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In the spring of 2013 Texas-based startup, TrackingPoint, unveiled the first ever precision-guided firearm, which is essentially a long-range laser-guided rifle. They call it the gun off tomorrow. You don't have to be an experienced shooter, you don't have to be someone who's put thousands of rounds downrange, you can just come and pick this up and within minutes you'll be able to master the technology that allows you to shoot a target that is 3/4 of a mile away.

The technology is so advanced that beginners can kill at a thousand yards with a single shot accuracy in no time. TrackingPoint claims that its closed loop system helps users make ethical kill shots, but critics say it's nothing more than a skill free killing. You don't need to spend years in training to kill some party. You'll able to go out and buy a gun this afternoon that can shoot somebody three quarters of a mile away.

The gravity of the product that they've placed on the marketplace is very significant. There are guns that can take lives but it seems this product enables skill free killing. The implication of this kind of technology challenges the idea of personal responsibility and although you can argue that we've become more and more machine dependent in armed conflict, it seems that there is a tipping point, and this kind of weapon may be it.

So has killing become too easy? Motherboard wants to find out and they're in West Texas headed towards Austin to meet up with the TrackingPoint folks. They're going to check out the future of weapons and see if the smart rifle can let someone like them, who haven't really shot before, to hit a target from a thousand yards away.

The rifle does all the ballistic solutions for you. With a simple push of a tag button on the rifle, the LRF fires a laser downrange onto the target and it's updating back to the scope 54 times per second. To fire the rifle you squeeze and hold the trigger. While most rifles as soon as you squeeze the trigger they fire this one will not fire until the calculations are done.

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  1. Dr D. M. Smith

    Oh, I GOTTA have me one of these!!

  2. Maddestmax

    The US truly is a world leader when it comes to innovative ways of killing people. This couldn't end badly, no way.

  3. Hypathia22

    This kind of weapon is not allowed by the 2nd Amendment. Actually, nothing but muzzle loaders are allowed. So why haven't any clever lawyers, legislators or politicians stepped up to challenge these ludicrous applications of the "2nd Amendment""?

  4. DDDuane

    It's pretty obvious that the minute anyone would acquire one of these you will be under FBI and ATF surveillance 24/7....
    Probably an entrapment device only with a backdoor that transmits directly to FBI headquarters....

  5. Max B.F.

    Publicity on a deadly weapon a documentary?

  6. 1concept1

    What is a muzzle loader and does the 2nd Amendment actually state, no guns allowed other then a muzzle loader? I should look that up and if you don't answer me I will. :-)

  7. rockdacasba

    wrong. just wrong.

    hunting should be outlawed full stop.

  8. Bill Farley

    This is so American. Where's the respect for living creatures? And that guy's brother with the long hair? No sense of personal responsibility, all about me, me , me and the brain of a juvenile delinquent looking for cheap thrills.
    But from a military point of view? Great concept that will keep the bad guys honest.

  9. Mark Farrell

    Why don't you invent a counter measure, instead of just b*tching...

  10. 1concept1

    I know how you feel. And what gets me is they stuff the dead carcass and hang it on the wall. As though the Being was and animated make believe creature.

    That all said and done. If a hunter is out to feed his family so be it! But just to kill for the kills sake, NO!

    They don't realize what they have done allowing the internet to bring forth the common persons mind set? The govts. of the world can't hide the info from us like they use to. Lets hope they don't put a lid on it!

  11. 1concept1

    What more hate and killing? Any input here, what should Maddestmax do to counter measure the killing

  12. aam641

    It's the tagging system that is very interesting. They essentially perfected 3-axis stabilization of the scope in a very nice and compact package.

  13. Harry Nutzack

    nah. it probably costs 60 or 70k, that keeps it out of the hands of the majority. it's a system for "tunisian snipers" (q: what do you do when engaged by a tunisian sniper? a: go on about your business, you're in no danger of being hit). a VERY simple recruit can have the potential to be a real, long range threat, without having to learn the arcane fundamentals of the infantry mil, allowing for the coreallis effect, passing multiple bands of crosswind, etc. your pool of potential sniper school recruits increases markedly when math skills no longer are a requirement. my bet is the saudi and quatarri military forces buy up all production not earmarked for uncle sam

  14. mitchmiller

    A mentally unstable assassin's dream weapon, especially if you can buy one of these at a Texas gun show where it would be virtually untraceable.

