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The most dangerous threat to democracy in the United States of America is the mistaken belief that they actually practice one... because democracy is not a noun, it's a verb. "Demos" means "the people", and "kratia" means "rule", so the word democracy means "the people rule." We have the trappings of democracy... you just get to go and pull a lever every 2-4 years only for candidates that have been pre-approved and pre-selected by the ruling elite.

But when it comes to actually participating in a meaningful way in how the society is organized, how much pay you might get, whether or not you get healthcare, whether the country goes to war or not, whether we should address the climate crisis... in those kinds of questions the people never have an opportunity to participate.

For example, if in the debate around the healthcare had there not been elected officials with a commitment to pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies, if the priority wasn't making sure that there were profits for people that make drugs and sell drugs, and people who provide medical care as insurers, if they weren't the priority but the ordinary people don't you think that would've been different?

The prison system along with the education system and the healthcare system are three things among many others that should never have a profit motive attached. The democratic self-government experiment started in the United States over 200 years ago and has gotten completely corrupted. The real people are not been listen to.

When considering the still unfolding history of the United States the words of journalist Molly Ivins ring true: "It is possible to read the history of this country as one long struggle to extend the liberties established in our Constitution to everyone in America." In other words who, according to the laws and cultures, gets to be considered a person?

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    Jo McKay
  1. Jo McKay

    Nice presentation. Many have been saying the same for a long time of course, however, we have been bogged down in distractions and 'other' issues. I agree. Amend these corrupt and broken laws, then build a more stable and representative democracy!

  2. Janeen Clark
  3. Janeen Clark

    the only way a democracy can exist is to make money, authority, government, and police obsolete. the way to do that is removal of reward and punishment from every element of existence all the way down to language and thought of each human being. then for the first time in history, freedom and democracy can begin.

  4. coryn
  5. coryn

    I think, after watching this charade of living for 76 years now, that we as a species have some more "evolving' to do before we can really be considered human. We have just a veneer of civilization that makes us seem human, but introduce an element of fear into the equation and we're soon 'less than human'. Is there an answer? I don't think so, at least not in the foreseeable future. We had a chance when an organization in the 1970's called "Zero Population Growth", reasonably asked that our geometrical rate of population growth be reduced, somehow!!, to keep it more in line with the arithmetical increase in food production. But how quickly it became 'corporate' agriculture, an agriculture based on oil and chemicals that could themselves easily have a limited future. Yes, we could run low on oil, or the chemicals on our GMO food may not be so beneficial for us. In short, our 'democracy' is a charade, where in fact the wealthy DO get wealthier and more powerful, but there is nothing done to slow the world population growth.


    Did I miss anyone?

  6. socratesuk
  7. socratesuk

    Why cant we build an e-democracy one where people vote on tax rates, wars, policy etc?. We could vote through an app, it would very very cheap and would mean western countries would go to war a lot less. The problem with western countries is that they have been taken over by people who live in a bubble, they often have nice homes, see little crime, can afford private healthcare, and travel around in 1st class. They dont really exist in the same world as the rest of us, we just briefly catch glimpses of them now and then.

  8. Paul Gloor
  9. Paul Gloor

    It would be vulnerable to manipulation unfortunately.

  10. Manfruss
  11. Manfruss

    hhhmmmm... doesn't that sound like Anarchy, not Democracy? Law and Order isn't the problem.... it's its focus. Law and Justice are not always the same, though they can be.

  12. Janeen Clark
  13. Janeen Clark

    a law is a problem that has not been solved, instead threatening with punishment, now which is more effective threaten, or fix the problem and not have the law to begin with.

  14. Fabien L'Amour
  15. Fabien L'Amour

    It could be achieved with permanent voting booths that operate like ATMs. I don't see any incentives to go that way for politicians though, the current system gives them much more power and money than a direct democracy.

