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Life in Cold Blood

2008, Nature  -   14 Comments
Ratings: 8.81/10 from 31 users.

Life in Cold BloodBilled as the last in David Attenborough's series of Life nature documentaries, Life in Cold Blood leaves you hoping that proves not to be the case. For once more, as he has done many times in his distinguished career, Attenborough gently - and unobtrusively - delivers an utterly fascinating insight into the world in which we live.

Life in Cold Blood looks at reptiles and amphibians, bringing into focus a series of creatures very much of all shapes and sizes.

Across the episodes that make up the series, the filmmakers delve into the lives and mannerisms of its subjects with some quite stunning camera work, bringing to our screens things that have quite simply never been seen before.

As much as perhaps we shouldn't take for granted the heights that Attenborough's work easily scales, Life in Cold Blood happily matches the standards of his earlier series.

Often genuinely jaw-dropping, and never less than completely absorbing, the DVD set is rounded off with some equally intriguing bonus features that delve into the complex production of the program itself.

If Life in Cold Blood really does bring the Life series to an end, then that's even more reason to cherish it. Regardless, this is an extraordinary series that'll make you look at snakes, frogs, crocodiles, and turtles in very different ways. Unmissable.

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14 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Nikita Kade

    Superb. We warm-bloods may be able to make films and invent the Internet, but will we be around for 150 million years? Time will tell...and the tortoises and tree frogs will probably be making movies of their own by then, to discuss the demise of the unfortunate, short-lived mammal...

  2. puyol888

    This gentleman teaches nature so good to everybody.
    Nature always give us lessons of life and we don´t see them.
    Insects and animals have such technology than we don´t.
    Excellent narration!

  3. mo

    Narrated by David Attenborough = auto watch

  4. Crow Zerox

    wow in this movie they got some great shots of nature for example like the fly inside that flower and the lizard going inside to get it. How the hell do they get a camera inside that flower?? lol epic.

    1. Brady Williams

      There is a Nature series currently broadcasting on the career of David Attenborough aptly titled "Attenborough's Life Stories." The first of the series is "Life on Camera" and it shows the different camera technologies used throughout his career. You should be able to find it on your local PBS station in the States or online at pbs. org .

  5. Gary V

    Another classic doc from the amazing Sir David Attenborough. well worth seeing.

  6. bogdanvladimir

    Davin Attenborough makes watching anything the times more interesting

  7. Geneva Hs

    Attenborough so loves nature that you can actually catch that love just watching his programs ~ A very good thing considering how detached we have become from Nature with all our man made gadgets distracting us to the degree that they now do.

  8. Felix Fraser


  9. Guest

    Attenborough seems so sincere in his love for living things, he is like watching a kid in a candy store. I love him for that. This doc. has great footage of some of the most exotic and beautiful creatures in the world. And, as usual, Attenbrough shares his unique insight into the varied and strange ways of the creatures he films in a very warm and non condescending way. Two thumbs way up!!

  10. magarac

    Even thou it´s already been said.
    But what would one expect with David Attenborough and the BBC it´s bound to be great.

  11. janehaydon


  12. Thanh Pham


  13. Dr. Dunkleosteus

    YES! Painted turtles! Awesome doc.