a closed room and enact every scene. This guy deserves to be Big Al, the Cattle Rapist' bitch in prison.

  17. MJ

    I would personally end the life of the attackers. Not for retribution, though I certainly feel rage coursing through my veins, but for the simple fact that they can do nothing good for humans and only detract from the quality of life.

  18. Cloe Anne

    I am lost 4 words after watching that documentary. Katie is still a beautiful girl after everything that has happened to her. Them 2 men are discusting and deserve to be killed! No matter how many years they serve, they do not deserve to walk around on there 2 feet. I hope one day katie builds her confidence up and has everything she inspires in life.

  19. Adam J

    What is the deal with the life sentencing in britain, because over here in the bestcountryintheworld-USA a federal life sentence is 99 years, with Parole(Early Release) eligibility determined at sentencing, and even then isnt a guaranteed release, the parole board could let you serve out til death.

    So why give a life sentence if these guys are without a doubt getting out on the sunny side of 2 decades?

    @Prix I agree with most everything you said, and understand your perspective on all of it, but I cant help feel like either A) People shouldn't have sympathy for victims (or at least the ones that walk into traps and are simply disfigured) or B) you want the sympathy spread around more, and they should have included you in the movie.

    sorry if i'm not making friends.

  20. Adam J

    wow, explicit. The documentary covered a very raw glimpse of her life, going through the surgeries, the nightmares, her first attempts at going intothe public, therapy, and the conclusion of the trials on Danny and her attacker. She's aware she was selfish and arrogant, and is still in the process of realizing her life has changed.

    It's as if she's going through the stages of grief, mourning her face.

    I wouldn't call her strong, except that she hasn't offed herself,as its possible I would. But this is the making of a very strong, wise person.

    she's still a very beautiful woman, just not in the way she's used to. I'm deeply sympathetic. Love and Respect, Katie.

  21. Ron

    You are still beautiful young lady inside and out

  22. IslamRose

    She is an amazing person. What a Lovely Family she has, May they continue to keep her strong and well.

    But Daymn! Sulfuric Acid??!!, I wish it was just Water or Iced Tea or Strawberry Milkshake or something!


  23. Prix

    @Charles B.

    Hello there sir! It's been a long time. Hmm I don't feel sorry for her. I can't even convince myself for feeling sorry for her. I know it's a harsh thing to say. I'm not trying to get a shock value out of my comment or anything. Just writing how I really feel about this documentary and her.


    No, I haven't gone through the same things as her. I can't really say anything without going into details. Except the acid, i've gone through a lot of other stuff when i was under 10. And my face has gone through quite a lot of sh*t as well. But I wouldn't consider my face disfigured. The childhood i've been through required me to make good decisions otherwise I could've ended up dead.

  24. Scott Tesler

    Everyone seems to be asking what type of guy does this? It's a stalker who is obsessed with your career without knowing you and has a pre-existing fantasy of who he wants you to be. Then when you fail to live up to his imagination of you goes off the rails. classic advise applies: pick someone who loves you for you, tends not to happen by the second date....

  25. Christopher M Dunn

    She's still beautiful....

  26. Sadie the Celt

    I have just finished watching this Documentary, I am lost for words. This Documentary is hard to watch without crying, I cried for Katie, I cried for her family - even their little dog 'Berkeley' touched my heart. What a strong loving family they all are, and I am sat here feeling so stupid for making a fuss about everyday problems, how can I possibly validate my worries, when compared with theirs. I know this Documentary will stay in my mind forever, but I know that, in time, I will put it to the back of my mind, and 'wig out' over something trivial by comparison. I just hope I keep the feeling that I have in my heart right now, and I hope Im making sense here....I am reluctant to describe Katie as 'brave' (though undoubtedly she is) but shes more than brave, she is an inspiration - at this moment I realise just how limited the English language is....there just arent the right words available. 10/10 - thanks for this! sadie

  27. Maria


    You say, that you have gone trough the same things?

  28. Charles B.

    Prix: My daughter will most likely be extremely lovely too (the mixes usually are), so nothing can compare you mentally from knowing you are attractive (or even average) to being so horribly disfigured. Have a little compassion and tact. But I agree with one thing, 16 years is not enough for what he did!

  29. Maria

    I still think she is beautiful. - She is a true inspiration.

