Kill Him Silently

2013, Crime  -   53 Comments
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This is the story behind Israeli secret service Mossad's bungled assassination attempt on Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and the role the failed covert operation played in the rise of the Palestinian movement's rise to power.

Mossad's move to assassinate Meshaal came in the wake of a series of suicide bombings Hamas carried out in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The attacks had left over 20 Israelis dead and hundreds injured.

Israel was enraged and Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, called for an urgent meeting with his security services, including Mossad. He wanted a significant and telling strike against Hamas. The objective was clear: retaliation.

This two-part film features exclusive interviews with Meshaal himself as well as with Danny Yatom, the then head of the Mossad, who masterminded the attempt to kill the Hamas leader, and who later fled to Jordan with the antidote that saved Meshaal's life.

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  1. Farid

    THE zionist are the terrorist.And they Will be killed not behind the black mountains.BUT IN EL-QUDS.

  2. Polnicky M

    Why the hell did they blame this on Canadians we had nothing to do with this shit.

    Then they call on the US for the antidote being delivered bunch of yellow morons !

  3. coryn

    There are 19 places in the Torah where a 'God' requires his followers to kill one of their group, or from outside their group. Are these the people you want as YOUR neighbors? Here's a few of them:

    Death to Followers of Other Religions - Whoever sacrifices to any god, except the Lord alone, shall be doomed. (Exodus 22:20 NAB)

    Kill Nonbelievers - They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman. (2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB)

    Kill False Prophets - If a man still prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall say to him, "You shall not live, because you have spoken a lie in the name of the Lord." When he prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall thrust him through. (Zechariah 13:3 NAB)

    Kill the Entire Town if One Person Worships Another God - Suppose you hear that in one of the towns the LORD your God is giving you some worthless rabble among you have led their fellow citizens astray by encouraging them to worship foreign gods. In such cases, you must examine the facts carefully. If you find it is true and can prove that such a detestable act has occurred among you, you must attack that town and completely destroy all its inhabitants, as well as all the livestock. Then you must pile all the plunder in the middle of the street and burn it. Put the entire town to the torch as a burnt offering to the LORD your God. That town must remain a ruin forever; it may never be rebuilt. Keep none of the plunder that has been set apart for destruction. Then the LORD will turn from his fierce anger and be merciful to you. He will have compassion on you and make you a great nation, just as he solemnly promised your ancestors. "The LORD your God will be merciful only if you obey him and keep all the commands I am giving you today, doing what is pleasing to him." (Deuteronomy 13:13-19 NLT)

    So let's see, the 'Lord Your God' wants you to kill anyone around you who believes in another 'God', or professes another religion, and while you're at it kill any 'false prophets' too, and finally, my favorite, as it brings out the true genocidal fever of this deity, you are obliged to kill all the inhabitants and livestock of a town IF only one person believes in another deity. Then they get to burn the whole town, etc.......

    So much for any 'personal' freedom to express your true humanity.......

  4. Maya

    I'm neither Muslim nor Jewish. I do realise that wars existed for thousands of years, if you ask each fighting country or party,they would tell you they're the victims and they're defending themselves...that's why I don't care who's right or wrong, but using nuclear, chemical or biological weapon is an unforgivable a violation regardless who's involved.Remember when the western world accused Assad of using chemical and biological weapons?? But when it's Israel they turn a blind eye. You'll be a fool to think that this incident was their first or last...just happened that they got caught. Does anyone remember the countless bankers who "commited suicide"? Hmmmm

