The Ken and Barbie Killers

The Ken and Barbie Killers

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The Ken and Barbie KillersPaul Bernado and Karla Homolka were Canadian serial killers who attracted worldwide media attention when they were convicted of raping and murdering teenage girls, including Karla's own sister, Tammy Homolka.

These two serial killers are part of a fairly exclusive group of killers that killed as a couple. Paul Bernardo also admitted raping numerous other women over a period of years, and he eventually brought Karla into the mix. The question most people have when they hear of these murders, is why did Karla do it?

The answers to those questions are ones that we may never have all the answers to, but we certainly have a few. Karla was an active participant in the murders, and even participated sexually alongside and with the girls, mostly for Paul’s affection and at his urging. This was the basis behind Karla’s defense and her reasoning to strike a plea bargain that allowed for her current release. Karla Homolka served only twelve years in prison for her part in the murders.

One thing that we know for certain is that Karla was abused heavily by Paul Bernardo both physically and mentally in their relationship. The record clearly shows brutal beatings and horrible mental abuse perpetrated by Paul Bernardo. The puzzling part of this, however, is that Karla never attempted to get out. She came from a supportive family that surely would have tried to protect her. Could it be that she was afraid of Paul hurting them or her anyway?

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  1. It is bad enough that she got 12 years. However, Karla should have been deemed a dangerous offender once they found those tapes. They may not have been able to go back on the deal they made with her, but once those tapes were found and clearly showed her role in everything, I believe she should have been labeled a dangerous offender. She should be tracked every move she makes while living free.

  2. While I don't excuse or understand why Karla did these things I find it appalling the the majority of the dialogue around this case is focused on her and not Paul. Watching the sheer amount of misogyny by all parties involved is disgusting. Paul may have spent more time in prison but Karla was the one deemed a sociopath and is most hated in hindsight. The people involved in this case repeatedly imply that Karla wasn't "really" a battered woman. I'm sorry what??? The pictures are clearly. She was beaten to within an inch of her life. It's 2021 we know better about these black and white assumptions surrounding domestic abuse. Karla did horrific things in the moment. BUT she also went to the police and turned him and herself in. Knowing she may face consequences. But people believe what Paul says about her being the murderer, the man who was rapping women at least a year before even meeting Karla (at the age of 17 mind you). I mean Paul's lawyers assistant even went as far as saying she was the mastermind, she was "manipulative". Wow... Yeah she "manipulated" him into raping teenage girls before they even met when she was still a teen herself... yeah sure.

    1. I completely agree

    2. Karla enjoyed bruises. Karla played an innocent poor thing. Until those video tapes came out after her deal was made. She was as much the player as Him. And served up her own sister for him. Not at gun point if our memories are correct?? She's a sadistic and twisted threat forever. Shes not suffering no battered wife nonsense!! Shes a mark in our history. That should have the death penalty re installed because of her and him both.!!

  3. Karla Bordelais is walking but Tammy can’t. Not only is she walking , she is walking free. That’s not justice, that’s lawlessness at its height .

  4. Karla was deemed a sociopath. she shows absolutely no remorse. The tapes revealed that Karla wasnt simply doing what Paul told her to do, she had a very active and enthusiastic role in the torture. Do I think that Karla would have killed or raped if Paul hadnèt come along? No, I don't, but I do believe Paul awoke something in her that she already had there. They are both sick people and it's absolutely horrifying to me that Karla gets to live her life free and gets custody of three children after raping and murdering 3 girls who were still kids

  5. How the hell is it a good thing that inmates, many of whom have committed crimes due to economic necessity or lack of the possibility to advance, can't advance and rehabilitate themselves in jail? That's a disgusting viewpoint to have.

  6. the tapes were destroyed by the trial judge , however, rumors abound that the defense attorneys made copies before handing them over. they had them first. paul told them where to find them. they were hidden in a light in the ceiling of the bathroom. cops never found them. i have read the transcripts, pretty nasty. karla is out of prison and now lives in the Caribbean. she has two kids and a husband. she married the brother of one of her attorneys. google her, there is lots of info. and she has a new name

  7. still a scary case for Torontians today. where were the tapes, i don't understand how they couldn't find it for so long!!
    i want to get into law or the force, but i sure hope its much more advanced and organized than they were in the 90s.