  16. CapnCanard
  17. CapnCanard

    The intention and motivations of this film are similar to my own. No surprise there, I believe the problem is that money and wealth are in control of the whole American political process. Not much gets done unless it can get funded etc etc. If we could eliminate money as the arbiter of power and control then progress could be made. I used to like to want to see "quality" (aka good, beneficial, helpful, tangibly useful) be promoted in place of "quantity", (aka money/wealth/property). Eliminating this abstract perversion of value, known as currency/money, from the process will be difficult but if it can be done then the People would have real power over how society is governed. Until then, all bets are off...

  18. socratesuk
  19. socratesuk

    True, but if the votes were live with a dedicated livestream, and a selection of people similar to that of jury service were asked to over-see it, it could be done. Alternatively we just do the old fashioned expensive method every 4 years or so, rather than vote for people we just vote for policy......

  20. vagos
  21. vagos

    I live in Athens (Greece) where I see the so called symbol of democracy (Parthenon) everyday! It's actually more like a war memorial.....Democracy is just another Greek Myth since it never existed. Every political system is doomed to shift to an ''oligarchy'' eventually! ''Oligoi'' means ''the few'' and ''archy'' means ''the ruling of''. Yes it is always the very few at the top that make all the decisions. The rest of us get the right to vote and made to believe that we can choose our destiny.

  22. Lastviewer
  23. Lastviewer

    That doc is the pure expression of the american dream. But then, isn't it the same for every homosapien ? There were, within our ~ 50,000 years history, some short periods of time for which this way of living was observe.
    It's an everyday task.

  24. jaberwokky
  25. jaberwokky

    Interesting little doc.
    I wish this movement all the best of luck, let's hope it doesn't get hijacked like so many other causes have.

  26. Manfruss
  27. Manfruss

    Yet some laws are good. Traffic laws, for example, help us all get to our destination in one piece (if we follow them), and it can be very stressful and difficult without them. Try driving in Uganda, or India.

    I feel what you're getting at is some laws are unjust, and in many cases, should not be required. Why do we need a law to not murder each other? Sure, I'd rather fix the problem, and do away with the law, but then what do we do if someone does murder someone? If we have no law about it do we say: "Oh that's too bad, please don't do that next time."? (Maybe ... maybe we, as a people, need to care bare stare that person. Does that work on true psychopaths who don't have empathy?)

    A law is merely an enforcement of a general consensus (Don't kill each other {Unless you're soldiers, then kill each other all you want.}). No more, no less. Maybe it's required, maybe it's not. They can come, they can go and evolve with society. I don't have a problem with laws, some are good. I have a problem with some laws (segregation, apartheid, corporate person-hood, lobbying, and more), and the need for others (murder, rape, ect...). However, I'm happy to have laws against murder, rape, ect, as long as they're still needed. Maybe always will be while the threat of such violence exists.

    Sorry for my rant, I'm done now... :)

  28. Horst Manure
  29. Horst Manure

    USA is incorporated ..look it up//

  30. a_no_n
  31. a_no_n

    ugh, conspiracy theories and tin foil hattery like that only serve to hold proceedings back further.

    Take your paranoia about GMO and the ridiculous concept of chemtrails and go away, back to infowars with you! we have REAL problems that need dealing with before we can start worrying about made up ones.

  32. Jack1952
  33. Jack1952

    Of course, this is an American production, directed at the problems of democracy in the United States. Two minutes into the video and they're already blaming the lack of democracy for the lack of health care. Well, we have it in Canada and we got it through the democratic process. The big problem in the States is the conservative, Tea Party, right wingers, who see health care as a socialist plot to steal their money. They cannot stand the idea that someone, who may not have a job, could get the same care that they would. If Americans, as a unit and majority, truly wanted a health care system like we take for granted in Canada, they would have it. The American people are as much to blame as anyone.

  34. dmxi
  35. dmxi

    the writings on the wall....for everyone to see & comprehend but action needs an incentive which knowledge itself can't supply.physical force is the prime motive for physical change....but that can be easily detracted from the intended aim by psychological 'terrorism' which is at work via controlled media (which can be proven since the 1st gulf war,learnt from the lesson of the embedded 'reporter' of the vietnam incident) whom selects news digestible for mass consumption for compliance to a war without full support of the tax-paying populace & it's allies (which should be put down for spineless-issues).the only time i was chuffed with my 'country-of-birth' was when germany didn't join the war against terror/iraq.

