Known Universe: Alien Contact

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Known Universe: Alien ContactAre we alone? It's an age-old question that was relatively "taboo" in mainstream science until the mid-1990s, when astronomers found planets outside our solar system.

Now, Known Universe joins the hunt for alien life as scientists search for planets with similar characteristics to Earth's.

We'll take you on a journey to find planets that may support life and show you new space-based technologies that aid in the search for advanced alien civilizations.

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    Mercenarry ForHire
  1. Mercenarry ForHire

    NASA has found what appears to be fossilized bacteria so by chance they might find more in other worlds, under sheets of ice or places where water doesn't evaporate.

    As far as more developed life, the universe is so vast and enormous that well never find it and it most likely will never find us.

    However if they find us, they either will conquer us or thell just stay back and observe, trying not to change our natural evolution even if we end our selfs.

    If alien wanto conquer us, we as humans are so filled with hatred towards anything we see as being different, that aliens might actually try to stay away from our.

    After all we do have enough Fire Power to kill the human race and cause the Earth to be Radio Active for thousands of years.

    The way i would conquer us is by using Technology and trick the Religious ones into believing that "God" has returned, and slowly become the center of human society, with technology so advance who would question God?

  2. Eniki520
  3. Eniki520

    then again alien contact could finally unify the world

  4. dmxi
  5. dmxi

    "then again alien contact could finally unify the world"
    reagan said something simliar infront of the UN around 80/81,which has led to wild speculations & is fodder for scepticism.his decaying mental health aside,it is still something that nutures the question:WHY did he do it or WHY did no one hinder him ?

  6. wald0
  7. wald0

    Perhaps he simply was making a philosophical point, that our differences and disagreements would seem arbitrary once we faced such a common threat. It would remind us that we all have the same weaknesses and strengths as a species, that we all live on this little rock floating through a tremendously vast and hostile universe that has no respect of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, etc. Sure its an odd way to make a point, especially when a huge amount of the population already thinks the government is hiding knowledge of aliens, but if you ask me Reagan was always a little loopy and out of touch with reality. It kind of suits him to say something like that, in my opinion.

  8. Alex
  9. Alex

    I have mixed feelings on whether or not that's possible. Even in the most supposedly unified societies differences have developed or been realized and resulted in civil wars. I'd really like to see your idea happen though- as I'm sure many of us would.

  10. Zen Beoulve
  11. Zen Beoulve

    When we contact aliens, religion will die, and we move on.

  12. dmxi
  13. dmxi

    again,i'm not sure which president i'm quoting,fdr i believe,that said that nothing in politics is done,said or happens by accident.

  14. Jeremy
  15. Jeremy

    No, unfortunately I guarantee the Religious people will claim that these entities are "god's other children" or "angels" or some other nonsense.

    Sadly, the truth will not be revealed until one of the more advanced races, comes down, and literally shows us the truth.

    Even then, there will continue to be deniers, and people that would rather cling to their fairy-tales.

  16. Jack1952
  17. Jack1952

    What makes you think that they won't have their own religion bent on converting us. Maybe advancing cultures need a religious period in their development. It is the one common element in all human cultures.

  18. Jeremy
  19. Jeremy

    Also, a po-dunk earth like planet at the edge of the milky way, is probably not a big deal. I almost guarantee more evolved life will have a greater understanding of life itself, and will probably respect it. I am certain they will be aware of things like contamination, tampering with indigenous life forms, most likely I see them avoiding these things.

    I dunno, it could go either way I suppose, but to me it's like a child that burns army men when they are young, every little kid does it, because it's fun, but once you are an adult, the thrill is gone, there are more important things to be done. I think these races would be vastly more logical than us, and any resources that many people think they would come here for, are probably more easily gathered in asteroid belts etc.

    I could totally see alien forces still playing the territory game, IE, we discovered the "earth" and it's "inhabitants" therefore we are the guardians of this system, go find your own ant-hill to study! I bet science and discovery are the biggest driving forces in the universe, and studying a less evolved organism would probably not gain them any new insights because I'm sure they have come across planets like ours many times.

    I dunno, for some reason I don't see them being all jazzed about finding us, I don't see them sharing technology with us until the time is right, and I don't see them "attacking" us because they wouldn't need to. We would just be a location in space that happens to be a great wildlife preserve to go visit, and much like us in national parks, they probably have a "leave it like you found it" mentality.