  15. Kevin

    What an outrage! Only a skilled marksman should be allowed to murder.

  16. Harry Nutzack

    this is a "sales teaser" for rich oil states. the system probably costs as much as a house. think saudi and quatar. not much chance of some loony using one off his roof in scranton. sorry, doom cancelled.

  17. Hypathia22

    Actually, since the 2nd Amendment doesn't state that ANY AND ALL guns are allowed, we have to infer that they are not, since most present-day guns were not even invented when the constitution was written. It was not their intention (since they did not state it) that guns would be allowed for anything but forming a militia. Knowing how rational and wise the writers of the Constitution were, it would logically be concluded that they would be appalled at the current high tech killing machines. If they could come back and see how things have changed since the 1700s, they would repeal the 2nd Amendment, arguing that it is now being mis-applied.

  18. Max Milligan

    Those pigs end up destroying the eco systems they're in. It's beneficial to hunt them. Along with other animals, to which we've either wiped out their natural predators or have someone interfered with natures balance. I'm not for huge sport hunts like what America did to the buffalo back in the day, or safaris or anything, but if hunting maintains an ecosystem which is out of whack, because of human interference or not, it should be considered.

  19. person

    read the 2nd amendment. it says you have the right to bear arms, Armaments; usually used to define military equipment, though a few of armaments' synonyms are; weapons, guns, defense and so on. therefore you can NOT infer that only certain types of weapons or guns are legal or illegal. Arms, weapons, guns, call them what you want they are all legal. you, me, and every man woman and child in this country have the right to "keep" and "bear" them.

  20. 1concept1

    I'm a city boy Max but I've popped off a rabbit or two when I was a young boy. I did eat them though :-) I am a Liberal's Liberal but I want the right to carry a gun! I don't own a gun. When I came back from Nam I left the gun there.

  21. CapnCanard

    The mounting of dead animals is like wildlife 'art". And I understand that this is the very way James Joyce defined pornography. To possess something you can't possible have. To possess the ducks flying over the pond or the deer grazing in the meadow etc. It is like a form of mental masturbation. I admire the skill of the artist, but it is just a small chachkie and nothing more. I believe these long range rifles are just more evidence that humanity is part of the parade of the inherently stupid. Think about it: this is a documentary that shows the innovation of being able to easily kill a being from a long distance--damn near a mile! Almost as good as drone technology, but far less expensive. Wow, will the wonders never cease? Humans...

  22. CapnCanard

    Absolutely Max, yes. The pigs are non-native, exotic species and hunting is a vital part of keeping an ecological balance, even natural areas that don't allow hunting have shown real decline in plant species etc. The whole system needs both predator and prey and in many areas the only major predator is human. It is vital to keep hunting, though I haven't hunted in 30 years. I hope to start again in the near future. But hunting for a trophy is an uncomfortable thought. I believe in eating the animals I kill!

  23. CapnCanard

    I agree, the height of technology at the time was rudimentary. The 2nd Amendment itself is poorly written at best. But now it has become bigger than law, it is like a belief in a god.

  24. CapnCanard

    these guys are incompetent trackers. An animal bleeding that much is usually quite easy to track and locate.

  25. Plenum

    Opening lines, intro said, "We've democratized accuracy..." Too late, Trackingpoint. Disgust already has no social nor political boundaries for a product like this.

  26. Neil Mcginnis

    I see your point but you are implying if you are rich then you wouldn't murder people? lol. I'm sure that rich people murder people but they are smart enough to keep it hidden or hire poor people to do it for them and this gun will surely help with that. : )

  27. watchtheduck

    This male preoccupation with weapons has left us all with a horrendous human legacy of bloodshed and environmental destruction that goes back millenniums. As weapon technology advances, thereby increasing the ability to kill and destroy with ease, what does this say about who we are as humans? Or perhaps more precisely, where men are at in the evolutionary cycle of humanity. Speaking as a woman, my gender is not responsible for advancing the use of weapons against other people or defenseless animals. It is a male preoccupation which is psychopathic. There have been enough weapons invented to take out this whole planet! How many more people do we need to maim and kill before the male species recognizes the insanity of all of this killing? Do nations of people and all of nature have to be decimated before the male species wakes up? There can be no good ending to this legacy of killing unless the male species changes it's outlook on life and adopts a more reverent attitude towards life, life in all of it's forms, not only in human form; if not, we're doomed.

