The Killing of America

The Killing of America

1981, Crime  -   74 Comments
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This timeless shockumentary (made in 1982 and restricted 18+) has never been released, distributed, televised nor made available for sale in the USA. America is the only industrialized nation with a higher murder rate than countries ravaged by civil wars, like Cambodia or Nicaragua. There is an attempted murder every 3 minutes and murder victim every 20 minutes. Japan, England and West Germany with a combined population equal to America have 6,000 murders a year and America has 27,000 a year.

In the first 80 years of the 20th century America has had more than a million murders, more than all her fatalities in all her wars. No place seems safe not even the street; no person feels safe not even the president. Not long ago the American Dream seemed to come true: big cars, big houses, big everything. But not everyone could get an equal share of the dream. Though it seemed impossible they existed side by side - America the beautiful and America the violent. The turning point was November 22, 1963, the day the American Dream of freedom was wedded to the American Nightmare of murder, the day when John Kennedy was assassinated.

Martin Luther King tried to heal the sickness of racial hatred and won the Nobel Prize for urging a violent land to turn away from violence, but the answer he got was more violence. On April 4, 1968 Dr. King was assassinated. The murder of Martin Luther King triggered riots in 125 cities. Police needed the help of 45,000 soldiers as the government fought a war with its own people. Then another series of battle lines was created by the growing hatred of the war in Vietnam.

George Wallace had a good chance to defeat Richard Nixon until one day in Maryland, May 15, 1972. Wounded four times Wallace survived and was confined to a wheelchair for life losing the chance to be elected. Though hard to believe, presidential elections were then being decided by killers.

Robert Kennedy appealed to young and old, black and white, students and workers, and he was trying to end the violence that began with the murder of his brother. On June 14, 1968 he has won the California Primary and after he finished his victory speech he was shot three times and he died in the hospital.

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  1. Kelly

    Humans are a scourge on the planet.

  2. Kris Aaron

    The same then as now: mostly poor black people killing each other. That's got to be addressed without racism or accusations of racism. I would no more live in an inner city black neighborhood than I would live in ISIS controlled territory.

  3. Steve the researcher


    You forgot that at original all people (had to) be communist as before we evolved cities and villages we just lived in groups in which the only guarantee you had is that you COULDN'T get food for yourself every day, therefor it had to be shared, this exact social behavior is still seen in desert nomad tribes in northern Africa (which makes sense as the terrain there is pretty shitty).

    Therefor socialism is out ancient way of life (sharing **** so we all survive) while kapitalism stands at the other end (everyone for themselves and **** it if people die); of course when one defines it like that good and evil is quickly seen (but don't tell the 'Christian' free-market Americans or they'll call you a communist (even though to be a communist you need to COME from a communist country which has never existed (we've only had socialist countries (yes even the USSR (they called themselves socialist only the US called them communists (but as if we didn't know the US does misinformation))) so it's interesting to be called something that hasn't existed yet (shows you the IQ of these people))

    So yeah @fred schulman is being an ***** who can't think a step ahead or read a book but what do you expect to find on the internet.

  4. Bwin51

    Made me want to leave the US permanently. We're very, very sick. To accept this level of violence is insane.

    1. Harold is at Sunday School

      It's CIA, FBI and assorted nefarious government agencies involved. The Texas Rangers covered for Henry Lee Lucas, ask GW Bush why. The first woman serial killer Aileen Wournos knew the FBI was aware of her murdering activities and did nothing to rein her in. It started with JFK really, an assassination that would hurt the spirit of Americans everywhere and then CIA tried psychological assassination with the Nixon scandal. Roots, roots...rooting around for meaning and motive... We could start with Operation Paper Clip.

  5. Anastacia

    ♥LOVED IT♥

  6. lpen7

    After watching for 20 minutes I have to ask myself if a remix of (iconic) old news footage is a new documentary. My answer is no and I'll move on. So often the description doesn't represent the film & it's frustrating, at best.

  7. cyberfrank

    what a tragedy!

  8. Jearbee

    Its absolutely disturbing how some of these people believed that they were doing the right thing by killing others, and how some found it amusing to do so. I liked the documentary though because it did shed some light as to why these people did what they did even though some of their reasoning are just not right. That's just my opinion though.

