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Lessons in Hate and Violence

2011, Religion  -   177 Comments

Lessons in Hate and ViolenceDispatches goes undercover to investigate allegations that teachers regularly assault young children in some of the 2,000 Muslim schools in Britain run by Islamic organizations.

The programme also follows up allegations that, behind closed doors, some Muslim secondary schools teach a message of hatred and intolerance.

The programme is presented by reporter Tazeen Ahmad. Lessons in Hate and Violence is not available on 4oD at this time, due to an ongoing police investigation concerning subjects featured in the programme.

Muslim groups gave their reaction after the programme aired. The British Muslim Forum condemned abuse and bigotry but said that such incidents and attitudes were not widespread in the 2,000 Islamic institutions across Britain.

It urged Channel 4 not to fall in the trap of 'Islam bashing' or creating fear, hatred and racism against Muslims and their holy faith as has become fashionable these days by over-generalising and exaggerating such isolated incidents.

The group also said it was of extreme concern that the programme producers were aware of the incidents since July 2010 but failed to pass the information on to the relevant authorities, thereby compromising the health and safety of the children involved.

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177 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Blanket condemnation of religion shows ignorance. The greatest murders in history did so in the name of anti-religion. Stalin and Mao would agree with some in this comment section. Appreciate on that a bit.

  2. Despite all the deep and abiding concerns about "Islam-bashing" I have not really seen it done very much at all. So why all the fear of doing it?
    If this was the same documentary, but about the Catholic Church it would be "all aboard", and you-tube would not have taken it down. ...Just a vote for less fear and more free speech. If a religion is a good religion then it can withstand whatever is said about it.

  3. Here are some of the things that the quran (holy book) says that some
    Muslims are still doing in this documentary.

    1,Treat children with love and respect.
    2,Treat everyone the same.
    3, Don't beat up children unless there is are strong reasons for it e.g not believing in Islam (which these kids are by going to the mosque).

    These people in these mosques thing they have become gods by teaching other Muslims Islam in the way they are i bet you any money that these kids will not learn any thing by getting beaten up even if they do when they grow up they will not remember anything that these people has said to them because there will not be any one to beat them up which means they will stop believing in Allah and Islam.

    the best way to teach these kids would be to teach them by what Muhammad (SAW) said to do that would be the best way also the 3 things listed above.

  4. The problem is that we as a society tolerate intolerance which is a system that cannot last. There is no moderate Islam so you either accept it and lose our society of freedom and democracy or, become intolerant to it and say our country, our laws, accept it or leave for a country that agrees with your views.

    1. I'm 70 this year, when I was a boy growing up, my "christian" teachers would beat us and insist on the infallibility of the Bible and the immorality of non believers. Lets hope that Islam grows up or better still All religions become obsolete.

    2. Did your teachers ever urge you to kill non believers?

    3. You sound very intolerant.

  5. The responsibility of calling out and denounce the bs of violent Muslims rests on the shoulders of moderates, but where are their voices? I think moderates secretly harbor the same sentiments as these violent ones....if only the whole world was Muslim there will be no ugliness to mankind... and thus the old saga continues...the root of real estate conflict of the 3 Abrahamic religions.

  6. You can't reason with Muslims, as they have been brainwashed from an early age to hate and how not to be tolerant. This is just how it is and whether Islam was a religion of peace or not, it's irrelavant because it's not now. The non violent Muslims will have to be at some point or give to the cause to where someone else can be violent. They tip toe around the facts while they out breed the world and when the times comes or there is a concentration of Muslims then the violence starts and sharia law is envoked. Their law itself is violent regularily. Everyone is nice until you have enough support to win...


  8. I had to shut it off. Cannot believe that the only thing being done is "investigations" that do not do anything, and "talking to the school elders" about the abuses. Of course they are going to say that they will look into it and then say that they have cleaned up the schools.

    Have they not got enough evidence to call the police and have them charged with child abuse? If that was one of my children being hit everyday I would follow the teacher home can guess the rest.

  9. I never thought I would ever say this but, "if you dont want to be in this society, then why are you here?"

    1. You sound childish. People in this society are free to decide how to live. If they want to live like bedouins that is their right. If you cant tolerate that maybe you should move elsewhere.

      if they break the law, then they are punished. That doesnt alter the basic fact that they can choose to be 'different'

  10. they are like Neo Nazis of Islam...period

  11. thank god my muslim friends arent like this

  12. We must not check of the faults in any society or religion people, always there are who are not really beleivers. Let's look at the west, what about the first and second war, what about the nuctear catastrophy or what about the Plestine's population, there are populations in the world that are looked by the west as animals or less than his dogs, this tale is not undrestandable by some people but it is very clear to those have experience of that, these acts of some Muslims is not muslim acts (it is very clear for who know what is Islam really) but we can explane it by a reaction to the violence of the West or the West terrorism, because the history tells us that Islam period is very tolerant, especially the life of Muhammed.

    1. I find it baffling that this line is taken time after time after time. We are so often told that REAL Islam is about peace and tolerance etc etc etc. And anyone who espouses violence or terrorism is not a REAL Muslim.
      So how many examples of these pretend Muslims do we need?
      Are Al Qaeda not REAL Muslims?
      Are Al Shabab not REAL Muslims?
      Are Boko Haram not REAL Muslims?
      Are the Taliban not REAL Muslims?
      Are the insurgents in Iraq still planting bombs not REAL Muslims?
      Are preachers and clerics such as Awlawki, Abu Qatada, Abu Hamza etc etc not REAL Muslims?
      I would suggest that all these people would insist very loudly that they are the REAL Muslims,,,

    2. Good point. they are all Muslims. Just like Hitler and Milosovic and their followers were Christians. Just like Blair and Bush are Christians. They also happened to do very bad things.

    3. But no one is denying they were (with one exception) Christians. No one is denying that vile things have been done in the name of Christianity. My point was that so often we hear Muslims who espouse or practice violence and murder described as not "real" Muslims as though this means it is nothing whatever to do with Islam - it can just be dismissed as an aberration.
      The exception was Hitler who hated and despised Christianity as a weak faith - there were attempts to hijack Christianity to the Nazi cause but some of the high level party members believed in the Nordic and Teutonic nonsense was espoused by Himmler.

    4. My friend Chriskent even satan is claming to be peaceful and tolerant

    5. OOHH you mean the Prophet Pedophile ??? right ????

  13. It is quite funny to read comments like "this is not real Islam, those are not real Muslims"
    Grow up people, this is the islam as it lives and existed for over a 1000 years.
    Your prophet was a misogynyst, a plundering murdering blood thirsty war lord and slave driver, a sex maniac and a pedophile. Your religion is intolerant, violent, stupifying people and making them submissive and obedient.
    And what do you think how Islam spread all over the world? Peaceful conversations? Qur'an discussions and comparison with other "holy" books?
    It was FORCED upon other countries, mine for instance, it was brought to us by pillaging raping murdering extorting Turks, thats how your religions spread.
    Were they "real Muslims"? Are we real Muslims, the people who were FORCED into the religion?
    Are you "real Muslims" who don't even know half the stories and morbid idiotic laws from the Qur'an? Is anybody a true Muslim who doesn't live like Muhammed wanted you to live?
    Bullshit, grow up and use your head, your Gods are imaginary friends, your religion is holding humanity back just like every other religion and your idiotic teachings are ridiculous on one hand, dangerous on the other.
    I wish the world would finally realise that..

    1. It looks like you have realize that you are insane and talk nonsense. Loll

    2. I just wanna strongly suggest you to study more. At least read Quran carefully to see how far you are from the reality. You told that Muhammad was a misogynyst. I can not believe that someone can claim so after reading Quran. I don't wanna say that we are supposed to do EXACTLY what Muhammad did in that era. I believe that many laws that was established by Muhammad was a result of his time. But, obviously he was supporting women rights:

      Takvir(81)/9: In this verse, he asks people, reproaches to them, why do kill your daughters? What is their fault?

      Nisa(4)/19: [At the time of Muhammad, when a man died, his sons, considered their fathers wives (but their mother) as his legacy. They had sexual relationship with him] In this verse, Muhammad says it is not acceptable to inherit them when she does not like.

      and many many other verses. I can not believe that somebody has read Quran open-minded, but he has deduced such strange ideas!!!

  14. Wish Muslims and Christians would stop bashing each other on these comments. "Uhh Jesus is cooler. No Mohammed is better." Argh grow up! I believe those people existed, I dont believe they were the son's of God or whatever, they were just very intelligent people with great intentions. But you people who are following them are making both Jesus and Mohammad look bad with your hatred. Realise that both religions are very similar, who the hell cares if one calls god God and the other calls god Allah.

    1. If only people could grasp your point dude.

    2. islam has no tolerance for any other belief or non belief, this means you. In islamic law if you refuse there belief you can only be a second class citizen. Look into what islam is doing around the world if you care or if you plan on having children of your own.

