Louis Theroux and the Nazi's
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Louis Theroux and the Nazi's

2003, Society  -   202 Comments
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Louis Theroux and the Nazi'sTheroux always tackles touchy subjects, sometimes with interviews that make your skin crawl. His interview with Joe Jackson, and another with the Westboro Baptist Church were gob-smacking television.

Upon his return, Theroux will be looking at the White Aryan Resistance movement in America, the KKK and Nazi’s who believe in ethnic cleansing. Bound to be unsettling and uncompromising.

Intrepid television host Louis Theroux travels through California trying to find a little humanity amongst some of America’s most notorious and committed Nazis.

Louis first encounters April Gaede at a Nazi rally where her two beautiful eleven-year-old daughters, Lamb & Lynx, sing racist songs to a captivated audience of skinheads.

April sees the world entirely through racist eyes and has made her children poster kids for the neo Nazi movement in the States. The girls at times appear endearing, but Louis quickly becomes horrified when they describe their favorite computer game, Ethnic Cleansing, and sing boisterously along to white power songs in the car.

Louis travels to Fallbrook, a small town half an hour outside San Diego to meet Tom Metzger and his family. Tom is one of America’s most famous racists. A Grand Dragon of the KKK in the seventies, a congressional candidate in the eighties, he’s now the leader of White Aryan Resistance, a self-styled revolutionary group.

However, Metzger’s life seems full of contradictions, he happily sings karaoke to a bar full of non white clientele, and while doing the rounds one day for his television repair business we meet Oscar, a mixed race chap from Peru who Tom greets warmly and describes as a friend… could it be that Tom is a hypocrite?

Tom’s support comes largely from people like Skip and his wife Heather – hardcore Nazi skinheads. During a Sunday barbecue things soon turn nasty when Louis refuses to declare if he’s Jewish...

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202 Comments / User Reviews

  1. What has any of this got to do with foreskin??

  2. Completely and utterly surreal. The trip to Mexico was insanely weird.

  3. I wonder do they know anything about true history from the dynasties until now? Only if they found out we were here first but I'm still confused racism still exist and so does white priviledge. You would think they have all that they need by now so what is the fuss and fight about.

  4. I could say a lot of wise words about how much I disagree with the racists, but I'll just say the last minute or so was hilarious !

  5. This remind me of a old saying we have in my country " Vozes de burro não chegam ao céu."

  6. Well done Louis .. good watch. I don't agree with what they believe, but then we live in a free society and for me to condemn them for their beliefs would be wrong. Live and let live ... even if they are barking mad ... but then so are so many other people!!!!

  7. Every race, every culture has a unique quality that mankind can benefit from and a beauty to offer. Rejoice in your own qualities that your culture and race has equipped you with, and learn about the weaknesses and how other cultures have excelled where yours haven't. This is a learning process that does not shame you but builds you up wisely.

  8. We were made nations and tribes so that we may get to know one another and learn from each other. Any race is as equal as the tooth of a comb is equal and the best among us is the one who lives in piety. We are not judged by our outer appearance, whether we had blonde hair or no hair, but by which of us made the most virtuous of actions for mankind. Walk this earth in humble soft steps and when the ignorant speak, say to them a word of peace and be on your way.

  9. Whatever one's opinion about the "racists" may be, one thing is clear. Rarely have I seen a less professional interviewer than Theroux. The guy's a joke.

  10. Louis makes great docs, but man is he awkward. He will ask a question then stair quietly at someone without any human emotion or movement. He has been in some tense questioning and it doesnt help he is kinda creepy sometimes.

  11. That must have been the most uncomfortable drive in a car ever. (The drive with the two little ones and the woman). I feel sorry for the two girls and disgusted by the mother.

  12. The swastika is an ancient Hindu symbol, not Aryan. The Nazi party just perverted a symbol of hope.

  13. Mark twain said; There are three kind of lies.... a lie, a damned lie, and statistics. Metzger claims blacks commit the majority of crime and ths seems to be the opposite of what government and think tanks claim. Blacks get the blame but rarely get the truth.

  14. mark twain said; there are three kind of lies... the lie, the damned lie, and statistics...according to the cdc and the dept of justice the majority of crimes in all catergories is anglo and they serve less time in the penal system compared to hispanics and blacks

  15. Blacks killed whites in their homeland?!????? I am sad,hurt and angry I can not shoot and take tat kids away from such monsters. Communists? lol.. they do have problem with everyone don't they?

  16. How stupid this hail is nowadays :))...pathetic..so USA.. you really have all the c*** in you? Till when? No one kill him..for fun?

  17. People who do not think highly of themselves, look for other people to put down. They're just uneducated and insecure. If we were all the same color, there would be some group who hated all people with brown hair.

  18. The whites in this video are not threatening. I am a black guy and not too many times did I feel my blood pressure going up.
    However I think Loius should have challenged April on the assertion that other races make a mess wherever they go. We have all seen the show 'hoarders' and majority of those people living in filth are white.
    Anyways, I kinda feel bad for the little gals. They seem to have talent and if it became known of their political beliefs, should they keep their parents teachings, they will be ostracized. And also they run into the risk of being socially isolated because not too many people think like that any more. Thank god.
    Great documentary Loius.
    Also, as long as there is opportunities in USA, people from different races and countries will keep streaming in. Immigration is as natural as breathing. Europeans left Europe for America. Africans left Africa for America. Maybe if they could scientifically create an island and deny entry to other races could their wishes be met, and even that is doubtful because its hard to be self sustaining.
    And lol Tom saying that he's better looking than Denzel.

  19. great doc. If only Tom was Americas biggest.most dangerous racist. Not too much to worry about there. I think the twins should be made go to school as they are being mentally abused at home.
    In fact they should probably be removed from their mother as she is clearly
    mentally ill.

  20. Man i love this guy totally showing us how r*tarded people who blindly hate with out any real information on why they hate

  21. if you want to know what Tom Metzger was interested in when he was younger, go to youtube and watch ''Nazi Interviews Satanic Goth, Nikolas Schreck'' part 1 and 2. it's pretty amazing what is said in those interviews from 1987.

    they display proudly the redneck and the nazi flags... which what they represented was vanquished during the american civil war and the second world war

  22. Type your comment here.Let White Supremacy be What White Supremacy Is
    The old tactics – telling lies and calling names has really worked in the past for the “sons of Hell” in their quest for the destruction of God’s Holy Seed upon the Earth. Well, we know what works for us, too! It is the truth that sustains the righteous in our World.
    So, let us put our racial theories to practice, shall we?
    White Supremacy: Name the race of people that have accomplished more - or even as much as the white peoples of the Earth. What race of people would you be better off living with if good white people decided that you were no longer welcome in our God-given land! (Pick well, because the separation of the races is a fact that is happening right now and those who only spite us and curse us are not going to be among us much longer!) What other race of people would you feel more comfortable piloting the next airplane on you fly on? Whose medicine do you reach for when you are sick? Whose Laws and whose Justice do you seek and you find yourself innocent and in a courtroom? Whose kindness do you look for when you are in trouble and who would you rather have defend you when you are being treated poorly?
    Now for those who have been honest so far – we have many problems that maybe you white supremists can help us with?
    Perhaps you’ve noticed it is this same God-given kindness we are known for that has been exploited in the last few generations or so with the inundation of all the other peoples of the world into the homelands, ancient or otherwise, that were once exclusively for White Christendom. These are our hate-crazed, mentally ill, Baal-worshipping, Talmudic Rabbis who we first let live among us a few hundred years ago that have socially engineered this “death by genetic flood” we are facing today! Their belief comes right from the foot of the Tower of Babel, itself, “… The people seek to make themselves one, now, of all they seek to do what then shall be kept from them …?”
    We also know that the nonwhite peoples of the Earth have only come to live with us because of their great faith in “white supremacy,” despite the rabbis worst intentions. We know no one ever asked to be born, so we don’t hold anything against you because you exist – we only ask that you allow us a place on the Earth to exist – a place where white people can call home? If you can see this far thru the smoke and dust the Rabbis have kicked up - we (the ones who the Rabbis are calling “white supremists”) will see to it that you have a place called home and a right to defend yourself. If you have faith in Jesus Christ and can agree to obey His good laws – you will never have a greater friend on this planet than your White Christian friend! Because…
    For those who say the Earth is not big enough for white people to live here, too – I say let this kindness once afforded to you be withdrawn! I say let those curses you’ve called upon us now come raining down upon your head! I say let your homes be broken in and your strong men bound and your daughters ravished. Let the plagues of Egypt be upon you and your bodies boil over with the sores of Job! You who leer and at our daughters and you who misuse our sons and lay your hands grievously upon His priests, “let these death angels you have summoned for us now come among you and gather their harvest!”
    You know, the Rabbis lied to their own people, too! They knew they weren’t these people called Israel – (but then “rolling up balls of mud into godless, mindless, soulless ‘mud-people’ to do the Rabbis’ bidding is what the Talmud is all about so it shouldn’t surprise anyone when we find them doing it! See; golem)
    The Rabbis plan on taking off with all their wealth to somewhere like Barbados in the last days – leaving the better but poorer Jews behind to take the brunt of the punishment for their great crimes - just like they did in Germany and just like they did in Haiti 212 years ago.
    I will tell you “that they will be making Rabbis into ‘Rib-eyes’ in Barbados on His day!” Karl Gharst

    1. You are a profoundly disturbed and ignorant man. Get yourself a proper education (if that's even possible), with a powerful antipsychotic chaser (which is).

      And before you even ask, I'm a white guy.

    2. wow. i was going to delete this but i decided not to because i think it might be the craziest thing i have ever seen on this website....impressive.

