A Long Weekend with the Son of God

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Filmmaker George Carey went a long way from home looking for the son of God. Siberian outpost of Minusinsk is the town where the new messiah came from. As Lenin's dream was blown away in Berlin a new religion was starting in Siberia led by a young man who'd once been a cop. He said he was Christ reborn and people believed him.

George is heading for his remote hideaway in Siberia to find out just who this man is and why thousands of people have given up everything to follow him. It was the idea that Christ was a cop that first intrigued him. Anyway, one bright August day he found himself waiting at a railway station in Siberia for someone to show him the way.

He drove on through a poor land, increasingly depopulated now that the old collective farms have disappeared. George's guide was Pavel, a fairly new recruit to Vissarion's creed. At first sight the coming of the Lord hadn't done anything for the new Promised Land... an empty land, getting emptier by the mile. But Pavel told George to be patient... Vissarion village wasn't very far away.

It was an astonishing sight. It wasn't just the appearance of the buildings, it was the almost surreal disconnect between the Siberia George traveled through and the fairyland he ended. At one end of the village he came to a house where he'd been told that the village baker lived. That sounded down to earth enough, but nothing is down to earth in Petropavlovka. The baker was an artist from Lithuania who'd been guided there by a Bulgarian clairvoyant.

Walking back from the baker George heard singing. Not exactly local country folk. In fact the one leading the singing had once been an officer in a top secret Soviet missile program. The reason they were practicing so hard was that the next day was the biggest day in their calendar, when their Lord will come down from his mountain to bless them.

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  1. L. E. Alba

    I'm surprised the KGB hasn't arrested him and his posse, throwing them all in Black Dolphin prison...which has the most corrupt guards, my old job.

    1. L. E. Alba

      Here's just a list of recent (since 2000) Christ Claimants:

      Apollo Quiboloy
      (1950–) is the founder and leader of a Philippines-based Restorationist church, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, Inc. He has made claims that he is the "Appointed Son of God."

      Alan John Miller
      (1962–), more commonly known as A.J. Miller, a former Jehovah's Witness elder and current leader of the Australia-based Divine Truth movement.[44] Miller claims to be Jesus Christ reincarnated with others in the 20th century to spread messages that he calls the "Divine Truth." He delivers these messages in seminars and various forms of media along with his current partner Mary Suzanne Luck, who identifies herself as the returned Mary Magdalene.[45]

      David Shayler
      (1965–) was a former MI5 agent and whistleblower who, in the summer of 2007, proclaimed himself to be the Messiah. He has released a series of videos on YouTube claiming to be Jesus, although he has not built up any noticeable following since his claims.[46][47][48]

      Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez
      (1990-). In November 2011, he fired nine shots with an assault rifle at the White House in Washington D.C., believing himself to be Jesus Christ sent to kill U.S. President Barack Obama whom he believed to be the antichrist.[49][50]

      Lightning Deng, a woman whom the Chinese Eastern Lightning cult believe to be the reincarnation of Christ.

      See this Wiki-link for more con-men & certifiable mad men:

  2. pieter

    When he walkes in to the crowd around 18.30. At first i thought thats weird, but than again it reminds me of how people/subjects react to monarchs or presidents if they would walk among them. So this is basically normal behaviour for people who worship their leader worldwide, not just in siberia.

  3. Dont Worry

    23 At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Messiah!’ or, ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. 24 For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.25 See, I have told you ahead of time. Matthew 24 : 23- 25

    1. a_no_n

      ...but not our guy...our guy's genuine...honest.

  4. James Fortner

    Could it be that I am a little jealous of the demonstrably happy lives built and sustained here by obviously intelligent people who were previously disenchanted with meaningless lives? Can I say that this way of living and believing is inferior to the way most Westerners live? Christians worship a Messiah from the far distant past, determined to live on faith only that He in truth lived and walked the earth. Here it seems that these joyful and productive people have direct guidance from a living Master for their secular and spiritual well-being. I cannot judge.

    Of course, time will tell. But in the meanwhile, what better way can I suggest or impose from my narrow paradigm? Can an example from Western culture improve upon the fairy tale lives the video amply illustrates? Sure, he may be less than his followers believe; he may be less than he himself believes; he may be neither angel nor avatar; savior nor saint--what he may be, though (and I cannot name it), is plainly much, much better than whatever those lovely people had before.

