Louis Theroux: Survivalists

Louis Theroux: Survivalists

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Louis Theroux - SurvivalistsIn Idaho, Louis meets military enthusiasts and right-wing patriots who are preparing for a global catastrophe, including trips to survivalists' store Safetrek and a mountain refuge for conspiracy theorists called Almost Heaven.

Louis also visits the Aryan Nation Church and helps to build a straw-bale home. The episode focuses on the survivalism movement and communities formed around it.

The fact that several self-proclaimed survivalists were also hippies and environmentalists is a recurring theme.

Louis spends time with groups of (mostly) politically extreme people in the North West of America. The focus is on families and groups (or a horrific neo-nazi church in one part) which believe in and prepare for a 'New World Order' - a very interesting and funny documentary.

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  1. swedishobserver

    PINHEADS. No, not quite right. PINSOULS. Yep, thats´s it.

  2. Eric J. Wickes

    The unstoppably loud commercials are a bit annoying.

  3. grover bagwell

    some guy making movies i can tell you from experence it will take a lot more to stay alive than making movies

  4. grover bagwell

    it more make a buck

  5. knowledgeizpower

    OMG...So I was ending the last Doc I am watching of the night with Louis Theroux which I love his docs by the way because they make me Laugh and the second video STops it says "blocked copyright grounds" is this fixable this is second time tonite whats going on :(

  6. Caspar William

    Pahahah! louis is too funny

  7. oddsrhuge

    I want a uniform dagnabbit!

  8. infowars

    Hambone Littletail is a cointelpro troll who should be the first one to go "poof." Why don't you sacrifice one of your children first you Georgia guidestone unAmerican piece of trash! You claim to hate the new world order? You and your kind are the New World Order you friggin hypocrite!!
    You both are calling for population reduction.

  9. infowars

    Hambone Littletail is a cointelpro troll who should be the first one to go "poof." Why don't you scrifice one of your children first you Georgia guidestone unAmerican piece of trash! You claim to hate the new world order? You and your kind are the New World Order you friggin hypocrite!!
    You both are calling for population reduction.

  10. louiseiiid

    So in love with Louis!

    He gets away with everything by being child-like - curious and honest.

    The most brilliant of investigative journalists really. Half the people he interacts with don't realise how clever he is, or aren't sure if he's serious. He conveys everything unsaid with a quick cheeky look to camera or fleeting dumbfounded expression on his face.

    @ Smugg actually, I think it's his very British tongue-in-cheek which is so subtly disguised as to leave most of sthe recipients entirely unsure of his real opinions.

    This works a treat on Americans every time. Not so easy to get away with that style in England, we'd be on to him in a shot! (not because we're smarter, just we grew up with that sugared sarcasm he does so sweetly).

    1. Ajay Fahlman

      He talks down to people, like he's better than them. Then he shoots a revolver and his hands tremble,and a dribble of pee goes down his leg. I wouldn't be surprised if he wears panties.

    2. ranii02

      no he doesn't. he talks to them in a way that gets them to elaborate or continue on their point, especially if its as controversial as the viewers note it as.

  11. smugg

    that's not Theruox making look people stupid, it's a british thing, they do it with anybody all the time, they call it conversation.

  12. alan

    a couple o'things...Louis made this in '97
    prophesy? NWO? Who'd believe that?
    I can empathise with that guy Mike
    As i undrstand it (i'm not in US),the contribution via taxes was(and is)a voluntary action. An opting in? and apparently there has been nothing enacted that reverses that fundemental choice?
    If nothing else, the docs on here serve to make make me happy to be where i am, though no less concerned, and stressd, not so much about what i know, but what i don;t know

  13. Hambone Littletail

    How can this dude claim that environmentalists don't worship Mother Earth? I am a NWO-despising, constitution-loving, carless (who needs a license, insurance, etc., if you don't own a planet-eating car?)dirt-worshiping tree hugger who doesn't pay taxes, and I worship Mother Earth -- which is why I have made it my number one mission in life to preach the truth that the NUMBER ONE agenda item for our species is to reduce the population of this planet by 90 to 95 percent... you know, to the population we maintained for the first 200,000 years of our existence as humans, when we lived lives of abundance and plenty, in balance and harmony with our fellow Earthlings and our Mother here in Heaven on Earth (not ALMOST Heaven -- Heaven!). While I believe the despicable, evil (and very REAL) New World Order should be the first ones to "go poof," for all their faults, the view that we need to reduce this planet's population is one that I (and a growing number of deep ecologists who have NOTHING to do with the NWO) share. Long live the Georgia Guidestones -- they should be the guiding principles for our generation or there will be no next generation to guide.