    The opposite is that they are just as crazy bent on domination as we are, but I think we would have felt their presence by now if that were true. So let's just hope that are similar to the way we have evolved from simple animals into complex thinking beings, they will most likely be neutral, and their logic of neutrality will keep us safe until they think we are ready to learn from them.

  20. Jeremy
  21. Jeremy

    "human" cultures

    We are the only animal I am aware of that plays the God game.

    I simply cannot believe that super advanced life forms would ignore the proof of their scientific endeavors and cling to an archaic ideology that they would have to realize is wrong.

    Think of it this way, we are obviously way behind any life form that is capable of visiting us, and we are currently shedding our belief systems at an astounding rate, in 100 years I have no doubt that there will be NO religion.

    It just wouldn't make sense for them to push religion, if we are shedding it in what I call our "teen - years of evolution" then I cannot see them possibly still subscribing to this ancient and ultimately incorrect thing we call "religion"

    Just my 2 cents.

  22. Pysmythe
  23. Pysmythe

    I remember that speech, and I'm sure it was all a big deal over nothing. Saint Ronnie, of Hollywood fame, was probably just recalling "The Day the Earth Stood Still,' right? And when you think about it, if you want to come up with an example event that could potentially unify the world, what ever comes to mind more quickly than an alien invasion?

  24. t_w_exile
  25. t_w_exile

    As life is found in places on this planet that no one thought it could not be, could there not be life on planets that humans think there isn't? Could there not be life that humans can't even see or detect even right here on planet earth?

  26. Guest
  27. Guest

    We are (Us) broadcasting I Love Lucy and Gilligan's Island? Quite the ambassadors! I wonder who the Russian are broadcasting, or the Chinese.

  28. Pysmythe
  29. Pysmythe

    Here's to hoping there's an episode of 'Cosmos' hard on the heels of the "Old Time Gospel Hour'.
    edit- Actually, (imo) it'd be poetic justice if the latter just got sucked into a black hole, or something.

  30. Pysmythe
  31. Pysmythe

    Every time I see these docs that point out the difficulty we'd have in really communicating with extraterrestrials, I get a little depressed. I could wish I'd been born several thousand years into the future, and that 'subspace technology' had turned out to be doable, after all. :) But there are a lot of scientists who think the only way we may ever really get anywhere out of our own neighborhood is by building vast, self-sustaining ships that sail the stars for generations.

    Good thing the Universe has such a long life, however it happens.

  32. DanishHawaiian
  33. DanishHawaiian

    The entire premiss of this film is so bogus. As if we haven't already been contacted by extraterrestrials. They are here now and the Government has been hiding this fact for a very long time.

  34. PaulGloor
  35. PaulGloor

    Communicating over the massive distances might be doable if they can nail down quantum entanglement. In theory any way, that could allow us to communicate pretty much instantaneously across any distance. I'm still kinda leery about the idea of quantum teleportation though... teleportation in general as we currently understand it :P
    At any rate, these are challenges our big brains are ready to accept. We have overcome so many hurdles in such a short time. Given our exponential increases in technology, we would probably get physically to an exo-planet before any probes we launch now under current technology. It will be interesting should we eventually overcome the light speed barrier because we will be able to look back at the earth and see its past just as we see through time looking outward now.

    On that note, any alien civilization would have to be hundreds or thousands of years ahead of us for us to detect them. They would have to be sufficiently developed to produce communication signals, and then have been producing those signals long enough for them to reach us. Otherwise, they are in the same boat as us, looking out and wondering if life could exist on one of those planets around that little star in the distance.

  36. Richard MK
  37. Richard MK

    I like when a guy with no proof calls something else bogus. I do enjoy how you say what you are saying as if it is 2+2=4 obvious. When you and all the other crackpot conspiracy people ever pull out one shred of actual REAL evidence for any of the garbage you spout I will begin to take anything you say seriously.

