Lucky Luciano

Lucky Luciano

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Lucky LucianoHe wrote his name in blood on the sidewalks of New York and made himself the Boss of all Bosses.

Arriving in America at the age of nine and embarking upon a life of crime at age 14, Charles Lucky Luciano rose through the ranks of the New York Mafia like a pistol shot.

By the age of 34, he was running the Sicilian mob like a U.S. corporation diversifying the rackets, organizing the gangs and running his own political candidates.

Examine Lucky's 30-year career as CEO of Murder, Inc. through rare interviews and extensive archival footage. Mob insiders recall the history-making meetings held in Luciano's Waldorf-Astoria headquarters.

And naval records reveal how his top-secret war efforts earned him parole from a 50-year sentence. Journey into the dangerous world of La Cosa Nostra for the definitive portrait of one of the most notorious criminals in history.

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  1. Junie

    boardwalk empire is so good i wish they didn't rush the last seasons like that. now I'm filling the hole with actual mafia docus lol

  2. Susie HRTsAFyre

    My mother and sister were in Sicily when Luciano helped the U.S. Military with the refugee evacuations. Lucky got my family out of the war zone and into safety. She is even on old footage on one of these documentary's. My mother just turned 94, thanks to Lucky she made it out alive.

  3. Americaindecline

    I love how the meatball wiseguys always claim that the Italians cosa nostra stick together like family and yet when push comes to show they fold under the pressure of jail time and snitch on their "friends"

    1. jdgrissom1981

      with all due need to do some research before you make ignorant comments like that.....when the "Mafia" was truly "Mafia" no one snitched on anything. Sammy the Bull was the first to roll on his Don....after that things fell apart fast. Today there is no such thing as "Mafia"....just a bunch of idiots pretending and Cosa Nostra and omerta are long long dead

  4. Yasuhiro Usuba

    Wow what a nice guy! I'm not gay.

  5. MIchael22541

    Bellissimo Doc. grazie vlatco! please post more such as this one!

  6. ProudinUS

    Awesome! Need more mob docs like this.

  7. aristidh koka

    who provided him informations? who guarded him? if was called lucky was because someone was behind him. THE SECRET SERVICES.

  8. t.altan

    italians are loyal toward each other
    unlike others,thats is why.

    1. from212

      All of the Italians mobsters betrayed each other. That's why they are all dead or in jail from snitching on each other.

      Stop stereotyping people.


      Et tu Brute ?
      Italians are traitors, it's in their blood.

  9. BJ

    Anyone know of any other good mob docs?

  10. Eff

    I've got the fedora and a pin-striped suit Now all I need is a Ford coupé with a big V8 a Tommy gun and Bank on LOTS OF LUCK!

    1. Vlatko

      @Eff, please write in paragraphs as everyone else. I had to go over some of your comments and modify them a little bit. Not the content, just the structure.

  11. Yavanna

    Fascinating view of gangster history and US crime / politics!

  12. a-quiet-mind

    I really liked it too. Very interesting.

  13. Achems Razor

    Good Doc.

    I love the old time, gangsta stories.