    3. You are the insignificant one. People like you bring chaos to this world. I am white, but i do not see myself as better then anyone else. The thought has not even crossed my mind as to compare my race to others. I see everyone as a Human Being not categorised by their race. Culture is culture and it will differ amongst all, but that does not make any of them the right way, it is just different. The truly free, educated and unbrainwashed people of our world are the ones that can understand differences and see where those differences stem from. Then ultimately accept those differences as wonderful gifts. For how boring would it be to all be the same. If it was only white people, nothing would change! The problems would STILL BE THERE! The media would just focus their attention on some sort of other hard done by group of people. People like you and others sharing this mentally are just i****s! Get over it, this is the world. Blame the white man for taking over indigenous populations, stealing africans as slaves, and treating them all like animals and blame the white man for its wars which excelerated technology which made it easy to travel and move around and ultimately progress to a multicultural society. This is the FUTURE! m***n

    4. Good Said Jessica, i think we us humans being should not allow the idea that a race is superior to another one. We are just created human being and we must leave together peacefully. Let s make brigdes of understanding and all those bad doctrines will vanish. I am black and i like people of all races because they are human beings like me. Thanks. Peace and Love to the World.
      Irenee Landry Iriho.

    5. Actually the entire blueprint for 'white' civilisation was taken from far eastern (oriental) and arabic civilisations. Arguably without China for example, modern Europe wouldn't exist, and thereby the neo-Europe's (USA, Australia etc) wouldn't either. How does it feel to know that without non-white people you would be less than a stain on your father's trousers? A history degree can teach you a lot of things my poor misguided friend.

  23. Louis is a blind man or he at least pretends to be. he is probably 40 years old and he does not have a clue how the world works

    1. Dude, thats the point! He's a genius in the way he interviews people. He pretends that he is ignorant to make the other people feel like they are smarter than him. If he had been an obnoxious know-everything a--hole, they would've just got mad and blown him off.

  24. When you know what is going on you can feel bad for that poor, poor mexican dude.shit man, people can be cruel. Jon probably killed his vife and tourered the poor man.

  25. how could anybody not love Luies? even arian racist man loved him but he did not admit.

  26. you have some good black people, and some bad, you have some good white people and some bad white people.that is the truth my friend. you can not say that all jew people are simply bad. was albert einstein lesser of a man, he was a jew you know.

  27. This documentary is disturbing on many levels. April Gaede strikes me as someone mentally disturbed & I don't mean that facetiously. NOT merely because of her racist views; her responses to any form of disagreement or even questioning are bizarre at best. She is incapable of reasoning or coping effectively with any opposition to her opinions or her will. At one point the vulgar woman, degrades her daughters by telling them that they're acting like cu@#$ (whatever that means!). Much damage has been done to these poor girls' emotional, psychological & social development by this disturbed woman. They've been turned into performing monkeys to suit their mother's twisted agenda. They've been used to disseminate propaganda that they don't espouse & now they're living in a hut in the woods a la Ted Kaczynski (aka The Unabomber)!! Where will those poor children wind up living next: in an abandoned drain pipe?!?

    How could any rational mother think that it is in her teen daughters' interests to be communicating & corresponding with an incarcerated murderer? To add worse to bad, this prisoner is clearly engaged in fantasizing sexually about them!What does it take before the authorities step in & divest an abusive parent of his/her kids & place them in a safe & nurturing environment? My heart goes out to these girls and to their long-suffering grandmother.

    1. I was thinking the same thing watching this. She reminded me of those crazy pagent mums, living out their dreams and ambitions through their children. But this April woman, she alienates those poor kids from everything and everyone that she don't approve of (=rest of the worlds population)

      One thing is to teach your children the moral codec that you think is right. Every parent does that! But she teaches them nothing but fear and anger.

  28. In the end I feel sorry for the people shown here not contempt even though I'm a minority in a Western society. Kids didn't choose to be born into what conditions they are raised in even the older generation. Even with the old man, he's just a product of his environment and time. Such out lairs in terms of the global context are actually quite interesting and the context of these people must be taken into account for.

  29. Nor were "Aryan's" white, but of Indo-Iranian descent.

  30. if these people had a nanogram of scholarship in their head they might realise their claims are historically baseless. They have an absolutely flawed understanding of the historicity of the swastika. Additionally, their claims are based on the now debunked claims of Social-Darwinism.

  31. Louis never seems afraid to ask very straight forward questions... And as we get to see can sometimes get him into a tight spot, which is probably why i am addicted to all his documentaries. But all in all when it comes down to it, I am reminded of something my father taught me about racism, 'People who are like that, are looking for someone to blame for misgivings in there life, it's easier to point a finger for your life going south than it is to accept your choices being the cause' I feel those words are so true, and the problem is these people go on to force there views and opinions onto their children. I know that 2 years ago a 'Nazi' family here in my province (Canada) was splattered all over the news, because CFS (Child Family Services) Wanted to take there children away for raising them in a hateful environment... I am a parent and I know how much pain it would cause me to have my child taken away but, I must agree and I would hope that more actions of taking children out of those environments would happen

  32. Human animals

    1. as humans we are all animals. Homosapien means "intelligent animal".

  33. Hahahaha... on second thought... I am highly amused. These people are clowns... Going to Mexico to put on funny hats and hook up with Mexican chicks... lol... full of s*** liars!

  34. What terrible people. I am completely disgusted.

  35. Scary people out there. Their hatred is nothing but a cover for their own personal fears.

  36. These people are just filthy scum who don't deserve to walk this Earth. If they had any intelligence the would know that every person on this planet can trace their ancestors back to Africa.The world would be a much better place without people like them. To call themselves patriotic is an insult to all the troops who gave their lives in WW2 to stop the Nazis.

    1. We can trace our ancestors back to Africa?! How? I'm really into genealogy and I can only trace back to Europe.

    2. thats not true, the oldest human remins have now been found in israel, the africa thing is just a theory.

    3. I suggest that you do some research, it is a fact that every human being can trace their ancestors through their DNA back to Africa.

    4. We are Not 1 race, Why do africans have denser bone structure? Did you know they are not naturaly bouyant?
      Why do they have such low moral regard for their fellow man and very little empathy? Could it be we are a mixture of races on earth? Im not saying 1 race is any better than the other but this 1 race bull is just that a load of bull. All you need to do is look at the physiological differences in say, a nepalesse man to a western white man. They have fundamental blood differences showing clear evidence they are NOT THE SAME RACE.
      Your telling me to do some research and yet flippantly dismiss mine.

      A team of Israeli archaeologists from Tel Aviv University discovered what they believe may be the earliest remains ever to be found belonging to modern man.

      While excavating a cave in central Israel on Monday, the team found teeth that resemble those of other remains of Homosapiens. According to the layers of earth where they were found, the teeth were dated at about 40,000 years old, nearly double the age of the so-far earliest modern man remains ever found.

      If further research proves the claim correct it would have a major effect on evolution theories. If the remains are positively matched to those of modern man, it could mean that man originated in what is now Israel.

      Currently, the accepted theory is Homosapiens originated in Africa and migrated out to other continents from there.

    5. Ya celtic no one is really sure about that israel find yet....in fact its prob some neanderthal man. And just to correct you they say the tooth they found was 400 000 years old not 40 000. But anyway if the israel find is in fact real it doesnt change the fact you are HOMO SAPIEN just as much as a black or japanese man is. Just comparing blood and bone structure is going down the wrong track. I do agree with you we have big variations and are NOT "all one and the same" but , in general, the term "race" is obsolete, particularly if a species is uniformly distributed on a territory. In its modern scientific connotation, the term is not applicable to a species as genetically homogeneous as the human one. As to your claim africans as a race have low moral regard or empathy....are you trolling, stupid, or just a racist celt?

    6. i dont consider myself racist, all you need to do is read about the mass genocides perpetrated by the africans upon one another over the last 100 years, sure europeans and even americans can be tarred with that brush but were 60 years on from that, a mere blip in the evolutionary tale as it were but africa so called cradle of creation has not joined us in our enlightenment, we surely only kill for oil now things worthy of killing for, not merely religion and psuedo ethnic reasons. Would a european woman and man for example Breeeed amidst a famine? sudan/ethiopia is in a state of constant famine has been for 60 years Would you breed under these conditions? Would you walk 15 miles every day to gather water, or would you MOVE to the water? These people are stupid, they are not of the same race, we should put them out of our misery so the land is free for those who can better use it.
      Nor do i believe africans are all the same race, some are equally as clever as anyone, we should be testing everyone those of inferior genetics should be removed so they cannot further contaminate the rest of us.

      Hope thats especially distateful to you :@)

  37. i love the hypocrazy.... haha raging racist with a title of "grand dragon" which is asian... and then a katana and tanto in their house

  38. Everyone he interviews looks so uncomfortable haha.

  39. Wow, you gotta see the one he does on female bodybuilding, so hilarious.

  40. "people like mugs" *headdesk*

  41. Not sure whether to laugh or cry. While I understand Louis's need to try to change their minds, the documentary would have been much better without his rather sanctimonious (seeing as he had chosen to document them because of their bizzarre beliefs) attempts to convince these people of the errors of their ways. If you're going to do a doco on nutjobs, at least let them get on with being nutjobs and save commentry for the voice over. I did appreciate his efforts to pin down the publicist who clearly didn't want to admit on camera either that he thought his client was nuts or that he was a crazy racist too. I feel for those kids though, not even having school to temper their mother's opinions.

  42. Perhaps the racial hatred could be explained with the reason the late George Carlin used to described the reasons for war " Their penis is bigger than mine". Seriously though it's the year 2011 by our means of time keeping don't you think we would have put all this silly B.S. about skin or cultural differences behind us by now and just acccept people for themselves. If they are a Butthead they are a Butthead and if they are nice people they are nice people..For "insert what ever in these quotes" sake we all bleed reddish blood when we cut ourselves we all have similiar bone structures. I think the coolest thing is the minor cultural differences between us except those of hate mongers and yes I'll be civil towards them. I forgot where I heard this , but when you take away our skin we're all pink on the inside.

  43. These aren't Nazis. These retarded rednecks riding the Nazi fame.

  44. @Tom; On that score (comment from 2 days ago) you are absolutely correct. White self hatred has gotten way way out of hand. I will give you that. In fact you could say that it has become a societal requirement that a white male, especially American, Despise himself openly or face scorn. That never made any sense to me.

