The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

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The King of Kong: A Fistful of QuartersIn the early 1980s, legendary Billy Mitchell set a Donkey Kong record that stood for almost 25 years.

This documentary follows the assault on the record by Steve Wiebe, an earnest teacher from Washington who took up the game while unemployed.

The top scores are monitored by a cadre of players and fans associated with Walter Day, an Iowan who runs Funspot, an annual tournament.

Wiebe breaks Mitchell's record in public at Funspot, and Mitchell promptly mails a video tape of himself setting a new record. So Wiebe travels to Florida hoping Mitchell will face him for the 2007 Guinness World Records. Will the mind-game-playing Mitchell engage; who will end up holding the record?

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    Achems Razor
  1. Achems Razor

    Interesting doc.

    Was rooting for Steve Wiebe.

  2. Anonymous Coward
  3. Anonymous Coward

    Well done! You are an embarrassment to yourself Billy L. Mitchell. Shame on you for being a hypocrite. This is why a more new, controlling and secretive world order is developing. People like Billy L. Mitchell are responsible for the scorekeeping in the world.

  4. Rob
  5. Rob

    Perfect story of underdog topping the jerk. LOOOVE it..

  6. Fi-licious. ;)
  7. Fi-licious. ;)

    A++ --- Steve Wiebe (an everyday joe) sets out to beat the top score of "legendary" (ha) Billy Mitchell from the 80s. There's been some controversy over the film --- that the filmmakers were biased and unfairly portrayed B Mitchell in a bad light, but I absolutely disagree. If you really observe the dialogue in the movie and then read other online interviews etc. on this guy, you'll see that director Seth Gordon was bang on with his portrayal. I'm surprised that Hollywood hasn't gobbled this one up yet ... ;)

    A response to stanch supporters of B. Mitchell on another blog:

    I think people should be wary of the 'schmoozers' --- and that includes BMitchell. This guy has been living in his little bubble for almost 28 years with all his little groupie nerds who don't seem to like change... esp. when they don't come out on top. I just watched the documentary and think it's one of the best I've seen in a while. Steve Wiebe(e) seems to be a very cool guy who has such a supportive wife (to let him do so much gaming!) ;), but also... it seems he was in this thing to beat a record... that's it. I liken BM to a 'used car' salesman who who relishes in his own verbal diarrhea without realizing that much of his rantings are recorded and eventually get used against him.
    Watch the movie again... I can't see how editing would ever make this guy out to be anything less than a lying, nerdy, self-absorbed, insecure, sneaky, has-been gamer

    If you pay attention closely, even his parents & followers say that he always has something up his sleeve...keeps things to himself... and eluded to this SEVERAL times in the movie. Doesn't take a rocket-scientist to know what type of person that is...(see above).

    BM may have been great in his day (ie: 28 years ago) but the clock keeps ticking and new records are (and should be) broken. It's time for BM to get a haircut and stick with his hot sauce. His gaming glory days are over.

  8. Paul Williams
  9. Paul Williams

    Well done Steve, may the best man win.

  10. Achems Razor
  11. Achems Razor

    Right on!!


  12. Joe_nyc
  13. Joe_nyc

    I actually enjoy watching it!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hua
  15. Hua

    What a great documentary. I had no idea that people were so serious about video game scores. They were important to me when I was a kid and it's still nice to kick my brother's butt every once and awhile. But these guys take it way to seriously. But it was nice to see Steve the nice family man get the title in the end.

  16. Hua
  17. Hua

    I've also been meaning to say thank you to Vlatko for this website. It has become one of my favorite places on the web. :)
    Keep up the good work and again THANKS!

  18. verbal
  19. verbal

    So Steve's 1st record doesn't count because it was video taped, but then BM's video counts??? Gee, sounds like some great impartial judges down at Twin Galaxies.

    BM is should practice what he preaches and is clearly not man enough for a live challenge!

    Thought this doc was pretty amusing and would be a great hollywood comedy.. Ben Stiller as BM, Vince Vaughan as Steve, Will Ferrel as one of the side kicks and throw in the fat kid from Superbad and that's success my friend (unlike BM)

  20. Yavanna
  21. Yavanna

    That was entertaining!

  22. catro
  23. catro

    BM was just a pompous scum and I hope some day people will petition to get him off the former champion titles as well.He was an ungentlemanly sneaky bastard.

    All Hail Steve Wiebe, the real CHAMPION !!!

  24. catro
  25. catro

    Integrity = Steve Wiebe

    Disgraceful = Billy Mitchell.

  26. carlos1234
  27. carlos1234

    i honestly dont know why people take video games this serious......but it was entertaining........i didt know those old games were that hard

  28. Yavanna
  29. Yavanna

    I have an original (1977) Williams Defender in my games room - classic arcade games were the best!