    1. oddsrhuge

      Whoa....Your name is, lemme guess...ummm Turner?, no no, wait, I know, de Rothschild??? NO it must be you! David Rockefeller! Right?

      Piss off. What the world needs less of, in my opinion? (I'm just a guy by the way....at one point middle class, now? who knows) Is a--holes who think think reducing population is a good thing. Seriously? You're kidding right? Lotso people only means trouble for lotso corrupt corporatists (according to my "spell check' that's not a word) There is more than enough in this world to provide for everyone....and for everyone to be equally happy.

      However a much better writer than myself once said. "Some people are more equal than others."

    2. coryn

      "There is more than enough in this world to provide for everyone....and for everyone to be equally happy."

      Oddsrhuge, you're living in a different world than I am, let's see if I can understand this....... Have you heard of 'exponential growth'? Well, populations growing in an exponential fashion will outstrip the ability of the planet to support them. The odds are 50/50 that we'll turn this planet into a very desolate place. Those super bombs we've got will put us between a rock and a hard place one day, and we'll be like those Samaritan women in the Bible, ready to eat our kids. (2 Kings 6:28)

  14. Troy

    Bo Gritz and his map of disaster in the U.S. figures Idaho is the safest place in the U.S. but he forgot about Yellowstone the largest volcano in the world.
    Lets hope it doesnt decide to go off. Cause it wont matter where your at in the entire world. Your finished.

  15. Mariam

    Epicrus argument on happiness was to live a life where you were not dependant on others (i.e. government) for finincial security, where you provided for yourself and your family/friends, and lived you life with self-analysis of your thoughts and beliefs.
    The 'radical nut' hippie, Mike, had the right idea on what constitutes happiness in this life. And in exchange, he just made a pledge to defend his community if it was attacked, which seems sensible. 'Almost Heaven' folks have the right idea.

  16. johannesfaust

    they´ve done it in other countries...that´s true...

  17. Nancy

    @ Pat there are US Citizen who have WON in court against the IRS and do not owe them a thing!

  18. gothnate

    @ Pat
    The 16th Amendment states, "The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration."

    A little explanation is in order. The main part of the amendment is, "without apportionment among the several States." This means, Congress can collect taxes, but ONLY if it's divided among the States equally. Income tax currently is NOT apportioned amongst the States at all, let alone equally.

    Furthermore, the word "income" as defined by the United States as GAINS (profit) which can only be attributed to a business and not an individual trading for services and labor.

    Additionally, the Federal Income Tax Code clearly states that it is "voluntary compliance" to pay the Federal Income Tax, yet when asked about this phrase, the IRS states while it is voluntary, they have the right to arrest you for not paying.

    Sounds a little totalitarian to me.

  19. Pat

    Nancy, the 16th amendment specifically grants Congress the right to lay and collect taxes from American citizens. This properly enacted amendment overturned the ruling that you had noted, which had only concerned the WAY in which Congress could tax, not whether it was allowed to. Sorry, but you are still legally obliged to pay your taxes, and unless the NWO consisted of 42 out of the 48 then-existing states' legislative bodies, you might be a bit paranoid.