  45. @tom

    I have personally traveled and lived among communities within Africa and am speaking from first hand experience when I say that there is no differences short of views on life and we had nothing but great things to learn from each other by sharing in our cultural differences and views on life. Needless to say neither party involved felt any self-hating but found the experience en-lightening and we all learned from each other.
    I believe you should try and go living with any of these communities and experience their ways of life for yourself as it seems you are relying upon unfounded stereotypes for judgment.

  46. @Lary Nine

    I respectfully take your point on board but I would add that you also can't teach anyone to play the piano who doesn't want to learn how to play it. Your comment speaks very highly of your moral character.
    I probably should have mentioned on the bottom of my comment that I do genuinely feel more sorry for these people than anything else and it wasn't my intent to humiliate but I will admit I got very passionate about the subject and probably could have worded it more effectively to challenge why they feel the way they do.
    I have no apologies for my opinion but I thank you for your comment and I believe that's a great virtue of yours I might have to pick up on :)

  47. @Tom #121~
    Nature never gives any indicators. Biological modification is strictly a matter of adaptation through natural selection--- and that, in turn, leads to future generations carrying forward that successful genetic variation simply because it survives to breed. Racial variations are nothing more than the collected inherited traits of past adaptive responses by a species to change over geological time.
    To me, that's race in a nutshell. The idea of "tribe" was useful for surviving for a long time but it no longer "indicates" anything beneficial or currently useful. Ironically, race awareness (or tribe if you will) has probably become counterproductive to our species' survival since it promotes social disintegration.

  48. @the jabberwocky~
    No one has ever learned to play the piano through humiliation. You will never persuade anyone with insults and the point of view that you defend must be underpinned by the benevolence of moral suasion.

  49. You don't need a doctorate to observe racial differences. You just have to leave the controlled zoo and enter the real wilds.
    The depth of present day WHITE self-hatred has reached epidemic levels.

  50. @Tom

    just thought you should know the scientific definition of species: two organism's that can successfully interbreed and produce viable offspring are considered members of the same species regardless of subtle variations such as, hmmm let me think, skin colour, eye colour, jaw shape etc. Only at the point when these two organisms CANNOT interbreed do they become a separate species because their differences go beyond variations standard within a community.

    Guess what Tom? There is not a single human male on this planet regardless of race who can not successfully mate with any human female on this planer regardless of race and produce healthy and happy offspring! Aint that a shock? We are all the same on the inside! Sorry to be the one to POP your biggot bubble buddy.

    Oh and by the way, lets be clear, there is no such thing as a PURE RACE! For one thing evolution doesn't allow it, your very existence like everyone elses was the result of eons of accumulated variations within species that became separate enough to diverge and form new species as and when the time called upon it. So if you and your skin head buddies wish to facilitate the deluded notion of segregating yourselves from the rest of the world and cleansing your 'race', THEN ****** GOOD! I don't want your damn genes anywhere near my damn species! The rest of us can evolve into something new and wonderful and you can fade into the background extinction rates with every other species that couldn't adapt or change, only difference is your the only ones who actually wanted it that way!

    But it's not only that, even if there was a difference, to the point of there being scientifically distinct species of human living on this planet. I'd still accept every last single member of that species as I do every single animal and plant on this planet as not merely my equals but as myself and family because, here's another shocker, we have all arisen from the same primordial ooze of the earth my friend! And the day aliens land I will accept them all openly too because, guess what, we're all from the same collections of atoms formed in this universe!

    Hell I'd go as far as to say the damn multiverse!

    Transdimensional beings, unicorns and dragons, you name it! I say let us all be brothers and sisters of existence!

    @everyone else,

    Sorry about the rant everyone and I apologize for the very layman science, I try! :)

    Oh yeah and great documentary ;)

  51. Eskimos are not as dark as you would think. They are darker than the northern European but they are late comers to North America. They didn't arrive in Eastern areas of Canada till the 12th century.

  52. «Then tell me why Eskimos and other people that live in the very cold areas of the north have such dark skin. Even after living thousand of years in those areas?
    The way most people get lighter who are darker is through gene hi-jacking from the White European types.»

    Let's reverse that for a sec. I hope you are aware that humanity started in Africa. All the early humans where black. If there where no Europeans around to ‘hi-jack’ genes from how did how come part of the human race became lighter according to your logic?

    Ever went skiing Tom? I doubt it, because if you did you would’ve thought twice before putting that question out. Cold does not mean there is no sun around. Whats more, the amount of sun beams get intensified when they reflex of the snow. Every white person know that a sunblock is a must when they go skiing.

    «The real differences are the brain.»

    If you mean your and your comrades brain I can agree. Else I demand proof backing that claim up.

  53. True, Orly. Straight in with the usual Louis' righteousness, opening scene..."don't you care for people's feelings?"...Second scene..."Why did you use that word?" And then with the 'penetrating' stare..."would you not use it around me!" (as a stand-off threat) in the nazi's own home. Well, aren't we all already just dieing from the indignation caused by discovering everything we (and of all people, Louis) had ever imagined would be revealed, like we/he might be surprised!!??. Such a pompous journo makes it impossible to focus on the issues that could be drawn out by a discerning and savvy approach with this self-rightious clown imposing the law...and he's an atheist!? Go figure.

  54. The thing that didn't work about this film, is that there was too much of the film maker himself, in it. Right from the get go, Louie pushes his own agenda, obscuring the art of a pure documentary. And clearly, the evidence suggests, that the Nazi's in this film are a bunch of inbred, backwoods, brain damaged neanderthals. But I could've figured that out for myself.

  55. Levap maybe you should go to Iran and see for yourself and i think you will be shocked when u see some Iranis with blue and green eyes and blond and cream-white skin? the aryan blood still runs deep in this country you can go see for yourself . you know its believed even that the greeks had darker skin than persians, olivedark to persian light caramel cream. the only real 'white' people are brits, scots,irish, and scandinavian, all others 'mongrels' and in no wah aryan

  56. Levap
    ok so the arab conquest of iran may have mixed the persian blood yet again, but thats still somwhat irrerelevant . now read this,"Iran which in Persian means 'Land of the Aryans' and refers to Airyanem Vaejah, the Avestan name of the original homeland of the Aryans. Although the country has been known as Iran to the native people themselves for many centuries, Westerners came to know the nation as Persia through Ancient Greek accounts. Iranians were immune to the racial Nuremberg Laws on the grounds that they were pure blooded Aryans. In 1939, Nazi Germany provided Iran with what they called a Germany Scientific Library. The library contained over 7500 books selected "to convince Iranian readers...of the kinship between the National Socialist Reich and the Aryan culture of Iran"(Lenczowski. 1944, p. 161). In various pro-Nazi publications, lectures, speeches, and ceremonies, parallels were drawn between the Shah of Iran and Hitler, and praise the charisma and virtue of the Fuhrerprinzip"

  57. what a sad documentary. Watching those people desperatly clinging on to an idea with only the most superficial evidence to support them. When confronted with perspective, they scramble to find rationalizations to protect their ego. Sad, really sad.

  58. @tom did you get up for a coffee brake or a piss?
    we are still awaiting your answer.

  59. @az, Keith, Reasons Voice~~~
    Good stuff. I like the quad-teaming.

  60. that is proven facts.

  61. @Tom...and i will ask in reference to your first comment: What is all the good stuff that ended up on the editing room floor we might have found it pretty interesting? Your opinion on life and human beings or some preven facts?

  62. @Tom...and what is the differences in those brains? What do you base this comment on? You seem to rebute the comments that make sense with arguments that are shallow.
    I must say though....i think it is quite interesting that you still sit on a chair in this forum. It shows to me that there is a working brain in your head.

  63. Tom, please explain. We're giving you quite reasoned and supported concepts to respond to. Do you care to respond to the scientific study I quoted? Or any of the science we're talking about? Or will you simply dismiss all that conflicts with your world view as some kind of mongreloid one world government conspiracy? Please feel free to share with us at greater length.

  64. @keith; Excellent post. thank you.
    @tom; There are no differences in the brains between the races. No structural indicators of race at all. The skull and more importantly the interior design of all human skulls are the same. If you are referring more toward thought processes then race is of far less import than sex. A white mans brain operates the same as a black mans brain but womens brains are different.

  65. Skin color is only natures indicator of not being of your tribe. A natural marker. The real differences are the brain.

  66. Please excuse the lengthy quote below. I think it is quite relevant to the conversation and is a direct answer to Tom's fascinating rebuttal.

    Read closely below Tom. Here is the precise scientific answer to your question. You'll note the part where he explains that earliest humans (most monkey-like!) were LIGHT skinned. So, if you want to break it down that way, you are more ape-like than the dark people you use slurs to describe. You are closer to apes than Denzell Washington for example. I eagerly anticipate your retort.

    "the body’s interaction with UV rays from the sun, was tied together with skin tone. Skin color is determined genetically. Genes tell the body how much of the two types of melanin, the pigment that helps to determine the skin color, to produce. Pheomelanin causes reddish yellow pigments, and eumelanin gives deep brown coloring. But skin tone is not all genetic: more melanin is produced when you are out in the sun. Sunlight exposure causes the optic nerve to signal the pituitary glad to release more melanin. Thus, you tan.

    "Ultraviolet, or UV rays, from the sun are responsible for activating the melanin. As melanin levels rise and our body’s natural pigment darkens, protection against the sun’s rays increases. Too much UV exposure can deplete vitamin B folate –used by the cells to create DNA. On a smaller scale, the rays can also cause painful sunburns, with too much exposure leading to cancer.

    "When the ancestors of modern man separated from apes, they were covered in hair. Little UV light reached their skin and as a result, anthropologists believe they were fair skinned. As modern humans evolved however, their body hair became finer and thinner, leaving their skin more exposed to the equatorial sun. To adapt, their bodies produced more melanin to protect them from damaging UV rays. Increased melanin made their skin become darker."