    3. And you have learnd it from your brainwashng media, isn't it?

    4. You are judging by different standards. Let me give you an example. If a Muslim in a conservative Muslim country was to claim that Mary Mother of Jesus was not a virgin, the Muslim would likely face the death penalty or a lynch mob. Yet Jews believe this and this has always been tolerated - and Sharia guarantees this tolerance.
      You will not hear anyone incite hatred against them for this belief.

      Christians believe that the Prophet Muhammad was either mistaken, mad or possessed by the devil. Yet this belief of theirs is tolerated. Not just now that Christians and Jews are powerful. These beliefs were tolerated from the start.

      Likewise, in Pakistan, Muslims who drink alcohol break the law and face punishment if caught. Yet non-Muslims citizens are legally allowed to manufacture, sell and consume alcohol.

      There may be alot awry in the Muslim world, but you cannot deny these are very admirable examples of tolerance - built into the 'fundamentals' of the faith. The second example is perhaps unparralelled in the West.

  15. This is not Islam I’m a Muslim and I would never ever aloud anyone to talk to my kids like this.
    This people have no idea what’s Islam this is part of they culture and Islam have nothing to do with this how they can call them self Muslim.

    1. This IS Islam - that's the whole point! However much you deny it this is happening in the name of your religion and I'm sure these bigoted fools who peddle this nonsense believe that they are as good and true Muslims as you are

    2. U have no idea what Islam is my suggestion is go on line and read do the resurge about Christianity and Islam .we believe in Jesus and we believe that he’s coming back on the end of the time. If u didn’t know our religion dose not teach as to kill teach as to be good people .every religion have bad people so do I say that Christian are bad because 16 years ago Serbian kill 8000 Bosnian Muslims man and kids age 12 to 80 so they have excuse because they are Christian no because they are evil. The 2004 John Jay Report was based on a study of 10,667 allegations against 4,392 priests accused of engaging in sexual abuse of a minor between 1950 and 2002.what u can say to this nothing u have excuse u are catholic are u proud now?

  16. "I don't want you to copy anything from the people out there," says the Muslim with the broad British accent. Oh the irony and the hypocrisy.

  17. Wow bet whoever hid that camera in the school if they find out who did it, I'm quite sure they will hurt retaliate on that person.

  18. When Muslims talk about Islam, they talk about the ideal. But all civilized people to see that this culture does not fit into civilization. But regardless of anything like this will continue to expand because Europe has left Christianity. Read and compare the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ with the teachings of Muhammad and see will and that Christ is the only credited as the United States we have freedom of conscience correct. Christianity does not hate anyone, not condemning anyone. No man is inferior to Christianity. As a Catholic I do not know what means the Christian fundamentalism, but I know for sure that it does not fit in Christ's teachings. Lennon was a good singer, and of all religions is one Christ can insprirati for song: Imagine:)

    1. so jesus dosent hate gays he just sends them to eternal hell? i see now...

    2. all religion is corrupted, the koran was written from memory and yet muslims claim it is perfect which proves they are brainwashed. The bible was written generations after the death of the disciples yet it is presented as being the word of god also or at least some people believe it is. Religion is fine but not when it brings negativity like what we see in this video. It is a criminal act by this government to allow this to happen in this country in the name of multiculturalism.

    3. Christianity is just as bad as Islam and Hinduism and Judaism. All of these religions were involved in wars for the sake of their religion (The Holy Crussade for Christianity, if you dont know what I am talking about). Religion may have had good intentions, i.e. to explain how unexplainable things work and to bring people together, but religion ended up being a way to discriminate and hate "other" people. If you really want to talk about a religion that does not hate anyone or condemns anyone, its Buddhism. Buddhist just get along with their own lives without trying to shove their teachings down people's throats. Although its debatable if Buddhism is a religion as they dont actually believe in God.

  19. Imagine.Lennon.

  20. God is a God of Love. Allah is a god of hate. Unfortunately the powers of darkness are continuing to deceive the people in the same way as the subtle serpent of Eden, and we confuse the tree of good and evil with the Tree of Life

    1. McQueen, Huh? Just gotta be one of these USA fundamentalists believing into the old testament.
      Sort of a "Scientologist" rejecting Darwin principles.
      Myra, are you aware that homosapiens know about psychedelic drugs much before JC? As well, have a look on what St-Paul ingested before editing his "Apocalypse" book (Gospel)?
      In those days, there was no "DEA" and no law against the consumption of products that gets homospiens up to a "Higher ground", qualified as spiritual.

      There may have been quite a few serious persons but how does one differenciate one from the others?
      It just happened once, one time that the scripture related that fact.
      As well, only one time with some Quran speaker as well.

      In the end, I ain't much interested if it is "Your God" who's love or this and that other God, what's count above all is :-What about you personnaly? Are you repectfull toward others?

      Because, the factual real identity, thoughs and purposes of the leading "Other world" was only described by human beings.
      Human beings extremely interested into having slaves.
      If there ever were one in flesh for any reason it can be, he left right away as some say. I may have done the same!

      I, wouldn't want to live in a world of a watchtower as a beast.
      In short, how certain are you that your communty has never cause prejudice to other god's children?
      As far as I know, boiling human being on boiling oil is not exactly the best way to convert anybody? During the 1100's...

      Would you prefer something more recent?
      Like the war crimes some criminals done in Vietnam?
      Or the WWII NAZI war criminals to whom the USA provided safe heaven to ask them to create the criminal organisation CIA?
      Plus a few hundred like these ones?

      Every human beings is subjected to be a either a saint or a plaining not adding the marks to be considred as a human being.
      Christian, Cathlolic, Protestant, Moslem, Bhudist, Shintoist as well as Methodist or anything you can dream of!

      The problem you shown to be stuck with is that you are convinced that because a low disgusting sub-human such as Bush is an extremist christian make gived him the freedom to torture any human being be a recognized as an impinitant liar as te leader of a country of blood thirsty nation.

      Good day.

    2. The only difference between God and Allah is the difference of Language. there is no other difference, God/Allah loves us all.
      There are only few stupid illiterate people who are spoiling the name.
      In my Whole life i have never seen things and preaching like this. All i learn is to Love and respect every creature of God.
      Religion, God are not bad its the illiterate people who spoils the image.

    3. If you haven't been taught any such hatred yet, then consider yourself as very lucky because very few people would have been spared of the extremist ideas of these so called enlightened Muslims. Or may be, you haven't concentrated over the lectures these scholars give in Mosques and in other religious gatherings.

    4. Do you truly believe it is only a "few stupid illiterate people?" Then why is extremism and trouble so widespread? And why are the majority - who presumably are not "stupid and illiterate" - not more vocal in condemning these things being done in the name of their religion and their god?
      I can see why you want to believe that only a very small minority hold this extreme and violent view of Islam but I would suggest that the evidence does not support your contention.

    5. calm down you gona get a heart attack. hahaha

    6. Seriously dude, are you feeling alright? How many human beings have been murdered by muslims? 10000, 20000, 30000, or a 100000 through terrorism or oppressive regimes? The number of human beings massacred by the so called non-religious humanists, or christians in the west is easily many millions. World war 1 and 2 were not started by muslims, the Vietnam war was not started by muslims, Iraq was attacked by George W Bush as he considered it "a holy war". Tony Blair only recently admitted that it was his religious belief i.e. catholicism that convinced him to attack Iraq....not some bullshit WMD propaganda idiots like you were fed. Whole towns and cities were not nuked by muslim countries, it was USA, a christian nation where every single head of state have been church goers and have been sworn in using the bible. In conclusion, number of human beings killed by the highly uneducated backward muslim extremists is negligible compared to the number of human beings killed by peace loving, enemy loving and compassionate west through their highly educated heads of state who have openly declared war against muslim nations in the name of christianity...


    7. Do you really think that if you add up - just as a few examples - the numbers in Al Qaeda, the supporters of the Taliban, those who run the hideous regime in Iran, the repressive regime in Saudi Arabia, those in Al Shobab in Somalia, those in Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria, the members of Muslims Against Crusades and Islam4UK etc etc etc - that we have only a "few stupid illiterate people"? I venture to suggest that this is not the case.

    8. God/allah is a voice inside your head and now your asking this voice to help quide your way through life, this to me is THE defination of insanity, think forgawdsakes..

  21. all i ask the one who watch this movie to go and read the Quran and check the history .. how muslims where very nice to every nation and that is why islam is growing very fast in spite of all the bad propaganda around him

    1. God, whatever God it could be, is not "Good" to his creation (That includes human beings) only in a once in a while...
      Once anybody recognize that all "Homosapiens" are human beings, it just doesn't make any kind of sense that any "God" would cause serious prejudice to any of his many childs.

      And this, for any child where he came up to in his own personnal evolution within his spiritual life. From the age of "0" (Caveman) to some 18 years old (Speudo modern man).

      Personally, I see this as "Non Negociable"!

      Second, I sure guess that yourself, you never read the Christian Bible even though the Quran refer to some passage (Texts) of that Bible, isn't it?

