Kung Fu Killers: 10 Deadliest Weapons

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Kung Fu Killers - 10 Deadliest WeaponsThis documentary is counting down the top 10 deadliest Kung Fu weapons and fighting techniques.

The Kung Fu documentary shows uses of famous Chinese weapons, including rare and unconfirmed weapons like the flying guillotine.

In Chinese, Kung Fu can be used in contexts completely unrelated to martial arts, and refers colloquially to any individual accomplishment or skill cultivated through long and hard work.

The origins of Chinese martial arts can be traced over 6,000 years ago to self-defense needs, hunting activities and military training in ancient China.

Hand-to-hand combat and weapons practice were important components in the training of Chinese soldiers.

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  1. Charlee

    Awesome! no doubt you can do serious damage with any of these weapons. Thanks for sharing, this documentary was very entertaining!

  2. rtm
  3. rtm

    I mean, you can pretty much do serious damage with almost any object period. Some of those weapons seemed highly inefficient, like the dart on a rope, and the circles with points around them aside from others.

  4. jason
  5. jason

    why did the flying guillotine make #1, when it has never existed it was the most useless of the weapons, it seems like the numbers were being read backwards

  6. DakkaDakkaDakka
  7. DakkaDakkaDakka

    Quite cool, but why was somone being beheaded such a mystery? I dont think I can accept a flying hat with blades which was probibly imaginary as the most deadly weapon. What if somone who was to be assassinated was already wearing a large hat, it simply wouldnt work.
    I think im in favour of the sword and spear being the most deadly as the probibly took the most lives.
    Not a bad doc, seemed a bit long for a top 10 tho :/

  8. Xenu
  9. Xenu

    Lol totally. The "Hat" was retarded. Go give one guy an awkward hat and one guy a sword and see who comes out on top. "Deadliest Weapons" my ass. Just because a weapon is so awkward that it takes half your life to master does not make it deadly, effective, or efficient.

    -Remember Kids; MacGyver can build an airplane out of gum and paper clips, but Chuck Norris can roundhouse-kick his head through a wall and take it.

  10. Neoguest
  11. Neoguest

    @ Jason an Xenu. The flying guillotine is number becuase it it had exist it would be a deadly weapons. It was tool for assiassins during the Qing Dynasty and Yongzheng era, therefore it's a stealth weapons. It is say to exist because there been stories and drawings of the flying guillotine.

  12. mc
  13. mc

    This was a brilliant documentary. The weapons were amazing.
    And in regards to the comments that speak negatively about the #1 weapon, the flying guillotine, it was an ingenious idea. It would have taken great skill and training to be able to use the weapon properly. It was probably the deadliest because it would have been a great assassins tool, this weapon was not meant for the sort of combat that one would use for a sword. Also the reason that a beheaded body was such a big deal was that, one, they could not find the missing head, and two, think of the emporer that took over after the deheading, he was ruthless, had many personal assassins, and would no doubt have taken upon himself to have made an ingenious weapon to mark his rule. Also just because it has not ever been found, does not mean that it never existed. Keep your negative and pessimistic comments to yourself.
    There are also quite a few reason as to why the sword was not the #1 most dangerous weapon. The logic and reason the creators of this documentary used to rate to deadliness of these weapons took into account much greater standards for this weapons. When the weapons were being rated certain things would have to be taken into account, stealth,and asibility. There was also the the fact that weapons that were unexpected would be deadly because, obviously, you would catch your opponent or victim off gaurd. The level of difficuty that it takes to master a weapon is taken into accont. The Chinese whips would be much more difficult to master then the sword would be, a weapon like the Chinese whip requires great skill and focus to be able to use it properly and have it not backfire on you.
    This documentary was one of the best documentary that I have watched about weapons, it took into account a great many things that most weapon documentaries do not take into account. The creators did a great deal work in looking past the general ideas and sterotypical thoughts that come with most weapons.

  14. Mohammed
  15. Mohammed

    Hi.. Is there a chance of downloading this movie, please?

    Or anyone can give me the link to the google video page that leads to this documentary please?

  16. thatsmrahole2u
  17. thatsmrahole2u

    The show was interesting, but I think anyone buying the flying guillotine as a weapon is too easily influenced by anime and old kung fu movies. A "stealth weapon" that took great skill to master? Heck if you can sneak up close enough to use that contraption, why not just stab them or strangle them with a scarf? Just because there are stories and old drawings doesn't make it real. DaVinci drew a "tank" with whirling blades all over it and some kind of flying machine but the only place they existed was in his mind.

  18. Neoguest
  19. Neoguest

    one of DaVinci sketches dis show the modern bicycle.

