Louis Theroux: Fundamentalist Christianity
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Louis Theroux: Fundamentalist Christianity

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Louis Theroux: Fundamentalist ChristianityLouis Theroux's Weird Weekends is a television documentary series, in which Louis Theroux gives viewers the chance to get brief glimpses into the worlds of individuals and groups that they would not normally come into contact with or experience up close.

In most cases this means interviewing people with extreme beliefs of some kind, or just generally belonging to subcultures not known to exist by most or just frowned upon. It was first shown in the UK on BBC2.

In first episode of Theroux's Weird Weekends, in Dallas, Louis meets TV evangelists Marcus and Joni Lamb, and joins a group of hardline Christians called "The Family" as they visit the Deep Ellum entertainment district. (Excerpt from Wikipedia.org)

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  1. if i were looking to be convinced for any particular belief, lost hopelessly within the dungeons of insecurity,i would take up saundra g`s religion. lets love more and segregate less.

  2. Brilliant! <3

  3. The WBC are not Evangelicals, they are old-world Calvinists. They are not Evangelical because they have no intentions to evangelize.

    1. All Christians have intentions to evangelize. It's part of the instruction, you know, go forth and multiply, err,baptize and save others?

    2. No WBC have stated many times, they aren't trying to recruit. Theyre just letting you know youre going to hell.

  4. Louis is such a prat, taking the piss like that! By far my favourite documentarist,I don't think many people can look as childishly innocent while asking the most preposterous questions, especially when it comes to those delusional born-agains!

    1. agreed, i have never seen anything like him

  5. I like your Christ, I don't like your Christians / Gandhi

  6. The "Lamb's" are some of the most phony people I've ever seen!

  7. These people are so full of ****! Angels on your body!! LMAO!

  8. That man from the TV show reminds me of Ned Flanders from the Simpsons, he's got the mustache and the voice as well as the evangelicalism.

  9. Faith, It starts out intimate and warm, then you pray and with a more positive attitude with this knowledge that Jesus is right next to you. It's all fine when everything seems to be going your way then bam! You hit a snag.
    Then you start hearing for the first time the utter hatred coming from seemingly kind people who were one moment praising the Prince of Peace and the next moment are saying the most horrible things about people. Then you give them excuses like they are entitled to their opinions and you could almost overlook the wrong they were saying.
    Then after being alienated because you actually read the Bible and find out that so many stories in it are conflicting. Especially when it comes to Jesus words and what the church is putting forth as doctrine, you start reading Jesus teachings to your children in a home Bible study. Then you read that the God of Love has ordered his people to do horrible acts, the very things the church condemns people for. Then you realize that the Jesus and the God that the church is worshiping are not even the same warm and kind and compassionate one that saved you. Then you wonder what is going on, ask God for wisdom and you realize that once you get wisdom that the church is filled with intellectually challenged, hurting people who have bought into self inflicted misery and are strangely happy about it. Two words come to mind; Hypocrisy, and ignorance. Strange and funny that the very people who used to invite you to a new neighborhood with a homemade apple pie are now the ones peering out from the curtains with suspicion filling their eyes.

    1. I agree with everything you say. What you had described has been my experience too minus the marriage.

      What happen is the Christian church is living under God's curse because they are not preaching God's grace in Jesus's of Nazareth that gives people Jesus's spirit if they can have it. They preach a faith based salvation that enslaves people under moral laws which can't perfect sinners. So they ended up worshipping the Devil and his demons.

      I wonder where you are now in your spiritual journey. Hit me up if you ever get the chance to read this reply.

  10. I like how the reporter keeps it respectful, despite his clear feeling that these people are somewhat deluded. Strangely refreshing.

  11. These people are wannabes, who find themselves indulging in emotional highs, and make a mockery out of true Christianity.

    1. I don't think that's true at all. I found these people to be genuine good hearted christians who are doing a lot of good. How exactly did you find they were making a mockery out of "true" christianity?

  12. ''its not a brain thing''

  13. America: WTF!?

    Sincerly: The world...

    1. America: WTF?!
      Sincerely, America

  14. i am starting to think mankind is just inherently insane ... everyone believes something! lol

  15. Marcus and Joni Lamb make me sick! Nauseating1 This is a pretty solid documentary if I can stand to watch those two.

  16. Big Money in being saved.

  17. boen again christians seem harmless in comparison to the westboro baptist church, I just watched both of Louis doc's on the subject, and Im thoroughly appalled by the behaviour of those westboro folks

    1. But they are born again Christians too.....

    2. Even though not many agree with these people's beliefs, most won't deny they're bad people. Everyone outside the WBC hates the WBC.

  18. "With sin on my mind" ... I have to say Louis' subversive if not clandestine condescending method of approaching a story is always refreshing & entertaining.

  19. Well, they are friendly people. Delusional, of course, but friendly.

    "At least I could still smoke pot and go to gay bars"- Greatest comment ever.

    1. I read your comment before I saw that part and it kind of ruined it for me. Best quote ever for sure!

  20. oh old school Louis is hilarious

    1. Do you mean his style of journalism? Do you mean his earlier work? If you are referring to hie earlier work, then there is really nothing "Old School" about it. He is still a young man & his earlier work is anything but from an era that could be referred to as "Old School". Of course i guess it is all relative, especially with this new time frame that is unique in itself known as "Internet Years" not unlike "Dog Years". A couple or a few years is forever when it comes to the kids today & computers & instant gratification on the internet. I just found your comment rather humorous if you are indeed referring to his earlier "Old School" interviews. He has barely started his career as a journalist. Of course he has found some early success in his chosen field, but that hardly makes his initial projects "Old School".

    2. 1. This was made more than 13 years ago now, not a "Couple of years" you condescending ****.
      2. who cares

      oh the joys of first world issues

  21. @ Charly
    From 325 AD, at the Council of Nicene, whence Emperor Constantine decreed his Holy Roman and Apostolic Catholic Church be both the embodiment of all Christendom as well as supreme and absolute sovereign of the Holy Roman Empire's first and only ever 'State Religion', right up to October 31, 1517, when Martin Luther nailed his "Ninety-Five Theses" to a church door, if you were Christian, you were Catholic!

    A theocratic dictatorship if ever there was.

    Charly, if you ascribe(as it would seem) to the laughable notion that fascist 'Pax Romana' social structure is the unique base upon which 'progress' might flourish("...If the Catholic Church had not been around, you would not have had any progress that you enjoy today..."[25]), then you, Sir, are just that: fascist.

  22. ah - the rapture.

    when christ takes his believers away to the mothership and leaves the rest of the world alone. i only ask that he takes all believers. he can leave the shinto and wiccans i guess, but the rest are fair game!