  28. watchtheduck

    "If hunting maintains an ecosystem which is out of whack, because of human interference or not" Are you kidding me?

    There is no question that human interference has disrupted a healthy ecosystem. If special interest agencies like "Fish and Game" and "Wildlife Services" weren't so concerned about keeping deer and elk available for hunters to shoot, or to protect the interests of ranchers, natural predators would maintain the natural balance. Because of the hunting and ranching special interest groups, these agencies kill natural predators with regularity to assure that there is a healthy deer and elk herd available for the "sporting" humans.And that's why things are out of whack!

  29. Harry Nutzack

    no, i'm implying this isnt for the public. it wont be marketed at "texas gun shows". it'll be hawked in the military supply markets in liege, and all the "mil-tech" trade shows, just like grenade launchers, STA missiles, new-fangled artillery projectiles, and heavy machine guns, all of which have much greater potential to "rain down death" than this sniper system does. BTW, when the rich hire a chump to kill somebody, they rarely give them some rare exotic weapon, it's usually a chunk of pipe, and orders to "make it look like a street crime".

  30. watchtheduck

    Most "American's" are a non-native species too. Our ancestors killed off most of the Natives. We have reproduced and caused the destruction of far more than plant species. We've poisoned just about every body of water, including the ocean, have decimated herds of animals and caused extinction of others, have cut down more oxygen producing trees than we can count, and continue to dig up fertile soil in order to build monolithic structures called Wal-Mart all across this once great country. Who is going to provide the vital services of keeping us in check? Oh, yea, that's right.... once people get a hold of this neat little weapon, that might do the trick!

  31. Neil Mcginnis

    Is that information based purely from movies? lol. jk. I agree that it's no worse than some of the other weapons available already. I'm sure people that have a problem with this have a problem with most guns which I tend to agree with.

  32. Harry Nutzack

    history lesson: until 1934 ANYBODY could buy ANY WEAPON, and have it delivered to them by ANY MEANS. the private citizen could buy land mines, aerial bombs, full on machine guns, artillery pieces, etc. there were NO federal restrictions on arms ownership. in 1934 the "National Firearms Act" was passed, which classified fully automatic arms,short barreled rifles and shotguns, sound suppressors, and "destructive devices" as "regulated firearms". you were then required to pay a tax, and pass a background check to legally purchase those class of arms.

    until 1968 ANYBODY could buy ANY "non-NFA34" weapon. and have it delivered in ANY convenient manner. in 1968, the "Gun Control Act" was passed, which established federal licensing for firearms dealers, forbade the sale of arms to convicted felons, the adjudged mentally incompetent, habitual or addicted users of intoxicants, and "admitted enemies of the state". it regulated sales of arms, and ammunition, it regulated how those arms and ammunition could be delivered.

    so, for the first 150 years of this republic, there were NO federal restrictions OF ANY KIND on arms ownership. it wasn't until j edgar hoover cried "for the children" to congress, and "sold" them the idea of "depriving the vicious street thugs the ability to rain down death at wholesale" that there was ANY fed regulation.

    that pretty much belies your "only muzzle-loaders would be allowed" nonsense. such a position is no less ridiculous than the "my AR15 is the only thing keeping obama and holder at bay" mantra spouted by the paranoid crazies of the NRA.

    if you'd like, i could tell you the beginnings of LOCAL firearms restrictions in this country, but that will have to be another reply

  33. Harry Nutzack

    hug and tongue kiss anybody "packing heat". probably won't stop the killing, but it will certainly give him "hand to hand combat" practice, lol

  34. Harry Nutzack

    if they were competent at stalking or tracking, they wouldn't need a 1000 yd system to hunt.... lol

  35. Harry Nutzack

    would you also buy a ferrarri with an automatic transmission? both would tend to spoil the "zen" of the experience.