  38. DanishHawaiian
  39. DanishHawaiian

    Richard, There is plenty of proof, but the ones that want to hide the proof kill the ones who provide the proof. Since so many of you are so asleep (Ignorant) about what is really going on in the world the proverbial "they" will continue to get away with it for a least a little while longer

  40. GodmanEnki
  41. GodmanEnki

    I've known MANY "know-it-all's" but I thought they all DROWNED at Katrina! So, "you like the guy" huh? Does that mean you're gay too? Now wash up and be sure to clean behind your ears. Your Mommie has a lot for you to do before bedtime! I bet YOU "think" Jesus, was real too?

  42. Jack1952
  43. Jack1952

    There is proof but you don't have it. If you did they would have killed you by now. So it follows that you're being alive proves that aliens have been here and contacted the government.

    I don't think you quite understand the rules of evidence.

  44. Jack1952
  45. Jack1952

    We don't know what we are dealing with or how we as a species will develop over the next hundred years. We can see a trend and it is natural to assume that this trend will continue but we really don't know.

    As for an alien technological species we know absolutely nothing. The only example for such a species is ourselves. Assuming that there is nothing extraordinary about us, all we can assume is that most techno life would follow similar patterns. It is all pure conjecture.

    I'm still amazed religious ideas are still as prevalent as they are considering the scientific advancements we have made. Actually, in spite of these advancements, we are a still a highly religious species. Over eighty percent of the world's population still believe in a higher power of some kind.

  46. Pysmythe
  47. Pysmythe

    What if we were visited by aliens... and they had four arms and were wearing little metal "railroad crossing signs" around their necks?

    If we ever do make contact with an advanced alien species, I'd imagine that as soon as the formalities (and the terror) are over the question of religious beliefs, or lack thereof, will be very near the top of whatever list there is. It'd be very interesting to know if it is even possible for a sentient species to completely outgrow -or to have never had- these kinds of adaptive structures, although you couldn't fully answer that from one example, of course.

  48. Tanzanos Eleytheros
  49. Tanzanos Eleytheros

    Who the hell uses Fahrenheit???? Why do Americans not use centigrade??? How can a scientific documentary basically exclude the rest of the world simply because we do not use an outdated temperature measurement system. America get with it and go METRIC!!!!!

  50. Jack1952
  51. Jack1952

    Hey!!! I loved Gilligan...back in the sixties.

    I'm thinking that there are alien cultures who have adolescents and those who enjoy the less complicated things in life. They may be sending out their own version of Superman and Get Smart. Might even be a little embarrassing for the more intellectual members of their species.

  52. Jack1952
  53. Jack1952

    The fear of death is a motivating factor with some religious people. The religious institutions encourage this fear with the intimidating threat of a punishment in Hell for all of infinity but also offer the hope of an eternity in Paradise. A powerful influence when your life is winding down.

  54. Pysmythe
  55. Pysmythe

    And a very powerful threat for little people, too, who don't have enough sophistication yet to see through the manipulation.
    ('bout time you got an avatar!)

  56. Jack1952
  57. Jack1952

    Az suggested I get an avatar. I thought about it for awhile and I remembered this symbol. It is the symbol used by a technological singularity blog. I believe we discussed this topic in one of your past cyber lives some time ago. It would fit right in with the theme of this documentary.

  58. Pysmythe
  59. Pysmythe

    It's clean and streamlined and to the (point, counter) point, rather like your thinking, lol.
    I like it.
    (Green's my color, too, for that matter, but I could never find what I felt was a good enough one.)

    edit- I just realized it's an S, lol.

  60. dewflirt
  61. dewflirt

    I've been calling you Super Green :)

  62. DanishHawaiian
  63. DanishHawaiian

    Rules have very little to do with the evidence that you seek. "They" don't play by the rules. Once you understand THAT, then you can begin to seek the truth.
    You speak as if YOU might have the proof yourself, so why would you come down on me for saying that there IS proof? You are a contradiction my friend.

  64. Guest
  65. Guest

    It reminds me of two dots missing each other after a very long journey.
    nothing bad intended.

  66. Pysmythe
  67. Pysmythe

    Two dead sperms on a cracker of Soylent Green, lol
    hope it made you laugh. :)

  68. Eniki520
  69. Eniki520

    maybe he was watching alot of star trek ahahahahahaha

  70. Jack1952
  71. Jack1952

    I had to scroll down to check it out and what do you know, it stuck out like a sore thumb. Never would have noticed it myself. Although, I had always pictured Soylent Green as a more earthy color.

