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Lost Land of the Jaguar

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Lost Land of the JaguarSeries combining stunning wildlife with high octane adventure. A team of explorers search the depths of the last great unspoilt jungle on the planet.

Cameras follow the team every sweaty step of the way as they explore the beautiful wilderness of Guyana, from abseiling down one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world to climbing to the very top of the rainforest trees.

Known as the land of giants, Guyana is home to the huge anaconda, the world's largest tarantula and giant otters.

Gordon Buchanan goes in search of the elusive jaguar, while Steve Backshall abseils down one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world to see the creatures living there.

Meanwhile, Justine Evans climbs to the top of the rainforest trees in search of monkeys and macaws and George McGavin explores rotten logs for whip spiders.

The team pushes further into the jungle wilderness, searching for unusual and endangered animals that live there. Base camp is invaded by scorpions and poisonous centipedes, and Gordon Buchanan discovers an animal thief helping itself to base camp supplies.

Steve Backshall finds giant piranha and the long-fanged sabretoothed fish in his river survey, whilst George McGavin catches the world's largest tarantula. The climbing team begins an attempt to scale a huge unclimbed mountain at the forest's edge.

Steve Backshall and the climbing team struggle to reach the summit of a huge unclimbed tabletop mountain on the edge of the forest. The team live rough on the summit, searching for new species and scientific discoveries.

Justine Evans searches for giant anteater, while George and Gordon struggle up a remote jungle river to find a rainforest paradise where the animals appear to show no fear of man.

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16 Comments / User Reviews

  1. megadethmen

    Thank you, im really grateful!

  2. Villnova

    Amazing creatures

  3. Ford

    thnx vlatko........u rawk my sawks ;-p

  4. wayne

    i seen this under the name Guyana it air on tvo and the bbc and i think pbs great doc but to short they should of stayed at the summit longer

  5. Peter Leclair

    @to all who found this absolutely fantastic part of the planet is nothing short of incredible footage>I hope that the British will do what is right in helping Guyana with the poverty and I would really think to designate this land as out of bounds to exploitation as we are becoming aware of greenhouse gases and this part of the world plays a very important role in preventing mor and more planet erosion.This part of the world would benefit from tourism on a long life scale and to fall the trees for quick money is downright dangerous to the planet. Tourism would make more mponey for years to come and plucking the forest of its trees would be stupid and ignorant to the point that if deforistation was to be permitted in this area for a quick dollar would be mans downfall. Why cant Governments stop and think before they realise after the forests fall.Then its to late .Fantastic Program

  6. haps77

    I hope they can keep the forest intact.

  7. Big Ol Trees

    Loved it. Thanks very much!

  8. Helena

    I'm so sick of all these scientist, explorers and other booooooring humans in animal and nature documentaries! They so narcisistic and destroys almost everything with their presence whens they promise nice photage and animals.

  9. A. Wehber

    Amazing research...beautiful footage! Thank you!

  10. Sean Patrick Drury

    its a month later and its still not back up... :(

  11. Gary V

    A superb doc, nature never fails to amaze me.

  12. AnjirGirl

    Sheer awesomeness!

  13. sknb

    Awesome Awesome Awesome!

    This doc proves you don't need to turn to cryptozoology chasing bigfoot to see fascinating new species.... They are in the rainforest!

  14. Sharebearcharlie

    this was a great show, totally enjoyed this, soo interesting and amazing

  15. Johnathon Power

    this documentary isnt that exciting. interesting maybe but its pretty slow and has no real exciting footage.

  16. KirstyJ

    Really enjoyed watching this amazing documentary. Hope the UK helps Guyana as a result of allowing us to explore such beauty. The crews dedication and risk taking in bringing us this unexplored footage was astounding!!

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