  9. Zorocano78

    Love it, the EL-LITE have you all at each others throats LOL. Love reading peoples comments to see you all fall into the trap of arguing with each other. Pro Gun vs Anti Gun, Socialist vs Capitalist, Black vs White, Gay vs Straight, Russian vs USA, blah blah. When what your not doing is tackling the corruption behind every system on the planet. Now if you do some research and study the structure of the banking systems, you will see that certain families control all the major banks in the world, including the WORLD BANK and the IMF which now has a majority of countries in debt to it. So please carry on arguing as your sovereignty as nation states is eroded, power centralised and the civilians reduced further into their role as Serfs, Slaves, Economic Working Class! Carry on arguing as your human rights get trod into the ground, austerity measures increase, taxes increase, and your governments send your children to war to satisfy the greed of the bankers. Well done all of you! Keep it up! Its what the El- Lite want! Or you could stop arguing, do some research and start rising up as one against the evil cabal that likes making stuff to kill people with. Of course there is going to be those who will respond to this and argue with me, failing to really understand the message of what I am saying, but so be it..... you cant help those who refuse the truth.

    1. LoomingDissent

      So send me some truth.

    2. sami

      Here's a clue... "Now if you do some research..."


    3. BenGonna

      Quite right, they provoke us one agains't the other to drive a wedge and separate us by any means possible

  10. Richard Neva

    And no country on earth has more draconian firearms laws than America so a film that starts off with the gun problem I am skeptical and will not waste my time with this documentary!

    1. Rights of Man

      I guess you don't know what draconian means, because America has the most lax gun laws in the developed world.

  11. Michelle LeVeaux

    I had never heard of many of those crimes. Course, obviously, Charles Whitman, redundant, redundant, redundant...There's some pretty significant criminals that should be documented in some of these crime reality shows. Rather than the same ol' boring killer! I'm not really that cynical!

    Also this excellent documentary did not sugarcoat the crime scenes as all the crime reality docudrama's do! They should show it's reality, it has a much deeper, urgent type of impact on the mind.

    And with the Corll and Gacy atrocities, thinking that many of those boys were merely runaways, I believe that way of thinking must still go on today. You almost never hear of homosexual serial murderers working nowadays. I don't think they've gone away....... Do you?

  12. kelly kass

    Good thing we have the NRA and groups like ALEC to fight for more guns and the legality to kill someone that makes you feel threatened.
    (eye roll)

  13. awful_truth

    Actually, a pretty good documentary, probably because it is uncut, and makes no attempt to blur the point it is making. Sadly, evil really does exist, and it is all insane. (no boundries) The only 2 justifiable arguments to own weapons are to hunt, (provide food) and to defend oneself. (guns are the ultimate equalizer, because even the weakest can pull a trigger) With that said, many americans feel they are necessary primarily to protect them against their own government, yet never question it when their government sends them abroad. (not in defense, but for economic purposes)
    Ironically, the more you focus on them,(guns) and the fear that justifies their necessity, the more more dangers you will encounter from them. Now imagine the future with energy directed weapons, (microwave,auditory, and lasers) in the hands of people whose morality has not kept pace with the technology.
    Question: If they used virtual Sarin gas in Grand Theft Auto, would they outlaw the game? (bullets.... bombs good - gas very naughty)

    1. Jack Wagon

      what are you talking about?

    2. awful_truth

      @Jack Wagon: That he who lives by the sword, will die by the sword!

    3. TcyC2

      I think awful is saying, "lay down your weapons and roll over" and be slaughtered like sheep....

    4. awful_truth

      No; it is not my position that the U.S 'roll over and be slaughtered like sheep'. On the contrary, look after your own affairs, and quit disturbing the world around you. If the U.S continues with their immoral foreign policy, (subjugating others for power and greed) they will create the very thing they fear the most. (aka - live by the sword, die by the sword)

  14. fred schulman

    It is not 1982. Things have changed, many for the better, some for the worse. As our federal government and enormous bureaucracy continue to get larger, the individual and freedom become smaller. Eventually, we will all either be employed by big government, get a hand out or begin a revolt. Those are the choices facing Americans today.
    Perhaps it is time for a change of leadership.

    1. a_no_n

      name one single freedom that you have lost during this administration.