  36. Max Milligan

    I totally agree some human interference has caused it, no doubt. But there has been a balance achieved now with these new parameters. If humans were to stop hunting right now, the damage would be severe as ecosystems adapted. For the better, for the worst? These are human ideals, just as the 'ethical kill' portrayed in this video is a human opinion. I just think, if it harms none, do what you will, and hunting doesn't really harm anything now, it maintains a balance, one we created, but it does. The natural predators you speak of, like the wolf for instance, have been nearly wiped out.

  37. 1concept1

    Ha Ha Funny!

  38. watchtheduck

    Max, you speak as though the disruption of balance to the natural world is all in the past, as though the continued assault on natural predators has been halted. There isn't any new form of balance just the continued killing of predatory animals like wolves and coyotes to ensure that enough deer and elk remain for the sport hunters to slaughter. "Hunting" has become more like war by the use of long distance, high powered assault weapons with laser pointers, (like the one in the video) surveillance devices, night vision goggles and even high beam lights which are illegal but still used, just to mention a few.NO animal is given a fair chance for it's life. It's not hunting, it's war against nature. Man wins, nature loses. And yes, it does hurt...it's hurts the animals.

  39. bringmeredwine

    Not every male on the planet has the urge to wage war or to use a gun..
    Surely there are females involved the development of weapon technology, buy or sell weapons, have joined the military, or enjoy hunting.
    Its not just men who should "adopt a more reverent attitude towards life", its all of humankind.

  40. tomregit

    Male is a gender, not a species. Men have invented, engineered, and marketed the vast majority of the things we use every day to ease and enrichen our lives. Men have given us the ability to travel vast distances; given us flight, and sent us into the far reaches of our solar system and beyond. Men have taken us from caves and given us long and comfortable lives. Men have shown us great beauty through art, science, and philosophy. Men have penned great novels, plays, and poetry. Men have written beautiful music capeable of reducing us to tears. Men have extended and enhanced our lives through medicine. Although this barely scratches the surface I won't go on ad finitum.
    I'm sure you already know that men have also been responsible for much pain and suffering. Women are also capeable of, and responsible for many great deeds and terrible crimes. Some women will also use the weapon this man invented.
    Your misandry blinds you to these truths.

  41. bringmeredwine

    I only lasted 11 minutes. Seeing the "ethical" kills made me sick, and the gleam in the eyes of this weapon's proponents.

  42. ZTC_G

    Its men who kill for fun. I know its not all men, may be those that have serious insecurity about their penis size. As to the women, well u know those that go out with them.

  43. Lauri Neva

    Disgusting film. Men and their toys that kill!

  44. watchtheduck

    Tom, if anyone is blind to truth, it's you. On the subject of weapons and killing, which I believe were being discussed here, the major players are indeed men, with only a sprinkling of women in comparison using weapons to kill. It's a fact, and one that men who take this fact personally will not want to confront. This is not to detract from the many good things that men have contributed, but that isn't the subject matter here, unless one agrees that this latest "smart" gun is good for humanity.

    So, the paradox is that while there is a great deal of good within man, there is still this obsession with weapons,that jeopardizes us all and has the potential to take us all out. It's hard to think of symphonies and great books and medical breakthroughs, when what looms overhead constantly is this battle between life and death because of male violence towards fellow humans and other creatures. If as a species we don't get in touch with that, it'll be lights out for us all one day.

  45. watchtheduck

    "Surely there are females involved in the development of weapon technology"..... name one.

  46. tomregit

    If the subject is weapons and killing perhaps you might modify or retract your statement, "more precisely, where men are at in the evolutionary cycle of humanity." Or perhaps from your last post, " I trust that men, if they wanted to, could be strong enough to overcome this obsession with weapons and killing".

    If this is solely about weapons and killing, please take your feminest agenda elsewherere. I and the vast majority of men are not responsible for your plight and nor are we the mindless killers you claim us to be with your with your overarching statements concerning all men in general. As far as you seeing, "misogynistic messages everywhere, in movies, on billboards, on TV, on the internet ", that is just a load bulls hit. We are all subject to outside pressures, but you concern yourself with only those of half of the population. Grow up and stop blaming men and society for every ill that befalls you.

    I have no interest in this weapon. How would you propose we uninvent it?

