Long Way Round
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Long Way Round

2004, Society  -   22 Comments
Ratings: 7.19/10 from 26 users.

Long Way RoundLong Way Round is a documentary television series documenting the journey of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman from London to New York on motorcycles.

They traveled eastwards through Europe and Asia, flew to Alaska and continued by road from there to New York. In 2004 Ewan and Charley embarked on an epic Long Way Round challenge, to bike 20,000-miles, cross 12 countries and 19 time zones in just 115 days.

Riding their BMW GS R1200s, they crossed Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia to ride the Road of Bones through Siberia, over to Alaska, through Canada, North America and finished in New York.

The Long Way Round journey would challenge their view of the world and also test their physical endurance. Ewan and Charley also helped to raise awareness for the vital UNICEF projects they visited along the way.

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22 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Ken

    Great scenery! Just a couple of observations.....There was no stopping at a gas station or a place to charge the electric bikes! One of the bikes was a 1200 Sportster! How many other bikes on this trip?

  2. Greg_Mc

    Just have the 4 or 5 recap parts to watch.

    This is for anyone who hasn't watched this yet and are looking at the 7 hours and 21 minutes running time and thinking forget it that is just to long of a video for me to get involved in. It is worth every second of it's running time I found it an absolutely fantastic doc, I actually wish it had been longer I enjoyed it so much. Yes people are going to knit pick at things in the comment section, nothing is perfect and people who have knowledge or just a strong opinion on whatever it is they are commenting on are going to point out things that may be wrong (like the guy who made the very valid point of what he said was probably an editing error concerning the order in which they showed them visiting a few places in Slovakia and how it wouldnt have been done in that order. Not that he was complaining about it he was just pointing out something about when they were in his country they edited wrong and really only a native Slovakian, and a proud one at that from what I could tell, would have probably known this and personally I had no issue with it being pointed out in fact I am glad he did) but really in the end it doesn't matter (not to say people are wrong or anything for pointing things out or voicing their opinion because that is what the comment section is for) it was just a very enjoyable doc to watch and Charlie and Ewan as I said in a previous comment seem like really nice guys who were clearly having the time of their lives during this adventure, even if or possibly in part because of the fact they had to face some adversity, and that to me came out while watching this. So anyway all I am trying to say is that I thought this was a fantastic doc.

  3. Greg_Mc

    I am at part 7-1 and I cannot stop watching, well I can at times lol I havent watched it all in one sitting been a few days at it. I dont get some people saying it isnt real or whatever because they have a support group, WTF, to start off with it is friggin Ewan McGregor he has a support group to wipe his ass and is worth to much money to too many people for him to go without the safety net of the support group ( a support group that nearly got killed at one point). Also it is a TV show yes but mostly he and Charlie (who I never heard of before this but I will look for some films he is in) have families at home they want to get back to and support group or not it Mongolia alone was brutal for them to get through and a really cool country that I am glad I got to see on this because no way I am ever going there myself lol. Seeing some of the kids that unicef helps was heartbreaking and a donation to them will be coming from me very soon. Never gave Ewan McGregor a second thought before (not a star wars fan), he is a good actor but I never watched a movie because he was in it. On a personal note I find both Ewan and Charlie to be very likeable normal guy's (although if they had a part where they acted like jerks I am sure it would have been edited out) plus until a falling out a while back I was good friends with a pretty famous Scottish actor and Ewan reminds me of him and that they are all just normal people for the most part so that may be part of the reason he seems so likeable. Anyway enough yapping I want to watch a bit more

  4. D4V1D LVPT4´K

    Great trip, great endeavor, cool ride!! Though there are some minor (probably) editing mistakes in the succession of places the guys went through - e.g. passing Slovakia they first visited a WWII memorial with old Russian tanks that is placed in the far East of Slovakia near to the Ukrainian border but then arriving at the fairy tale-like castle of Bojnice which is in central Slovakia... to get it in the order shown they would have had to take quite a big detour;-) Nevertheless I'm happy they liked the passage through my home country with its' rough natural beauty reminding Ewan McGregor of his native Scotland...true, true!-)

  5. ulickmcgee

    Frankly I would rather watch wallace and gromit there adventures are much more exciting.

  6. Cale Grant

    So much hate for these guys, why? Two friends who genuinely love riding their bikes together...so what if they have the money to make it that much easier. Anyone who rides would respect what they did, because no matter how "easy" it was....it was their ass on the saddle for 32,000km which is more than can be said for most people who'll ever hop on a bike.

