Made for Oligarchs and Millionaires: The Business of Luxury Yachts

Made for Oligarchs and Millionaires: The Business of Luxury Yachts

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The world of luxury yachts is full of stories, from the extravagant parties thrown by Russian oligarchs to the private cruises organized by French entrepreneurs. The yachts themselves are massive, sometimes spanning up to 85 meters in length and boasting impressive deck spaces, cabins, and rooms. However, they also require a crew to operate and maintain, which can add significantly to the overall cost of ownership.

Many of these yachts are available for rent, usually for large events such as Formula 1 races, where they can serve as floating hospitality suites. For example, a Saudi Arabian family specializing in event management recently rented a yacht for 500,000 euros per week during the Grand Prix. The yacht was used as a venue for parties and included amenities such as screens to watch the race and five-star catering. Despite being primarily used for business purposes, the family still enjoyed two days of pleasure on the yacht after the event.

In Thailand, a French entrepreneur from Hong Kong chartered a 33-meter yacht named the Dolce Vita for a small private cruise to celebrate his wife's birthday. The yacht was sleek and modern, with the latest gadgets and a crew of five. While on the yacht, the entrepreneur couldn't help but keep an eye out for other yachts passing by, as he is a seller of yachts himself and always looking to expand his business.

On the other hand, luxury yachts are still out of reach for most people. They are a symbol of extreme wealth, something that only the super-rich can afford. However, that doesn't stop people from dreaming of owning one someday. For the average person, catching a glimpse of a luxurious yacht docked at a marina is an exciting experience, and some lucky individuals may even get the chance to spend a few stolen moments on board.

Whether they are used for business or pleasure, luxury yachts represent a world of extravagance and excess that is far removed from the lives of most people. But for those lucky enough to experience it, even for a brief moment, it is an unforgettable experience that they will cherish forever.

Directed by: Laurent Delhomme

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