    1. you are already alone.

  23. I love you Louis; hurry and make some more of these great documentaries. No one compares to you!

  24. I actually find these humorous portrails of religes (in this case, christians) to be very disturbing.

    I honestly cant belive that in this technological age people still cling to these ancient & outdated beliefs.

    Are so many people (particularly in america) really that snowed?

    Are people really so content to just swallow anything theyre told without any type of real tangible evidence or rational judgment?

    Mabye people are just content to belive fictional tales instead of thinking coherently (or mabye at all?)

    Or mabye theyre just happy to delude themselves because they havent really been given a decent, subjective education.

    Mabye having false hopes about magical fairylands appeals to people who have undergone some kind of traumatic event in their life.

    Or it might be the simple fact theyve been that indoctrinated since birth theyre incapible of change.

    Louis is a bit bland but i like where he goes with his themes & you do get a giggle from time to time.

    Oh and the brunette in "the family" all i can say... always makes me sad when i see such potential spoilt, what a waste :(

  25. I could stomach Louis' arrogance and belittling attitude throughout the majority of the documentary, but I have completely lost all respect for him after he completely ridiculed the foundation of Christianity by pretending to pray the prayer of salvation and made hell seem like a fun place to go. Not impressed at all.

    1. Why? He knows (like any sensible person) that Hell isn't real, therefore it is fine to mock. Plus, he was was under serious pressure to join in the pray from those two women. He only murmured a few words anyway. Hardly sincere.

  26. "But I could still smoke pot!" haha love this.

  27. @Havvan gotta a massive brain hard-on for him, in a girly way.
    God told me to stalk Louis Theroux so I can get more body angels. *wink wink*

  28. Gotta love Louis Theroux massive bro-crush on him

  29. I just really hope that the people who produced and watched this documentary don't believe that this is what Christianity is about. I'm glad the title of this documentary is "Fundamentalist Christianity".
    Specially the "angels on your body" people are very off.

  30. @6:25 "they will end up in a place called Hail..." never heard of such place. LOL.

  31. The incessant message of these bellweathers is Don't Use Your Brain (i.e., don't think), Use Your Heart (i.e., just feel)! It's amazing how much wealth is accumulated through exultation of the ignorant and desultory. I guess a congregation is not called a flock for nothing.

    If anything, this documentary unwittingly proves that faith is humbug.

    P.S. Mr. Theroux comes forth as an juvenile embarrasment, guitar and all.

  32. Now I know why the Christians followed Bush into war. All you need is faith and the WMDs will really be there. It also didn't hurt that the victims were Muslim.

    1. What are you talking about? Not all Christians are Evangelicals. Some of the most anti-war politicians in the USA are strong believers in Christianity.

  33. @Achems Razor

    I know you are a funny guy, so I will give you a funny answer.

    If you don't like to hear it, don't listen....

    No, we don't get extra points for converting people. Well perhaps some people do think that way. But no, we don't get points. And we are not all Catholic and don't give our money to the Catholic Church.

    And again, in this country we have the freedom of religious expression, or non-religious expression. This documentary is clearly tongue-in-cheek, but a cute way to present the way people do believe. We can laugh at it, but then we would be laughing at someone's faith system. Not cool.

    1. On the contrary, the world would undoubtedly be better off if more people laughed at such absurdities and lies.

  34. I always find these things a little scary. The girl at the end kinda weirded me out she just looked like she was mentally ill, rocking back and forward talk about she used to be sick. Seems kinda scary to me but either way whatever does it for em I guess

  35. That dark haired girl in the family was hot.

    Louis was great in this film, like always.

  36. It's funny how people generalise and stereotype. A lot of the comments on this page a broad statements at the 'Church'. It's important look deeper than the people. There are many people who claim to be christians but lead a life full of sin. In the the same way their are politicians who claim they will make changes, but then lie through their teeth. People like this will give others a bad name.

  37. Favorite line occurred around 45:00
    Louis: You need a joint, some pot?

    That is priceless!

  38. It really amuses me how bent out of shape some people get... What makes it better is how stupid some people are - I grew up in a Catholic school, it's probably one of the most hateful religions out there; actually almost all Christians are like that.

    What I really love was someone's comment about the Catholic Church helping shape the world - sure they helped shape the world, after the killed thousands and thousands of people. Oh and did you forget about them killing a bunch of enlightened scientists who would have shaped the world for the better?

    Yeah I didn't think so.

  39. never understood how people can get so crazed about something...
    great documentary!

  40. So I am a non-christian person and I couldn't really fault the people in this film. They were all at least polite, if not genuinely friendly and wanting to help. I also found it actually quite sweet when those women were so happy when Louis started saying the prayer. Some could say his willingness to bring joy to a person he just met is important in itself.
    I guess like any group, most people are nice one-on-one. Its always those mobs you have to worry about....

    On another note...How cute is Louis in this early show?! ;)

  41. I just adore Louis Theroux,there is smt unique about him and his docus :)))) i find them funny...Louis rules!!!

  42. Is evolution accepted by the church yet?

    Just curious.

  43. An interesting spoof on the mentality of believers in Christ; they were sincere in their mindset and desire to reach others for the object of their faith, or so it seemed to me.

  44. @Linda
    Aye, Religion is hypocritical on so many different levels you could spend hours listing them and still forget a few.Its a very sad system with all of them.

    However ,I do like Louis.Every doc Ive seen with him was a good watch to me.He makes me laugh. He has , like you said a way to get his point across w/o being nasty. I like how he was being nice to that angle lady but on the inside laughing at her and her fellow churchies.

  45. Religion restricts any journey towards your goals of future advancement. Into technology, or applies the tools and methods you need into an advanced culture. No bible on earth offers this. Like any infectious disease, it's always introduced by an evil within, which mainly acts as an obstacle. To feed off and control humanity. Behind the scenes of reality lie those who are not out for the welfare of any and all human beings. Their plan started from the beginning and will go until our end. Unless you turn around and look within yourself. At no time no invisible outside of the body God intervened into preventing any inhuman act to assist any of earths humanity. Faith and beliefs are the masks of the non existent. Live a wonderful life with what you have within, at no other place can this happen.

  46. you guys do need to get laid like a mofo in the pooper!

  47. i think there's too many bible thumpers ignoring the obvious here (naturally). The Catholic Church, in fact, ALL churches, are rich beyond belief. They pay NO taxes, snidely twist government workings to suit their agendas, collect cash from their followers, and always want more.