  30. Nikki

    You know, I can think of all kinds of explanations about why someone would mutilate and destroy another person. Childhood abuse issues, drugs, mental illness, the list is endless.

    I cant come up with one excuse, not one justification, not anything that even comes close to any rational explanation of why a person would (genuanely) blame the survivor of a crime that has been commited against them.

  31. Nikki

    Sylvestre has a facebook account. Actually with quite a few recently updated young good looking blonde friends.

  32. Ali

    Wow, she has such a beautiful spirit and a great family. I don't believe that guy did all those terrible things to her in the hotel and after! I hope he gets raped and beat in prison while seeing her success, happiness and pride at the same time. Your face is the 1st thing everyone sees many times, sometimes before that it's color and hopefully before that, I hope you can see a person's spirit. You will if you look close enough. I hope and pray that her spirit is seen 1st, then everything will fall in place for such a beautiful lady.

  33. Prix


    Yes, I do know that you find this offensive, that wasn't my intension. You're writing to me like you think I don't understand the situation at all. In fact, I do understand it. Alright I'll answer your questions.

    No, anyone in their right mind wouldn't trust someone after they've made one mistake. Of course he would try to get her again, instead she could've told the police. He could've been behind bars or not taken this action. These types of people need to be injected with fear. Easiest way to do so is to stand up and say I've had enough and not be scared. She just followed the instructions he gave her.

    I'm sorry that you had to go through that but really. You wrote for yourself that he was lying constantly. Of course you're not going to see a sign, that wasn't my view at all. If someone lies constantly about everything. Why would you trust them in the first place? I think you need a sign on everyones faces saying they are psychotic. Not everyone needs that sign, just read from some smaller hints. You've already explained some stuff that you didn't put any notes to. You're actually ignoring those sign just because you felt sympathy for him. Thinking he might not be such a bad person. You let your guard down.

    Just the fact that people think "It can't happen to me" is just ignorance. And yes, there aren't always sign for a person being violent. But in your case you could clearly see that with the "constant lying about everything".

    Like I wrote before, I blame the victim AND the person that did it.

    Also something else, she said "I want to meet someone someday, I wouldn't care if the person is burned or has a funny nose" I wonder if she would've said that before this attack. My guesses are leaning more towards she would go for the looks before the attack. Because she is doing that right now after the attack about her own looks. I don't know but that's my guess.

    Katinka, I really don't want to come off as a jerk. I'm sorry that you had to go through this but with the most important clue that you got and still kept on...well...you know...what's done is done.

    You might feel angry while writing to me or even feel that I'm a huge jerk that doesn't understand the situation or anything she might be saying. I do understand her and you, I know what her situation was and is, I can also feel the same feelings because I've gone through the same things.

  34. Katinka


    OK, so let's say she had stayed in that day. And the next day. And the next. Would that have solved the problem? You really think he would have gone "oh, it seems she does not want to come out, I'll just be on my jolly way then, maybe find somone else to burn with acid" - or do you think he would have found another time and another place?

    About your "making sure the person is sane in the first place" comment.

    This is what I was saying before. There is NO WAY of knowing that kind of things. Yes, there are often signs, and yes, sometimes it IS possible to avoid psychopaths, but not always. If hope for your sake that you never have to find out the hard way. I met one of the master manipulators, and of course it offends me for someone to say that I could "just have known". No way. We had been friends for 8 years. Not a sign of anyting. He was extremely intelligent, charming and (this is the main thing) lying constantly about everything. And at one point I did find out some things, but there isn't always a big sign on someone's forehead saying "I am the kind of person who is violent towards women".

    I still find your victim blaming revolting. It's very offensive to victims everywhere.

  35. scary

    a lot of mentally sick, evil people out there.

  36. Qrrbrrbl

    Holy mother of God.

    I have always been self-conscious about my crooked, over-sized nose. When she was talking about how she wanted to meet someone someday, and mentioned how it wouldn't matter if they were burned, or had a "funny nose", heck, it brought tears to my eyes, and made me have a huge goofy smile for the rest of the film.
    It makes me see how having flaws and insecurities makes me less shallow. So thank you, Katie.

  37. AndyA

    So terrible that some one could do such a thing to another person.She is a truly beautiful woman inside as well as outside. She has a strong mind and spirit. She will rise again. Like King Solomon once said, The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; Pro 18:14

  38. anabel

    It's a shame what happened to this lady, but she needs to stay strong. She's beautiful no matter what. God Bless you Katie....hope that jerk rotts in hell.

