Lost Treasures of Tibet

2003, History  -   11 Comments
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Lost Treasures of TibetLovely documentary about restoring a secco Buddha paintings in a huge deteriorating temple. Italian fresco expert advises the locals and helps in restoration, guiding the work. Another expert, an architect, leads the structural shoring up, done with what adobe.

The Indian Sub Continent as a whole comprising of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar and to a great extent Tibet was the birth place of civilization - a melting pot for cultures and civilizations.

Before Leonardo da Vinci painted The Last Supper, Tibetan craftsmen were creating stunning artistry of their deities in the remote Himalayan kingdom of Mustang. In Lost Treasures of Tibet, NOVA goes behind the scenes with the first conservation team from the West, as it undertakes the painstaking restoration of these ancient masterpieces and the beautiful monasteries that house them.

Directed by: Liesl Clark

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11 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Jo Sauce

    Shakyamuni was born as a royal prince in 624 BC in a place called Lumbini, in what is now Nepal.

  2. Biranjan

    seriously flawed documentary

  3. daniel

    hmmmmm lets look at iraq and what happend to the mosque and islamic culture

  4. nepali

    buddha was not born in northern india...at least u guys should have investigated that before making this documentry...its a shame on u guys

    1. robin propst

      öh isent he were is his then born ???

    2. VJ

      Siddhartha Gautama as a human might have been born in Lumbini where as Lord Buddha as a divine being rose at Bodh Gaya. Stop de marking religions on the basis of geographical borders.....Moron do a bit of reading before you comment......the film makers made this documentary to highlight the art & culture in the region not to incite you ignorant fools to comment on this forum.......Try Reading the Title of the Documentary first.......Nepali my asss.....

    3. landofsun

      O !this a** hole seems to be intelligent, as for your knowledge mustang is not a kingdom its a part of nepal and when nepal was unified the king was taken out of thrown .....again Siddhartha Gautam ( Buddha )was born in NEpal .... it doesn't matter how much you f--king Indians try to dis inform the world.


    This was a great piece,and im happy t hear artest from another place respected this type of work that needed to be done and also respected the grounds it was done on.

  6. Leon

    It's interesting to see, in the many comments and reflections on Buddhist thought in this documentary, how Western language and notions pretty much fail to communicate anything near an accurate picture. Like trying to eat soup with a fork.

  7. marie

    These are incredible works of art. I've been in Tibet and I've seen first hand what the Chinese did to the Tibetan monasteries and Tibetan arts with their idiotic cultural revolution. They are still killing what is left of Tibet by encouraging Han Chinese to settle in Tibet while the Tibetans are treated like they do not exist.

  8. tennie

    omg so many great arts and artifacts!!^.^