Living in a Parallel Universe

Living in a Parallel Universe

2011, Science  -   14 Comments
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Imagine there are three identical versions of you. Each is convinced of their own reality, even though this reality might be much different than your own. One might live in a world where Germany won World War II. Another might exist in an environment where 9/11 never occurred. This far-fetched concept has long served as fodder for science fiction novelists, but it's also a discipline of theoretical study that is gaining real momentum in the academic realm. "Living in a Parallel Universe" explores the credibility of these concepts with assistance from a panel of distinguished theoretical physicists.

The notion of a parallel universe first reared its head in the late 1800s when psychics became a source of great popularity and scandal, and the top scientists of the day began to consider the possibility of alternate realities. Einstein's unlocking of quantum mechanics was another important milestone, and opened up the idea of a universe that runs on uncertainty and chaos.

Building upon Einstein's theory, scientists have determined that particles can exist at several different places at the same time. Since humans are made of particles, couldn't the same phenomena be true of us? This concept points to the existence of several different realities. One microscopic variation could mean the difference between a nuclear cloud and a thriving metropolis. Purveyors of the parallel universe theory believe one of these outcomes is just as valid and "real" as the other. If you chose to turn left at the train station, another reality will exist where you turn right. Every choice renders an additional opposite response.

The film illustrates this through impressive set pieces, lively practical exercises, and a comprehensive overview of the nature of quantum mechanics and how we experience its effects on a daily basis.

It's a trippy concept. Some viewers may find the science impenetrable, laughable or even offensive. The mainstream scientific community remains skeptical, but the theory's leading supporters believe we are on the cusp of an Earth shattering discovery.

"Living in a Parallel Universe" does an admirable job of breaking this complex theory down and expressing it in layman's terms. If you're open to its insights, the film might make you rethink your understanding of reality.

Directed by: Malcolm Clark

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Bill Farley
3 years ago

Bottom line? Just another belief system that's on par with our infamous phantom in the sky and the side effect called religion.

ramji sriinivasan
4 years ago

Absolutely Awe stuck and brilliantly explained.

Paul Stark
4 years ago

Excellent film

4 years ago

It says that in every decision we make we split the universe. I.e. If I choose a to order a latte over a mocco, then the universe will split into two parallel universes. The problem I see with that is that if everything is identical in the universes before hand (down to the smallest atoms in our bodies) - then wouldn't the exact same decision be made every single time? - Meaning there could be no split and therefore no creation of a parallel universe? - I don't know much about science tho :).

4 years ago

I have personally experienced quantum effects while out and about.

4 years ago

You can’t communicate with your “other” in their reality because they are existing on another vibrational level.

4 years ago

Wow! So, I could be making better decisions or worse, elsewhere? Yikes!

Yu-chen, Chou
4 years ago

Absolutely awesome and fascinating

Beuce Joyner
4 years ago

Brilliant!....Theories that are not Science Fiction...but keys to our next phases of thinking about our lives and our place in all realities...!

Rory Lyness
4 years ago


José A. de Souza Jr.
4 years ago

In parallel universes people are informed by fake news.

4 years ago

Mean nothing to me. I am disabled and broke here and now. That won't change and I will die this way.