  8. these events occured very close to my home and i am very familiar with the case...I totally disagree when people look for one answer or doctors try to label it as some "? disorder"
    Typicall people start out fine / normal until they start something bad on a small scale and usually progress into the unimaginable...because of numerous reasons (circumstance, mindsets, attitudes, environments, society, illness, you name it) over long periods of time

    Too try to answer 2 questions above with one main factor: whywas Paulka involved and why she didnt leave ( which i am not sure they mention in this doc as I havent watched it yet- and I am going from memory so may not be 100%) was that , one of the first victims was karlas sister , whom i beliive they got drunk , drugged during the christmas holidays at karlas parents home, and then may or may not have sexually assulted (he or she or both) and if i am not mistaken the girl died from the incident...Karla/Paul where never accussed of any wrongdoing from this incident initially.

    From thatpoint i belive their crimes progressed to kidnapping / raping / murder together..This incident was used as blackmail towards Karla if she didnt participate or informned anyone. From there on , i assume it becomnes a "point of no return" for karla

  9. they both need to be prison-gang-raped til they die

  10. Hey, where did my post abot Russ Williams and Paul bernardo being college pals go?

    1. they were not 'college pals' although both attended the university of Toronto.

  11. It is also interesting they mention the Police have devised a communication system between departments throughout Ontario but Russel Williams commited his crimes in Ottawa, Tweed, Brighton and Belleville. None of the municipal or Provincial police agencies shared information until it was too late.

    1. My father was Chief of NRP during this time, and the force caught alot of slack from the public for not catching Bernardo sooner. in reality, Toronto police had him under surveillance here for the rapes, and never felt the need to share this information with the NRP..

    2. That's not true at ALL. EVERYONE knew of the "Scarborough" rapist...As well as ALL of the police services. It was a well-known fact amongst the public and "all" law enforcement.

  12. What about Paul's former college pal Russ Williams? Is it not odd that they were buddies in university and now serving Life for very similar crimes in the same prison?

    1. they were not 'college pals' although both attended the university of Toronto.

  13. Havent seen the doc yet but Lesley Mahoffy was followed home from a store a 2 minute walk from where I live and Kristen French's remains were found about 10 minutes away by car so I followed the case closely as did everyone here. The write up about the doc paints Karla as being a victim of Bernardo's and forced to take part in the torture and murders which is total bullshit. She did her plea deal (because they wanted Bernardo so bad and believed her story that she was forced into helping), got off easy and then her lawyer told the police where to find the video tapes they had hidden in their house. The cops looked like fools for giving her a deal after they watched the tapes and saw she was an active participant in the rapes and tortures. Bernardo was a rapist before they met and it was only after Karla came into the picture did the killings start. Karla literally got away with murder (she even stole the drugs from the veterinarian she worked for to drug her sister so they could rape her, her sister choked on her own vomit because of the drugs and died) and it makes me sick she only served 12 years mostly in minimum security prisons if you could even call them prisons.

    1. I don't know much about this story although i heard about it from my family who live in Quebec. I think she even came to Montreal when she got out. The way you describe it....shows once again how the judicial system is manipulated by many hands, lawyers will do anything to win a case even if it goes against every thing they know, feel and sometimes have proofs of.
      And also it makes me wonder how does a person keeps on living with the self. You can separate from oppression but not if it is self created within.
      I did not watch this doc...reading the comments was enough.

    2. i agree completely with everything you said. its very scary to know this happened in Southern Ontario, so close to home with innocent children. imagine the trust her sister had for her.

      however i do not think the documentary painted her as the victim. they stated that SHE claimed to be the victim, but was pretty active in the cases and that the toronto police found out too late. i don't think the documentary gave her sympathy nor did the people they interview.

  14. #
    Nicole 8

    As someone who grew up in the Toronto area, this case was all any parent could talk about. My mother STILL tells me not to go out alone and will always mention the names Kristen French and Lesly Mahoffy to me. I don’t think anyone who lived in southern Ontario during that time will ever forget their face, or ever feel that they have paid for their crimes.