    As early humans started migrating north into Europe and east into Asia, they were exposed to different amounts of sun. Those who went north found their dark skin worked against them–preventing them from absorbing enough sunlight to create vitamin D. To adapt, these humans started producing less melanin.

    "but Inuits vitamin D intake wasn’t dependent upon the sun. They get all that they need from their diet, heavy on types of fatty fish that are naturally rich in vitamin D. The plentiful amounts of the vitamin kept them from developing less melanin. In fact, before milk was fortified with D, people living outside of Northern Canada and Alaska loaded their diets with fishy products, such as cod liver oil, to get their daily supplement. So despite their chilly climate and lack of sun exposure, it’s the Inuit diet that has kept them in their natural glow."

  67. Then tell me why Eskimos and other people that live in the very cold areas of the north have such dark skin. Even after living thousand of years in those areas?
    The way most people get lighter who are darker is through gene hi-jacking from the White European types.

  68. @Lary; Yes essentially. Human pigmentation is simply a climatological adaptation. Darker pigmentation increases sun tollerance and therefore is more prevalent toward the equator where days are longer and hotter. It occurs through Africa, India, South East Asia and Central America in the native populations. Many other species have the same pigment stratification due to environmental needs. Such as Black bears - polar bears. Panthers - mountain lions. The true dividing force is Culture not Color.

  69. Reasons Voice~
    "However the races of humans are much closer in genetic coding than say a Doberman and a St. Bernard."
    Pretty much what I said farther up in the comments:
    “…race as a human trait is less significant than the different color markings on a parakeet."

  70. @Over the Edge; That was kind of what I was attempting to convey only I never came right out and said it. I have no issue with racial pride or segregation for preservation of culture. I only have issues with those who reflect those feelings outward in a destructive and hatefull manner.

  71. @Lary; Thanks. And you do have a point in reference to genetics made stronger through cross breeding. However the races of humans are much closer in genetic coding than say a Doberman and a St. Bernard. The mutt cross breeds help to eliminate recessive genes inherant within the individual breed. Since however human races are much much more simillar that is less obvious in manifestation. Also the breeding pool within an individual race is large enough to avoid random dual recessive mutations for the most part.
    Anyhow, I just don't understand racism at all. It if far less rational than even other biggotry. Classism, Cultural mistrust, Nationalism, even sexism have more substantive basis. For instance I don't like the hip hop/ rap culture so I don't associate with people who are a part of it. That includes whites, black, asians, and hispanics. I just don't like the culture or it's ideals. That I suppose is cultural mistrust and could be construed as biggotry. I also don't date dark skinned women as I don't find myself attracted to them. Not racist honestly just personal preference such like some guys perfer blonds some prefer red-heads etc.
    As I watched Tom and listened to him in the documentary I can't be absolute that he isn't just a more millitant version of me. He has taken two harmless personal preferences merged them and come up with hate. I dunno for sure though I don't know the man.

  72. Theroux did an awful job interviewing these people!

  73. @az~
    Beat the drum of reason, Sister Az! We'll get him yet.

  74. @over the edge~
    "i suspect you are right that there are race separatists in every race. that does not make the belief correct. the reason people tend to group together is based more on culture, language and religion than on race."
    Right on point, OTE.

    @Reasons Voice~
    As usual... a good argument. I do need to point out that 'enclave subculture' like the Italians or the Irish, et. al; are by choice as the generations blend together. Nature itself argues for the strength in cross bred forms as well. Mutts are always healthier and smarter than purebred dogs anyday.

    Come on. I can feel the progressive thinker in you just waiting to bloom like a new rose.

  75. @Tom Metzger, "All my Black,Asian,Mestizo, racial separatist allies find these comments a belly laugh." ...and after the roaring laughters is over, has anyone find one good once of thing to say about the many smart comments against your view? or are you made of immobile rock?
    Take a break from watching yourself in this video and give a look at "The Canary Effect" and many other video on this site that may provide a bit of new fresh air through your window, as i wrote below "Missionaries of Hate": I think we all are open-minded but our windows are all different…some have little tiny relation ship *porthole* and others have realization ship *bay window*.

  76. @reasons voice
    i usually agree with you and find your posts level headed and well thought out. i do agree cultures tend to group together and that is their right. if a member or members choose to mix race then there should be no animosity shown towards them. we as humans seem to find enough reasons to hate people we haven't met my only goal is to limit the excuses for the hate. if the Greek family or Italian grandmother you mentioned condones violence or discrimination towards other cultures then they are part of the problem. but if they only wish to perpetuate their own culture without harming others i am fine with that.

    do you have proof for diversity being a means for a one world government (and by proof i mean facts not assumptions) if not you are trying to use fear to support your claim. and by lands of their own do you mean land within America or lands outside America? i have gone to your website and more importantly researched your personal history. it is not a history of respect from a distance that you claim here but of hate and violence and i suggest anyone here who might sympathize with tom do their own research. on a final note i am metis (native Canadian) it is funny that i don't support sending people back to their ancestral homeland but you do.

  77. Tom, your comments on here seem to indicate that you think all races are equal and should have equal rights, but they should just all be separate. That of course does not jive with your disparaging of jews and people of african origin (oh wait that includes you, since we are all from Africa). So which is it? Does "no hard feelings" mean you are superior but you do not hate your inferiors, or does it mean you are equal? Do you think we should just all live in our own territory or should white race be the top dog?

    You referred to all the other races "refusing to go back to their homelands." So, is your feeling that every single person should return to the land of their ancestry? So...you and I better book plane tickets to Europe, no? How is it that everyone should go back where they came from...except for Tom Metzger and his white followers? Also, you must realize that all the whites you fight for cannot possibly be pure in any genetic sense. There are probably all kinds of races floating around in the genes of your followers, unless you follow a hyper strict Hitler style vetting system. Unless this is the case, what is the point of your loosely affiliated white power organizations banding together? Is the physical appearance of pale skin really the thing that connects you? If it is not some kind of ancestral purity beyond that, surely you must recognize how arbitrary and silly this is? Apparently not. Oh well.

    Also, it does your arguments disservice to speak in short cryptic statements as if you are too smart to be bothered with more fully reasoned arguments, and as if we, the mongrel hordes of TDF are too simple for your superior intellect to be wasted on. Pearls and swine, no doubt?

  78. Simple :
    The Mongoloid's mis named Indians or native americans along with Blacks,Asians,Jews,Arabs, etc refuse to go back to their homelands.

    Separatism is normal tribalism and racial mixing is not natures norm.In the long run it always fails.
    Diversity is not really diverse. It is a means of breaking down all races,cultures,religions and nations so they will fit the international capitalist one word centralized government.I have no hard feelings towards other races who desire territorial imperative in lands of their own.I do not support predatory occupation of other nations. I have opposed all the WAR'S that have taken place in my lifetime.

    Those in power that promote race mixing and smile at you also have their hands in your pockets at the same time. Tom Metzger

  79. I am not sure why the "melting pot" analogy is still around. Sociologist refuted that long ago and coined a new term, the "salad bowl". Because most of the imigrant populations don't want to trade off their personal culture and assimilate 100% into a new one. Thats why your average city in the us has a China town, a little Itally, a little Odessa, a barrio, etc etc. People focus so much on white seperatists but it is all over in all races and cultures. I have yet to meet a Greek familly that doesn't insist that their children marry a greek. Even Italian grandmothers push my italian friends to "find a nice italian girl and settle down". My Hindu Indian friends have all married Hindu women. No one gets all pissy over that.
    @Tom; Perhaps the issue with your ideology is more that it focuses on who you don't accept rather than on who you do accept. If your culture was more about just celebrating your own heritage rather than raging against others I am almost certain you would face less opposition. For instance most places embrace cultural pride here in the US. There are Irish parades, Puerto Rican parades, and Gay pride parades.
    Not so sure the people would be as accepting of a Straight hate parade.

  80. @Tom

    If you are so opposed to diversity, why continue to live in a melting pot culture? I'm curious why your whole klan doesn't just go back to Europe, your 'mother land'?

    You say you hate immigrants, yet Your Own Genes are foreign to the very land you occupy.

    Why perpetuate the anger - we all deserve better, even you.
    Or is the 'Happiness you Pursue' based on dominating and tormenting others?

    1. Europeans were in America first, everyone knows that by now. The Solutrean Hypothesis is a pretty mainstream theory now. Clovis spear points demonstrate it, so do all the Ancient European remains that have been found in America. I'm talking about Kennewick Man, The Spirit Cave Mummy and the Windover Bog People. So-called "Native Americans" (i.e. Asians) came later and genocided the Native Europeans.

  81. @tom
    i suspect you are right that there are race separatists in every race. that does not make the belief correct. the reason people tend to group together is based more on culture, language and religion than on race. i am from Canada and we have a separatist issue here based on language (English/French) neither side cares about your race as long as they see your language as correct. how about the Irish catholic and Irish protestant issue two groups divided on religious lines no race divides as far as i can tell. now you are an American citizen and as far as i know the government doesn't force you to live in any particular area , you can live only among other whites if you choose. but the same is correct for the other side if a person of another race wishes to buy the house next door you have no right to stop them. you live in a country of majority rule and there was a time when a lot more people thought as you do but that time is passed.

  82. All my Black,Asian,Mestizo, racial separatist allies find these comments a belly laugh. You think its only part of the Whites that desire separation.Their are Race separatists in all races.Even after spending billions to force integration it really only made a small dent.Don't force us together and we get along much better.You keep following that liar Margaret Meade and Ashely (ISRAEL EHRENBERG) Montague and see what it gets you.

  83. @TOM
    care to let us in on the joke?

  84. This is getting funnier all the time.

  85. Hollywood nazis, playing at being nazis. Just dumb racists who judge people by the colour of their skin.

  86. @theloler~
    Jeez Louise! That's almost exactly what I have said frequently here and abroad...
    "To rely upon ‘race’ as a sigficant explanation for anything important about human relations is like looking for zipcodes on a mosquito to figure out where malaria comes from…."