    Jesus was all about (plainly) lamenting the rich and greedy, and blessing the poor and indigent. As soon as Theroux walked into this 'family''s home, I instantly knew it was bullshit - and am surprised Theroux made no mention of it - the fact that, for a God-fearing, Jesus and poor-loving people, their home is WAY above the standard of a true, humble, and Jesus-following stature. It's exactly the same with every evangelical, born again, and self-righteous religious freak I've ever met, seen, heard, or read of. I actually expected the Phelps family to practice what they preach; live simply and humbly, but even their homes, property, and possessions are exactly the same way.

    The part with the young couple by the nightclub really made an impact. Five months pregnant, no shoes, living on the street, accepting money from strangers for the chance to eat a meal that day, and being the only ones happy to stand and listen to their Partridge Family-esque biblical impositions - I should have expected the family would just let them walk away barefoot and actually say that since they've 'found Christ' they'll magically come into money...

    Those people should have taken them out to dinner, found them some help, maybe offered them shelter in that gigantic suburban home of theirs, or even handed over the leather shoes from THEIR OWN FEET to exemplify the power of Christ and humanity. The goal of the church they frequent, or any church, should be to make use of monetary offerings or the millions saved in taxes every year and build some homes, buy some shoes, and cover some pre-natal costs. Instead, isn't it ironic the one indifferent guy that makes this doc showcasing the weird, stupid, and illogical ways of mostly religious idiots would be the only one to actually shed tears and complain about the couple's well-being in the real world, after the so pious religious family dismisses them and their plight like so much dirty trash, with some ridiculous attempt at justification to boot.

    I didn't expect this doc to be much more than some whimsical musings, but in a few ways, it spoke even louder than Root of All Evil or Religulous. Now I understand that whether heavily devout or casual, Evangelical, Catholic, born-again, or Baptist, kind or hostile, musical or wordy, signs or guitars, old or young, family or not, ignorance, vanity, vileness, greed, arrogance, and cold, soul-dead inhumanity is all that truly lies at the heart of religious institution and the deplorable sheep that blindly follow it. It is very strangely, a lot like the antichrist they so love to warn about: come on innocently and openly, spread lies and false hope, then morph into power mongerers and greedy taskmasters, with serious hurtful, hateful, and violent repercussions for any that dissent.

    People like this, and a vast majority of religious and devout peoples, do more harm than good. Interesting how in Theroux's far less religious country, a poor street-living couple wouldn't have to pay for health care, child care, or worry about finding a suitable home with low or no income. Some serious laws and regulations regarding religious practices and institutions need to be enforced by the greatest minority, those that are admittedly non-religious, and stop the utter madness.

  48. Just watched this documentary and it was good, I like Louis he has a way of getting his point over without being nasty.
    I then read the comments, what can I say, I live in the West of Scotland where we are devided into two group's wheater we like it or not Catholic and Protestant we have seperate schools and the people you live next door to will ask you which religion you are before they ask your name I have an Irish surname because my husband is of Irish decent we are non religious. It is not very christian like on both side's to judge people because of thier name or what school they attend before you get to know them if what I have experianced growiing up and through most of my adult life is christian I am glad I am a non believer. That is accepet better than attending the wrong church on a Sunday. I have known people to be refused jobs because they are the wrong type of christian and as for the roman catholic church here is what happened to my mother in law in 1961, she was left a widow when my father in law was killed in an industrial accident at work. She was left with my husband and his twin brother at the age of 4 she recived an electricity bill for about £8 not a lot of money but at that time she had nothing being of the catholic faith she went to the priest and asked for a payment from the st vincent de paul fund (ie) for the destitute and was refused hence with two small children her electicity was disconected how christian like of them. Both major religions in Scotland are full of hypocricy one law for the rich and another for the poor as for me I will takemy chances as a non believer these are my own views and no disrespect is ment to anyone else.

    Linda ;-*

  49. You all need to go get laid... Born again, stop making things up, go out, meet a member of the opposite sex, or whatever it is you desire. It's better living through chemistry.

  50. hahaha i laughed so hard when he started playing George Michael's Faith.

  51. You are all deluded people believing in magical stories. Man made god.

    But, of course, in your delusion, you belive in a god that has no ability to ever ehal an amputee.... there must be one of them worthy, huh? But no, there has never been nor will there ever be, a god to regenerate the limb of an amputee.

    Not ever.

    There is no god, but there are many deluded people.

    Make a film about Chrisitianity the way Jesus told it and you'd all have to cut off your masterbatory hand, and gouge out your eyes .....

    That is, if you were following the contradictory statements of that mythical character you so believe in, deluded people.

  52. What you see in others is actually a reflection of your own soul.

    Christianity. because of its exclusivism, lacks universality, and so Christians like these who push others into becoming Christians are simply creating their own kind of Hell. If they die with this attitude they will enter an afterlife of heartbreak, loss and continual lack of fulfilment, because that's what they feel knowing there's a whole world of non-Christians out there. But if they embrace universality and non-exclusivism (and recognize the many paths to the Divine instead of just one), the Heaven they so covet may become a real possibility.

  53. you must stop them asap before they wearing their suicide belt

  54. "The Family" is a crock!

    Why is it when Christians Speak in tongues there's always a lot of "Bah, bah, bahing?"

    If Fundamentalist Christians ever get very much political power in the US we'll have our own version of the Taliban!

  55. That was actually quite a sweet way he went about it. There wasn't any mocking or making fun of the people and it seemed that they were genuine in their quest for him to find Jesus. Good people all around and very respectful.

    That being said, I myself be a non-believer, I felt for him when he so very much wanted to please the lady in the church. I have felt like that with relatives when they are shoving their religion down my throat and I say what they want just to make them happy.

  56. Fun to watch, the constraints of BBC...nice.

  57. and as they are witnessing they are poluting too... Way to go!!

  58. Ah yes, catholisism arguments. to say one church is corrupt is to admit many more are. They all make money, and some make more with political connections. But, lets not pick on any specific branch of religion for they all have some link, ancient and new, to wrong doings. god bless.

  59. *Catholic inquisition lasted 300 yrs, Spanish inquisition is seperate and secular. It's purpose was political control.

    Read the entire q&a of the link you posted, it says the state of Texas executes more people in a year than the inquisition did in 10.

  60. Hi all

    I'm not a catholic but I would like to mention a few constant examples of bad history.

    Inquisition - 3000 dead in 300 yrs, though even 1 dead is too many, not the historical bloodbath people make it out to be. The majority of the executions were protestants trying to make the bible available to all and break from the catholic church.

    The reformation was not never the mass public revolting against the church but priests within the church who found errancy in RC policy and practice when compared to what is found in the bible e.g.Luther . Reformists wanted to see change within the church, protestants wanted to split from the Roman Catholic church and were made up of both lay people and clergy.