    I was around that area too. I remember it like yesterday. It had the whole countries attention. The sick things they did, are still hard to grasp. The prosecutors "deal with the devil" outraged Canadians..especially after they found tapes later and saw just how involved Karla was. Pure evil.

  15. "He had ambitions to be a rap singer" ha ha, incredible!

  16. the reason they keep referring to their attractiveness is probably because of the attractiveness stereotype. people find it hard to attribute any negative traits to attractive looking people (and in opposite, they find it easy to attribute negative traits to unattractive people). people would much more likely picture an unattractive killer, not completely attractive people!

  17. Homolka's been out of prison for a few years now. She lived in the province of Quebec for a while and then met someone who had the means to take her out of the country and to a tropical island where visitors don't require a visa or passport.

    This monster had ten years to create a plan for the rest of her life--and she got what she wanted. I've driven down the lonely road where they found one of the girls bodies wrapped in a carpet.
    She will escape justice on earth it appears but she has an appointment in about 30 years.
    150 years ago she would have been lynched and the police would have been powerless to stop it. When enough otherwise law abiding citizens agree to do something the law can and should be temporarily overwhelmed if it cannot provide a suitable punishment for a crime.
    This is exactly that kind of situation.

  18. Couldn't watch it due to the secondary sound that randomly appears in the background.

  19. Swizzle His accent is Scottish.

  20. I grew up in Scarborough and even went to the same high school Paul Bernardo had attended (years later). When this Case came out I was only 10 but I remember my mother and her friends talking about, I remember it being on the news. 20 years later, watching this is still shocking.

    A 12 year prison sentence is son unjust. I sometimes am happy that the Canadian legal system really does give people a chance to star their lives over...and doesn't hamper people with ridculous 10 year sentences for having small amounts of weed on their persons...but in cases like this, it kinda makes me wish that things like murder carried steeper sentences. I feel sorry for her poor kid.

    I also find it funny that media went on to mention how attractive the couple was...carefully avoiding that they were also middle class and white. but whatever. in the grand scheme of things, that doesn't matter. It's just a couple of details I can't help but notice.

  21. Does anyone see the similarities between this debauched couple - and the Moors Murderers? thats Ian Brady & Myrs Hindley? differnce is, that Myra Hindley never got released =- and I dont think that Karla Molkota should have ever been released either. I feel so sorry for her Son - and her poor Mother and Father - what utter devastation for a family

  22. well I am speechless after watching this, I really have too much to think about, and I am going to watch it again to make sure I understood everything. Because as horrowing as it is, its still a comprehensive 'full loaded' documentary - and that in itself deserves my attention.
    the narrator is definately Scottish - probably from Edinburgh rather than Glasgow, as its a purer dialect which is indicative of the Inverness area (in so far as I know)
    He is DEFINATELY not Welsh!! Id hate that accent myself - and Im Welsh! grrrr

  23. Yeah, Karla is a free woman now, married and with a mother. She's changed her name, and there is no way for us to know where she is. How the hell she kept herself off the sex offender registry is beyond me. The woman raped and killed her own sister. I've read almost every book published on this case, and the graphic details of what they did to those three girls are horrifying. What Karla did, for me, is even more disgusting than what Paul did. As a woman, how could you abuse another woman that way? Forget a life sentence, that woman should have been executed.

  24. Crazy bitch karla should have gotten life.

  25. True beauty comes from within, these two are ugly freaks.. they should be rotting in a cell together. Ken and Barbie together forever!

  26. what is all the talking in the background? every time it shows a picture of them there is someone talking??

  27. Crazy people always have a "crazy eye". Look at their faces and you can see a very appearant asymmetry in their eyes. Then check out photos of other crazy criminals, Jeffry Dahmer, etc and they all have the crazy eye thing going on!