  5. Pemba Sherpa

    Its veeeery amusing when israelis call others "terrorists" haha

  6. disqus_9JCvCtbisE

    If someone came and displaced via force millions of my fellow Australians and all we had to fight with to reclaim our homes was ourselves as civilians would we be terrorists?
    The killing of any civilian I think is wrong however I do understand the Palestinian despair. I am neither Jew or Muslim however it seems the Jewish political machine is doing to the Palestinians exactly what they claim was done to them.
    Now they run around using stolen passports including ours recently to assassinate whoever they like, when brought to task for it they cry anti Semite. Now with the help of the US they are in a position of power they are using it to avenge rather than being humble.
    The camps continue to grow, land keeps being stolen via Jewish settlers illegally and innocent people continue to die. What do they want? The wholesale destruction of the Palestinian people? They can not just expect them to disappear from the face of the earth without a fight. It's an unjust occupation, just because their belief's tell them the land is theirs it does not make it so! Israel seems to have an arrogant disregard for every other nation and their sovereignty.

  7. Harry Nutzack

    to understand the draconian methodology of the israelis, one need only examine history.

    historically, revolutions and seizures of power tend to emulate the methods of governance of the previous government. haiti, upon it's independence, embraced the plantation system just as deeply as the french did. the "marcus garvey" repatriation of freed slaves to africa (which brought the country of liberia into existence) likewise chose the plantation system as its model. the russian revolution of a century past seated a government that merely switched who held status of leadership, and tone of rhetoric, but still fully embraced the concept of serfdom. despots tend to be replaced by despots, as but a single example.

    the citizenry of israel tend to come from areas where draconian methods of governance were a long standing "norm" of governmental behavior, from the days of "exodus" until today. people raised in a system run by a "strong man" tend to view non-despotic rule as a sign of governmental weakness. humanity appears to be hard-wired to embrace "that which we know works", even if it means rejecting what is obviously a "fairer" solution (i call it "the dog you know" syndrome).

    though it may seem counter-intuitive to many, the actions of israel are to be expected, based on this historical perspective. please don't view this as an attempt to excuse or justify those actions, but rather to illustrate the near inevitability of those actions.

  8. Glen Hale

    We will never have peace while we have religion ..

    1. Pemba Sherpa

      so you figured this conflict is about religion? under what stone do you live really?!

    2. Horst Manure

      This has been going on for thousands of yrs and will continue to do so until the world explodes.
      Religion is a form of mental illness as your case shows.

    3. Horst Manure

      ou need to read up on history and find out the Muslim and Christians have been fighting for 2,000Yrs...get well soon

    4. amiableone

      Well, since Islam began in the 640s CE that isn't quite accurate.

    5. awful_truth

      So, you would have us believe the day religion is abolished, war will come to a grinding halt? No offence, but religious fanaticism is merely an excuse for war, and will never trump the quest for power, and greed by subjugating those who are weaker; (slavery) The real cause of war!
      P.S: There will never be peace on earth, as long as there is life existing on it. It is called human nature, and what a wretched thing we are. Any questions?

    6. Horst Manure

      Never stop religion it is a form of mental no point debating.

    7. awful_truth

      You may well be right, and if you wish not to debate it, that is fine as well. With that said, your attempt to identify religion as the sole cause preventing peace on earth is flawed do to another form of mental illness. I will refrain from identifying it to protect those who are guilty of it! (out of respect for your desire not to debate) Take care, and best wishes Horst Manure.

    8. LoggerheadShrike

      I don't think we'd have peace without it either. The one big objection you will always hear from religious folks to trying to get along without it, is they'll say people can't control themselves and they'll be running around raping and murdering their own grandmothers. Statistically, the evidence shows religious people are slightly more likely to commit crime than atheists, so obviously this isn't true for everyone. But perhaps it's an accurate self-perception. These people simply cannot comprehend moral behaviour for any reason other than a reward (an eternal afterlife of pleasure, for instance) or to avoid a penalty (Hell).
      So what happens if you take away their rewards and penalties? They say they're not going to have any impulse control and they'll be doing horrific things without their fake system of rewards and penalties. Maybe they're right ... about themselves, anyway.