  61. i love louis, he makes out he is such a dummy, when really he is right under your skin! mauhahahaha! <3

  62. Louis is adorable and funny. It was a pleasure watching something non-religious that's not also anti-religious or the other way around, like Religulous or No intelligence allowed, which even though great, I find a bit too much, a bit too to the extreme. But this is very fun to watch, 10/10, in other words worth the time

  63. It is mind blowing that people can write great scripts about the greatness of the Catholic Church without mention to the 80 years of child molestation, or even the Inquisition. I guess we can't Torguemada anything!!!!

    This is not intended to offend, but do take a moment, and think about how a red hot poker inserted into your anus would feel. I guess it would feel like Hell. This was the Catholic Church. It ran it's affairs with no love, for so long. It just did. It really just did. And it did this as it didn't like the fact that they were losing their monopoly power on men's souls. And remember, it WAS a business. It just was. Today we have commercialism, TV and iPODS. Then, they had the occasional book, strong mead, and God. It's not that people were desperate to give their money, they just had fewer options to spend it. Life today is different. The Church is smaller in influence today, because it has less money.

    Equally, to talk to the Cathoilc Church bringing so many good things to society is just a criminal argument. It is like saying that if I hadn't married my wife, I would have lived a spinster. That is not true. Just because one entity creates a situation, it does not mean that the eventuality would never have occurred. Far from it. Life shows us that poop always expands to fill the space provided. None of this is to say the work was not appreciated, or understood, but to claim that it was the only source of advancement is pathetic.

    They were a huge monopoly, who spread fear as a comodity, and in case you do not know your history, the historical period known as the Reformation, can be summed up as the world giving TCC the finger. They did it for a reason.

    Finally - The church's wealth. So what. It is theirs. I agree with Charly. But please, why is God exempt from taxes?

  64. Achem, you are so right and Vatican City is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, and yes it is a nation unto itself with it's own government, army and banking system. They answer to no one. They are one of the most corrupt organization in the world and backers of the NWO. The RCC is the whore mother and all others who sprang from her are the harlots. The sheeple are there to be used and fleeced on a regular basis.

    Piss Paul II worked for I.G. Farben during the Nazi reign and Farben used slave labor from the concentration camps and worked those poor souls to death. To avoid arrest he high tailed it to the church and became a priest when the war ended and some of the Farben execs went on trial at Nuremberg. What a slimy piece of shit that man was but he was just being what a RCC pope does best, lie, cheat and steal.

  65. The title is not very fitting the people he interviewed were not fundamentalist christians........they may have been mental with all that swooning in the holy ghost stuff but all the people interviewed in the film were either charasmatic/pentacostal or new ge christians......but none were fundamentalists

  66. i agree with Miks, they are adorable people and only mean well, so you almost feel bad when Louis makes fun of them or confronts them about their beliefs, but he had me smiling the entire time!. this was a great doc, 10 stars.

  67. Yes it seems like Monty Python has answeres to all of lifes important questions. Now I agree with Charly that a lot of the world cultural heritage is the legacy of TCC. We love to visit medieval cities, see beauty in old narrow streets, go to gothic chatedrals and marvel/fantasize about old times. However picturesc they may be, they are the result of a highly unpleasant society - Charly makes a good point that back then other groups than TCC were just as bad (that shouldnt be an excuse to think that what they have they deserve). I laughed though when stated that the church saved us from monarchy as the church was usually complementary to monarchy and both are a form of absolutistic rule. But all the time probably manipulating each other with a war every so often, in order to have the most power. So merely a question of evil no1 or no2. Now timeless pricipless = dogma ; they are not ahead of time. One example is forbidding the use of condoms not only as contraception but also as a way to stop spreading disease. Because of that many are dying right now. It is in fact mass murder. Not to mention their policy on gays... In short everything TCC or most other religious organizations do, it is aimed at accumulating wealth and power. I like Sanundra g´s outlook on life. Vegeterians though a bit deluded are nice ppl. If all religious ppl had that kind of view on life there would be no wars.


  68. Charly,
    thanks for the laugh... :)

  69. Life is but a stage! :D

  70. Charley, really sorry about nit-picking, discussions often turn into that direction. Thanks for the links :-). Cheers!

  71. Alex:

    For once I agree with you!

    Even thou, I am not religious.


  72. Charly hi!
    You write:
    1) “First, if it wasn’t for the Roman Catholic Church, you most likely not have found Christ today. Most likely, his story would have been buried along other wise teachings. It was Catholics that preserved the Christ heritage for Protestants for 1500 years untill the nordics decided to move onto ‘greener pastures’.”
    -----a) No, it was Christ through The Bible who preserved His heritage.
    b) The Orthodox Church preserved Christ’s heritage as well (by the way, I was born Orthodox).
    c) Again I say, my problem with the Catholic church is their theology. One that includes Christ, but promotes Mary and the saints. As long as the Bible was considered their Holy Book, they couldn’t hide Christ if they wanted to, that is, if they still wanted to call themselves Christians instead of Mary-Worshipers. So I will attack anything that is contradictory to The Bible, proclaimed by Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and yes, Protestantism! Protestants talked to me about Christ, and I am grateful, but other than that, I follow Christ, and no "system" other than His!

    2) “You should be grateful! You should appreciate the fact that if it wasn’t for them, their research, their admin, most of the ideas would be lost by now. Who’s to say it wasn’t how God wanted his message preserved?”
    -----Exactly my point! Catholicism was just the means, not because it was in total agreement with His will, but because it was there. In other places in the world there was Orthodoxy.

    3) “Sure, you may argue that the message may have been passed down by word of mouth or more revelations – but that’s a conjecture of hypotheticals that aren’t. They upheld the message long, long before Martin Luther rebelled.”
    ------No. You are not properly informed of their faith. How can you then talk of their message? Is it safe? -They did not uphold Christ’s message/gopsel. 90% of the priests, or maybe more, don’t even know what the gospel is, if you can believe that!!! There traditions managed that. I challenge you to go ask any priest of any rank, what the gospel is. Write it down, and come and tell me about it. Most likely my point will be made.

    4) “Second, you realize you’re implicating in deception to say Catholics don’t serve in humility?”
    -----You did not pay proper attention to my comment. Next time please copy/paste my words. I was talking about the “head”, the Vatican! Something I already made clear twice!

    5) “That’s also part of the Catholic chuch. It has many aspects. Many facets. Why paint it in such negative light? Why focus just on the small part that you find austentatious?”
    -----Small part?? Did you see the videos on the links??... This religion hides the Person of Christ and His gospel in the name of Mary. This is not a coincidence as you might think. Things are happening in the spiritual realm that -you understand- have no place here.