  28. As a Canadian,and with family still in Ontario, I remamber the furor well.She is still the most despised woman in Canada and the justice system really needs a kick in the pants for making a deal with her that they could not change when it was found out that she was a willing participant...two psychopath/narcissistic personalities wedded together like that...shudder!
    I think it should still be in prison,at least until she dies ;~) There are not enough words to convey my outrage at her destruction of her family,and that of so many others.For those who take a religious view of things,I hope you are praying that there is a special kind of Hell for her!

    1. I agree, no one I know has forgiven either one of them even though its 20+ years since the crime. My parents were furious about the light sentence that Homalka received and most people want them to either rot in prison or put them with the other prisoners and let them handle it.

  29. @ GTO
    YOU CAN! Karla moved in next door to you yesterday... And Paul is still seeing visitors...

  30. @ Swizzle
    No of course not! Let me be the paranoid one. The narrator does sound like there's a touch of "plaid-ass" in him... something like Willie on the Simpsons. Now gooo awayyy and have some haggis laddie. LOL

  31. man i love to do something horrible to this couple!

  32. Why don't you all go back to watching your porns? Too much talking...Too much talking...Too much talking....Too much talking...Too much talking....too much talking....Cos' we CAN talk! THAT's IT!

  33. I never even thought of how they resemble ken and barbie, but they do, LOL.

    I don't feel sorry for either of the two murders. Karla was a highly manipulative women, when asked by paul what would she think if he killed and raped people she said she thought it would be cool, so it tells you what kind of sicko she is, she would say or do anything so don't be fooled.

  34. @Randy
    Yes, I know all about that, my brother. It seems unimaginable to me, (especially when I saw it up close), that a man’s life could hang on whether a piece of paper was filed at the right time or the right place…I mean, we are not talking real-estate or tax law here… this is a real person’s life!

    Dam& Skippy.

    Not trying to be all " hard core ", but I have had 5 or 6 people , I know get out or just go back , w/I the last 6 mths.

    Its nothing on me but Ive seen them come and go. Some family.

    You know what is wrong , even though I hate to say it , but its too easy to fall again. Especially now. I have alot of friends that Ive been tight with, like fam. No shyte.15 yrs or more but I can promise you this , half will go back and 1 out of 3 of the rest will be lucky. Ive been fortunate to see it all before it happpens. We are talking about gooood people. With kids , wives ,etc.Smart people.When you play chess with life, you can not win.

    They have all made their bed. Whats bad is I cant tell some , even one ,any different .Wasted talent.

  35. I know you are not kidding, my brother! That stuff really happens.

    I talked to a guy that broke my heart, (if it was true and I think he was being honest), that went inside for selling.

    He said he took it up because his wife and baby were hungry. Obviously he wasn't very good at it, but, I mean... he didn't deserve 25 years for his crime. I went over his jacket... he was a small time guy!

    *shaking my head*

  36. @Randy

    You might think Im kidding but , I was tinking bout a friend . No joke. I put it on my skin! He got 120yrs for some drugs.First charge. 19yrs old. Now , that was 10 yrs ago . I am not kidding.

    When do laws cross the line ?An when does the punishment fi the crime?

    answer. When you got the money.

  37. Yes, I know all about that, my brother. It seems unimaginable to me, (especially when I saw it up close), that a man's life could hang on whether a piece of paper was filed at the right time or the right place...

    I mean, we are not talking real-estate or tax law here... this is a real person's life!

  38. @Randy

    You know , one thing that I learned was about a habeus corpus. I had 3 left and did 18mo before . I learned that a judge or jury/ DA / or victum , cannot decide who gets , what they like too call , good time ,It is up to the owner / facility CEO / warden. Nobody wanted me file a writ or anything to that nature. Anything filed against the facility was considered hostile.If they would have practiced what the preached,
    5 would of been 2 1/2 .

    I had to get my brother to go two states over to file the noterized docs.(which isnt easy )Try getting something signed that will free you while you are making them money. Not easy. As soon as that stuff got out of there and into the hands of a civilian , I was out two weeks later. If that says anything.

  39. We'd be much better off working with people on their issues than banging them all up.
    I don't believe anyone's bad to the core.

  40. When I was pre-med, (yes I've dabbled in pretty much everything... never finished my training because, again, my heart can't take having someone's life in my hands... even jury duty is hard sometimes...), I did a research project with men in prisons.