      Ok, there is at least one thing that you should know 'bout the scriptures dating back to these anciant times.

      Paul, rather what they call "St-Paul" who wrote what they call "The Apocalypse" was on drugs, psychelic mushroom when he wrote what he envisionned of the future of mankind close to the end of this material world. There was no "DEA" or legal regulations in those days!

      May you take note here that it wasn't the first time that humanity took some sort of psychotropic products to get into an "Higher Ground" mood to get aquainted with spirituality while humankind trying to explain "Why" human being came to be and "How" it came to be.

      And there are quite a few "Non Holy" scriptures (Dating back to these days) that refer to this "Human Behavior" for which some individuals showing wisdom used those "Bizarre" muchrooms or hashish concoctions in what was called in those days: South minor Asia.
      That existed much (A few centuries) before Christ.
      Moslem came after...

      Just by reading what was happening within a given scripture, about how an indivudual would secluded himself, running away from his social relations to get into some "Mood" is enough to bring up serious doubts.
      The same serious doubts as any careful parent who see when his or her teenager lock himself up into a secluded world away from his regular social life. Drugs induce that "TYPICAL" behavior.
      This has been studied all over the word and is a recognised fact!

      Once this classified, we have to conclude that Quran as well as Christians or Catholics have for the least deeply abused!
      What I mean here, what if I want to know the facts instead of some "Oniric" trip?

      No one knows exactly because we were stucked with some weoidoe's.
      Religion is something to be taught with great care and not as we seen in that doc.


    2. "How muslims where very nice to every nation !!!" WTF, I think you have been duped history stop listening to stories your mullah tells ya...

  22. this is not islam, this is sick

    1. this is Muslim, they have always taught hate and must be watched, just like we need to watch the different christian groups, religion is the problem

    2. LOL! so you're telling me that there are no Christians that use violence against children, no Jews that kill women and old ppl in Palestine, no priests that molest infants in's stupid to judge a religion or a belief according to the way some of it's followers should first dig in history and see if these ppl act according to their religion or just to their sick minds.

    3. Zen master say " stick close to those who are searching for truth, run far from those who say they have found it".

    4. Then you should run away from the Zen master coz he seems to have found the truth. Loll

    5. Religion is not the problem, Problem is in some stupid people.
      who for their own benefits spread wrong image of religion.
      like right now you just watch a documentary and went for such a extremist comment what allows you to comment like that when you don't have the full knowledge

    6. Although I'm not inclined to share John's harsh tone, I do feel that the two posters after him are a bit off.

      How long will religious people defend the crimes of their faiths by pointing to people, and not their faith? It is the belief in the supernatural that leads to extreme devotion to religion, and extreme devotion to a religion often means you take every word of the holy scriptures literally.

      What do the scriptures teach? Violence, hate, prejudice, bigotry, oppression, jealousy, discrimination, and fear.

      Take responsibility for the rubbish you believe in. It is not only the rest of us who suffers, but your own brothers and sisters also.

    7. What does lack of religion teach? The killing of millions of people through world war 1 and 2 and the potential extinction of the human race through world war 3 where Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest and evolution are being abused by so called secular west who are busy stockpiling tons and tons of nuclear weapons and whose economies thrive on the money made through the multi-trillion business of arms deals. Out of curiosity, where are you from Cyberbard? I am pretty sure the government you have voted into power is busy planning the next war while you are here making yourself looking like an idiot talking against the very evil you have voted for through your votes (or by no voting)...typical hypocritical arrogant comments. Dont judge a religion by its people, read the book they are meant to follow and draw conclusions based on your understanding. Darwin was a respected scientist but his books are being abused at every level by top government officials promoting barbaric behaviour in the name of democracy and freedom while behind the scenes they are planning their next barbaric act. Close to two millions people have been killed in Afghanistan only due to direct military intervention of the communist Russian regime and later the western countries trying to consolidate power from the Russian government. Have you ever asked yourself why the Islamic country is so intolerant towards the west? Humanbeing in islamic countries are being slaughtered like animals through indescriminate bombings by the same countries you regard as civilised due to their secular values.

  23. these men are evil, they are not muslims.

    1. They ARE Muslims - that is the whole point. Not only that but I am sure that in their own opinion they are GOOD Muslims!

  24. look in catholic schools for years and years and years in america, did the same thing. They smacked, hit, punched and humiliated students. Nobody said a word. Believe me once you felt the wrath of a nun or brother, you did not disrespect him again.

    1. Nope! Not where I was educated. Primary or high school.
      But that dates back to a little while in the past, being 57.

      Oh! BTW, grade (8-11) was in a private institution.
      Going out once a 2 weeks if no filthy behavior.

      Something a little rare, once in grade 10 & 11...
      It could be one of the reasons why teaching brothers were becoming so rare... The 3 years I was there, 3 were sent to the nuthouse.
      One needed to be laid on a strecher.
      Was hiding under his bunk being "Gaga".

      Needless to mentioned that no teen were ever abused there?
      They shut down the place, civil teachers being too expensives.

      I had to complete my grade 12 (High school grad) in the public sector.
      I flunk and had to repeat.
      I guess that it was a time where we were quite busy with girls.
      A most important matter at that age.
      Left aside Led Zeppelin, Jimmy, Janice & a few other ones.

      My mum was a little more severe, not my dad.

      I remember fitting the 2 parts of a sliding exension ladder togethers for her so that she could paint the carport ceiling in front of the kitchen window... It was indeed sliding extension ladder parts!
      She went through the kitchen window, landing in the sink.

      That was the day, I learned how mothers use a (2X4)" 4' long!
      As long as she can outrun me, considering her landing in the sink faucet.
      Oh! The case was not televised in those years.
      I bought my parent house...
      And may need a good painter.
      I provide the paint & equipment...

      Grin, grin, grin!
      PS: Being '27 that was...

    2. And no one denies it, and yet you are very quick in your other post to point fingers at men rather than their faith. But you were quick to denounce Catholicism.


    1. Friend, if you want anyone to actually read all of your post, try lower case - with occasional upper case for emphasis.

  26. I personally feel that the British govt. is not intrigued with what is happening in Madrassas in Britain. The reason I can think of is that they don't want an educated and enlightened Muslim society. Such a society, where people only care for their pants not falling below their ankles and where the chief discussion is over the controversies between different sects of Islam, will never transform into a scientifically productive community and thats good for British elite.

    1. I beg to differ. The Muslim culture does its own dirty work when it comes to ensuring its members are deprived of an education - particularly women.

      Besides, I doubt the government would mind less expenses for the conflicts that arise due to religious differences.

    2. I don't deny the fact that any civilization is deemed a failure when it has such a barbaric attitude towards education, especially of women.
      The thing i am concerned with is that, being a part of British nation, these people should be taught a serious lesson the way china has been doing since decades. Its the responsibility of the rulers to stop such sort of violence in their country.
      Madrassas cannot carry out such pathetic acts unless they are under the auspices of government. But I seriously doubt that British govt shows even a speck of concern for what is going on inside these so called educational institutes.

  27. Justin, did you read the news today on the number of British children been sexually abused every hour? Did you know that only approximately 6 out of 100 (yes just six out of one hundred) reported rapes in Britian lead to a conviction? Did you read the report that approximately 250,000 children (yes a quarter of a million) live in fear of their parents as a result of alcohol and drug intake? Have you read the stories about how old too many people are mistreated in Britain?

    That is not to begin on the USA. Over a million child kidnappings a year is it?

    How does one of the worlds foremost democracies allow this to happen? I mean, bl**dy hell, 94 out of every 100 alleged rapists goes free?!!!! A quarter of a million children suffering because of alcohol and drug abuse?!!!

    I am also reminded of an EDL member on youtube who was talking about how tolerant he was "I dont mind nig**rs" he explained "they're alright". Does this mean the above description should include racist? If we wanted to portray this, there is an abundance of material available to tar the whole nation with this brush. Does that mean it is true?

    When i was in high school teachers attacking students was not uncommon - even if it was not the norm. I was punched in the stomach, my friend had his head pulled back before receiving an almighty slap - in British state school.

    And why have Catholics and Protestants been killing each other in Northern Ireland? And why has Christian Democratic Republic of Congo killed 4 million on its own people. And why did Christain Rwandans commit one of the most horrific and swift acts of genocides in modern history?

    How does one of the worlds foremost democracies allow this to happen?

    I am also reminded of an EDL member on youtube who was talking about how tolerant he was "I dont mind nig**rs, they are alright". Does this mean the above description should include racist? If we wanted to portray this, their is an abundance of material available to tar the whole nation with this brush. Does that mean it is true?

    Does this mean that Britons are essentially boozing, uncaring rapists and child molesters?

    No it doesnt.

    Every country has its share of lunacy, bigots and idots. As a modern Brit I am grateful that the lunacy of my grandfathers generation has passed - when Europeans murdered over six million Jews and Gypsies, and killed over 100 million of their own people. Each side invoking God for victory - some wearing crosses on their uniforms.