  36. Peter
  37. Peter

    This needs to happen, everyone needs to share this video with everyone they know.

  38. Chimosabe
  39. Chimosabe

    did I hear that correctly "we`ll take over your prison system but you have to keep them 90% full !!?

  40. Imightberiding
  41. Imightberiding

    Good little film but my goodness, wasn't that woman (Ashley, I think her name was) at the 4:25 mark just a miserable, self entitled twat?

  42. gaboora
  43. gaboora

    This is a commercial for big-government, higher taxes, and Obama-like socialism. Democracy is being denounced, not promoted, in this film.

    And people of color are locked up more because they break the law more. Ever think of that? That's not racism. It's the statement of a fact. And how about the right not to have your business regulated to death by the Administration?

    Anti-patriotic self-hatred is what this film is about. Anti-patriotic self-hatred is self-destructive. Yes, some corporations are in the government pocket, where the tax money is. But remember, they are corporations that are carefully selected by the elites like Bush and Obama.

    Quit asking what Obama can do for you. That's like asking for more high-tax communism. Ask Obama to embrace capitalism. Demand it. Then things might get a little better. If you voted for Obama, you voted to be oppressed. Congratulations for getting what you wanted.

  44. jaberwokky
  45. jaberwokky

    Dude, I seriously hope that someday you'll finally understand how backwards you've got it.

  46. gaboora
  47. gaboora

    You need to get educated. Start with 'Liberty and Tyranny' by Mark Levin. Read that, and maybe I'll help you out some more.

  48. awful_truth
  49. awful_truth

    @gaboora: Evil is best defined as exploitation of inequity. (I get to call the shots because I am wealthier, stronger, or more beautiful than you - your basic might is right philosophy) Few things in life are extreme,(black and white) with the vast majority being a colorful grey mixture of considerations requiring conscious thought over reactionary behaviour. Since capitalism, aka corporatism/fascism (greed) is not an act of survival, any defense of it occurs soley because it's position is so weak, it can't stand the test of debate.(weak minded) Any extreme thinking (A or Z, nothing in between) only supports competition over cooperation, and will only lead to global slavery, which has not changed direction since the subjugation of humanity was incorporated long ago. (pun intended)
    Patriotism is protecting the people from their own government. (Edward Snowdon) Socialism is not communism, and we have all had your type of help for far too long. (FOX brainwashing) It is time for you to wake up, and smell what you are shovelling.
    P.S: The U.S has socialist qualities. They are called the police, and the fire department, yet you all rail against health care for everyone??? There is a word for this type of contradictory thinking, it is called hypocrisy. Any questions?

  50. awful_truth
  51. awful_truth

    @gaboora: You said, "people of color are locked up more because they break the law more". Has it ever occurred to you to actually read the history of African, and native Americans, and how they have been treated. Do you really think much has changed? How much crime would you commit if you were not allowed the same right to education, and employment?
    I have seen immoral, and apathetic behaviour from all races, and ethnicity; the only difference is how people justify it, you know, like sending unarmed drones into foreign countries, or assassinating foreign leaders. The awful truth is the U.S only prospered for 50 years because they destroyed the competition, and now that they have rebuilt, let us see how long it takes before they do it again, since they can't compete with Chinese who are willing to work for 10 cents an hour just to put rice on the table so they don't starve. (true capitalism)
    Your statements only recognize the symptoms, not the cause of the problems themselves!

  52. jaberwokky
  53. jaberwokky

    Ah, now I see. I suggest you throw that in the thrash along with any Hannity, Limbuagh, Beck or Coulter crap that you might have in your possession. That claptrap is destructive to any form of constructive meaningful dialogue and/or change. Also stop sucking at the nipple of Rupert Murdock's media.
    Try that and maybe I'll help you out some more.

  54. jaberwokky
  55. jaberwokky

    Nicely stated.