    It was a psychological study about the effects on men in an enclosed environment, etc. and blah blah, very boring to you all I'm sure...

    But I was stricken by the number of men I interviewed that were just lost in the system and, because they made a few bad calls in their lives were severely punished...

    Some may have been just conning me, sure, but I really got a feeling that many of them were really good men that just went wrong because of circumstances.

    I would often have sleepless nights, worrying about them...

    Anyways, just putting that out there...

  41. @Randy *BUT! That will probably never happen… sigh…

    Now here , you see elder man.

    " An aged man is but a paltry thing, a tattered coat upon a stick, unless soul clap its hands and sing, and louder sing for every tatter in its mortal dressAn intellectual hatred is the worst.Be secret and exult, Because of all things known That is most difficult"
    William Butler Yeats

    If one can edure he will be strong.

  42. Yeah, the stereotype of what a serial killer should look like is why it took those idiot investigators so long to find these two. In the meantime, countless others suffered.

  43. @Randy
    HA HA! No dats EErish talk.I think Randy had too much.
    Slainte. Just kidding , brother.


    Yes. 24 hrs aday , but you choose as a man what you do. I mean , you cant go get a burger or a pack of smokes but .. wait , you can . Because its easier when the powers that be want your money. Everything is Everywhere .But they all cause trouble . Soon you will be in debt , 100%, no joke.

    Or , you can do your time and not someone elses. Mind your buisness and do the time dont let it do you.. READ. People have access to a libray / law library , which is really sweet, weights , college profs , rehab etc. Choose your path , unless you are in for life w/o or something . Then its a waste.

    You do deciide , because , only you can prevent forest fires.


  44. *BUT! That will probably never happen... sigh...

  45. @eireannach666

    Thank you for that compliment!

    And, you are right. There is a saying in the legal profession, you've probably heard it, "A jury is just 12 people too s****d to get out of jury duty..."

    Well, I say, lets try and change that. Lets get those smart people to serve like they should and maybe we will get somewhere!

  46. @Randy
    Most important is to always serve jury duty. That is the best way we have as citizens to influence our legal system directly.I don’t only show up dutifully, I actually volunteer… I know, I am a dork…

    Ha! Randy. I cant really argue there , ya dork. (I got my bach in IT Net in , well ya know and do you remember what I said I was doing?)But you see the flaw. If there were 12 people like you on a jury , we might actually get some justice. But life is so bitterly opposite .

    Your re a good man, though. Rather be one in a milllion than like the million.
    Its because yer Eireannach. J/k.

    If people that weigh the facts instead of emotion ruled the world , life for us all would be justified . ( and it is getting better.)

  47. @Pacha


    You know, in the USA in the 30's (and I might have the year wrong, I do all of this from memory), it was actually jurors that made the Repeal of Prohibition happen. The law found that they just couldn't get convictions for the crime of drinking booze!

    As an Irishman, I am very grateful... LOL!

    But, maybe if we can serve our jury duty and influence enough cases we can over-turn the pot laws in our favor!

  48. I dont know the ins and outs of it all but having watched a few prison shows including 'Behind Bars' lately I just can't believe people end up in prison for life for smoking a bit of dope and stealing a couple of cars.
    Subjecting a petty criminal to 23 hour lockdown with a load of psychos is not going to create a better person in my opinion.

  49. @Pancha

    That explains it.

    You know , the biggest mules of drugs and looking the "other way" are the guards? Which some people are blind to , but how do you think shyte gets in? Some of them, from experience , make 6 figures and actually get people "offed".

    Thin line ,indeed.

  50. @Pacha

    You are not far off the mark, my friend... unfortunately!

    But in our defense, and as I said before, it really is the best system we have right now. We really have to try and make it work better rather than just complaining about it, (although talking about it is the first step!)

    Most important is to always serve jury duty. That is the best way we have as citizens to influence our legal system directly.

    I don't only show up dutifully, I actually volunteer... I know, I am a dork...

