Living Universe
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Living Universe

2018, Science  -   6 Comments
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Are we alone in the universe? In the history of the human species, perhaps no other question has so sparked the imagination. Living Universe is an ambitious and cinematically rendered spectacle that seeks the answer.

Over three hours in length and adorned with state-of-the-art effects, this astounding epic does not wallow in the fear-based doomsday scenarios of some similar explorations. This film thrives in a perpetual state of optimism and wonder. Its theories and fact-based findings result from a continually evolving knowledge of the world beyond our own, and they're supported by interviews with some of the world's most accomplished astronomers, astrophysicists and other scientists. For them, the journey to planets far beyond our own isn't far-fetched science fiction, but rather an exciting inevitability.

The insights of these esteemed scientists inform the speculative mission at the film's center - an unmanned journey to a distant planet well outside our solar system. The voyage is piloted by a highly advanced model of artificial intelligence that is capable of navigating any challenge along the way.

The film addresses the fundamental questions that such a journey might inspire. What are the intricacies in preparation and implementation for this decades-long flight? What characteristics make the foreign planet an ideal candidate for exploration? How likely is it that we may happen upon signs of intelligent life once we arrive there? And how might the human species react if we discover we are not alone in the universe?

In the process, viewers are provided access to the technologies which have informed and expanded our modern understanding of the universe. We learn about the existence of exoplanets which may host a form of life much like our own. This complex information is delivered in easy-to-understand language so even the most novice space watchers can appreciate the possibilities of the film's narrative.

Living Universe gives voice to our unquenchable desire to reach into the unknown, and it celebrates our humanity as it's reflected in this pursuit. With a tone of infectious enthusiasm, painstakingly researched narration, and visual splendor suited for the biggest screen you can find, the film ably portrays the majesty of interstellar travel.

Directed by: Vincent Amouroux, Alex Barry

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4 years ago

Really informative and enjoyable. One of the best for sure!

4 years ago

The documentary is gone.

4 years ago

One of the best documentaries I've seen!

4 years ago

would have been alot better if they didn't have that stupid French-Canadian-English speaking spaceship from the future taking up 40% of the documentary