A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy

A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy

2003, Technology  -   178 Comments
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A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free EnergyMachine to Die For is about the search for perpetual motion and free energy.

Conventional science claims this is impossible, yet generations of inventors have been mesmerized by the promise of an engine that powers itself.

The world’s reliance on diminishing fossil fuel resources and the associated problems of pollution serve to spur them on.

A Machine to Die For showcases a number of dedicated, sometimes eccentric, and always obsessive individuals who have devoted their lives to this quest.

The documentary could be used as a resource when studying motion and simple machines in secondary science and physics.

It could also serve as a springboard for discussions about inventors and inventions and the history of scientific endeavors. It would be suitable for teachers of middle to senior secondary students in Science.

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Tom Wlazlak
9 months ago

EttCM - Energy to torque Conversion Motor - This is a system that uses the delta P. energy produce as kinetic Energy in a motor that produces an effect of 3.8 to 1 output to input force movement thus generating much more output then input to run itself plus other things also. To prove this is real there is a prototype motor that runs input of 90 watts to produce an output of more than 270 watts Note: this system is not Overunity or Perpetual motion but does what these are mend to do.
I have change the these names of this type of technology to Magnagravity because it make more sense of operations in working form.
Also this motor system can produce megawatts of power is designed to do so.
Tom Wlazlak - Corinne Technical Design Engineering - USA
anyone can find me on the internet somewhere if interested.

3 years ago

As Tesla state regarding the 3 phases of an electric motor, in order to harness energy from an electric generator would mean that each phase of the turn be supplied by an input of energy sources of which have an abundance in nature. The Sun produces energy as it burns and could supply enough energy in each phase to complete the turn needed to rotate an electric generator, heat, wind, and water would do the trick.

3 years ago

Today I have made public in video film perpetual system with gravity inside thermodinamics laws under name,Fatmiri gravity free energy.

3 years ago

If this days confirmation is positive from university than all the ingieniers of the world can to come to my country to take model of prototipe or to copy model os perpetual system,simply i dont want to patent this discovering in name opf Bhascara and all popular scientist and individs around the world.

3 years ago

I am waiting confirmation from enginering university work of perpetul system inside the thernodinamics laws ,the system will produce max 10 MW,The system dont need any source to started them he is autonom system .

3 years ago

For 20 years I have done 7 experiments on perpetual machine,two of them i have published in my book published in amazon,calledTHE DOCTRINE OF CHANGE ,but I come to conclusion this machine dont have force and sped to move turbine .Momentum of force and sped in generator definitivly are two importants component they gone together,if you dont have this componenents than is faillure,and for that thismachine are impossible to give energy.

3 years ago

Mathematicant called Bhascara invented big idea ,he in that time didnt now for thermodinamics laws,but he has given humanity something big,to many people,popular scientist and others also and to mee was obssesion,but without this people ,without this obssesion the idea didnt have sucsesed,so its last time to prove that perpetual motion is possible just inside thermodinamics laws and that in big scale.We have to thanks him and every scientist and individs who tried to build such machine.20 year this motion have obssesionirt to mee ,but I come to ende is impossible to work something without force or to build machine in perpetual motion .But inside thermodinamics laws is everything possible,just we have to try to build systems not machine,engine,but systems which when started will not stoped to big freze,but big freze will never comen,it was just one time big freze not any more.FOR EVER

3 years ago

Dont try with water,dont try with magnetism,with inertia,with elektricity and other sources in small scale they are not usefull ,the turbine need big force and speed and must bee industrial system to produce max 15 MW than is ok and some bory will bee hapyness man in the world,he solve the mostly big mysterie and done big favor for planet.

3 years ago

The science some time is like religions,they said perpetual motion is impossible,in other side say nothing is absolute in universe,this are two diferent theories,which to believe,the time is not stoped,so and new ideas will never stoped.

3 years ago

Its no need to lose time in building in perpetual machine,they are impossible ,only we can to try to use gravity force to build systems which will working and doing reality perpetual motion,just this systems are possible,never say never,everything is possible and dont stop dreaming,this day will come very sun.