    6) “You state, “Christianity is not here to make art and build empires, or magnificent buildings”
    Well, Jesus never said not to do that!
    He said to put first things first and all will be added.”
    -----a) I shouldn’t even comment on this, because you know that the never ending priority is meeting the needs of the poor, but anyway. When Christ said this, He didn’t mean “added” as in millions/billions! He, in light of all His words and of His students, meant anything you need will be added. He didn’t mean rich cathedral filled with idols that undermine His gospel of salvation and scandalize believers and non believers.
    b) I’m not against saving money e.g. for your children’s well being or for another good cause, but against being rich in vanity, in taking the shape of this false-gold world which will one Day crumble to its foundation.
    c) Charly if you knew His message and that of His servants, you’d see how wrong you are here. You’re trying to tell me the appearance (“inside”/theologically and “outside”) of the Catholic church is what Christ intended? This can only mean you are not informed.

    7) “As 99.999% of the Catholic body is involved in service (like Mother Teresa), they have had beautiful things added.”
    ------a) I cleary and justly said:
    “I did not refer to Catholics, that is to people, nor to the good things accomplished by them, but to Catholicism!!!!”
    b) This “99.999% of the catholic body” being involved in service, is just a 99.999% misrepresentation of the reality within the catholic church!!!!!!!!! Please don’t say things like this.

    8. “Beauty is part of God too.”
    ------Beauty is to be found in His followers, in nature, and yes, why not, in our humble churches… but this is ridiculously out of spiritual proportion (catholic churches)! Again, my emphasis here -in response to your statements- on the expensive cathedrals comes in second on the “condemnation scale”, first thing is their false teachings.

    9) “The Lord’s prayer states ‘on Earth as it is in Heaven’ and catholic stay literal to that message, and design heavenly looking buildings. Do you really think God would prefer we build on earth, crummy little shacks? Or those sheds/ auditoriums that protestants call ‘God’s home’??
    -----a) Yes I do. Biblical Christianity’s is found in people’s changed lives which make their humble churches (not “crummy little shacks” as you say) more beautiful than anything catholicism has to offer. So, Christ is more than enough for us. You can keep your expensive “museum buildings” that cherish “the dead things”.
    Just a clue:
    Think of the story of the rich man and Lazarus. Think of the following as well:
    Luk 6:24-25 But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation. 25 Woe unto you that are full! for ye shall hunger. Woe unto you that laugh now! for ye shall mourn and weep.
    Rom 12:2 And **be not conformed to this world*: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
    1Ti 6:5-11 Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, **supposing that gain is godliness**: from such withdraw thyself. 6 But godliness with contentment is great gain. 7 **For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.** 8 And **having food and raiment let us be therewith content**. 9 But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. 10 **For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith**, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 11 But thou, O man of God, **flee these things**; and **follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness**.
    b) Protestants don’t call the church building/auditorium “God’s home”!!! This again is what folklore catholicism allows its people to call it..
    About God’s temple/home. God has two homes/temples. One is heaven, and the other is born-again man:
    Act 7:47-50 But Solomon built him an house. 48 Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet, 49 Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool: what house will ye build me? saith the Lord: or what is the place of my rest? 50 Hath not my hand made all these things?

    1Co 3:16-17 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? 17 If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.
    c) What did Christ mean when He said:
    Mark 6:10 may your kingdom come. May your will be done, as it is in heaven, so on earth.
    The purpose of these words are that we express in prayer that we want Him to be King as He is in heaven, so on earth. That is, “As your will is obeyed in your Kingdom in heaven, may it likewise again be obeyed here on earth, as you wish it.”
    It has nothing to do with material things Charly.

    10) (About my response to abortion)
    “My point was, not to think you’re wise cos you live in 2009 and think a bit better than in the past…
    I was illustrating the point to see justice as universal and timeless – that in some aspects, TCC is wiser on some issues than the masses already – ‘ahead of its time’ because it relies on timeless principles.”
    -----Again, your point is irrelevant, since this “timeless principle” has nothing to do with a wiser catholic church (anti-abortion derives from Biblical principles), since again it’s twin, the Orthodox church, keeps the same position, just as all other major religions do (!) and millions of non believers as well. I must say, this is a very poor argument in defence of catholicism.
    May God give you His increase.

  73. Oh no! It stopped before the movie was over. I laughed so hard. This is even funnier than religulous.

    It is sooo tempting to get into the debate, but I think it would be an effort in futility, but I can recommend a good book for believers or non-beleivers: It is called Godless by Dan Barker, who was once an evangelical preacher.

  74. Hi Charly,

    Your crediting the Roman Catholic church with preserving the teachings of Christ is highly inaccurate! The Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox went their separate ways in 1054, but ever after accepting each other as the true Christian churches. The message of Christ would not have been lost without the Roman Catholic church - there would still have been the Eastern Orthodox one.

  75. This is the second time I am entering this, The first did not show up.

    A little true story from Google.

    Vatican Wealth "Truly Astonishing"

    The Italian priest saying Mass in what looked like a gold plated church near the Spanish Steps in Rome was about to give his sermon when in stormed a street beggar screaming at the top of his lungs.

    "Give me the money and give it to the starving people like me. All criminals at the altar, especially you Father with all those golden rings and chalices!" cried the street person in Italian, as several church ushers rushed to remove him from the premises.

    While being pushed out of the Church like a piece of garbage, he made one last plea to those attending Holy Sunday Mass. "Don't give him the money, please don't give it to him! I need to eat. So do many others. All they do here is steal your money while many die in the streets.!"

    The incident occurred on a bright sunny summer morning in 1982 at a time when the Vatican Bank was entangled in Italy's biggest financial scandal in history, involving high ranking Vatican figures, the P2 Masonic Lodge, the Mafia and corrupt politicians and financiers.

    And it was a time-especially in Rome and behind the Vatican walls-when all the bigwigs were covering their dirty tracks, covering trails that most likely led to the untimely death of Pope Paul 1, Bank of Ambrosian chairman, Roberto Calvi, financier Michael Sindona and the looting of billions of dollars from Vatican bank coffers.