    1. Greg_Mc

      Well said Cale. You said so what if they have the money to make it easier from what little I have been able to read and find out I would assume most of the money that they themselves put up would have come from Ewan because I dont think Charley is what one might call well off by any stretch. I dont really know if that is true but I have to think he isnt rolling in dough like Ewan would be. I would love to find more docs or videos of both of them or with different people doing other treks. To me the doc and what they did was amazing, people may come up with reasons etc to call my thinking naive and they may be correct but it is my thought and view of the doc and you are all welcome to your own opinions (unless you disagree with mine lol) so be polite about it as I do and will take all constructive critisism and learn what I can from it. If you prefer to just say Hey Greg shut up you're and idiot and hurl some nastier insults my way well then go ahead and do that lol it wont be the first time it has happened.

    2. Merenwen Anwamanë

      No other revealed book praises and encourages science and knowledge as does the Qur'an

      The Qur'an invites one to witness the interdependence of beings and how all live in harmony with nature. It calls upon man also, to ponder on his own make-up, on the secrets of creation which are hidden within him, on his soul, on the depth of his perception, and on his relationship with the world of the spirit.

      The Qur'an commands man to travel in the world in order to witness other cultures and to investigate the social orders, history and philosophies of past people. Thus it calls man to a study of the natural sciences, mathematics, philosophy, the arts and all sciences available to man, and to study them for the benefit of man and the well-being of society.

      The Qur'an recommends the study of these sciences on the condition that it leads to truth and reality, that it produces a correct view of the world based on an understanding of God.

      Knowledge, which merely keeps a man occupied and prevents him from knowing the reality of his own existence, is equated with ignorance. God says in XXX:7, "They know only some appearance of the life of one world and are heedless of the Hereafter" and in chapter XLV:23, "Have you seen him who makes his Desire his goal, and God sends him astray purposely and seals up his Heart and sets a covering on his Heart. Then who will lead him after God (has condemned him)."

    3. sknb

      I think this is probably why so many interesting scientific pursuits are being pursued in the Muslim world and why so many Muslims have pioneered Medicine, Engineering, Navigation, and currently Biology in the course of history.

  7. Diane Salas

    I liked this, and the other one Long Way Down (where they go down through Africa). Yes, its unrealistic because they have a huge support group, but its fun to watch. Its interesting to watch how they start off happy, and midway they begin to wonder if they hadnt made a huge mistake.
    @Muhammad It was being shot for a tv show, how realistic did you want? Watch it for what it is, good tv.

  8. Muhammad Shoaib Ali

    I dont like this docum only because its unrealistic. A normal person (who isnt a celeb) would face tons of problems doing this.

    So in my book...an unrealistic travel by celebs.

  9. His Forever

    Oh! It's the Star Wars Guy! Cool. It would be so fun to ride around the world with a Jedi Knight! Young Obiwan Kanobi I think.

  10. Irishkev

    Harleys: Ride the chrome-never get home, Japanese power-home in an hour.

  11. Achems_Razor

    7 hours?? not in this lifetime, a science doc though...

    Different if it was bicycles, or walked even, stuff like that, but riding motorcycles with a support group??

    1. His Forever

      Yikes! I didn't notice it was seven hours. Might watch it anyway.

  12. alsberg

    These guys are literally too stupid to fill a tank without spraying fuel into their laser-corrected eyes.

  13. Irishkev

    Anybody who fancies a real motorcycle adventure, ride the Leh-Manali Highway. But you won't have a support jeep behind you like these nancy boys!

    1. leeboi

      what you mean a real adventure? they traveled the world on bikes...and just because they got support jeeps and didint ride the Leh-Manali Highway dont make them nancy boys lol. do you chew though wood instead of using an axe?

    2. Irishkev

      Don't get me wrong man, not trying to say that wasn't a major trip. I'm just sayin' if you don't have millions (or even a license), you can still do this type of thing. And they were nancy boys long before this trip.

  14. bogdanvladimir

    7 hours?!!??...and wanted to work, now I can't cause I have to watch this!Daaaamn you TDF!

  15. Crab_Nebula

    Neil Peart, the drummer for Rush does similar bike journeys, on similar Bike's. Would like to see those in a doc like this! read one of his books like "Ghost Rider" if you like this. Roll the Bones!

  16. Alester Chan

    7 hours! COOL!