    EDIT: I see you have edited the comment AFTER I repied to without making a note of it. Why would you do that? It destroys any dialougue when you make an edit after replies have been made. You are shameless aren't you. This is certainly the last of any discourse with you due to your intellectual dishonesty.

  47. Hypathia22

    What you describe here only supports that much more strongly the argument for a complete revocation of the Second Amendment.

  48. Bob Trees

    Another tool the enemy doesn't have and it will be argued that we need. Thanks VICE, you were on a string of good hits till this one. Well it was a nice run.

  49. bringmeredwine

    Anita K. Jones.

  50. bringmeredwine

    Anita K. Jones
    In 2007 she was awarded the Founders Medal by IEEE, "For outstanding leadership in academic research and in directing science and engineering research in the Department of Defence."
    IEEE WIE -facilitates the global recruitment and retention of women in technical disciplines.

  51. oQ

    1i thinks, perhaps the mothers of these men have equal blame.

  52. bringmeredwine

    I thought of that too, we've all heard of fanatical women producing sons who can be sent off to war or to help plant IEDs.
    But I don't have any empirical proof.

  53. bringmeredwine

    There's also leaders of men, like Karla Homolka. Not sure if I spelled her name right!
    But I know what you're saying.

  54. Schwoggle


  55. CapnCanard

    Wow... just read about that Karla Homolka. What a POS. Acts like that suggest her remains would be worthy of drawing and quartering. Makes me nauseous...

  56. watchtheduck

    Yup, blame the mother's, which is standard and typical and began with Sigmund Freud. Ya, they probably goofed up their sons because of penis envy.

  57. bringmeredwine

    Did you read the part where she is now living happily ever after on a tropical island, married her lawyer's brother and has 2 small children?
    What a world we live in.

  58. watchtheduck

    Intellectual dishonesty? First off, your reply had nothing to do with my edit. I simply chose to end that comment differently without changing the gist of the meaning.

    Having said that, I find it interesting though not surprising that I have roused your wrath and the wrath of a few other men. You even went so far as to fling the F word in what appears to be a character smear; as though being a Feminist is something a woman should be ashamed of. What, may I ask, Mr. Expert on Feminism, is the "Feminist Agenda" that you accuse me of? Of, course, you've already excused yourself from having any further "discourse" with me because of my "intellectual dishonesty" so that got you off the hook on that one.

    It is interesting to note that you refer to "misogynist messages everywhere" as a load of bull shit. Are you blind? Or just blind as in, there are none so blind as those who will not see? Misogyny is so embedded in all aspects of society that you can't go to a movie or turn on the TV or listen to music without encountering it. It's even embedded in our system of language as in "she's a slut, he's a stud", being a "daddy's girl" ups her value, but being a "momma's boy" demeans his. But that's not the subject matter here.

    It doesn't require every man to be involved in a killing or other violent crime in order to validate my statements regarding the male (in general) obsession with guns, war (war-games) and other forms of violence which we call "sports". Deny all you want, but for every one woman involved in acts of violence you will find many men. I make my statements because I think it's about time that all men begin looking at our culture of violence and taking notice that this violence which is corrupting all of our lives has one common denominator, which is that most of the violence comes from men. And then for all men to look at what it is in society that is causing this instead of simply denying that there is no gender differences when it comes to violence and inventing, purchasing, and using weapons of violence against others, including animals.

  59. windship

    Goodbye wildlife! Goodbye open-air political events!

  60. watchtheduck

    So glad you mentioned Madame Curie. Along with her husband Pierre, their discovery was used entirely for humanitarian purposes. During WWI Madame Curie directed the installation of 20 mobile radiological vehicles and another 200 units at field hospitals in the first year of the war. She then set up France's first military radiology center and began training other women as aides. In 1932 she founded The Radium Institute in Poland for medical purposes, which still serves as an institute specializing in oncology. It was a New Zealand physicist by the name of Ernest Rutherford, who used Madame Curies research to further his own experiments with alpha radiation which led to the discovery of the nuclear atom which paved the way for the atom bomb. Rutherford became known as "the Father of Nuclear Physics" for being the first to split the atom in 1917.
    As for the Fausti women, they only took over the company that their father Stefan established.