    "...race as a human trait is less significant than the different color markings on a parakeet."

    I agree with you completely because it's true. The research proves the metaphor.

  87. The great Aryan leader drunk in Mexico with a sombrero on his head… Priceless. I wonder or that mug is made already, I want one.

  88. @ real science you are so far into the wrong zone I doubt anyone can pull you back into the real world, but Ill post anyway.

    Sickle cell is hereditory disease that only exists certain groups of people. Yes that much is true, but there are many inherited conditions and diseases in all 'races', thats one isolated example that does not represent any kind of pattern in general diseases people get. Your comment that mixed race childeren are more likely to get a disease is not supported by this. It is widely accepted that the more geneticly diverse a childs parents are the healthier they will be. This isnt just true for humans but all animals breding within their own species. Mongrel dogs are usually far more healthy and intelligent than pure breed dogs for example due to pure breeds staying in a limited gene pool, which is akin to light inbreeding.

    Also your claim that there has never been a study of the races is absurd. There have been many, many studies. The findings of the last one I read was that black people, white people, asian people etc are so geneticly simillar that technicly we cant even class them as different races by normal standards applied elsewhere. For example the different between a sausage dog and a labrador is far greater than the difference betweena white person and a black person. The difference between a golden labrador and a black labrador is comparable, and in the dog world they are the same breed/race. There have been a lot of racists over the years who have done everything they can to prove there is any meaningful difference between the races and none of it has ever stood up scientificly.

  89. @Tom
    Thank you Tom for allowing us to see your point of view, it takes a person of conviction to open himself to such scrutiny, while providing the opportunity for insight for others

    I actually agreed with L Theroux at one point, I'm not entirely sure you completely ascribe to your role of despising other races, rather - you maintain it because it's socially & financially expedient for you.

    I can believe you think you are inherently superior, as that's conditioned into every colonialist/capitalist paradigm of domination [so you won't feel guilty about it - I still feel u do, but I'm willing to be wrong].

    This segregationist attitude did not evolve accidentally - it was cultivated to maintain control within populations - as we all have seen since 9/11, you pump enough fear and mis-information into any society and you can do to them what you will.

    Watching this documentary i actually came to feel sorry for the deluded individuals, promoting weakness as if strength, and fear as power... more than that - they have come to identify so closely with these fallacies that they are suffocated by them.

    And allow me to be clear, I respect anyone with the fortitude to exercise their sovereign right of self expression... but voicing your thoughts/beliefs does not make you immune to repercussions and alternate insights. If I have offended anyone, I genuinely apologize.

    After-all - you give an idiot enough rope, he'll hang himself, while a man of wisdom would use that same tool to build a bridge to truth/enlightenment/integrity and understanding.

  90. @azilda~
    I reckon we are simpatico.
    @tom metzger~
    You might've had a fair argument 50 years ago, but DNA science has established that "race" as an idea, as a category of human variation is a non-starter among people with even intorductory training in biological science. Race is about as unhelpful in determining the quality and character of a person as the shape of an earlobe. In fact, the slight collection of chromosomal differences that accrue along a strand of DNA to demarcate caucasian physiology from negroid physilogy are virtually meaningless in any real sense. So why don't you concentrate on real stuff...like genocidal barbarians who perpetrate untold pain and suffering upon the human family?
    Come on, Tommy, you seem like a smart guy, as well as a nice one too. Don't you think you'd sleep better with some "weltanschaaung" updates in the old noggin?

  91. thank you Keith & over the edge

    @realscience - than you too for proving my point. sickle cell evolved within an eco-culture that made it advantageous... it persisted because of inbreeding within that culture - that characteristic has no propensity for the tone/color of one's skin.

    So your own logic actually validated my point: "the cultures that have segregated and ‘inbred’ have the highest risk of genetic disorders"

    As for the separate species issue - like, Keith, i direct you again to review the findings of science... or even just sit back and check out a film listed on this site THE REAL EVE.

    Just relax, breath in the truth

  92. @Tom; I stand corrected then in my assumption that you may have been a person just employing the name falsely. I cannot say that I in any way agree with your sentiments as regard race, however I do feel that you have a right to your ideals as do any other person. I think that there is a definate double standard in this nation today when anti-white or anti-Americal rhetoric are not only protected but praised and people such as you are stigmatized. You are an individual and as such have the right to self determination in your life. If you want to follow your beliefs in regards to race then so be it. As many here have said you seem a likable guy and the way you treated the Peruvian gentleman in this film shows that regardless of your ideals you have the ability to separate your sentiments from personal interactions.

  93. @realscience
    i am sorry but your conclusion doesn't match what the study states. your statement "however if they breed with someone who doesn't have this type of cell, the cell malforms and causes degeneration." to qoute from the same study "Sickle-cell conditions are inherited from parents in much the same way as blood type, hair colour and texture, eye colour, and other physical traits. The types of haemoglobin a person makes in the red blood cells depend on what haemoglobin genes are inherited from his parents. If one parent has sickle-cell anaemia (SS) and the other has sickle-cell trait (AS), there is a 50% chance of a child's having sickle-cell disease (SS) and a 50% chance of a child's having sickle-cell trait (AS). When both parents have sickle-cell trait (AS), a child has a 25% chance (1 of 4) of sickle-cell disease (SS), as shown in the diagram." and "Both sickle cell trait and sickle cell anemia are inherited. Therefore, parents can pass it to their offspring. It is important for parents to get tested. If one partner has sickle cell trait and the other does not, their children each have a 50 percent chance of having the sickle cell trait, and a 50 percent chance of having normal hemoglobin. If one parent has sickle cell trait it is extremely important that the other parent be tested. If both parents have sickle cell trait, there is a 25 percent chance that the child will have normal hemoglobin, a 50 percent chance that the child will have the sickle cell trait, and a 25 percent chance the child will have sickle cell disease" so it lessens the chances of having the trait or the disease if the parents don't both carry the trait or in your words to dumb it down a bit mixing races lowers the chance of the disease.
    p.s sorry all for the long post and the copy and paste

  94. @Tom,

    Of course people making films do indeed edit to make their case or to make their film appear as they want it to. However, I thought he actually made you look quite human and even likable, despite your hate-mongering. I think it is sad that you are on a forum like this trying to defend yourself, as opposed to your beliefs. Do you really care what anyone thinks of you personally? That would seem inconsistent with your worldview. What do you say to the whole Aryan question...the fact that Hitler's mythology which he and his cohorts used to build a powerful message and manipulate Germans...the fact that it saw the Aryan origins as being places like Tibet and Iran?. Do you accept that melanin-levels in skin are scientifically only the result of geography over centuries and millenia, and nothing else? For example, if you live in San Diego and your offspring "breed" only with other caucasions for a few hundred generations...I have news for you...your grandchildren will, without a doubt, one day be a lovely chocolatey shade of brown. If you want to keep your line and your people as pure as the driven snow, you should consider moving to Norway where the climatic reasons for your whiteness lie.

  95. @Realscience,

    your screen name and your typos don't help your case. Regarding this challenge,"Call me a racist if you dare, but atleast back it up with evidence showing that we are all geneticaly the same animal." I do dare. Racist. I read an interesting interview with Dr. Francis Collins, the scientist who headed up one of the most amazing feats of "Real Science" in human history, sequencing the human genome. I recall him reflecting that one of the most striking and inspiring results of the work, was to see how miniscule, nearly nonexistent and certainly irrelevant for these purposes, the genetic differences between different people groups is. I wish I could remember how he explained it, but it was clear, from the pre-eminent expert that genetically we are most certainly the same animal. And as someone else said, genetic diversity STRENGTHENS a population of animals (including humans) it does not weaken it.

  96. ...and on the trip i did not go to Israel, not because i wasn't interested but simply because i didn't want to jeopardize my entry into any country i wish to enter afterwards. If your passport holds a stamp from Israel you are banned from freedom of entry....and yes you can try to trick them with a stamp on a seperate piece of paper but you will know that this is granted only after you've gone through the line.

  97. @Lary...i like your :is like looking for zipcodes on a mosquito to figure out where malaria comes from…. But still you messed up with the insignificant typing mistake! lol...and it made me think...we human make mistakes and they are right there in our face and we don't even see it!
    What a beautiful world we live IN although we often sound like we live off it.

  98. If you were to ask a regular "go about my life" kind of Iraqi, he/she would probably say: "ya let's coexist, 'cause we have so much to share".
    I, a 42yrs old (at the time) woman, have travelled solo through the middle East for a full year: From Vacation Greece and Northern Greece to Turkey to Syria to Lebanon to Jordan back in Syria to Iran( with a tourist visa for a month) to Pakistan to India to Thailand and back to Canada. I have met MOSTLY great people, people who invited me in their homes, people with whom i was able to have great conversations, people who were honest and giving...people of many different thoughts and culture and i believe what made me think they were such good citizens in their own way was that i was not judgmental on their ways but curious. I used people to reflect on myself, i watched and heard their values and bettered my own morale with what was right for me.
    We will not change the world outside of us, we will change it inside of us because the world outside of us doesn't exist the way we think for anyone. Each and every one of us is the ONE. As for God....it is a ghost invented by people in order to blame someone when one knows he himself/herself is at fault!

  99. @Tom
    You never mentioned if you are for or against state run terrorism. An Empire subjugates its populace which is what your Nazi doctrines advocate so how can you hate a form of governance you actually employ? And I have spoken to an Iraqi who states Iraq is (or was) nothing like what the Americans parade on TV.

  100. @inediblehulk~ [insert typo]
    To rely upon ‘race’ as a sigficant explanation for any[thing] important [about] human relations is like looking for zipcodes on a mosquito to figure out where malaria comes from….

    BTW. We are not mammalian metaphors we are human beings.
    (“…it’s that lynx and lambs CAN NOT peacefully co-exist in the natural world.”)