  30. marco_ireland
  31. marco_ireland

    Well what can i say !...."What a Fantastic Documentry"..

    Well done to all involved in capturing everything just perfect.............

    Steve Wiebe - you are the man.. its 3am here and i just could not drag myself away from watching that. I have to say though that the minute i saw that "Banana" "Billy Mitchell" i knew there was something dodgy about him.. (Come to think of it all of his buddy's where a bit dodgy as well lol)...

    Steve if you read this a big hello to you, your wife and family from ireland. and well done to you, you deserved every bit of luck you get in life. not many people like you left in this world... Peace....

    PS: Billy Mitchell - Don't ever come to Ireland !

  32. lporiginalg
  33. lporiginalg

    loved this film. People who liked it should check out 'Chasing Ghosts' a bit older doc that features many of the same people and the history where you can learn more about the rivalry between Billy Mitchell and Captain Awesome. These guys are a different breed, no doubt.

  34. DrProppa
  35. DrProppa

    FYI: Billy Mitchell's hot sauce is terrible!

  36. Mike
  37. Mike

    Can't believe i watched the whole thing in one go!
    Steve Wiebe done it at home, in the arcade AND even in the official hall!! He had the backing of his family and proved he was the real deal. Simple!

    B Mitchell is a nerd that has kept his jesus looks for way too long! If he wants to keep a record he set nearly 30 years ago, he has to go out there and prove to everyone he can still do it and he is still the top dog! Someone came out, beat his record and in the process showed him off as a true a$$ hole! When Steve was playing, he walked in and didn't even had the decency to say hello! Always had the geeks running around sniffing Steve and calling him with Steve's scores... Who does he think he is? In fact, who is he? he's a no-one that had once held an arcade machine record.

    Steve is someone that has got a GUINESS RECORD! I tip my hat off to him.

  38. Mike wilde
  39. Mike wilde

    Plus at least steve still has dignity!! Billy, AHAH! What a gimp!

  40. Alex
  41. Alex

    Billy Mitchell is ass

  42. Thomas
  43. Thomas

    I love how Steve is so relaxed. His attitude is so just "Yeah. I'm here....Lets play Donkey Kong." Haha sooo relaxed!

  44. T-Dog
  45. T-Dog

    Billy Mitchell - Winner of the "One Testical Award". Was he raised by his mother and sisters? What a silly thing to sacrifice your manhood for, a kid's video game. Man up puss.

  46. cayne
  47. cayne

    hey ive watched a lot of docs on here and just wondering Vlatko do you put these docs on here or something if so good job u got some great ones on here

  48. Vlatko
  49. Vlatko

    Yes @cayne I'm embedding them from various places across the net. But great deal of these docs are suggested by the visitors (thank you all for that).

  50. Sputnik
  51. Sputnik

    I think we can all agree that Billy Mitchel must the most ridiculous personality ever to have walked this planet.

    My god, he takes the term
    "JERK" to a completely different level.

  52. cainer
  53. cainer

    Ahh great doc, lol at billy Mitchell he is such a twat.

    I've some unfortunate breaking news for you though:
    Yesterday (7th august 2010) billy announced had broke the world record in public for Donkey Kong at 1,062,800 and then at the same event he broke the Donkey Kong Junior world record at 1,270,900.

    Atm Steve Wiebe is ranked 3rd in both DK and DKjr

  54. Randy
  55. Randy

    I loved this doc! I saw it on the Independant Film Channel a coupla years ago and was amazed!

    I remember when DK came out! It was the new Space Invaders! Every machine in every arcade had a long line of people waiting to play, like it was a huge Hollywood movie!

    It was insane!

    And the graphics were REVOLUTIONARY! (LOL!) We thought it couldn’t get any better than that! So, LIFE-LIKE! Oh my goodness… now look at what we can do— in such a short time!

    Just amazing…

    Anyway, you’d think a doc about a bunch of aging arcade fans wouldn’t be very interesting, but I was riveted! The documentary filmakers made it quite the compelling story!

  56. Randy
  57. Randy

    A little off topic, but this put me in mind of some stuff...

    Pre-Donkey Kong, for me, it was all about vector-graphics, (I never liked Space Invaders), but I loved, "Space Wars", and "Battle-Zone", does any one remember those?

    After that, there was "Defender", "Robotron", ("INTRUDER ALERT-INTRUDER ALERT"), and "Zaxxon"!

    Holy cow! Zaxxon, blew my mind! I didn't know computers could do that! It was like the first 3-D graphics using full color, pixel-images!

    Ah, memories...