  51. @ Nadine
    Have you seen how many people are in jail in America lately?
    And they give crazy long sentences for next to nothing. That system's more about making money than anything else these days and I'm very happy that I don't live there. Land of the free? That's a good un.

    @ eireannach666
    Thanks for stopping by the blog. I didn't realise the connection til just now but the woman featured in that photo shoot is a cop and bizarrely enough, her job is checking people into jail.

  52. @Randy

    HA!!! Et tu Brute?

    My grand paddy taught me but, ok .

    Ive only found four amoungst my collection , can ya name the seven?? Im testing Randy. At least I have a chance on this one. Science forbid I give him a gyroscope.
    "Rocky road to Dublin?"

  53. I wrote above:

    "YES! Of course, another great Irish writer. You know, we have the most Nobel Prizes for literature than any other nationality. Seven!"

    To be fair, I have never checked this fact to see if it is true since I heard it on, (blushing), a documentary on the Food Network in which Ireland was featured...

    Hey, I am the cook in my house! LOL!

    But, it is a fun-fact that makes me proud, so... if it's wrong I'll eat it, but, until then...

  54. @Randy
    I got moderated , Again. Sorry vlatko .

    But no, I didnt know we had so many.

    Nice. Erin go Brach!.

    Is it the Gaelic thats getting me now , on the moderation ?

  55. @Randy

    Actually no I did not know we had so many.

    You just reminded me of that when you said "talkingIt’s the best we can do right now, you and I, but… goodness… it can really mess things up at times.I feel your pain. It is just heart shredding, isn’t it?

    Shouldt be so hard on humanity because of the idiots like these two.Or because of the flaws in justice. Be happy for the things we do have to offer and th knowledge we have.One thing I learned is not to sweat the things we cant fix , just dont be those things.

    Remember , Tiocfaidh ar la , we as humans are slowly but surely weeding out the bs imposed on us by the past and are finally investing in the future. We are all greatful for the steps taken by the last few generations of logical , rational people , such a yourself , that allow free thinking people ( such as myself and alot of others.More now than ever.) and science to flourish.

  56. @eireannach666

    YES! Of course, another great Irish writer. You know, we have the most Nobel Prizes for literature than any other nationality. Seven!

  57. @Randy
    Are you familiar with Yeats?

    Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.
    William Butler Yeats

  58. Thats what the US media / government would like those of us who have to live in it but know better to think. There are far worse than this outhere , as far as getting off light and getting bent over I mean.Heck Id rather be in Canada. (or Erin , ha! ) Ironic ,huh?

  59. @Nadine

    I couldn't agree with you more, except that I went to law school in America and really... it's all a mess.

    It's the best we can do right now, you and I, but... goodness... it can really mess things up at times.

    I feel your pain. It is just heart shredding, isn't it?

  60. Every time I hear or see something this case I become enraged!

    As a Canadian, I have no problems saying that I despise our justice system. TOO LENIENT! Give me the American justice system any day.

    Had Bernando committed these crimes in the US, he would have faced a 100+ year sentence!

    Make no doubt about it, Karla Homolka IS a psychopath.

    During the planning of her wedding to Paul, she wrote a letter to a friend complaining that all her parents could talk about what Tammy, Tammy, Tammy! They weren't even showing enough concern about her upcoming wedding because they were grieving over her sister.

    This is the essence of this BITCH. She killed her sister and after her death all she could think of was her bloody wedding. THAT is who Karla truly is.

    I will never forgive the police or the judicial system for botching this one.

  61. @Pacha I made my bed. No regrets.Life is too short to dwell on the things in which we have no control over.Just kind of have to play the cards we are dealt.thanx though.

  62. eireannach666 wrote
    'i think just because the DA struck a deal , doesnt mean that it should still be valid considering'

    thats exactly what i kept thinking. surely they could have kept her in for being mentally ill or something.
    crazy law systems.

    sorry to hear about your ongoing troubles by the way.

  63. @Vlatko I figured as much. Just wanted to confirm. Thanks for the quick reply. Oh and my typing skills stink, so I guess I'll just have to slow my roll a bit. thanks again for clarifying .