  20. tim

    It is a life style choice.
    Respect. (as Ali g would say)

  21. Nancy

    Everything in this documentary was taught to me as a child. Not to the extreme of not paying taxes, no driver license or no car insurance, but the government taking over our lives(more than they do now)"the mark" being put on us etc. etc. I, fear, that the time of this is all coming to a close. You may not agree with me, but there is NO law on the books that state WE have to pay taxes (our 1040 form)! Many court cases have been won over the issue with paying taxes. In 1913 the Supreme Court ruled it was illegal to make US citizens pay taxes, and that ruling has never ever been overturned! THE NEW WORLD ORDER fightens me! IT SHOULD FRIGHTEN YOU ALSO! GOD BLESS!

  22. might be true

    ok now i know everything in life is still a mystery and these guys are just trying to be 2 steps ahead but what i wonder is what are these people going to think and do if none of this turns out to be true because only time will tell but iv got a feeling that they will be more disappointed for being wrong than being happy at the fact that they were wrong its just human nature

  23. Creatio-whaa!?

    Aside from the Aryan Nation guys, all the survivalist people in this film generally seemed like kind, well-meaning people. I can sympathize with their general motivations... vigilance against incremental, less-than-obvious encroachments on the human rights and liberties enumerated in the Bill of Rights. The willingness to defend those rights. A general suspicion of the concentration of government power. Responsible firearm ownership. Wariness of the threats to national sovereignty (and thus the integrity of the Constitution and the sovereignty of the People) present in many of the institutions of globalism. Etc.

    However, I do not agree with their view of a cabal of puppet masters and a single NWO agenda that is plotting to kill or enslave their families, etc. Their hearts are more or less in the right place, but they've been listening to their own rhetoric for too long and they've let their fears and suspicions get the better of them. They spend every last hour and dime accumulating military surplus trinkets and fortifying their homes for an absolute worst-case scenario that is a long shot at best. Even if their worst fears do come to pass, you cannot prepare for every possible eventuality. In the meantime, they're living in fear and cowering in their backwoods "refuges" waiting for Armageddon and life is passing them by :(

  24. corey


  25. corey

    hes 500 times better then ron kemp

  26. Ryan

    Louis Theroux is hilarious. He's compassionate, funny, instantly likeable and really gets to know the people he talks to. He once said we might look at these people as weird, but to them, he's the weird one. It's an interesting philosophy and I think it's why people are able to open up to him.

    Great doc.

  27. nhk


    You are stupid, when these guys are proven right, then you'll shut ur trap.

  28. GermanDocuWatcher

    Great doc. But really old :)

  29. Coyote03

    I've watched a few of Louis Theroux's documentaries now, this one is the best in my opinion. He really connects with some of the people and shows the normalcy in their lives. The look at the Aryan church on the other hand was disturbing, nothing normal about the way those people think! Definitely worth the watch!!!

  30. melly666

    You're absolutely right ez2b12. I'm British and 44 and see a whole new generation being bought up and you're right,it's all about money and lifestyle that makes you a 'success'. We're getting more and more Americanized. Wasn't quite so bad when I was young but these things were still ingrained in to us.

    Although my family struggled financially we were still 'brainwashed' in to what is a 'success '...basically it was all about what you own and how to obtain it(which was grassing people up or stamping on everybody to the 'top') I saw through all this bullsh*t at an early age and rejected it all.

    Problem is people don't think for themselves any more.The problem is that children get bullied if they don't have certain things which puts the less well off parents under a lot of pressure to 'keep up with the Jones'). We need to bring children up with a set of new morals and other ways of being successful without money. This needs to be started in the home and schools.

  31. ez2b12

    While it is true that the elite have an agenda that they are pushing, namely to stay in power by controlling what the average Joe thinks, does, and believes. That being said the answer is not to segregate ourselves from society or to arm and train ourselves for some war. The answer is to take back through democracy what is ours. We still have the power to exact change in this country with out the need for violence or extreme propaganda. First we have to start educating our selves and our children about the way government and economics works. We have to show our children that their are other things of value not just money. We seem to raise our children to think of nothing else. They grow up seeing that everyone is in it for themselves and nothing else. Now I know parents are thinking, "Well I have to raise them to get by in the world today and money is the most important thing." Well we made it the most important thing and we keep it that way by the way we prioritize. Drive this car or no one will like you- buy these jeans or no one will go out with you- brush with this toothpaste or be ugly for ever. Look at all the distractions from reality that we shove in our childrens faces. Video games, mini malls, drugs, cell phones and other gadgets, sports, etc., etc, None of these things really matter to us as a country or help make us better stewards but, how much time do our children spend consumed with these things? Where do you think the next president is coming from, right here that's where. Now look around at our options to come, scary isn't it. What are we doing to make it better?

