The Lost City of the Monkey God

The Lost City of the Monkey God

2020, History  -   4 Comments
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Long steeped in myth and folklore, La Mosquitia is located on the eastern section of Honduras. It's a region that's been whispered about for centuries. Almost entirely unpopulated by humans, its sprawling 32,000 square miles of mountains, rainforests and swamplands constitute one of the last unexplored patches on the globe. The probing documentary The Lost City of the Monkey God recounts the legends that have blossomed around this region throughout time, and explores the revelations that have only been uncovered in recent years.

La Mosquitia is known as one of the most enigmatic and inhospitable places in the world. Populated by killer snakes, poisonous arachnids, deadly quicksand traps, savage jaguars and disease-ridden insects, the area has posed tremendous challenges to archeologists, scientists and other explorers over the years. Their ambitions have been further complicated by the violent history of Honduras itself, which has long been marred by violence, civil wars and widespread corruption.

Regardless, a steady stream of daring explorers have attempted to tread these dangerous terrains throughout time, but the most meaningful strides in this regard have only occurred in recent years.

Utilizing game-changing military-grade laser sensor technologies known as LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), teams of explorers are now empowered to search areas of La Mosquitia which have remained untrampled by humans for nearly 500 years. The filmmakers reveal the extensive fruits of these explorations, including the discovery of various relics, structures and land masses which hold clues about the civilizations that populated the land many generations ago. Their efforts are far from complete; several hundreds of miles have yet to be explored, and these areas could potentially host a plethora of unknown plant and wild life.

The Lost City of the Monkey God places you right in the middle of this thrilling, but dangerous landscape. Through informed narration and a stellar compilation of archeological imagery, the film is a compelling and impressively produced feature-length journey through uncharted territory. The film meticulously traces the history of Honduras, the myths that have come to define the region over the centuries, and the scientific efforts to track tangible evidence of its authentic history.

Directed by: Pete Kelly

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2 years ago

I watched this to see what was lacking... at no time do we see this lost city. All the guy does is promote people who previously failed miserably at being able to actually show us what is claimed to be shown in the title. oh, look, google lost city of the monkey king images, and you'll maybe get a jpeg of the only image shown, and thats scanned from an old newspaper, nothing here about the actual city, just bro's promoting other bro's...

But just southeast of the bay of mehicouan, by the rivers of blood there is the city of the monkey king...

Serpents are afraid for sure... :)

3 years ago

"Quantity has a quality of it's own." I quite enjoyed that. Very evocative.

3 years ago

the length of this doco is way too long for its actual content.... there is no need for the video footage/slideshow...... about 15 minutes of AUDIO would have this whole thing covered. producer must have been paid by the minute of footage.