  56. gaboora
  57. gaboora

    What's the use debating someone who thinks that 'soley' is acceptable spelling for 'solely'?

  58. gaboora
  59. gaboora

    All those speakers you named have their faults, especially the bombastic Limbaugh. Levin too is caustic. But it's still better than abortion, socialism, redistribution of wealth, and the nanny state. Too many people are sucking at the taxpayer's nipple via big government. The citizen is becoming a lazy breed, and it is much because of the open borders.

  60. jaberwokky
  61. jaberwokky

    Socialism seems to have worked out well for the banks and the auto manufacturers over there.

    So it's not actually Democracy you're interested in then, you just wanted to chip in a little right wing ranting because f--k all those freeloading abortionists they'll never get your guns. That's all you had to say.

  62. jaberwokky
  63. jaberwokky

    What a lazy copout.

  64. gaboora
  65. gaboora

    You have become incoherent and crass. It goes with the lack of virtue on the socialist side, along with abortions, lack of justice, et cetera.

  66. gaboora
  67. gaboora

    How ignorant to allege that China is capitalist?! No matter how blacks were treated in the past, they should be locked up if they commit crimes today. That's the logic of virtue. The USA has perpetrated many evils and has spread its filth worldwide in the form of immoral films and subversive music. I am not a blind patriot. But neither am I going to condone all the racism by blacks that is being overlooked today. You see how balanced I am?

  68. jaberwokky
  69. jaberwokky

    Have I? Well then go ahead, explain to me if you will this virtue-guided form of Democracy that I am so lacking knowledge of. Give it to me straight and hard. Perhaps some of your hot gooey virtue will rub off on me.

  70. gaboora
  71. gaboora

    No, you have disqualified yourself. You are not ready to receive truth. Next time, be civil, and someone might condescend to help inform you.

  72. jaberwokky
  73. jaberwokky

    Fair enough, you might be right there. My apologies for not being civil.

    Edit: I'm not as much a hard lefty as you may believe. To be honest, I find this hard left or hard right stuff to be nonsense and not really helping anything. And it seems the more time passes, the smaller the middle ground gets. It's ridiculous because that's not how things work on a day to day basis, nothing is as cut and dry. I don't think American politics represents American people. At least I hope they don't.

  74. jot
  75. jot

    "f--k all those freeloading abortionists they'll never get your guns."

    haha, So true

  76. gaboora
  77. gaboora

    Hey, no problem. The Republican Party is just as much to blame for the debt and waste as the Democrats are. And they are more to blame for foreign policy mistakes. Both parties are for big government, which is a mask for democracy and true capitalism. Capitalism is just the free exchange of labor and goods without oppression from runaway government. I do not say that only a Christian state can be capitalist. So the title of this book I want to suggest has an unfortunate title. But it contains some of the best that I've read on capitalism: 'Is Capitalism Christian?' It's not left or right. It's just good sense. Today's American politics does not represent the people. Taking taxpayer money and throwing it all around at your cronies (which both parties do) is not capitalism, but a form of elitism. And I am in favor of socialist programs for those truly in need.

  78. Rough McHewn
  79. Rough McHewn

    What is with that incessant need for a rather high pitched and often dominant background sound? Bloody annoying!
    Good document otherwise.

  80. Kansas Devil
  81. Kansas Devil

    The USA is not a democracy. It's a constitutional (representative) republic with democratic overtones.
    In a democracy, the tyranny of the majority is highly likely.
    In a representative republic, everyone has (or is supposed have) an equal voice irrespective of what a majoriyt thinks.

  82. Black Scholar
  83. Black Scholar

    Boy, white people know how to make a mess of things for the few 100 years they have been in charge. Imagine that. America called the Greeks and Roman's inferior. The very people they hitched their legacy with. The CONSTRUCTIONS white people come up with are constructing their doom. Lets be clear, when America FAIL, and she will, most countries will be relieved.