  101. @inediblehulk~
    To rely upon 'race' as a sigficant explanation for any important human relations is like looking for zipcodes on a mosquito to figure out where malaria comes from....

    BTW. We are not mammalian metaphors we are human beings.
    ("...it’s that lynx and lambs CAN NOT peacefully co-exist in the natural world.")

  102. When it comes to choosing between hating other races or hating all racists, I sit high upon my fence. But if there's one truth that I hold to be self-evident, it's that lynx and lambs CAN NOT peacefully co-exist in the natural world. The fact that they can be twins in this unnatural world is a testament to tolerance.

  103. Yes Larry!

  104. @All~
    It's probably really him---Tom Metzger himself. Click the link in his blued-out name. The Insurgent is one of his websites. Its home address is Warsaw, Indiana and I think that's Aryan territory at least.

  105. I THINK THESE KKK PEOPLE OR "WHITE ARIAN RESISTANCE" are just a bunch of insecure little boys. "10 times more women?" Right, oh sure you would. This person is an idiot. They are both idiots. What kind of fool, asks someone IN HIS OWN HOME, to no say anything? This british butthead needs to do back to England. Not all Americans are like this KKK guy. Those people are SICK. And it is HE that "drags America down, with his foolish attitude. While I find them both very annoying, the KKK dude is very sick. I've never even heard of "Metzer?" They both make me ill.

  106. This guy is DISGUSTING ,.. PERIOD

  107. This guy is DISGUSTING ,.. PERIOD .................

  108. Despite Tom Metzger's delusional attitudes towards race, I found him to be somewhat of a likable guy. John on the other hand appears to be a very troubled and confused individual.

    I feel really bad for the two kids. Not only because of the mom that they have, but because they are being home schooled. Children need to be around other children in order to socialize and have broader horizons. I sincerely wish the best for them.

  109. This guy is the worst interviewer I've ever seen. I hate his style, he just asks the stupidest question. For instance "would it matter if I was a jew?" Ummm, they're skinheads. What do you think the answer will be? And then he doesn't answer them. Why the hell would you bring it up in the first place?

    Could've been an interesting watch if not for Louis. Instead it was funny how bad it was.

  110. Those poor girls..

  111. Considering that anyone can pick any name they want to post here I am sure that it is likely not the actual Metzger.

  112. Haven't watched it... But already know it is awesome because of Louis. LOVE HIM and am so glad he is back.

    Thankyou so much for these latest LT Docs xoxo!!

  113. @theRave
    considering your post was addressed to me I would need telepathy not insight to figure out 1 paragraph was not. Melanin controls skin pigmentation and most people judge races by skin colour, whether you like it or not. I never said it was a "race" gene, a little clearer thinking and you would have realised that. Judging by your other posts you seem to consider yourself the ultimate authority. Get off your high horse and try to discuss rather than lecture. Stop telling people they're brainwashed just because they have a different opinion to you.

  114. I am surprised no one else is adressing Tom Metzger himself. He is listening or at least he was writing. Did anyone else catch that?

  115. I like documentarys by Louis Theroux.

  116. i always love how a person with a different thought process and who comes to different conclusions gets branded with these supposed bad names "racist". I dont care who lives where, what colour they are, if they believe in some retarded religion or not. What i care about is the genetic diversity of our species and every other nations species and protecting it.
    By the way i am a black jew, i live in spain, i speak several languages and im probably more intelligent than anyone of you throwing the term racist about as though it is some deplorable act to want to protect the continuity of your species.

    lets look at some facts.

    "Sickle-cell disease (SCD), or sickle-cell anaemia (or anemia; SCA) or drepanocytosis, is an autosomal co-dominant genetic blood disorder characterized by red blood cells that assume an abnormal, rigid, sickle shape. Sickling decreases the cells' flexibility and results in a risk of various complications. The sickling occurs because of a mutation in the haemoglobin gene. Life expectancy is shortened, with studies reporting an average life expectancy of 42 in males and 48 in females.[1]

    Sickle-cell disease, usually presenting in childhood, occurs more commonly in people (or their descendants) from parts of tropical and sub-tropical regions where malaria is or was common. One-third of all indigenous inhabitants of Sub-Saharan Africa carry the gene,[2] because in areas where malaria is common, there is a fitness benefit in carrying only a single sickle-cell gene (sickle cell trait). Those with only one of the two alleles of the sickle-cell disease, while not more resistant, are more tolerant of infection and thus show less severe symptoms when infected.[3]

    The prevalence of the disease in the United States is approximately 1 in 5,000, mostly affecting Americans of Sub-Saharan African descent, according to the National Institutes of Health.[4] In the United States, about 1 in 500 African-American children born will have sickle-cell anaemia.[5]

    Sickle-cell anaemia is the name of a specific form of sickle-cell disease in which there is homozygosity for the mutation that causes HbS. Sickle-cell anaemia is also referred to as "HbSS", "SS disease", "haemoglobin S" or permutations thereof. In heterozygous people, who have only one sickle gene and one normal adult haemoglobin gene, it is referred to as "HbAS" or "sickle cell trait". Other, rarer forms of sickle-cell disease include sickle-haemoglobin C disease (HbSC), sickle beta-plus-thalassaemia (HbS/?+) and sickle beta-zero-thalassaemia (HbS/?0). These other forms of sickle-cell disease are compound heterozygous states in which the person has only one copy of the mutation that causes HbS and one copy of another abnormal haemoglobin allele.

    The term disease is applied, because the inherited abnormality causes a pathological condition that can lead to death and severe complications. Not all inherited variants of haemoglobin are detrimental, a concept known as genetic polymorphism. "

    I'll dumb it down a bit.
    Basicly what it says is people with this certain type of cell formation have such as it aids them in fighting off serious malaric infection. however if they breed with someone who doesnt have this type of cell, the cell malforms and causes degeneration.

    Theirfore we can assume, logically, unequivicaly, without a shadow of a doubt. Those with the gene and those without are 2 seperate species, similar but not the same. this is the only in depth study ever to be done about a degenerative disease caused by inbreeding between races.

    The gene pool of india has 10% of the diversity as anywhere else in the world. because a cataclysm thousands of years ago wiped almost all of them out. So should we breed with indians because they have inbred within their own species so extensively and because their gene pool is almost 90% less diverse than our own we would expect to see more malformed and sick off spring.

    Before you throw the media driven names around, why dont you look at your own bigotry about modern man

  117. @realscience this is the most outrageously wrong thing I've ever read on the internet..

    "stick to our own species" Jesus H Christ... grow a brain you thickoh.

  118. @realscience

    Actually the inverse is true - the cultures that have segregated and 'inbred' have the highest risk of genetic disorders ...that's an absolute medical fact of genetics, i'd love to see 'sources' to the contrary.

  119. @scarlet_eh

    You are absolutely correct, the wealth or poverty of your parents does not always determine your ability to succeed in our society... the attitudes, habits and values conditioned into you as a child DO have everything to do with who you will aspire to be. We are a product of our environment initially - and it's possible to evolve beyond that and become self-determined.

    Unfortunately, there exist a disparity of equality still in American culture regarding race, gender and cultural differences... the doors you transgressed are not open to everyone. As you suspect, the gatekeepers [aka recruiters, employers, police officers] you barely noticed as you passed thru are nonetheless standing guard obstructing the passage for others. You may have no way of ever being aware of this unless you specifically look for it.

  120. Their has never been a comprehensive study on the differences between the races. Atleast not published.

    Instead of ignoring the differences between us we should embrace them. It is my belief their is no such thing as a human race, we are a mix of races from similar lineages.
    The fossil records clearly show their were many biped races walking the earth at the same time. to suggest that only one survived to become modern man is ridiculous and farcical.

    We are all different, but we should accept that, mix race children have a much higher chance of a genetic disorder/disease, and thats a fact. we should stick to our own species so we can propergate properly. if we continue to mix our blood and dilute our lineage we will breed ourselves out of existence.

    Call me a racist if you dare, but atleast back it up with evidence showing that we are all geneticaly the same animal.

  121. @tim

    No tim, you're not a racist - you're just a very well conditioned sheep, trained with Imperialist values to propagate a system of control, hierarchy and fear.

    Here's the rub - differences exist on the "surface" not to become the basis of social control, but for genetic diversity - which arguable provides our species a better opportunity to survive and adapt.

    What's really sad, your statement suggests you are completely oblivious to the fact that people are not 'pre-determined' but self-determined [at least those that escaped the brain washing you received]... and surface attributes fail to elucidate the depth and beauty we are each capable. The irony is, with your present context, you may never have the opportunity to understand this either - you'll keep doing the same thing, and getting the same predetermined results.

    It is genuinely challenging to maintain a long-term relationship or marriage with anyone with different cultural priorities and beliefs within a socially segregated society... in that context of fear, your point of view works quite well - thankfully, that's not the world I aspire to cultivate - I really feel we can do much better than that.

  122. @Ramus
    Apparently, you're the only one foaming at the mouth - you take everything so personally without having the insight that the last paragraph was not addressed to you

    No - Genetic management of melanin content, or lack there of, is not indicative of race - Asians, Native Americans, East Indians and African Americans come in all shades, even pasty white.

    I've heard they have educational institutes there in the uk - why don't you pop into one sometime? Even better, don't even bother to get up - Vlatko here has provided a phenomenal selection - do something different and open your mind, allow yourself to challenge your assumptions and you may learn some truth.

  123. @Tom Metzger...interesting to read "the real guy" in this forum. I want to say...i don't think you are that racist after all...i mean if your neighbour is helful or you can be helpful to him (which in return makes you feel good about yourself) you will "like" the guy no matter what his origins are. If you got yourself in some uncontrolable deep shit and an African, or a Chinese or even a Jewish person stopped to help you, or even to save your life, you'd probably "love" the guy. Society around you is a mirror of who you are, you see attitudes that you dispise...look within...good chances they are in there too. You have no other choices...you have to accept that the world will be more and more populated with diversity of culture. Hey the US and Canada are the baby nations on this earth, the youngest and they are composed of people who came from somewhere in majority...you included.
    I am sure this video would have been different if you had edited it, the same way this country would be different if it had not been colonised by outsiders.