    9. coryn

      Never say never..... it could yet happen. Has anyone counted up the peaceful religions on earth and compared them to the Big Three we know and love. Leave aside for a moment the fact that a single 'God' has created three religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. and three different 'holy' books, which tell them who and who not to kill. But there still exists Jainism and Taoism and Shintoism and Buddhism and hundreds of tribal religions. Perhaps the giant military powers will blow each other up, and some peaceniks take over......

  9. Yamaan Farhat

    Certainly Israel will come to an end, whether they like it or not. Hell, it is even written in their own scripture.

  10. Dr. D. S.

    Israel seems to think they can just kill anyone they want, and without oversight. They can just push people out of their homes, level them, and put up luxury condos for themselves. The United Nations has leveled hundreds of resloutions condeming their actions, and yet they continue with impunity. They believe that, since they are considered an ally of the U.S., (an international embarassment) they can do just about anything to anyone, and never pay a price for their actions. Sadly, it seems true.

  11. Dennis

    There are good jews but the Zion are killers

  12. WiseGapist

    I don't see how people can believe that 'they're both in the wrong' or 'they're both being childish'...

    Israel as a Jewish state should not exist, it has no right to exist. I am not Palestinian or Jewish, I have no attachments to either group, though I have a deep hatred of all Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion. Any state founded on the basis of a people's rights to a land as written in scripture is backwards to any logic. The fact that Israel operates like a US funded outpost in the middle east makes things even more ridiculous. I would have expected that with the history of persecution against the Jews they would be less brutal with their persecution of the people whom they've displaced/killed.

    1. Squeegee

      Watch 'All Wars are Banker's Wars' on this site. As an Irishman I was baffled by this too. We suffered attempted genocide in the 1840's and I believe this played a major factor in our people being one of the most generous/charitable donators in the world when wars or natural disasters occur. Anyone who has known such pain and anguish could never ignore, let alone inflict, it upon another peoples.

    2. jacobella

      The Irish are beautiful, hardworking, kind spirited and warm and yes, they have been victims of centuries of violence. An Irishman said when talking about their past history, "why the feck would I spend my time talking about that today, it would only ruin a good mans day". No whimpering by the Irish, not in Belfast and not in Dublin...

    3. wald0

      "I would have expected that with the history of persecution against the Jews they would be less brutal with their persecution of the people whom they've displaced/killed."

      I know what you mean, I expect the same from those who have been abused or neglected as children but, in many cases, it turns out that they seem to want to do what was done to them to their own children. I don't get it, you would think they would know how horrible it is to be treated in such a way, that they wouldn't want to validate the behavior that made them suffer for so long, but that's not always the case. I guess that is why they refer to it as a "cycle" of violence.

    4. awful_truth

      @Waldo: Good words Waldo. Funny thing, is that you see this throughout history. When Germany rolled into France, needless to say, the french were very a unhappy lot, yet, they , and the U.S had no problems with a veto against Vietnam being freed as a french colony after the end of the 2nd world war. (the vietnamese fought alongside the allies) Talk about a short memory!

    5. Dennis

      You are right and they are a out post for the US. Some jews think it should not be a state that are in Israel.

    6. Theo Janse Van Rensburg

      you must be muslim saying that they should not exist! It's called Antisemitism, like the Germans and now the Arabs want to kill the jews. The Jews are God's chosen people douche bag!!

    7. wald0

      Saying they are god's chosen people means nothing to people like myself. If you don't believe in God, or any other god, its nonsense, and there are lots of people that don't. I'm not saying Israel shouldn't exist, not at all- if they can carve out their niche and defend it so be it- but don't give me this "chosen people" b.s. Why do you feel they need such ridiculous validation to simply exist? Of course they have the right to exist, so do the Iranians. Iranians don't want to kill Jews any more than Jews want to kill them. Religious extremists on both sides want to kill each other, politicians on both sides have much to gain from exploiting the conflict, as do American politicians, but the average Jewish or Arab citizen doesn't want to kill anyone. Go to Ted talks and check out the presentation called "Israel and Iran, a Love Story" if you don't believe me. Here you will see thousands of images and messages passed via Facebook between average Israeli and Iranian citizens expressing how much they love one another, how sorry they are for one another's loss, and how they do not want to go to war.