  64. I hope you're not talking to me, Eff.

  65. when its a thrill seeking factor you never know if prison broke the person or just made them more cautious or less extreme. …… never can tell until its too late…I mean look at all the repeat offenders……. I asked a pstor in a prison one time” What are the odds all these guys you preach to will actually get out and stay out?” and he replied ” Only 5% of all the guys he meets will stay out.” sad really…… but hey , she will probably stay out of trouble …… as for having to suffer on the inside…… I doubt it. she didnt look like she was loosing any sleep or missing any meals, …. heck she even had a kid , unfortunately ….. besides who gives acrap if she is…… dont do the crime so to speak……. thats kind of like me being mad about finding a job or a place to stay knowing they check backgrounds……. still doing time after 7 years have passed…………and i dont regret anything because if i changed the things ive done and /or beenthrough , than i wouldnt be me and i like me……. maybe she will be an exception to the rule…. ihad to repost this twice for some reason ......will someone tell me why it says awaiting moderation???

  66. i think just because the DA struck a deal , doesnt mean that it should still be valid considering - A_ the deal was made based on the fact that she was ,at the time , to be considered a victum , having no willing role in this ,thus making the deal/contract void after finding evidence that proved otherwise ( the tapes ) and B_ THE FUXIN TAPES!!!! but im no lawyer or law student , just a scholar of logic ...... but there are too many lawyers and red tape , that could of went either way had the DA decided to bail on the deal considering she had money allowing her access to a decent lawyer unlike most people who dont have a chance to beat a case,even if innocent , with a court appointed "public pretender"-- seen it too many times to count unfortunately.

    1. the deal was that she had to tell the truth. she lied many times and was caught doing so. despite the fact that she invalidated her deal, the decision was made to stick to it when they could have ended it.

  67. Hmmm... horrible crime indeed. I think though that everyone has it wrong about the Karla girl for several reasons.

    1. She has been for a while now and I haven't seen anything yet that she pathological at all. In the cases of being pathological their manin characteristic is continueous morbid analogies of things that they have done. That isn't present either. They are also repeat offenders and that has yet to happen as well. The basis of being pathological is the lack of remorse and responsibility. I think she just out smarted the cops and they are to prideful to admit it.

    2. Her life will forever be in ruins internally because of her crimes. Do not doubt that people that the society deems as unregretful or pathological are way off from the truth. Most of these types regret and hold their guilt of their crimes internally. Hince the reason for a high repeat offending and often suicide.

  68. Pharoah wrote:

    "A broken judicial system!!! where’s the death penalty???
    I’m shaken up by this documentary..."

    Indeed. I remember this case when it happened and it really rocked me to the core.

    I haven't taken the New Jersey state bar exam, but I went to law school. Frankly, this case (and the many, many others that I have seen/overseen as a legal student...) made me run away from the legal system.

    I admire the brave men and women that do it everyday. I am just not strong enough, I think, to be involved in cases like this.

  69. A broken judicial system!!! where's the death penalty???
    I'm shaken up by this documentary,

  70. I think some of you less-insightful people should get back to your TV and watch CSI re-runs.... Or else attack the fridge for dessert before your brain melts....

  71. Does anyone know what kind of accent the narrator has? Is it Welsh?

  72. P.S. I couldn't sleep at night if I was on the police force that allowed the DNA of a rapist to languish without testing for over two years while he he was free to participate in the killing of three more girls and the rapes of many others. Has no one a sense of discernment anymore? When 8 people identified him from the sKetch, any detective worth his salt would have sent that sample to the top of the list for testing. What a botch of justice all the way around. I'm very incensed.

  73. Karla Homolka was probably indeed the one that actually killed the girls. Shame! Shame! Shame! on the Canadians for botching this one! Both of them should have never seen freedom again ever.

  74. @Eff

    Indeed. I have seen it up close and personal.

    "You never know anybody, not that well..."

    "Miller's Crossing", Joel and Ethan Cohen...

  75. Psychopaths is the smiley person who lives next door and is never viewed as mentally deranged or chemically-imbalanced. More recently was the upstanding canadian military leader who raped and killed several women over a period of years...until finally caught! whooda thought Eh?