  124. He really shows these guys up for the low life -yet comical- idiots they are.

    The white power crowd always seem to be the worst specimens of white people you can find.. which is ironic.

  125. I think the coke sniffing manager was priceless.

  126. We may all agree it was a shit documentary but Louis is a shit person. If you saw all the good stuff that ended up on the editing room floor you might have found it pretty interesting. Let me follow Louis around with a camera for a week and then edit out anything that made him look human,then compare the two documentaries. Tom Metzger

    1. I think Louis Theroux is great. He asks awkward questions and pretends to be ignorant on purpose in order to make you show yourself up when you try to prove how clever you are. As we saw in the documentary it works. His subtle humour is very British, not too surprised that it falls onto deaf ears a lot of the time in the states. If you know the first thing about his films then you know they're meant to entertain as well as inform and he's definitely entertaining. Didn't seem like he had to edit it that much to make you look about as revolutionary as a box of kittens though. Just saying.

  127. Okay, so I am a racist because I won't consider marrying black and having hybrid babies.
    I am also a racist because I want my East indian, Chinese and Lebanese food made by East Indians, Chinese, and Lebanese. I don't want it made by some "grey", a heinz 57 of humanity.
    I propose that those people thatpeople who do not value or appreciate ethnic, cultural or racial differences are the ones who hate humanity. Humanity is found in these differences, not in the heinz 57 mongrel.

    1. Yes you are. You're an i*iot for not recognising it. You're also an i*iot for claiming that 'humanity' (a general term to describe the human species) is found in differences. Note that it's called the human species/the human race, not the human group of different species'/races. My father is a white man of German descent. To this day I haven't found anyone who can cook a curry better than he can. I've had curries in Indian restaurants that were on a par from time to time but that's it. I, like any other rational human being prefer my food cooked by those who know how to cook it, regardless of their background. I do value my cultural heritage, and if I were to have black children I would raise them to appreciate my side of their heritage as well as their mother's. An intelligent being adapts to its surroundings. By that definition our culture should always be changing in accordance with our surroundings. Just because I embrace other cultures does not mean that I forget my own. I merely add to it. You seem to think that these two things are mutually exclusive. So for that reason, for the third time sir, you are an i*iot.

  128. @Larry Nine....And that’s why he’s so sad too—he doesn’t even realize that he hates blacks, Jews and gays for distinctly different reasons! He hates indiscriminately…
    Very well said!

  129. Socioeconomic? Perhaps there is some truth to that as being fuel for criminal behavior. But tell me why then does Michael Vick fight dogs in the back yard of his mansion? Why do multimillionaire rap and hip hop stars still go back to their old "hood" to rob, deal, and gang bang to keep up their "cred". Yes granted lower status is a contributor in criminal behavior, but there is now a deeper cultural influence. At one time here in the US it was the "dream" of good men to rise above the strictures of segregated society. The goal was to escape the ghetto and to make the ghetto a better place. Now though that has fallen by the wayside to people who successfully do escape the ghetto just to bring the behaviors of criminality to a nicer neighborhood. I am not racist at all but it would be a lie for me to say that I don't see the trend. It has less to do with race and socioeconomic status and more to do with culture. Until people (mostly black, and Latino, but also many whites) decide that acting like a street thug scum bag is not cool the easy target of racism will continue.
    The US claims to try to curtail race related crime but that is a joke. If a white dude calls a man a N while in a bar fight he is charged with race crime. If a black dude calls a man a white boy while mugging him it is just a mugging. Equality? I think not.

  130. wow this guy Louis has got balls of steel, he has no fear of telling it to em like he sees it, gritty little Brit in Big Bad White USA!

  131. @TheRave
    Actually there are genes that control the production of skin pigmentation (melanin) so sorry but you are wrong. As for "civilization" coming out of Africa sorry but wrong again. Civilization is a term to describe a people that have built cities, trade routes and agriculture. Thirdly I would suggest all cultures are inherently racist. If you don't like my statistics find your own and refute me or be quite. Lastly how could I be a product of Texas education when I quite clearly state I am British? Wipe the rabid foam from your mouth.

  132. Thanks Vlatko, I am a big fan of Louis's documentaries :)

  133. I don't know if my first comment will be posted. I got carried away and used a bad word:( I made a point that people choose their condition and using a persons poor socioeconomic status as an excuse for criminal behaviour. I grew up in poor conditions and many people off all race failed to study or apply themselves and of course, there were many races of those that did. I just wanted to add that watching this video made me realize something I had not considered. What about all the racists like these people that are quit about their beliefs and have jobs of authority, where they may choose to hire or fire based on their racist beliefs? That would tend to keep any particular race down depending on the situation. I had not considered that and wanted to add it before I was attacked by the internet.

  134. To all the people attacking Ramus:

    Pointing out socioeconomic stats is BS and you should know it. The greatest thing about the western world is that WE ALL have the freedom to pull ourselves up. I am white. I grew up incredibly poor. I grew up in a shitty inner city condition. My parents rejected science and tried to teach me to accept my condition. I made the best of it, worked hard and got an education. Now I am doing well. There was nothing stopping any of my classmates from doing the same. NOTHING. NOT ONE THING. The kids that wanted to sell drugs instead of study are not victims, they CHOOSE IT. So the argument that the only reason a black person is more likely to commit a crime against a white person because of their situation is BS. That sounds as silly as the white collar criminal arguing that he has a right to screw lessors over because of HIS situation. Stop defending low life behavior from ANYONE from ANYWHERE.

    1. How's this one for size? My mother got a single passing grade at school out of all her subjects. That was applauded because she was at a higher average than the rest of her class. My dad got 0. Nobody ever expected them to make anything of their lives other than scraping by. I was lucky enough to get a scholarship to my school because I'm quite bright. I passed everything with ease and that was the average there because my school was better. I'm now at university. According to a MENSA test that the whole family took, my mother is naturally more intelligent than me. I will get a better job out of my qualifications than my mother ever could despite not being as gifted. This is because I've had a better chance in my life than she had in hers. Now you want to tell me that circumstances in life don't matter? Ma'am I applaud your hard work and wish you well but unfortunately you're deluded.

  135. How is it that every single "nazi" you ever see is pure white trash?
    Possible some connection there?

  136. Yikes! These people are nuts (just five minutes in)! I hadn't considered myself naive, but I didn't realize these whack jobs still existed here in the states.

  137. @Aussie~
    Racism exists across nationalistic lines. It comes in lotsa different flavors, depending upon the country, but it's all institutionalized deeply within its home culture. It's an ancient curse with subtle variations of practice--- every type from the crude, outspoken racism of the American south to the soft, parlor racisn of an English manor. Just because it doesn't manifest with hi-pressure water hoses and barking German Shepherds doesn't mean it isn't around.

  138. I feel sorry for this man and all like him. He doesn't understand that race as a human trait is less significant than the different color markings on a parakeet. Of course the anti-Zionist beliefs are another story... another order of magnitude altogether. And that's why he's so sad too---he doesn't even realize that he hates blacks, Jews and gays for distinctly different reasons! He hates indiscriminately...
    he sees the world xenophobically with the only qualification for hate being--- "they're different than me".

  139. This is a tough doc to watch without being affected emotionally.It's a complex subject.Theroux clearly pushes his agenda and is transparently unbiased,but that is exposee journalism.Racial superiority/inferiority is illusory.Made up.A sham.It's perpetuated by a socio-economic paranioa,;a caste system nourished by fear,hate,prejudice.It's not new.It's as old as time.I realize it is oversimplification,but the the dominance of Western Europe and hence the White race is largely evolving in the right place at the right time.It wasn't genetics,it was Luck.See this theory on"Guns,Germs and Steel" on this site. Fear,ignorance,greed false pride,are all formidible tools of the Ruling class.The Master Race.Those who dominate need to feed lies to the feeble masses to remain in power.you know what?..It works.

  140. Love the music, tho-NOT!! These people are sickening.

  141. I feel sorry about the 2 twins, Lamb & Lynx.
    They didn't have a chance to become decent humans.

  142. @Ramus ...what does 'White' mean? There are no white genes. Seriously, look it up... as a matter of fact civilization arose from from Africa and people with melanin.

    So before you begin citing 'statistics,' perhaps just get a handle on what it is you are attempting to define. Next, always consider the source... numbers gathered by a racist culture, with evident socio-economic disparities, and clear judicial bias.

    Finally, if it is not yet evident the fallacy of the 'racial purity' priority heralded by the Nazi's rhetoric, then it's quite possible you are a victim of the Texas Education System with it's tailored history books and creationist agenda.

  143. @zattara....i prefer when you are funny over being sarcastic but all in all you remind me of someone who could be in a similar movie, having a beer, a laugh, and a life of your own. You probably are the joker of the party.
    The rainbow writing doesn't fit you one bit though! Have your opinion...hell they all count in the end! A lot of poeple on this site seem to enjoy the comments forum as much if not more than the movies and variety is what makes it interesting!
    Louis is inquisitive and opinionated, calm and strategic, reasonable and clever.

  144. @Nathan
    The social structure is what I was eluding to in my last paragraph. Segregation breeds distrust. But if a solution was presented people would not go along with it even if you convinced them it would be for the better.
    A disliking for another group - black, white, yellow, green, whatever, is locked in at a young age from parents and peers. Once locked its very hard to unlock. They then have 2 kids who have the same view and they have 2 kids etc. We have to teach the kids of today not to be intolerant tomorrow.
    As you can see from this doc some parents should be ashamed of what they teach their children. The mother of the 2 girls made me ashamed to be human let alone white.

