The Living Body

The Living Body

2007, Nature  -   16 Comments
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With meticulous and startling detail, The Living Body examines the miracle of the human species from birth to death. The journey of a human life - the inner processes that bind us all - has rarely been rendered with such stunning clarity and insight.

An Emmy-winning feature length documentary produced by Naked Science, The Living Body utilizes 3D computerized graphics, cutting-edge special effects and exploratory footage from actual human subjects to dramatize the manner by which our complex design accommodates each milestone phase of human development.

The revelations begin at the moment of birth. Filled with amniotic fluid, a baby's lungs have never before breathed air while in the womb. The presence of this fluid places the baby at great risk of drowning once they reach the outside world. If nature takes its proper course, a great surge of adrenaline will force the fluid from the lungs with the first attempted breath.

The narrative of the newly born human species continues with the development of our five senses, the cerebral impulses that lead to an understanding of language and behaviors, and the bone and muscle structures which allow us to take our first step.

Changes occur within us on a second by second basis even after we're fully grown. Many of these are dictated by the stimuli that surround us, and by our own lifestyle choices. Loud music, for instance, can gradually damage the delicate nerves that foster our sense of hearing. Alcohol and tobacco are essentially poisons we introduce to our system, and there are few internal organs and bodily functions they fail to impact in a negative fashion.

The film addresses the mysteries of aging as well. One aspect of this process involves our facial bones, which completely replace themselves every two years. As the film illustrates, this constant metamorphosis produces a cumulative redefining of our DNA code much like a copy of a copy degrades the quality of an image.

Fascinating and exhaustive in its every detail, The Living Body encapsulates the totality of the human experience from the inside, and reminds us that life's most significant miracles are occurring within us with each passing second.

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4 years ago

First class! Beautifully produced, well written and very interesting. Probably the best documentary about the human body that I've ever seen.

4 years ago

Very informative and interesting documentary.

5 years ago

Very informative. Way too much background noise- music, unnecessary and very annoying. Definitely too much flash, seizure sensitivity warning should be included.

5 years ago

Be glad to leave this body behind. Hope I never have to experience the limitations of another. And definitely would want another species and another culture if I had to do it again. I never knew how messed up an animal could be. We all seem to live like little robots or sheep just doing what we're supposed to. I want out. Ya'll have fun.

Mark Maloney
6 years ago

Films like this should be included in the curriculum of late elementary or junior high school. The more that young minds understand about their biological existence, the better they can manage it...

Usmankhan Lodi
7 years ago

It is journey of life up to death

7 years ago

I really enjoyed watching, it actually made me feel like we all have something in common. I went out smiling and with respect for my fellow man. 44 now and I can see the changes. What a journey it has been so far. And it's not over yet!

Adnane Maaloum
7 years ago

Thanks, we as recipients appreciate the great effort the team work had made in order to make this insightful informative piece of art. Personally, I enjoy every second of the movie, and since I am very unaware of the inside mechanisms that govern and regulate this body of mine in miraculous way, now I can say that I have at least a skin deep knowledge about what happens within ourselves. and that in fact helps us to improve ourselves in many ways.

7 years ago

Full of our life is suffering and pain....this is our story..what's ajouney it has been?

Mahmoud BouRaad
7 years ago

Wonderful and fascinating documentary showing the cycle of life from birth to death. Life is short and we've got to live it well before journey ends.

7 years ago

Literally, I could have spent all my life watching the detailed version of every issue presented in this short and yet amazingly concise documentary! Congratulations!
Today, February 6th ( Sat ) I decided to stay home and enjoy some quietness after a quite stressful and demanding week in front of the computer, and this documentary was on my desktop for a couple of weeks! But now its time to go and accelerate my cell reproduction with an interval training in the forest! I really hope that my cells be aware that my journey is still half(?) way in my late 30s, so...! :)
Good Journey to all!

7 years ago

interesting thank you. this is very cool. to see what is really going on within.

Nalinaksha Mutsuddi
7 years ago

Wonderful documentary. I'm only 86 years old now. Last year had open heart bypass surgery. I would have died long back and now don't know when death will come. I know it'll surely come and I'm mentally ready to welcome it whenever it comes, in whatever form it may be.
Enjoyed the film very much. Thanks.

7 years ago

This film is facinating. I am in my late 70's and the information here might have been very useful in my growing up years - that is, if I had paid attention. However, the content has given me much insight into surviving my remaining years and the goal of reaching a 100th birthday standing on my own two feet!
I will be passing this on to others to enlighten and to enjoy this"thing called life". Thank you.