  5. Harold Rottencock

    I found the host/narrator's disparaging remarks to be quite off-putting. Clearly these people are very misguided, but the point of a documentary is to provide information from a neutral standpoint, not to use it as an opportunity to make a mockery out of people.

    I despise organised religion. Having said that, these people aren't waging war on anyone, are living peacefully with nature, and aren't forcing their beliefs on the unwilling. To me, it looks more like a Marxist utopia than anything else. It sure as f--k isn't my lifestyle choice, but good for them.

    1. a_no_n

      the Branch davidians and Jonestown residents probably thought the same thing.

  6. Daniel W

    This documentary was a little boring for me. What i saw was a bunch of happy people living in their own sort of utopia in siberia , surrounding their archetype of the christ figure. I do not see anything s*upid about that.

    What is more fascinating to me are some of the comments here on how this doc. portrait how s*upid and depressing humans are. When all you need to do is turn on the news , read the newspaper to see the demonstration of our stupidity and depression. I am not saying that i believe this man is the reincarnation of jesus,but i do not think it is impossible for him to be an embodiment of christ consciousness. I think some of the comments here is a better example of humans closed mindedness, which is a manifestation of " s*upidity" which leads to a depressive state of nature. I would like to visit these people they all seemed happy and living in harmony with nature............ if anything we could all learn from them how to do the same. God bless

    1. Hofman

      I agree with you totally Daniel W

    2. a_no_n

      so it didn't seem at all sinister to you that these people were blindly following this man building his house for him, and giving him a kid to marry.

      the more i watched the more sinister and unpleasant i found this little cult.

      Scientologists seem happy too...they're forced to be.

      Personally i wouldn't like to see what happens in that little community when someone from the inside starts asking awkward questions. I think things will start getting dark very quickly.

  7. Ali Sufian

    There is only one God, he has no fathers or sons. He is the one and only. He is our creator and the creator of all universe. Jesus Christ(PBUH) was His prophet. His last prophet was Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

    1. free with god

      i'm agree with you...
      How is it possible for God to have a child while he is the Creator of all things?
      god can create Jesus, Does God require or need the child?
      jesus christ(PBUH) is His high level Prophet, like Muhammad(PBUH)

  8. jerrymack

    Fascinating look into a group desperate for meaning in a world that collapsed into utter disillusion with the fall of Communism. It would seem this Messiah is a product of their projections.

  9. Stephen O

    I just wrote out a very common since paragraph on a enlightening view upon the Jesus of Siberia ! , But this form mat erased every word trying to sign in ! ? Jokes on me ! ......Hushlizard

  10. herbicat

    I really could not watch the whole thing... it's just too depressing to see just how s*upid humans are.

  11. herbicat

    The best way to test a god is to shot him through the heart. If he drops dead everyone gets to know for sure.

    1. NX2

      yeah well, i don't know. There's a time where witches were put on weights around the ankles and dropped in the water.
      No need for that anymore. I feel pretty sure.

  12. AntiTheist666

    OMG - “...was that christ on a bike?”

    It gets better - he used to be a cop and a heavy drinker - and
    we all know what coppers are eh? Thus by definition, he cannot be the son of god, just a bar steward plain and simple. Yet there are gullible fools who call him “Master”, in the first few minutes of this doc a woman says he is definitely the son of god, she doesn’t need any proof, she just knows it. No change there then in the religionista fashion sense, ugly as sin.

    Although the doc is played fairly straight it does have its amusing moments, like the crowd marvelling at how it never rains when the “Master” makes an appearance, only for it to pimply siss down moments later.

    1. NX2

      I don't get it. By definition? Some dogma we need to adhere to? :)

    2. AntiTheist666

      Hi NX2

      Yeah man but my dogma is goooood dogma.

      Yeah “definition”, for a change I’ll try and be definitive here. It’s just a silly and obscure joke really about arguments from authority, the religious influence on marriage and the labels applied dogmatically to what a “family” is.

      If ACAB is true then SOG = Bar Steward. (I.e. his parents weren’t married)

      Thus he cannot legally claim that G.O.D. was his “Dad”.

      Of course this is a ridiculous argument but I rest my case on the fact that I was using religious logic here. You know, a silly jizzum. And seen as they don’t require proof of G.O.D.’s (God on Demand) existence or use any rationality, I can apply the same to my “definition”.

    3. NX2

      I see. Goooood dogma. Best to type those extra o's :)
      Yeah, to legally claim to be someones son, you'll have to get some DNA, or a birth certificate.

