Kony 2012: Part 2 - Beyond Famous

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Kony 2012: Part 2 - Beyond FamousKony 2012: Part II - Beyond Famous offers a closer look at the LRA and explores the solutions put forward by leaders of the currently-affected areas of CAR, DRC, and South Sudan, where local communities continue to live under the constant threat of LRA violence.

From the author: This generation has responded to the call to make Joseph Kony famous. Now we need to dig deeper and turn awareness into informed action.

That starts with sharing this film and continues with participating in Cover the Night, the advocacy and awareness event taking place worldwide on April 20th 2012.

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  1. TheKlingonFarmer

    The whole campaign buzz died within a week after the first video was released. Definitely a fad. It'll probably rise again for a few days around April 20th.

  2. Robert Andersson
  3. Robert Andersson

    this is probably a cia psy op.. sounds crazy yes.. but check out how many celebrities supported the **** before it was even public..
    kony and lra have killed 2400 people in a couple of years.
    2500 children in africa die everyday from not having clean water alone! that does not take into account african people starving to death every day etc.. so lets put our focus and effort into bigger problems. this is pro-war propaganda probably backed by us government/military.

  4. Kent Goertzen
  5. Kent Goertzen

    If InvisibleChildren was so altruistic as they claim, why won't they let independent groups examine their books, and have refused to do so since 2005 when they formed?

    We know why? They are a scam. Open up your books InvisibleChildren.

  6. g isaac
  7. g isaac


    That's all this is. Is it possible that a country would perpetuate violence in its own country or pretend that things are worse than it actually is in order to get money/aid?

    I think so. We've got problems right here at 'home': lack of a quality education for all, thousands homeless and starving, politicians who have their own agendas and corruption from your local city counsel on up to the White House and we should rally together for invisible children in Africa?

    I'm black but I'm not whack! Get a grip America!

  8. g isaac
  9. g isaac

    Meant to write 'council' but the system will not allow me to edit.
    I'm still not whack!
    Don't be fooled people.

  10. equidae
  11. equidae

    I'm sorry I've got better plans for my april 20th, much much better plans than lavishing any attention on a fame starved bleeding heart nitwit scam artist.

  12. bogdanvladimir
  13. bogdanvladimir

    i like how they disabled comments and likes on youtube

  14. ProudinUS
  15. ProudinUS

    250 rebels controlling over 400,00o people???If they think their that much of a bad- a$$ why don't they do it to others besides their own people?
    Their building a early warning radio control system???? What the h*ll??? No this don't sound right. Now if these people are missing all these kids do you honestly believe that over 7/8 of the parents would just sit back and enjoy!!?? No there would be 400,000 angry mother f***ers stoppin' this sh*t quick. All these people are doing is playin' on peoples pocket books and I don't care how poor a nation is..pride is pride!. No thanks....I got people right here in my own town who can swindle me out of my money and emotions . 250 soldiers running the show...good God! That means if I soldier from every country on the globe went over there they'd have a dam good chance of beating the rebels a$$!........ I'm volunteering Rosie O'Donnel for the...on second thought we better not send in our big guns...make that Bette Middler for the US and as an added bonus I'm throwing in Hillary Clinton. Which nations next?

  16. musbcrazy
  17. musbcrazy

    i love that the gov scams are failing now. some of us had their number alongtime ago, the left allow themselves to be mugged off, over and over over....its like banging your head on a wall, forgettin how it felt and going back in! stupid!

    perhaps people should do research instead of reacting to emotional heart wrenchin scenes and cute kids!

    i cant believe that guys outa jail....that had to be a meth trip....he was off his rocker!

  18. What's Up Docs?
  19. What's Up Docs?

    People have been trying to help Africa for decades. The filmmakers are suggesting that people around the world can watch each other backs through the use of the Internet and social media. Situations like Kony would go on for years because no one knew or cared about it. If only people knew what was going on in Africa, they would have mobilised an effort to stop it.

    And yet, we've all known for some time about the plight of Third World people around the world. I'm still concerned that it's the slick propaganda machine they've created that is attracting people rather than the actually humanitarian effort.

    When the party ends, who will be left to clean up? The African people who are constantly misunderstood, ignored and screwed over. This film is still misleading; it makes it look as if Uganda is supporting Invisible Children Inc., it looks as if Invisible Children Inc. is responsible for Congress signing the resolution, and it looks as if Invisible Children Inc. is at the heart of saving Uganda. They're just not that important. They're cool, but not big players.

    And yet, Uganda - the people in the country and others around the world who blog about this issue - reject Invisible Children Inc. and claim to not even know who they are.