  72. Jack1952
  73. Jack1952

    It's not necessary to post a second comment proving your inability to understand the rules of evidence. Your first post was proof enough.

    It's obvious I don't have this evidence that you seem to think I have. If I did the government would have disposed of me by now.

  74. DanishHawaiian
  75. DanishHawaiian

    Ah yes, and more contradictions pour out of you. Do you even read what you write? Try giving your comments a read (in order) and see if YOU can even understand your ridiculous comments.

  76. Jack1952
  77. Jack1952

    I've reread my comments and I have to say I don't see the inconsistencies that you do.

    I think that there is a high probability that there is life on other planets. After all, it is a big universe. I made a few comments speculating on how an alien culture might evolve. That's what is was. Speculation. I said on more that one occasion that we just don't know because we have not, as of yet, any proof that they actually do exist. Those comments were "what if" comments. They were not declarations of any knowledge of alien existence. If that is how you read them, I can assure that was not my intent.

    I do not think that they have made contact with earth or our governments. I see no evidence of it and you have only made a statement without providing any evidence of its validity. Then you attempt to validate your claim by saying that anyone who would have the proof and is willing to disclose this information has been killed by the government. Again, no proof of this new claim...only a reason why there is no evidence to prove your initial claim. In other words, you have no proof. That is what prompted my rules of evidence comment. You used a no proof argument to try and prove your claim. It makes no sense.

    Real evidence must be clear, concise, irrefutable, corroborated, and documented so it is readily available for anyone to examine. Post the evidence in this manner along with your claim. After all, it is your claim. You should be willing to back it up.

  78. Pysmythe
  79. Pysmythe

    I wouldn't expect anything substantial to be forthcoming unless it's accompanied by a thud shortly thereafter...

  80. Zen Beoulve
  81. Zen Beoulve

    do you think, by that time that they will actually continue as human beings to claim the existence of a god? I never thought of what you replied, and it makes me wonder if we are really doom.

    You may wonder why doom? well I guess if our frontier feeling which for me is the strongest feeling for our human behaviours is less than our feeling of fill the hole with hypotesis and unnatural things, that will bring us destruction and death.

    I think that since the human left the jungle, we are searching and continue our exploration and only the limitation of the planet has stopped us, but I can bet that if we awake that old feeling again, we will forget about everything that has no use and will not help us now, the religion will die, just like the pagan religion did. Our frontiers will open up, and we will move on, there will be no confrontations becasue they are not necessary, if we end arguing trying to define or claim that the new things were putted there on puropose by our creator we will be in a never ending cycle which will bring us death and missery, the new generation is rising and new frontiers are openning with the discovery of new planets almost every day we will expand our frontiers and our civilization will grow to the fact that religion will not matter, because is not necessary anymore for the human, maybe we needed it when we were in development, just like jack1952 said, but when our people reach the civilization type II or III, religion will be a thing of the past.

  82. Zen Beoulve
  83. Zen Beoulve

    they dont have, cuz they already moved on.

  84. rawbot
  85. rawbot

    I would just like to comment on the sentence where you state that paganism died. In fact it was ingested by other more aggressive religions like christianity. Most of the christian holidays were celebrated before as pagan holidays, but were than transformed, because they proved too difficult to erase from people's minds.
    The point I'm trying to make is that since the pagan times we've come a long way but many people still turn to religion in search for answers that are not or cannot be answered by science.
    So I'm not sure we're ever going to not need religion unless we find out the meaning and the cause of everything like life, universe, soul etc.

  86. Giovanni Caselli
  87. Giovanni Caselli

    The doumentaries shown are mixed, I would like to see warnings on documentaries which are fictional and those which are scientifically based. Increasigly fewr people are nowaday capable of distinguishing between bullshit and scientific truth. I think it would be a good idea to say that on every single documentary.
    Giovanni Caselli who feels he has wasted his time in working on ecucation and social progress all his life until he became broke.

  88. Jack1952
  89. Jack1952

    Maybe...after converting us to the religions we have today.

  90. Katnea3
  91. Katnea3

    The proof for me came after I had viewed a video called : "The Disclosure Project" about 6 yrs. ago. This conference had, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena, according to Dr. Steven Greer, director of the Disclosure Project which hosted the event. I've also read that 3 astronauts had given testimony to this truth as well. Heck...even the Catholic Pope has confirmed it!

