LSD is Back

LSD is Back

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Many people associate LSD with the era of long hair, tie-dye shirts and bell bottomed pants. But this popular hallucinogenic drug never really went away. In fact, it's currently undergoing a bit of a resurgence as a medicinal self-help tool. Produced by the German-based series DW Documentary, LSD is Back examines the veracity of these claims.

The film provides a brief recap of the history of the LSD, including its early embrace as a psychiatric wonder drug. By the late 60's, as the drug began to develop street credibility among the rebelling youth population, LSD's identity morphed into something more dangerous and foreboding.

But for some of the subjects featured in the film, LSD is a miracle elixir for personal development. These users administer the drug in micro-doses - an amount that falls short of offering a hallucinogenic high, but instead makes users feel more alert, focused and positive.

We meet one young man who drips one or two drops into an ice cube tray. Ingesting the frozen cubes during the week has allowed him to concentrate more intensely on his goals.

There's a flip side to this recreational use. For one, the sale and distribution of psychedelics is illegal in Germany, though advocates expect those laws to change sooner rather than later. Secondly, if the dosage is more amplified, it can lead to crippling paranoia and other potentially debilitating reactions.

The Third wave, a psychedelic advocacy company, was designed to curb the abuse of the drug, and educate on its benefits when dosed properly. They have some degree of support from the medical community. After conducting an informal research study, one doctor in the film believes that micro-dosing can be the wave of the future. It doesn't interfere with a person's daily rituals and responsibilities, he claims, and seems to enhance the body's natural healing process by helping to eliminate aches and pains, and motivate healthier lifestyle choices.

Science has not yet developed firm conclusions on the risks versus rewards of the drug for these purposes. In spite of these reservations, LSD is Back introduces a series of intriguing possibilities.

Directed by: Norbert L├╝bbers, David Donschen

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3 years ago

The CIA introduced LSD to the hippies to destroy their minds. It is still being used to destroy the minds of people to this day today, along with the pesticide sprayed ultra potent weed. There is no chemical short cut to learning wisdom. What ever happened to spending time in nature and naturally growing your own food...

3 years ago

I agree pure, chemically stable and safe along with accurate dosing are very important when consuming any type of compound especially compounds as powerful as psychedelics. Great documentary!

User 1
3 years ago

4-way Window Pane for me. Was the one that everyone compared others to. Back in the day it was clean. Hope others at least have clean stuff today and not cut with, who knows what.

Norman McKinnon
3 years ago

Agh ... the good old youthful days of Clear Light 25 made by Owsley. Those were the dayz my friend ... Daze indeed.