    They want to kill someone a lot quicker and try to show fear to other. Movie such as the Flying Guillotines is based on fact. It wasn't discover maybe because it no long needed after the end of the Qing Dynasty and Yongzheng era it was no longer needed and gotten destory. Just theory

  20. Josho
  21. Josho

    I would like to add one more deadly weapon... which is the most effective one to kill people.... Chinese Food (american chinese food) lol

  22. Kung-fuclive
  23. Kung-fuclive

    Think about it, if the guy had an afro... The flying guillotine wouldn't work, it would merely give 'em a haicut. So, what would your moist deadly weapon be guys? I thought that mechanical dart gun was very radical.

  24. video-ok-not-hat
  25. video-ok-not-hat

    the flying guillotine wasn't a hat. it's a chain with a sickle. check out blade of the immortal(giichi), that weapon makes more senses being a flying guillotine than a hat that you have to drop a hat on somebody's head. i think if your over someone, u can shoot a dart, arrow, jump on him and stab him, hit him with a hammer, break his neck,etc. for sneakyness for assasination, that wrist dart shooter would be my pick. a dart with enough poison. far as face to face or mounted combat, halberd would be the one with broad swoard on hip if you get disarmed.

  26. Aura
  27. Aura

    I guess the flying guillotine could be a hat if you had to show the decapitated head as proof.

  28. JP
  29. JP

    Is there a reason the crossbow segment lasted only 10 seconds? Seriously, it was possibly the most revolutionary weapon in chinese/world history and it got cut off? Why?

  30. psyklone
  31. psyklone

    I think if the flying guillotine existed, examples of it would have been found. If it did exist it probably wasn't like the exiample in this documentary. It was probably a modified soft weapon.

  32. pato
  33. pato

    wow this documentary is totally awesome, i wonder the never stopped the Persian empire from expanding or even conquer the Babylonian empire...

  34. johannesfaust
  35. johannesfaust

    impressive, thanks for posting it Vlatko

  36. MIchael22541
  37. MIchael22541

    Kung hai fat choi everyone!!

  38. Carl Mygind
  39. Carl Mygind

    The flying guillotine? Seriously? That looks incredibly retarded and impossibly hard to use.

  40. Optimus_Prime24758
  41. Optimus_Prime24758

    i never seen the flying guillotine. is there really one?

  42. Optimus_Prime24758
  43. Optimus_Prime24758

    i've never seen the flying guillotine, is there really one?

  44. Johanna Yukito Nagi
  45. Johanna Yukito Nagi

    well the show said no one has ever seen the flying guillotine after all.....

  46. Johanna Yukito Nagi
  47. Johanna Yukito Nagi

    most of these comments are about the flying guillotine. but me and my brother is still researching about it.... we want to discover the truth behind the flying guillotine

  48. kongkakingchongcha
  49. kongkakingchongcha

    Yeah, flying guillotine.... you'll only see them in the movies, I assure you. Chinese are not that proud of flying guillotine... In fact, if you take it seriously, they'll laugh at you.

    I bet 90% of Chinese don't even know what's it called when they see it.

  50. zen
  51. zen

    yeah the flying guillotine can't be true. But if it's true though, I don't think it's a weapon to be thrown. if an assassin gets a clear view of the target, he could have thrown one or two blade and secured a kill without much hassle. It's too clumsy as a throwing weapon.

    But if you disguise the guillotine as a hat, and present it as a gift while crowning it. You could put it on the target, and pull the rope as you run away. Running away == flying away (in chinese).

    ancient chinese wear hats, especially officials. And the act of gift giving and gift-taking is part of the custom. it is impolite to refuse a gift.

    It is not hard to construct such a circumstance - and once crowned with the guillotine, the assasin would either run away and pull off the head, or yank the head&hat off and use the momentum to throw away the guillotine into bush/river.

    I would design it for such a use, rather than as a throwing weapon.

    But if you can get that close to a person, I'll go with the poison dart instead.

  52. Adan M
  53. Adan M

    Deadliest weapon would be the one that causes the most damage with least amount of skill. So I think the winner should have been the "GE" the spear with the perfectly angled paired slicing hook. Now just replace the shaft with a collapsing baton for concealment then you got the ultimate deadliest weapon with minimum skill requirement.

  54. Terry Burns
  55. Terry Burns

    For arguemant sake suppose the flying guillotine exsisted. Possiblely, a much simplar version could be a modified Garault used as a lasso. Thin sharp cable lasso around the opponets neck from a distance with the right pull. One can decapitate someone quite easily. Also, add a cloth bag around the circumference of the lasso. 1st to block the vision of the opponet. 2nd, to indicate to the assassin that his head is in the bag.

  56. cc
  57. cc

    Thats why it is on there. If used incorrectly it can cut the user or his allies not just his enemies.

  58. Stephen Massie
  59. Stephen Massie

    How could anyone even wonder if the flying guillotine was a legitimate danger as a weapon, much less believe it? Shows we, as a species, aren't actually all that far removed from animals in the intelligence category.

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