    If you want evidence for yourself....just spend a couple of hours at night looking up. BTW- no need for binoculars....just look for extra bright "stars" in the sky. You will be amazed to see these so-called stationary "stars" start to move! These objects will glide across the sky and then stop for a while. You can expect the objects to move in various directions and of course at various speeds. Speeds soooo fast it boggles the mind! Sometimes they simply blink out and are gone....only to reappear at a different area within the sky. I'm not even sure if its the same object that had just blinked out? Oh well....hope this info help ya some. Good-luck ?

  92. Katnea3
  93. Katnea3

    I agree with everything that you've have said here DanishHawaiian!
    I understand where you are coming from as you attempt to enlighten others regarding the truth of aliens. You understand that the government goes to any length to keep the sheeple calm. BTW-- are you aware of software which creates fake debunker people to troll various websites to spread misinformation? The US government is offering private intelligence companies contracts to create software to manage "fake people" on social media sites. Private security firms employed by the government used these accounts to create the illusion of consensus (or not) on all Sheeple frightening topics. The contract is "Persona Management Software" which the user creates and manages a variety of distinct fake profiles online." Yup! With the help of this software the government can use ONE employee showing multi IP addressees but its the same person doing the talking. Think of all the government employees working with such a powerful debunking tool! Check out these 2 websites called: Jude's Threshold - US GOV TO CREATE 'FAKE PEOPLE' ON SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES. AND: The RAW STORY - Revealed: Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people. = /

    The alien/UFO issue isn't going away as its getting hotter by the year, by the month, by the week, by the day! We are rapidly reaching the critical point of no return. Alien disclosure is happening all the time via multi blockbuster movies and primetime TV etc. Perhaps the government wants us (in their own safe vague way) to connect the dots? I hear that It's called "Predictive Programming" and we (mankind) best get with that aspect of "programming" quick! Understanding that we are not alone and never have been is the first step. The second step is to understand what the alien agenda is all about. The third and most important step is to understand what we can do about it! The answer(s) to the second and third questions should give every adult homo sapient being reason enough! BTW- have you ever read any books by David M. Jacobs, Ph.D OR viewed any videos with Dr. Karla Turner and/or Phil Schneider via Youtube? If not...I can only encourage you (along with everyone else) to do just that! Get everyone you know to at least view these videos on Youtube as its a quick resource of extremely important information! With that said....its time for me to continue reading a book called: Gray Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls (The CONSPIRACY To GENETICALLY TAMPER with HUMANITY by Nigel Kerner. Okay.... nuff said for now....have a calm and blessed day and remember.... for what it's worth...I appreciate the advise you shared here ?

  94. DanishHawaiian
  95. DanishHawaiian

    Katnea3 You are so full of information. I will seek the information that you site, and as for the "Shills" (what I call the Government spies) They will always be trying to de-bunk the truth. They want us as ignorant as possible with just a shadow of carefully placed doubt in our minds that we "know" something... anything about what they are doing, simply to help create the "fear Factor"

    I am Loving your commentary and your additional knowledge. Hope that others who read your posts will begin to question what they see on the telly. I for one do not partake in that mind control tool any longer. You probably don't either.
    Take care, Namaste'

  96. Jack1952
  97. Jack1952

    I watched the video you recommended. Quite an impressive group of individuals gathered at this conference. However, it is all anecdotal evidence. There is no physical evidence provided that you or I could examine or evaluate.

    I have seen things in the night sky also. That doesn't mean that it was an alien spacecraft and that the government is involved in a huge cover-up. I am quite willing to say that I don't know what it was and would want evidence that all of us can examine...not just the select few. If I can't examine it how can I know what it is or what it means. Without hard physical evidence I am left simply saying that I don't know if aliens have been here or not. Until I have definitive proof, I can only say no to a yes/no type of question concerning this issue. That doesn't mean that I don't believe in the possibility. It's just that the rules of evidence, thus far, demand a no answer.

  98. rosiemctern77
  99. rosiemctern77

    This episode of Known Universe was about if and how there can be alien life on other planets in this solar system or even farther. The purpose of this episode was to give information to the viewer about the different ways life can be on planets and weather there is a possibility there can be. It includes technology that we have created to find alien life on other planets.

