Known Universe: Stellar Storms

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Known Universe: Stellar StormsTake a trip around the cosmos to see some of the universe's most extreme weather.

Never mind the pesky blizzards and mudslides we deal with. Imagine dodging frozen methane raindrops, or winds of 11,000 mph.

Travel to Venus, the hottest planet in our solar system, where temperatures scorch at 900 degrees.

Witness massive dust storms that rage for months on Mars. And, head to the Space Weather Prediction Center to see how weather on the sun affects us.

Watch the full documentary now. Available only in United States.

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21 Comments / User Reviews

  1. wald0

    Over very quickly and nothing new, they have covered this topic in other documentaries. I suppose it would be interesting to those for which it is new material, even then it seems a bit thin to me though.

  2. Tanzanos Eleytheros

    Informative and enjoyable!

  3. toddy

    OK doc. Could've been better.

  4. Teddy Mcd

    Okay - a shorter doc with a review at the end of solar flares and CMEs. The earth is entering into a cycle of increased solar activity between now and early 2014. This occurs about every eleven years. And no doubt there will be massive CMEs. Thankfully most of these events on the surface of the sun are not directed as a head-shot at the earth - otherwise we could find ourselves in a technological dark age for a spell. However I do expect we'll take an arrow or two in the knee.

    At 7:24+ I was abjectly dismayed at the wanton destruction of several cans of beer and a pound of bacon. Shame on you National Geographic.

  5. Charles Alderson

    Docs like these are actually pretty good. I help raise my sister's 3 kids (7,6 & 5) and this one has something to teach them, cool stuff to hold their attention (burning things and cool CG), and hopefully won't lead to them burning up things in my house! I always sit them down in front of the short scientific ones. They love it. The 5 year old has somehow managed to remember all the planets even though the other 2 haven't. He might have a lil' of me in him.

  6. Eugene Marks

    I started in on "The Universe", Back in Season one a few years ago. Since then Ive had to FEED this endless curiousity for all things cosmilogical, quantum etc etc. Its the most interesting thing going. Ive been raised a devout southern baptist. With this objective look at the world and all of its marvelous nooks and crannys. I cant help but to try to see the divine somwhere in it. I find this journey thru life on this intellectual level quite enjoyable.. Sorry in advance for my terrable spelling and grammer. Just felt led to share :) The Christian, Athiest, or whatever I am lol.. With love^^

  7. Captivation

    When they spoke about heat being the most dangerous weather event, I was hoping to hear about Climate Change. Then they moved on to talk about Venus being the hottest planet and I was hoping they would talk about CO2. Instead the most important part of the conversation was ignored. Fail.

  8. Mad

    Do you seriously believe that Venus is hot because of Co2 rather than its proximity to the sun?

  9. Mad

    I think it is rather silly how National Geographic dumb their programming down

  10. Captivation

    Sunlight is certainly part of the story. But Venus is hotter than Mercury which is only half the distance. Since radiance is proportional to the inverse of the distance squared, Mercury is getting 4 times the Sunlight/Heat that Venus gets. Meanwhile Mercury has ice while Venus probably doesn't even have water vapor. Give thanks to CO2 for preventing this planet from being an icy wasteland. On the other hand, left unchecked our massive release of CO2 will lead to an extinction event. It is the greatest story of our time and the entire MSM has essentially ignored it.

  11. dmxi

    superficial information for mainstream intelligence.

  12. Plenum

    Elementary pleasure for elementary minds.

  13. dmxi

    easy viewing for careless eyes.

  14. Mad

    Mercury is reflective?

  15. Barbara Hansen

    The mainstream is SO glad that you are SO smart. Whew!

  16. Teddy Mcd

    @ Barbara Hansen

    Funny gal - you made me laugh.

    “I am not young enough to know everything.”
    ? Oscar Wilde

  17. Teddy Mcd

    @ wald0

    True dude - but we all need reminders of what is held in question?

    Saw you also at Keen's.

    Who put a quarter in you anyway? Just wondering?

  18. dmxi

    it seems you & teddy are no friends of sarcasm,mmh?whew!!!
    just had a little game with plenum!don't take it personal!

  19. dewflirt

    Anyone see Venus last night? We had clouds :(

  20. AntiTheist666

    I looked for the Goddess of Love last night but alas she proved to be very elusive. But Lo and Behold, today I see her shining brightly here at TDF. ;-)

    The Martian One

  21. Aten1980

    a great doc to give the general public something to bake their noodle on...i found it mildly entertaining-particularly the hexagon storm on saturn

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