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Life of Mammals

2002 ,    »  -   10 Comments
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Life of MammalsIn this series, Sir David Attenborough takes you on a tour around the life of mammals.

What makes them so special and what makes them thrive?

More importantly, what are the features that makes mammals the winning design.

Mammals can be found on all parts of earth, from the depths of the caves to the peak of mountains and cliffs.

Mammals have conquered many of the places on Earth that seems unfit for survival.

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10 Comments / User Reviews

    Phat Phil
  1. Phat Phil

    Easily the best documentaries ever created, and David A.'s best works. I would recommend any and all of these to anyone who is interested in nature.

    Thank you so much to the contributer!

  2. Tyler
  3. Tyler

    Woah. Fascinating. Very informative.

  4. Sagitarius
  5. Sagitarius

    These documentaries should be played in schools as a part of education.

  6. Tyler
  7. Tyler

    Word, @Sag. I probably learned as much in one episode of this as I did in an entire month in high school biology.

  8. D-K
  9. D-K

    Docs like this indeed raise the question of why we're still fumbling with books in our schools. Nothing educative is as immersive as a truly engrossing documentary, it has wonder, thrills, drama and offers in-depth knowledge that'll even be absorbed by little Timmy with the attention span of a fruitfly.

    Attenborough is as majestic as ever, the man's voice is like a naked muse gently playing a honey covered harpe, inviting yet soothing.

    5 stars for sheer excellence in all factors a documentary can score in.

  10. Brenda
  11. Brenda

    Simply incredible. David Attenborough is the KING of nature docs. Just love these. If you haven't seen his Planet Earth series... find it! Magnificent.

  12. Jocelyn
  13. Jocelyn

    Fantastic series - David Attenborough's nature documentaries are always a favourite! yes I agree with the other comments - they're very informative and they should be shown in schools. They're very thought-provoking in that they make you think about the interconnectedness of everything on this wonderful and miraculous planet, and the very delicate balance of nature.

  14. InedibleHulk
  15. InedibleHulk

    I may be biased, but I think mammals rock! Laying eggs is for chumps!

  16. Lee
  17. Lee

    i love nature interesting... thanks for posting these!

  18. Anthony Newton
  19. Anthony Newton

    Why are all of these documentaries unavailable now? i watched them all last year and I want to watch them again but i'm only able to watch the preview...

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