    Stephanie Louise Kwolak was employed by Dupont. In 1964, in anticipation of a gasoline shortage her group began working on a formulation that was lightweight but strong enough to be used in tires. Ounce for ounce, her Kevlar solution proved to be 5 times stronger than steel. There have been over 200 uses for this application though she was not involved in the majority of these applications though many have been used in life saving applications. So, what's your point about her?

    Rosie the Riveter's were mostly single women and women whose husbands had been called upon to serve in the war. At that time, with husbands as sole provider, taking jobs in industry, even if that industry served the war (as everything at that time did) was based on survival with the men being gone. Women were also pressured into doing their patriotic duty. Of course, after the war ended, the Riveters were kicked to the curb, back to their "traditional" roles of servitude.

  61. tacos4all

    Glad you agree then:)

  62. watchtheduck

    I hope you realize that the radiological devices Madame Curie set up were not weapons but Xray machines to save lives, not to take them away.

  63. koch1no

    and it all started when we defended our women and children back in the caves times

  64. bionara

    Actually quite a good documentary. Well-balanced and insightful: the documentary is a review of this mysterious new tech, and it does a great job showing us what these guys have been developing and what it can do. And, as a bonus, offers some discussion into the ethical implications and concerns of the tech.

    While I'm happy to see tech advance, I always like to ask 'why?'. Why does this guy want to develop this? Is it something as simple as because, perhaps, he can no longer shoot properly after the nerve damage from receiving a gunshot himself? We humans are driven by strange things indeed.

  65. Kyl

    EARNING the skill has traditionally been, and must remain, a right of passage, and a very real responsibility..

  66. Maddestmax

    OK, how about a cape covered with the image of Charlton Heston and emblazoned upon it, "out of my cold dead hands". I'm fairly sure your average gun nut wouldn't shoot at that.

  67. His Forever

    I can cuss in Chinese now, and this is one of those times! This is bad news; no doubt about it. We don't need better guns, we need better people who use guns.

  68. Achems_Razor

    Hey Charles, nice to hear from you again.
    There are a lot of good people in the world that do not use, or want to use, weapons/guns for killing our own kind, unless forced from the top of our chain.

    But lets face it, humans are a warring breed, from antiquity, now, and into the future of when we try to reach the stars, star wars are up and coming, at that time guns will be passe, more sophisticated weapons will be coming into the fold.

    Why, even your bibles are chock full of the nefarious warring deeds sanctioned by your Gods, re, the wonderful? passages of the old testament condoning the culling of the human race, namely the unbelievers of all the specific man made religions.

  69. Mark Farrell

    Something, anything, instead of just complaining, there are too many people giving their opinions on things these days without making any effort to solve the problem.

  70. Mark Farrell

    Well if the scope/electronics on this thing fail noobs are back to square one

  71. SmilinLion

    Nguyet Anh Duong is a Vietnamese American scientist responsible for the creation of the Thermobaric weapon.[1]

    She is noted as the "Scientist who developed the bomb that ended the war with Afghanistan" by the Vietnamese American National Gala.[2]

  72. steviecomment

    Your right, men do kill more, but not all men, it must be a certain gene. How does this gene keep reproducing?

    Come on, it's like the right hand blaming the left.

    I'm sure this male violence gene, had it's uses thousands of years ago, and as its still here.........

  73. docoman

    I find it telling that you fail to mention encouraging violence. Egging someone on to commit violent acts is also a big part of the equation. If you want to claim women haven't encouraged violence, have a look at WWII and the propaganda around women encouraging men to go off to war, just for starters. Things like sending white feathers to men that hadn't enlisted, not dancing with someone not in a uniform, BECAUSE they weren't in a military uniform.
    You mention sports... what are the cheerleaders doing?

    Equal rights also includes equal blame for the bad things done. But you aren't after real equality, your posts clearly demonstrate that. ( Queue your said 'Feminist agenda' ) Whether you like it or not, men are not a separate 'species', we're all on this ride together, men and women share the blame and acclaim for our actions. Neither could exist or achieve what we have, without the other.

    Shame on you for editing your post after it had been replied to, the way you did. You took out part that was quoted, it does change it and is dishonest, as you well know. Which renders your feeble attempt at excusing it another piece of dishonest drivel.