    4. bringmeredwine

      Doesn't the bible say, (somewhere) that when the son of God appears on earth, everyone in the entire world will instantaneously know it is HIM, and he won't have to explain who he is, because we'll all "know"?
      So why do these Christians buy into Vissarion's claims from his tiny mountain hamlet, isolated from the rest of the world?

    5. AntiTheist666

      Hi BMRW.

      Yeah I think you’re right about that quote, if it’s the one I’m thinking of doesn’t it say and we shall “know” him because he will be like us? A wretched scumbag then if he’s anything like me. I don’t have a clue why they fall for such tosh, it must be something in the water and I don’t mean algae. Thanks so much for your excellent post below which exposed some the less salubrious qualities of this hamlet of ham sham.

      What else can you do but laugh, I thought it was highly amusing when I saw them gather together for their FUSION administered by a CON. A con artist of some considerable skill it appears. Put him in front of people desperate for a totalitarian state where they don’t have to think and disco, you’ve got a motley crue of movement going. All that Glitters is not Gary though and the fallout of this doltish cult will be fun to watch.

    6. bringmeredwine

      You're very welcome. I love looking things up:)

    7. AntiTheist666

      Me to, especially those special kind of attractive things.

    8. bringmeredwine

      I was listening to a guy on CBC's show Tapestry today. His name's Ryan Bell. He's an ex Seventh Day Adventist Pastor. He has lived as an Athiest for a year now. He has a blog called Year Without God. He was very interesting, so is his blog.

    9. AntiTheist666

      Oh the joy of looking things up :) Thanks very much for that, I’ve had a brief look at his story, his blog and listened to his interview with Mary Hynes. Very interesting indeed, good for him, l doubt there are many religious people as brave as this guy. I was delighted to see that he intends to use the writings of religious sceptics in his presentations and Nietzsche in particular :) I think you knew I would like this There’s a lot of info there and I’ll be checking out more later. His book review of Walter Kaufman’s “Critique of Religion and Philosophy” also caught my eye, I might even read it.

      Have you seen “God’s Not Dead”? I’d not heard of it until now but see that it has been roundly panned by the critics, LOL what a surprise, it might be so bad that it’s good though. Also have you seen “The God who wasn’t there” or “Why I am no longer a Christian”, both are at this site and well worth watching.

    10. bringmeredwine

      Glad you liked that suggestion. Mary has the most interesting guests!
      God's Not Dead is on Youtube. But you have to register on some other link to watch it (for free) so I've held off.
      I think I've watched Why I am no Longer a Christian. But I can't remember. I'll take a look again at both of the docs you've mentioned.
      I have a terrible memory these days and have to write everything down or I'm doomed!

    11. bringmeredwine

      I'm baaack. Why I am no Longer a Christian was way too tedious for me. Evidnc3 was as dry as burnt toast. It was excruciating to listen to him for very long.
      Then I checked out The God Who Wasn't There, and ironically, it isn't there; It's been removed; but I read all the comments and they were very interesting:)

    12. AntiTheist666

      It’s a shame about “The God Who Wasn’t There” it’s a really good doc about the historical evidence of Jesus. It’s made by a guy who was fully indoctrinated as a child and yet managed to shed it all in a most satisfactory way. It’s available on youtube and well worth a watch, a gold clock even. I know what you mean about Evid3nc3’s dry and dead pan delivery but I liked that about him and found his monotone quite soothing, there’s some good philosophy in there to. Good job we’re all different though eh, Alfredo ;)

    13. bringmeredwine

      I sent you an additional comment but sent it to myself by mistake!

  13. william brown

    in the end it's really just a faith based eco village...seemed like people were happy being there...not sure why people are being so cynical about it...these people are actually living a life filled with love and peace.

    1. koejoe

      Couldn't agree more.

  14. Sieben Stern

    Hey i have a GREAT idea... start a documentary with a high pitched squeal! that'll really turn them on! 8D

    1. dewflirt

      That was the rainbow singing :)

    2. Sieben Stern

      ith all tho thpiritual! I must now go take a child bride and stop thinking!

    3. dewflirt

      Also a chocolate labrador.

    4. a_no_n

      no no no...only the saviour gets a child bride...what do you think this is, a Cult or something?