    2. awful_truth

      @a_no_n: The right of Habeas Corpus, struck down by the Patriot Act. Oh, sorry, that was the last administration,(Bush) but kept in place by the current one. (Obama) You know, the reason why Edward Snowdon is in Russia, because he can't be protected by the Supreme court precedent (Daniel Ellsberg - found not guilty for releasing 7000 pentagon papers) consciencious objector status for exposing the illegal actvities of his own government. (defintion of a patriot - protecting the rights of individuals from their own government...... yeah right)

    3. fred schulman

      Much freer now, right?
      You must be living in a different country.

    4. awful_truth

      @fred schulman:( In my opinion), americans have lost many of the freedoms that their parents fought for. Since I am not american, take my opinion for what it is worth.
      P.S: I am Canadian.

    5. fred schulman

      How about choosing my health care?
      How about fear of the IRS for political views?
      How about the EPA closing down coal fire plants do to "so called" global warming?
      How about the TSA searching children, while no profiling Arabs?
      Are you ignorant of what is going on or just a socialist?

    6. a_no_n

      you can still choose what insurance company gets to rip you off.
      Did that happen to you?
      Global warming is a fact, deal with it.
      the TSA don't profile arabs? wow your persecution complex has literally driven you insane hasn't it?
      I am a socialist, there's nothing wrong with that. there's nothing 'evil' about thinking that workers should have more rights than slaves.

    7. fred schulman

      Socialism enslaves everyone. Great way to live. Shared misery is the dream of socialists, and the only thing that it has ever produced. You must be very proud.
      I don't get ripped off by my insurance company, but will with ACA. Just to pay for people like you.
      From the producers to the lazy. That what socialism does very well.
      Apparently you never worked for a living, or produces anything of value. Typical of socialists. They want to take from people who have, and give to who they think is deserving.
      I would rather have some say in where my money may go, and not let some arbitrary bureaucrat decide.
      Persecution? What would a socialist know about that? My people have been the most persecuted in history, and yet, we thrive.
      Global warming is a myth. There is no verifiable proof. These "scientists" cannot predict the weather accurately for next week, but they know what's going to happen in 20 or 50 years? Get a brain. Stop the Kool Aid and become informed. You must be very young and very well educated in the public universities to hold the views you hold.
      You never actually present a cogent thought. Merely name calling and vilifying. That's what the left does, since they have no argument.
      Keep living in your utopian dream world. If you wake up you may be surprised.

    8. a_no_n

      you seem to have socialism confused with communism...i suggest you pick up a history book... and learn the difference, rather than just accept everything Bill Reiley and Glen Beck tell you at face value.

      Generally the idea is that if you thrive in the society that all of our grandparents paid for, then you have to contribute something back so that the people who weren't as lucky as you can actually live rather than having to go out and rob you instead.

      Of course you don't actually believe that the state built anything like roads or waterways do like to think God sent the infastructure fairy put them there or something.

      "My people have been the most persecuted in history" i didn't realise you were a Native American, i thought you were a white guy.
      You're not even a christian so you can't claim their history.
      Unless you're a a native American that sentance you just said is one of the most disgustingly self serving things i've ever read in my life...i can't believe that you're actually that selfish, that kind of disconnect from society is sociopathic to say the least.

      So can you explain to me what qualifies someone as 'lazy' in your mind. Because the concept of hard working poor people doesn't seem to be an option for there any room in your brain for the concept that people might not all fit into a single stereotype?

    9. fred schulman

      So socialism and communism are so very different? Why The National Socialist Party also called Nazis?
      What was The Union Of Socialist Soviet Republic? That's Russia today because socialism collapsed, like always.
      What was Mao's China?
      They were socialist. Period. They killed 100 million people.
      People build roads, or, haven't you noticed. I have yet to see government build a road. People do. Working people.
      Working poor? Really? How many cars? How many TV's? How about a house? How about everything the "poor" in this country have?
      People in Guatemala and Mexico, among other countries are poor. They don't have enough food. I don't see people starving in the U.S.
      I am not Indian, genius, just a Jew. The Jews have been persecuted for 3500 years and still are today. Indians are now a protected class. They can own casinos where no one else can. Does that make up for what was done? No, but I cannot change what happened 200 years ago.
      You must be lazy, because all your time is spent on senseless arguments with people who have some wisdom.
      Let me guess. Atheist, right? Thought so.
      No Father at home, no Father in Heaven. I feel very sorry for your ilk. And very sorry for our country.
      BTW. This will be my last response to your mindless ranting. I have better things to do with my time. You, I'm guessing, do not .

