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Keith Moon: His Final Hours

2010, Biography  -   21 Comments
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Keith Moon was one of the most outrageous rock and roll performers in the world. He was a drumming genius, but his talents were overshadowed by his wild-man ways.

As the genius drummer for The Who, wild-man Moon was a non-stop party animal. When it comes to self destruction Moon was the rock poster boy.

Featuring archival footage, dramatic reenactments, and interviews with his family and closest companions, this film documents the final moments of this rock star's life.

Moon was known for dramatic, suspenseful drumming - often eschewing basic back beats for a fluid, busy technique focused on fast, cascading rolls across the toms, ambidextrous double bass drum work and wild cymbal crashes and washes.

He is mentioned in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as one of the greatest of all rock and roll drummers, and was posthumously inducted into the Rock Hall as a member of The Who.

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21 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Eric Lawson

    Great Doc!!!To bad he had to go so young !!!

  2. revron

    second only to mitch Mitchell,in my humble opinion...ginger baker a close 3rd..robert wyatt(soft machine) was maybe crazier...

    1. Lyrik Engel

      Buddy Rich?

  3. TheLegend33

    Aahh, Keith Moon, The larger than life persona with the drum kit to express it. He made his own rules on how to play and didn't care what anyone thought. Balls out everytime he did anything and if you hope to die before you get old ....he did it better than anyone. I think he could have made a great actor at some point if he lived on, he was always playing the part in real life. But somehow I think, nothing would have suited him finer than to own a Village Pub in the country side, where he would enjoy his freinds and family, sipping warm brandy and tellin' the funniest jokes and the best stories. We all need a bit of Luniness in our lives once and a while. Miss ya Moon

  4. Pysmythe

    Always great to see Moon flying all over his kit, making use of every part of it, doing what he did best. Just a blur of constantly implying a simple, steady beat... And the hands-down master of cymbals.

    Hated what he did to himself, but what are you gonna do?

    Favorite Moon joke: "In my next life, I want to be reincarnated as a girl's bicycle saddle."

  5. N

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    4. DDD

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    5. wald0

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    11. wald0

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    15. revron

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