  32. mrr

    Gotta amend my commend just a bit:) Watched the rest, and have to say how very impressed i am. Regarding his dealings with the racists..absolutely brilliant and quiet dissent. Funny how the gentleman asserted he could not sing 'im free'..(would have been funnier if he had done it..parroting that which he professes to hate would have been priceless,) but he asserted himself to not be free.

    Is freedom more than the choice to live as you choose, in a place of your choosing, surrounded by like-minded people of your choosing? If there is any freedom in those things, then that man is freer than most of the population on this planet. While it is content-light, and does marginalize to an extent, it also humanizes most of the individuals represented. Still cannot get over the IRS raiding the bank account of a child, for 12 damn bucks no less..

    Maybe that is why the government is so afraid of these people..because of they know how petty they have been in their treatment of the citizenry..and maybe that is why they seem to be less afraid of the racist element, and even encourage racism themselves. Racism is a divisive force, and disempowers dissent.

    When you think about it, it transcends citizenry as well. Just consider the middle east, and how they have been treated. Developing nations, and even developed nations sanctioned by hegemony. Petty treatment of the majority of the population the world over would tend to make those in power a little nervous. Yeah, definitely had to amend my original comment..should wait to watch the whole thing next time:)

  33. mrr

    Partaking of even the most extreme views to explain the paradigm in which we live, is educational, at the very least. Cannot say that i can relate to a global culling of population, as who would be left to wait, hand and foot, on the global elite? If only the elite survive, don't money and all the trappings of wealth become superfluous?

    That doesn't mean that i do not believe any of what is being said. Have you ever spoken to a schizophrenic in the throes of a paranoid episode? There is truth to be found in their seemingly outrageous claims. And like the schizophrenic, the extremes represented here speak some truth. i do not necessarily appreciate the patronizing, and marginalizing representation of these individuals and groups in the documentary.

    It takes away some of the credibility of the those who made this film; which is nothing new. Louis Theroux content is like the "reality television" version of documentaries. But i am glad it is content i can still view... and Vlatko, considering some of the recent shutdowns of blog hosting sites, i hope we can all enjoy this content ad infinitum.

  34. melly666

    Citizen_x....well said!

  35. abfallmensch

    hilarious documentary! love the humor.

  36. adam

    There is a good documentary on here called Collapse. Everyone should watch it.

  37. jambolad

    he who is tired of Louis Theroux
    is tired of life......FACT!

  38. EDD23

    I adore Louis Theroux! He has such compassion for humanity whilst being unafraid to shine a light on its many idiosyncrasies (including those that may be deemed dangerous or immoral). A gentle soul, an inquisitive mind, a good heart and a brave spirit. Go Louis!

  39. Citizen_x

    History is full of sheep waiting fat and docile to go to slaughter. I refuse to go down without a fight. If Europeans want to risk totalitarian government without the ability to resist that's fine but don't mock those that value freedom enough to be willing to die for it. If your freedom isn't worth dying for, is it worth calling it freedom? Nothing like some smug, smart ass euro-sissy to present an unbiased view of the Patriot movement. You can't know what its all about by watching some clown with an agenda on a documentary meant from the start to belittle a large section of the American political scene.

  40. BJ

    @ Jonathan R.

    I understand what you are saying and I get where SOME of these guys are coming from but you have to admit it is a little over paranoid.
    Yet I do applaud them in some respects. Constructing their own homes, living so remote and so on. Just hope they aren't going to regret the way they have chosen to live later.

  41. Wayne

    It's 2010 and the governemt still hasn't attacked them? I don't understand it. Northern Idaho is such an important target for the new world government. No other place on the planet is near as important as northern Idaho. BTW, nothern Idaho gets blizzards just like Wisconsin and Minnesota, so that's no excuse to think they are not safe places. In fact, the government doesn't know northern Wisconsin and Minnesota exist, either. Still, the movie is full of fun people.