  39. Liina

    Wow. She's beautiful. She really is.

  40. Prix

    I don't mean to blame anyone directly, mostly because what's done it's done and the guys should get their punishment. I'm only putting forth my own feelings towards Katie.

    I just don't feel sympathy for her that much after seeing how she behaves and her own decisions in life(as far as what's shown).

    It's not like if I saw Katie, I'll walk up to her face and tell her how sorry I feel for her. Instead encourage her so she doesn't feel ashamed by her face...which in the Documentary she was crying over.

    So please, I'm not a bad person trying to make a joke or mock her in anyway. But once someone tries to attack me with information they have no way of knowing, I can't handle it.

  41. Lorin


    I definitely do not blame Katie for anything that happened to her - if I came across as having that opinion that's a mistake. I feel very deeply for her situation and my heart breaks for what she went through. No, I have never gone through a personal crisis like that, and the most I can do is imagine what it would be like. It was sickening what happened to her, and I believe sometimes no matter what precautions you take, you can't prevent someone else from doing harm to you. At the same time, there is a rational part of ourselves that knows when it's right to contact the authorities, even if we're scared or intimidated. Hell, I think the perpetrators should be in prison for life for what they did - she didn't cause her rape and assault, they did. What I believe though, is that despite what lies beyond our control, a lot does lie in our control, and that ultimately depends on the decisions we make on a daily basis.

  42. Prix


    Very rational to think of you that I have not been a victim. Because obviously I've never gone through such kind of thing right? Here is a surprise YES I HAVE. I know what survival is, way more than Katie knows of it or you. So don't come out and say I don't know. Stop saying things you don't even know about, you have no information about me. So why not ask first instead of judging?

    I'm blaming both her and the attacker. Even when I was a kid I know what the best way out for me as a kid was. I stopped other people from doing things to me in methods available to me.

    She is a grown up woman, she could handle herself. And YES I NOTED she said it was for survival. But why did she meet him even after that? He asked her to come out so many times. Nothing fishy?
    Also she fell in love? I know love is there but how about making sure the person is sane in the first place?
    Also, she is a lot more about her looks. Which is disappointing.

    I'm glad you didn't understand what I was pointing out and didn't understand my situation. I'm not attacking your situation because I have no clue what you went through. So don't attack me for the little information you have.

    If she was so afraid of her life why did she go out when he asked her so many times? Once a trust is broken in that way, there is no going back.

    I've gotten worse threats than Katie over here. Go figure.

  43. Katinka

    & Prix

    You are blaming the victim. Her not having "seen it coming" cannot in any way justify either of the attacks. It's so easy to judge about not contacting the police, but do YOU know anything about what happens to the mind and body after an assult like that? I'm guessing no. After being raped, one is not rationel, but scared, humiliated and shocked. I've been the victim of this kind of man myself, and I did NOT see it coming. And even is I had, I could have done nothing to stop it at that point, because that's how psychos work. Also, it takes a while before the brain can even BEGIN to accept that a man you thought you loved could do something like that to you.

    When she said "yes, we can start again" to the creep, it was for survival. Or did you not listen? She. Was. Afraid. For. Her. Life.

    I'm glad for you that you don't understand this. But blaming her is just sickening.

  44. Lorin


    I wonder why, after hours of a sexual assault, she didn't contact the authorities. That was definitely ridiculous in my opinion. I think he would have planned the acid attack either way, but at least if she had taken some sort of action against him (legally) that may have had a more positive impact.

    Yeah I think she put a lot of focus into her looks, because she was a young woman enjoying going out and getting recognized, and then once she couldn't rely on that anymore she was hit with the reality of having to make a living another way.

  45. Prix


    Yes, of course it happens. But seriously, if you forgive a guy like that and say "we can start over again". Also go out when the guy calls you out sooooooo much. I mean come on, how didn't she see that coming? I'm not taking any ones side but seriously I can't convince myself to feel any sympathy at all. I watch these types of documentaries and feel sadness but this one I didn't at all.

    I'm still stuck on how much she cared about her looks.