    Most objections in this post, if we are straight about it simply boil down to xenophobia. Criminal acts like those shown in the clip above are simply used as an excuse.

    I am reminded of a visit I made to a park with my 8 year old daughter. A woman in her 50's was with her teenage daughters and found it amusing to throw her dog's tennis ball wherever my daughter happened to be. What kind of (Christian?) beast terrorises a young child for her amusement? I wonder what other depravities she (and other white Christians?) get up to when no-one is watching? No wonder the Europeans hatred of Jews led them to dehumanise them and attempt genocide.... (can you see the perverted logic developing here??)

    Muslim countries are still in credit, if you compare the mayhem of the last one hundered years - let us pray they come to their senses before they start catching up the Europeans in their destruction, genocide and general all round nastiness.

    Condemn evil, curb your xenophobia.

    1. who cares about things which are illegal to do here why you keep making excuses and admit that in Islamic countries sexual abuse of children happens regularly and is even carried out by law enforcement officers, this is what sickens me about Muslims, they never apologise for the actions of other Muslims and just make excuses or point out things which they can say the west is guilty of, this is one of the reasons Muslims are hated among those who pay attention to what is happening around them.
      Your comments about Muslim countries are way of the mark also, they are places where women get attacked and raped everyday and they actually get imprisoned or recieve public floggings for being raped, sexual abuse of kids is acceptable, Heroin addiction is at epidemic levels, slavery exists through kidnapping africans or tricking oriental asians into your countries to work and then dont pay them, there are lots of things very wrong with the Islamic way of life in regards to the rights of women and children but for men beheadings are frequent and there is obviousy the massive terrorist commitment from large proportions of the populations. What a mess and there is no quick fix its going to take a lot to make islamic countries compatible with any peaceful civilized western country.

    2. Sorry James, you are not making sense here. "who cares about things which are illegal to do here". What do you mean? Are you saying you dont care about these things? It is enough to simply declare them illegal? In which case the same applies to the disturbing footage above.

      Also I am genuinely moved to see that you actually care about the suffering people in Muslim countries. Compassion like this is a sure way to create greater understanding.

      I can also see you point - I am sure the reason you hate Muslims is because you reflect on how the weak and poor majority are treated by the minority in power. Your compassion for the oppressed majority leads you to hate them. Makes sense in a bizarre kind of way I suppose.

    3. An homosapien doesn't need to be either catholic, muslim. boudhist, shintoist, maoiste, socialist, capitalist, or any other "ISTE" to behave as vicious beast. I ain't no UK citizen but I sure know that this hospital in UK is very close to shut down its operation and that one or a few managers will finish their days on wellfare.
      And it ain't gonna be a matter or religion or way of living once brought a criminal court.

      Are you aware how easy (Easier for the least) it is for either an english, italian, french or portuguese speaking person to speak or read any of the other latter language?
      Tell me why and you got your answer, or solution.

      I just love spathetti & I prepare my own sauce.
      But that doens't make me an italian.
      They have profond rituals, I'll tell y'a!
      Not mine, not at all. Germany is even more weird.
      Beside, I Pizza is a disgusting thing to me. Just can't help it!
      It's hard to know if they respect more their rituals than their religion.
      And even though I'd learn to speak and talk italian or German?

  28. the Ju have similaire shcool ;)

  29. awesome school , kids learning some good life skills, like not wearing trousers below the ankles for fear of burning in hell, hating walking down the street, and not trusting people who don't have a beard.
    at least it'll keep the mental health and psychiatric wards booming.

  30. Oh yes islam is a religion of peace. What a bunch of crap! They kill their own children for honor, beat their wives, kill homosexuals, kill other peoples children, force their religion on everyone, fight for world domination. Oh yes they are as peaceful as Mother Teresa. Its funny people cry out that these kind of videos are propaganda. Its kind of hard to be propaganda when its video showing the actions and the words coming out of these supposively peaceful peoople. I believe one day Islam will over take the world, because people are to stupid to see what is in front of their very eyes.

    1. please just make a diffirence betewn arabe and Islam, the arabic society kill thiere children for honor(and not every arabic familly do this) and there is nothing to do with islam

      any way, this suposed to be school is horibel, even here in Algeria, in north Africa we dont have such violence ! and we are arabic/kabyl muslumes !

      and about homosexuals, dam it, you talk like if islam is the only religion that do not tolerate this ! and for information Islam do not tolerate normal people who just wana try it. there a "homosexuals" by nature, and this people are tolerated :)

      and please, religion and humain is tow diffirent thing, look at judaisme, doudaisme or christianism , this religion said some thing, and the folower of this religion do some thing else !

      in algeria, we live 10years of pure terorisme, even than you "europe" and "usa" know something about "terorisme". than please stop talking like if you are the only victim of this ! I'm muslim and i know other muslim that lost thiere parent because of some crapy people do terorisme and justify it in name of Islam.

      take this and telle me what you think, in Coran God said : who kill one personne, its almost he kill every people, and who save one personne its almost he save all people !

      its a just a "meadl est" NEW MAFIA, that you like to call it MUSLMIS teroriste, why you didnt call Al capone Mafia : christian terorisme ^^ ?

      at the end, you have your opinion, and i have mine :), i understant that you hate people like this showed in the video (i do more than you belive me :) ), at the end, every where, there is good and bad, and very bad people , i'm wrong :) ^^ ?

    2. @ Justin Mars

      I might add that a 'religion of peace' has no need to advertise the fact.
      If Islam were truly a religion of peace, it would have no need to say so.

      One does not hear Buddhists going about telling everyone:
      Buddhism is a religion of peace. Buddhism is a religion of peace. Buddhism is a religion of peace. ? Does one?

  31. No, it is because people need to vent their frustrations. As for the comment "why dont they go and live somewhere else" it very nicely backs up my point. It is my right as a Brit to live however I choose under the law. Put in the extreme: if a Brit does not want to 'integrate' into society - whatever that elusive term means - he has the right not to do so. Put yet another way - if some people - white or not - cant handle Brits choosing not to integrate then they should consider moving out of Britain to a less tolerant society.

    People often become captives of their own ideologies. For example someone who celebrates liberal democracy is a little stuck when it comes to venting frustration at differences - like others not drinking, or having a beard or wearing a hijab or speaking two languages. He is stuck. How to spout the "when in Rome..." line without sounding, well, so backward, so stuck in the period when Britain was a slave to Rome. So what do we get? genuinely unacceptable behaviour like that shown in the footage is used as a red herring. Intolerant people suddenly find a well of sympathy for people they wouldnt give the time of day to in the street.

    If the logic of integrate or get out was being spouted honestly, we would regularly hear liberals encouraging the BNP to get out, or the Catholics who believe homosexuality to be a sin.

    Why dont we hear this line directed at the BNP or the Catholics? Because they are white and somehow entitiled to resist integrating into modern Britain. Third and fourth generation Muslims are just as entitled to adopt 'eccentric' ways without having to hear the change or get out stuff.

    Gary V, reflect on your own advice. You show some degree of intolerance to the Brits who dont want to adopt your ways (assuming you consider yourself integrated). Perhaps you should look elsewhere to make a home for yourself. Are you Anglo-Saxon? Maybe you can go back to Germany...

    Just another thought friend...

    Dont you think it was terribly hypocritical of the Romans to spout that line "when in Rome"? After all they did completely the opposite themselves didnt they? The reason we have a latin culture in Europe is due to the legacy of the "The Roman man's burden" in civilising our European forebears...

    1. The day middle eastern countries start tolerating westerners living there and practicing other religions, the day your government starts to pay for those schools that teach say Judaism or christianity, then you might have a point. Right now you are demanding we do something your own country would never do. Or do you expect us to believe we could move to say Iran and set up a jewish school and have the government pay for it, that we could move to say Afghanistan and openly practice christianity and be accepted? You know better yet you demand this level of tolerance in Britain.

      I have been someone that has defended the rights of muslims here in the US, I feel freedom of religion is a corner stone of our country and it should be maintained in a non-selective way. I feel the the religious right in my country has purposely demonized muslims in order to create fear and sway political opinion. But, I do not want my government sponsoring a muslim based school any more than a christian school, I do not want any foriegners coming here to set up a mini-Iran or a mini-China, this is the US and we have our own culture. If you want to live here and enjoy the benefits that have come at the cost of American lives, American sacrifice, and American efforts you will embrace that culture- period. This is how countries that allow immigration preserve thier own cultures, if we didn't the American way of life would have never been- all we are is a nation of immigrants.

    2. I dont claim that Muslim countries dont discriminate but I can perhaps point out one or two things you may not know. According to Sharia Christians and Jews have the legally protected right to live according to their culture. Yes there are limits. For examples, Magians (Ancient Iranian religion) were banned from marrying their mothers, sisters etc (which was part of their practice). On the other hand, they were allowed to drink and worship in ways Muslims personally found disrespectful to God. In other words people create mini-Christendoms and mini-Israels and mini Hindustans all the time in Muslims countries - now and historically. When this freedom is interfered with, it is a shameful violation of the Sharia, and from a theological perspective one cause of worldly downfall for Muslim nations.