  145. From an Australian @ Americans

    I can't speak for everyone, but know that every country has its problems. Louis is an entertainer more than a journalist. A journalist is impartial which Louis is not. It is a bit unfair that he directs his attention mostly at the US, but I believe it is courageous that you accept his requests to film there. Despite topics entertained in his documentaries, you still have a constitution that upholds free speech. Keep your chins up and I don't believe the media's representation of the US.

  146. Welcome to the Wonderful Land of Oz!

    Between the 92% of the U.S. population who still believes in the tooth-fairy, some of whom still lives in the first century A.D. and denies evolution, and... the people who are represented in this documentary, and... all the other 600 plus hate groups around the country, and... the fact that we consider ourselves to be the "SHINING BEACON ON THE HILL", and... the fact that many other countries learn from us and imitate us - should indeed give any man the shivers...

    Buckle up Dorothy! Yo not in Kansas no mo...!

  147. @ Buddha Ha Ha Ha Great comment most insightful. Gibbons watch out there is a new monkey on the block.

  148. curse auto correct!! that was supposed to say "those" not "thoughs". sorry.

  149. It's obvious the subjects were preserving their genetic superiority by selective breeding. They distill out any impure contamination that may have occurred somewhere in their lineage. They do this through generations of sibling unions. Their malevolent genius is truly a threat to surpass the gibbon as the greatest challenge mankind faces in the struggle for world domination.

  150. @ Ramus

    You asked how America could be so intolerant at such a young age. The problem between blacks and whites holds a place all its own, it can not be grouped in with the intolerance of latinos or Muslims. It started because of slavery of course, and even though slavery was made illegal the peoples attitude toward blacks did not change, even thoughs against slavery thought of balcks as inferior. Then we had the whole civil rights movement and blacks managed to get more rights, but still the attitude toward them was there. This constant struggle, which is of course more than justified, set up a us against them mentality sort of, and to this day it is still seperated like that. Even people like myself that are not prejudice, well not prejudice conscouisely, still make a distinction somewhere in our mind.

    I was married to a black woman for nine years, and I loved her very much. I hung out with black people and judged them according to their actions, not their skin color. But still, because of the way I knew the racist society I live in would treat me and my wife for that matter, I could not help but recognize the difference society made between us. We delt with it every day, every where. We even had a cross burned in our yard once, not as dangerous as it sounds. Lucky for us it was mainly a bunch of young kids, in it more for the excitement than any kind of real hatred.

    Through the long years of segregation blacks and whites developed different cultures, so we had different ideas about right and wrong, different foods we ate, different ways of organizing and keeping a household, different religiouse ideas and practices. We interacted with our families differently. We showed our love for one another differently. Luckily we both enjoyed those differences and found them interesting, most of the time.

    There were times though when something bad would happen to her because she was black, like getting turned down for loans and jobs or harrassed by the local police in an obviousely racist way. When this would happen I could see the resentment she had for all whites, even me. She never said or did anything out of the way, and she knew it was wrong to hold it against people like me that were not racist, but she couldn't help it. Its human nature I suppose, she would look at the comparatively easy life I had as a white male in the southeastern US and feel cheated.

    Sorry for the long post, I wanted to explain a complicated issue. It's not as easy for everyone to just let go of all those years of hate and seperation as it may seem, especially for those that were on the recieving end. Me and my wife are divorced now, though we are still great friends. I will always love her, and she will always love me. Being with her made me realize what black people go through, even today. It also made me realize that even if every white person could some how just stop being racist, this issue would not be solved. The past will always haunt us, always devide us in some way- even when we love each other.

    As far as intolerance toward other races or religions, this post is long enough. I will let someone else answer that.

  151. Louis once again you are wonderful.

    Nazy = Poverty
    educational poverty
    economic poverty

    Life frustration, another word for Nazis LOSERS


  152. Does Louis only own one shirt??? BBC give him a raise.

  153. @VLATKO

    can you please find more of Louis' documentaries?


  154. American culture seems to make extremism profitable. Sick Country.

  155. .

  156. @Ramus

    Might be worth your while looking into the socio-economic statistics of violence, theft, etc.
    While your information may be correct it shouldn't be so much an example of black people as it is an example of the social structure and conditioning of the system.

  157. You know I was going to question Americas racism and how such a young nation could be so intollerant but then I remembered watching TV a while ago and hearing the news reader say "A young woman was brutally mugged at knife point..."
    "I bet it was a black guy" I thought.
    "The attacker is descibed as black and wearing a hoody." Confirmed the news reader.
    Shocked at my own stereo typing I thought I would investigate to see how true my prophetic words ring.

    • Blacks committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent racial crimes of whites.

    • According to the latest annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial murders involve black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites murder blacks.

    Source : Justice Department

    Clearly there is an issue here but can it be resolved by sieg heiling and wearing table cloths? Inner city deprivation might well be one of the causal effects. The only way to stop that would be to spread people of different races across the country (world). But who's going to sanction that?
    All the while races group together there will be growing distrust, violence, hatred and banner waving.
    I applied for a job the other day and had to tick a box that said White - British..........

  158. I wonder how they feel about evolution and the concept of us coming from Africa and having evolved from apes...
    Would have liked to see him ask those questions

  159. Ok let me get this straight, Mr. M has a client from the Aryan nation of Peru, I thought it was the Inca nation, Mrs. April likes her coffee staight Black! no cream in the coffee?! I am broken hearted as Mrs. April does not like those who speak multiple languages, I also wonder if the Educator isn't of a darker shade of brown? oh well just wondering, overall I think inspector gadget did a good job of not getting hurt by the white power crowd. Shame San Diego is such a beautiful place.

  160. LOL SUCH BIG NAZIS AND RACISTS. Don't make me laugh, these are clowns and nothing more. I do feel bad for the little girls though, who have such an idiot of a mother.

  161. I can't believe in this day and age we still have Nazi's and people who support white power. (Coming from a white guy.)

  162. i kind of like the guy hosting. he speaks his mind in his home. good job buddeh

  163. I find it rather offensive that the mother of Lion and Lynx basically says "I think men will find my two underage daughters sexy and bring more people to the white supremacist movement." Not cool mom, not cool.

    Regarding Louis tact: I think his awkwardness comes off as vulnerability and actually gets him in deeper with some groups. Like in "The Most Hated Family in America".

  164. Most of these racist people are clueless and brainwashed. For the most part they are hopeless primitive beings dirtier than those they supposedly hate. Their hatred is misguided to say the least, most people don't know that the major sponsor of many supposed "skin head" or "Muslim extremist" groups are actually the ADL trying to entrap these people so they can scream "anti-Semitic!" and block your freedom of speech. The true enemies of democracy and liberty are the bigots behind all this hatred. These people are not cool I know I have personally been discriminated against through racist idiots.

  165. tony 11:
    I find that he needs to learn how to be more tactful. Would allow for deeper access. He’acts like a fool.


    Totally disagree. I think he shows himself to be a tactful interviewer in difficult and sensitive situations.

  166. That woman at Metzger's house has no clue that Starbucks is a large contributor to Zionist Israel

  167. i think it is a disgrace to allow people like these to home school their kids, the kids should be taken away from them and the parents imprisoned..absolutely sickening..this is the republican base.

  168. @pete666; Labeling a whole group of people, based upon your perceived image of a few individuals of that group, in retaliation for that select few's tendency to label whole groups of people based upon their perceived image of a select few. Would you mind if I just cut and paste your comment to wikkipedia as an example of irony?

  169. Louis Theroux is the man. That is all.

  170. first id like to say the folks in this are not nazis. they may try to claim the name and rep but really ther just a bunch of hate filled redneck hillbillys. the nazis wouldve never accepted such trash into their organization and wouldve put these people in ther place real fast. for them to even try to use the swastika as their little club signs is just shows how stupid they really are. the whole nazi movement was about being aryan not white. although germans look white its believed they are descendants of the ancient persians who were the first "aryan" peoples. even hitler decreed iran to be a pure blood aryan nation exempt from their nuremburg race laws. the nazis claimed americans to be "vile collection of half-breeds and mongrels"-Hitler. the folks who claim to be white supremasists whatever yah ther white so ok. but the racists who claim the swastika would be interested to know that hitler and real nazis would have despized them and . nothin beats laughing at rednecks wearing tablecloths lmaoooo

  171. @tony
    Thats his skill showing thro? (theroux?)

  172. I find that he needs to learn how to be more tactful. Would allow for deeper access. He'acts like a fool.

  173. lol
    Louis almost got his $%& kicked.. priceless

  174. @pete666
    true (but without the asterix's)(stars))
    Go Louis...! another gem
    who neds ppl?

  175. after watching "american x", this is nothing....

  176. A few bad apples dont make the whole tree bad

  177. @ azilda It warms my heart to see americans getting along so nicely while singing karaoke. We seem to like each other as much as the world likes us. With all the brotherly love our people have for each other its amazing that america imprisons the highest percentage of its population more than anyother country in the world... and its not because we dont use the death penalty. If people could just get along better we could put the police/court/lawyers/private prisons/ect out of business and focus those revenues on something good for everyone. ok azilda thats my nice text rainbow its as good as it gets.

  178. *is disheartening. Excuse my mistake please, so many thoughts flowing through at once.

  179. This is sickening. I live in San Diego and have heard stories of the large neo-Nazi population that resides in certain areas nearby, but I never really thought it had much truth to it. To see that this man lives probably within 20 minutes of me makes me is disheartening.

    And to pete666,
    I'm not sure what that comment was supposed to mean, but if that was some kind of a suggestion that the overall American population has anything to do with this then I believe that you need to open your eyes to the real world. I know that it is popular to hate America these days, and believe me, I'm not too fond of it myself. However, I can honestly say that not every single American is hateful and nieve such as the people shown in this documentary, and to suggest that they are makes you no better than those you point the finger at.

  180. if you have too much free time watch it.

    Who cares what anyone else thinks...this is america

  181. So many stupid Americans.

    1. Do not worry GOD still loves you.

  182. I love Louis' docos but it's beyond my comprehension how he speaks with folk like this without swingin'! Animals.