    This episode was very effective (such as the other ones) in bringing its purpose across. It used a wide variety of reliable people for interviews that gave the film information and made that information more reliable and believable in the eyes of the viewer. Another thing that the film had was visuals. Like all of the episodes of Known Universe there were many visuals, some real and some created. This helps the viewer see what the film is outlining and it helps them understand what the film is saying. Lastly, the music and sounds in the film help make the viewer more interested and keep them watching. When the information is provided and there is intriguing music it makes the viewer feel more attached to it and they believe it more.

    Overall I think that this episode was very effective in bringing its purpose to the viewers and it was a very interesting episode to watch. 8 out of 10.

  100. David Foster
  101. David Foster

    Ever notice that as the percentage of people who believe in aliens increases, the percentage of people who believe in angels decreases? Curious...

  102. skydragon51
  103. skydragon51

    Does anyone know about the 900 year old 'starchild skull'? DNA results are in...scientists are very quiet about this find. Odd?

  104. Nate Everts
  105. Nate Everts

    DNA results were in years ago. Its human and belongs to haplogroup C and has two human parents.

  106. Nate Everts
  107. Nate Everts

    Its not a face. Its a mountain and we have better images of it now. There IS no face on Mars, don't be a dolt.

  108. fender24
  109. fender24

    "its a mountain" "we have better images now," u do not have better arguments?
    Vincent' Di Pietro's analysis indicates that the "Face" had been artificially sculpted. Based on the "proof" currently available, i believe it is difficiult to disprove that the face on Mars is a genuine alien artifact before NASA sends a rover or manned team to the Cydonia region where the" face" is. Untill then there is no reason to think it is not a face.

    You only need one evidence to prove the possibility that life similar on earth might have existed on Mars. If 10% of all ufo observations can't be explained ony 1 needs to be true that's enough to question the rest. U only need One Image to prove the face on mars were constructed by intelligent beings.
    There are many new photos some which show the exact same thing, and many images are manipulated. The face appear bilaterally symmetrical . Images taken at closer view still show features which are humanoid like eye sockets and mouth. The real beauty of this rock is the shadowing the face reveals itself only at distance when the sunlight hit those spots it makes an illusion of a face.

    NASA claimed that these new pictures, which apparently show no face, are "proof" finally that the Martian face never existed. If NASA never believed the mesa was a face, why would they make such a big deal of "proving" the non-existence of something they never believed in the first place. That's like a guy buying land that supposedly has no oil beneath it, then digging a dry hole to "prove" there's no oil. Why bother?

    I find it ironic that NASA, who tried really hard to get the world to believe ancient bacteria on a meteorite came from Mars (which is looking more unlikely by the minute), would put so much energy into the notion that intelligent life couldn't/didn't exist on Mars. i thought NASA's mission was to explore space, reporting back to us, WHO PAY FOR ALL THIS THROUGH THEIR TAXES, whatever they find. Wouldn't finding proof of some ancient, Martian civilization be the greatest NASA accomplishment since sending men to the moon. you would think so.

  110. Bill Young
  111. Bill Young

    Seriously... Don't be one of those guys. That ''face'' has appeared on the ''Weekly World News'' too but that doesn't mean it's real. We also literally do have better resolution images of the same exact area now. It's normal geological processes. Do you really prefer to believe it's alien with no evidence rather than think it's geological with much evidence to show it's natural? You just wanna ''believe'' it's alien in design reguardless of the facts.

  112. Bill Young
  113. Bill Young

    I would much rather view it's natural according to clear evidence from data taken over several many years and the word of Scientists who understand this all much better than any of us, rather than saying ''it's alien in design and could've been made. My only evidence for these claims is the ''shape.'' That's also ignoring the fact there's no real evidence to support my claim and overlooking the fact humans naturally search for faces and patterns in things instinctively.'' That's basically what you're saying.

  114. Ramus73
  115. Ramus73

    Can someone tell me why American docs seem to treat all their viewers like children. Seriously, is this doc made for primary schools? "A planet without water would be like a desert. This frozen block of sand doesn't move...." Really Sherlock?