    Africa's problems won't be solved by popular vote. Africa's problems will be solved when the West gets off its back.

    I'd be careful about getting involved in a situation in another part of the world. Be informed. Humanitarian efforts are costly in lives and money.

  20. Jack McLeod
  21. Jack McLeod

    PHONY 2012

  22. Daniel Brooks
  23. Daniel Brooks

    this is meant to reach out to the lowest common denominator.

    hear ye, hear ye, come all ye yuppies and propagandize for the Obama administration's push for an expansion of AFRICON.
    Where are the KONY people when the Obama admin sends it's drones to bomb Yemen? or Somalia? or Sudan?

    what i am getting at is this:
    this documentary is a wanton call for sending our boys overseas, once again, except this time to further expand the Obama administration's expansion of AFRICON operations which will undoubtedly exploit the people and resources of the region further.

    The reports from the Ugandan people are that this KONY guy hasn't even been seen in years, and no one knows if he's even alive. What they do say, though, is their own gov't is killing them.

    So, do we want to listen to a group of effeminate men pushing for intervention to find a man who hasn't even been seen for years? To a group of people who wouldn't send their own children into the conflict for their cause that has no relevance to the people of Uganda today?

    please think for yourselves

  24. momo_kizzzz
  25. momo_kizzzz

    And still the biggest threat to WORLD PEACE is AMERICA and its everlasting HUNGER for resources like OIL Etc.

    The point is war is profitable if you destroy a community and rebuild it you can make a lott of profit..

    The point is this is to distract the masses of other problems I am not saying this is not a good cause but it is measuring with 2... .

  26. brutusaurio
  27. brutusaurio

    The only thing I can see in this picture is sensationalist propaganda, nothing else.

  28. obscureandimmature
  29. obscureandimmature

    This should be flagged for promoting terrorism

  30. obscureandimmature
  31. obscureandimmature

    Oh would you look at this, invisible children has been caught spying for Museveni's dictatorial regime, I hope everyone knows that his army as well was also accused by the same International Criminal Court in 2005 but it was hushed up-- but go head and donate your money and soul.

  32. harry nutzack
  33. harry nutzack

    what a steaming pile of horsecr*p!! his "highly trained fighters" firing ak's like ghetto thugs (unsupported, freehand full auto hip firing makes for dramatic video, but rarely hits much but atmosphere except in crowded rooms). a 250 man fighting force displacing 440,000 people, armed with nothing but light weapons (what kind of idiot would buy such absolutely nonsensical stats??). this blatant propaganda piece is attributing the entire affected population of 4 civil wars to kony alone. the AU, the sitting dictator of uganda, the US government, and especially "invisible children" are collectively pissing on our legs and telling us it's a warm spring rain shower. i couldnt help but notice that their map of "AU member nations" even includes somalia, which doesnt even have a sitting government. they aim this cr*p at school kids, which makes it all the more distasteful. if you actually want to do something positive on april 20th, go find the local cadre of victims of this conjob, and show them the history of zaire, the congo, uganda and sudan from the late 60s until the present. show them why this "mobilization effort" is an attempt to brainwash the next generation of cannon fodder that there is some "moral imperative" involved in the armed subjegation of central africa for financial exploitation. honestly, this is an insult to the collective intelligence of the population of the entire planet.

  34. Gwayne Li
  35. Gwayne Li

    ... Kony and what army? 5k people to track 200 people ? -_-

  36. Keith Wilson
  37. Keith Wilson

    Wow, no wonder we are stuck. The sum total of these comments speaks volumes. Let me ask a question: what genuine HARM is being caused by this campaign? If a group wants to spend money and time getting young people fired up to do something positive to stop something negative...even if it may not be the best solution to the most important problem...isn't it more than what you are accomplishing by slamming it on a documentary site? Why not let them do what they're doing with encouragement instead? And they made their books pretty transparent as far as I can tell - as soon as people asked for it after the last video blew up. And the guy in this video is not the same one who had the breakdown, it's someone else from IC. Joseph Kony aside, this is enormously positive in my view, because it captured the altruistic imagination of millions of young people in a cynnical world that needs altruistic imagination. How many of these young people might shift their aims in life at this crucial and formative moment, because of their excitement over this campaign, and be serious problem solvers and activists in the decades to come?

    Unless all you naysayers are saying - this is a bad idea, and i have a much better one...and I'm putting all my energies and funds into making it happen...maybe you should just relax and let people who want to do good...do good.