3 years ago

Without big forces perpetual systems dont work ,but they dont need any source of energy to started them.but just in boundary of thermodinamiks laws.And this energy will not be free energy ,will costed to build the systems ,reparating,workers,and many things ,we can to calculate just burning derivates will be rejected from cost .And if perpetual system are not industrial producing of energy than this systems have not future.

3 years ago

The perpetual motion is possible without violating physics laws.

Jean Meslier
4 years ago

The device using magnets to get "free energy" does not take into account the tremendous amount of energy to make a magnet.
Even the production of a simple iron bar magnet takes tremendous amounts of energy. From finding the iron ore deposit to mining, to final smelting, to drawing the bar, then it takes an electric coil to energize the magnet. The production of exotic materials magnets uses even more energy. So any device using magnets must produce enough energy to make more magnets, with enough energy left over to provide energy for other uses.
I have a friend who has been working on free energy machine for 40 years. It basically is a falling magnet device. The idea is original with him, as he started this long before the internet. He hasn't gotten it just right yet, but any day now...............

joe Lynch
7 years ago

Free AC energy is easy to multiply using mechanical devices like pulleys. You expend one spark of DC electricity to rotate a DC motor with one large 100cm circumference pulley only once, and this gives you 100cm of belt. You then run this 100cm of moving belt through 10 mini-pulleys of 1cm circumference, multiplying your # of rotations by 1000=10X100. If you then attach AC generators to each of the mini-pulleys, you would get a return of 1000 units of AC electricity,,, all for the cost of one spark of DC electricity. That’s multiplying your electricity by 1000, as for 1 spark of DC electricity, you can through the use of pulleys, gain 1000 sparks of AC electricity.
Please, somebody build this GEM of an electricity multiplier, either using physical means, or you could build it on an electronic simulator. I happen to have been disabled in an automobile accident, and my hands are too shaky to build it for real. I have been on disability pension ever since, so I cannot afford to purchase an electronic simulator, nor can I find a free one that will do the job. GEM = (Geometrical Electricity Multiplier)
This simple technology could help save our economies and environments, but it is being hidden by evil spiritual warfare. Just look at the simple logic of this technology, how large pulleys only have to be rotated once, which can be made to rotate mini-pulleys hundreds and even thousands of times. AC electricity is created by rotations, so if you can multiply the rotations by simple pulley mechanics, so can you multiply your AC electricity.
Torque is not a problem, because torque is caused by power, which is voltage times current. These AC generators are only being used to wind up massive voltage, and practically zero current, as you only need one spark of current output, to drive your DC motor once, to make this a self powered mechanism.

Jeff Hardy
8 years ago

Lets get the facts right here people... And let me welcome myself to the disussion. Lets put things into perspective. Physics is great! Its awesome. But its a science. And to take it a step further its actually more closely related to math. And generally speaking if you actually took a physics class once in your life you would actually know this. Math is a means to an end as is science. Its about theories not facts. Can you actually see a valence shell...?! No you cant! Theories my friend, that you consider facts, are merely no less subject for scrutiny than the angels that walk with us along lifes journey here at the center of the universe! Oh yeah, we can thank hubble for that! As recluctant as he was to so readily admit! Soo keep your astrology, your evolution, and watch us like minded individuals who have a firm grip on reality pave the way once again as pioneers toward a future who's energy isnt limited by simple physics. Come on!

Norm Labranche
8 years ago

A machine which requires no input to start or run on its own indefinitely or till the parts deteriorate due to rust and such is possible and would not need to use its own power created to sustain itself; the power generated would be to either create electricity or do physical work. This is possible but its not about creating energy out of nothing, God already did that; its more like harnessing the power that's all around us already which God created and creating a device which harnesses that energy and converts it into a use able type. Thank you, Norm.

9 years ago

A 1 hour long film that never says anything at all. Pretty impressive kind of like watching the news... all fluff and no facts.

Kenneth Kelly
9 years ago

People still insist that Tesla invented a way to get free electricity. Naturally they will say the power companies prevented him from using his invention. That is what all the failed inventers will say. Most people don't bother to think, they just react.