      This kind of freedom is just not found in Western Europe and its descendant nations.

      In Pakistan today, these rules still apply. Muslims a banned form drinking but Christians and others are allowed. Again that is not to minimise the suffering of many Christians (who suffer abuse of power along with millions of Muslims in Pakistan)

      This is a different kind of freedom than say the American or British system. In the US or Britain, we do not charge a separate tax for non-Christians but on the other hand theire is a sustained attempt to impose the dominant values on the the minority.

      Final point, dont you think it a contradiction that as a Briton, I am supposed to accept that I am not free to live how I want - within the law? From what you are saying I have to acccept that in practice I am in fact a second class citizen that has to limit my freedom of expression and lifestyle to traditional indigineous variations. A white man can wear an orange robe, shave his head and set up a Buddhist commune but a Tibetan has to desist creating a mini-Tibet?

  32. Muslims cant get away from the fact that, like many other people in this country, they use unacceptable ways of punishing children. We should be ashamed that 'outsiders' seem to be doing more to protect our children than we are.

    That is not to underestimate the extent to which these programmes are red herrings. The reason many people send their third generation children to faith schools is because of the unnecessary and often illegal lengths state school staff go to to undermine a faith they see as barbaric. If state school genuinely followed the rules in the way they dealt with pupils from religious families, then the need for these schools would slowly vanish. Instead it is on the rise.

    Why to state school staff act unlawfully? Maybe because they are 'Kafirs' - or maybe it is simply because they are human and prone to abusing their power.

    1. It is because of what we can plainly see in this doc that some people see your faith as barbaric, if you want to change that then you need to condemn these actions & learn to fit in with the rest of society. Religion has no place in education, schools are a place for teaching facts not outdated myths, that is what churches, mosques & temples are for.

  33. I don't care what outdated myths that anyone wants to believe in that is their right to do so, but if they don't want to integrate with the rest of society they why don't they go & live somewhere else, where they can live as uncivilised as they want to. This sort of intolerance is not acceptable here in the UK.

    1. of course they will live somewhere else and go back to where they came from provided your military troops and corporations leave their civilised world.

    2. I agree with that because I don't think that the troops should be there. My point here was if you don't like the laws & culture of a country & want to fit in with it, then why live there. Here in the UK we do not beat children & we do not teach them to be intolerant & hateful towards other people, at least most of us don't. The minority who do promote hatred & intolerance are looked upon with contempt by the majority of us. If Islam truly is tolerant & peaceful, then all Muslims need to stand up & show the rest of the world that they are by condemning the type of things that we saw in this doc. The people in this doc are the people who make your religion look bad, so condemn them as not being true Muslims.

    3. Ive been finding the silence of this so called minority in the muslim community to be rather deafening...

  34. The only way to ensure that children get a good unbiased education is to get rid of all faith schools. The mis-education of children is child abuse. Schools are for teaching facts, churches & temples are for teaching fiction.

  35. islam --- justice, love , human rights, all good things belong to islam

  36. If you want to understand any religion you have to read the Holy Book of that religion, you cannot decide the whole of the religion by meeting few people, or you cannot judge the Religion by the behavior of your neighbor. Nazi Forces were Roman Catholics they killed million of Jews, that killing is known as HOLOCAUST (well it DOESN'T MEAN ALL CATHOLICS ARE KILLERS) now if ignorant Mullahs or stupid teachers are kicking, punching innocent students it doesn't mean that all 1.5 Billion Muslims around the world are stupid or ignorant or it doesn't mean that Islam teaches to kick students. There are good & bad people in every where. if we will still hate each other without any solid reason then we are taking this planet towards WW3 !

    1. rightl said bro, also read history of coomunism which has brought so much destruction to our world

  37. Read Quran yourself as a text book you would not find a single I bet again a single verse which cause to promote hate against any nation. Dont judge religion on the base of people. Because people are having different practices these days than their religion. knowing people in UK and all other places this only happens in some uneducated cultures where Religion and Islam has nothing to do. They treat children like they'd been treated what would religion here to deal with. Similar things were happening to Christians in the dark ages when they were illiterate and being considered as unhygienic by all superior cultures and at that time Muslims were like know every thing Science, Maths, Physics, Astronomy, Engineering and all other that was the base of today modern world. Dont look at the people in documentary as religious they are not they are jut outdated

    1. its funny how Muslims have these pre-written statements where they talk about this mystical peaceful Islam, Islam is a hate crime, a war crime, crime against women and children it has no good within it.

    2. I've read are lying. We know what taqiyya is so piss off.

    3. Taqiyya is not part of ISLAM. Get your facts right and learn rom Quran and please don't read any other books than Quran. If Quran says something wrong than we also don't want to follow it

    4. You don't need to talk about the stuff you don't really know.
      Oh wait you source of info is wikipedia or some anti-islamic website.

      Wikipedia - Tool invented by low self esteem, losers, with no actual academic merit.

      Unfortunately everyone relies on it. Nobody actually cares to read the book.

  38. What is all the more tragic is that the UK muslims (perhaps unknowingly) are only hurting themselves. If they continue to promote intolerance, violence and a lack of assimilation then the white British people WILL eventually retaliate. Potentionally this could lead to the worse case scenario of non-whites being ethnically cleansed from the country.

    This may seem over dramatic, but the British are tremendously nationalistic and xenophobic at heart and although they may also be patient people they will have no compunction about retaliating to what they veiw as an attack on their culture. Remember, history proves how violent the British can be as a nation.

    1. The Brits are not xenophobic, but they do like a good fight defending whats theirs.

  39. Regardless of what you were taught and believe about Islam, can you understand the ambivalence of many non-Muslims as they react to stories of former moderates who become newly radicalized by persuasive jihadists? These proselytizers utilize the doctrine of "taqiyya" as well their appeal to the later chapters of the Quran--- the violent surahs. The Quran isn't even arranged in order to be understood casually. The inquiring Muslim needs the five books of the Hadith to just begin to sort it out.
    Look. I'm sure you're right and sincere. But although there may be peaceful, moderate Muslims, I believe that there is no peaceful, moderate Islam unless it is a reformed variety--- or an idiosyncratic fairytale version.

  40. i feel so sad about my religion after i see such docs :(

    1. i dont support violence but i feel ashamed for muslims like you. is this all you heard about your religion? and by the why no matter if you are like christians or kaifirs they will never accept you, you can kiss there asses how much you can hehe

    2. i dont support violence but i feel ashamed for muslims like you. is this all you heard about your religion? and by the why no matter if you are like christians or kaifirs they will never accept you, you can kiss there asses how much you can hehe

    3. there are good things about your religion, media is always saying just bad things about islam,every day even,they are too much busy with islam. in this video they try to convince us that we should look like them, but why? we have right to believe what we want

    4. I bet my life that you are not Muslim ninjaturtle205

    5. its not a religion who taught them to beat children its "individual act" of ignorant teachers... same like in churches Priest are sexually abusing children & pope Benedict said sorry for them alot of times ...!

    6. and causes such fear as to keep those who do not supposedly agree, FULL enough of fear that they cower to them.... where are the good non violent muslims and why aren't they speaking out ? !

    7. I am a muslim convert american woman and I have been to many mosques and this is not Islam..this is extreme and radical..anger filled abuse..I promise u this is not what the Quran teaches the prophet peace be upon him never hit a child or woman ..ever.

  41. This religion thing seems to severely hinder the progress of critical thinking and reason.

  42. I am a Muslim that comes from an Arab and Muslim background and this was not how i was taught about Islam. In fact, I do not believe in any of the Extremists and what they do. I respect people for who they are and for their personality not their religion this was what I was taught, and this is how i will continue to live my life.

  43. There will be one fine day, humanity will break free from this mind slavery that is called religion and the people will live in harmony.

    1. I doubt it. People use religion to validate their violent tendencies. If not religion, something else will set them off. Most of us think that the issue at hand is what causes our anger. Those feelings run much deeper than that. Religion is just one way our primal instincts manifest themselves.

  44. @ Jesus in another guise

    I have been following Spencer's website Jihadwatch for a while now and am quite familiar with many of the incidents he speaks about. I also know that in the early days of Islam the Muslims expanded out of Arabia not by the use of missionaries but with Islamic armies. They were finally stopped at Tours in France by Charles Martel. This was an invasion and European history might be a lot different if it were not for the victory over the Muslims.

    If I stand up and incite violence against any group I risk prosecution by our laws. That is as it should be. If violence is being advocated in the Mosque and I believe that it has been, those who urge violence and death should face legal repercussions. The fatwa against Rushdie is a prime example of this inciting of murder that is against our law. That we do not use our laws to prevent such provocative speech can only be explained by our unwillingness to somehow insult the religious beliefs of a group and our fear that we will appear intolerant. Our response is to allow their intolerance and this will protect our own image. If a Muslim breaks the law he should face prosecution and incarceration if necessary. This is not a religious matter but a legal issue.