  116. Michael Marino
  117. Michael Marino

    The only reason it looks as it did was because of shadowing at a particular time of day and year. Take the same picture 2 weeks later at the same time it'll look completely different because of Mars' different position in its orbit causing a different zenith/azimuth angle from the sun as the remote sensing platform takes its image. Look up bidirectional reflectance distribution function and you'll understand why it was just a coincidence.

  118. George, UK
  119. George, UK

    Don't worry Ramus75, our documentaries here in England are also way too basic these days. A lot of special effects, very little science.

  120. Bigattman
  121. Bigattman

    Why are natgeo doccos aimed people with low IQs? If I wanted to see lots of edited scenes and listen to a crappy soundtrack I would watch CSI or any other American crap TV. I came here to learn.

  122. josga2007
  123. josga2007

    I would add also that in addition to oceans, dense gases such as Jupiter could also be candidates for life, especially if such planets in other solar systems were warmer.

  124. josga2007
  125. josga2007

    I like this video, but it does have some annoying inaccuracies. One of the biggest that I often see is the bias that life is likely to evolve on "rocky planets". Near the beginning of the video one person even said "we don't know that life has to evolve on rocky planets, but we know that it did once, here on earth". That is just wrong. Life on earth first evolved in the oceans. This happened several billion years ago. It was about 3 billion years ago that one-celled organisms evolved in the oceans, and complex multicellular organisms were in the oceans 1.7 billion years ago. Life only made it to land on earth between 1 billion and 500 million years ago. Life on earth did not need land to evolve and develop into rather complex organisms. It's odd that they are mainly looking for life on "rocky planets" when the only place we know so far that life has initially evolved is in the oceans of earth. This is an anthropocentric, land bias that has no scientific backing.

  126. fc98661
  127. fc98661

    It would seem some kind of rocky base is necessary to have an ocean. Water is not going to form an ocean on a gas planet. The assertion that life may need a rocky planet to form is not the same as saying it will form on land. Life, at least on this planet, needed land to hold water (the medium in which life initially formed).

  128. fender24
  129. fender24

    "That is just wrong. Life on earth
    first evolved in the oceans."

    Are u sure?
    Because the oceans back then were at least twice as salty as they are now and recent studies show that molecules can’t form cell membranes in salt water.

    New evidence shows that the earth did not have a reducing atmosphere up to 4.35 billion years ago, indicating that naturalistic origin of life theories cannot
    explain the origin of life on earth at all.

    So how did we get here?

    - Knauth, L.P. 2000. Life on Land in the Precambrian and
    the Marine vs. Non-Marine Setting of Early Evolution. First Astrobiology Science Conference, April 3-5, 2000, NASA Ames Research Center, 403 (Abstract353).

    - Knauth, L.P. 2002. Early Oceans: Cradles of Life or Death Traps? Astrobiology Science Conference 2002, April 7-11, NASA Ames Research Center. p. 9.

    Dustin Trail, D., E. B. Watson and N. D. Tailby. 2011. The oxidation state of Hadean magmas and implications for early Earth’s atmosphere. Nature doi:10.1038/nature10655.

  130. ΑPap
  131. ΑPap

    Because they are addressing a large audience, not just smartasses like you!

  132. Samara Willmer
  133. Samara Willmer

    "Are we alone?" Are you kidding me? Are they still making alien documentaries with this in the description? Anyone seriously asking this question is 60 -70 years behind the times. I'm not even going to bother with this.

  134. SKAN ONE
  135. SKAN ONE

    :"Rocky Planets" have oceans

  136. duby229
  137. duby229

    Some of you have an incorrect view on how life formed on earth. Even 3.8 billion years ago life already existed. That means life formed before the oceans formed. Early in earth history there was a planetesimal that collided with the planet and that event vaporized most of the crust and eventually formed the moon. After that cataclysm the worlds water was vaporized into the atmosphere. Meanwhile the surface of the planet was almost entirely a lava ocean. It took time for all that energy to dissipate and for the surface to cool enough for liquid water to start pooling into the first oceans. As the atmosphere reduced and fell to the surface the oceans settled and depressed the crust into basins, which pushed up the first continental cratons. It was that reduction environment in the atmosphere as the earth cooled and the oceans settled that life formed in. Life finds a way and it adapted to the new oceans, and then later adapted to land.

  138. doco luver ;)
  139. doco luver ;)

    f*ckin' air raider

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