    The murders and the whereabouts of the stolen money still remain a mystery today, but the incident with the street beggar in the small Rome Church said it all.
    For rest of story and more articles, Google-articbeacon

  76. By the way, it's very comforting to believe in god, any thing or one bigger than us, to love and protect us when we cannot...and I believe in that god also, I believe that god is all accepting, all loving, and doesn't choose one over another...and when we chose to love, accept and protect one another and the earth and all the lives that dwell on earth including the animals and plants etc.. then we are closer to being godlike...life on earth is hard, but if love were the guiding factor it would be very different indeed...great wonderful things could be done, people taken care of instead of destroyed, animals taken care of instead of being slaughtered, everyone would have value not just the rich, or the beautiful, or the powerful, all would have value...I know I'm a dreamer...peace

  77. oh yeah, before anyone jumps to the conclusion that I don't believe in god, please let me say, I do believe in god. I just believe that whoever started all the creation thing, accepts everyone and everything in the entire cosmos...that all beliefs are valid and when our physical forms can no longer sustain our spirits, our spirits move on to the next dimension. Remember we are spirits first and foremost, residing in a physical form to experience life in the hardest school available (that we know of) and that is this small planet earth...what we choose to do with this opportunity is up to us...love and preserve or hate and destroy... that is the choice we must make...if love is your deciding factor then your on the right path...and it will show in your words,deeds and how you treat your fellow citizens of earth, including the animals, plants etc. if you chose to accept other viewpoints as valid and not place yourself or ideas on the pedestal then your on the right path...peace

  78. Wars are and have been fought in the name of god...the bible is stuffed full of murder,slaughter,intolerance and war...so who wrote the bible? God? really? and why would anyone in their right mind want anything to do with such a tyrant? the god of the bible isn't portrait to be very godly...in the musulm religion their god is equally vicious and war minded...now think! would a god any god really create a world fill it with all kinds of different people then chose only one type to love? accept? no, I don't think that would be very godly...and why is it that the writers of the bible are chosen ones? hum... sounds suspicious to me...again I say 'think'...peace

  79. Alex,
    Well, again those comments are highly unjust.
    ha, I'm not even Christian and I'm defending the Catholic church (the irony is rich).

    First, if it wasn't for the Roman Catholic Church, you most likely not have found Christ today. Most likely, his story would have been buried along other wise teachings. It was Catholics that preserved the Christ heritage for Protestants for 1500 years untill the nordics decided to move onto 'greener pastures'.

    You should be grateful! You should appreciate the fact that if it wasn't for them, their research, their admin, most of the ideas would be lost by now. Who's to say it wasn't how God wanted his message preserved?

    Sure, you may argue that the message may have been passed down by word of mouth or more revelations - but that's a conjecture of hypotheticals that aren't. They upheld the message long, long before Martin Luther rebelled.

    Second, you realize you're implicating in deception to say Catholics don't serve in humility?
    The administrative part of it (Vatican) and it's high priests is only the tip of the ice berg. There's only a handful of those individuals. 99.999% of it is out on the street with the poor, in total service. It also extends into the members of the church who try to be good to one another and to the needy.
    St Francis and his order is all about being as poor and as humble as possible for example. Some even wear those 'sack cloth'. That's also part of the Catholic chuch.
    It has many aspects. Many facets. Why paint it in such negative light? Why focus just on the small part that you find austentatious?

    You state, "Christianity is not here to make art and build empires, or magnificent buildings"
    Well, Jesus never said not to do that!
    He said to put first things first and all will be added.
    As 99.999% of the Catholic body is involved in service (like Mother Teresa), they have had beautiful things added.
    Beauty is part of God too.
    The Lord's prayer states 'on Earth as it is in Heaven' and catholic stay literal to that message, and design heavenly looking buildings. Do you really think God would prefer we build on earth, crummy little shacks? Or those sheds/ auditoriums that protestants call 'God's home'??

    Tell you what, a beautiful cathedral and the love and vision that went into its design, can sometimes be just as much a powerful sermon of what can be - than mere words. If there is a heaven, its architecture would be closer to the Catholic vision than the Protestants... (heck, most of them are eyesores... big sheds with neon lights. Shopping centers often have more beauty than they do... Why aren't they putting together a plan to build on earth in the vision of heaven?)

    Third, why take on my abortion comment? I know most religions detest murder and killing. My point was, not to think you're wise cos you live in 2009 and think a bit better than in the past...

    I was illustrating the point to see justice as universal and timeless - that in some aspects, TCC is wiser on some issues than the masses already - 'ahead of its time' because it relies on timeless principles.

  80. Charly hi!
    1) I referred to the fact the Catholic church is a rich church, something that has nothing to do with Christ. Are you aware of the teachings of The Bible? Only then you can see what I ‘m saying. Christians are not to make an empire on earth, with rich provoking buildings, especially provoking to poor people. Christ would have smashed them if He was here physically. Christianity is not here to make art and build empires, or magnificent buildings, it is here, to do what Christ did when He was here. Serve! In humility. That’s all. I mean other than how they dress ($$) and how they ride around ($$), they want to be called “your highness”, “your magnificence”, “your eminence” etc.! These people care about God’s will on earth?? They have no clue! Most if not all at the Vatican, are businessmen. So my implication to their wealth in agreeing with Razor, comes from a Biblical understanding of Christianity, hence -in that sense- it is completely “fair”. If it was a different establishment, of course I’d talk differently, but because they proclaim the Name of Christ, no, they’re not going to get away with all their lies (see those links please). -Believe me, I just touched the surface!
    Also, I referred to the Catholic (focussing on the Vatican), theologically, that is through my links to Razor. Theologically, it is not Biblical Christianity. Please research on it if you don’t believe me.
    I did not refer to Catholics, that is to people, nor to the good things accomplished by them, but to Catholicism!!!!
    2) On their church cathedrals you write “No one owns it anyway. It’s simply passed down for generation to generation and used for members of their insitutution. Good on them.”
    No. Shame on them, because what they pass down is art, power, bad example, scandals and not what they are supposedly (…) called for: Christ for the salvation of mankind, and this in fear of God in love, truth and humility.

    3) You talked about how they worked for it. You don’t get it. It’s not a job. They must serve God as He wants them too, otherwise they are not His.
    4) Regarding donations, (other than some money going to support “the system”) only ignorant foolish Christians would give money to make a beautiful expensive church building, when right next door, and the door after that, and the door after that, there are people struggling to live and raise their children. So. If it matters to you, God is completely ashamed of the Vatican, and all those kind of businessmen all over the place. They will wind up with the hypocrites in hell.
    I understand how you see things, and an attempt to sincerity is to me apparent, but Charly, you don’t see the whole picture, nor most of its parts.
    5) As for abortion, Orthodoxy and Protestants are against it as well. And besides, preventing murder, is a fundamental concept of almost all religions if not all, and of non-believers as well who have morals
    God bless you!

  81. Kamala,
    Your comment disregards the facts (used to this).
    1) I was born "Orthodox", then studied on Buddhism, and now I a Christian!
    2) There are people "born" in religions yet wind up elsewhere.
    A person who says The Bible is just a fable, is ignorant but to a great extent! (Not going through this again; my comments on this are all over the Zeitgeist threads. Enjoy!)
    Your comment is simply wrong.

