Life Beyond 3: In Search of Giants

Life Beyond 3: In Search of Giants

2021, Science  -   3 Comments
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Life Beyond 3 asks the age-old question about other life forms in the universe but with a twist. It is no longer "Are we alone in the universe?" but "Are we the only intelligent life form in the universe? And who are the masters of the universe?"

Yes, we human beings are definitely on top of the food chain on the planet Earth, equipped with the most complex object in the universe, the human brain. But with all the different possibilities out there, over ten billion habitable planets, there might be something bigger, better and wiser than human beings.

Since human space exploration began in the 1950s, we have taken tangible and measurable steps to find other signs of life. We've sent men into outer space and even walked on the moon. And of course, we've tried to communicate through various means: lighting fires in the deserts, laying out giant mirrors in the hopes it will reflect sunlight out into space and more recently, constantly sending out and monitoring possible incoming radio signals.

Yet we are still experiencing the "Great Silence" from whoever is out there.

Could it be that we need to find other ways to communicate with them? Or maybe, they have already been communicating with us, but we have not noticed. Though we have experienced advances in technology, alien life forms may use even more cutting edge gadgets and tech that we have not even dreamed of!

They may be using high powered laser lights or even neutrinos or tiny subatomic particles that stream through matter, as well as through us, and we have not even felt it. Or maybe, they have left secret messages or "Easter Eggs" in our DNA. Anything goes when it comes to imagining how they could be communicating. If ever they are, that is.

Another way to reach out to any alien life forms out there - or at least track them down - is to look for signs of their technology directly. Studying the Kardashev scale might help. It divides alien civilizations into three levels, depending on how they use energy.

Do they use all the energy within their planet? What about their star? And finally, do they have mastery over their entire galaxy? Are there traces of chemicals? Or other technosignatures such as silicon from alien solar cells, signs of climate change due to an abundance of heat and more? The possibilities are endless.

A more intriguing thought is what happens when we find a signal one day? What if we finally answer the question - yes, there are other life forms out in the galaxy, and we are definitely not alone? Hopefully, in deciphering and studying their message, the delivery technique and technology behind it will help us develop newer methods.

Right now, we don't have a strict timeline or any idea when we will find the long-awaited evidence of other intelligent life forms within our galaxy and beyond. But knowing just how curious and determined human beings are, we won't stop looking.

Directed by: John D. Boswell

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Lindy-Lou Bateman
Lindy-Lou Bateman
1 year ago

Yes its imaginative speculation, but what an imagination! Thoughtfull entertainment.

2 years ago

this has nothing to do with facts or science... this is all speculation and art