    10. a_no_n

      yeah, the Nazi's called themselves democratic too, but they weren't in practice...this may be difficult for you to understand, but there's this thing called misinforming that people do.
      Yeah, Socialism is a democratic movement, modern France and England are socialist, China Russia cuba etc were all communist, there's a a history book!

      It really saddens me that people like you exist...You make assumptions about the vast majority of people and then pretend that somehow you're morally justified to do so.

      I am an athieist yes...It always seems so strange to me that the religeous seem content to completly ignore the words of their prophets and messiahs in order to live immoral lives like you do...You twist your religeon to suit your own self centered life rather than using it to try and lead a moral're a heretic.

    11. Silsal

      Um... I'm assuming you're both from the US... This is why I'm not sure it's the greatest idea to have easy access to guns for civilians. Some personal comments were made. And if you two were stood in front of each other with a gun each I'd imagine one of you would have an extra orifice by now.
      That round of comments was so quick to anger. Calm yourselves and think rationally.
      There's no denying it's a messed up situation. Now it seems that the elementary schools are the targets (when I saw that news I cried).
      I have been to america many times, all to different areas and as a whole you guys are welcoming and friendly but the downside to that openness of heart seems to be a quick temper.
      I live in England and I've heard it said that we're weak and stiff upper lip and what what and cheerio and stuff... we're not. We're more up close and personal is all. If someone tries to break into my home I have a bat and a kitchen knife. On the street my keys work well as an improvised knuckle duster... I'm an early 20's 100lb girl living in London often having to travel around (walking) at about 2am by myself. So far so good.

    12. a_no_n

      i'm also British,

    13. a_no_n

      because Jesus healed the sick and then charged them 15,000 denari for it...Oh wait no he didn't because Jesus believed in spreading the wealth, not hoarding it...Jesus believed in caring for the sick, not abandoning them.

      I dunno what you are mate, but it certainly isn't christian...And if you are indeed Jewish as you claim, then it's nice to see you doing so much to counter the old money grubbing penny pinching stereotype...well done you.

    14. zeppel

      jesus never existed man

    15. a_no_n

      I know, but for the sake of argument....

    16. awful_truth

      Yes, the National Socialist party of Germany became the Nazi's. (fascism - corporatism) So much for equating socialism with communism!

    17. Thom

      My God, Americans are a paranoid, delusional, and roundly fearful bunch aren't they!? Sad.

    18. Jordan Minson

      How did three individuals find this comment to be worthy of any accolade?

      Dude, you're calling someone out on being well-educated? Perhaps what you tried to type above makes sense to you, but to the rest of us (less the three m*rons who side with you) you sound like a crazy old man. You presented exactly zero evidence to back up your claims, and I wouldn't expect any rational person to believe in any of your delusion.

    19. Jack Wagon

      people say it's time for a change of leadership every time there's an election, but we always just get the same old group of jackasses.

    20. kelly kass

      Turn off Fox

  15. Kansas Devil

    Despite all the reported violence and death, people still want to come to this country. Despite the US foreign policies of imperialism, people still feel the US is the best place to live.
    Either people are disillusion or foreign nations are sending us their worst or it was never really as bad as depicted.

  16. Greg R.

    On August 3 2001 The US Senate voted to back President Bush's plan to kill the government's successful gun buyback program, handing a victory to gun rights forces. Bush's main argument was that the government didn't have the $500,000.00 to fund the program. That year 32,163 Americans were killed by guns. A little over a month later 2966 Americans and 19 terrorists would be killed on 9/11. George Bush would find the money, billions of dollars... As tragic as all this is, it hard to ignore how many of those 32,163 Americans killed by guns in 2001 would be alive today had the government had funded this half a million dollar program.

    1. fred schulman

      So, why has the murder rate gone down?
      With many more guns available, what happened?

    2. a_no_n

      running out of bullets?