  74. docoman

    Some news for you duck, the world is bigger then just your little corner of it.
    Goats are predatory animals are they? Maybe if you're a plant. Which natural predators in Australia will help naturally keep camels, goats, pigs, dogs, rabbits and cat numbers down? There's too many for the dingos, there aren't crocodiles everywhere, and they're too big, not suitable or too numerous for our other predators here.
    Animals that shouldn't be in our bush. It's 'out of whack' here, but not for the reasons you suggest.


    this is make me throw up another piece of s*it which developed for killing why we don't focus on make piece and not to kill innocent animals and so .the ignorance what this peoples call technology is nothing more than pimping war and killing is nothing glorious about this we call tracking point F.....ing id*ots

  76. over the edge

    hey Charles. my best friend is heading to your neck of the woods soon. any tips on behavior/accommodations .....?

  77. Phillip Pelling

    Killing for pleasure is the most Evil thing someone can do, Animals have feelings as we should all know , we are Animals too...

  78. Bradley Hayes

    Oh, no! Military technology being applied in "the real world." How dreadful! Heavens to Betsy -- if it wasn't for that, we wouldn't have the Internet (what would all you peaceniks do then -- w/ nowhere to gripe?), TV, radar, GPS, microwaves... the list goes on and on!

  79. gustave courbet

    You have highlighted the absurdity of human ingenuity.

  80. His Forever

    I know dark days are coming, I just hate to see them arrive. I know we've had terrible things done in the past, but I just know in my heart the worst humanity will do is yet to come.

  81. His Forever

    Sorry for a late reply: Just don't talk politics at all; period. Amazing how opinionated people are about religion and politics. As far as sights to see and where to stay, find a friend that will help negotiate for/with you when you travel. Worked for me; I would "hide" and let the Chinese haggle for a price (for like a hotel) and then I'd come in and they would try to raise the amount, but my friend would always say, "That's not fair! You didn't ask if he was American. And what difference would that make anyway? Little towns were always very honest to the penny, however. Very nice people.


  82. over the edge

    thank you Charles

  83. His Forever

    Oh, try to avoid streetfood and get Hepatitis shots. Seriously. Big time food violations. (I still eat some streetfood outside our school, but I've been in China off and on for years-- follow your instincts; if you suspect, pass it by). Kids got so sick just getting some candy last month from a street vendor (not Hep however). Even the Chinese get sick. Went with one of my students who said his father was sick to visit him in the hospital and it was a 3 story high building only for Hepatitis victims (thousand of them). He died. P.S. I'm pretty sure I caught Hep 12 years ago as my eyes turned yellow for a day or two before I got better on my own (I had had the shots before coming to China the first time). Not sure, but I suspect I had been exposed to Hepatitis. I know it's a chronic disease if you fully catch it, but the shots don't prevent "exposure" but prevents advanced infection from taking hold (as I understand it). Butter careful than dead. Blessings!

  84. TcyC2

    The cowards weapon....the Judge, Jury, and Executioner..

  85. USA Katie

    I, being a woman who is not a good shot, rather like the thought of being abke to take out what i need to , without harming others, to protect myself and my family. Legal gun owners are not responcible for the mayham illegal gun owners do on a daily/ sometimes hrly basis against innocent people and their families. If you look at the statistics and use some common sence this would be obvious to you.

  86. docoman

    G'day Katie,

    damn girl, must be rough around your neck of the woods!?! Had much need to 'take out' something at long range to protect yourself and family lately? Or ever?
    I agree with your second part, as long as the legal owner has taken reasonable measures to make sure (I'll say our here, as I'm a legal owner too) our weapons are not stolen.

  87. Michael Beadsworth

    first scene....killing a poor zebra...typically american

  88. Evan Harris

    I dont understand why the developer of this technology was allowed to present this to the open market. I know that certain pieces of aviation technology are restricted from sale on the open market. There must be some legal precedent that allows the government to commandeer this technology. Any attorney's out there know of such a thing?

  89. Martin Kiley

    It's called the 2nd Amendment. You can't ban this.

