Life after Guantanamo

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Never charged with the crime, Mohammed Odani spent almost nine years in prison. He is the last detainee from Guantanamo Bay Prison to have returned home to live in Yemen.

In this episode, Fault Lines travelled to Yemen to ask what the consequences of America's policy of indefinite detention have been and to find out what life is like there, after Guantanamo.

Mohammed was studying in Pakistan when the aftershocks of September 11th began reverberating around the world. One night in the spring of 2002, he was visiting a student house when Pakistani authorities raided it.

He was arrested, along with more than a dozen others. Two months later, the Pakistanis turned Mohammed over to American forces.

Farouque Ali Akmed had also travelled abroad to teach Koran. Farouque spent eight years at Guantanamo. Like Mohammed, he denies having been involved in attacks on US targets or terrorism of any kind.

Though they labeled him in enemy combatant and said he was associated with Al-Qaeda, the United States never charged him with anything either. As bad as the physical torture was, they say it was nothing compared to torment of being wrongly imprisoned.

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  1. Kagee

    Well done Mr Wab Kinew,

  2. Darren

    there should be no life after Guantanamo, all this scum should be dead.

    1. Christine

      there should be NO LIFE for ignorant evil people like you!!!!

  3. Maya

    You know...I'm not exactly a fan of Muslims, but I am a big fan of justice. After the U.S. government,along with the CIA, staged 9/11 (you'd be an ignorant or very naive not to know that by now), the U.S. government made it clear to the American public that they will detain any arabic suspect indefinitely, even without any charges, that they will do that to protect the Americans and their freedom from terrorists. Every American was happy to hear that. Fast forward 13 years later...Americans are the ones now being detained indefinitely,even without any charges, and freedom?...what freedom? Anyone who questions anything these days is either intimidated,threatened or "committed suicide".
    When will people realise that governments stage and organise these crimes because it allows them to put new policies in place,that the public wouldn't normally accept. It's the fear factor...and the innocent citizens fall for it every time.

  4. Billy Bamford

    Shameful. Utterly. Human rights? If the west ever did have a moral high ground (v debatable) it is truly lost. 'Hearts and Minds'?
    I use the term 'The West' loosely, I was on the anti war march in London (the biggest peacetime protest ever). Not in my name; or most of the 'West' for that matter.
    In years to come the decade after 9/11 will be written very differently to how it currently is.
    The paranoia and foreign policy delicacy of a Dr Strangelove

  5. Ali Bhatti

    can someone tell me how do you spell the presenter name.

  6. bringmeredwine

    Well, this was sad.
    The Canadian government has handed over people to the U.S., then they faced a living nightmare somewhere in Egypt.
    One poor guy, I forget his name; was finally sent home because his wife made such a fuss on his behalf to the media.
    He sued the Canadian govt. and won!

  7. Tuco Salamonca

    Would it kill our government to do the right thing for once and close this POS or are they hell bent on removing every last sliver of pride one has as an American. My god how shameful this is.

  8. DigiWongaDude's 'politically impossible' to admit mistakes and right the wrongs, as Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Secretary of State Colin Powell's Chief of Staff reveals.

    Why would ethics and the rule of law be pushed under the bus to save political face? Any government worth its moral salt, would surely readily admit to a failure (to err is human after all), in order to protect its integrity and honour. Honour and integrity, therefore, are not high on the political agenda either.

    I made a post recently about the herd mentality of believing in an idea over and above atrocious acts. This now monstrous 'idea' that is the military industrial complex is clearly as out of control as any cult society has become, in replacing reason with wilful ignorance and irrational beliefs in righteous superiority.

    The good news is...the rubicon has clearly been crossed and there is no coming back from that. It's now only a matter of time until the allowances and justifications will no longer be tolerated from within. Just as it is with most cult ideologies and renegade institutions.

  9. 1concept1

    This doc. is directly related to the United States, why are we here in the US being blocked from watching it?

    1. Pysmythe

      I think the reason might be because Al Jazeera now (as of last month) has a network TV channel in the States, so they no longer want their content available to us for free on the net.

    2. 1concept1

      thank you.

    3. bringmeredwine

      We have Al Jazeera networks in Canada too, but haven't been blocked.

    4. Pysmythe

      You guys can still get Aljazeera English live stream on the net, even though they're on your tv network?

    5. bringmeredwine

      I haven't tried to watch them live and streaming, just these docs at this site.
      Aljazeera English has been available via satellite tv since Now. 2009 when the CRTC approved it.
      There are no actual television stations here. My mistake!

  10. Fisnik Kelmendi

    Interesting i dont see the Comments" of some "good guys" who are so ready to comment everthing, but this docu ...

    1. 1concept1

      It's not aired here In the US so we can watch it Fisnik.

  11. afarah

    In reality if you were captured for 8 years and falsely imprisoned what would stop you from doin what the americans claim you were doin?

  12. Highlander

    Disgraceful. Rumsfeld, hang your head in shame. All the other "hawks" , may you also be falsely imprisoned and denied basic rights.
    A truly shocking situation and so easily fixed. Release all these guys now.

    1. Aranyani

      Wasn't able to watch "in my country" really usa? so tracked it down on youtube. Shameful. Disgraceful. Heartbreaking. I agree with you Highlander, the architects of Guantanamo and the rest of the cowards in govt who support this crime should spend equal time there.

    2. 1concept1

      Thanks i'll see if in uploads there.