    8. Geoffrey Grekin

      @ Theo Janse Van Rensburg

      I assume you made this comment in jest,
      unfortunately many do feel this way. any attack on Israel is antisemitic.
      Those that proscribe to this view are whole fully ignorant of the situation and whats more do the term 'antisemitism' a disservice. There are real antisemitic's whom are truly racist. Questioning the flawed policies of the Israelis towards their Palestinian neighbours is not racist. many Jewish movements that fight for Palestinian equals rights and reconciliation can attest to this point.

    9. WiseGapist

      If you read my post correctly you would see that I equally dislike Islamic religion. I am not antisemitic, as being so would imply that I dislike a Jew on the basis that he is a Jew, this is not the case. I despise all religion that preaches its people as inherently superior or that defines a set of rules for man to live by and then encourages the destruction of others who choose not to live by those rules. I emphasize it is the religion itself I despise not the people blind enough to follow it.

      The Jews should exist as a portion of the religious population in Palestine, have their religion respected on equal footing with the Muslims, and all religious groups should ally politically under the banner of a united Palestine. Israel as a segregated Jewish state that is systematically destroying and carving out the land in which it was given territories is an abomination.

    10. awful_truth

      @Theo Janse Van Rensburg: According to who, the jews? How many times have we heard this. Only through Christ, everyone else forsaken, only through Ala, everyone else for saken, and yes, the jews are the chosen ones.(yeah, right) The second anyone believes that they are superior due to skin color, religious belief, gender, etc, they have only exposed just how brainwashed they have become, due to environmental forces! WiseGapist is right. In a nutshell, those who refuse to learn from from history, are condemned to repeat it.

    11. jacobella

      My son & husband are Jews...God's chosen... REALLY, would "your God" indoctrinate the daily terror and killing the Isrealis inflict on innocent women and children...put bullets through a journalist covering the lives of children living in Palestine? His next trip was to cover the lives of the children of Israel...He NEVER made it Douchbag!!!

      PS: he had a wife & two children

    12. Pemba Sherpa

      not that poor-me-anti-semite card again, please!
      People are sick and tired of that crying wolf game all the while committing some seriously f--ked up atrocities of all kind.
      Also, this is not about the jews. This is about the not very charming Zionism. Save your breath!

  13. Nothing_Is_Real

    All Wars are Bankers Wars, a very good doc. that will answer all your questions about war and terror for profit. The only terrorists are the privatized banks.

    1. wald0

      First of all you misunderstood the doc you are referencing, it was about privatized CENTRAL banking, which is completely different than a simple private bank. Secondly, the guy should have said all western wars were caused by central banking, which is only partially true but much closer to the real truth. Third, and most important, anyone that fails to see the religious component behind this conflict is not seeing the full picture. Sure, the guys who orchestrate things may have financial motives but what motivates the guy who actually blows himself away in order to kill "the enemy", what motivates the twenty year old who chooses to settle in lands granted to the Palestinians, what motivates the guy carrying his machine gun patrolling the borders so he can taunt the other side endlessly then kill them if they dare retaliate? You need to realize that without these people the big wigs couldn't start anything, and that they are clearly not motivated by financial concerns. There is no one root to all war, that is simplistic thinking.

  14. Nothing_Is_Real

    This is a byproduct of privatized banking, war, killing, is a great money maker so stop asking why and see the private banks of the world just want more money and power. Money and power is just as addictive as crack and meth are to junkies. They are a few hundred " money and power junkies "creating wars all over the world and making trillions of dollars with the help of heads of states in each country that are willing to screw over their own people. Its right there to see but people would rather the patriotic crap that was taught to the as children. Follow the money a great doc thatexplains this is ' All Wars are Bankers War '.