  38. harry nutzack
  39. harry nutzack

    keith, though on the surface this may look like a "positive", altruism without examination of the ends desired, and the root causes of the problem is, for the most part, wasted effort. kony is an autoimmune reaction to a major disease. a minor symptom of a major physical ailment. he is a case of athletes foot on a gangrenous leg. he is indeed a fiend. so is the current leader of uganda, whose personal army is currently being trained to more efficiently kill by the american special forces. the largest problem in ALL of africa for at least the last half century is the insertion and propping up of dictators through overt and covert means, by european and american world powers. this effort is but an extension of that policy. that they aim this propaganda effort at school aged children/ young teens is the main cause of my foam flecked lips in response to it. just the disinformation provided in this particular vid is egregious, but added to the subliminal techniques used in the original "kony 2012" vid, it provides an insight into the "sales pitch" it delivers. it's a precursor propaganda campaign. the "altruism" is but a cover story. this is about mineral wealth. this is about laying the groundwork for yet another foray into exploitation of africa by corporations. this is about brainwashing folks how it "would be in their best interest" to advocate the exploitation, and to participate in it. this is about yet another round of the rape of "the dark continent". there is no "positive" involved. this is just the current form of colonialism, and the sales pitch used to get an ill-informed populace behind the effort. suffering and power structure are interconnected. there is no effort to change the power structure, thus there can be no effect on the suffering. do a few hours of research on those areas the vid claims all suffering is blamable on kony. watch a few of the other africa related docs on this site. examine what natural resources lay beneath those jungles and veldts. this is but the first few beats of the war drums, playing the same tune that has led so many young people exposed to it to ultimate folly. that sums up my problem with this effort.

  40. Tyrone Romeo
  41. Tyrone Romeo

    Cannot watch anymore of this, as the root of the problem is much bigger and deeper than kony. Africans for whatever reason have been self destructing, mutilating and killing one another for to many years to mention. There can be many theories as to why this may have come about but until Africans on a whole make serious changes in the way they govern and treat themselves as a society, this seems like a never ending story, which is both sad and very unfortunate for the millions of Africans who deserve better.

  42. Placeboaddict
  43. Placeboaddict

    "for whatever reason"...Really? Enlighten yourself please. Look into the history of the African continent. Maybe you'll find a part of yourself, while doing so.

  44. Placeboaddict
  45. Placeboaddict

    Dear person. The US and its citizens needs to clean up their own house, before stepping into the problems of others. You don't have a handle on racial/sexual/economical/consumption - issues at home,why not spend some of your energies here?

    Do you even remember Syria? The US is basically at war/overthrowing governments right next door.

    No wonder we are bloody stuck indeed. "Ignorant Americans killing the planet since 1830" would be a fitting campaign.

  46. PavolvsBitch
  47. PavolvsBitch

    considering the man has not been seen alive for six years and that invisible children are a UN backed pederast sodomite ring of nut crackers.

  48. PavolvsBitch
  49. PavolvsBitch

    How's about showing Jason Russell of the evil dross of Invisible Children (i.e. the right to remain silent and invisible whilst being horribly tortured and abused). Jason caught publically masturbating and off the whack of his medicated manic programming in full public? This is very sick and the worst of all propaganda. I hate this vidoe with Angelina Jolie pscho-sluts! Stop this rape of Africa and children! Stop the genocide and stop this BS!

  50. Gumbatron
  51. Gumbatron

    Hmm, we all know what we need to do now.... go and buy a Kony pack for only $29.95 + P&H

    Then we can all watch the US military dispense that long awaited humanitarian assistance hot out of the barrel of an avenger cannon.

    From where I see it, Invisible Children are in this for their own benefit and that of their masters (cui bono).

  52. Jeremy
  53. Jeremy

    The guy @ 1:14 mark is BLITZED out of his MIND. just sayin...

  54. Jordan Bolduc
  55. Jordan Bolduc


  56. charlie pycraft
  57. charlie pycraft

    Amazingly, sad and cynical, not a single positive comment, opposing view or debate...

  58. Neverborn
  59. Neverborn

    bla bla bla ... sniper his @$#%ing ass already!

  60. I AM POP SLAG.
  61. I AM POP SLAG.

    Invisible children are little more than arms dealers posing as a charity...

  62. I AM POP SLAG.
  63. I AM POP SLAG.

    Everytime they stamp out corruption or "make serious changes in the way they govern and treat themselves as a society" as you put it, in an african nation guess who it is who turns up and reinstates it?
    The CIA thats who.

  64. I AM POP SLAG.
  65. I AM POP SLAG.

    Erm.. they are siphoning money off from the campaign and what does make it to Uganda gets spent on guns.
    read up on it.

  66. Nakor
  67. Nakor

    I saw Kony in Dunkin Donuts the other day.

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