  82. One additional point:

    Today "enlightened feminists" and the like, are now in favor of partial abortion - where the doctor delivers the baby - up to the point where only the head remains inside the womb - and then punctures the skull and then removes the brain.

    The mass concensus is that it's all good.
    Catholic church calls it evil...

    In 100 years from now, who do you think will be judged as the barbaric, the unjust, the cruel????

    1. That is absurd! Feminism has nothing to do with abortion laws (not inherently anyway). You can't lump all people in a group into one ridiculous unsubstantiated claim.

  83. "The catholic church is one one of the most corrupt and evil institutions that has ever existed. "

    Sorry CMcF but that is perversely unjust!
    The Most? What???
    What history books have you been reading?

    If the Catholic Church had not been around, you would not have had any progress that you enjoy today... Who do you think instituted all learning centers in Europe?
    Look up any historical books on the basis of Western Civilization - it was funded and founded by the philosophy, adminstration, and intellectual power of TCC.
    It began around 1100 AD - here's a clue if you want to cure your ignorance... (you probably don't, but just in case)

    Also, if the Catholic Church had not been around, the world would have long ago collapsed into a total dictatorship, under a world government, ruled by elite 'monarchs'. It has been the only force in Europe that for the past millenium has been able to oppose successfully greed and corruption of monarch based countries. If it wasn't for them, it's quetionable whether you would not live in under a dictatorship right now.
    Just the same it was the only force that kept a counterforce against the Islamic empire that was taking over most of the known world of the times. If it wasn't for them, you may also be a radical muslim now.

    I could go on and on, - but hey you got your pop history lesson from MTV or equivalent, somewhere where thet're still obsessed by what happened over 500 years ago (!)
    That's practically ancient!

    By the way, in case you're not aware, Mother Theresa was Catholic and her mission was part of the church. I suppose she was a corrupt and evil person according to you?

    THe Catholic Church on average each year saves the lives of millions of people around the world through charitable programs - about the same number in one year, as they did some bad during the entire period during the dark ages!
    Over the last 500 years, it ranges in the BILLIONS of people they helped save from starvation, war, pain, suffering... etc. Does that not count for you?

    Divide the proportion of suffering, with the number of saves and you get 0.01 Percent at best!

    And last, are you even mildly aware of what a cruel and bizarely sadistic world was around the same time - all around the world? On all continents? Even remotely aware? Are you even aware of how many ways there were to kill people and in what manner? for how long?
    (clue: burning is kind of pleasant)

    You make it sound like here was this cruel church, and here they were these peace loving hippies that were being persecuted! That's delusional! It was barbaric and cruel all round. They were just expressive of their times.

    One other thing you may not be aware is that witchcraft was a real evil at the time - and no, it's not the hippy kind of today - it was inline with the sadism of the times.
    Yes, it probably was exagerated by the church, but it was a real event that was happening. Some of them DID deserve some sort of punishment...
    The reason why burning was used by the way, is because it was believed that because of their crimes, they would face eternal damnation in fire. However, it was theorised, that if they endured fire during life, God will have mercy and may provide a means for salvation - as they suffered once.

    I'm not justifying this by the way, I'm just pointing out that within their times, within the bizzare irrational world of the old, they thought they were doing good- and the general consensus was that it was true. Don't judge things by 2009 standards!

    People in 100 years from now will think we are pretty stupid too. Let alone in another 500 years.

  84. Charly, you are missing one vital point. The catholic church had a monopoly. They had a bit of an unfair advantage dontcha think considering if you disagreed with them they burnt you at the stake? The catholic church is one one of the most corrupt and evil institutions that has ever existed.

    I'm sorry but the "look at all the good it's done" arguement doesn't hold up with me. Any harm that is done is not outweighed by the small (insignificant really) amount of "good" done by TCC. In fact if ANY harm is done systemically by an organization such as TCC it invalidates any of the good it has done. If harm is done in the name of the institution then that institution is harmful. That, my friends is logic 101.

  85. alex, sorry, the rules on this site don't allow me to respond as fervetly as i would like.
    please don't try to frighten me with your nightmares. if you were born a muslim you would be quoting the koran, don't u see? I've met many alex's of many religions, each more ignorant than the next. no one has all the answers. the bible is just a fable written by men (gasp).

  86. boy alex, you like a fight(or u have no life). anyhoo, i love it, thanks for participating in my religion (hope u don't get banished from yurs now), good mental sparring. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN AFTER WE DIE. dummass. where is the common sense in christianity? it's got some nice messages better represented in Budhism (bastard religion that isn't even original).
    i just don't know where to start with u, how can u believe that we have the capacity to understand the nonphysical. if we don't remember where we were before we were born, how can we know where we're goig after we die? who decides which religion is correct. You, who believes anything in writing? If you were born a Muslim u would have already blown urself up, pea brain.

  87. To Alex and Achems Razor:

    Strongly disagree, with your perspective on the Catholic church.
    Now I'm not a Catholic, but I do have respect for what they have created - because much of it has been positive.

    The comments on their wealth is highly unfair! Why?

    Well, their wealth today is measured in the property and art work they 'own'. Yes, they have major real estate establishments, cathedrals, educational centers in most city centers around the Western World, plus artworks like Michelengolo, Raphael and others, which add up to lots of $$$.

    But what most fail to see is that - they built it! They commissioned it themselves.
    Michelengolo was made by the Catholic church in the first place. They sponsored his works and paid him generously. Now everyone is jealous, that it's in their possession. So what? It's theirs to have.
    No catholic church. No Michelengolo.
    Would the world not be poorer if they didn't do that?

    Same thing with real estate. The Catcholic church has been around for about 2000 years! They were building real estate, when there was nothing but an empty worthless field and a dream. They were the one's that added value to a city through beautiful architecture, in having a place for education, in creating universities amongst the uneducated.
    They added value to a city. People moved there because of their facilities. Now we're jealous that they own cathedrals in NYC and so forth?
    How unjust! It's theirs to have.

    No one owns it anyway. It's simply passed down for generation to generation and used for members of their insitutution. Good on them.
    Their biggest financials come from real estate, rental, education fees and so on... So what?
    They created it! They worked for it! It's theirs!

    And what's it to you that people like to give donations to build the next beautiful project? or the next school? or pay the cleargy a decent wage?
    It's a voluntary donation!

    You like to give your money to Walmart and Starbucks!(and it's not even a self-nominated donation)
    Stop the hypocracy already.