9 years ago

Another inventor thrown in jail...

KC Bone
9 years ago

Conventional science tells us that making energy out of nothing is impossible and yet it promotes the big bang theory, where all of the energy and matter in the universe came out of nothing. I can't figure out the contradiction.

Jenny K
9 years ago

Perfect example of good disinformation. Hooks ya, then convinces you people smarter than you have tried and failed. This one is even comical, they found nuts all around the world that don't bath and need to be committed.

Dennis Weglehner
10 years ago

This is one of my favorite docos. Well worth watching. I feel sorry for the inventors though, what a waste of a lifetime.

10 years ago

look people... all energy has to come from somewhere. its mathematical.
theres a sum and an equals sign... any one can be left to figure out using the other numbers.
if your pushing another person with a force and that other person is pushing back with the same force and neither is moving the answer will be zero.
the opposing forces cancel each other out.
now lets take a finely engineered pendelum type contraption... this looks viable. but it really is nothing more than art and engineering creativity... the fact is this will never power anything.
the opposing forces principal applies here too.
if you had a machine that swung back and forth and was capeable of generating enough power to charge a 1.2 volt battery the moment you hook it up the pendelum stops... why?!! because the battery is fighting back.
the work still has to be done!

if someone handed you a winch that was supposed to pump up water but didnt connect the gears you could crank that winch as long as you liked... but your not doing anything... nothing that constitutes work taking place anyway...
now he adds the gear... and the water comes up slowly... whats the other part of this sum? ah yes the force... its harder now... now its work and you probably wont be doing it for ages either as its very hard and tiring. thats why someone invented an electric pump.
the fact is the work must always be done. if it takes little input to make it move it is only gonna give little output.
so lets work on hydrogen or cold fusion there more worthwhile that a pretty pendelum

10 years ago

I recently heard entropy may not be a cosmic law after all. Have you seen the "free energy" machines developed that tap into the torus field around all living objects.

10 years ago

ENTROPY!! It's a cosmic law.

10 years ago

Google 'stan meyers water powered car'

There is MASSIVE cover ups and murders of dozens of inventors of energy for all.

Thank the Oil companies.

11 years ago

An Observation: Not one of these devices was shown producing the energy claimed they could produce. I saw a lot of "All you need to do is hook it up to a generator and you get free electricity" yet none had.

Another Observation: Not having a patent doesn't stop the device working or from being put into production, there are plenty of devices sold around the word with "Patent Pending" written on them. I suspect these devices aren't in use in every home for a different reason, that is, they probably don't work.

Aldo's Wheel is a nice idea, working on a difference in torque, however the gain you make in the torque is lost in moving the weights vertically against gravity twice, and that is before friction and load are taken into account.

Discussions on why Dark Matter and Dark energy actually fit into Einstein's Theories are too long for a comment but there are a number of documentaries on this site that describe the current scientific position, suffice to say that these are required to make our various laws based on the Theory of Relativity work and do not prove them wrong.

Not saying that inventors shouldn't invent or tinkerers tinker, just that if they claim that they have found some new and unknown force that can be used to provide power don't be surprised when they are asked to prove it.

11 years ago

Normally, I would reject these claims but then I think about quantum physics. I think about electrons moving from one orbit to another instantaneously and doing so without traveling the distance between orbits. I think about how probability is used to predict where an electron might be because it is a particle and a wave when it isn't popping in and out of existence. Something so odd that even Einstein couldn't wrap his mind around it.

We should challenge the youth of this country to produce such a machine. Even if they can never build one, at least they will learn something about mechanics and physics which is a lot better than what they are doing now.

11 years ago

Christ all mighty!!! this Documentary is embarrassing and should be removed from the site.

11 years ago

Jeremey Shepard:
"Edit to add: Look at magnets, they produce a kind of energy that is "free" simply because we don't have to burn anything or use our own energy to make the magnet attract or repel other magnets. Solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity and others can be called "free" energy."