  42. Jonathan R.

    Another great example of the documentary technique of showing the extreme side of a political movement or ideology. Its too bad a lot of people will see this & completely disregard these peoples viewpoints b/c Louis does such a great job of making them look stupid.

    I'm talk of course about the patriots & libertarians in the film. The neo nazis are just plain evil

  43. Chief

    @ milton

    That's one way of looking at it, but after researching the multiple end time scenarios that happened prior to 1978, it dawned upon me that the probability of these "hunches" by so called religious scholars was bunk. You can certainly stay in the fold. Good luck to you.

  44. milton

    @sia all these people including the nazis are smart patriots of the constitution. They are United States citizens defending their Republic. They investigate history and do not fall for propaganda. Here in America we dont just settle for gay sex and good wine like you europeans have.

  45. milton

    @chief i think after you realized they werent going to pull the trigger right then; why didnt you go out and ring the alarm instead of sitting back and enjoying your life knowing there was still time to relax before they pull the trigger.

    As i see it you are just as much a traitor as the new world order leaders.

  46. Praxis71

    I have to say, Mike is a very interesting and likable guy.

  47. numbnuts

    On the lighter side, doesn't Louis look a little like the second coming of David Koresh?

  48. Will

    It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

  49. Chief

    A "City of Refuge", a place of protection from the onslaught of warring factions is espoused in doomsday scenarios. It's what you do, as a believer in 'End Time' prophecies. In 1978, Hal Lindsey prophesied in his book "The Late Great Planet Earth", that armageddon would begin. The bar codes used in the economic system was an indicator that the "Mark of the Beast" was at hand. I was a "survivalist" in that day, living on a mountain top on forty acres of land that was initially purchased to accommodate ten families. When you are fanatical in your beliefs, you can be made to see illusions as fundamental truths.

    I saw my past in this document and except for the Aryan Nation, I could have been in Almost Heaven. I am fortunate that I took the failure of prophetic fulfillment as an indication of false teaching. It enabled me to wean myself from the immobilization of conviction.

  50. dave

    i really enjoyed this doc everyone seemed to be really nice except the Neo Nazis. Mike was really cool.
    hope to see more cool docs like this

  51. Peeroette

    Inside every living thing is a spirit to be free. I guess we all have different views about how to get there and stay there.

    I believe in freedom of association, but I abhor hatred of others because of their color, religion, or ethnic background.

  52. Achems Razor

    Great doc.

    Great humor in some parts.

    But they should be more secretive about telling everyone about not paying taxes etc:

  53. tracy

    Throw out your TV and stop buying garbage, literally and figuratively.

  54. Linda McGuigan

    Another great documentary from Louisyou alway's learn somthing new. I just wish there was somewhere like that here where you could just opt out if you wanted too. I must have some of my old hippy way's left screaming to get out lol.
    these view's are my own.

    Linda ;-*

  55. No name

    intersting stuff

  56. rob

    i was looking forward to this but it seems a little extreme, people need to remember not everyone is as extreme as this to be smart and be aware of whats truly going on around us....

  57. rob

    hands down favorite guy for documentaries and i havent watched it yet, always learn something new.

  58. Sam

    Hey Collette,

    did you watch this because you read someones tweet?? I can't remember who's it was, but they tweeted it today...


  59. sia

    ok. so it's like that. stupid very fat americans are afraid of evolution and europe(in a way). hahaha :))))))

  60. Collette

    These people are a little bit paranoic, although there is sometimes reason to suspect the decisons in the world elit (west first off all) are being pre-determened. Or, as another assomption, these guys just don't want o accept that thetechnology is making the world connected.

    Not havin driving licence and telling that while being film is a proof enough to loose the licence, isn't it?!

    The recist guy showing begging hnds has no placce for comment! Pure stupidity!

    Year 2000 is gone, I wonder if Mike moved out by now from this Heaven whatever...