    Be grateful for what they helped to create in our world.
    Art, music, education, order, civilization.

    Comments like these are like something out of "Life of Brian" - so what have the Romans ever done for us?

    1. well come on charly education is taking things a bit far when they would burn books ect, only the very few and rich in most cases they taught to read and write. If we never had the church we would of not went back into the dark ages

  88. Razor,
    you cut yourself again :
    You write"
    "You say, quote, “I know you can’t know this” unquote. You do not know me! You may be surprised as to what I know!"

    I said (about Christians):
    "He/she doesn’t need to confirm anything about Christ being The Son of God! This is supernaturally revealed to him in his spirit. I know you can’t know this..."
    ----a) If you knew this Razor, that is, that Christians receive an initial revelation in their spirit by God that Christ is His Son, you wouldn't oppose Christianity as you always do!
    Try to carefully read what I write, then understand it, then comment on it. In that order. Don't take it out of context; you've done it often.
    b) By the way, I would indeed be suprised if you knew something about Biblical Christianity :) :)
    God bless!

  89. Alex:

    You say, quote, "I know you can't know this" unquote. You do not know me! You may be surprised as to what I know!

  90. Razor,
    with what proof (I mean...) to yourself (!), do you say:
    1) "I believe “Christians” seem to have to justify their faith, by trying to convert as many people as they can!"??
    Or is it just easy to say things like this. I AM TELLING YOU, I am in Christianity, and this is not the case, other than maybe exceptions (we can do without those, but...).
    A real Christians stand is for the good of others and based on his/her supernatural conversion. He/she doesn't need to confirm anything about Christ being The Son of God! This is supernaturally revealed to him in his spirit. I know you can't know this, I'm just giving you some insight in the hope you might ever consider it. If you do, then you will see it is weird that a Christian would resort to what you say, not to say... pathetic!
    2) Likewise, "all" Christians want, is to be free of all this atheistic spin.
    God bless you!

  91. I believe "Christians" seem to have to justify their faith, by trying to convert as many people as they can! All Atheists want, is to be free of all this Religious spin!

  92. Kamala,
    1) no one can "destroy" Christians, because they're not made of man made materials! Figure it out.
    2) Christians are afraid that you will destroy the people who yet have not become Christians.
    3) If self defense is attacking, then I agree, I 'm attacking, and glad to do so. If you see my comments on the Zeitgeist related threads and elsewhere on TDF, I never initiate anything, I'm just responding, and in way lesser tones, than most! Atheists are the ones who are attacking my faith and me as well. You need to make a reality check, before.... "commenting"(...)
    4) Back to self defence: In light of all my comments, if you read them, you are the one who is presenting her/himself as desperate, unintelligent and fearful, so feel "sorry" for yourself.
    Ps. If you only had a clue as to where you will wind up... you would (feel sorry for your self). I'm just trying to show you the way out of that (hell).
    So your hate is at your expense actually.
    God bless!

  93. it' hard not to be insulting. how does one say politely that religious people are desperate, unintelligent, and fearful.
    Oh, here's a bright spot...life sucks whether ur religious or not. better?
    Just, please, don't make life suckier for others by attacking those that don't believe the same as you. we're stuck with each other (we're not going to destroy you any more than you are us). Actually i think religious people think we can destroy them, i'm sorry you have so litte faith.

  94. Razor


  95. Alex:

    My happy face did not show up. :D

  96. Alex:

    You mean to say we actually agreed on something!

    Thank you for your reply.

    Have a good day! ;D

  97. You weren't being specific, but generalized:
    "I wonder why they all tried so hard to sway this reporter to be a Christian and be “Born Again”?"

    1) Marcus is not, and cannot, characterize Christians who evangelize others. Besides, I cannot know the source of Marcus's income/financials (he could be rich for many reasons), neither know if he uses much of his money for helping others, as many televangelists say they do. I just don't know, so no comment.
    2) Saying Marcus wanted this reporter to believe in order to gain money from him, is just something cruel and unfounded. I did not discern such motives in the film. It's not impossible, but it's not necessary either, that these were his motives.
    God bless!

  98. Since I was on the subject of money!

    According to the Bible, Jesus the founder of Christianity,was the poorest of the poor.
    Why is the Vatican the richest of the rich?

    The Catholic Church is the biggest financial power wealth accumulator and property owner in existence! She is a greater possessor of material riches than any other single institution, corporation, bank, giant trust,government, or state, of the entire World! Estimated at 15 Billion Dollars!

    Do you think they will give any away?? No!!! And people still give money to the Church! Why!!!

  99. Hello Alex- Long time no see!

    Out of Love. Yes! and Money! It cost a lot of "Moola" to keep up Marcus and Joni Lamb's spread! :D

  100. I am a born-again Christian, and in contrast to the ridiculous Religulous, this film is excellent in making the following point (although this was not its purpose), actually a fulfillment of a fundamental Biblical truth. Listen to it carefully:
    1Cor. 1:27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
    How amazing it would be, if the interviewer (Louis Theroux) actually became -by God- born again believer!! That’ll turn some heads, and erase some mocking smiles.

    Other than this:
    a) Theologically there were many false things said.
    b) There were foolish un-Biblical practices.
    c) This film presents just one manifestation of a Christian subculture expression, and definitely not (!!!) Biblical Christianity. Are we ever going to see a documentary on sound Cristianity?????????? -Learn more on Christianity and denomination on your own, so not to keep any false conception.
    God bless!

    You write:
    “I wonder why they all tried so hard to sway this reporter to be a Christian and be “Born Again”? Do they accumulate points somehow, to get themselves into Heaven?”
    ----No razor, they do it out of love for the human soul, which they don’t want to wind up in hell. These are their simple motives.
    Can you imagine that???

  101. Very nice.
    I thought Louis did well capturing the sincerity of individual christians without too much cynicism.

  102. Joseph:

    Everything is Man made! such as Sin, and Heaven and Hell, even your Bible, nothing is real!

    Every sentient being in the Universe, knows the difference between right and wrong with or without Religion! :)

  103. edbeliefs. but this is just ones idea about American Christianity. compare it with the bible and u will not find much to compare. Sin is real and heaven and hell are real.
    the other choice is 'puff' or reincarnation. make your pick.

  104. I absolutely adore Louis Theroux. Every documentary he makes is golden :)

  105. A funny religious comedy. I wonder why they all tried so hard to sway this reporter to be a Christian and be "Born Again"? Do they accumulate points somehow, to get themselves into Heaven?

  106. funny reporter and overall a sight on maybe crazy, but adorable people. I smiled a lot thanks to this reporter who mocks these christians a little, but in a sweet way. Good doc.