  58. cainer
  59. cainer

    just thought id mention theres a potential donkey kong kill screen comming up incase anyones interested :p

  60. Rolf
  61. Rolf


  62. Mike
  63. Mike


  64. cainer
  65. cainer

    sorry i should have pointed out the link above is a preview of king of kongs 2 : judgment day :)

  66. z1
  67. z1

    Gamers telenovela. Like most of rap beefs it is just a publicity stunt...entertaining never the less.

  68. Beef
  69. Beef

    Mitchell = coward. Way to go Steve-O

  70. Anondocfan
  71. Anondocfan

    This is one of my favorite documentaries and I think I have watched it four times. It takes a subject which Isn't very well known to people and shows the people who know everything about this. These people have so much caracter and personality that you almost feel like you are personally involved in it. One word, masterpiece.

  72. Torrque
  73. Torrque

    You know, I actually had no issue at all with BM for the first few episodes. He was confident and knew his game. Fair enough, I'm not going to hold supreme confidence against anybody who can back it up. But then...
    The disgraceful characters of BM, Walter and Twin Galaxies cronies withholding Steve's original video submission record, WHILE ALLOWING BM's video submission record is truly and completely low budget, backwoods hillbilly nepotism (Walter's credibility goes out the window, to the extent that even he must step up in view of this drama unfolding before the camera and apologize for the ill-treatment and lack of respect given to Steve).
    BM's ill-manners, hypocracy and fear drove me right the flock away from respecting him any further other than for his past achievements. I didn't slight him until he coerces the Twin Galaxies system in his favor at the unfairness to others.
    I liked how Steve is reflecting upon his disappointment and stress near the end of the film and states that it's like going up against this "empire"! How appropo. BM is a stellar gamer, NO DOUBT, but his character seems apparently to now be getting the knocks he deserves. Dished out by the calm, honest, humble Steve. What a way to topple a self inflated giant; having a mild, respectful gentleman simply wipe away the pomp and plasticene flash with sincere, unflinching conviction.
    Finally, the wannabe simian losers hanging from the limbs of BM and Walter?! Pathetic. They waltz around, strutting and preening like BM's feminine little henchwomen like 10 year old tattle tales. Pfft... Video games.
    This was really interesting! Fantastic doc really. It goes to show how simian people can really be. No respect, honor, dignity... And then there's Steve! BM; the example to be made of. Steve; the example to live by.

  74. reg
  75. reg

    go steve! you da man

    fk that billy mitchell dude.. prick

  76. jason harbron
  77. jason harbron

    WTF how has he got the cheek not to accept Steves score and go check the machine and that w@#$%^ can just send a video tape in. That worm with the glasses on could be in danger of dieing of boot polish poisoning if he kisses billys shoes any more. What a hateful basta*d Billy Mitchell is, had his a@# kissed for too long he started believing his own bullsh*t, yeh u had the high score on a video game u didn't find a cure for cancer you co*k.

  78. jason harbron
  79. jason harbron

    WTF the show ran out before we found out what happened. how gutless is Billy and childish "theres certain people i don't want to talk to" how can he stand there and say games need to be played in a competitive environment then refuse to play and have his video tape as evidence.

    That little weasel with the glasses on who kept ringing through with the scores,what a sniveling little a@@#$%& and every 1 not inviting Steve to the dinner at his crummy restaurant. What a load of shi*s Steve was the only man there the rest were a bunch of dogs.

  80. Bone
  81. Bone

    Enlightening documentary. It's was so obvious that people like Walter Day and Brian Kuh are simply just Mitchell worshipers and are nothing more than just his minions. Doing everything to dicredit anyone who is not in their inner circle. So much for being impartial game officials!!! They wreak of favoritism to anything Mitchell. That Kun guy is like BM's personal Umpa Lumpa. Man I just wanted someone to punch out that little weassel!

    It's just so weak that the 'big man ' Billy Mitchell has to have his henchmen shawdow Weibe and call him every 5 minutes with updates. Grow a pair Michell and be a man about it instead of resorting to childish, gutless tactics.

  82. Timarin
  83. Timarin

    To right Bone, i ended up punching the screen when Walter Day was on there with his smug little face.
    What a great doc, really shows you the underdog coming through against Mitchell and his little minions.
    Mitchell is such an egomaniac, childish and loves himself so much, its unreal, he is so full of s**t.


  84. Jack
  85. Jack

    Steve Wiebe is a real man, Mitchell is a f@#$%^& cockroach

  86. hobo
  87. hobo

    seriously billy mitchell is like ben stiller's character in dodgeball. it's scary that he isn't putting on an act

  88. dsfasaf
  89. dsfasaf

    fantastic doco. enjoyed it thoroughly

  90. Luke
  91. Luke

    This Billy Mitchell came off as a complete tit with a face you just want to kick. Same goes for all his little ass licking minions.