    Europeans and Americans have shown they are the TRUE war-hawks of all humanity. No wonder so many whites are depressed. Holding on to FALSE CONSTRUCTION, and Made-up Lies is the hallmark of these people

  84. 2020vision
  85. 2020vision

    @gaboora "Yes, some corporations are in the government pocket" Every considered that it is the other way around? Probably too much to ask, Republicans generally don't see the forest for the trees.

  86. 2020vision
  87. 2020vision

    @gaboora "How ignorant to allege that China is capitalist" Unbelievable that someone can, in two submissions shows such an incredible degree of ignorance. It may be known as a "communist" country, but it is that in government structure only. Not only is it in fact a capitalist state, it also happens to be one of the worst forms of capitalism. Get an education man!

  88. awful_truth
  89. awful_truth

    @gaboora: If all you can find fault with in my comments is a typo, than perhaps you should place more emphasis on substance, as opposed to the superficial. (A rose by any other name is, well, you get the point!)

  90. gaboora
  91. gaboora

    Okay, sorry about being hyper-critical. Be careful to distinguish between corporatism and capitalism. Corporatism is what gets fueled by tax-payer money via big government. Capitalism is the working man trying to get ahead, not by handouts and tax breaks, but by the exchange of intellectual property and hard labor. I am with you against (celindra?) Forgive me for not running to seek how to spell that.

  92. awful_truth
  93. awful_truth

    @gaboora:disqus :
    Apology accepted man, no problem.
    In regards to the difference between capitalism, and corporatism, the only difference is the perception that there is a difference. Your view of capitalism is a rather rhapsodic view of a time when ma and pa shops were the basis of the 'business model'; where hard work was an end in to itself.
    In reality, corporations are (under law) 'a person' with "no soul to save, and no body to incarcerate", (Baron Thurlow) whose primary goal is to make as much money as possible, where any costs are 'externalities' to be passed onto the public, at any cost. It was wealthy people's lawyers that got these restrictions removed in the late 1800's allowing them to create unlimited wealth, and power. After the Supreme court agreed, the wealthy were able to re-write the laws by owning and directing the politicians to their benefit. (corporations owning countries, and their resources)
    It was Charles Mitchell in 1920 (bank owner) who fostered the idea of the general masses investing in the stock market to spread the risk of investment to the general public, who eventually lost everything, while protecting themselves.
    The federal reserve in the U.S is a privately owned institution (secret list of owners) who make a trillion dollars a year in interest (usury) for doing nothing. (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Carnegies, Schiffs, Morgans, etc) Note: Rothschilds family wealth estimated at 500 trillion dollars)
    The general public now pays into pension plans that they will likely never collect, (spent or lost by the brokers who invest for them) buy insurance that seldom covers them for anything; the wealthy fund both sides in war, while employing the people who build the weapons, the same people who are responsible for the very children who have been indoctrinated with the 'call of duty', or grand theft auto.
    Thus, ''making a living' without beating anyone on a buck is impossible while competing with the couple of hundred people who own the 15 corporations that own all of the corporations in the world. (basically everything) Global slave labor is unavoidable, unless there is a paradigm shift in thinking, from greed, to enlightenment.
    The greatest irony in all of this, is the vast majority appears helpless to change their enslavement by the few, simply out of the fear of change, or loss, where in fact they are losing themselves everyday, and they are not even aware of it.
    The awful truth is there is the haves,(.0001 %) and the have nots; (99.999%) there is no democracy, only the illusion it exists; there is no communism, or capitalism, only labels we attach to people (and/or groups) who are attempting to break the cycle of exploitation that has been maintained for a very long time.
    It is not my goal to break anyone's spirit; it is my goal to burst the bubble of nonsense that permeates the public view in regards to politics, economics, war, and religion. Since all these items are the greatest contributers to evil, (exploitation of inequity) then they are also the greatest priority where 'thinking' is required, where reactionary black/white responses are not acceptable. (man vs woman, democrat vs. republican, black vs white, communist vs capitalist) This type of thinking(or lack there of) is created by the competitive aspects in society, from favorite sports teams, to favorite political party. As soon as we focus on our differences, we forget that we all have much more in common than not. This is humanity's greatest weakness! (stupidity) Take care, and best wishes gaboora!

