Living with Us

2012, Nature  -   20 Comments

Living with UsBronwen Parker-Rhodes' captivating new documentary Living With Us examines the special relationship between animals and their trainers, offering a touching glimpse at their unique and close bond.

Unobtrusively shot, the film closely observes three trainers conditioning animals' behavioral patterns with patience, skill and sensitivity.

Much more than just watching the wild things being coached into a life less feral, Living With Us is a subtle and tender study of inter-species interaction.

Ratings: 4.73/10from 15 users.

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20 Comments / User Reviews

  1. wild

    Disgusting!!!!!!! I hope the animals eat them in the cage


    It is so s*upid using those beautiful creatures for Human amusement,they don't like to beg for a piece of meat they like to catch and that enviroment they are not Lions they just another poor creature in captivity another example about our superior complex

  3. madscirat

    This documentary has a very original and well thought out stylistic approach. For a moment I was almost lured in by the sentimentality, but watching that kook lie in goose **** for minutes to snag a goose and pretend to share a heartfelt hug only to have the bird run off at the end as if it wanted nothing to do with him, broke the spell. Some of the people here seem sincere, others seem engaged in an elaborate act intended to fool even themselves into thinking that they are having a real relationship with an animal when in fact they are still the owner of property. All in all a good video and worth the watch.

  4. panthera f

    And TRY to think of this 10 times: a BIRD in a cage.

    Now think of how sad and cruel it sounds.

  5. panthera f

    "it has to be tame and an artist"

    A lion is NEVER tame and not an artist; its a sad animal in captivity. :-(

  6. Tammy Cantellia

    waste of time...

  7. howell

    Probably because it later devoured its trainer

  8. gigi

    that was so depressing the lions insted of lying on grass in the wild it was lying on a pavement and the parrot was clearly getting annoyed by the flashe :(

  9. Voice of Treason

    @coyote03. thanks very much for your informative first comment. On, the basis of that, I shall postpone viewing this documentary until a more suitable time, as fluctuations in volume do so annoy myself and Amanda at bedtime.

  10. Fritz

    I was hoping to see the Siberian Tiger from the picture. Must have been cut? Not sure why it's on the cover if it doesn't appear in the doc. Oh well, just an observation. I just love the Siberian Tiger and don't know if I would have watched this doc without that particular picture.

  11. the loler

    I agree with some guy. Money is as natural as an ant hill, its a bunch of atoms a living being has taken from the world around it and reasembled it to suit its need. A sky scraper is artificial and so is a birds nest, he only difference is capability, if birds could build skyscrapers theyd be doing it.

    The question is really 'is nature fair?' and the answer would be 'no' presuming we go with the order from chaos of natural selection over creationist ideas of what nature is.

    I think the horrible difference is that we understand the wider impact of what we are doing and yet we alow ourselves to carry on regardless. We are the only lifeform to completely dominate our enviroment to the point where 99.9999...% of other life poses no real threat to our species, but we seem to be addicted to survival of the fittest and the destruction competition brings sadly.

  12. Unknown

    Well, you're not saying anything new to me.
    Plus, is money part of nature? Does the power that money gives is part of nature? How about the famine all around the world? Is fair? In what century do we live? Is it fair to live in a social-class system? Did you ever voted for it? Or was the nature that provided it?
    Just don't pick only the facts that you can to try to make a point, pick just all others too.
    And now, are we intelligent?

    1. Radient

      I think "money" is a sophisticated form accumulation of resources. Squirrels, bee's, and beavers (to name a few) do it in the wild. And bee hive keepers will take about 70 percent of what the bee's accumulate and allow them to live off the remaining 30 percent. Experts in the field of Permaculture from Australia speak of this phenomena of "sustainable living".

    2. Nathan Cory

      They don't charge interest in nature...

  13. Coyote03

    Great point some guy! :)

  14. seb

    I think some guy just hit the nail on the head there

  15. some guy

    You might be mistaken here: There is no fundamental difference between humans and other animals regarding as you percieve it. It's just that we are more, and technologically more advanced than them, so our actions have larger consequences.
    An ant colony will often destroy most of their habitat in order to make it suitable for them. They eradicate other species, and change the ecosystem around them in a way that is just as destructive as our behaviour, it's only on a smaller scale.
    or look at our closest relatives, the chimps, how they wage war, fighting to the death over territory, killing enemy warriors, raping their females, and cannibalising on their young. Think about dolphins that kill for fun, just by themselves, without us interfering with them. And there's a whole lot of rape going on among dolphins, too.
    The list is long. There are countless species that have behaved in very uneconomic ways, it's just that they usually either die out, or adapt in order to survive.

    Nature isn't as nice and all-caring as people tend to believe, and mankind isn't less reasonable or more destructive than any other species. We only had this unique development in our capacities, that allowed us to act on a scale our judgment hasn't yet adapted to.

  16. Unknown

    Incredible how animals behave in such ecological and not self-destructive ways like the humans. And we still consider ourselfs more intelligent than them.
    Maybe even nature itself has intelligence and that's why this planet need eras or cycles, and by that purging all the anti-nature beings that normally try to dominate all other nature-friendly beings.
    One thing i'm still not sure about, is what are we.

  17. fas

    i agree

  18. Coyote03

    Nice to see lion's so playful, but not so sure I learned anything new from this documentary. The sounds of the animals (excluding the lion) were also a bit much, I had to turn the volume down during some scenes then crank it back up during the scenes where there was a bit of speaking. All in all I wouldn't really recommend this one, kinda boring, just my opinion :)