  15. DigiWongaDude

    @brianrose87 :-D thanks! It's boys fighting in the playground and it's got to stop. No more God excuses. No more euphemisms like 'intelligence services', 'assassinations', 'political terrorism' as though these big words legitimately professionalise these highly reactive, childish and counter productive behaviours with credence (anyone with a modicum of sense can see that).

    When I was a very young kid and being picked on in school (as most of us were at some point or other), I was very quickly told by my male peers to punch them hard in the nose, and it will stop. What young boy didn't get this taught this lesson? What young girl was ever taught this?

    When you listen to the rhetoric here, and many places around the world, [to my mind] it is absolutely no less than a continuation of that mentality: the nip-it-in-the-bud with great force mentality. Here Netanyahu calls for an even tougher response to show they won't stand for Israeli blood being spilt - to send a message. This is male dominated, sanctioned violence and it's all dressed up in bullsh*t. [IMO]

    Why are we always told to hit back hard? And that attack is the best form of defence. Why? If it's because it's true then why is it always and only a lesson for boys? Girls don't behave like this. Girls give birth and nurture life - they have a respect for life that is apparently absent for our gender. What do our teachings tell us about behaviour towards others? They tell us it's ok to knock someone down if they do us wrong. Period.

    These poor methods start when we are very young and end up firmly placed in the hands of powerful men willing and able to use them. Men, who themselves act as peers to many others through their authority and positions. Their actions further legitimising this kind of behaviour.

    I never did punch anyone in the nose. I did what Dudley Moore did when he faced the same predicament in school - I made them laugh.

  16. DigiWongaDude

    Opening scene: a human heartbeat struggles to keep up with the rhythm of a heart monitor in some far flung unknown hospital...

    Opening line: "There has been a cruel attack against one of our sons."

    Powerful, heartfelt cries of carefully worded woes, proclaimed by a self proclaiming innocent people. These very words chosen with purpose, for laying the foundations of legitimising future righteous retaliations for injustice...once more in to the fray...

    I hate you and you hate me, you hurt me and I hurt you, God loves me more than your God loves you, my God and your God are not the same God coz my God is not your God, and your God is not my God. Hate, love. Kill, worship. Rejoice, cry. Live, die. We believe, you believe, he said, you said. I won't, you won't, they can't, we can't.

    If I was God, I would "watch these pituitary retards bang their f*ckin skulls together and congratulate you on living in the land of milk and honey." For Children's sake boys... grow up! Change the thousand year old record!

    Think I'm belittling your belief system? I am. Which part of Einstein's definition of insanity did you not understand?

    If you think this might possibly be directed at you, then ergo, there's a good chance that it probably is.

    1. brianrose87

      Pretty sure that qualifies as poetry. Upvote!

    2. Geoffrey Grekin

      Everyone conflict has 3 sides; one opposing view against another, and then there's the elusive truth.

      Tell me of this story sounds familiar on mainstream news:

      "A Palestinian terrorist blew himself up yesterday killing an Israeli civilian and their child". tell the name of Israeli dead and cue to old child photo of the deceased, then a wailing mother in a hospital. "Israel retaliates by launching air rads in Gaza" cue to tanks, planes and Israeli soldiers mobilizing. "Israel prime-minster gives this statement, "We will not abide by these terrorist actions on our population", cue to angry mob of Palestinians waving Hamas flags proclaiming hate." "our heart goes out to the Israeli civilians who died".

      This type of hogwash is what the Israeli lobby group likes to bash you over the head with periodically on mainstream news and exclusives
      However, what people really need to do is to wear your critical thinking caps and ask some important questions.
      For example,

      1. Why is a person strapping a bomb to himself to kill Israeli's anyways? Surely the 42 virgin thesis isn't the whole story is it?