  90. Evan Harris

    If you are an attorney sir then you are not a very close reader. My question was to anyone that might know if there is case law that upholds the state restricting the sale of munitions, guidance systems, or even small arms, and if so what are the limits and allowances of those rules. I am absolutely certain that there is something relating to this given that fact that there are not private citizens walking around with JDAM's and setting up heavy artillery pieces in their backyard.

  91. Risk A Devil

    I cannot disagree with any particular thing that you say about the aggressiveness of the males of our species however your outlook on that trait is naive at best. Surely you realize that our species would not have even made it out the jungle without this trait -- yes this trait put meat on the table and protected the women and children from the dangers of the wild. Chivalry is the answer to this behavior in modern society not the neutering of natural male instincts. You talk about the "male species" how ridiculous - male is a gender not a species. It is very difficult to be chivalrous while being constantly hen pecked by women of your ilk. I suggest that if you really want to change things you should start by looking inward first.

  92. DocHollywood_2

    Amazing technology, so how much and where can I get one?

  93. DocHollywood_2

    JDAMs were created specifically for the military under a military contract to the government market. This appear to be developed for both.

  94. rey

    Why the primary target are animals they are innocent. what's wrong with you people. weapon was invented to kill the enemy not those animals. Its the matter of life even though its hunting season but thats life.

  95. mysterioso

    2nd amendment ? Really ? You no nothing about the 2nd amendment do you ?

  96. Eric Lawson

    Great technology! Not sure why this was brought out to the non military market. A long way from a musket !

  97. Tim Humphrey

    Did you have a recognizable, well constructed thought to ad to the conversation, or are you gonna stick with the gibberish you originally posted? Because all I can see in your post is hate, poor grammar, poor spelling, and name calling. You don't like it: fine, we get it...otherwise, save you insults and attempts at "I'm better than you..." crap for someone who is gullible enough to fall for your weak attempts at arguing your stance.

  98. emenot

    So what if the bad guys get a hold of these??

  99. emenot

    What if the target moved?

  100. himagain

    Hi Watchtheduck,
    As many posters have nicely said, men have done both the good and the bad since the caves.
    BUT with the ever-increasing lobotomising in the West (thanks to SODIUM Fluoride) of us all, which affects the ability to reason in both sexes (all sexes?), coupled with the ever-increasing addition of the female hormone oestrogen in the food chain, us poor ol' males are developing "man-boobs" and crying in public, while you females ( a superior design) are *naturally* generating more and more testosterone to combat it.
    The result is the VERY violent "new" females, with more testosterone than the average Marine today.

    It *IS* all down to chemicals in the end, anyway.

  101. himagain

    Actually, a well-presented report on this astoundingly scary weapon.

    Yes, it is a horrible thought that it will be available to any nutter who wants one.
    Most scary is that it will give a feeling of invincibility to the cowards out there aside from nutters....

  102. himagain

    Good point!
    OR what if it shot back???

  103. Richard Neva

    Terrible invention, just makes it easy to kill. Don't we have enough killing?

  104. emenot

    Only if your target is a rock! This is so stupid, you pull the trigger and wait until the target is reacquired. This is like driving a double decker bus of old England!

  105. bayman61

    Which is why you have freedom.

  106. bayman61

    Not until the bad people stop their killing. Then there will be no need for weapons other than to discourage someone from wanting to do bad things.

  107. Richard Neva

    What planet do you live on? Men on planet earth and women too will always do evil with weapons of war. I am 74 years old and America has been at war ever since I was born in 1941! Think of the billions killed!

  108. Sky

    Things like this should never be made available to anyone or any country. It is nothing but a weapon made for killing. No self defense with that thing.

  109. Ton

    Disappointed. Had impression that it was a lazer guided bullet, like a lazer guided bom. Next step? Smart bullets? A challenge....
    This is old technology with some wind etc correction. What in a wind gust?

  110. Ton

    Instead of a Google Glass photo shoot, a guided bullet shot, realizing:
    If looks could kill.....

  111. Derek

    Interesting new technology but right now too expensive for the average American shooter. Perhaps something the military might consider for its sniper program? Not a concern for regular crime or terrorism because most gun crimes in the world are actually with handguns & terrorists tend to prefer bombs right now. In the US, the 2nd Amendment protects an individual right to keep & bear arms. That is the law per SCOTUS decision in DC v. Heller.

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