Lost King of the Maya

Lost King of the Maya

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Lost King of the MayaLost King of the Maya In an ancient Mayan arena, enemies of notorious King Yax K’uk Mo square off in a ball game that appears much like modern soccer.

But in this fateful contest, winners live—and losers lose their heads. From 200 to 900 A.D., Yax K’uk Mo’s dynasty of Blood Lords presided over the Maya city of Copan, conducting hallucinogenic vision quests, ritual warfare and human sacrifice.

Join a team of archaeologists and historians who are piecing together the fascinating rise and fall of this ancient city, its legendary founder, Yax K’uk Mo and its amazingly advanced culture.

Maya Lords of the Jungle The civilization of the Maya, which rose out of Central America's rain forests more than 2000 years ago, grew to dizzying heights of achievement before declining precipitously in the ninth century AD No one yet knows why Maya civilization collapsed, but in Maya Lords of the Jungle, we witness the quest for an answer as archaeologists investigate temples and monuments, piece together the meaning of a complex hieroglyphic language, and analyze Maya trade routes and agricultural techniques.

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Marty More
5 years ago

Same as Rebecca Goodrich stated but my guide was at Chichen Itza

11 years ago

According to a Mayan guide at Coba, it wasn't the losers who died, the winners sacrificed themselves and considered it a great honor.

12 years ago

A veritable copanacopia, presented copandarific and even a little copantastic. Copan cat accepted this post but he couldn't type so I did it for him. I've gone too copanfar hasn't I :D

12 years ago

Finally...a movie about a Meso-American dynasty that doesn't involve UFOs! Thanks goodness for Nova.