  15. Patrick Adrien Varencaus

    another false massiah like the real one and 65 others prophesied ;)

  16. NX2

    More like a second coming of the one and only Holy Fart, it reeks again.
    However, i'm quite intrigued as to how a sect like this comes to rise. Who knows, could it be a complex of (sub-) cultural values coupled with the demise of societal certainties that make some people more susceptible to project their certainties to one side and their uncertainties to another? A split in the world view? To become holier then thou, but still accept thou beneath us, as long as thou " let us go our way" ?
    And where does it lead to?

    1. bringmeredwine

      It only seems to lead to misery, imo; and it really bugs me:(

    2. NX2

      I imagine in an extreme case we end up with a character like Gollum / Sméagol. "Master tells us what to do...master nice...precious...mine...mine!"
      But you can't help to feel for 'it'.

  17. dewflirt

    Why are all the new jesuses so easily recognised as jesus? Why the discomforting serenity, white dress and straggly hair? Even in his own time I can't imagine that he would have sailed calmly through life uttering deep and meaningfuls, wouldn't he have hiding out? Wouldn't he have tried to ninja his way through town, avoiding guards, engaging in hit and run miracles and the odd back room sermon? Why would a new jesus set up a community in the middle of nowhere instead of doing something useful? He should be out in the dead of night bringing hope and soup to the rough sleepers, keeping prostitutes safe and tickling stray dogs. He should be out spreading love and inciting riots, banging on the doors of pay day loan shops and turning the floods to wine. And I'm pretty sure he'd have got himself a pair of jeans and a hoody by now, it's hard to ninja in a dress ;)

  18. johnBas5

    Religious people who easily believe things are delusional fools.

    1. Ricardo Porto

      I would rephrase for.

      "People who easily believe things are delusional fools"

      And I'm not Religious.But I'm free and enjoy.Therefore I do not judge anyone's beliefs.I let them be free with their own beliefs.I'm not better because I'm not Religious just have different views.

    2. NX2

      I'd agree depending on what is meant with judging. Believes do have consequences. If i told you the world would be better off if we killed people, would you be without judgment?

  19. dewflirt

    I like the old jesus better, more believable ;)

    1. free with god

      you can see the old jesus and true jesus in holy quran

    2. dewflirt

      Has it got pictures? :)

  20. bringmeredwine

    Of course, all is not as it seems.
    I watched the other doc, "Jesus of Siberia", then browsed a few sites. Here are some more details, that this doc didn't show you. (or maybe it did?) I can never remember everything I watch!
    There are witnesses describing severe malnutrition among members. Things like rickets, meningitis, TB. were a concern. Vaccinations were not permitted.
    No meat or dairy allowed. No sugar, salt, coffee or tea. Women cannot breastfeed! At one point the water was polluted with algae and it was undrinkable. There was limited juice and it was only for Vissarion.
    According to witnesses, the village is surrounded by giant festering garbage heaps hidden from view.
    His home is filled with food, and fruit. No one else has any fruit!
    Bartering is forbidden. One can only give gifts to another member. Whatever that means.
    Boys and girls go to separate schools. They are taught that men are meant to lead. Not women, or there will be disharmony.
    A teacher for the girls, in "Jesus of Siberia" told the interviewer, "If she (a female) rejects these rules, she puts herself at risk. The harmony will punish her with a woman disease." Really?
    Not only are there unbearable mosquitos and scorching temperatures in the summer, also frigid temps all winter. It sure must be fun attending all those sermons up the hill everyday!
    The community is rife with murder and suicides.
    People are free to leave, but they will have nothing to take with them. Witnesses insist money and material possessions have to be turned in upon joining the community.
    Vissarion has two wives, the second of whom has lived with him since the age of seven.
    It really bothers me that Vissarion says things like, "Do not try to be superior among the people around you. That intention leads to death." Doesn't that translate into, Vissarion is doing what he ought not to, himself?
    It's so hard for me to comprehend why an intelligent person would follow every rule of this man, including his ramblings in all 12 volumes of his testament. Especially a well educated woman.
    There's lots of things we can do in our homes and out in the world to try and save our planet.
    The man appears to have some kind of compelling affect on certain individuals. He really is something, but I doubt he is a messenger from God.