    1. I agree with you that this should be treated from a legal viewpoint, not a religious one. To abuse others, is not any kind of religious teaching that I recognise, from any of the worlds great religions.

  45. What is wrong with you people, I can believe there is someone who is trying to excuse the Muslims in this documentary.

    The main problem is not if it is a cultural or religious thing, if child beating is practice in other countries and cultures, it is just simply wrong and is creating a generation of psychopathic and extremest religious fanatics. I am very certain that every British citizen will pay for permitting this to happen.

    On a different perspective antisocial behavior and faith schools seem to go hand in hand, and segregation and civil unrest follow directly from there, unless somebody has the courage to do take some actions against Islam(yes, I'm taking about the religion not the people practicing it), I don't see things changing for the better.

  46. 35 years ago I helped set up a small Muslim Prayer Room for some pilots. 10 years ago I left Saudi having been a trainer.

    There are many types of people. Orthodox, moderate and ambivalous.

    What is important is if people travel to new countries to improve their lot "when in Rome" is the mantra. It is time to send fundamentalism home whether it Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew or whatever. The UK is founded on Christian principles - radical multiculturalism has failed.

    Enoch Powell and the Rivers of Blood is so right today! And I hate myself for thinking and knowing I'm correct.

    1. You say that the UK was founded on Christian principles, does that make you a Christian? If so then you're already somebody who just believes what they're told and doesn't question the facts...I am against extremism within any religion, and the poor integration of Muslims into British communities is as much our fault as it is theirs, and a lack of integrations is ALL it is, a national threat it is not.

      Secondly, Enoch Powell was a greasy politician who blamed the social and economic problems of a poorly run country(I am English btw) on immigrants to take advantage of the ignorant and bitter racists that fill National Front marches today.

      The real problem was, and always has been the severe income inequality and swiftly falling standards of education and critical thinking in our once plunderous but rarely great nation. People who where applauding the Rivers of Blood speech weren't exactly handing out breadbaskets in local Muslim areas asking them round for dinner - if nobody wants you at the party you'll probably chill away from the crowd until your own friends turn up (on a boat), then hang with them.

    2. Steve I have had many Muslim friends and I accepted them as the same as me but when it gets down to it they dont want to be friends with anyone who isn't muslim it's what the Koran teaches them, you are right about the government though and of course their are some rotten people who just hate people different from them but Islam is a very very serious threat and shouldn't be underestimated. Have you seen what happens to non Muslims inside Muslim countries, have you ever wondered why Saudi Arabia is 100% Muslim. Islam is on the march in a bid for world domination. Saudi Arabia funded the education of the Taliban and are spreading their message of hate all around the world by funding Mosques and their religious material providing the tools to install hatred in Muslims. Iran have a slightly different view on things but a lot more crazy.

      There is some really hardcore things about Islam on the internet but these two illistrate the dangers of Islamic teaching on world security and on social freedom. They are deliberately breeding like crazy, 10 times faster than us they want to overthrow our governements by using our democracy against us. It's time to stop this teaching.

  47. U look so lucky to have all those muslims in your country im sure it will work out great for u brits.

  48. @ Jesus in another Guise

    It would be wrong to take away the rights of any group. We do not want to become a new generation of Nazis. If we become that autocratic, the world will quickly degenerate into a state of war. We really don't want that. Freedom is the right of everyone.

    What surprises me is that no one has been brought up on assault charges. Are these Muslims accorded special consideration because they are Muslims and the authorities don't want ethnic unrest? The law should apply to everyone and if these schools don't follow the laws of the country they live in, then those schools should be closed and those who are beating children should be imprisoned. That is how we keep our integrity and uphold the law in a fair and positive way. In the end what those teachers are doing has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with breaking the law.

  49. All right then.

    Fanaticism is wrong in any ideology, be it religious, political, or cultural.

    What we see here is fanaticism - hitting and kicking of children is a mere by-product of the basic outlook of the fanatic. Because a fanatic is so very sure that he is correct and that no other view is possibly acceptable, he also accepts that any manner of teaching is acceptable if it produces others of his kind.

    The danger to the children is real. I am not belittling it. Yet the real danger is in the production of more fanatics that will do *anything* to protect and instill their point of view...

    and that is where terrorists come from.

  50. Now that is really interesting. I had no sooner posted the above statement asking why the doc was deleted when suddenly it became available LOL

    Watching it now.

  51. So why and when was this documentary deleted?

  52. Everyone knows people are individuals but let's consider the Hitler Youth, are you saying Don that these kids where individuals and some wouldn't die for Hitler or hate Jews. See this is what Radical Islam is all about, it teaches hate of the Infidel and that we should be killed or humiliated as the original Koran in its pure form from the time of Mohammad commands.
    Islam may'be even copied the model created by adolf Hitler because may'be they got the idea from the original Koran in the first place. Who knows how Hitler came up with it but it certainly worked.
    This type of teaching has been going on in the Arab World for decades but just recently I would guess it has become part of the educational system in European countries.
    Have a look at the links I put up in the Third Jihad page and you will get a better picture of what I'm getting at.
    We have two options let it come to fruition and reap the whirlwind or we can say enough is enough, it isn't hard to fix this all it takes in banning islamic schools and forcing them to integrate. Even banning the Koran. Otherwise let them go back to an Islamic land.
    We need to stop them making Nuclear Bombs too because as they say we love death the way you love life.
    Do you think there is a chance they would use Nuclear Bombs if they are going to get 72 Virgins out of it.
    PC is madness and it needs to end yesterday.

  53. LOL

    @ don

    check out jesus in other posts. He and to be politically correct (she) or as I have suggested before (dog or ostrich) has a particular view. There is not a lot of thought in it, just a very imflamatary comment.


  54. Yea, that's right,

    Jesus in another guise says:

    ... and all Irishmen are alcoholics
    ... all African Americans are lazy
    ... Hispanics steal cars
    ... all Italians are Mafia
    ... Germany was attacked first so that Hitler could have a world war so they could kill people?
    ... and, and then the Americans didn't drop an Atomic bomb on a defenseless Japan, no, no, the good Americans dropped TWO on a already defenseless defeated country!
    ... and all Muslims hate children because they committed a lack of discipline in the womb ...
    A Jesus in another guise is its opposite, the devil.
    ... and, and, and ...

  55. I've seen a few twisted comments, one using the close relationship between asian families to justify this. Is this teacher a member of the family to all these kids, he is scaring them, there is a word for that and it's called tyranny and it isn't just a cultural thing this tyranny is in place throughout the Islamic world for everyone whatever their age. Don't listen to propoganda like this it is common but do your own invistigation.

  56. Lary,

    I'm also USAF.

    What is not discussed in these blog comments above is that there has been a invisible hand behind the global chaos we are witnessing today. The Cabal has been at it since the ancient Greek period. Stealth and deception is their Modus Operandi. They have created Wars, economic depressions and destruction of cultures and currencies. All these crimes have led also to the perversion of religions, cultures and economic stability. That's why people are often confused by these hidden controllers. They have made simple matters obscured by lies and contradictions. I don't remember being asked if we wanted our country flooded by refugees, countries that the Internationals have plundered and then abandoned.

    All of these refugees have had instability produced by the hidden hand of history. Wars, international rule by the powerful Cabal has destroyed any attempt for nations to have control over their own cultures, economies and a meaningful sense of destiny. How could they develop a sane society? i.e., Why are many countries still living in poverty and ancient ways? It's because they were never allowed to develop and prosper. Mans movement, evolution toward a meaningful future has been co-opted by England's Rothschild's who were/are the major culprit that condemned a large number of nations to be conquered solely for foreign interest, exploitation and thief of these countries natural/national wealth (i.e, Oil).

    Violence as well as domestic violence is the only form of control they have or think they have. It's not Religion, itself, just a lack of existential introspection, rather than what is darkly referred to in many religions as the "law", religious or secular.

  57. It's completely wrong that education should but under the rule of any kind of religious 'authority'.
    Religions are just mans way of taking power in the name of God.
    Schools should be about education and education only.
    I strongly disagree with 'faith schools' as pupils are not old enough to make decisions on the integrity of religions and therefore susceptible (as I once was) to being brainwashed and 'put the fear of God' into.

    Now, I do see the light....religions are nothings, or at best superstitious religions and always have been.

    Praise God if you like, I'm not saying there's no God.... just don't let any religion tell you how to pray to or celebrate God.

    Too much wrong in the world is driven by religion claiming to be in the name of God.
    The (religiousless) God that I accept would punish only when his name is used for bad, ie killing, repression, bullying, stealing etc
    Gods name should NEVER be used for anything negative eg suicide bombing, stopping women becoming educated, outlawing the enjoyment of music, outlawing Christmas (as the Puritans once did)
    Some religions are very tolerant of other religions, but still I do not want educational establishments linked with them.