    Good on ya Steve.

  92. dino4444
  93. dino4444

    Steve is like a real guy in amongst a bunch of nerds. The spineless idiot on the phone to Billy and trying to upset Steves live performance is priceless. If Billy had any balls he would have taken the live challenge. I also blame Guiness for accepting a record from tape. Great job Steve lets hope Billy fades into onscurity with his ego.

  94. Merv Wrighton
  95. Merv Wrighton

    Steve is the man in my books. I loved donkey Kong. Use to skip high scholl classes to play with my buds.

  96. Sione Lutu
  97. Sione Lutu

    billy mitchell is a prick with a fat wife. Steve weibe is the true DK champ.

  98. Apple Poom
  99. Apple Poom

    good with a joy stick does not maketh a god. Screw your neck in Billy boy.

  100. Bryan Bojorque
  101. Bryan Bojorque

    They really took the it very seriously and a lot of dedication for just a game.
    Oldschool game is oldschool :)

  102. pablo2179
  103. pablo2179

    After watching this doco. Steve is a much more deserving person of this title than billy the pussy ,who was too afraid to compete with a real man in a publc arena with the same capabilties.(if not on a higher level)

    it`s so amusing to see that the apparent world record holder of donkey kong is too afraid to defend his own title due to fear of being a loser.

    get your hand off your willy billy and get a haircut to, the 80`s are over ya f***wit.

    GOOD LUCK STEVE hope ya nail him next time!!!

    P.S this is the first comment i`ve ever left on any kinda sight BUT i thought it was neccassary after watchin how much heart Steve had and how little silly billy had!!

    over n out

  104. Matthew Thompson
  105. Matthew Thompson

    Awesome documentary, I've heard a lot about it on Opie and Anthony. I think I know why Billy M's flowing mane is a little oily... it has to be that way to facilitate slipping it in and out of his arse all the time.

  106. Damien Wilde
  107. Damien Wilde

    It's a wonder Billy Mitchell can play Donkey Kong when he has that old man sucking his cock.

  108. 666kid123
  109. 666kid123

    Billy is the BEST ! The man makes hot wing sauce, he has a nice big busty wife and has hair SIMBA the lion would kill his own father for. If Billy dyed his hair blond and had a sequin robe he would be the RIC FLAIR of DK records. "To be the man you have to beat the man."

    Steve is a absolute boar. His wife looks like a typical teachers wife. He has to play DONKEY KONG in the garage because his wife won't let him set it up in the living room. He has a boring job of teaching dumb high school kids science . This guys hair cut just screams "teacher". I hate rooting for this guy.

  110. Bvkaos
  111. Bvkaos

    It would seem after watching this doc, that Billy Mitchell is a psychopath.

  112. 52donny
  113. 52donny

    just to let everyone know BM is for bowel movement cause he was a peice of sh*t!!!!! SW for life!!!

  114. Rock
  115. Rock

    When some one tells me I can lose my Life but I can's lose a video tape with a high score on it. Is the Day I take a look at my life and stop playing games,
    Game Over Man!!

  116. smith
  117. smith

    Just checked the score board. Steve's score is higher than Billy now. Steve has the Second highest score, but way to rep. Washington Steve.

  118. henri brandares
  119. henri brandares

    Nerds. Get a life.

  120. Billy Mitchell
  121. Billy Mitchell

    Billy Mitchell... What a s*it face.

  122. I AM POP SLAG.
  123. I AM POP SLAG.

    The drama, the suspense, the dastardly billy mitchell spoiling the party at the last second- what will transpire at the fun spot?
    Havent laughed so much in ages. WWE etc could learn so much about the subtlety of these champions performances.
    The OCD championships, well considered and polite belittlement and pomp.
    Billy Mitchell- you are not quite real but you are a genius.
    A dastardly genius - now what evil plan has Billy concocted to keep his crown?
    ...roll the tape...

  124. I Love Robotron: 2084
  125. I Love Robotron: 2084

    Even though Billy was seen as the greatest of all, I give Steve a lot of credit for going out there and showing what he's made of. I would never be able to do that without cracking under the pressure. Heck, I can only get 80,000 on Donkey Kong and 100,000 on Donkey Kong Jr. on my NES. I think Billy had to learn that just because he was perfect at Pac-Man, doesn't mean he is the champ of DK.
    Go Steve!

  126. Chico McDirk
  127. Chico McDirk

    Thanks for posting this and keeping it here after all this time. Too bad parts 3 and 8 are missing - seems like they contain some key moments. I suppose I could just suck it up and pay to see the whole thing.

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