Kill the Messenger

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Kill The MessengerKill the Messenger, a documentary produced by Zadig Productions, directed by French filmmakers Mathieu Verboud and Jean Robert Viallet, is scheduled to air on Canal + in France on September 19, 2006. The film will also be aired in Belgium, on BeTV, and Australia, on SBS, this fall. The documentary explores the abuses behind the State Secrets Privilege as invoked in FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds’ case as well as highlighting the travails and persecution of US national security whistleblowers.

The filmmakers, Verboud and Viallet, spent nearly two years interviewing witnesses and researching the invocation and implementation of the state secrets privilege in Edmonds’ case. Based on their documented findings and interviews with experts such as David Albright, Philip Giraldi, John Cole, Joseph Trento, Glenn Fine, David Rose, and others familiar with Edmonds’ case, the film presents a terrifying picture of Turkish networks’ activities in global nuclear black-market, narcotics and illegal arms trafficking activities in the United States, and examines the extraordinary efforts of officials within the US Government to insure that the secrecy surrounding Edmonds’ case be maintained at any cost – from Edmonds’ termination from the FBI, to invoking the State Secrets Privilege, to gagging the US Congress.

In the last two decades, the U.S. Congress has passed the most protective whistle-blower legislation in the world in order to enhance accountability and responsibility. But if you are a national security whistle-blower, this legislation doesn't apply to you. You have become an enemy of the State.

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  1. Fredd

    Slice the Turkey Add gravy, potatoes a pipeline and cranberry political pudding. A feast for the elite. Who give Thanks for Giving....

  2. clix
  3. clix

    I still think she's a double agent.

  4. lucyclaws
  5. lucyclaws

    fredd are you a poet?
    if not, you should be

  6. Mower
  7. Mower

    The Jewish "Spyaspora" has carte blanche in the hapless USA.

  8. Ain Zara
  9. Ain Zara

    Jewish ? I do not know how and when they take rest and we as well ?

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