There is a fundamental flaw in your thinking on magnets. They do not produce any energy, the energy produced when they repel has to be put in to push them together and the energy of them attracting has to put in to pull them back apart. ie Net sum:zero

Big Willy
11 years ago

How long does something need to continually move for it to be considered perpetual motion?
How long has the planet earth been spinning around the sun? How long will it continue to spin around the sun?
The earth and universe will be in perpetual motion during my life span and possibly billions of years to come.
Perpetual motion exists when you consider extremely large systems.
But i doubt that any man or woman will make a machine that will ever generate free energy. Although the laws of thermodynamics may not be 100% correct there is something to be said for them. Free energy does not exist in any form. I'm very comfortable with the first law. You will only ever get out exactly what you put in, you don't even need to be a scientist to know this rings true.

Aldos wheel does not work.

11 years ago

I think people have the wrong idea of what is meant by "free" energy. Zero-point or dark energy is something that exists and is all around us, yet we cannot see it and it doesn't affect any part of our daily life.

Nikola Tesla and many others like him have tapped into this new kind of energy, which is overly abundant. Einstein himself talked about there having to be an "ether" in order for the universe to function properly.

Ether is also mentioned in ancient times along with alchemy, something else that we are starting to see today.

To call these people crazy or stupid is to insult yourself.

Edit to add: Look at magnets, they produce a kind of energy that is "free" simply because we don't have to burn anything or use our own energy to make the magnet attract or repel other magnets. Solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity and others can be called "free" energy.

Something cannot be created out of nothing, but just because you can't see it and it is hard to measure at this present time doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

11 years ago

How do they find these people. Did one of them invent some sort of divining wand for crazy?

11 years ago

The problem with the online capaign for free energy is that we dont represent ourselves correctly. You need to march on the streets, hang huge banners and overwelm social networking sites.. Without vilance

By the way Britain is the best lol :)

11 years ago

There's no shortage of ignorance here.. but then that's not surprising. The Nationalist Darren is "sure' ...funny thing about us Americans, at this point we rank well below almost all of the western industrial nations on almost every single matrix. From test scores, to life span.. America is suffering and in retrograde.. and yet there is one thing American kids are #1 at... "Confidence" they don't know why, how, what or where.. but darn it "WE ARE THE GREATEST"..Its almost as if the slogan sucked all the reality out of the statement.
Industrialists embrace the rhetoric of Free Market-ism but in reality do everything they can to suppress it. The historical technological landscape is dotted with promises of wondrous creation, only to be debunked in a Popular Mechanics issue 3 years later. Are the technologies faked, with their patent apps and their independent academic reviews? Or is it when they get into a corporately funded lab the threat of the device sends ripples of fear down the backs of the technicians that get 110% of their financing from the "Energy" industries, the "DOD" etcetcetc...

Think Tank is a euphemism for "New Think/New Speak" corporatism.

11 years ago

im pretty sure the quest for perpetual energy is a fool's journey. And by the way, your in america, cuz were american, greatest country in the world.

11 years ago

OMG vvindred please stop posting I DREAD your comments. Yeah man if this was really invented "they" would never let it get. IT would stay secret and no one would ever know... and if anyone ever did get mind of it the MIB would erase there memory before heading back to Area 51 to hang out with the Roswell alien. lol Get a life, not everything is a conspiracy by the government.

Arthur Groen
11 years ago

To Krieg and all folks saying it can't work cos......
Pls explain the bigbang theory, dark Mather & dark Enegy
in relation to the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

11 years ago

I don't think it's that inconceivable that an "average" man could make a discovery. All it takes is an ability to observe and experiment. People did that hundreds of years ago did that without our current volumes of information or today's "experts".

11 years ago

I DO believe people are killed or threatened by those in control of current energy. I have a great deal of doubt, however, that only the guys in tinfoil hats are the ones that figure stuff like this out. There are too many brilliant people engaged in any given hunt to say that only guys wearing Nikola Tesla shirts are the ones that figure this out. Or guys who believe aliens visited them.

11 years ago

I think this video gave me a brain tumor...

jamie elkins
11 years ago

According to Tesla the need to "make" energy doesn't exist. The way that his free energy is attained is to just tap the electromagnetic field of the earth by isolating energy from the atmosphere. Not only does he have many documented experiments that prove him correct but newspaper articles can also be found that verify his claims.