    KEEP EDUCATION AND RELIGION SEPARATE. (There's no necessity to link them)

  58. @Bobby B, It's not cultural at all, unless every culture beats their children, which is probably the best answer here. Ever heard the saying "get a switch" Come on, the Catholics have been beating children since before Jesus...Lol. Only ignorant, fearful, people beat children. Period.

  59. To be fair, asian kids get disciplined by their parents through physical beating. something which i think is unfair.

    However, most asian kids i know and met love their parents to bits. They look after them when they reach really old age and also they generally have so much patience and love for their parents, they hardly ever argue.

    While, we tend to leave our parents in care homes when they reach old age or only look after them if there is a lot money to be inherited.

    Every culture has good and bad points. The best thing is to keep an open mind.


  60. wow just watched this,,crazy world we live in,,huh...let love rule,

  61. @ha pakal~
    Of course Hindus do not worship cows. That's just what the Wahhabist indoctrinated instructors at those British schools are teaching---it's hate-teach. Relax, man. Everyone knows Hindus worhip swamis that sneeze out gold dust and make snakes dance the Macarena. I respect that.






  63. I am against all religions. but this is offensive because it suggests only muslims do this.

    BTW, hindus do not "worship cows" (ignorant bugger!!) but believe the cow to be sacred because many do not eat meat and the cow provides many things that makes their lives possible. That is better ('better' means morally superior) than slaughtering them when there are plenty of things to eat that dont involve the torture and killing of animals.

  64. @Don~
    Me too. USAF.

    "I am also a Vietnam era Veteran. A complete murder spree for Corporate investment in weapons manufacturing. That’s was all it was about. 57,000 Americans lost and for the most part forgotten." was more than that but as horribly flawed in policy as it was, the public drama...the "movement" on the home front was a high watermark for finding our national voice. It was our first TV war, televised in black & white on the 6-o'clock news. Watch it's happening again all over...slowly in Indiana....Ohio....even the middleeast is rippling with the rebellion of young thinking... demanding new paradigms from 'dar al Islam'. I think this is an interesting and dynamic time in history.

    I wish I could stick around for another 50 years but still... I had a chance to participate in fomenting it all my life. Yes! I do believe that... I sincerely believe in the populist continuity of the spark of liberty from 1776 and the French Revolution and Vietnam right through to today. Exciting times.

    1. I also grew up in the Vietnam era. My parents grew up in wartime Holland. Their youth is dominated by memories of Nazi invasion and atrocity. They believe communists posed the same threat. Listening to my parents talk with their peers I began it understand that their generation could not believe how we weren't afraid of the communist threat, and our generation who could never appreciate this fear. In the meantime, there were many weapons dealers lining their pockets. This combined to make for very passionate times.

  65. What should be the proper treatment for a second generation immigrants who continuously propagate hatred and segregation within the community?

    Would it be proper for such individuals to get a chance to go back to the country where their parents came from and live there according to their own traditions?

    I think that second or third generation immigrants are often caught in a vacuum between their parents belief systems and traditions, making it hard for them to find their own identity.

    For example: When a young British/ultra Pakistani comes to Pakistan to visit his grandparents, he will most often (because of his accent and western influenced upbringing) be looked at differently by the natives and not really considered a real Pakistani.

    This is where that same British ultra Pakistani becomes disillusioned and starts to propagate Britain and how much he appreciates Britain and British society.

    Maybe there should be a course in public school that propagates awareness, critical and individualistic thinking?

  66. Yes, Muslims, Christians, Jews and all religions have people that use that religion as a basis for justifying what they are inclined to do anyway. Using God is just a way to establish moral authority where they otherwise have none. I have never understood why so many people suffer the delusion of what a better place the world would be if religious beliefs did not exist. I can only assume this gives them a substitute for moral superiority(religion based) with a intellectual superiority(over the easy targets of backwoods fundamentalist)The problem is not and has never been people's personal beliefs. Its the attempt to wield those personal beliefs over other people that creates the problem. Freedom from religion should always be just as important as Freedom of religion. The basis of any society should be rule of law established by free men. If those laws are based in liberty and freedom then then the zealots will not be able to impose their will on anyone but their children. No matter how much Waldo or anyone else hates what their parents raised them to believe it is their right to do so within the laws of society. Religion may be the "opiate of the masses" but as long as they sit in their own homes and smoke it a free society has no role in it.

    Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
    C. S. Lewis

  67. @Waldo it is all well and good having principles and sticking by them but have a good look at the middle east they do not hold the same principles, so are we going to uphold our own and lose them anyway.
    Good comments from John and Larry Nine, Waldo I'm all for peace but not with these people they are a liability to us all and need dealing with in whatever way is most suitable.

  68. Our shared Anglo-American heritage of tolerance has opened the gates opf Vienna and, almost like we've used a time machine, we've let in the jinns of medievalism to besiege contemporary society. It is time for a reformation in "dar al Islam". In the meantime, a restrictive, discriminating immigration policy towards adherents of such hostile nonsense can help protect what we have without violating anyone's liberty

  69. Many "teachers" and parents throughout the world have condoned violence to be used even toward their preschool children and older children. They called it "discipline". Ironically, discipline is a root word originating from meaning a "disciple"
    ... to teach; to train or bring up. One of the teachings of Christ was that one of the most grievous and deplorable sin was to physically punish a child and by attacking their dignity.

    I hope I'm not going to bore you with my following statement.

    How do I know this? My twin sister and I were raised by the hand of our mother, that is, often smacked in the face for something like not smiling while visiting relatives or friends of the family. I'm talking seven years old now. She was a violent Mother. She, herself, was one of fifteen children.

    I went to Catholic schools from kindergarten to College, except for four months in a Public School because we moved to another town and I would start again in a Catholic school at the beginning of the next September semester. Ninety percent of my teaches and Professors were Religious (Nuns and Brothers).

    I would say that about 5% believed in the use of physical punishment. The other 95% were wonderful, funny and excellent teachers and professors. So I swore that if I had children I would never lay a hand on my children in anger. Never.

    When they were growing up they did get themselves into trouble, they came to me and regretted what they had done. They would tell me every thing they did while using scores of tissues wiping their tears and nose. Some of the things they did would have made my Mother turn into the revenging grim reaper from hell.

    It was very difficult for me to remind myself not get angry, especially since I also was in quite a few fights growing up in NYC. Serious stuff in some of those neighborhoods back then.

    I am also a Vietnam era Veteran. A complete murder spree for Corporate investment in weapons manufacturing. That's was all it was about. 57,000 Americans lost and for the most part forgotten.

    All my children have had training with weapons. No I didn't suggest it. One of their boyfriends went to a Police Weapons Training School for a license. My children became interested in getting their license's. And yet, they all volunteer for community service, like soup kitchens, community projects and political activities. My oldest daughter works for one of the top ten graphic designers, my second daughter is in India looking for cloth for her clothing design business and my son is in Washington State attending College. They have a well balanced sense as to who the are. They have done it all on their own and enjoyed doing it.

    Children are God's/natures gift to us. Love, that is, sacrificial love, is real love, and it seems that its a rare commodity these last twelve years. I consider myself blessed by the reality and kindness of love. Maturation is a difficult process when a child feels he or she is not loved, considered and valued. Love makes you die to the bullshit in life. When one loves and is loved, it means to serve, have patience and eyes wide open to the man made wrongs,un-necessary sufferings,
    a warrior for the truth rather then pursuing ego and emptiness.
    Love also means to suffer with.

    I believe that this particular Muslim school were mostly Indian or Pakistani Muslims students. Most Muslims I've met have been actually kind and engaging.

  70. There is a simple Teori ; Only those who are Brain washed acuse others about same thing.
    Why u guys act like a Zoombies !??? Think about this !?

    The muslim teacher ... wow....
    What about the Western Bombs, who kills every singled day children likke this one in the video.. Dont forget your's danger...u may lose your self in the way of thinking "How good i'm"

  71. @waldo..remember the little country of iran and how the cia helped overthrow the democraticlly elected leader Mosaddegh and installed the shah, his brutal dictatorship was bolstered by the us goverment till the revolution causing the theocracy that brutalizes it people to this day. here is an interesting speech made by Mosaddegh explaining his nationalisation policy in a 21 June 1951 speech:

    “ Our long years of negotiations with foreign countries… have yielded no results this far. With the oil revenues we could meet our entire budget and combat poverty, disease, and backwardness among our people. Another important consideration is that by the elimination of the power of the British company, we would also eliminate corruption and intrigue, by means of which the internal affairs of our country have been influenced. Once this tutelage has ceased, Iran will have achieved its economic and political independence.
    The Iranian state prefers to take over the production of petroleum itself. The company should do nothing else but return its property to the rightful owners. The nationalization law provide that 25% of the net profits on oil be set aside to meet all the legitimate claims of the company for compensation…
    It has been asserted abroad that Iran intends to expel the foreign oil experts from the country and then shut down oil installations. Not only is this allegation absurd; it is utter invention

    for this he was deposed by the us goverment.