    Regardless, it is an illness and brings on a sense of power. There is a lot of sickos out there and a lot of missing children and women who are abused by people you would never expect...more so people with power and money...and may very well be the Ken and Barbie, who are surprisingly? your next door neighbours.

  76. this happend in my hometown so this really strikes a nerve with me.

    the fact that Karla Homolka is now a free woman makes me sick. Also, her living conditions in jail were hardly a punishment at all.

    1. You do realize she was allowed to study for a master in Psychology at Queen's right? Its nice to know all you need to do for a free education is to rape, torture and murder your sister.

    2. The good news is, because of Karla--NO inmates in Canada can now get a post-secondary education 'compliments of the Canadian Tax Payer."

  77. @RANDY Agreed my friend........... thats why we are the dominant beings on earth.......... but never feel ashamed of being human just be happy that you see the principle of the fact and the moral issues involved that make you ............. those are the things along with every emotion , feeling , and insnct we have ........ makes us human . " makes us evolved " makes everything i belive true..........

  78. @ EVERYONE Yes this is messed up but my question to al is - How often do you think this kind of stuff happens? This 1 of millions to be and have been. Goes back to " Dont judge a book by its cover," Ive personally met worse than these and just be thankful it wasnt you . Its so easy to see life the way our eyes show us but seeing it from anothers ' is how we learn. That chic got off easy. I ve known people doing less that got 50 yrs and 120yrs fo fuxin drugs but yet child molesters get usually less than 10 and repeat . The world is full of every kind of evil imaginable x1000. and has been and will be forever . Ive seen DR.s /scientists etc to junkies drug dealers and everything inbetween incarcerated for you name it............... but nothing changes. Get used to it and try to not be in a position to where this could be you or yours. SLAINTE!

  79. Good looking? my first thought was inbred.

  80. As someone who grew up in the Toronto area, this case was all any parent could talk about. My mother STILL tells me not to go out alone and will always mention the names Kristen French and Lesly Mahoffy to me. I don't think anyone who lived in southern Ontario during that time will ever forget their face, or ever feel that they have paid for their crimes.

  81. they both look kind of dopey

  82. @olive

    It's horrifying. Some of the most mind-shattering cruelty I have ever heard about, (and I have heard about alot!).


    Yes, I agree, I was being very pompous. I apologize, however, in my defense, I never said it "proved" anything. I was just saying that it was an ugly and sadistic world and I didn't want to be a part of it, whether it was god's plan or not.

    I'm done. This case made me ashamed to be a human being.

  83. So, so twisted. How someone could ever allow that to happen to their own sister, let alone take part in it, is impossible for me to see.

  84. sick sick. the worst part is that one of the girls , i can not remember which, had been locked out of the house by her parents because she missed her curfew but they are real unhappy about their tough love stance in retrospect. only other comment is that for some reason everyone classified these two as "good looking" i guess in a conventional pasty wonderbread kind of way, but really? i always thought they were rather white trashy, and i know i live in a trailer park.

    1. the Mahaffey girl was the one locked out. and to make matters worse, she was apparently late getting back from a memorial for a friend who had died. all the kids had been upset because of the death of this young friend, but for some reason, her parents couldn't comprehend this at all.

  85. I am very familiar with this case. It was an example I often gave to people who told me either, a: that jesus or god was in charge and everything had a plan, or, b: the Universe, or Nature had a plan and was looking out for us, etc. Note: alot of hippies just exchange the word "jesus" for "the Universe" and think they have a new religion. *yawn*

    When I saw this case, I thought to myself, "If this was in any way, any part of any supreme being's plan, I do NOT want to be a part of that plan! To hell-- and many other curse words that would be part of moderation for a very long time--with any supreme being that wanted this to happen for any plan he/she/it may have dreamed up!

    We are fairly twisted animals, you and I. Stop doing that!
    Read a book! Only you have control of your life! No invisible, imaginary friends, or enemies, are looking out for you, or making you do bad things... it's just you!

  86. This was extremely disturbing....

  87. they keep talking about how attractive they are...