    3. Rich

      Crime has decreased because on January 22, 1973 the Supreme court ruled on Roe vs Wade, making abortion legal. About 1 million abortions are performed annually, half of them for unmarried women. 42% on women below the poverty level. Many of these children that would have been born into poverty quite likely would have turned to crime a decade and a half later.
      The crime rate has dropped because many of the would be criminals were never born. As expected, abortions have been on the decline along with crime since 1990, as females were aborted, instead of continuing the trend of becoming unwed mothers in poverty themselves.
      In my opinion, unless you've adopted a few children born into poverty by drug addicted mothers, you have no right to demand that taxpayers pick up the tab of increased social services and crime that you are unwilling to sacrifice to prevent.

    4. fred schulman

      I have an adopted daughter. And you are correct to some degree.
      SO why all the unwed mothers these days? Maybe because they get noting for an abortion, but keep collecting when they have bastards.
      You may not mind where your tax money goes, but I do.

    5. Lancev32

      Bushs Fault.... Must be.

  17. Nada nada

    Dem 70's were really wacky.

  18. Patrik

    Americans only got them selfs to blame. Why not try to get rid of all the guns oohh nooo its in the constitution so you "need" them i dont feel sorry for anyone getting murdered there you chose to have the right to weapons every attempt to remove that right is attacked and stoped then live with the consequences. Im just happy i am not an American living in America

    1. Leslie

      I would prefer every single one of me neighbors be armed rather than none of them, especially with the corrupt BS GOV we have going on these days. We don't call it a constitutional right, we call it a God given right to be able to protect one's self and loved ones. Don''t like guns, don't have one, so long as I am not hurting anybody I should be able to do whatever it is I wish to do, of course thanks to "There ought to be a law" people who are well indoctrinated in sensitivity training such as yourself, this is not the case, sooner or later, you end up with so many laws, nobody has freedom to do anything, a Democracy that spills over into socialism, always for the greater good. I choose to die free not in chains.

  19. rauf shah

    un predictable human nature.every country in the world has the same menace but US is on the top cause of its being a super power.feel pity for the poor Americans.its an excellent documentary

  20. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    I've always hypothesized that: The more allowance there is for hate, in the norms of any given culture. The more there is indication that the culture is under the direction, of whomever is allowing it to continue.

    1. fred schulman

      Who might that be?

    2. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

      God... the answer is God.

    3. a_no_n

      which one?

    4. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

      Dohhh... {facepalm} ...ALL OF THEM!

    5. fred schulman

      God allows bad things to happen? God directs every bad inclination in people?
      You may have no free will, but most do. people do bad things, not God.

  21. bringmeredwine

    This was hard to watch, really gruesome images of slaughter and horrific tales of murderers and shooters doing their thing. Hasn't the murder rate dropped since those times? ( just asking).
    Now how about a doc about all the people who are doing good things for their fellow Americans?

    1. Rick Kiriakidis

      Dont you know what sells? Sex & Violence. No one wants to watch a show about people loving each other...well, unless they are naked.

    2. bringmeredwine

      I know, but it depends on WHO is naked!
      I just get tired of everyone bashing the States. I've met so many great people there.

    3. Rick Kiriakidis

      I was being comedic, but yes I agree with you.

  22. Barton Tiper

    That was harsh! This doc made me sick. I highly recommend it !!!

  23. dean

    America does stand out amongst the 'industrialised', 'developed' nations as a pretty grim and dangerous country. In that sense it's quite a dark place; comparing apples with apples.

    The murder rate is one thing but America also scores very badly in other areas of concern compared to many other developed nations. Yep, America has issues, huge issues and in some respects lags behind Africa, Eastern Europe and parts of Asia.

    Terrible when you think of what it could achieve, at least for its own citizens.

  24. cyberdog

    These guys clearly have not been to South Africa. Crime in South Africa makes the worst of these guys look completely civilized.

  25. Bry77

    America was founded on death and violence,why should we be surprised that we happen to be the best at these things?

    1. megatron_mcdaniels

      apple pie rules!

    2. tomregit

      I knew Americans didn't follow "Marquess of Queensberry" rules but it seems fitting that they're called "Apple Pie Rules".

    3. megatron_mcdaniels

      Are you for real man?
      I think we may be having a cultural disconnect....
      But I do like the sound of that....

    4. tomregit

      Cultural disconnect? Well......let me explain. Changing "rules" from a verb to a noun is a bit of word play. Maybe a bad joke. A bit like a pun. Does your culture still do that?