  21. dmxi

    let's assume jesus wasn't a real historical figure...just a mythical
    contraption to bind differentiating belief systems of the time into a
    'one-body-example' to manifest a 'new' evolutionary way of high-lighting
    the individual in importance in the whole societal status as opposed to
    the rule of the strongest of the time(ie human rights in general)?rome
    was the first to apply universal citizen rights(universal) which system
    was built on the greek model(in-state) but that only granted it's rights
    to males of 18 yrs of age...which is an in-built fail!
    america has
    left the passage of universalism & has chosen to follow the greek
    tragedy,btw.!so,where do these cults come in to play?they close the void
    that secularism has created & manifest themselves in the most
    bizarre forms imaginable (this prime example) no matter if communism or
    imperial capitalism meant to deliver intellectual & religious
    freedom.....the void is there & the masses seek their own
    solutions.simple human traits...but that is just my opinion.

    1. a_no_n

      the Jesus we all know certainly never existed.

      I listened to a couple of really interesting episodes of irreligiosophy the other day, where they were analysing the gospels, specifically Mark and Matthew. and after hearing that i'm actually more convinced that he might have existed. Without the dul eyed glaze, it's quite interesting what you can see in Jesus.

      If you take Mark and Matthews word for it Jesus wasn't a particularly nice guy and actually comes across more of a conman than a saviour. He's Xenophobic, devious, manipulative and not as bright as he thinks he is as he misquotes several times and often falls foul of logical fallacies, things that he seems to get through on sheer charm.

      In the context of what is going on when Jesus says a lot of his parables, and his justification for using parables, you're left with a man who seems quite sinister and, dare I say petty.

      Let's just say that L Ron Hubbard has a lot more in common with Jesus Christ than "Jesus Christ" has.

    2. dmxi

      would be nice if you could post a link,anon...sounds intriguing?

    3. jaberwokky

      I second the motion, I'm all for a fresh take on the old story.

    4. bringmeredwine

      The Jesus I learned about in Sunday School, promised sinners a place in Heaven if they'd just accept him as their saviour.
      No matter what they'd done!
      I never thought that made sense. In that case, (I was thinking in my evil little mind) I could continue to do very bad things, then just ask for HIS forgiveness on my death bed.

    5. jaberwokky

      They're all full of empty promises and lies aren't they, all these gods, messiahs, priests and cults. It's a trap I tells ya!

      "Stop, stop and listen for the bough top
      Is whistling and the sun is brighter
      than God's own shadow in the cup now!
      Forget the hour-bell. Mournful matins
      Will sound, Patric, as well at nightfall."

      The Blackbird of Derrycairn - Austin Clarke

    6. Imightberiding

      But oh dear child, when will that bed be made?

      Edit: That was sarcasm. ;)

    7. bringmeredwine

      Back in 1995, I read a very intriguing book by a Canadian named Paul William Roberts. It's titled Journey of the Magi.
      He sets out to to make sense of the bible, who the characters were in real life (like the three wise men, and Jesus) and the geography as we now know it.
      He has a lively and amusing writing style. Provides lots of anecdotes about his adventures while he was researching this material.

    8. jaberwokky

      Judging from some of the reviews I browsed, that looks like it might be an entertaining read, more Dan Brown than Elaine Pagels perhaps? I can't find a downloadable copy anywhere though.

    9. bringmeredwine

      He is so much more entertaining than Dan Brown, trust me. Considering Roberts is a nonfiction writer, that's saying a lot!
      I haven't read any Pagels.
      Edit: This is just my personal opinion so please, dear readers, don't rip my head off!

    10. jaberwokky

      I've read three of her books and I found them all to be compelling reads. She certainly seems to know her subject.

      I'm not a Dan Brown fan either, he tries too hard to sex it up. Plus he appears to have "borrowed" a bit too liberally along his merry way.

    11. Guest

      It's said he was appointed by the Illuminati to direct the group that became known as Scientology. The group that included Sigmund Freud and Adolf Hitler and the Rockefeller's and Rothschild's etc. He was picked to be the figurehead of that new creation which wasn't even thought up by him in the first place - but was an assignment that he took on. Which would suggest that his only commonality with the actual energy now known as Jesus Christ would be as an anti-christ connection - in opposition to - and in support of the Satanist-Illuminati.

    12. a_no_n

      who says that?

    13. Joss

      sorry - I'm getting old - I read that in something that seemed trustworthy - but can't remember where... I'll let you know if it pops up again... there's so much stuff out on the internet now giving complex background details about behind the scenes influence of historical events... it seems to have been so much more complicated than we were taught in school.