  94. gaboora
  95. gaboora

    The answer to corporatism and cronyism is the abolition and prevention of political elitism. In my opinion, this will never happen. It is too late. Bailouts and high taxes benefit certain men and groups who lend support politically. Taxing the rich sounds good to some people. But it's just an emotional red herring. The 'rich' who end up being taxed more are not very high on the chain at all, while those who are highest on the chain always get kickbacks for compensation.

  96. awful_truth
  97. awful_truth

    @gaboora: I completely agree with your assessment. I don't know see a long term fix anywhere in the near future. Since I have sat on council, I am well aware that self-reinforcing rules have been established to prevent any such changes from occurring.
    Just today, Chrysler is stating they are back in the red, but want a billion dollars of funding from Canadian taxpayers towards updating their manufacturing plants in Ontario, Canada. The threat is if they don't receive it, tens of thousands of jobs will be lost to Mexico, or the U.S. (enter the support of the politicians)
    Once again, this is why I stated previously that the simple labels we attach to identify poitical, or economic attitudes are insufficient, and quite misleading to those who have not spent the time to actually understand their implications.
    I am still hopeful that this can be rectified, but have no delusions regarding the inherent danger that lies at the heart of human nature. Take care, and best wishes gaboora!

  98. Horst Manure
  99. Horst Manure

    USA is also incorporated just like a company.

  100. Ok
  101. Ok

    Oh yeah who DOESN'T love over generalizations about a specific "race" of people, guess what, were all human. Technology shaped the course of civilization and war, not "white folks". You wouldn't even be alive right now without it nor would I.

    See how many wars have been waged between non white races, usually happens with great strides of technology and history may surprise you.

    But that being said you are just a giant troll so meh.

  102. GaryReber
  103. GaryReber

    Up until the close of the nineteenth century, the United States remained a working democracy, with the production of products and services dependent on labor worker input. When the American Industrial Revolution began and subsequent technological advance amplified the productive power of non-human capital, plutocratic finance channeled its ownership into fewer and fewer hands, as we continue to witness today with government by the wealthy evidenced at all levels.

    While Americans believe in political democracy, political democracy will not work without a property-based free market system of economic democracy. The system is the problem, but it can and must be overhauled. The two prerequisites are political power, which is the power to make, interpret, administer, and enforce laws, and economic power, the power to produce products and services, whether through labor power or productive capital.

    Binary economist Louis Kelso wrote: “In the distribution of social power, whether it be political power or economic power, all things are relative. The essence of economic democracy lies in the elimination of differences of earning power resulting from denial of equality of economic opportunity, particularly equal access to capital credit. Differences of economic status resulting from differences in advantages taken and uses made of differences based on inequality of economic opportunity, particularly those that give access to capital credit to the already capitalized and deny it to the non- or -undercapitalized, are flagrant violations of the constitutional rights of citizens in a democracy.”

    Unfortunately, pursuing economic democracy has been frustrated by the systemic concentration of economic power and exclusionary access to future capital credit to the advantage of the wealthiest Americans. The so-called 1 percent rulers of corporations have rigged the financial system to enable this already rich ownership class to systematically further enrich themselves as capital formation occurs and technological industrialization spreads throughout the world, leaving behind the 99 percent to depend on income redistribution through make work “full employment” policies, government boondoggles, excessive military build-up and dependence on arms production and sales, and social welfare programs due to the lack of an alternative to full employment and the growing economic helplessness and dependency. The unsatisfied needs and wants of society are not in that 1 percent or for that matter the 5 percent; those people are not the ones who are hurting.

    Once the national economic policy bases policy decisions on two-factor binary economics, productive capital acquisition would take place through commercially insured capital credit, resulting in a quiet revolution in which economic plutocracy will transform to economic democracy.

    The 99 percent movement needs to be about returning America to economic democracy. If we do not achieve economic democracy, then plutocracy will lead to fascism—the ownership of productive capital by the rich and by their institutions.