  46. Lorin


    I agree that people should make wise choices about whom they associate with, but sometimes no matter how careful you are you can't see every weirdo or psychopath. Sometimes people are married to their spouses for years and then suddenly when they are going through a break up or divorce the person becomes psychotic and ends up killing them. I don't think Katie should in any way be blamed for the actions of these two men (not saying you think that). Even if she made a poor choice in choosing her boyfriend, it doesn't mean I don't feel disgust and rage when something like this happens.

  47. Prix


    You know, to be honest I feel a little scared to say this. You people give her a lot of sympathy which I can understand.
    I still think Katie has a good chance at a normal life. If I met up with Katie and talked with her. I wouldn't care about her face all that much. It would've been another thing if they mentally tortured her/acid all over her body/took out her sexual organs/removed breast or removed the ass. Her body and her personality would've changed completely.

    What I'm trying to say is, her personality is really good. I like that. I mean we don't go around and telling ugly people "oh poor you, I hope your parents go to jail for giving birth to an ugly child like you".

    Even when Katie goes shopping she starts to cry because she thinks she is not as attractive anymore.

    Also, I'm a person that take real precaution on whom I trust. Humans are different, she made a bad choice. I'm not saying that living free and having sex is wrong. But at least make sure you know the person real good before you go on any further?

    To be honest, I don't feel sorry for her. But I do think that the guys that did this should get something worse than 16 years.

    Yea, 16 years in prison is going to be really enjoyable for those two guys. They will start doing even worse things than this or get clean, who knows. Jails = criminals gathering and sharing more information.

    I'm not trying to offend someone but you people gave your opinion and I'm sharing mine.

    1. Gladen5

      When such a thing happens to you, then I would suggest this line of thinking would be appropriate. Until then, compassion and understanding is all that is required.

    2. Callie

      I think it’s a shame you’ve been beaten up for voicing your honest opinion, even if it isn’t popular. I think being burned by acid is THE harshest most inhumane assault.
      But that aside -
      🤨I was really put off by the title: “My Beautiful Face”.
      While it’s nice that my sisters, friends and I have all had people pay us that compliment, but we would NEVER tell each other “Oh, you’re so beautiful”
      (unless referring to their spirit) much less ourselves, “I’m so beautiful “.
      I was irked further after much of her focus and “sorrow” is how “beautiful I used to be” using her former face as the touchstone for normality, making herself feel even more unattractive than she actually is:
      Even with her injuries, she’s at still at least twice as pretty as many other people! And there are literally thousands with more catastrophic injuries and horrendous deformities that can not leave their home due to frightening people.

      She IS constantly comparing her looks - just walking through the mall - becoming depressed remembering “..I used to look like that…”

      Watching this and other interviews and shows she’s been on, she has some psychological issues stemming from the attack that she definitely has not addressed in therapy:
      Her deep attachment to her looks caused her self esteem to plummet, thinking if I don’t find myself attractive how can any man?
      Even with a boyfriend- you can tell by her words, actions, subtle suggestions and off handed remarks, that she has this drive to “punish men” - which is blatantly obvious when she interviews people when there’s a man involved who’s been accused of mistreating or seriously harming his girlfriend.

      Katy specifically went after the Aimee Spencer case as an example of domestic violence, when there WAS none.

      Yes Aimee and her boyfriend had a volatile relationship, yes he had and was dealing and using drugs, and so was she…and yes, she died while with him in his condo, by falling out a 4 story window and yes it’s tragic.

      But Aimee had been known for being headstrong, stubborn, aggressive, never one to back down, willing to be confrontational and physical if necessary, always giving as good as she got and family and friends all had to admit she would never have put up with being abused in ANY way.

      On top of that, she began using a few drugs in high school, moving out early and began her very enthusiastic career as a “porn star” because as she told people, “Hey, I like to have a lot of sex…..so why not get paid for it?” Paid she was, then spending much of it on partying with multiple heavy reckless drug use.

      The Autopsy proved she had seven different strong drugs, two were powerful hallucinogens when she fell, but there were no marks or ANY indications that her boyfriend pushed her, much less touched her in any harmful way.

      Yet Katy was encouraging the already grief stricken parents to think of how he somehow must have been part of it, giving her the drugs that made her actions unstable, how he could be charged- (it was later pointed out - if Aimee didn’t get drugs from him, she had plenty of other people she’d go to) that by even sharing drugs - he was guilty of influencing her - and after all, his father was a Lord- so he was just the spoiled brat off an extremely wealthy father- adding “the Courts don’t like that”

      She just kept stirring the pot, saying “I only want what’s best for Aimee” “I only want to get what she deserves” (apparently that’s a big wrongful death suit settlement)

      Like some heartbroken parents they just want to blame “someone” for all their hurt and loss….
      So they went after him …..but lost- as both the DA and Judge agreed with the Autopsy findings, and only found him guilty for the drugs.

