Mad but Glad

Mad but GladIs there really such a thing as the mad genius? Can an illness be both a blessing and a curse? At seven years old, Nick van Bloss started shaking his head, grinding his teeth and making wild whooping noises. Nick had Tourette's syndrome. No medical intervention helped him. But one activity stopped it all...

The moment Nick placed his hands on the piano keys his symptoms vanished. By the age of 20, he was an award winning international pianist. He felt sure that his illness had made him the success he was.

But there is a catch. The brain state necessary for his genius can also be dangerously close to mental chaos. Nick's personal journey reveals how close he came to the edge and how determined he is to triumph. (Excerpt from

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  1. the555hit

    Nick if you're reading -- and forgiving any presumption of mine to speak -- i'd just ask you to look at it from our point of view, the listener's, not yours --- that way you can just relax. The music is as much or more about us it is you so just play for us. We're over the Tourette's, no worries. You're a fine player and we want to hear you, tics or no tics. Your fingers know what to do.

  2. Backster

    Great information, and an admirable young man. The title however is insulting. Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder not madness. This smacks of sensationalism

    1. Anthony Pirtle

      My sentiments exactly.

  3. ja

    as soon as someone's brain start to develop there must appears someone else who will say - that person is not normal.
    maybe they are normal in some other realm and u r not!
    seems like a normal person is free of any passion, it just shops and eats and have fun and have sex!
    even she, alex, persuaded herself to take chemicals to be "normal" again!
    have u ever heAR of somebody drain the brain, use all of it by doing something creative too much.
    society rules of conduct make these people think they are abnormal, which is the worst thing for them!
    their way of life and choices r so much more human!
    I think that more unhuman things are done by "normal" ppl!
    beware! they find all ways to give u some chemicals and even to lock u!!!
    and if u noticed they r all well situated materialy, so think what is healthier-to have or to be!!!
    also wonder what kind of life style and food they give us maybe make chemical balance and changes in our bodies!
    and also wonder why there r less and less genius ppl today! we have pils now!
    and those ppl's childhood unhappines and bullying r also caused by this culture!
    and, also, small children need to touch everything, don't they? they r normal, aren't they?
    the title "mad but glad" totaly miss the point!!!

  4. ja

    if u went to live in a jungle all by urself, then those ticks will be of great use since u will need to be always on caution, and u will surely develop them if u didn't have 'em. then, u go back to the society and they will call u lunatic again!

  5. ja

    Why would anybody thought that if someone fears of public performance must have somekind of disorder? When will this bihevioral psychology of treating humans sick if they are not addapted to this sick society stops!?