Las Calles Hablan

2012, Art and Artists  -   5 Comments
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Las Calles Hablan is a documentary which was filmed mostly on the streets, shot from the hip, something that reflects the street art itself.

A lot of the story comes from the street artists themselves. They are always generous with their time and information. They're developing the process, they want this story to be told.

This is a story about discovering a hidden world, an extraordinary subculture and the struggle between an artistic community painting for freedom of expression and an increasingly restrictive dogmatic government.

Las Calles Hablan is about the evolution of street art in Barcelona. The opinions on graffiti go in many different directions - love, hate, indifference.

This exhibit welcomes all opinions, inviting everyone to see and learn more about their community and how graffiti can be a compelling element for a visual discussion.

Barcelona, like many cosmopolitan cities, has a rhythm, a natural beat that carries and communicates its personality: the very soul of the place.

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  1. Sohrab

    I recently visited Granada and stayed there for a while. I found some very interesting graffities there. Absolutely beautiful and very thoughtful. A few years ago I had experienced the same in Vancouver. I wish we could post our photos to a dedicated collection for this.

  2. 1concept1

    Bravo! The Jim McVicker doc above is a good one also!

  3. oQ

    A city is a big museum, might as well cover it's walls with art.
    Montreal has fantastic street art.
    Graffitis create beautiful backgrounds for still photography.
    One day people may not so much buy a house for the house but for the art the house is wearing (or building).

  4. rudeboi

    I'm a lifelong fan of street art and I can never get my fill. I'm glad people the world over are speaking in this way. Big Up Barcelona.

  5. Bob Trees

    Alot of really good work seen here! Great to see that Barcelona has evolved to this. I was there in the late 80s and never really noticed that much graffiti. I would have loved to stay and watch things develop. I hope things don't develop like what you saw in NY with that a-hole tagging that moving van. Really if it gets to where some actions need to be curbed, I hope the movement can police themselves. That would be the best way IMHO.