Jordan Stevens
11 years ago

Energy conservation must be true, or the entire universe would not exist, as it would be too unstable. If people are finding free energy, what they may really be doing is extracting remote energy from non-lineararities or tapping into nuclear or chemical energy. Of course, gravity and magnetism are just forces and not sources of energy. I have analyzed every free energy device I could find since 1994 and most are fakes. 95%. A few, including cold fusion and ZPE devices are actually doing something interesting, that warrants further investigation. My opinion of cold fusion has changed throughout the years and I think we are getting closer towards a practical device than any other way I have seen.

jamie elkins
11 years ago

I find that typically it's the people that claim that somebody else is ignorant that has no idea what they are talking about. Any successful scientist in history (you know the ones that reshape entire perceptions of science rather that work for ten years according to another person's "law" and make some insignificant discovery) will tell you that imagination was their precursor and their most valuable asset. Even Einstein asserted this...... many times. If you don't believe that try reading into Tesla vs. Edison. Basically to be "ignorant" is just to lack the biased instructed perceptions of textbooks in the same capacity that somebody that doesn't believe in god is perceived as "ignorant" by Christians. Its contradictory to use that word to begin with because in order to "discover" something you have to be "ignorant" of it in the first place and so every brilliant mind in the world is ignorant of the meanings and implications of what they are going to discover making sheer ignorance what makes them so brilliant. "free energy" isn't something that has to be procured by means of perpetual motion, it just has to be attained free of charge and consequence. With that in mind there are plenty of proven, built, and tested ways for this to happen.......like hmmmmm radiant energy; proposed by Tesla and proven by Tesla using means that adhered to no scientific "law" just like he did with A/C current despite Edison's "law". Again close mindedness aims to cease any kind of progression in society. Why don't you all ponder this:
The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
-Albert Einstein

11 years ago

All I can say is, if you see a machine that claims such, don't buy it. You are being scammed. It's a nice idea, so is star trek, but don't expect to find Ewoks.

Oops, yes daniel, star wars.

11 years ago

i think is not stupid or ignorant to have dreams or ideal ideas that can change the r way of living,also this ppl r just persuing what they thing can b a break though for all humanity, just that idea alone makes me excited,an perhaps a perpetual motion machine would be nothing than a idea for us......wait a second at the beggining of the video they show the planet as an example of... perpetual motion machine? if thats the case the whole idea of making a machine like that is trying to make gods work an that ppl is just impossible no wonder y ppl have gone crazy thinking about this...

David Rice
11 years ago

=YAWN!= People ignorant about the laws of physics have believed this was possible for well more than 1,000 years: they were not stupid---- just ignorant.

Free energy is impossible for exactly the same reason 1>2 is impossible. Every is not a "thing:" it is a "how much." Energy is the ability of a system to perform work; "free energy" would be the ability of a system to perform more work than it can perform: a logical impossibility.

But that doesn't stop crooks from selling "investment opportunities" for the imaginary technology; that doesn't stop the ignorant, greedy, and gullible in being defrauded.

11 years ago

I love crazy inventors - the optimism alone is attractive :) - alas, as I suspected I've already seen this one somewhere/some when. Watch it "just for fun".

David Bloomer
12 years ago

Ok, for a person that claims himself to be a scientist, he doesnt seem to do many scientific experiments to diss-prove the machines being perpetual. I can understand he has his opinion, their his, but the basis of the WHOLE of science is to test theories, if they can be scientifically dissproven, then they are rejected, if not, they are accepted as being true, until someone disproves them.
The 'perpetual motion police' wanker, is just that a wanker!
In terms of the old dude in france, build a big f--k-off shed around the machine, this cuts out light and wind, then test it. Residual friction?? Ok, let the machine stop for a day or 2, this should remove any "risidual friction" then see if it starts to move again with no assistance!
Im a third year biochemistry student, even i can see past this wankers scientific credibility!

12 years ago

man i hate when people say "there is no free energy". if energy is there this means something must have created it, and if it has been created somehow, it means there is way to create free energy. its just that simple... lol