    14. a_no_n

      No I'm sorry i gave you the impression you needed to apologise, that wasn't the tone i wrote that comment in. I'm genuinely interested. I consider debunking conspiracy theories something of a hobby and that one is a doozy, it has everything!

      I guess in school we had one source, and we were told to sit down shut up and pay attention, there wasn't the overwhealming availability of information available that there is now.

    15. bringmeredwine

      Here's something else for you to mull over at your leisure.
      The Essences were a strict Jewish sect. Essence scribes were responsible for composing or copying the Dead Sea Scrolls, found in caves near Qumran, 13 miles east of Jerusalem, between 1947-56.
      These scrolls consist of old Testament and sectarian texts. The Testament scrolls are 1000 years older than any previous version.
      The scrolls are dated from 200BC-68AD. The sectarian texts worried the Roman orthodoxy so much that they were hidden away from religious scholars for 40 years.
      It wasn't until 2005 that every single scroll was translated. They were mostly written in Hebrew, others in Aramaic, and Greek.
      It was written that Jesus, his siblings, Mary and Joseph, and his cousin John the Baptist, were all members of an elite Essene blood line.

    16. johnBas5

      Capitalism is an economic system and has nothing to do with freedom(s) outside economics; It is irrelevant in the points made.

    17. bringmeredwine

      Neither does communism. I didn't catch that the first time I read it, as far as religious and intellectual freedoms go. I should have read more carefully.
      I'm sure its simply a grammatical error of some sort.

    18. johnBas5

      Nah it's on purpose, adding socio-economic nonsense like this always is on purpose. Either out of stupidity, hidden agenda's or propaganda.

    19. bringmeredwine

      You sound as though you are offended by dmxi's post.
      I'm not.
      He wrote "...that is just my opinion".
      I can't delve into the subject of his intentions because it's none of my business.
      I should have kept my nose out of it and let him reply for himself, which he did.

    20. dmxi

      comment retracted.

    21. dmxi

      & ignoring,denying or insulting is exempt of your charges(stupid,agenda,propaganda)?

    22. johnBas5

      Calling out bs is not appreciated by you I see.?

    23. dmxi

      au contraire...it is appreciated & i believe that i acknowledged your pointing out very politely & corrected my mistake.

    24. johnBas5

      Oh, then I appreciate your input.

    25. dmxi


    26. johnBas5

      Nope, I mean that although the wording is unfortunately allowing interpretation of sarcasm. My sincere apologies for the confusion.

    27. dmxi

      so,you think that western religion wasn't 'tooled'
      by the gouverning forces?that's all my point consists of....

    28. dmxi

      communism had agnosticism written all over it's banner,or not?

    29. bringmeredwine

      Oh dear, here I am sailing off topic again.
      But because it's for you, here 'tis:
      I've read that some communists believe there's nothing wrong with religion, just the falsification of it for the interests of capitalistic society.
      Then there's the other view, that Lenin couldn't have won his revolution if he'd followed Christian doctrine and turned the other cheek.

    30. dmxi

      ...& stalin called his mother a whore after she was disappointed of his 'political' career instead of becoming a priest.....just goes to show,mmh?

    31. dmxi

      Lenin, put it:

      Religion is the opium of the people: this saying of Marx is the
      cornerstone of the entire ideology of Marxism about religion. All modern
      religions and churches, all and of every kind of religious
      organizations are always considered by Marxism as the organs of
      bourgeois reaction, used for the protection of the exploitation and the
      stupefaction of the working class

    32. jaberwokky

      I think that may have been part of the original point.
      Although I would have called it a "capitalist democracy".

    33. dmxi

      you're a true 'gent/lady'...just added myself as a 'follower' (pun intended),monsieur/mademoiselle(just out of manners,i mistakenly adressed 'bringmeredwine' with sir & don't want to repeat gender-ism(?)!)

    34. jaberwokky

      Why thank you good sir, most kind of you. I have in turn included myself as your follower. The thought just now crossed my mind, perhaps I should halt when I reach the 12 followers mark. Just like the Jesus:)

      I am indeed of the male variety. I'm no expert at determining gender from a person's written words either, who is? I generally ignore it until I have to guess, then I try to make conclusions based on how aggressive or reasoned the words are. It doesn't work, I need a new plan :/

    35. dmxi

      forgot to 'highlight ',sorry....always keep it short as possible & imperial capitalism is the 'new' democracy,imo.again,sorry as i thought that was evident.