    The fact is that political democracy is impossible without economic democracy. On the basic issue of economic empowerment of each individual, the essential goal needs to be economic democracy, which will finally make political democracy a meaningful reality.

  104. Malcolm Reynolds
  105. Malcolm Reynolds

    The problem is people with too much power irrespective of race. Then there are small minded racists which by your comment you would appearto be.

  106. Peter Wilson
  107. Peter Wilson

    Exactly right. Economic democracy is the only meaningful democracy---but each and every adult must have full ownership of their respective bodies, minds and properties (including their earnings). I knew this doc was economically ignorant from the introduction---"how much pay you might get, whether or not you get healthcare"---suggesting that it could actually work out to have the majority simply make laws to enforce a six figure salary for all (whatever the job?) and free healthcare for all as well. Freedom for all respectful people to interact as they please along with a full respect for every individual's ownership rights IS democracy. Who needs politics?

  108. Matt Diomede
  109. Matt Diomede

    It doesn't help that we give corporations the same rights an individual citizen gets.

  110. rkord4 .
  111. rkord4 .

    What democracy?? Only 538 people actually vote for US President and Vice President. It's called the Electoral College. These 538 votes are supposed to be unbiased and are supposed to support constituents. But they don't. It a popularity contest among the rich and elite. Ridiculous!! We are just puppets, living in false freedom bliss.

  112. Keebler
  113. Keebler

    Ok. I know this is old. But, the last paragraph above says:

    When considering the still unfolding history of the United States the words of journalist Molly Ivins ring true: "It
    is possible to read the history of this country as one long struggle to
    extend the liberties established in our Constitution to everyone in

    "to extend the liberties established in our Constitution"

    Our Constitution doesn't establish liberties, it CONFINES GOVERNMENT, for our protection. At least it did, until people 'had their feelings hurt'. Now, people want their government to take care of them. No wonder this ignorant woman can get away with ignorant statements.

  114. Vitt
  115. Vitt

    Massive problem right in the title... Democracy is the last thing we want. That is just another word for mob rule. A Republic is what we were built on and what we were intended to remain.

  116. steven langston
  117. steven langston

    What would this proposed 'amendment' read like? If a convention is called the risk would be that well organized interest group would write the amendment and stick it on the constitution. This could be a anti-abortion bill. It could place futher restriction on free speech. Whatevr. Until I know what the amendment would be, I see this as a group of air-heads.

  118. Sean L
  119. Sean L

    only problem is that America isnt a democracy!

  120. J. Hall
  121. J. Hall

    The United States is not, nor has it ever been a Democracy. It is a Republic. A "lynch mob" is a democracy. Everyone should understand the difference.

  122. Yaser Al Sarakbi
  123. Yaser Al Sarakbi

    Unfortunately, the American administrations are using democracy to ignite wars and the loser is the man of democracy. What is the difference today between these wars and the wars that the church in Europe has assigned to the name of the Lord and the dead man is concerned in worship if America dies from the land of freedom to the land of darkness as Europe is plunged for decades? Of this backwardness and admit that it is wrong and correct the path to a state of creativity and humanism and the human intellectual and superior man and spread this all over the world so that America becomes the model for the advancement of humanity, humanity, science and creativity

  124. Petra Hernandez
  125. Petra Hernandez

    Yes, a lot is wrong. I am very confused. Have an MA from well known universitiesbut feel that it is now that Iam finally getting an education thru the Internet and organizations like Move to Amend. And it is thru the people not thru the politicians nor government agencies nor government. I feel I have absolutely no rights. Everything is decided for me, even adding $ 0.50 to my phone bill so that I could dial 911. It is no longer "we,the people.." It is Banks and Companies... More documentaries like this have to be made.

  126. Elizabeth
  127. Elizabeth

    Amen, people fail to see it's not the minority weather that be race or gender, nor is it the white man being the devil it is the rich vs the poor the rich pit us against each other because there are far more of us then them and they know if we ever stop arguing long enough to stick together we'd bring their privileged crooked world down in the blink of an eye.... been saying this forever

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