Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo Da VinciThis is the story of one of the greatest minds in history.

An artist, scientist, engineer, visionary and all-round genius, Leonardo Da Vinci (1452--1519) was arguably the main figure of the Renaissance.

Over three gripping episodes, this docudrama from the BBC reconstructs the life of Leonardo from early boyhood to death.

Each episode is infused with brilliant academic commentary and includes the building and testing of some of Leonardo's inventions, including his tank, hang glider, underwater suit, and parachute.

Did these amazing concepts work as Leonardo intended?

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  1. Maxi

    This video is unavailable. :(

  2. DhaneshTK

    The man who wanted to know everything!!!!

  3. inewyorkerp

    this is a very nice and very well presented documentary! I enjoyed being brought into so many aspects of this multi level genius! so many scientists involved just to help us get a glimpse of this astounding mind! wow!
    well Leonardo Da Vinci sure is my favorite just for being so unsettling and so observant! such a great lesson! such greatness being so well ahead of his age, even our age in some cases! wow!

  4. bschof10

    captions incorrect

  5. bschof10

    Google need to update captions for the deaf. The words are incorrect at times.

  6. Myu .

    Great documentary but unfortunately Youtube cuts out large sections of episode 3 of the BBC documentary due to copy right laws on music used in the episode.

  7. AUWR

    Leonardo da Vinci is beyond doubt, one of the most astounding minds to have ever lived.

  8. George Rajiv

    Was it genetic mutation? Or was it a strong set of fundamentals bred from his youth in the forests, and desire to prove himself, as an illegitimate son? Had he influenced his peers on a grander scale the essence of scientific approach so commonly seen in everything he notes down or makes a study of, the world might have turned out to be a rather different place.

    His emphasis and appreciation for nature, combined with the multiple talents and that insatiable curiosity for almost anything, makes him one of the most original and superior thinkers ever. It is this "divine" understanding of all things that made him invent working objects meant for the sky, a place man can only dream to be floating in at that time.

    In response to the petty comments below, as brilliant as Michelangelo is, Leonardo is a person far more worthy of modern day study. It isn't his work, rather, it is his comprehension of the world that is fascinating. His coming from a wealthy background is almost completely out of point, as it was, he made his capabilities rather well known early in life, and had no troubles obtaining commissioned work, until perhaps when his pursuit of perfection pissed off the kings.

    Above all, Leonardo's notebooks clearly reflects that he challenges the common census that we all use to determine truth. That itself could have propelled humanity forward, had the people around him not lack the foresight to appreciate his thoughts.

    Pity these people die without any descendants.

  9. eric

    I've never been able to buy into the theory Da Vinci drew the mechanics of his designs on incorrect purpose as some sort of security measure. First if designs on paper were always 100% correct there would be no reason to go through the prototyping stage. The first build is where u find and correct the bugs. Secondly any one who had the ability to crate one of his designs wouldn’t just scratch their head if something didn’t work rite and walk away. building it would present the problem and you could address it. this is prototyping

    1. JaredSD

      You're right they could fix it as they do in the video but someone that knows how to fix it would need to do it. It's done to just make another step for a thief to have to do so stealing his work isn't as good an idea. It could make them think it's useless if they don't think it out or take it to someone that knows how to fix it. Also finding someone willing to make a prototype of something is hard as is without passed up plans

      It wasn't just Da Vinci's idea, it was common place.

  10. TM

    Part 18 does not work. Just spent a long time watching this, and now cannot see the ending. Pretty irritating. Message: "This video contains content from INGrooves who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

  11. Olu

    While Da Vinci was a great figure of the renaissance era, Michelangelo was a better artist all around.

  12. Ms vinci

    It's an extraordinary documentary about an extraordinary man. Loved every bit of it. A must watch for anybody with a curious mind.

  13. fan da vinci

    I had seen this documentary when it was telecast on BBC. It was only then that I became a full fledged devout of Leonardo. To this date I admire him and worship his genius.

  14. mowgli

    I come to this board with a limited schema of Leonardo Da Vinci but what I know , or have studied impresses me. I usually don't post prior to watching a documentary but I felt compelled to this time. Perhaps because of Pinoy comment. I will watch then post a review.


    Leonardo DA vinci is just an ordinary man not a genius. it is just because he's belong to rich family that why they wanted to here leonardo side.

    1. Guest

      If you x-ray the Mona Lisa, you can see it's paint-by-numbers. The Vitruvian Man? A doodle, done on an etch-a-sketch. The tank, the helicopter, the parachute? A child's amateurish impressions, filched from the Florence military. The anatomical studies? A common killer's excuse for desecrating bodies.

      An ordinary man? Sure! But a very busy one...

    2. JaredSD

      You can't just toss out everything he's ever done as "child's amateurish impressions". I've never seen a child who's never seen a tank, helicopter, etc draw out plans on how they could be built, find out why the sky is blue, why people die from old age, etc.

      The anatomical studies were something all great artists did if they truly wanted to be able to show the human figure in art. Lucky for us we have DVDs showing us all the info so we don't have to get our hands dirty.

  16. LisaP

    Not knowing much about Leonardo Da Vinci, This was a great Documentary to watch as it covered many of his ideas, filled in gaps for a bit of stuff I knew and left me with a sheet of scribbled notes for things to look further into once I was done watching!

  17. Jack Green


    > it was supposed to make the tank move both ways

    Errr...what's wrong with just rotating the bar in the opposite direction? It seems they have it right. Almost all of Da Vinci's designs have intentional flaws that can be fixed by someone who understands the mechanics.

  18. Sharoon Arsin

    hahah.. these army ppl are stupid.. da vinci didnt make such a stupid mistake to put gears on opposite sides.. it was supposed to make the tank move both ways.. only wheels on the same side were supposed to be turned at any given time.. Da vinci was the master of mechanics!

  19. Sharoon Arsin

    hahah.. these army ppl are stupid.. da vinci didnt make such a stupid mistake to put gears on opposite sides.. it was supposed to make the tank move both ways.. only wheels on the same side were supposed to be turned at any given time..

    1. nick o

      they can wind the other way ;)

    2. JaredSD

      no, you could just turn it the other way to do that.