      Yet Katie wouldn’t give up.
      This was her new mission.
      She used everything at her disposal to continue pushing and pushing….
      telling them she’d help them start a public campaign - how they needed
      the public to be outraged (via his character assassination)
      to pressure the Court until they sent him to prison - to “pay” for what he did.

      This went on for years - and finally -through layers of slander -
      they were able to get another Judge to sentence him to prison for three YEARS !
      When he’d done NOTHING to cause her death.

      At the press conference and afterwards-
      Katy acted almost giddy in front of the cameras and exclaiming on Twitter: “YEEESS!!!” 😆 “don’t let the bars hit you from behind…” “Bu Buy….clank!” Lol…🥳 “it’s ‘TIME’ to celebrate….on and on.

      She continues to talk about using her public image and story of her attack as an opportunity to help empower other women - especially those with
      “potentially abusive/dangerous” men.

      I guess the key word here is “Potentially” ….because she still views ALL men as “potential threats” …and has a strong desire to “remove the threats”…
      by having them thrown in prison.

  48. Ben

    Yes i was also very annoyed at both of the boys(men or whatever....)and kept at the edge of my chair waitng for the news of the verdict. "This was the mother of all acid attacks" i have ever watched on screens.I still feel unsatisfied with the verdict handed down for both. Did i hear 15yrs? If this is the case, these attackers will come out of prison in the late 30s coz one was 19yrs ....?and still carry on with their normal lives ,marry etc ,,,,but for Katie,hers is a permanent disfigurement.May be they deserved life sentences since Katie will also suffer for life. What do you think everybody,fifi in particular?

  49. fifi

    It is one thing for the disgusting boyfriend to rape her and WANT to disfigure here, but what kind of man was the guy who threw acid? I mean, somebody pays you to do something like that? I just can't fathom the mindset of either of the two men. When she was given the verdict of guilty I started crying the moment she did too. Like I actually felt relief that these men were going to jail. If I felt that, I can't imagine how happy Katie must have felt. I was so afraid, that they were going to be innocent. How different do you think the story might have been if that were the case?

  50. Lorin

    This was a really heartwarming story. She went through so much and still manages to have such a positive outlook despite it all. I think her parents are wonderful as well.

  51. Carl Hendershot

    Id submerge that motherfu%%er in acid. Keep him alive and then submerge him again after he healed, do it again.

    She is still beautiful. I love her personality. May GOD bless her.

  52. Bridgette

    Katie is such a brave woman for not only surviving & recovering from the attack, but also for having such an upbeat spirit. She's become an inspiration to so many and that in itself should make her very proud. What a horrible thing to have gone through, so unnecessary and undeserved. What a real monster that man is, may he rot in prison.

  53. Heather

    This story gave me inspiration. And strength. If she can make it through that... then I can too.
    She was a model, and relied on her looks. I was a dancer, and relied on my body, until fate came knocking on my door. For months on end I have been in recovery on my own. This gave me hope, made me cry, and made me feel like I wasn't SO alone.
    Thank You Vlatko.

  54. Ian


    Violence is a natural part of our nature. But it's the unnecessary brand of violence, such as rape and all the other severe forms of oppression woman face. Or animal cruelty. When the victim is helpless and the violence is unjust and uncalled for. That's the form of violence I speak of, and sadly, what happen to Katie is a perfect example.

  55. Chiraq

    this girl lives near me in heartfordshire, and this story is really touching

  56. Ben


    Whoever want to watch this Doc,just dont begin with part 1. It is blocked but the rest,NOT

  57. Preacher

    @ian its not even so much stop violence against women. we to need to stop violence against every thing.

  58. wow

    Terrible things happen to people.

  59. Ian

    This documentary lit a fire under my ass. To think that a woman can be raped and permentally disfigured because she turned down a sexual advance from another man is beyond words. I just can't understand this behavior at all for the life of me. She was 100% innocent. But at the same time it's a really touching story. Her recovery is nothing short of amazing. Just look at more recent photos of Katie. She has made a nearly full recovery.