  72. Keep your powder dry.

  73. Religion is the most dangerous obsession of humanity. The sooner this unintelligent nonsense is purged from the mind of men the better.

  74. Marion, independent thinking and spelling!!!! Check your own

  75. @ Jesus in another guise

    Gnosticism encompasses many many belief systems, some have been very extreme and even practiced asceticism, yours sounds very tolerant and moderate. Islam is the same way, some sects are extreme and some are far from it. In my country we already have people that have been arrested and detained without due process, those that have been harrassed and even attacked physically, and those that have experienced many other racist and violent offences just for looking like an arabic person. All this "the muslims are coming be very afraid" b.s. creates to much fear and panic amongst the american peoples. The last time we got all scared and angry it allowed despots to take us into an unjust war and commit attrocities that are in direct conflict with the beliefs this country was founded on.

    Yes, there are specific incedents that need to be adresses, just as these shown in the documentary. Yes, there is an extreme movement within the muslim faith that wants to take over, they admit it openly. BUt we must be more selective and less general in our attacks. We must not lose what we are, in order to protect what we are. Right to due process, right to religious freedom, freedom of expression, right to perosnal freedom and privacy, if these things are lost then what are we trying to save?


    While agree that the US should have never meddled in the business of other countries, your accusation is laughable. The US didn't go set up a dictatorship where democracy existed before, thats b.s. and you know it. We may have installed the dictator we wanted, but we never turned a democracy into a dictatorship nor installed a leader that would have treated the people of his country any worse than the one we replaced. Besides aren't you over looking the colonialism of England and the negative effects it had on many muslim countries? Many muslims came to Europe with an English accent already, ever wonder why? England is just as oil hungry as the US, and just as guilty of bullying people around and taking their resources, grow up. Parts of Europe were in the Iraq war just like the US, they didn't work as hard to get it going nor stay as long but they are not innocent.

  76. Why did the producers fail to pass the information on to the relevant authorities?

  77. louiseiiid

    u dont get it man, if ur gov and the US gov wasnt so greedy on oil we wouldnt have this problem, they would still be in their own countries teaching islam there. but ur gov wanted the oil so badly that they put these dictators in the middle east and the poeple who suffered went to europe. karma my friend

  78. The God forgive you part is referring to the amount of innocent blood which will be shed because of people who have no idea what they are doing.

  79. Waldo we must have posted at the same time for the last 2

  80. @Waldo I have to respond to what you said, the bible is a joke, I actually believe in Gnostic Christianity which doesn't require you to follow any rules at all, you just simply find the god inside you, May'be Jesus wasn't who he said he was but unless you want to go to heaven then it makes no difference. In my opinion if you believe in God and try to follow the rules just so that you go to heaven then you are being a fraud and you don't deserve to go to heaven. In my opinion the only way you can trully claim to be as good as Jesus is if you do good things without the motivation for reward.
    I think the difference between Islam and the bible belt christianity you refer to are that in the bible belt I imagine people like to stay in small communities and are wary of other people but have no desire to rule over people. Islam want to rule everyone and that's why wether you believe the bible or not you are in the same boat. Religious view don't come into this unless you are Muslim.

  81. @ Jesus in another guise

    The danger of christianity manifests itself differently than the danger of Islam, this is true, but they are both equally dangerous and false. One danger inherent in both religions is the teaching of a lie, there is no benevolent god capable and willing to intervene in this world, that much is very apparent. There may be or may not be a god, I can't say, but I can say he is not the character that christianity or Islam offer as truth.

    Another danger in christianity is the denial of things like global warming, the division it creates, the way it teaches people not to believe in science, the way it tries to take over politics. The dangers of Islam are apparent: It also teaches a lie, it is militant in doing so, and it shares all the dangers of christianity.

    The truth is that ALL religion is bad in the over all. It may help a few people stay sober or lead a moral life, but it effects far more than just those people, and in the balance of all things is negative. It is so typical of a christian, or any one of faith no matter what religion, to only see the dangers in other religions and not their own. Objective people see a danger in all of it, period.

  82. @ gto

    BAD FORM!!! How would you possibly know she is lying? You don't, so maybe back off a bit. I live in the bible belt, and call me liar if you like, but, I have witnessed many children that were made to go to church and profess belief under threat of discipline, sometimes physical sometimes not, until they actually believed there faith was their own choice. I happen to be one of them, my parents never hit me or spanked me- well, not for this reason any way, but they made me go none the less, and eventually I thought I believed.

    Finally I grew up enough to realize what a crock it was, and became envolved in science. Luckily my parents eventually also abandoned the ridiculous belief and we are all sane now. They never meant any harm, it was just the way they had been programed. If you want to see christian faith be just as fundamental and destructive as Islamic faith, come to the southeastern US- it obviouse.

  83. Jesus in another guise,
    Have read many of your posts.
    You risk eroding the resolve of non-Christians that may share similar viewpoints as your own by putting Christian overtones on an issue that effects all free peoples.

  84. I'm only going to put one comment on this page because I do not think anyone who defends this is worth my time. I just want to say that people accuse those who are against Islamification as being racists who side with fascist ideology, my only answer is a simple one and that is that you are getting your wires crossed and in fact anyone who defends islamification is actually defending a fascist ideology and so I don't know how you can even look yourself in the mirror.

    I'm going to put 2 links up, one to defend the dispatches program because they have been through this before when they were accused of inciting racial hatred over the under cover mosque documentary.
    However the BBC take a more liberal stance on things and so no one can accuse this piece of journalism of bias which I will be posting.
    All people ask is for people to integrate and not to install hatred against everyone else within the easily infuenced young minds of their children.
    There is a purpose to this indoctrination but I won't even go into that on this page because although it is the same issue it may be too much for people.

    For those who are so blind may god forgive you.

  85. I think that a common misconception is that there are sides to be chosen, good and evil, black and white...
    There are none. All of them, christian, muslim, jewish, capitalist, democracy, communism, are controlled by smal elits that have interests.
    like any other human they use whatever tool available to pursuit their selfish objective.
    Witch tends to envolve world domination.
    So... dont take this things too serious, its all shit.

  86. Free country? I guess you missed yesterdays lesson - Ethos, because a Polyarchy we certainly are.

  87. Its amazing how they can take propaganda and call it a documentary, why not make a documentary on the public school system and its goal to make a bunch of left brained slaves. I was hit by a teacher in public school, and he wasnt muslim lol oh the sheeple so easily directed

    1. @Brandon, you are entirely right, Brandon, it was nothing but such black propaganda which is managed by anti-Islam groups, it is not logic to cut words out of its context to express your mind.
      Anyway, I am going to prepare a detailed reply for such video which they pretend it is a documentary while it is well-directed to give a bad impact about Islam to non-Muslim.
      Finally, all of you should look around him/her, and observe the level of crimes among Muslim and non Muslim society, then he will find out it is very low level if it is not non at Muslim society while it is higher if not the highest among non-Muslim, starting from drugs, passing through theft and killing ending with children abuse and sexual tolerance against woman!! (sorry if my words aren't written in good English, as it I am not English native speaker), If anyone is interested in discussing such topics in more details, feel free to contact me through email: niletrader(at)gmail . com

  88. @lucyclaws

    yeah right! your lying!

  89. wow and they say ameican religious policies are bad

  90. Religious zealots are the most scary people on the globe be they of any faith.
    The Documentary does seem to lend some validity to the resistance of radical Isalam's spread by the free people of the world.

  91. i have had friends with christian parents who force the bible with their fists upon their children, it is nothing to do with not being a part of "our culture" (i assume you mean western culture)
    the same kids i am talking about became completely intolerant of people who did not share their faith...what a surprise...

  92. I'm so glad I left England 25 years ago, when it was still without this ugly cancer.

    We are being strangled with our own political correctness. Why do we allow these people to stay in our tolerant, free countries?

    They clearly don't belong in our culture - these are the worst kind of sheep who love to be heavily controlled then sacrificed later.

    The next time some a--hole calls me a Kaffir - I'm not just going to smile and pretend I don't understand.


  93. Thanks for posting.

  94. @Mad, I agree with your statement. Brainwashed children make brainwashed adults, and so the cycle goes on. What should be taught, in all schools, regardless if public or religious, is independant thinking.

  95. I do hope that that is not your main concern when contemplaiting the implications of the documentary ;o)

  96. They should do a documentary exposing the hate filled "Christian" late night religious talk show people that spout nothing but garbage to not so bright conservative Christian groups. These type of sick religious fundamentalists spread their hatred on all sides. Religious people make me sick because they brainwash their children and poison our society with the belief that there is life after death so they think they can just destroy this planet because they think "god" will save them.

  97. @titycaca
    I am about to watch it, but the randomness of your comment worked for me for a moment as I chuckled out loud. Sarcasm is the source of never ending amusement.

  98. looks like it would be pretty hard to get laid at this high school.

    1. being french your name brings back child talk or my trip in Peru...both good memories!