      2. Why can we see the photo of the Israeli dead, and feel their pain with a crying sibling, but in juxtaposed we know nothing about the Palestinian victims (the ones killed in the air raid, not the bomber)
      Where are the faces of the Palestinian civilian casualties? often numbering in the hundreds. Who are they? What are their names? Where are their photos? Where is their sympathy?

      3. Wheres the opposition leaders statement? What is his purpose in supporting it? Whats their agenda? Is it really just racism, religion or nationality?

      These are just some of the type of questions any investigator would ask in a dispute
      So why arn't mainstream journalist asking?. Is this not bias or propaganda?

      Sure, this documentary has Palestinian bias (all documentary films are to some degree).
      I for one enjoyed it because it offered a different narrative from the tired and stale explanations that mainstream delivers on a regular basis.
      Because only through a solid and open reception to both views can we get closer to a truthful account.

    3. DigiWongaDude

      @ Geoffrey Grekin 100% agree. Great post. The balanced view you call for would be the responsible 'adult' thing to do, but instead we get manipulative, opinionated bias through many journalists and mainstream media/reality shows and the like, behaving like gossiping school kids.

      There's a helluva lot of growing up that needs to be done!

      I really never meant to reduce these last three comments to such a trivial matters as simply childish behaviour, I'm aware that the remedies are far more complex, but still, as an observation I think I'm not far off base.

  17. John Marus

    Good information to watch and understand how one can shoot themselves in the foot under the banner of fighting terrorists. Seems like letting the founder of Hamas go was a very high price to pay for the entire world. Fighting terrorists with terrorism doesn't give you any moral high ground; you become that of which you despise.

  18. Trevis Robotie

    "land of milk and honey....",that's what the bible called this abbatoir !as far as I can remember(right from those biblical days),only blood and more blood has flowed,almost the quantity of the red sea !!!!the god 'that' gave or promised Israel this useless land must have been very myopic and never ever reckoned with other people(s)who had always lived in the Italy,if you live your home for a couple of weeks,when you come back,the new landlord calls the cops on you,talkless of centuries !

  19. IzirAtig

    I live in Europe and we have media full of israeli propaganda too. Still I have some doubts about this video because it made by Al Jazeera. It's kind of soft critic to israel.

  20. Enrique De Andrea

    tipical palesitnian and hamas bullshit....extreem need to exterminate such subjects that spread hate towards free values!

    1. wald0

      Prt 2 of this doc at about 7:02 even the head of Mossad, Israeli intelligence, admits he sent these two guy to kill this Hammas leader and that later he had to send the antidote for the poison they used because of pressure from the US, his words not mine. What proof would you require to believe that Israel is just as capable of violence and injustice as is any other country? Apparently their own admission isn't enough, the weight of history isn't enough, what would be?

  21. Lenny

    Pure Hamas propaganda.

    1. wald0

      Its about time, being an American I've certainly seen enough Israeli propaganda for one life time. Besides, they have a lot of ground to make up as the Israeli propaganda campaign started with the exodus story over a thousand years ago and has yet to stop.

    2. Lenny

      I've never seen someone beg to be brainwashed before. You know what? Maybe people like you should see some Palestinian propaganda. If you watch it objectively (assuming you don't have a dog in this fight, and most people like you do), you'll get a taste of what Israel has to deal with on a daily basis.

      If you think the Israelis are bad, wait until you see the true face of Hamas..

    3. fonbindelhofas

      how much do you get payd by IDF?

    4. Epicurus

      he probably gets paid by the IDF as much as you get paid by the PLA.

      grow up.

    5. Epicurus

      you said most people like waldo do have a dog in this fight....what kind of person is waldo and how do you know? that was a silly thing to say.

      the whole thing would be suspicious if the head of the Mossad at that time wasnt on film here being interviewed admitting this all happened.

      you know you could acknowledge both sides are in the wrong and not pick a side.

    6. Christinne Radu

      Not that Jews are innocent, rite? Hamas is just another CIA/MOSSAD organization, sleep well now